Bedroom for girls - 100 options for every taste

All parents want to give their daughters the best and most beautiful. This also applies to the interior design bedrooms girls. Bedroom plays an important role in the life of a little princess - it affects the quality of sleep, mood and health. Because the girls bedroom should be thought over to trifles.

Of course, the girl's bedroom should be different from a boy's. Girls love holistic interiors, vibrant colors, interesting composition, nice items and accessories. Therefore, there simply must be present traditional decorations - bows, hearts, soft toys, frill, star, moon, sun, flowers, etc.

Much attention should be paid to the choice of color solutions bedroom girls. One of the most suitable shade is, of course, pink. This cute, sweet, romantic and innocent color is perfectly suited little princesses. But this does not mean that the bedroom is sure to be pink. For example, some girls pink interior is not suited by temperament, so it can irritate and bore. You can select the closest alternative colors - peach, lilac, red and white, apricot and beige.

Also for the decoration of the bedroom for your little girl are perfect blue, green, sand, orange, turquoise, yellow and smoky tones, as well as the snow-white. Contrary to popular belief, the color blue is not a schoolboy. But it is necessary to give preference to pastel blue hue.

Another important aspect in the design of children's bedrooms - a zoning premises. In the bedroom the girls to think of sleep cost area, games, storage and work area. The sleep area should be located a comfortable bed, the choice of which should take into account the age of the girl. Very young little girls to be buy a safe crib with bumpers. And we can choose older girls beautiful bed, preferably with a pillow-top mattress. It is best if she will participate in the selection of bed and she decides that she likes cape princess, gentle cloud or cot in the form of fantastic animals.

Do not forget that the girls are very fond of cute details. Therefore, there will look great canopy flowing from the ceiling, the small mountain of soft pillows, soft toys, stickers for walls and furniture in the form of flowers, butterflies, bears, rabbits, etc. It is desirable that bed linen, curtains and other textiles for the bedroom in harmony with the whole interior.

Highlight a place to play in the bedroom the girls. Spread colorful rug, put a soft ottoman and game elements. The work area should be separate from the game. There is a desk with drawers and shelves. Even if the girl is still small and does not go to school, the table is useful for her creativity.

And do not forget consider the storage of things. Since childhood accustom the girl to order and accuracy. Buy her a beautiful and comfortable wardrobe, in which to store her clothes. Put the racks or special boxes for storing toys. Show the daughter, how beautiful, when all things are in their places. In the bedroom, the girls also desirable to place a mirror with a shelf or bedside table on which to store the accessories of the young beauty. Let the little lady from a young age tends to look neat.

But to place the TV, stereo, computer and other equipment in the bedroom the girls are not worth it. Let these things can wait until adolescence.

Children's bedrooms for girls - the furniture, accessories and popular mistakes

With the advent of the house a small little girl's parents are thinking about the allocation of a child separate room. Some solved this in the first year of life the crumbs, while others like to lay more adult age baby. However, both are reviewing a number of articles on the Internet about how best to arrange children's bedrooms for the girls. Unfortunately, the rooms on the beautiful pictures rarely perform its intended purpose - to be functional and comfortable for the little lady.

We list the most common design errors in the placement of furniture:

Bed under the window. Such an arrangement makes sense in rooms with large crowds when everyone is fighting for a beam of light pouring out of the dim window.

The girl is a children's interior is not suitable. Even by modern plastic window will show through in the winter, which will cause colds.

In the summer the early rays of the sun will not give sleep a child. At the very least, if the room several windows near the place of one of them can be equipped with a sofa for a girls' get-togethers, but not sleeping.

Desk in a dark place. Accommodation options:

  • In the corner
  • Up against the wall
  • With hanging above the desk shelf
  • From above the table surface of the bed

All such accommodation will soon become a cause of visual impairment in the child.

Conceiving the design of children's bedrooms for girls, determine the darkest and the lightest portion of the room. The darkened portion of the bed place, and arrange well lit work area. One of the convenient placement of the desk is considered abutting its end part to the window.

In most designs children's bedroom for the girl shown in pink. Although the statistics that color preference not more than 4% of people. For comparison:

  • Red, white - 5%
  • Purple, brown - 6%
  • Saturated blue - 9%
  • Saturated green - 19%
  • Bright shades of green and blue - 38%
  • Undecided - 8%

Surrounding his girl pink items, Parents thereby adjust the character's daughter.

It becomes more compliant, indecisive, emotional. She has formed a certain intellectual obtuse disappears awareness and purposefulness.

Life starts to go out of inertia. However, there is precocious practicality and rationality. In fact, the girl gets education izhdivenki future.

Despite assurances from experts that the bedroom for a young lady can be arranged in delicate peach, apricot, sand, yellow and other pastel colors, we rarely see a similar design of the room for the girl in the photo. And even less for girls children's bedrooms are decorated in shades of green.

Read these articles to make the room of your daughter's ideal:

Sometimes the design of children's creativity in the design for girls 10 years borders on "plyushnichestvom". The mass of frills, bows and other accessories simply overwhelmed komnatu.Smeshivayut plush toys more suitable for girls 7 years, with clean lines and classic motifs, typical of the teen room.

Canopy. Latest fashion trend, which is used in the interior of child - canopy. The real benefit of these capes - the salvation of the mosquitoes in the summer. The rest of her destiny - lonely hiding in the corner and collect dust there.

Family photos in frames or children's crafts. More pleasing to look adults who every day look into a room for the girls for the purpose of call for dinner. If parents so warm the soul beautiful pictures kindergarten pores of their children, then why not decorate these creative masterpieces of your bedroom?

Upcoming high angular racks. On them adult love to put a variety of small and fragile items, which by careless driving rambunctious children fall to the floor.

Especially should carefully pick the furniture in the nursery for boys and girls. Try to keep all the cupboards and cabinets closed doors deaf. The boy often plays a more active games and can damage the valuable chance for the girl and her mother gizmos.

Curtains choose a modest and non-transparent. They should not be excessive lace, frills, or gas that can collect dust. Check that they can be easily removed, washed and re-hung.

Children's bedroom for the girl should not be overloaded with unnecessary accessories. To my daughter committed cleaning of the room with his hands, it is necessary to minimize effort. Total room cleaning time for the girls wiping dust and hook or gender should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

Rate the design, to make the program "Housing Problem" for the girls. However, selected the color pink, but other than that, there are a number of ideas that can be learned for themselves:

Child's bedroom to the girl: Particulars of 60 photos

Children's room, bedroom and especially for girls, is the whole world, where the child spends a lot of time in the first arena for the game, and then for a desk and a computer. Regardless of the room size, the design of children's bedrooms for girls can make an original and recognizable.

Children should be safe, create a good mood, promote sound sleep and a productive mental activity. Modern bedroom for girls may be performed in any style and with the addition of appropriate accessories.

The color scheme is to choose neutral colors, you can combine two or three colors (in textiles, furniture, wallpaper). If the child does not agree with this decision, you need to show him the photos of examples bedrooms into a suitable color.

Design features of age

interior design bedrooms for the girls change with growing up, and after 16 years it is almost identical to an adult bedroom.

The most prominent is the girl of preschool age children. It emphasizes her gender identity, interest in fairy-tale characters and bright throughout.

Primary school age (7 to 10 years)

At 7 years old girl goes to school, so she had to be his workplace, a shelf of books, a map on the wall and other curious things. Recreation Area should promote relaxation and gain new strength. Children in low-key classic light colors will make it possible to make changes to the interior of the children's bedrooms for the girls as it is growing without any maintenance interventions.

In the photo children in neutral earthy tones suitable for children from 7 years and will require a minimum of effort at a future design change.

School age (from 10 to 14 years)

Bedroom for girls 10 years is designed with a special participation of the child and takes into account all the wishes. Supports all her requests and encouraged self-reliance, which is very important for a maturing personality. Designers are advised to select the color scheme to the level of activity of the child. Yellow tones activate mental activity, soothing shades of green, warm pink adds tenderness.

Teenager's bedroom (from 14 years)

Bedroom for teen girls can be the most unusual, vivid, neutral, and even mystical. Requests from the girls can surprise and did not fit into the concept of an apartment, but do not snap off a flight of fancy, you can just look at the different design options and together come to a common solution.

Ideally, should give preference to the neutral shades of the wallpaper and the same furniture, the color of which you can change the covers and nursery decor accessories and transform any picture of the child's discretion. For your favorite posters and clippings are best suited wall-board, cork. For the organization of the order in the things you need to give preference to a spacious wardrobe and several drawers.

Ideas bedrooms for girls are not limited to cartoon characters and a pink theme. In the photo bedroom sleek minimalist style combines the sky-blue and white.

The design of the children's bedrooms for girls as anywhere you need to pay attention to the quality of materials and furniture. They have to be eco-friendly, durable and safe. Poor paint and inhaling its vapors can provoke allergies, this should be remembered.

To fit the floor laminate, parquet or cork and a small carpet. Laminate durable, warm, it can be easy to wash, it is pleasing to the surface of the foot. The carpet can be taken out for ventilation, it will not collect dust and suitable for gaming zone.

The photo light pink bedroom, suitable for girls of primary school age. Purple pillows, soft carpet, white wallpaper with pink ornaments and translucent curtains make the nursery tender.

Wallpaper for the bedroom is best to choose a girl from the paper. Deep colors are best left to the other rooms, and a children's designers are advised to only choose light pastel shades (not necessarily pink). Drawing and pattern can be selected under the age characteristics of, and may be based on the size of the room and your preferences.

In the photo the white color and the ceiling with the image of clouds make the children's room air and muted green creates a feeling of summer royal garden.

Selection of furniture, curtains and lighting

Bedroom furniture girls should be strong, and of ecological materials. To create a working area need to pick up a comfortable chair and a table (depending on the growth of girls), a bookcase or shelf.

The table must be a multiple drawers that will store all of the Office, the chair must be chosen the classic model with good back support for the formation of posture. Adolescence fit a chair on wheels.

Bed for the bedroom the girl should be low with a mattress of medium hardness. If it is a small bedroom for the girls, you need to choose an ergonomic bed with internal pencil case. Bed is better to take "for growth", of good materials and a neutral beige, white or other delicate color.

In the photo the palace miracle for little cartoon lovers in lilac and white shades. Children divided into zones with wardrobe mirror, rest with the night sky on the Desktop, study and leisure.

The curtains in the bedroom for the girls better to choose neutral colors, the color of the wallpaper (a few shades darker), or in the color of the furniture. curtains model and their color depends also on the side of the room in relation to the sun, window size, number of windows and the size of the bedroom.

  • If the windows overlooking the sunny side, you need to choose the soft cool colors (blue, pale green);
  • If the dark side, the shades of warm colors (peach, purple).

Long curtains are suitable for the older girls, and for babies is to choose short or rolled to prevent injuries and for easy daily wet cleaning. Blinds and light weightless curtains provide a good nap for girls and will not aggravate the interior.

For older girls fit the classic version curtains the color and style of the room. Voile, organza, linen and taffeta are suitable for the decoration of the window opening. In any case, the curtains should be firmly fixed on the ledge, which should not be massive.

In the picture window opening with insulated roman shades create a private space for relaxing girls.

The photo is in the study area is well lit with natural light and place cotton curtains separated from the recreation area. Large wall organizes girls store their belongings separately from each other and to maintain order.

The more sources of light in the bedroom, the better, because the girl's eyesight is still being formed, and to draw and read, she will not only be at the table, but also lying on the floor and on the bed. The workplace should be to the left of the window, or close to it. Reading lamps, wall sconces, spotlights and a central chandelier with soft light to help preserve vision and make baby's room comfortable.

Making children's bedroom for the two girls - a special challenge for parents, where you have to take into account the needs of each and create your cozy place to consider how to store their belongings and will be organized as a space.

Firstly, you need to choose a single style of child and one color. If the age difference is small, it is possible to choose a theme beloved cartoon. For children of different ages will suit the style of Provence, minimalist, Scandinavian, Shabby-chic.

Bedroom design for the two girls can be issued in two colors (but only on condition that it allows the area of ​​the room and colors are combined), for example, pink and blue, green and yellow, purple and beige. Color zoning can be a single room divided into two.

To save space, fit a bunk bed or chair-bed. The more boxes, shelves and organizers, the better to maintain order and organization of personal belongings. Valance, fascia wall rack in the middle of the children's help to create a private space for each (this is true especially when one learns the lessons and the other went to bed for a long time).

Useful tips when you make a child's

  • Choose a full bed, and a better wide (if space allows).
  • Do not turn the child at Disneyland or a sugar house (attention should attract a fabulous bed, a wall with wallpaper 3D).
  • The smaller equipment in the children, the better for the child's leisure time and sleep (instead organize a decent gaming zone).
  • The large mirror in the closet.
  • The room should be as technically safe for outdoor games.

In the photo bedroom for the girls of primary school age. With 3D domed ceiling and lighting over the bed a child will always be interesting to sleep and wake up.

On the photos presented below - examples of use of various interior design options for children's bedrooms for the girls.

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