Children bath mat

Children's mat for bath - bathroom attribute any parent who cares about the safety of your baby. It must necessarily be in every home, and preferably more than one.

To create a custom image of a bathroom in it necessarily there should be a variety of attributes that would not only ensure safety, but also is part of the interior. Such items include anti-slip mat and bath. It not only will protect your child while taking a bath, but will also comfort in the room. Often, such an attribute is also the decoration of the bath, thereby maintaining the overall image of the room: the color, size or texture.

The material from which the data attributes of the bathroom, called "PVC". Antibacterial composition provided with, a material resistant to the propagation of mold. However, after taking a bath with these products is better to wash them under running water and dry.

Also, no less known for its products for the bath such companies as IKEA, BabyOno, Canpol Babies and Chinese series for baths "I ran to swim."

It is worth noting that such an accessory is not expensive, so additional savings on it is not worth it. Treat his choice very seriously. There are many materials from which it can be executed. Only when meeting with a particular kind of material it can be concluded that, to buy it or not.

There are three kinds of materials used in the manufacture of such an attribute to the bath:

  • PVC - an affordable and fragility. However, after a couple of years will have to replace it: a child will grow and he will need a copy of a larger, and perhaps not even need to do. This material is neutral to water and easily tolerates different temperatures in the bathroom, and the color characteristics of the product do not change with time. Mat may look different: in the form of various figures of wicker, knitting patterns. Particularly useful are considered Stud variants: in addition to the anti-slip effect, they are able to do foot massage to your child.
  • Rubber - the most famous non-slip material. Even in the absence of various anti-skid devices, this option does not attribute to slide feet. Features of rubber products are its softness and rapid heating of water.
  • silicone - this mat is increasingly gaining popularity among parents. Under the weight of the child's material becomes dense, made recess corresponding support. This allows the baby's body does not slide. A variety of shapes and textures pleasantly surprised by the buyer: the color palette and beautiful design to easily fit into the interior of the bathroom and bring joy to your daze.

Kids rugs are always mount: suction cups, which do not allow it to move on the bathroom floor. Consider a few models of this product.

Separation models size:

  • Copies of large dimensions. These models are made with a view to fully closed bottom of the tank. Even if the baby is too active game pad will not move.
  • Medium size rugs. Generally available in the form of various animals, or plants, and only partially cover the tub. But it is enough that the baby fell.
  • Mini-mats. Are small pieces with Velcro or suckers. They are fixed on the bottom or walls of the bath in several instances. The kid sitting in a bathtub, was very fond of looking at and stick small bright animals, cartoon characters and mysterious plants. Thus, this category of rugs is not only responsible for the safety of the baby, but also is an excellent cognitive game, and the usual bathing can turn into an exciting event.

Conventionally, these household items can be divided into two categories:

  • Massage. They differ in their belly which allows you to massage the child's feet. This attribute is mainly made of rubber or a rubber.
  • Anti-slip. These kinds of rugs are equipped with suction cups on the back side. Enough to stick to a copy of the bottom of the bath - and you're done, it will not go anywhere.

There is another feature of these copies: some manufacturers produce mini-mats with a special indicator, which is when the water temperature to 40 degrees, the color changes in color of the product. This kind of signal parents to dilute the hot water in which a child is sitting cold.

Valiant - one of the numerous and popular among Russian buyers of firms that offer consumers these are the mini-mats. In a set of 6 pieces is a wide variety of shapes, the outer surface of which contains a variety of anti-slip points of the ribs, spikes or convexity. The inner side of the original products provided with suckers.

If children's rug is not intended for use in the bathroom, then do not. It is unclear how the material will behave under constant temperature changes. It is possible that when exposed to hot water, it will give off hazardous substances kid.

Therefore, there are some requirements that apply this category of children's rugs bath:

  • It should have a high anti-slip factor;
  • The material must be clean;
  • Resistance to water and steam;
  • Resistance to frequent temperature changes.

The most common form of color stains of children's products is bright colorful color. But you can find more quiet shades. Whether you have a boy or girl, the main thing - that he liked the beautiful and funny mats, with whom he will spend time in the bathroom.

We have prepared for you a few tips for choosing such a product:

  • Note the size - mat should cover most of the bath.
  • It is desirable latex base - mat can be washed in a washing machine.
  • Edge without flaws. After all, a child can easily tear off part of the material and to pull in the mouth.
  • Should choose hypoallergenic synthetic materials because the natural materials can not provide the desired anti-slip under the water effect.
  • By purchasing such goods in the supermarket, pay attention to its anti-slip properties. It will be enough to lean it to the vertical surface, to ensure the quality of products: mat must be held on it. If the test is successfully passed, a very good buy.
  • Ask the seller a certificate of quality on purchased goods. After the material may contain hazardous substances, have a pungent odor or washes paint.
  • Check for relief workers and suckers.
  • Pay attention to your child's favorite characters. Perhaps they are caught you on the shelves of the store.
  • Acquire mats coated with antibacterial coating.
  • Functionality. Pay more attention to the presence of additional functions, such as thermal indicator, or built-in backrest and handles.
  • Perhaps some kind of twist mat complement your decor that will add comfort and convenience to the bathroom.
  1. Firstly, the product is placed only on a clean and dry surface of the bath. If the bath has a residual moisture, it is better to collect the cloth, and only then to lay a floor mat.
  2. Second, after using the mat must be cleaned under running water or if the material allows to wash in the washing machine.
  3. And finally, do not forget to dry it.
  4. It is important to remember that the suction cups will be worse than cling to the surface if they left the soap.

Mini-mats act as a cognitive game.

Children bath mat in the form of a crocodile will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.

Anti-slip mat in the form of a dolphin will not only protect your child from falling, but also add bright colors to the overall situation.

And now we propose to listen to the opinion of young parents about children's bath mat

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Children bath mat. Important aspects of choice

Various accessories for the bathroom not only needs to adults, but also for their kids. Children during the adoption of water treatments should be not only convenient, but also safe. That injury due to slippery bathtub surface are the most common. Children bath mat allows you to best protect your child from falling and to make the procedure more comfortable bathing.

The first thing you need to find their way on the acquisition of the rug is what it is made of any material.

  • Try to select the material that is made from durable high quality components.
  • Also pay special attention to the environmental quality of the material, minimal toxicity, were not available to odors, do not wash off the paint.
  • Better to choose rubber or silicone coating.
  • Often you can find items from textured yarn, but for children under three years of such products are not suitable.

Reference: Baby bath mats are equipped with small notches on the outer side and the suction cups on the inside, thanks to which the product sticks to the bottom of the bathroom, and your child will be on-site security. But attaching cover costs only on a completely dry and clean bath, with no trace of cleaning products.

Mats should be soft and pleasant to the touch, to swim for the baby was fascinating procedure. Should pay attention to the size of the rug. If the coating is designed for a newborn baby, it will be too small for the older child, because intended for a small baby bath.

Many manufacturers make children's rugs with termonakladkami, ie coatings change color if the water gets hotter, which is important and useful for the control of water temperature.

you can combine business with pleasure in order for your child to be happy to take a bath, turn swimming into an exciting game. Children's mini bath mats will help you succeed in this. Attract the attention of the child colored toy animals, favorite cartoon characters. Small items are attached to the bottom of the bath and ledges using suction cups.

Some products are equipped with suction cups on both sides. On the one hand, for a firm grip with a bathroom, and on the other hand, can be attached to any flat object, a toy. The more contact, the better it holds. For adults it is very convenient, and the whole game for the kid.

When bathing a child less than a year, colorful mini-cover can be attached to opposite sides of the bath. The kid in the circle with great pleasure will swim from one to the other mini cover.

For slightly older children, such products will be colorful "benefits" for the development of the world. Colored products will help the child to identify colors and shapes. In addition, children having fun, sticky unstick the beads of bath products, and to cleave them again. This game helps to develop small motorboat fingers.

When a child has to be more confident to move, then attached to the bottom of the mini-coating ensure his safety, as they have anti-slip properties.

Tip: After receiving water treatments simply place mats on the walls of the bathroom, so they rapidly dry. Wash the silicone coating must constantly as they settle blowing agents. In addition, it must be remembered that the mounting suckers stop at less frequent contact with soap and water.

Design and safety in the bathroom rug

One of the requirements for the coating - a carpet appearance. He must not only be colorful and original, but such shapes and colors that appeal to your child.

Tip: It is easy to buy a bath mat for the child with pictures of favorite cartoon characters, or in the form of one of them, because the coating is not only to attract the baby, but also to be his chief companion in the bathroom.

Kids rugs in the bathroom for children must not only please your daze, but also create safety during bathing process.

Made of cotton, wool, rubber, vinyl, basically meet safety requirements. The product does not absorb dirt, otherwise it may appear disease-causing microbes and other harmful micro-organisms harmful to your child's health. Many manufacturers have applied to the surface of the antibacterial coating that prevents the growth of bacteria, mites, fungus.

Bath mat for the child should keep the temperature to prevent freeze and catch a cold standing on it with bare feet. One of the main requirements is considered to be the density of fixation: the product must remain in the same place where you put it, is not rolling or shifting. So the best option is considered to be a children's rug in the bathroom rubber or acrylic.

Original children's bath mats puzzles are a collection of segments, combining that you can collect a colorful picture. Coatings-puzzles are perfect kids, who may already own to sit and crawl. This is a wonderful fun toys made of completely safe, heat-insulating, lightweight and durable material.

Mat mosaic has no sharp edges, no breaks, just to clean, does not exude any foreign smell and is not toxic. Folding puzzles can not just sitting in the bathroom, but also on the floor in the nursery. The unassembled puzzle-mat takes up little space. This pad is designed for the development of attention, intelligence, fine motor skills of hands.

Puzzle baby develops intelligence, trains imagination, spatial perception, trains memory. The child learns to recognize colors and shapes, patterns and sizes. This game will help your child cognitively to spend time entering of water procedures.

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Kids rugs in the bathroom - safe bathing at all ages

Bathing the baby rather quickly transformed from a nice kid hygienic procedures in no less pleasant, but much more active play in the water. Until the crumb is placed in a tray for newborns or plastic sitz bath, the special concerns of its games with parents do not cause. But the use of "adult" bath can become a cause of concern: because it is slippery.

How to choose a children's rug in the bathroom?

Make the bathroom antislip impossible: the smoothness of the surface is one of the essential parameters of hygienic plumbing. And in order to protect children from possible injury, manufacturers offer special non-slip mats.

What is the essence? The product has an uneven surface - in the form of a shallow grating mat, with protuberances, ribs, and so on. Foot, palm, and especially at such ass the mat does not slide, and hence the danger is greatly reduced. Independently selected from the bathroom so the child is also easier, because it does not rely on smooth and wet surfaces, but of uneven.

  • Carpet in the bathroom, not the floor is recommended to choose from a hypoallergenic synthetic materials. Attempting to replace the rubber article environmental bamboo or rattan nowhere lead: antislip effect, which operates under water and organic materials can not provide.
  • Mat prevents not only sliding children's legs or handles, but also his own. The first test, which must withstand such a product can be carried out even in a store. Mat must be held on a vertical surface: only in this case you can be sure that in the bathroom with active movements the baby, he will not fail.
  • Product design is very diverse. For children try to choose bright patterns that reproduce the shape of animals, objects, cartoon characters. But you can find a "quiet" design: the conventional rectangular or circular pads with a picture, for example, or monochrome.

The following video provides an overview of one of the children's rugs bath:

Since the choice of modern polymeric materials is quite broad, and the models for the bathroom, there are many. Most children are different original shapes and interesting design.

Quality synthetic products do not cause allergies: the polymer itself completely neutral. But used dyes or modificants may be from the discharge of harmful substances. Therefore, before purchasing it is necessary to verify the presence of the certificate in the product.

  • PVC - the most affordable and the most the short-lived material. However, in this case, its relatively short lifespan is not critical: the child is growing rapidly in 2-3 years it will still need more or mat is not required at all. Polyvinyl chloride is not afraid of water, the water temperature in the bath carries well. The product does not burn and does not change color over time. PVC mats can mimic weaving, knitting pattern models and so on. Very comfortable floor mats with flat spines: they are not only better resist sliding, but also provide a foot massage.
  • Rubber - known antislip material. The properties of rubber such that even in the absence of studs, ribs or protuberances, the surface does not slide off. To be safe, children's rugs additionally supplied with suckers.
  • Silicone - under pressure from the weight of the material is compacted to form a recess in the accuracy of the corresponding leg. This property provides an excellent and antislip effect. Silicone mats for children make colorful and textured. So, kid, playing in the water, is informed not only about the different colors, but different structures.

Children's rugs of any kind necessarily provided with suction cups for fixing to the bottom or the walls of the bathroom. Adult enough and ribbed surface.

Fun mini-mats for the kids in the bathroom

It is not necessary that the mat will cover the whole bottom of the tub, especially when the baby is bathed in an already "adult". There are different versions of the same.

  • High resolution - the product covers the entire bottom. This design provides complete immobility of the model, as it were, an active child or frolicked in the bathroom.
  • Average size - pad mimics the shape of animals, objects, plants, and, accordingly, some sites will not close the bathroom. As a rule, this is quite enough. Even once the handle and the leg on the smooth surface of the bath, the child can not fall since the second stem or handle rests on or ribbed anti-slip surface.
  • Mini-mats - very small dimensions of the product of PVC involves a little different applications. Mini-mats in the form of various objects are fixed on the bottom and sides of the objectives of the rows. For the kid is another element of cognitive games: it amusing figures each time glued in different ways and familiar frog or a heart must be sought again.

Another method of placing children in bath rugs

Popular models and manufacturers

Children model - it is always special products. It is particularly important to comply with all safety requirements. Children, especially at a younger age, are susceptible to irritants and special manufacturers concern is the choice of such material, which under no circumstances does not cause allergies.

In addition, the design of children's model also needs to be given special attention. For baby color and object recognition more important than his stylistic orientation, which, of course, must be considered.

Fun mini-mats for children

Children's rugs Valiant - a set of mini-mats (usually 6 pieces), in the form of a variety of animals, plants and objects. All images are easily recognizable, as reproduced form. Colors, of course, choose the most vivid.

The outer face comprises a surface relief mats - bulges, ribs, spikes flat, which ensures a reliable antislip effect. On the inside of the product placed sucker that mat easily attached and on the walls and on the bottom of a bathtub. While bathing can remove mats and to attach elsewhere that usually really like kids do.

They are made of PVC model. The initial mixture contains antimicrobial agents, however in the mold appears not mats. However, after a bath is recommended to wash them under running water and dry.

Valiant, in addition to the non-slip mats for children's baths, offers sets with thermal indicator. This toy will change color if the water is too hot for bathing, and thus prevents accidental burns to children's tender skin. Cost mini-mats from 35 to 60 p. pcs.

Children's rugs Valiant

Find the model can be for every taste and budget.

  • Known company Ikea, for example, offers a model for the bath in the form of a crocodile. Pupyrchatoy area rug creates a reliable support and suction cups do not give the items to slide on the smooth acryl or ceramics. It is worth a child-slip bath mat on suckers 699 p.
  • BabyOno produces vivid transparent mats made of elastic rubber. Anti-slip effect provide flat spikes and bright cheerful colors amuse not only children but also parents. Depending on the size of the product price at which you can buy children rubber antislip mat for swimming in the bath ranges from 599 to 749 p.
  • Series Mats "Run to swim" are made of silicone. The material adheres to the bottom of the tub and fixed using the suction cups. The original design will provide another opportunity for fun. The cost model - 460 p.
  • Canpol Babies offers a set of mini-mats. 5 different fun figures are equally easy to attach to the bottom and to the walls of the bathroom or the room. The price at which you can buy a set of children's mini bath mats - 509 p.

Photo children mats for swimming

hearts frogs bebe Confort ducklings ramp

Even adults are not always easy to keep your balance on a smooth surface, and only the baby restless and even more so. Such an accessory like a rug in the bathroom - a guarantee of safe bathing for kids. However, when the baby gets older, do not forget to buy for him and a soft mat that is placed at the exit from the bath.

Cute and funny carpets for kids in the bathroom, and the company produces Kinderenok, as will be discussed in the following video:

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