How to make a swing with his own hands: instructions with photos

Garden swings with his hands to make easy, if you know how to handle the tools c. Perform all work can be for one or two days.

Construct can be virtually anything that comes handy:

  • Wood: bars, trimming, logs, planks on boxes, planks, rails, benches.
  • Metal: pipes, profiles, rods, wires, chains, rings, hooks, sheets.
  • Plastic: boxes, chairs, hoops and tubes.
  • Molded parts from sewage: tees, elbows.
  • Bearings.
  • Cordage, ropes.
  • Tires.
  • Dense fabric, tarpaulin.
  • Housing and seat of old cars and motorcycles.

As you can see, you can go on forever, but we limit ourselves to this list.

To properly make a garden swing with your hands, you must first prepare the design and construction drawings of the future, on the basis of material available in your presence. If your intention is to make metal garden swing, but the details are missing - you can ask them to our neighbors, friends, or make them a different material, such as wood.

Prepare a pencil (pen) eraser, ruler, paper and a protractor. They need not only for drafting but also in the subsequent marking of parts. If you can not immediately begin drawing (do not know where to start), then simply scribble drawing swing, "as you see it." A drawing will be much easier to draw.

Do not think that you are wasting time in vain, prorisovyvaya all the details. At the stage of construction, you do not just have to refer to the drawing.

Installation of support can be carried out in different ways:

  1. Set the two vertical rod or tube.
  2. To dig two large letter L.
  3. Put two A-shaped structure.
  4. Mount the support like the letter H.

The photo shows the different types of installation. As you can see, and the beam is also mounted in different ways. In addition to these methods of fastening, for example, in the first picture, it is possible to drill and install the rack at the top of metal pipe or a thick rod. As it is used on a cart or trailer axle.

If you made a rack of wide boards - can be drilled and install it in the hole bearings. On both sides to close them holed metal sheets, which are nailed on the board. The holes must be inserted or pressed into the rod.

A more advanced method involves fixing horizontally special design, is placed on the pillars formed by welding of the three segments of metal pipes.

There are several options for mounting the supports:

  1. Set on the ground or to dig into it. bad option. Because of the damp end of the timber will rot, and everything will collapse to the ground.
  2. Butt wrap polyethylene or stain the support.
  3. Concreted support.
  4. Set on a special podium or terrace.

The second and third embodiments are more acceptable. Wrap end it is necessary so that the film extends outwardly 20-50 cm. This prevents the bottom of the column protruding from moisture winter (drifts). The same must be done, and by pouring the cement column. Formwork must protrude from the ground.

Suspension and attachment structure

To ensure that children and especially adults (due to the greater weight) did not fall, you need to securely suspend the swing. For this we need to find:

  • sufficiently strong ropes - can apply straps of a parachute (kept at 150 kg) or climbing ropes;
  • chain - fit, even those that tie the dogs, but preferably thicker;
  • long thick wire or metal rods caliber not less than 10 mm.

Mounts can be quite different:

  • Rope. Throw a rope over the crossbar and fasten the seat bottom. Or stretch across the saddle and tie a knot at the top.
  • Hook or ring.

In the second method, there are several options:

The first two are designed to wrap shaped beams: rectangular and round. They represent a kind of collars with hooks.

The last two are intended to strengthen the hooks or rings in the through hole of the crossbar.

Classic board and polubrevna on a swing for a long time over the pall.

We will talk about several alternative methods of manufacturing of seats on a swing. They are easy to make and will not take much time.

The easiest way - to use the old chairs or benches of any material, in which the legs are broken. It is beautiful and practical. There are several ways of securing on a swing:

  1. The chair seat (blue) drill hole 4, skipping ropes in them and the bottom tie rod or a thin tube of metal. He would not let the rope slip back.
  2. To seat (yellow) fasten or nailed plates, they are drilled. Threaded holes in the ropes and tying knots large. For the safety of such sites can do to prevent them from unraveling and pass through the hole. Better to just tie the rope end of the board.
  3. Instead of holes in the seat Scrollsaw grooves and grabs a rope chair (pink). But the child can jump, rope disengage and slip off to the side. To the rope has jumped from below fills the board.

It is possible to make the seat of canvas or cloth, but it is not very convenient, since bows sitting on both sides, squeezing it. For convenience, you can install the seat of the spacer on the rope or chain and then the degree of wrap decreases.

Psevdosidene manufacture of tires. Hang it on a rope. The sector is facing the ground, huddled soft unnecessary things.

For convenience, take the large tires, for example, the rear wheels of the tractor.

Hoop as seats. Take a hula-hoop and swing the rope in diameter:

If this is difficult for you can put in the center of the hoop ring and thread the rope through it. First, install a small circle in the center and reinforce one string to the end of his two were on the same side. Then fasten the string on the opposite side. And so on.

Apply for this sturdy old basin, tub or trough.

But just sitting in a tree, plastic or metal is not very nice. For greater convenience, you can put on a seat cushion for a garden swing, made of foam and covered with a dense fabric or leather. If the assembly to make a soft seat prudently, then no pillows no longer needed.

How to make a garden swing from a tree

They represent seat made of any suitable material, suspended from one or two ropes in bitches.

From the photos it is clear that the rope can be tied in different ways, as long as they do not slide:

  • on the left side of the two rope thrown over a branch and secured at the bottom with four nodes;
  • on the top right of the figure one rope is hung on a hook;
  • on the ground - two ropes hanging from hooks.

Run swings completely out of pieces of wood. That is, to make the support and the crossbar of the boards or logs, and the seat of boards, rails or wooden benches and set as specified above.

If you pour the foundation, fix it downed a special shield, podium and set a swing - will be even better. After all, the support and the shield does not touch the ground. Especially between the shield and the foundation establish additional boards that provide ventilation board.

Drawings of two designs, we present below.

As you can see wooden garden swing to perform is not too difficult.

How to make a garden metal swing

Typically, weldment performed with the letter P on which the seat is suspended via hooks or clamps through.

It is made of tubes of caliber not less than 5 cm. You can simply to dig or concreted two riser in the pre-drilled holes to insert the axis of the broad wheelbarrows or carts and secure it impaled wheels.

The axle can be welded wire with swings, as will rotate freely axis. For added effect, you can install it on the bearings, as mentioned above.

To perform the second option, you need to cook something resembling the roof. All clear on the drawing.

This type of design can be performed from the profile. Immediately warned - not drywall. The very thin profile can not withstand the rocking man. It is designed for stationary load.

Commercially available tube of rectangular profile, T-bars, I-beam. Here one can make a swing. Their appearance is no different from the other of the above structures.

The following embodiments perform more complex because of the need for them to bend a pipe or several pieces welded together.

For bending pipes can apply a proven method:

  • prepared mandrel;
  • tube tightly rammed sand and stoppers (wood);
  • then gently bend over the mandrel support future.

These structures are different in that they can easily move or be moved. However, this may require 2-4 persons.

Usually, rocking designs require single, rarely double option. But now the fashion went 3-bedded garden swing.

Installation of racks and hanging from her identical to the above, but the width is much greater.

For its implementation need to make a special elongated seat that could accommodate three people, and install the rack at least 2 m.

The seat can be performed in two ways:

  1. Classic - all sit facing in the same direction.
  2. Modern - the average rider, looking in the opposite direction.

Consider the first embodiment. It is easy to perform. For making it possible to even hang a bench that can be seen in parks. But due to its great weight to do so not worth it. It is better to make the most spetssidene.

It can be made of aluminum tubing or wood. Below is the order of three-seat assembly. Its length - 1500 mm or more, width and height of the back - 500-600 mm.

Wooden swing with your hands (video)

Through our recommendations, you now know how to make homemade garden swing for your family, friends and neighbors.

Garden swings with his hands

Sorry, but we live in the time of the established principles and stereotypes. Here's one: swing - the invention exclusively for children's fun. "And how do we ... 9raquo?; - ask adults. And they will be right. After all, this wonderful invention, installed in the garden, will be not only a source of entertainment for children, but also a place of fun and pleasure of their parents.

No wonder, in the field of psychology and medical scientists in the last century have shown that repetitive light swinging a beneficial effect on the state of the human body, its nervous system. Therefore, to make garden swing with their hands at their summer cottage - is to receive the next big "portion of health." And representatives of today's younger generation, probably, would have added - "to feel the buzz and drive."

Buy it, no doubt, a useful acquisition for the garden plot can be in many specialty stores, ordered online. However, no such holiday "magazinnyy9raquo; attribute will not fully meet the needs and requirements of the hosts.

It is quite another - garden swing, hand made drawing on their own, taking into account the wishes of all users, unique and original.

How to make a garden swing with your hands? Before we answer this question, we must determine the choice of location for their installation in the country, as well as to understand the drawings.

It is recommended to choose a flat area of ‚Äč‚Äčland to facilitate the installation process, and, preferably, behind the house, so as not to be distracted by all sorts of household stuff in a restful, relaxing.

In the vicinity should not be buildings, trees and fences. Otherwise, instead of relaxing, you can get injured.

The choice of material for each such attribute suburban host garden plot in its own free. Make garden metal swing with your hands can those who are familiar with the welding business, who has a welding machine. Yes. This design will be "supernadozhnaya9raquo ;, for centuries. But the Russian people, after all, closer to the tree (can not remember "Russian birch"?). Because the majority prefers a wooden garden swing, made with his own hands.

Tools and materials needed

To make a wooden swing, you need the most affordable set of tools and materials:

  • pine (another possible timber) bars (100x100 or the like.);
  • seating board (yardage boards and beams is determined at the place or drawing);
  • hacksaw;
  • a hammer;
  • Drill, screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • screws, nails;
  • chain (strong rope) hooks;
  • concrete mortar.

The most common design of this holiday attribute, if you look at photos of garden swing, made with his own hands, on our website - "L9raquo; - shaped. The high points of the side supports in the form of isosceles triangles connected by a crossbar, to which the seat is suspended.

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of garden swing

Well, now the answer to the question - how to make the original garden swing with your hands?

The preformed pits are set at an angle to each other and the side supports are filled with concrete mortar.

The design should be reliable, so the pit depth recommended minimum of 1.0 m. The ends of the boards treated with tar or bitumen varnish.

To increase the rigidity of side frames mounted therebetween and horizontal crossbar fixed at their corners by metal screws.

In the upper part (at the convergence of beams) are mounted fixing laths of plywood in the form of isosceles trapezoids.

Between the side "L9raquo; - Shank mounted crossbar attached to and big nails through the clamps.

The crossbar for fastening chains screwed powerful screws with welded rings to them.

These carabiners attached chain.

Their length is selected depending on wobble amplitude swing.

The last thing to secure the seat circuits.

See photos of garden swing, made with his own hands

Video manufacturing garden swing with your hands

For clarity, we offer a look below the video installation of garden swings with his hands:

  • To read

Beds with their own hands

Vases made of concrete with their hands

Garden figures for the cottages and garden

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Beds with their own hands

Vases made of concrete with their hands

Garden figures for the cottages and garden

A good photo report. The design is simple and reliable. Only here in the land of the wood tends to rot. Before concreting would be nice to go a waterproofing compound. And it's cool, thank you))

Indeed, a very good article, plus the previous speaker! I now liked photos before and after the construction of garden swings with his hands. On the one hand it seems that it's very simple, but on the other hand I understand that if at his dacha start a fence will take a week at least, because I'm not a techie, but I like tinkering with his own hands. But very much hope that with your clear description, detailed diagrams with dimensions and materials which will be necessary, I am very easy to cope with the job!

Thank you very much for such detailed instructions with photos and drawings, and then I was looking for how to make a garden swing on their own, and could not find a suitable material. And here all the details and clear! This summer, the construction of such'll definitely swing! If it is possible, then you will throw off the Editor photos and video of what happened!

Swing from a tree with his hands

Well, if on the plot to arrange a comfortable place for the whole family. Even in a small area can be a gazebo, a shed, a few small shops. Do not interfere with the area and garden swing.

They can be implemented as in children's version and for adults. Build a swing from a tree with his hands just enough. You will need to follow the instructions.

Subtleties facilities Garden swings

When you create a wooden swing for the garden will need to decide on the basic material. This can be a metal, wood or plastic. They are most often used in the construction of the swings with backs and without. When creating this design with their own hands is best to pay attention to wood.

Such swings will undoubtedly have its drawbacks. However, they are relevant to all wood products, located outdoors. it will serve for many years with proper handling and installation design. Such a swing would not suffer from the adverse effects of environmental factors.

The most unfavorable ones are:

Their own hands to build a swing in the garden can be quite fast.

The advantages of self-production of swing

Wood has many positive features, which ensure its successful operation in different conditions. This leads to a wooden swing to give not only comfortable and beautiful.

wood construction have such features:

  • Environmentally friendly. Wood is a natural material, which is completely safe for humans and animals.
  • Visual appeal. Swing, made of wood elements, perfectly able to fit into any landscape. This is due to the fact that most of the environment is a natural material in the garden. Compared to metal products, wooden swing much more harmonious look in the garden near the farmhouse.
  • The high level of security. Wood has the softness and flexibility, allowing you to avoid many injuries during the operation of the swing. This advantage is especially important if the design is intended for children.
  • Easy installation. Build their own swing can practically everyone. The main thing - to get acquainted with the construction technology of construction.
  • Versatility. This material is perfectly treatable. It can be cut, grind grind. Manufactured as a single swing, and a large sofa. For the design and construction of the swing does not need to involve experts.

With self-construction of a wooden swing should take care not only about finding the materials for the construction, but also the creation of the project. You will also need to determine the location of the swing. To speed up, use photos of finished products. You can also use existing drawings.

Swing of wood have many kinds of design. each of them should be considered in more detail:

  • Family. The main feature of these structures is their great capacity. The basis of the bench structure of great length. It is usually placed right up to 4-5 people. Most of these products have a canopy that can be protected against rain and sun.

  • Children's swing. Such articles can be performed in various modifications. Often the structures have support, seat and fasteners. When their construction it is important to think about creating maximum conditions of safety for the child. To do this, it constructed comfortable backrest, partitions and belts, which fix the child.

  • Portable. Such structure is small in size and low weight. These characteristics make it possible not only to quickly disassemble and move the swing within the site, but also to transport them by car to other places. Mounted such swing on the branches of trees, in the fast-set support.

  • Photo of a wooden swing top confirms that the portable designs look quite attractive. When choosing a swing variations that will be installed on your site, you should pay particular attention to gardening area.

    Any construction planned for summer cottage, you must first design. Also, before the works chosen the optimal location for the construction.

    Best of all, if the platform on which you plan to install the swing will be smoother. You should also choose the place where, during sunny days will remain a shadow. You can set the swing under a spreading tree or place them directly on the porch, where weatherproof canopy will save.

    These factors directly affect the comfort of reposing on a swing people. For example, too heated seat sit quite unpleasant. If the design will be the open air, wood elements may be damaged by continuous exposure to precipitation.

    It is also necessary to choose a place where to swing will be enough space. It should be appreciated that throughout the day the shadow will move depending on the position of the sun in the sky. It is better to place the swing where the shadow is at noon. At this time is the most intense heat.

    Build a swing with his own hands made of wood just enough. You will need to perform accurate drawing. Simple suspension structures, which are mounted on the A-frame, fit perfectly in a large area and a small garden. Their construction will not need to spend a lot of time and effort. It is necessary to prepare such tools:

    Also need to perform the swing plane and a hammer, chisel, saw goats, screwdriver, electric drill.

    Create a garden swing for your own hands can be fast enough. In order to avoid problems with the direct execution of works, it is necessary in advance to make a drawing. It all building materials with dimensions will be reflected. On the basis of the detailed scheme can be easily understood how the construction elements need to buy.

    For example, the need for racks bars for the back board, seat and armrests. You should also stock up on fasteners. It is better if to create a design is selected pine, impregnated with a special compound.

    Such subtleties construction works shall be taken into account at the planning stage.

    Furthermore fasteners need to prepare a spacer chain (2 cm thick), hook, sandpaper.

    Optimal location is the backyard to install design. In most cases it equips it for the rest. Here, the swing will look comfortably and harmoniously.

    With the end of each support leg to swing applied marking oblique slice. This work is carried out using a polygon. The result should be a ramp on which is formed propyl.

    Before sawing wooden structural elements must first secure them in the box assembly. Sawing follows the layout. Do not forget about the control of the parties. Sometimes it is necessary to process the bevel already done. To do this, use the plane.

    To make the second leg of identity, should be attached to it the first joint to joint. Each mark is transferred to the second leg. Then it made the cut. Thereafter, each foot is placed on the rib in such a manner that between their lower portions was 1.2 m. The upper ends of the legs adjacent to the transverse beam.

    Bottom support legs say two feet and the lower bar is applied for bonding one side of the swing legs. The upper securing block should be located below the transverse beams 15 cm.

    Once the attached support legs on each side, must be mounted crossmember. The seat is created based on the L-shaped frame. Boards thus should have a thickness of 50 mm.

    For hanging swing on both sides of the construction costs to instal the screws, which will be attached to the ring. Such elements must be used to connect and support the swing using hangers. Typically, the chain is used for wooden constructions.

    Compound main components is carried out by means of karabiners. suspensions length selected in accordance with the wishes of the site owner. It is better if the bench will be placed at a height of 30 cm from the ground.

    At the last stage of the construction design of all its elements are treated with a varnish. This will ensure the most smooth surfaces, and will preserve the natural look of wood and extend the service life of the swing.

    The design also can be painted in any color. In addition, many small shelter set. It should include fantasy in the process, and swing can make the most original. To swings were more comfortable, they can put a pillow.

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