Master class on decoupage: decorate kitchen Boards

Make decoupage wooden kitchen board is not difficult even novice needle women. In this you can see for yourself on the example of the master-class on decoupage. If you get a flat surface to decorate the kitchen board, after this operation, you can safely proceed to more complex things, such as decoupage boxes, vases and other bulky items.

Once in the artistic store I came across an unusually beautiful napkin. From it I made 4 or similar Boards depicting appetizing still life. In this master class 2 of them are the models. By the way, I imagine one such dostochku left, and the rest went to the gifts.

To perform the decoupage on the chopping board you will need:

  1. Kitchen wooden board.
  2. Napkin with a motive.
  3. PVA glue.
  4. Flat brush with synthetic bristles.
  5. Acrylic colors: gold, black and ivory.
  6. Acrylic lacquer.
  7. File for documents.
  8. Sandpaper.
  9. Scissors.

How to decoupage: step by step guide

The first step is the surface where the paint will be applied, should be treated with sandpaper. This is one side of the Boards and the ends. Then to one side of Boards depositing a first layer of paint ivory and give it to dry. Repeat the painting procedure again. Again, give dry.

Because the desired cut piece of tissue with a pattern and remove the lower layers.

We determine the location where the image will be applied.

In this paper, drawing a fairly large, so in order to avoid wrinkles when applied on the surface, I had to use the file. His I is divided into 2 parts as needed single film. I put on film motif face down and drenched with water. In these manipulations wet napkin and extends directly onto the film, where you can neatly way to fix it.

Then I put a film with a napkin to Boards and properly ironed fingers, removing excess air. The film must be lifted very carefully so it is not torn off a piece of the picture.

In my case, one dostochka still suffered. When I drenched cloth wrapped her area. Spread failed, had just clean it up. Again, all you need to do very carefully.

His dostochku corrected the I - picture element dorisoval missing acrylics (see upper left corner.). In addition, both Boards to finish I have a table with the black and red colors.

Next, cover the adhesive pattern PVA diluted with water. It should be a medium consistency. For lack of PVA can use and stationery glue. It is also a little better to dilute with water. We give the glue to dry.

The next step - registration ends. I mix a gold and black paint to paint the ends of the two layers.

When all is well dry, you can apply varnish. I took advantage of the construction acrylic semi-gloss varnish. Caused one layer gave dry dealt second layer. Varnishing a must. This procedure makes the product waterproof and more durable.

Here, perhaps, and all.

Great! I liked it a lot, thanks!

can still dosochki?

Thank you very much. Very accessible and understandable explained.

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The original decoupage cutting boards: 6 Steps

decoupage technique can significantly improve the appearance of cutting boards and give them a unique creativity - this impulse of the soul, a manifestation of it in the best colors and most importantly, the opportunity to use their talents to good use. For example, now it is a very popular decoupage cutting boards for kitchen towels. decoupage subject is so vast that you can just discuss it endlessly.

What you need to know the beginner, before doing decoupage boards

If research technology decoupage painting alone, you can own hands to create incredible products that can beautify the home or become an original gift to close people. If we consider the decoupage Boards step by step, we can see by example that technology, in principle, is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

  • Oshkurivaetsya surface of the board;
  • Impregnated with a primer;
  • Apply white acrylic paint;
  • A drawing;
  • Conducted varnishing;
  • Oshkurivaetsya each layer applied and dried polish.

Tip for beginners. Should not rush to do decoupage dosochek, need to see examples of work, to study a master class, shown below, and only then begin to perform any work.

Before the beginning of decoupage cutting board surface it is necessary to degrease and clean using nazhdachki

For the first time, say for a period of study decoupage, should prepare:

  1. Clay, which is suitable as a special, but can be used and PVA, however, over time, it turns yellow;
  2. Acrylic water-based lacquer, which can be purchased at any store selling construction and finishing materials;
  3. White acrylic paint;
  4. Art acrylic paints;
  5. Napkins, which can be conventional shopping or specifically selected due to the original pattern;
  6. Sandpaper fine and coarse fractions.

This can be considered the main set with which will be made decoupage kitchen board, e.g., in the style of Provence or Shabby.

How to spend decoupage cutting board steps: photos and examples

Basically, it held decoupage dostochek kitchen, and, both old and new. That wood is considered to be particularly pliable material, which is nice and convenient to operate. Making the cutting board can be quite different patterns, even a world map or it can be an icon, chess pieces and the like. Now, on the eve of New Year holidays, a great demand on the boards, decorated in the direction of the threads.

After decoupage surface of the board is recommended to cover a thin layer of acrylic lacquer

In general, such processes should learn to create decoupage, such as:

  • Sanding surface;
  • Grinding of soil;
  • Bonding pattern of napkins on the board.

If in the future we plan to use the board, it must be covered with a very durable and waterproof varnish. It is desirable to select for parquet floorboards or Yachting, they are the most durable and have excellent characteristics.

If the product is decorative, it is sufficient to use a single layer and an acrylic varnish.

To realize their ideas, you can discover a lot of talent, not only at home, but also unreal ability to create a miracle, to give to their relatives handmade gifts that are much closer and nicer to the heart than the purchases made in the store.

Do decoupage, using pictures from napkins, it is not easy, but possible.

Performing decoupage board using the wipes should give preference to a multi-layer options

The effect of the product is not long to wait.

  1. We need to pick up a napkin, which is the desired pattern. It should be as thin as a veil, so that you can easily transfer the image to the board. In this case, it will be considered the canvas with the image of an apple.
  2. Create a chic - it means as thoroughly as possible to experience every moment of the process of creation. It is because the cut-out images, you should use small and neat manicure scissors.
  3. The place where apples will be placed on the board, you need to carefully primed. To do this, cut around the pencil stencil image, and inside the contour fill primer coating. After that, while the primer is dry, you need to separate from the bottom napkins, unnecessary layers. The material should be as thin as possible.
  4. By using the acrylic primer and a brush, a dirt composition is applied. Some sponges used to apply foam rubber, but if the pattern is small, it is better to take the brush.
  5. When the soil begins to dry out just, you can stick a napkin. To do this, dilute the glue small volume of water. Bonding is performed with the top of the napkin. The adhesive composition is applied with a brush slowly. Similarly, the napkin is applied to the board carefully and in small portions. Categorically ruled out the formation of wrinkles and bubbles, which not only spoil the appearance of the product, but also the durability of decoupage.
  6. If, nevertheless, a defect, then get rid of them, you can use the usual spoon. Even without a lot of experience, will be able to conduct the removal of defects, anyone who seeks to make a perfect surprise.
  7. Once completed the previous process can be applied acrylic lacquer. You can use the foam.

After the first layer has dried up, it is possible to decorate circuit board. In this case, will create different scales or waves, to whom, as best seen. It is worth noting that only created circuit scales as their interior space should be left blank. Inside them you can fill cracelures or gilt paint. Both look to be perfect.

Be sure to highlight the apple contours of acrylic paints to make them clear and bright.

For registration circuits suitable pearl paint with a yellow tinge. This creates the effect of loading on the bull's-eye, and they seemed real. Next, another layer of lacquer, and the product is left to dry completely.

What is required to create a literate and beautiful decoupage Boards

Decoupage art previously considered poor, just as the cheese balls, which were made, literally, out of scrap materials.

All necessary materials for decoupage can be purchased online or specialty store for needlework

In general, why this kind of creativity called the budget:

  1. It does not need to learn and attend courses.
  2. In conventional plate may be used as the basis.
  3. It does not require the purchase of expensive materials.

Similarly, decoupage considered cheap craft. To create images and compositions, it is possible to use what is in the house use, in particular, napkins, boards, paint and more.

It is worth noting that the decoupage can be made not only on a wooden cutting board, but also on the surface of the interior of the album, plate, ceramic ware, as well as mirrors, notebooks, and similar products.

Decoupage boards for the kitchen without problems

Trouble finding pictures not arise at all, because there are an incredible number of sources. For example, newspapers, magazines, books, napkins, and even ordinary wrapping paper, including tissue, lace.

In order to cut the pattern, you can use the box cutters and razor blades.

For decoupage boards should apply a thematic image, such as fruit or vegetables

In order to smooth out the image, you can use small beads, spoons and even a rolling pin. Never leave excess adhesive, since they turn yellow and spoil the appearance pattern. To remove, you can use paper, cloth, sponge or even a brush. As used decoupage lacquer coating polyurethane, acrylic aerosols Yachting and the like.

If you tell more about Decoupage briefly, this:

  • Opportunity to express themselves, their individual style;
  • Option to make your home more attractive, stylish and original;
  • The opportunity to become an artist without attending courses and special schools;
  • Creativity, which does not require investments;
  • The thing that you can do at home and in any place convenient and comfortable place;
  • The possibility of a conventional cutting board to make an original gift;
  • The case is suitable for all ages;
  • Ability to use different materials for printing.

Decoupage cutting board (video)

Just imagine, there is a possibility to create a masterpiece with his own hands, a copy of which will not be in any corner of the planet.

Decoupage kitchen board with his own hands. Napkin on the volume background. Master Class

Hello! My studies in "School of home decorators" Natasha Fohtinoy continues. Today I share with you a master class on decoupage wooden kitchen board with his own hands. Beautiful and useful thing turned out.

For work, we need: a wooden board, white primer (or white acrylic paint), sandpaper or mesh (600 to 800 rooms), a beautiful fragment of cloth, scissors, PVA glue, paint, acrylic, brush for decoupage and acrylic synthetic (thin №1 or №2 and thicker), foam.

Choosing a side on which the inlay and will be put on this side of the board a layer of white ground. Dry them and treat sandpaper. As decoration we need a suitable motif napkins, which we carefully cut along the contour of the scissors. Then foliate napkin (take only one layer of 3) and attached to the board. Be sure of the side edges of the napkin should be the same distance from the edges of the board. The bottom should be a distance of a little more than one side. And on top of the distance should be more than the bottom.

I have mushrooms motif. Cut had small nail scissors, but it's worth it.

By cutting along the contour motif, pasting it on the PVA glue, pressing a flat brush of motive center to edge, bringing excess glue and air. Land. To protect nanoshu one layer of acrylic lacquer. Nazhdachkoy tidy extra folds, (if any).

Stained plaque small strokes small brush in different directions. Thus bypassing all the little details, and then a large brush cover the whole board in orange.

Perform application of color in two layers with intermediate drying.

Now create a surround background acrylic paint, which is called "acrylic fur coat." To do this, take an old paint and a palette knife or thick brush spread its dense layer on the board, making the surface relief. If there is old paint, the paint can be thickened: putty, flour, semolina or hold the paint a little in the air. I thicken paint flour. At some point, when the paint has dried relief, you need to check that did not form sharp tips ink presses their finger and remove, while the paint is completely wet.

On the palette squeezing a bit of white acrylic paint, take a small brush and thin acrylic paint over white all white space, that is, in the figure. A few strokes of doing highlights and accents for decorative works. Figure alive and blocking pattern paint, get rid of the paper.

Natural dry brush and white paint to make the glaze (typing on a brush paint, dries it, removing paint, spending some time on the paper). The side of the drawing (all the time in the same direction), perform slight movements by dry brush "acrylic coat" and its vybelivaem. It turns out very beautiful! For those who want to fight off out of the corner (make the volume of the board) need to use a piece of foam rubber. I dipped it in white acrylic paint, dry foam on paper and at 45 * lightly beat the edge of the board and around the holes. Well done! Now all you need to dry well and cover with several layers of varnish with intermediate drying. The reverse side of the board, I did not handle. since I bought it in a store Ikea already processed.

I wish you good luck, endless inspiration and joyful creativity

As always, I welcome your feedback and comments!

With Decoupage I have known, very popular work in this technique. A volumetric image at all unusual and original looks.

Thank you, Olga! I also like decoupage, because you can not only decorate any items, but also to give new life to grow old favorite things, updating them decoupage.

Stunned what a beauty! Genia, you're an incredible magician. Now, I will seek in the house of items that you can decorate or upgrade. I go to the flower pots look, can something like that come up)

Class! Zhannochka, I have everything in the house zadekupazheno. Constantly buy new blank!

A wonderful and simple idea to decorate the chopping board. On one side of the work surface, and on the other - a beautiful picture that adorns the kitchen. And so it is not difficult to make yourself.

Thank you, Anne! This board from Ikea and she was treated with a protective solution (such as oil), so it is fully functional

Eugene, what is necessary to have patience, to create such beauty! Very nice looks.

Thank you, Tatiana, for review. I'm just a child really like to create or decorate something with their own hands and that love has grown into a profession

Excellent work with my favorite mushrooms