Decorative film for furniture. Sticking yourself.

Film for furniture - is a simple and at the same time effective solution when you need to freshen up the look of the interior of objects, or to protect them against external harmful influences. In this case, the abundance of all sorts of colors allows you to choose the best option. A simple application of decorative and protective coating makes it possible to perform this type of work himself.

The film for furniture is a flexible, but sufficiently strong material. It is made of PVC, which means that it has all the advantages of this material. Among all the positive qualities we should mention the following:

  1. Moisture resistance. The upper protective coating layer is not afraid of moisture.
  2. Heat resistance. It is well tolerated temperature changes.
  3. Himustoychivost. She is not afraid of the impact of cleaning products, which largely simplifies the care of her.

In the furniture business such material has been widely spread. With it you can easily update the look of old furniture or make her re-design. The film is also ideal for performing repairs. It allows you to hide various defects, such as chips and cracks.

In order to apply on furniture, decorative coating, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. E. Rinse, dry and degrease the paste over the surface. If the PVC film for furniture will be applied to untreated wood, it should be covered with primer and polyester varnish. In the case of an uneven surface it should be putty, then grind and process the acrylic primer. When working with plastic, glass or metal paste over the product must be washed with cleaning agents.

When furniture surface prepared, you can proceed to pasting a decorative coating. But first it is to read the instructions, which is written on the inside of the roll. All the necessary information is there. But the overall work plan is as follows:

  1. By marking disposed on the reverse side of the roll, should cut the workpiece. Thus it is necessary to make a small margin of 1-2 cm on each side.
  2. Decorative film for furniture has a protective layer which should be separated approximately centimeters 5. When pasting a glass or plastic surface protective layer is better to remove completely. The adhesive part must be aligned with the upper corners papered furniture element. So that no bubbles, the film should be smooth with a soft towel in a direction from the center to the edge. When pasting round corners film should be heated domestic dryer, and then bend and press. In the case of rectangular corners of decorative covering must be trimmed and glued tuck.
  3. Then it is necessary to move forward, gradually separating the protective layer and crushing the decorative coating to the pasted surface. If the furniture is too quick stick tape, it can be sprinkled with powdered furniture. This will significantly increase the setting time. If any bubbles do not go away, then you can get rid of them by piercing with a needle cover.
  4. The film for furniture stuck to the surface, it should be smooth for a long time.
  5. After 2 hours after application of the adhesive must completely dry out. Thereafter, the excess material can be cut by a conventional stationery knife.

Decorative films in the compartment of the cabinet design.

In this section of the site, consider the major film manufacturers to decorate the doors of cabinets coupe.

film Oracal It refers to a calendered film economy class. Oracal film may be transparent and colored, the matte and glossy.

Composition from Oracal films on glass.

The most popular film to decoration cabinet compartment door They are a series №641 film. The palette has all the colors to realize your design dreams. At the same time, the life of a coupe with doors cabinet, glued Oracal film, is not limited.

Using a cutting plotter allows you to create entire songs from the different colors of the film, as in the figure below.

Oracal film in the compartment of the cabinet design.

Films for decorating glass and mirror surfaces 3M Scotchal.

3M film enough high-end quality and the price of the film for decoration cabinet compartment door.

3M film non-shrink, translucent calendered with a permanent acrylic adhesive. In terms of decorating the cabinet door coupe we might be interested in a film with catalog numbers Haze 314 and Sandblast 324.

Film Haze 314 gives the glass form uniformly frosted glass by chemical etching. That is, no chemicals, only a simple glass and film.

Of interest, these films and in that via plotter cutting can cut and paste the desired pattern on the mirrors or glass cabinet compartment. No specialist does not distinguish, this pattern is made by sandblasting or using film. Examples are given below in the photographs.

Haze film of silver mirror.

324 Sandblast film simulates uniform sandblasted glass. As a result, the decoration on glass or mirror cabinet compartment we receive without unnecessary movements noble matt finish.

Sandblast stained glass film for glass.

The film width of 1.2 m, which is sufficient for gluing the wide sliding doors, the cost of the order of 480 rubles per meter.

Films 3M Fasara glued on flat glass surfaces and are used for the graphic design of the windows and inside illuminated showcases.

Fasara film also create the effect etched glass, but with a structure, such as rice paper. The price of the film is three times more expensive than the previous films, and is mainly used for decorating the windows.

3M Scotchcal 7725.

Film 3 M Scotchal 7725 Series Crystal special effect is used for decorating glass compartment door cabinets, moreover on the film can be printed.

CRYSTAL white 314 film with the effect of dust attached to the surface of the glass, uniformly matted by chemical etching. Crystal white film 324, Crystal mint 326, Crystal blue 327, Crystal rose 323, Crystal gold 331 with the effect of frost effect create windows, uniformly sandblasted with different color shades.

CRYSTAL series of films can be cut plotter, stick to the mirror, do lead edging tape that is to be creative and use it to create unique on design cabinets coupe.

CRYSTAL series of films in combination with lead tape.

CRYSTAL series of films, the use of film as a stained-glass window.

Decorative film USB (Ultra SolarBlock).

Decorative USB film (Ultra SolarBlock)suitable for installation on a mirror and glass surfaces.

Examples films USB (Ultra SolarBlock).

Quite often used white opaque film, it does not yellow, no scratches. There are various geometric patterns, which allow to decorate the case of a compartment without the use of sandblasting.

Decorative films for sticking under glass.

decorative film for sticking under glass allow you to create amazing visual effects, as in the examples below. Thus, the cost of such a dressing is smaller than the use of tinted glass and sandblasting. Produce these films mostly in China.

Abstraction dark - decorative film for glass.

Rose on beige - decorative film for glass.

Stained glass, of course, beautiful, but they have one drawback - the high cost. But, do not be upset, there is an inexpensive and simple alternative to stained glass - it Artscape stained film.

Stained glass film - a translucent material, which is glued to the usual glass in the cabinet compartment, while all this looks like stained glass painting.

Stained glass films are divided into two types: adhesive and self-adhesive. The first mounted on glass treated with glue, second only to the wet glass.

Decorative stained glass film American company Artscape are non-adhesive type. They give ordinary glass views of the spectacular art of stained glass.

Stained film Artscape are attached to the surfaces quickly and easily. Sufficiently cleaned and degreased glass moisten it with water with the addition of liquid soap, to separate the film from its base paper, and transferred to the surface properly leveled. After drying, the film is completely ready for operation. By the way, it is possible to reuse the film after removal.

Scheme Artscape mounting is simple and is shown in the diagram.

Film D-C-Fix.

Film D-C-Fix One of the most popular self-adhesive films, widely represented in the Internet shops. The price of the film is quite democratic, in contrast, from the film 3 M. You can buy yourself decorate the doors of your closet compartment.

Adhesive film simulates d c fix silk and ceramics, skin and skin exotic animals, different types of wood, marble and tissue. There are samples made by artists who moved to the vinyl film image in the spirit of the best examples of world art.

In a series of Classic dc fix presented plain matte and glossy film, fluorescent color film, decorative films, films imitating natural stone, tile, wood, braid, cork and other materials, a film with children's drawings, as well as special extra strong film for worktops, doors and external application.

In Magic collection mirror and collected samples were metallized with a velor covering film, as well as simulating skin and chalkboard.

Spirit - is a ready-film labels that are easy to apply on any surface and just as easily removed without trace from her.

In the group d-c-fix glass materials presented for decoration of windows and glass surfaces. Selfadhesive d-c-fix glass - is stained glass film, colored and transparent with different patterns and reliefs.

Collection 1-2-3-static characterized in that the sticking effect is created due to static forces, without the use of glue as Artscape. This is perfect for decoration of windows, mirrors, glass inserts in the doors and cabinets.

In itrazhnaya color - film d-c-fix.

Stained transparent - film d-c-fix.

Accentrim (facets, diamond face).

Accentrim tape simulate V-engraving, facet, diamond face. Extend the capabilities of embodiments of imagination of the designer, the design when the glass is not required to dismantle it.

refraction effect is generated even on very thin glass, when traditional production methods are not possible facet.

The use of tape reduces the reject rate, because any error can be easily fixed. The tape is resistant to mild detergent. Does not shrink, it does not change the size and shape.

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" The use of decorative films in the compartment of the cabinet design.

Decorating furniture, walls and windows with self-adhesive film

How often do you have a desire to change something in your interior? I think that most people in the head sometimes arises such an idea, but the implementation of the ideas it comes not at all.

Even the most fashionable interior of a year or longer causes the emotions that arose in the first period after repair. And now I want to change something or add.

You can re-stick or paint the walls, but what about furniture? To the aid of self-adhesive films, which can be implemented most daring design decisions. The more that the modern construction market offers a lot of variety and color, and texture.

Let's look at several options for interior renovation with the help of this material.

Old furniture: cupboards and lockers, chests of drawers, shelves, and much more can be updated by using adhesive tape. This is probably the most inexpensive way to change the furniture, as well as the mood of the room in which it is located.

Kitchen cabinets can give a completely different look by changing their color and texture by using self-adhesive films for furniture, supplementing them with new accessories.

Okleyte facades silver "metallic" film, and your kitchen will gravitate toward high-tech style. If it is possible to change the wall color to gray, the room filled with appliances in the same color scheme, the new style is available.

Tired of the monotony, I wanted bright colors - in a hurry to shop for colorful film. its part of the cabinets and the kitchen will be transformed enough to paste, and your mood will change for the better.

Old, but still regularly serving a fridge can also be updated using the self-adhesive, changing it beyond recognition.

With such a valuable material can be upgraded and other furniture. For example, the paste film on your desktop drawers or dresser.

Similarly can be decorated and dresser. It is not necessary to use a material of the same color. The combination in one piece of the interior of several colors one invoice, or vice versa, different textures similar in color, not just update it, but will give an interesting kind of surfaces.

Old cupboard sparkle with new colors and begin to live a new life, if the door to paste over self-adhesive film. The interior is cozy and harmonious enough to match the new cabinet to choose wallpaper, or vice versa to choose a film to match the wallpaper already acquired.

When you change the style of the interior, it does not always have the opportunity to buy new furniture. Some items you can restore using film. We select the appropriate pattern or texture, making little effort and get a brand new copy of the furniture.

If this was the subject of a coffee table, then the accent in the same tone we recommend to paste over the same color photo frame, a box for storing papers or stand for flowers.

The new-look glass surfaces

Door with clear glass for a few minutes can be transformed into stained glass. It's enough to paste over the stained glass adhesive film.

Likewise, you can transform and windows and glass inserts of furniture. This kind of film transmits light, filling the room color effects. Stained glass film is sufficiently durable laminate, moisture-resistant, stable to UV-radiation.

With decorative film for glass can change any glass and mirror surfaces of the room. The film creates the effect of glass, sandblasted installation, but pasted over the surface will be much cheaper processed by the machine. Among other things, it provides additional protection against shocks. In the case of glass breakage, the fragments do not crumble.

Paste over the surface can be films, store-bought from the standard, but a diverse set, as well as materials with an individual pattern that actually ordered from the manufacturers of these products.

Decorative synthetic films for walls and ceilings help small efforts to diversify the interior. This fabric large and small decorative stickers.

They can decorate as a smooth painted walls, and wallpapered. Small pieces liven things up, accentuate any area will add personality.

Similarly, walls and ceilings can be decorated.

Modern films are durable and have a water-resistant properties, so they can be used even in humid areas. Adhesive tape for the bathroom will help you easily change the boring interior, without changing the tiles.

Figure cut into pieces the size of the tiles and glued to it. Walls will look in a new way. film is easily removed and replaced by a new, if desired.

How to glue adhesive tape?

Paste over the film can be almost any surface: metal, wood, plastic, glass. Matte with self-adhesive embossed pattern hide fine unevenness, a glossy on the contrary emphasize them.

Wonder better film rests on a smooth surface, but to work with it need to carefully, because the bubbles and wrinkles can spoil the look, to paste over the subject. Working surface must be prepared: sanded, remove dust, degreased if necessary; primed rough surfaces, cracks and chips zashpatlevat and primed.

On the smooth surface of adhesive tape rests better if its moisten soap solution.

Begin work by releasing a small piece of film from the protective layer, it is leveled with a rubber spatula, expelling air and water, gradually removing the protection.

The layout of the desired segment to perform better adhesion in advance. The film is well-cut stationery knife edge will be smooth, burr-free. Glue film fragments overlap recommended.

Glued surface can be washed with soap solution soft tissue without the use of abrasives.

Self-adhesive film usually sold in rolls of width 36cm, 45cm, 67cm and 90cm. Manufacturers offer a material with different textures: wood, marble, velvet, leather, as well as drawings, solid, transparent and stained glass. Everyone will be able to find your film suitable for decorating and home renovation.

The price depends on the width and length of the film in roll. Thus stained glass film roll of 15 m and a width of 90 cm can be purchased from 2 to 2.8 thousand. Rubles. Decorative film under the tree width of 45 cm and a length of 2.1m - for 350-500 rubles. Buy the film can and the meter, check with the seller's terms of sale of their goods.

Comments (3)

Self-adhesive foils versatile material required for different jobs. Personally, I have this film plastered glazing on the windows on the balcony and a small window between the bathroom and kitchen. It looks nice and protects against unnecessary eye.

Everywhere so well written all)), but not a word about the intricacies of the film itself, what to choose, and if relief wallpaper then do not pick up the film

Today, such a choice of the film, sometimes even teryaeshsya..ya the film has long been on friendly terms. Plastered house and window in the living room and bathroom windows. And decorate a wall in the kitchen. The main thing to choose the film thicker kitayskuyu..togda not succeed.

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