Alpine slide his hands: soil preparation and drainage, plant selection. Master class for creating an alpine slide (photo)

Alpine slide - it is not only an element of landscape design. It is a way to recreate the pristine beauty of nature. The harmonious composition of stone and plants will fit perfectly on any site. Construction of rock garden - it is time-consuming, but exciting. When planning to build an Alpine hill with his hands, it is important to know all the features of the structure.

Before you begin to translate their design fantasies, it is necessary to develop a rock garden design. In all cases, the source material is one, but the effect is different.

1. To re-create the rock mass will need a large natural stone.

2. As used vegetation stunted trees and shrubs, flowers and herbs.

Do not think that the Alpine slide - it is a heap of stones. Spread natural material should be parallel stripes in several layers or in random order. This will allow it to fit harmoniously into the natural landscape. Flowers and plants need to focus the viewer's attention and not be a simple addition.

Classic rock garden is more like a mountain range, due to its stacked and plant diversity.

How to choose plants for the rock garden

need plants that do not require special care to create a rock garden. If you want every year to enjoy a new kind, it is better to give preference to one-year plants. Do not forget about the off-season. The composition of the rock garden must include long-term bright grass and shrubs. A sample list of plants:

• edelweiss - groundcover plant that blooms in June and July;

• stonecrop - used for edging rock garden destroys weeds;

• saxifrage - looks spectacular in spring time;

• cross - spring primrose, an ideal plant for rock;

This is an incomplete list of plants that are often used to create a rock garden. Every gardener will complement those of its plants, which will be treated in style.

After the decision to equip the alpine hill with your hands, carefully selected location. Walk on the site, look spacious and well-lighted place.

Note the composition of the soil. It is best to equip a rock garden on the sandy ground. Other soil types require preparatory work.

Along the perimeter of the future rock garden escapes the pit. It is filled with debris, broken bricks, gravel and other material. Over the drainage layer is poured pitch, followed by a layer of earth.

Each new layer should be well watered. By stacking the next layer begin only after the previous dries.

Important! You can not pull a single large pit, and make a few smaller pits. They laid drainage.

Instruction on arrangement of the rock garden: Getting Started

Once the project is compiled, prepared place and the necessary materials, proceed to the arrangement of the rock garden.

To create a mound directly alpine slides using pre-prepared potting soil. It should consist of land, a large river sand and humus. To a mound looked natural, land use from a bottom pit. The height of the embankment must be approximately 1 meter.

Once formed the main mound, work stopped for two - three weeks. It is necessary that the land has given the shrinkage.

Step №2 Construction pond

In complex projects rock garden pond should be feed system, replacement and water purification. Consider the budget option. The pond can be made from old car tires. To this end, it is instilled by a third, bottom littered with polyethylene. The edges of the pond decorated with stones.

It is also suitable for creating a pond or an old bath tub. Even the water is changed do not worry. At the bottom of the container is laid a thick layer of drainage. It suffices to remove the cap and container of clean water rinse. The options are many. Some gardeners use a ready-made plastic containers.

Alpine garden with a pond brings some coolness on hot summer days. And the choice of plants is increasing. Along the edges of the container can be to plant moisture-loving varieties. It will look good hosts, daylilies or drooping Willow. These plants grow well and give a natural pond.

The stones have the most natural. They have to create the illusion of a natural exit to the surface of the soil. In order to properly stow the stones, they bury one third in the stage, as shown in the figure.

Equipping alpine hill with his hands, it is important to observe the correct location tiers. They are formed in a pyramid, the bottom upwards. The lowest point of any tier shall consist of large stones. They will further strengthen the construction of that small stones do not crumble. In the scheme laying stones as follows:

The diagram shows that the stones can not be spread symmetrically. After all, in nature there is no such accuracy. To rock garden looked harmoniously, stones are placed randomly. Furthermore, between the stones should be enough space for greenery.

Important! Designers are advised to make an odd number of tiers. So slide will fit better into the environment.

On a flat surface around the pond also laid stones, forming a natural path at the foot of hills.

Step №4 - Making the top of the rock garden

In landscape design, there are two variants of the top rock garden design. It can be put in the center of the largest natural stone. This method allows you to save the hill from erosion after the cages.

Some fans spread on top of the smaller stones to form a pyramid of them. The final decision rests with the gardener. The main thing - the top should look natural and concisely.

Last and very pleasant moment in the work on the arrangement of an alpine slide his hands - planting flowers. Not worth planting once the whole surface of the slide. Perhaps during the season will want to add something else. Watching and vegetation planting can be from spring to frost the most. Before planting the plants, you must add potting soil.

How and in what order to plant the plants on the alpine hill - it is a matter of taste. Every gardener in his own way sees the color design of your rock garden.

Important! It is not necessary pile alpine hill additional statues, figurines made of plastic or glass. Stones and flowers - self-contained elements of the interior.

When creating an alpine slide his hands, we must not forget that this - plants garden. Do not make it in rockeries - a dead stone kingdom. The main emphasis rock garden - vegetation. Try to fit harmoniously into the natural boulders and a pond in the natural world.

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Alpine slide his hands. Step by Step Photo Instructions

Unique and memorable element of landscape design - alpine slide his hands. Step by step photo instructions provided below will help you understand some of the intricacies of the business landscape and create an original and very beautiful corner of the country site, or on the background of the house facade.

Rock garden - a beautiful landscape composition of stones and flowers

Choosing a place for an alpine slide

Rock garden or alpine garden - a small piece of wild nature, located in the garden or on the plot. For this you need to pick a masterpiece viewed from all sides place. For the development of the rock garden requires sunlight, so you need to allocate a portion of the garden for him, which is in the side of the existing buildings and large trees with well-developed crown.

Alpine hill better equip on the south side of

Well, if the slide is located on the south side, near the recreation area. This arrangement will provide optimal coverage, and enjoy the beauty of wild plants and rocky stones will be significantly higher. Also, choosing a place for decorative flower beds, you need to pay attention to the quality of the soil. On the sandstone rock garden equip a lot easier, but if the soil is clay, it would require additional work to create drainage.

Rock garden area located on slope

At what time of year it is possible to equip a rock garden?

The regeneration of the alpine slides scope of work is such that practically does not depend on the time of year. That's only in winter you should not do it because of the weather conditions. But the best option is still considered to be early autumn, when the amateur gardeners there is free time between the harvest and the harvesting area for the winter.

Alpine hill with large and small stones

It is worth knowing that the rock garden takes a few months on the natural shrinkage. After that will be visible all the errors previously unseen. Before planting the plants, these shortcomings should be eliminated. If the planting of flora planned for the autumn, preparations begin in the spring. There are some basic rules for creating an alpine slide his hands. Step by step photo gallery shows the intricacies of the process.

Rock garden ornament is suburban area

The basic rules of rock garden arrangement

Masters of Landscape case developed plans and schemes, according to which there is a rock garden arrangement. They take into account all the subtleties and nuances that help determine the location of the flower beds and plant the landing procedure.

Driving planter on the alpine hill

Provided that the alpine slide will be viewed from all sides, it is best suited pyramidal form having the highest point in the center. Soaking symmetry in the regeneration of a piece of wildlife is not necessary. The composition will look original, if all the elements are arranged in the abstract. If you plan the location of the existing rock garden on a slope, the positioning of the structure can be at the same level.

Rock garden with bright colors

The height of the rock garden should correspond to its area. At every meter diameter future clubs should provide the rise of about 0.2 m, respectively alpine slide about 4 meters in diameter should be less than 80 cm in height. Step by step photos of alpine slides his hands are shown below.

When constructing an alpine slide used large stones

Alpine slide his hands. Step by step photo gallery

Usually amateur gardeners ignore the stage of preparatory work, furnished alpine coaster in the country with their own hands. Photos are not very successful compositions are presented in a large number of specialized sites. Rock gardens are the usual heap of stones, with a planted between plants rather quickly lose their appearance and shape. So you need to carefully read before the arrangement of such a masterpiece with the stages of the work.

Rock garden on both sides of the garden steps

As land under the pressure of heavy stones used to create alpine garden settles, perform drainage foundation for the entire structure. It is also necessary for expensive plants, since it allows to create an optimal climate for their development.

A pond in the country with their own hands. Step by step photo instructions. Creating an artificial pond at the country site. Rules decoration and planter. Preparation of pond for the winter. Photo reservoirs.

As the drain is often used:

  • broken red brick or white;
  • pea gravel;
  • medium-sized stones;
  • gravel;
  • construction waste is not wood origin.

Step 1: site selection and drainage device of the future alpine slides

For it is laid dug pit. The depth of the hole will be about 1 meter at a total area of ​​8-9 m² alpine garden. It is about 3-4 bayonet spade usual. Drainage is laid in a trench and well water is poured, and then covered with earth.

An example of a good ground may be a mixture of normal and free of weeds and debris, and ground peat ordinary river sand in equal amounts. Generally, special requirements for the composition of the basics are not there, because most often used for rock garden plants are unpretentious.

Step 2: placing stones

Helpful advice! Each drainage layer is laid and ground thoroughly recommended shed water as well as to the final watering of all plants after planting.

The choice of stones and their location

There are many types of stones, which will look great in the garden area. These include:

By following these simple rules are easy to create alpine hill with his hands. Step by step stones location photos will help you choose the optimal design for any site. So:

  • selected stones should not be of the same size;
  • preferable to choose uneven in shape and structure instances;
  • finished bed should be at a maximum asymmetric;
  • selected stones must be of the same species.

Step 4: landing of conifers

Positioning stone elements can be different, it all depends on the imagination of the owner. Professional designers offer several schemes boulders laying. Quite original look disposed over the entire area rock garden large stone blocks, to crumble therebetween smaller fragments.

Others prefer the most beautiful and interesting in form boulder positioned at the very top of the hill, while others, on the contrary, lay large specimens closer to the bottom. Any options shall be entitled to exercise.

Creating a rock garden of a massive stone, try to seek help from family and friends. One is quite difficult to master is the construction of their own hands. Photo Alpine hills with stones shows the magnitude of these compositions.

Step 5: bedding of small stones, the final formation of the composition

Installing large and medium-sized stones, you should take care of their sustainability. In places them invisible to the eye can be fixed with cement mortar, to give greater strength of the whole structure. Nice look slightly prikopalis boulders. Such an approach allows to simulate a break rocks rocky soil and strengthen the entire rock garden.

Helpful advice! It looks good in the garden of alpine meadow. This bright green meadow, strewn meadow flowers. For its devices typically do not use the stones, and the effect of creating a roller coaster, with its height of the plant.

Step 6: The finished rock garden watering

Alpine hill at the cottage with his own hands. Photos of finished compositions

After the arrangement of the base in a few months you can start planting. You can use any plant species that do not require particularly careful care, carry bright sunshine and abundant rainfall. It is better to select slow-growing specimens for arranging an alpine slide in the country with their own hands. Photos of finished compositions show how original and beautiful can look, for example, coniferous evergreens to such extraordinary beds.

Alpine slide on a country site

Helpful advice! To the rock garden to enjoy the beauty of the whole year, you need to know the timing of flowering of various plants. Bulbs bloom in spring, autumn mostly perennial items, and winter does not give empty alpine hill - conifers.

A rock garden in the country, created by their own hands

These plants can be given any intricate shape. They have their original appearance perfectly complement the alpine flower garden. Gardeners give such representatives of fauna conical shape or trimmed in the form of other interesting shapes when creating an alpine slide his hands. Step by step photos, which show the correct trim options, to help cope with this task on their own, without inviting the master of the landscape.

Of herbaceous plants are suitable:

Evergreens on the alpine hill

Some gardeners are trying to combine with a pond alpine hill with his hands. Step by step photos of these designs show the complexity of the process that is divided into a large number of stages. However, with some skill, you can try to arrange such a beauty on their own.

How to make the alpine hill with their hands (video)

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Alpine hill: the design guide

  • 1 Stages of
  • 2 place for the rock garden
  • 3 Drainage portion
  • 4 stones slides
  • 5 Soil for plants
  • 6 Choice of vegetation
  • 7 Rock garden or rockeries
  • 8 The history of rock gardens and rockeries
  • 9 circuits
  • 10 Video: The specifics of creating a rock garden
  • 11 Video: order the construction of an alpine slide
  • 12 Photos

Alpine hill at the cottage or country house - it is very fashionable. She is in great demand because it promotes peace and recreation. Most often, it does not construct their own, and with the help of specialists. Designers, of course, know their stuff, but the price of their services at times fabulous. In fact, nothing complicated in arrangement of the rock garden is not, and it can be done by hand in just a day or two. It is only necessary to understand the intricacies of some, to not make common mistakes.

stages of creation

multiple stages can be distinguished:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to choose a place for rock garden or rockeries.
  2. The second phase - a drainage device.
  3. When the site is ready, it is necessary to pick up rocks and lay them.
  4. The next step - preparing the soil for vegetation.
  5. The fifth stage - a landing plants.

The entire process consists of only five stages, each of which is necessary to understand in detail.

First you need to choose a sunny and visible area on the site. Rock garden - a piece of wildlife created artificially. Therefore it is necessary to do so, and the stones, and plants organically fit into the landscape.

Shady location is not suitable for such purposes. Similarly, do not come up and hidden from the eyes of the site. The best place to hills - south side. Usually there is optimal lighting during daylight hours.

drainage device

We need to build a good drainage system. Otherwise, one day the ground under the alpine slide begins to sink, and it will look not so aesthetically pleasing and natural.

How to make the drainage system?

  1. First you have to dig a pit.
  2. The depth of the pit depends on the area of ​​the future rocky garden. Thus, for rock measuring 2.5 by 2.5 meters optimum depth of the pit is about 1 meter.
  3. At the bottom you need to install a drainage system. Here you can use sand, gravel, debris, shards. Wood chips, however, it is impossible to lay.
  4. On top of the drainage laid fertile soil.
  5. The last step - tamping.

Of large stones

When drainage is ready, it is necessary to pick up rocks.

Laying stones produced in tiers. Located at the bottom of those bigger. At the very top you can put any unusual or particularly beautiful specimen boulder.

  1. Picking up boulders, we must remember that the smaller the size of the rock garden, the smaller should be the size of the stones. For more slides can take a decent-sized boulders and limestone for a little get away.
  2. Choosing stones The only criterion to be followed by the site owner, constructing rock garden, is the criterion of naturalness. That is not to be too zealous. Over the chaotic arrangement of stones as unnatural as correct.
  3. It is not necessary to take a number of different boulders rocks. Normally in nature are found heaps of stones of the same breed. The advantage should be given to natural materials.
  4. To rock garden looked really amazing, you have to make it look good, even in the absence of vegetation. It is in this lies the secret masters.
  5. Slide, typically having from 3 to 5-6 tiers.
  6. Laying stones, we must remember that there will have to be planted plants in the near future. It should therefore be between tiers pour a layer of fertile soil moist. It is not necessary to stack the stones too tightly.

Rock garden with tulips

In order for the alpine hill could land vegetation, you need to carefully prepare the soil. It can be done independently. To do this, take a clay soil, clean enough, so that later on it did not appear weeds. The soil mixed with peat. Turf should be three times smaller than the earth. Next you need to add into the soil a little gravel.

The soil is filled in those places which are intended for landing. These can be the cleft and the free space between boulders. You can also simply sprinkle soil on the rocks.


Plants for the alpine slides are selected according to certain criteria.

  1. They should be unpretentious. This ensures that the owner does not have to constantly take care of your stone garden. After all, a rock garden should be as natural. This means that it is necessary to limit the intervention of man in his environment.
  2. Plants should be pleasing to the eye, not only in summer, but even in the cold season.
  3. All vegetation must coexist peacefully. Avoid planting on the hill of the species that fight with each other.


Choose for the alpine slides undemanding and cold-resistant plants that are compatible with each other.

The top is usually planted with stunted shrubs. It can be both deciduous and coniferous trees. To be able to enjoy the beauty of his creation all year round, it is necessary to put both types of bushes. Softwood perfect juniper, mountain pine and arborvitae. As for the hardwood, then it is possible to plant cotoneaster. However, the choice of trees is better left to the owner.

Flowers for the alpine slides are selected on the same criteria. The most important thing - it is their compatibility and simplicity.

Rockery waterfall

Rockeries - rock garden, rock garden - the garden plants.

  1. Rockery - first of all, a rock garden. Where vegetation can not be used or be present at a minimum. Rockery is usually not very high.
  2. Rock garden may have a height of three meters, which is 3 times the size of the highest of rockeries.

The history of rock gardens and rockeries


Such structures as rock gardens and rockeries, exist in the Oriental culture for three thousand years. To the West, they have come a couple of centuries ago, from China and Japan. With great charm, rock gardens instantly conquered the hearts of aristocrats and wealthy people.

Very soon there was the fashion for the creation of such corners of rest. The philosophy of the creation of these structures is that they are unique. In the world there are many rock gardens. However, one can find at least two alike.

Scheme large rock garden

Use techniques that takes nature itself. Such sketches are many enough, and some of them are very difficult for a beginner. However, there are very real projects. For example, the "Alpine highlands" - is one of the classic versions of such structures. She repeats the features of a typical highlands. Created from boulders and stones. They are planted plants such as edelweiss and gentian. At the top, you can place a small pine. However, after the flowers have to take care of. They grow too fast.

More complex variants of rock gardens can resemble gorges, ravines and swamps. This work will require a few days of hard work.

More real for independent creation of slide, simulating the alpine slope with a mound. On this slope will look great pine.

Imitation rock cliff is also suitable for self-erecting. True, you may have difficulty with stones. There will require very heavy boulders, so it will be necessary to attract workers. On the cliff can be planted plants such as wormwood and ferns. At the top will look good juniper bushes and pine trees. Due to the presence of conifers rock garden will decorate the garden year round.

Find an idea for a garden stone can be looking at pictures of nature. Rock garden - it's the kind of creativity, which in itself is calming. In order to create a masterpiece, it is necessary only to be able to watch. Standard schemes does not exist here. After all, even two slopes may not resemble each other.

Video: The specifics of creating a rock garden

Video: the order of the construction of an alpine slide

Driving with a stream

The flowerbed

On a flat surface

Design using flat stones

Rockery with red stones

Mini rock garden with steps

Rock garden using wooden stump

If you do not want to do these jobs yourself, make landscape design and landscape design suburban area. Also landscaping includes planting trees, flower gardens and green areas.

The author is absolutely right - if you ask for, then make a beautiful hill, and it is a rock garden in the cellar. Especially guided by such good advice. I am your rock gardens, and I have two slides, made with her husband. Stones picked different - and gray granite, and a flat sandstone and large stones such as pebbles. And plant perennials used different types - pine, barberry, succulent plant, perennials and annuals. By the way, the use of annuals allows each year to diversify the appearance of slides. Construction of an alpine slide - rewarding work - because you get so much pleasure from both of the process and the type of rock garden.

Rockery (alpine slide) - a great idea for a garden. It would be desirable that the slide was the original, beautiful and pleasing to the eye as much as possible their flowering belongs to its owner dolshe.Pravo homestead lands. I decided to start the creative process to create a rock garden in accordance with its capabilities, and to your own taste. Plants I tried to select those to start flowering from May to June and ended in September. Plants took mostly annuals, seedlings are planted in the house in the winter. Then I transplant them to the hill. And because the flowers begin to bloom very rano.Esche looks nice if you put the moss, especially if it is not an ordinary timber, and cultural moss. In general - it all depends on your imagination and taste.

Very beautiful alpine garden, I look at the pictures and can not believe that a man who could never have engaged in such cases may have something similar. From the outside it is easy of course, but when I took the robot to the right hand down, first, he could not find suitable stones, and secondly, the water flow had problems, constantly broke through the pipe, there is no dripping. At the third plant that I bought for some reason began to disappear, felts conditions are not suitable, or the water is not suitable for them. Yet listening to your advice and following all instructions as they say, I "came to the top," made this beautiful miracle. Thank you for the article.