Sofa with an orthopedic mattress for daily use

Choose a sofa with an orthopedic mattress for daily use - not too simple task. From a huge range of upholstered furniture need to find the perfect option with the appropriate type of design, the most convenient mechanism for transforming and comfortable mattress. What models are available in the market today? Are there any disadvantages of each? How to choose the right bed for every day?

Types of sofas with orthopedic mattress

All sofas for regular operation can be divided into two large groups according to types of location. Corner sofa will be a great solution if the area of ​​the room is not too large. It can be placed even in a small kitchen, not to mention the living room or bedroom, combined with cabinet. If the bed is equipped with such furniture mattress with orthopedic effect, the dream is not only comfortable, but also healthy. The same can be said about the orthopedic models that are placed on the same wall.

The main difference of the transformation becomes a mechanism that may involve unfolding sofa in parallel or perpendicular to the back.

Successful option for sleep sofas are considered Notebook and variations thereof ( "evroknizhka", "tick-tock", "click-klyak", "Sofa Sofa") and withdrawable model. They are easy and simple to understand, it is true, "books" can not be installed close to the wall.

In the former case the seat is raised until it clicks, and then lowered; Second - pillows are removed, the seat is put forward, and then pads stacked on top of the bed.

At the roll-out sofas, there are another plus: roomy storage boxes allow clean bedding, blankets and pillows - and this comes in handy when one room is right and living room, and bedroom.

Of the two options clamshells - French and American - is considered the second most comfortable for everyday use. Especially because in the version with the mechanism sadafleks you do not have to stumble a shot on the floor cushions. They "leave" during the transformation under the cot and less wear.

Advantages and disadvantages of sofas

As with any other kind of furniture, in orthopedic sofas have their own "pros" and "cons."

What are the advantages of note buyers?

  • A huge range and the ability to choose the sofa that will perfectly match the interior.
  • You can find both compact models for small apartments and luxury options for spacious rooms.
  • Reasonable price and you can save by buying one piece of furniture, the replacement and the bed and sofa.
  • The good orthopedic and anatomical characteristics.

At the same time on the sofa every day has its drawbacks:

  • on the surface of some models can be positioned joints and seams, although modern manufacturers of products for healthy sleep try to avoid similar flaws in their products;
  • If the mattress is deformed, watch, something to replace it will be very difficult - it is easier and cheaper to buy a new sofa;
  • the cost of orthopedic models for obvious reasons, is higher than that of conventional sofas.

If you consider yourself as very demanding customers, is to stay happy and the design of the sofa, and orthopedic characteristics of its surface, it is necessary to reconsider not an option. It is quite possible that you will not find that dreamed about. In this case, you can buy your favorite sofa, and then separately choose a mattress for him. This option is definitely less convenient, because the mattress will have somewhere clean and Most orthopedic products can not be added.

Of course, the appearance of the furniture which is perfectly combined with the style room - it's great, but the design is unlikely to make a difference during sleep. To stay is comfortable, you should carefully examine the "stuffing" the sofa.

Today's manufacturers offer models with spring and springless mattresses. In the first case, it is recommended to give preference to products with a block independent springs that support the body in the correct anatomical position. The optimum height of the spring - 8-12 cm, while the larger it is, the smoother will be the sofa. As a complement to the spring block used interlayers of different fillers: latex (natural or synthetic), coconut coir, etc. They affect the degree of rigidity and supporting orthopedic effect of the spring.

Springless analogues, in case of quality performance, not less suitable and often much cheaper. As a filler used is the same latex, thermoplastic foam, felt and its modern modifications, wool and others. It is clear that natural materials do not cause allergies, and last longer, and if you are willing to allocate to purchase a sufficient amount of money, then give preference to need it them.

How to choose a bed with orthopedic mattress

There are some simple guidelines that will help to choose the right orthopedic bed for every day. What should you look for?

  • Pre-determine where to install new furniture and match the selected option under the "squares".
  • Learn about the potential loads that would live up to the sofa. This number is listed in the data sheet. Exceeding the recommended weight will cause premature wear of the furniture.
  • The mechanism of transformation has to be made from a hard metal with a protective corrosion resistant coating. In this case, he was not afraid of any moisture.
  • Children's bed must meet all requirements for safety and environmental protection. Assurances advisors store better reinforce quality control certificates.
  • The upholstery of the sofa should be not only attractive, but also practical, because as a result of daily use in furniture more likely to lose presentable appearance. In dense upholstery fabric with a uniform structure must not be deformed or punctures by the needle. Flat seams - another indicator of a decent quality.

Are you looking for a sofa that is to serve you faithfully day after day for many years, which means that all of its design should be soundly.

Do not forget about the main thing: on any furniture you need to sit and lie down till the moment of the purchase. Ask several times to spread the couch, make sure the inside is made as carefully as the outside. Most warranty orthopedic bed for each day is further evidence that the manufacturer offers high quality furniture.

Sofa bed for daily use

Choice of bed - it is responsible. A good, good night's sleep will give you health, joy and good mood. If the apartment is small and you have to combine the bedroom to the living room, you just need a Mighty orthopedic sofa bed. That he brought a comfortable sleep without awakening, when choosing a need to consider a few key points.

Choosing the sofa begins with pleasing design, but not the beauty of the form and beauty of colors determine the quality of upholstered furniture. Sofa bed for daily use should be easy to take shape, be strong and wear-resistant. It will serve you for a long time, if in choosing to focus on the main thing:

  • mechanism of transformation;
  • internal filling;
  • frame reliability;
  • quality upholstery fabric.

As the sofa transforms from a comfortable seating position in the big bed? There are various mechanisms of transformation. The best of them the one that allows you to convert the sofa into a bed quickly, easily, preferably with one hand. This is possible if the transformation mechanism is thought to detail. In addition, if the sofa bed is purchased for everyday use, such a mechanism must be absolutely reliable. He is obliged to withstand the daily stress for years, but better - decades.

We worked well in this regard, several types of mechanisms that transform sofas. Each of them has its advantages and weaknesses, and becomes indispensable in certain circumstances. In this article we will discuss more such mechanisms:

This list of mechanisms of transformation is far from complete, but it contains a system that can withstand the daily unfolding within six to ten years of service. Mechanisms, popular in Western Europe and the Americas, may not work on a regular basis, from time to time that the house was a bed for guests suddenly guests. For example, the French version of "clamshell" system and its American counterpart "sedafleks" not recommended for daily use.

Accordion sofa with an orthopedic mattress

What is the system of the accordion? It got its name because of the principle of an accordion, the underlying transformation of the sofa. Sleeper, broad and conveniently consists of three blocks. When folded, the two of them form the back, and the third - the seat. sofa bed often for daily use, equipped with a mechanism of "accordion", also has an orthopedic mattress. It is ideal for a good night's rest, it eliminates back pain. Reliability and ease of "accordion" mechanism makes it popular among the customers.

Among the mechanisms of transformation of sofas for everyday use, this - the most reliable. To unfold the sofa you need to pull the strap attached to the seat until it stops. The seat of the settee is composed of a pair of layers that form during transformation mattress for bed. The only drawback of the system: sleeper sofa located below the normal to the thickness of the mattress. Withdrawable mechanism used in the sofas of different designs, from massive corner to small children "cubes". These sofas are comfortable, big box for linen.

In place of the sofa-book, so popular in the mid-end of the last century, it came to a similar system, but more advanced. A system of "books" (also called "click-clack") can not be transformed when she is standing against a wall. Evroknizhka be expanded easily at any of its location. How does the transformation? sofa seat pulled forward, and a padded back panel is laid in its place. Under the seat offers a huge storage box bed, sofa area equal value. "Evroknizhka" variation mechanism can be called "evrosofa" system.

A significant drawback evroknizhka - feet while moving forward could damage the flooring. Successfully solves this problem by metal mechanism "Tick-tock", referred to as "walking evroknizhka" yet. It unfolds a sofa bed upwards and forwards. The seat is raised, steps, moves, without scratching the floor. The mechanism of "Tick-tock" can be purchased for everyday use.

The mechanism of transformation dolphin

The "Dolphin" system of sliding part bed hidden under the seat. To unfold the lack of one hand: pull the strap to attach under the seat forwards and upwards. Handy and convenient mechanism to quickly turn the sofa into a large and very comfortable bed. "Dolphin" system is used primarily in bulk elbow and straight sofas.

Noteworthy is a sofa bed for daily, continuous use of the mechanism of "Verona". This system is a hybrid engine and withdrawable "dolphin". Sleeper represents three blocks, two of them are hidden under the seat. When driving over, first end part rolls on rollers, then rises and is placed in the "dolphin" system. "Verona" - a reliable mechanism which is very popular.

Choose a sofa for the living room or child's room should not only on the mechanism of transformation. It is necessary to find out what is hidden under the upholstery. Modern orthopedic sofas for sleep can have three kinds of filler. They are:

As the polyurethane foam, and spring mattresses can be good, comfortable, durable. The main condition - high-quality materials from which they are made. The filling soft blocks other than the springs and polyurethane (foam), latex is used, felt, batting. Each of these materials has to be top-notch. quality is characterized by frequent price. Unfortunately, sound can not be cheap.

You have to choose a sofa bed with orthopedic mattress? Ask the store if it has a certificate of quality, read the reviews about this product on the Internet, find out how is characterized by its manufacturer. Well established manufacturers orthopedic mattress blocks and consul Dream Master Askona and others. Sit or lie down on the selected model. Is it convenient? Pay attention to the upholstery. Whether fabric soundly? How long it will last?

Choosing a sofa with an orthopedic mattress for everyday use, pay attention to the frame. He - the basis of design, from the build quality and the material used in its manufacture, the durability of furniture depends. Frame inexpensive models made mostly from chipboard. The upholstered furniture premium and luxury used water-resistant plywood, natural wood.

Sofas for daily sleep with orthopedic mattress

What is better to choose a sofa for daily sleep? Domestic furniture companies offer a variety of original, high-quality models of large and small sofas, armchairs, sets on every taste and budget. When choosing a product known manufacturer, is well proven in the market, you can avoid buying low-quality goods. In Russia the number of known plants are:

  • Furniture Factory «Anderssen»
  • Furniture Company "Shatura";
  • factory "Allegro Classic";
  • "Vanguard" furniture factory.

Some of the popular models of sofa beds to sleep on top of domestic producers.

Size bed (cm)

wood, water-resistant plywood

Caucasian beech plywood

Martel Rose BB

wood, water-resistant plywood

In our time, buy a sofa bed may not go beyond the limits of your own room. Each company, which produces upholstered furniture, there is an official website with detailed information about the company's products and catalog. Read the description of the models and their specifications, see photos, get more information, to order products from the catalog and arrange delivery as possible, without getting up from your favorite chair.

Divan bed with orthopedic mattress for daily use

How to save money when buying a sofa, a bed and mattress? And all this place in a small apartment and keep the interior comfortable and beautiful? These issues will be a sofa bed with orthopedic mattress for daily use.

Those interested in purchasing such furniture in the first place want to get two in one - a comfortable sofa and a comfortable bed. Not to be redundant, and other characteristics. Reliable mechanism for folding, convenience and ease of daily use, full-size bed with orthopedic effect, the presence of the box for storage of linen, etc.

Let's see, what should be a sofa bed, to meet these expectations.

Transformation mechanisms for everyday use

Sofa transforms into a bed with the help of the folding mechanism. Depends on the design of the mechanism, what characteristics will have a sleeper, speed and ease of folding, reliability and long product life.

Consider mechanisms for everyday use that meet the above requirements.

Reliable and simple mechanism for transformation. Its design has only two moving parts. To convert the sofa into a bed position is necessary to lift the seat up until the back rests on the frame basis. Continue lifting until it clicks, and then lower the seat.

  • for unfolding need little space;
  • the presence of a box for linen.
  • can not be expanded, if necessary against a wall;
  • After unfolding the surface is not smooth because of the functional interface between the backrest and seat.

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The modern version of the previous mechanism. The back and seat are separated. The seat has rollers sliding along guides on the frame. The back is screwed to the frame on the furniture hinge. To unfold the seat rolls forward and a seat back is lowered.

  • It can be spread even close to the wall;
  • wide berth;
  • the presence of underwear drawer.
  • sitting legs in the transformation may scratch the surface of the floor;
  • after unfolding between the backrest and seat is obtained trough, though not as tangible as in the book of the mechanism.

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Often used in corner models of sofa beds. Furniture with this type of mechanism must be sufficiently high. Folding part is under the seat. To transform it you need to roll forward and take up a hidden strap and pull the unit up and toward you. block movement when folding resembles a dolphin dive, and from this comes the name.

  • easily decomposed;
  • It is obtained when using large bed in the corner sofa.
  • there is no box for linen in direct models;
  • is functional joints between the seat and a folding unit;
  • when maladjustment possible difference in height between the seat and berth.

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Another option exists mechanism. There are options with or without armrests. Unlike books two provisions of the sitting and lying, it is still a third, intermediate position, reclining. The frame is equipped with fins that improves the characteristics of orthopedic products.

  • three positions, adapt well under the body anatomy;
  • flat bed after folding;
  • underwear drawer.
  • for the full unfolding need to move away from the wall.

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A simple and reliable mechanism for transformation is preferably used in the angular models. To unfold the need to pull the seat for the concealed hinges to full racking, lay on the seat frame appeared.

  • large and smooth surface for sleeping;
  • It can be placed against a wall.
  • It requires more effort when unfolded;
  • a relatively thin mattress;
  • you need to remove the mat before the sofa before the transformation.

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Strong and easy to use mechanism of transformation. The unfolding participate seat and consisting of two parts rest. The transformation takes place on the basis of an accordion: slightly raise a seat until it clicks and pull over until you get a smooth surface for sleeping.

  • a comfortable bed and flat;
  • compactness;
  • availability of drawers for clothes.
  • front of the sofa must be at least two meters of space to unfold;
  • there is a weight limit of 180 kilograms.

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Reliable mechanism of transformation for everyday use. Can withstand heavy loads up to 220-250 kg. To unfold the need to take up the couch to pull it up and out on the design will be developed on the basis of the clamshell. The frame has a good base of orthopedic slat. The thickness of the mattress in the new models up to 14cm.

  • increased strength;
  • no need to remove small items;
  • full orthopedic mattress;
  • It recommended for daily use.

Advantageously used in the angular models. It allows easy movement to transform the sofa into a bed. After transformation by the bed to open bedside table.

  • unusual design;
  • ease of folding;
  • large bed;
  • capacious box for linen;
  • bedside table.
  • Do not lift the seat when unfolded to prevent damage to the rotating mechanism;
  • the presence of a functional interface between the halves of the sofa.

Intermediate results on the mechanism of transformation for everyday use. To achieve the maximum effect of the orthopedic sofa bed should have a completely smooth surface for sleeping, and it largely depends on the folding mechanism.

Among the above samples will be most suitable model: accordion, American folding, draw-out, click-klyak. Sofa bed mechanism with accordion and click-klyak equipped with spring and springless orthopedic mattresses. Upholstered furniture with American clamshell mechanism and withdrawable equipped with mattresses without springs.

The other mechanisms have a common drawback - the presence of functional joints in the unfolded state. They are suitable for everyday use, but for better comfort during sleep is necessary to use a thin foam mattresses.

Selection of an orthopedic mattress for daily use

Orthopedic base of the sofa bed provides the correct position of the body during sleep, adjusting to its anatomical curves. It has a prophylactic effect in the sensation of pain in the cervical and lumbar spine. It provides complete relaxation and quality rest.

As fillers inner part springless sofas used both natural and synthetic materials.

Coir, latex, felt, batting - natural materials having high durability and hypoallergenic qualities.

Polyurethane foam, foam rubber, polyurethane, padding polyester - inexpensive and flexible synthetic materials.

An important characteristic of orthopedic sofa base is stiffness. When choosing products for daily use should be discarded from the models with cheap filling of polyurethane. Over time, the soft material loses its properties and sags.

The best option - a combination of different filling materials. For example, consider filling anatomic sofas Redford.

Internal filling anatomic sofas Redford

Basis foam mattress high density power foam. It provides the necessary rigidity and support.

Middle layer - the new material balance foam. Responsible for an anatomical component of the mattress and its elasticity. Due to its characteristics, this foam can replace metal springs. It protects the mattress from deformation at frequent cycles of folding-unfolding. It has the effect of thermoregulation, which provides a comfortable sleep at any time of the year.

Top layer - Hilding foam impregnated bamboo charcoal. Responsible for hypoallergenic properties of the mattress and prevents the growth of bacteria, destroys microorganisms, neutralize harmful effects. Due to its shape has massaging and tonic effect.

The main elements of such a unit are springs. There are two common types of spring units, "Bonnell" and "Pocket Spring".

Spring block "Bonnel" used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture for over a hundred years. It consists of double cone springs on four or five turns. A spring connected between the spiral steel wire and mounted on the perimeter of the block to the upper and lower steel frame. The load is distributed between the springs of the block. If you weigh more than 115 kg, then choose a sofa bed with such unit.

Bonnell spring unit

In blocks "Pocket-Spring" independent of each spring, and stored in a tissue protective cover. Load is only transmitted on the springs, which are in the contact zone. Thus, the correct weight distribution on the spine contributes to its natural state.

Spring block "Pocket Spring"

Springs independent unit have a smaller diameter, so that the density of their greater this achieves good elasticity and strength of orthopedic base.

Functional differences between different types of spring units

Regardless of the design of the spring unit to its durability and affect the correct setting. The unit is mounted on a sturdy frame made of wood. Outside, it is fitted by a soft polyurethane material. Top and qualitative models in the block and a bottom covered with a double layer of batt, it does not permit the contact springs and upholstery material to prevent its spoilage. Between the upholstery fabric and collected unit is in the form syntepon layer, which allows the coating to "breathe."

Pluses spring units:

  • reliability and durability;
  • withstand heavy loads;
  • Elastic and smooth surface;
  • microcirculation air inside the block.

Upholstery sofa bed for daily use

Sofas every day experiencing considerable stress must be wear-resistant upholstery, not demanding to care for. It is desirable that it can be removed and washed.

Leather and leather substitutes fairly resistant to damage, but to sleep on the uncomfortable such a coating, it is slippery and cold. Padding made from these materials suitable for sofa beds with the mechanism American clamshell because it uses a single mattress to sleep in them.

The models for the daily sleep is recommended to use fabric with a natural composition, as they do not contain harmful substances. Relatively expensive fabrics - shennil, jacquard, cotton. The more expensive models use a tapestry, suede, corduroy.

Sofa bed with fabric Jacquard

This couch cotton fabric used for percussion

Shennil - practical upholstery material

Artificial skin is not very suitable material for daily use of the sofa bed

From upholstery depends on the design of interior spaces, so the color and texture of the selected depending on the general style. Modern Upholstery have a huge range of colors, so you can choose the texture of any style.

Criteria for selection of the sofa bed every day

Strong base - guarantee longevity of the furniture. The best model is used for a carcass particleboard manufacture. But such material is not very suitable for daily use. The best option is a wood or combination of wood and metal. Furniture is not the standard form of the metal base fits best.

Before buying, make sure the proper operation of all mechanisms. Try several times to spread and fold sofa. Remember that you have to do it every day, and if the procedure is difficult, it is better to choose a different model.

A clear idea of ​​how the sofa will be used, you can advance to worry about additional options. If you have a parquet floor, and you do not want to scratch the legs of the sofa, set them rubber pads.

Many current models are actively using the armrests of the sofa. They arrange the hidden niches and open shelves for storing remote controls and electronic gadgets, as well as newspapers and magazines.

For those who like to drink hot drinks, sitting on the couch, fit models with Teflon coating on the arms.

In homes with small children make better use of the sofa bed with non-marking upholstery that is easy to clean. And for pet owners fit padding, which are not clues.

Be sure to check with the passport of the product, which the manufacturer must report on what the maximum load the product is designed. If you buy the model is not appropriate for your weight, it is in everyday use it does not last for long.

Inspect the furniture is not only outside but also inside. A good manufacturer make sure that the product had a beautiful view from all sides.

And most importantly do not forget to test the sofa bed in all operating positions. You can sit on it, lie down, make sure it is convenience and comfort. And if the store sellers forbid it to do, it is reason to doubt the quality of the goods.

Summing up what should be a sofa bed with orthopedic mattress for daily use, you can say the following. It is furnished with sturdy wooden frame, a reliable mechanism for the folding metal frame, on which the wooden slats installed. Depending on the buyer's weight orthopedic base it may be equipped with spring units layered filler or on a natural basis. Upholstery is better to use the fabric, wear-resistant, unpretentious in the care.

We wish you a pleasant choice and a comfortable stay at the new sofa!