User reviews about aluminum radiators

There was widespread in the late twentieth century got aluminum radiators, which replaced the cast iron. Aluminum panels can be produced by two different technologies and sources of raw materials, significantly change the quality and specifications of radiators - is the production of primary and secondary raw materials. Radiators made of recycled materials, have a much lower rate, but they are much better and more reliable from a primary material. You can distinguish them by touch: Swipe the radiator fins from recycled materials, you will feel like a hand "jumps".

Features of aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiators can be used casting technology or extrusion (extrusion). extrusion method is used to reduce the cost of production, but suffer its technical parameters. The applied adhesive instead of welding reduces the reliability of the instrument.

Whole radiators have more reliable, than the we combined, due to the absence of compounds using pads that can occur over time.

Aluminum exposed to corrosive processes, therefore, the inner layer of the radiator must be protected from contact with coolant. Under normal conditions, the aluminum is exposed little influence of water on its surface in an air environment and the presence of oxygen forms a protective oxide film, but there, where the limited access of oxygen- aluminum starts to react. Sometimes there is evolution of hydrogen by reaction with water, it can in the presence of flame blow radiator. To avoid this, the cranes on aluminum radiators should be kept open.

This problem solved in two ways:

  • Applied to the inner surface of radiators Protective polymer layer;
  • Reduce the acid-base balance to pH 8 water.

Strengths of aluminum radiators

When compared with the main competitors in the market of heating equipment - iron and bimetallic radiators are the following advantages of aluminum:

  • instability in corrosion processes;
  • fear high pressure, used in apartment buildings.

High heat transfer contributes the low inertia of the system, assembled from aluminum panels. This means - in the system will circulate the coolant with a lower temperature compared to similar systems having iron or bimetallic radiator, which reduces the load on the boiler and It extends the duration of the work.

The most commonly aluminum radiators are installed in private homes and small cottages. However, the use of urban apartments is also possible, today released the batteries with enhanced properties.

Today the market offers a lot of manufacturers of aluminum radiators. Recognized as the most reliable European manufacturers, and although many of the production located in China, we should not confuse the concept: a Chinese manufacturer and place of production.

In our country, there are too many manufacturers of aluminum radiators, in particular, Italian company Global long been producing aluminum radiators in Russia, and the Russian company Rifar adjusted release of these devices on the Italian license. Also, there are many Italian companies, for example, Sira, Ferroli, and others.

There are also Chinese representatives on the Russian market, such as Scola, Konner. Chinese products cost less than 1.5-2 times compared to European products, however, their quality is much lower, especially if it is an unknown brand. Therefore we must be wary of cheaper products, so as not to lose sweat more during an emergency.

The more pressure resistant radiator, the better it is considered. However, this does not prevent the use of the battery which can not withstand high pressures. They are used in private homes, where it is only 1.4 atm, Then, as for the multi-storey building, this figure may be 10 atmospheres or above. In addition to the high pressure there is such a thing as water hammer (Pressure surge), which occurs when the system is restarted after the repair or prevention of summer. And, if the aluminum radiator is operated under such conditions, it should be designed for 15 atm. For houses 1-2 floor working pressure does not play such a great role.

Let us compare the most popular brands of aluminum radiators and their models technical parameters.

Looking at the small table can be immediately noted that aluminum radiators can pick up on required operating pressure, temperature of coolant in the system price.

The dimensions and capacity of the radiators with the same distance mezhduosevym does not differ by all of these brands. The main attention should be paid to a process for their manufacture. For example, Chinese radiators Konner Lux are the cheapest, with a nice design, light, designed for Russian conditions, can withstand high pressure, produced by the method of extrusion. But the Russian producer Rifar It manufactures its products casting. It is also inexpensive. Has a lot of modifications, is used for a long time.

I can not refer themselves to wealthy people, so 5 years ago set Chinese aluminum radiators Thermika Flow Therm 500 (not advertising). No problems have not yet been encountered. Ventilator is always open - I love the fresh air, heat. In appearance, in my opinion, they are not worse than the Italian radiators. Aluminum as aluminum, have nothing to say bad.

I have 6 years ago had a problem and needed to install new radiators in the apartment. Old cast iron radiators from old age has already begun to leak. I'm not a plumber, and choose the radiators it was hard. Opinions were divided friends as always, because the choice was difficult.

Comrade advised to put steel battery. They say, cheap and warm good, but I was not sure, and then happened to read an article in the Journal of aluminum radiators Solar Italian firm Fondital. I liked their performance, and I took a chance. Bought a radiator next to the house, he informed (they are not heavy), established with the neighbor. Work, anything with them during this time did not happen, on the heat transfer is not complaining, heated perfectly. The sight of them I like, the interior fit perfectly. Yes, and at a cost they 2 times cheaper bimetal radiators, and when I was all over the apartment, the savings will be significant.

Three years ago, it was necessary to set the heating system in a house under construction. Long did not think, as a nephew worked in the sanitary shop and was directly connected with the team, establishing radiators of different brands and modifications. He advised me to immediately mount a new home aluminum radiators, said that they are very popular, durable, reliable, have a high heat. I followed his advice, besides the price was attractive, and acquired the Italian battery Royal Thermo Optimal. Two years living in warm even on the coldest days. Caring for them is not necessary to paint it is necessary not only to remove dust, but it is not difficult. I am pleased that followed the advice of his nephew.

I have made 3 years ago, aluminum radiators Konner Lux 80-500, Warm fine, kind of like me, no problem.

Parents in the village it's time to change the cast iron radiators for 25 years is heated by solid fuel boiler. And here in the village of gas have brought, and we decided to help them. We came from a small budget, so Chinese bought radiators Monlan, painfully it was cheap though as doubtful. Mom liked the design, placed under each window, bought a pump to the heating system. Parents were satisfied, it passed 3 years, no complaints, enjoyed already, and neighbors began to set.

heat irradiation aluminum radiators praise all, very attractive price and weight is quite small, it is possible to mount. The disadvantages arising from the fact that the aluminum is prone to rust, manufacturers successfully leveled by coating the inner surface of radiators special layer, preventing the destruction of the radiators.

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10 of the most common reviews on aluminum radiators

4. The 10 most common reviews on aluminum radiators

Many of the reviews appearing on the forums are in the nature of rumors. People are only going to buy radiators, intimidate each other about such information:

  1. Section become very hot and reduce the humidity in the room. I heard that from an overheated battery surface air is saturated with positive ions, which is very harmful to health. On the walls above the hot battery formed dark marks.
  2. Aluminum - incredibly active metal chemically. Coming into contact with water "vodorodyat9raquo section ;. The escaping gas while can lead to leaks and even tearing of the radiator. In no case can not be left filled with water in the battery "zapertom9raquo; as in the summer. Its thin walls can inflate and they cracked.
  3. Very moody behave aluminum battery when connected to our Russian networks. If the pH of the water at least a little different from the 7, then immediately there is corrosion. And if the heat sink made of aluminum is connected to the copper pipe or a boiler with a heat exchanger made of copper is formed "galvanic couple" copper / aluminum, and this leads to electrocorrosion. Contacting the copper waterborne aluminum literally scatters layer by layer in a white powder.

The negative reviews are mentions of the excessive flexibility and thinness of the walls, in connection with which the radiator is easy to form dents. Unsuccessful same contact with the sharp edges of furniture could end the fragile aluminum sections, and all sad.

Users themselves in some detail and soundly refute these reviews:

  1. Pro Aluminum is nothing wrong I can not say. I do not consider myself a wealthy people. I make repairs 5 years ago, and the money is not particularly vodilos. I put aluminum radiators and quite happy. Problems still no. Sleep with an open window. It looks very aesthetically pleasing and stylish.
  2. Do not compare alloys which made modern vysokoatmosferny radiator (16 atm.) And a conventional aluminum comb. This is a fundamentally different materials. In the presence of titanium alloys and other advanced materials, which is not peculiar to corrosion. Normal manufacturers protect internal passages coated.
  3. In one building set iron, and the other - sectional aluminum. There is no difference! And here and there is no propalin! The temperature is not particularly look, it happens and when podkipaet raskochegarivanii. I advise you to use heating devices for other purposes, and install according to the technology, and everything will be tiptop!
  4. Eighteen months ago, I found on the rating twisting flow between the sections. Unscrewed, cleaned out, put new pads - that's all. flushed a second time for a couple of months in the summer, and by laying Threaded dry. Also dismantled, changed, period.
  5. In view of the meager budget we decided to take a chance and put the Chinese. What can I say? The first month of bubbling, then deflates times 3. WARM is now excellent, they look normal and - cheap. Those who have no money to spare, can easily put yourself.
  6. When aluminum radiators have to choose me, I choose Nova Florida. For more than 8 years have not received any complaints from the customers once on the presence of air (hydrogen) in the radiators.
  7. The fact that the air, which, as you know, a little oxygen for more than 20%, aluminum reacts instantly to form a protective film. This film is very thin - only a few molecular layers. By virtue of the intermolecular structure, alumina - one of the most inert (chemically inactive) substances in the world. Of course, if you trash floating in the water, something that can scratch or tear film, and then corrosion can not be avoided. So install the filters in the system and sleep peacefully.

Summarizing, we can conclude that a careful approach to the selection and competent installation in compliance with all rules and standards of aluminum radiators will last a long time and successfully.

4. The 10 most common reviews on aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiators

Thanks to its quality, aluminum radiators occupied the highest position in the market of heating systems. Almost all the happy owners of heating sections of aluminum noted the high level of heat transfer, and thus saving on heating their home. Inserting any size heats much faster than the section where installed cast iron or steel.

Aluminum radiators are very long - their replacement does not need more than 5 years.

Besides the already mentioned advantages, in a review of aluminum radiators, it has been mentioned and their versatile and very attractive design.

Any premises where such heating appliances are installed, looks good, because they are perfectly "fit" in the design of any type.

I found an excellent without liquid radiator

Heating Radiators Energokomplekt "Misot-Style"

In addition, we note that installing them is much easier than the same cast-iron battery, and they are easier to look interesting. Operating pressure in the sections is 16 bar.