Sofas Askona

Today, many are forced into the same room in the afternoon to organize a workplace, a living room to meet friends or children's playroom, a bedroom at night. Therefore, modern sofa must combine two functions: it must be comfortable to sit on and to sleep comfortably. It is the task set for themselves developers, creating Askona sofas and they coped with it.

So it was brought into Russia, that are sleeping on couches. And there's no getting around it. Therefore Askona Factory decided to take care of those who can not afford due to the circumstances of a full bed with a good anatomic mattress.

Askona entire industry built on to create all the conditions for quality sleep, because on it depends the well-being, mood, performance of the upcoming day.

It is only in appearance sofas Askona are no different from their counterparts, they are actually much more convenient and practical. Their main distinguishing feature - a pillowtop mattress.

It is very important to sleep on an orthopedic mattress. he only has the right support to the body, relieving back pain and discomforts. He adjusts to every curve of the body, reduces the pressure on your shoulders, hands, hips, knees and feet. Body weight is distributed evenly over the entire sleeping surface.

For their sofas Askona chose two types of mattresses:

  1. Semizonalny pillowtop exclusive unit independent springs NanoPocket. This new and improved system of the spring unit. 1500 springs on one berth provide a point of the spine support and give a unique feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation due to its special shape and small size. This is rare even in a standard mattress. NanoPocket - the most gentle spring system.
  2. Semizonalny orthopedic mattress, consisting of springs new generation Hourglass. The patented Hourglass spring (translated as "hourglass") designed according to the latest world technologies. Hourglass spring more elastic and balanced. The upper and lower band wider diameter and responsive to the slightest movement, thereby providing maximum gentle and comfortable support. Central contraction spring - the zone of maximum elasticity. With a stronger pressing force is required - it is a guarantee that the spring withstand even the most heavy load.

Due to the shape of the spring bikonusnoy "hourglass" more sustainable. When you press it holds its shape and does not move to the side.

Hourglass truly independent spring block by which it is impossible to disturb your other half, turning from side to side and getting up from a mattress.

Grating couch frame comprise flexible slats of birch veneer. gnutokleevyh billet production technology results in a very durable parts that can always retain its curved shape.

All sofas Askona pass the test to check the strength and reliability. Test them, and as a sofa and as a bed.

When the width of the couch 160, and 180 cm in welded metal frame chassis, an additional central support for the reliability of the structure.

Rubberized rollers preclude damage to the flooring. All models can withstand load up to 140 kg per bed. Free 10 years extended warranty is given on all products.


Sofa Orion will transform your room into the living room during the day and at night in the bedroom. sofa design is such that it can be put in the room as you like. Rear back upholstered furniture materials, so it will look elegant on both the front and rear. Material upholstery on the backrest, armrests and side-bar - ekokozha. The main external cover is made of a velor. Decorative pillows adjust planting depth, which allows you to adjust it for both the child and adult.

In the sofa Orion has unique characteristics:

  • Removable zip pouch that is attached to the metal frame Velcro. It provides, first, the ability to take it off and clean if it is dirty, and secondly, you can sleep on a mattress without a cover, because from the point of view of hygiene it is more practical.
  • Roomy drawers in wide armrests. This is where you can store bedding or removable cover.

Note that the metal worktop not included, it can be ordered separately.

To unfold the sofa, you need a minimum of effort due to the mechanism Removal. At the time of the transformation of the sofa does not touch the wall and does not move from the place that preserves the integrity of the walls and the flooring. Do not worry, that sofa you need to assemble and disassemble on a daily basis, it is just for this purpose and is intended. By the way, it is possible to lay out how to cover, and without it. The result is a wide bed with anatomic mattress.

Details - in the video below.

Sofa Carina is especially popular in the angular performance. Convenient for both day and night for the rest. On it sit comfortably thanks to the support of the tribes, and the optimum angle of inclination of the backrest. Corner section allows you to lie down and rest, without expanding the sofa. In this case, the main seat will be free, it can take home to watch TV or relax.

Corner unit has a built roomy box for storing bed linen. lifting mechanism with a spring makes it possible to raise and lower canapés easily. The angular section is universal, it can be located on either the right or left side of the sofa. It is very convenient for permutations. The corner section has prispinnaya pillow on which to lean.

In addition, the sofa converts thanks to the Swedish design MultiComfort mechanism based on system transformation "Accordion". He will create a full wide berth. To unfold the need to take up the seat, slightly lift and pull over. After the press at the top and spread cover, which is attached to the frame with Velcro. The sofa can be ordered in different colors, as well as with an additional linen compartment, or without it.

Read more about Carina couch covered in the video.

Corner sofa anatomical Antares will give a sound sleep at night and during the day a comfortable space for relaxing, entertaining or for work. He ergonomic. Antares will allow everyone to adjust it by your height, weight, and even habits. Sofa has an optimum tilt back function and support the knees.

Soft armrests allow a comfortable position both sitting and lying down. A removable headrests provide optimum backrest height for people of different heights. They do not have separate brackets and are held on the back thanks to a special weighting agents and non-slip material.

Corner section allows you to lie down and rest, without expanding the sofa. In this case, the main seat remains free. Corner settee section has a capacious duct clothesline. Canapes lifting mechanism - Gas elevators that can easily raise and lower it. Universal corner section enables to create a design angle from either side.

On the couch unfolded prispinnuyu pillow can be left as a soft nadgolove or remove it altogether. But it is necessary to undo the bottom of the locks, and a small puff can become a separate piece of furniture on which to relax.

Before unfolding the sofa need to remove head restraints and fold the armrests. After folding armrests return to his seat. Adulterant head restraint is necessary to get to the back, so get soft zagolove.

Details - in the video.

Please note that the sofa Antares with small canapés can be supplemented with a separate ottoman. It is specifically designed for this configuration. When unfolding sofa with ottoman form a bed space. A large section of the settee has no attachment for connection to a pouf. The sofa can be ordered in any of the four color options as well as an additional linen compartment, or without it.

Sofa "Perseus" - is a practical and convenient for the acquisition of modern apartment or house. It will become a bright accent in the room. In the afternoon it will be easy to read, or to receive guests, and at night it will be a great alternative to high double padded headboard of the bed. In addition, the compact size of the sofa in the folded state can significantly save space in a small apartment. Perseus is made of durable and safe materials for health. The width may be 120,140,160,180 cm. There are a variety of fabrics.

Anatomical sofa Sunrise - it's a perfect combination of elegant form and flowing lines. The sofa in the style of modern classics perfect for those who appreciate a convenient and elegant furniture. Sofa Sunrise will be the main focus of your room. With convenient mechanism for transforming the sofa unfolds in 1 second. A spacious linen box saves space in the room. It is possible to store bedding. Removable cover allows you to keep the sofa bed in the clean. Its very easy to remove and wash, then the sofa will be like new.

Sunset - a compact model that will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the living room, sleek angles armrests allow you to set it even in the nursery.

The mechanism of transformation - MultiComfort. sofa design thought out to the smallest detail. The armrests provided magazine rack. It is convenient to store books, electronic gadgets or the TV remote. Overhead countertops in a wide armrests have a Teflon coating that is resistant to high temperatures. They can put a hot cup and do not fear for the appearance of a trace of it, which is very practical.

This - in the video.

Healthy comfort, modern style and most importantly, affordable price - it's all about the couch "Nika". This is a convenient stylish piece of furniture that day will be an outstanding element of the interior, and at night - a good sleeping place, able to give a really comfortable sleep. The compact shape and modern versatile design allow you to put it in any room.

The sofa has a finished appearance. Organically looks on all sides, so it does not necessarily put to the wall. sofa cover is removable. A special cover design makes the junction between the parts of furniture entirely imperceptible. By the way, his back locked in two positions - Standard and Relax. Functional, stylish and modern sofa "Nick" - a great option for small apartments, living rooms and teenager rooms.

Will look like furniture in the apartment, it depends primarily on its size. Therefore Askona offers customers the opportunity to choose a sofa, starting from the room dimensions.

If the family consists of two people, it would be quite a double width models 160-180 cm. If you have children, you should consider the option of greater width, and this corner sofas, which give an increase of 70-80 cm.

The length of the sofa, if not strange, is dependent on the transformation mechanism. Sofas with "Click-klyak" mechanism have a berth length of 201 cm. But at the sofas with the mechanism of "Accordion" has length of 210 cm.

The width of the bed starts at 120 cm and 20 cm reaches step 180 cm - 120, 140, 160, 180 cm.

When choosing corner sofas keep in mind that the tapas are not part of the bed, and its width, which is about 70-80 cm, should be considered separately.

Therefore, selecting a sofa, it is necessary to sum values ​​such as the width of the bed settee + width + width of armrests. To calculate the length: the length of a berth + rear backrest width, and a small allowance from the wall, if there are head restraints with weighting.

To date, the most popular sizes of 160h210 see. It is a necessary width, corresponding to a standard double bed. The length of the sofa allows you to put on the surface is not only very tall people, but with the convenience of fans arranged to sleep on big pillows, the dimensions of which "eat" up to 30 cm of space.

Sofa - a central element of upholstered furniture, because it is necessary not only for recreation, but also for sleep, so it is very important among the many models to choose the most advantageous option.

To sofa perfectly fit the interior of your apartment and at the same time not lose its functionality, you need to choose the form correctly.

Direct sofa - is a classic model that will fit in any room.

The advantage of the angular models - it is space saving and visual separation of space. Askona sofas pododvigat not necessarily the wall. The backs of sofas upholstered in a pleasant view on the material.

From the selection of fabric depends on the atmosphere in the room. Soft tissue and more muted tones create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Smooth fabric gives the feeling of a strict and businesslike atmosphere.

Before buying it is necessary to get acquainted with the composition of upholstery fabric. He will tell you a lot. The more natural ingredients in the composition, the fabric is more capricious in care, burns faster and requires more careful treatment. Fabrics with high content of synthetic fibers, such as velours, not whimsical. Important in caring for them - do not overdo it.

Covers are made of only high-quality and proven materials, such as:

  • Jacquard - very beautiful woven material, complemented by a rich pattern. Many people know that he is capricious in care. The specialists of "Sleep Laboratory Askona» was proposed to use for its upholstery sofas Jacquard Teflon-coated, making it much easier to care for.
  • microfiber - extremely durable synthetic fabric. Villus tissue tight to each other, confer a surface water repellent.
  • Velours - fabric nice and soft to the touch. Fluffy villi may form neat or drawing to remain perfectly smooth. Very good looks in a room with a multi-level artificial lighting, adding a touch of the game world. Eliminates slip sheets.
  • Faux leather (Used for the upholstery of armrests) - the most wear-resistant material, it is not enough for one generation. This is an excellent alternative to natural leather upholstery, only stronger and less whimsical. This sofa will always have the flawless look, no matter what happens in everyday life.

Lineup covers diverse. There are both single-color and colorful original design. For example, the elegant floral pattern or urban style. When creating new drawings Askona artists used a huge amount of knowledge, which are based on observations of life. They use a combination of colors, invented by nature.

Dense, hypoallergenic, durable fabric make durable sofa. He will survive any crossing, to suit all needs - whether leisure, work, watching TV or sleeping, it does not change its functionality and a flawless appearance for a very long time.

70% of Russians are sleeping on a sofa bed, and dream of a comfortable bed, but the cramped living conditions forced to endure the joints of upholstered furniture, too stiff and uncomfortable surface. Exactly for such cases Askona developed a mattress-topper.

Topper (mattress) - it is a separate item that is put on top of a mattress or sofa. It helps to adjust the surface of the bed, thereby improving the quality of sleep. As for the choice, the most important thing in a thin mattress - filler, more precisely, its rigidity. When choosing a mattress pad, it is necessary to take into account a person's weight. Dense and tall people have to choose the mattress more rigid version.

Askona offers 10 models of Topper:

  • Nika - delicate knitwear, quilted with polyester fiber volume. The main advantages of polyester - an excellent breathability and a high degree of thermal protection. It softens too tough sleeping surface. Height - 2 cm.
  • Top Foam1 and Top Foam2 - identical models that differ only in height - 3 and 4 cm respectively. Filler - elastic foam Orto Foam, withstanding regular load.
  • Top Purotex. Filler - foam impregnated with carbon, designed specifically for people with allergies. The height of 4 cm.
  • Top Askona 1. This double layer topper which can turn thereby to adjust the rigidity of the sleeping surface. First layer - Orto Foam, second - natural latex. Latex - a frozen juice Hevea tree. On the side of the latex and filler orthopedic sympathy. Natural materials less retain its own heat, less cause excessive sweating and a violation of skin respiration. Height 5 cm.
  • Top Askona 2. This model serves as a filler coconut fiber natural. With such a composition obtained toughest toppers. The height of 4 cm.
  • Top Mediflex 1. Topper increased rigidity. The foam is used as filler MediFoam. It recommended for complex orthopedic treatment of scoliosis and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Height 6 cm.
  • Top Mediflex 2. The filler of the topper - Memory Foam foam with a memory effect. It is able to adjust its surface by the individual characteristics of the body structure.
  • Top Eco. It is the safest topper. Only natural materials are used for its production: natural latex, natural coconut, natural cotton. The height of 7 cm.

All toppers are a fixture in the form of elastic rubber bands that hold it to the four corners of the sofa.

The opinion of buyers of sofas made of natural latex contradictory. Or consumers do not take into account the characteristics of the product, or firm, swung on sales volumes lost in quality.

Only positive reviews can be found on the official website Askona. According to consumers, one sofa solved many of life's problems. People are satisfied with the opportunity to combine with a sofa bed which has an orthopedic mattress. Sleep on it really comfortable.

There are neutral feedback. Most often, customers are satisfied with the purchase, but note the minor faults in the form of tightening on the upholstery, bulky appearance, which get used for a long time, an unpleasant chemical smell.

The negative feedback mentioned disadvantages such as cracks on the laundry bin chipboard, creaking springs. But the most dissatisfied complain, first of all, the lack of responsibility of the guarantee or improper servicing. Buyers say the slow response to the company's written claim.

Consultants while talking on the phone link to employment and are asked to call for information on the next day, and so everything is delayed for months.

Consumers are called fiction guarantee and regret that they bought into this trick, although this factor has ignited a sofa to buy this brand.

Much better is the case with mattress-topper. These shoppers are satisfied by almost 100%. In their comments people write that in a situation where the apartment is already fully furnished and sleep on the couch unfolded impossible toppers - this is what you need. I spread it all - convenient and comfortable.

Covers easily removable and can be washed in the machine, and they are like new again. There are some minor remarks to the topper with coconut coir, which can not twist and you have to look for a place where it can be put on the reception of guests.

Askona - not the only company that has permeated Russian problem principles.

Similar model offers firm Moon. A similar construction, machinery - all as Askona. Just the kind of products smarter and more expensive price.

Swedish brand Hilding also offers one model of the sofa with an orthopedic mattress, only unlike Askona, springless mattresses Hilding, and acts as a filler three-layer high-density foam.

Alternative on the market of upholstered furniture are offered by many and represent their sofas as orthopedic. But not all the models that are the basis of their beds spring blocks or polyurethane can be considered orthopedic.

In the dream, man resting only when his body, spine and head in the correct position. And therefore it is possible for something to deny yourself, to save something, but the bed has to be right.

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Sofas Askona: current models of 2018 and a review of options, Transformers for apartments

Sofa Askona, model Palermo

If in front of you is an issue of choice of high quality and comfortable furniture for the living room, then definitely worth seeing Askona sofas. Catalog and prices will pleasantly surprise you by the diversity and the ability to find exactly what you need. Sofa - a kind of center of the apartment, because on it together or separately rest all family members, with the comfort of the guests are located. Among other things, this piece of furniture often combines several functions - also serves as a seat, bed, and even a wardrobe, so when choosing a need to take into account not only the appearance but also the quality of finishes and fittings, functionality and convenience. All this is perfectly combined in models of sofas Askona, each of them will provide comfort for all family members.

Luxury leather sofa Askona

Askona small sofa without armrests

White leather sofa, model "Adriano"

Modern and classic sofa must necessarily combine aesthetics with the highest quality materials, comfort and versatility. Almost all manufacturers are trying to cater to the high demands of buyers, especially those looking for a version with built-in beds, so the vast majority of the models are equipped with a convenient mechanism of transformation, is easily converted into a sofa bed and back. But, alas, it is not always a bed get comfortable to sleep and proper posting of one or more persons. In particular it concerns the availability of orthopedic bases, which are equipped with full beds, because the majority of the sofas as a sleeping place serves seat, back or sliding element.

Sofa bed with chaise longue "Florence"

The best solution if you can not put in a full flat bed - anatomic sofas Ascona, catalog and prices that will pick up suitable option for each specific case.

Askona company best known for its orthopedic beds and mattresses, which have gained popularity due to the price and quality of the optimal ratio. But experts of the furniture factory who care about the comfort of its customers, we decided not to stop there and have designed a unique in-kind sofa, fully fitted comfortable sleeping with a pillow-top mattress. During the day it is a beautiful sofa, at night turns into a wide bed, which provides anatomical support for the entire body.

Sofa Bed "Florence" Unfolded

The process of unfolding the sofa "Florence"

Durability, reliability and functionality of sofas Askona provide:

  • Metal frame with elements of qualitative fiberboard and chipboard, plywood birch.
  • The supports of plastic or plastic plugs are safe for any floor covering.
  • Outer cover -pokryvalo a zipper, which is easily removable and can be used as a blanket.

Acquiring orthopedic sofas Askona (catalog and prices), everyone can choose the most convenient option for themselves the transformation. Askona Engineers in cooperation with Sweden (Hilding Anders) adapted standard orthopedic mattress to several mechanisms of transformation:

  1. Multicomfort ( «Accordion") - optimally combines with a double mattress h = 160 mm.
  2. Removal (evrosofa) - calculated on the pillowtop h = 160 mm.
  3. "Click-klyak" - is designed for the mattress h = 140 mm.

Magnificent modular sofa "Monica"

A convenient embodiment of the modular sofa of Askona

The base of each mechanism is sturdy frame made of metal, combined with an orthopedic armor of curved timber.

All options are of high quality materials and strength, thanks to which during the daily operation of the design, you can forget about wear.

As well as all the furniture Askona, sofas are equipped with orthopedic mattresses, the dimensions of which depend on the type of transformation, but the characteristics are practically the same. The height of the mattress can be selected from 14 or 16 cm, a width of 140-180 cm, length 200 cm.

All mattresses, which are equipped with sofas Askona, characterized by high degree of comfort and consist of the following components:

  • Block independent springs "Nanopoket" 7 zones.
  • High box.
  • Filler - felts of cotton fiber.
  • Seal - foam increased elasticity.
  • Case - removable Jacquard (quilted) or removable from a dense cotton.

Sofas Ascona colors catalog

Based on the style of the interior, easy to pick up suitable for each sofas Askona (catalog and prices). The official website offers models made in a discreet and versatile colors:

  1. Blonde - cream and baked milk
  2. Neutral - sand, classic beige, pearl gray, coffee with milk, chocolate milk, cappuccino
  3. Dark - gray modern, dark chocolate, violet, gray pearl.
  4. Smoke - lilac, cream, rose, Taupo, Lilac.

You can also pick up the sofa is not a one-color upholstery, and with a print (flower, "London").

On the sofa Askona price can vary quite a large scale, what influences how a particular model, and its size, or modification.

The largest assortment of sofas Askona presented direct models, among which the following models are also distinguished by the transformation mechanisms:

  1. Carina - a comfortable sofa, designed in simple, sleek design, equipped with a mechanism of transformation multikomfort combined with high orthopedic mattress. Thanks to the armrests of compact size model has a wide seat, the fit even in the modest size of a small room. Dimensions -. 160 x 210 cm In addition to the sofa you can buy decorative pillows.
  1. Helix - fiscal compact model presented in 4 colors. The sofa has a wide seat and is equipped with high armrests with wooden pads, making it as comfortable as possible. The model is represented in a 2-dimensions - 140 x 202 x 160 cm and 202 cm.

Sofas Askona, which reviews are forced to think seriously about purchasing, often equipped with a spacious linen warp, which makes this furniture indispensable part of the furniture in the apartment with a small area or a minimalist design.

The box is located under the seat (on some models in the arms), equipped with convenient lock that simplifies operation.

Sunset - anatomical sofa sleek, high-backed, linen boxes, the possibility of functional armrests equipment shelf. The armrests are fitted with straps, tops with dirt-repellent by spraying and can serve as a coffee table or stand under the laptop.

Anatomical couch Sunset from Askona

DayNight - practical and comfortable sofa cool design, suitable for any interior. Lower edge with armrests are decorated with stitching, a built-in laundry basket. The model has a streamlined shape and rounded corners, making the sofa completely safe for children.

Sunrise - a comfortable sofa, complete with decorative pillows, allowing to adjust the planting depth. Sleeper has dimensions 140 x 200 cm, the model is also equipped with volumetric duct laundry. In addition to the basic version can be purchased comfortable lining on armrests.

Antares sofa with small canapés

Antares - stylish sofa retro design with soft anatomical headrests and armrests.

Orion - sofa with deep planting, wide armrests and a low clothesline duct formed frame. The armrests also provides space for storage. In addition to the sofa you can buy functional countertop on the arm.

Orion beige

Direct Askona sofas without armrests allow you to save space in the room, which is important for small apartments or studios. The range presented models:

"Nike" - a compact (140 x 200 cm), anatomic sofa, equipped with a mechanism "click-klyak". It is designed for very frequent use of different deep planting, high elastic mattress, forming a wide berth. The sofa converts into 3 positions: sitting - lying - relax. The top cover is easily removed.

Sofa without armrests, model "Nika"

"Perseus" - a compact sofa, equipped with "accordion" mechanism, wide (140 x 210 cm) beds. A feature of the model is a soft pillow, and unfolded as it turns a beautiful interior bed s, ideal for studio or odnushki.

Vega - sofa with deep planting, transformation mechanism evrosofa equipped boxes for storage, removable cover. Special Feature - expressive design (three decorative pillows, seat stitching rhombus). In addition to the sofa, you can buy a mobile arm.

Sofa Askona, model Vega

Corner sofas Askona presented models Carina and Antares. They combine all the advantages of these variants with enhanced functionality.

Carina sofa is available in two versions:

Corner sofa Carina

In the production of canapés using the same materials as for the sofa frame. Structure equipped with lifting mechanism (located inside the laundry basket). The mattress of the same type as that in the sitting section, but is composed of 3 zones instead of 7.

Poof is also equipped with a blank space under the lid and soft-grip bottom, safe for the flooring. Seat frame filled with foam furniture, upholstered with durable fabric, similar to sofa covers.

Corner sofa-bed "Gloria"

In addition to the sofa Antares similar variations of performance, there is also a modification with a large settee. Corner sofas Askona presented in multiple sizes: 140 x 210 cm and 160 cm x 210, 180 x 210 cm, which allows to select the model, perfectly fits into the space of the room.

Choosing Askona sofas, one gets comfort combined with a contemporary design and impeccable execution. Do not sacrifice comfort for the sake of style, because even in a small apartment can sleep on the full mattress, and a day to use it also as a convenient seat.

Sofa bed from the company Askona

Permanent night discomfort caused by uncomfortable beds, is the cause of chronic sleep deprivation. Not having received full in the dream vacation, morning person feels tired and frustrated. At work, he was always distracted, can not focus entirely on the business. Such people are usually doctors recommend sleeping on the orthopedic basis. Here, the spine is maintained in the correct physiological position. Because of this holiday becomes more complete. In the morning, a person has a sense of cheerfulness, filling the body's vitality and energy.

Stylish and comfortable sofa will be a great asset to your family.

Askona company appeared in the early 90s. The company's main activity is the production of furniture. All models of sofa beds, manufactured by the company are of excellent quality and a long service life. Especially popular are the products with independent support units and springless mattresses. A special mechanism allows the sofa-bed in three positions.

With the ability to choose one of 4 colors sofa fits perfectly into any room.

For all the bases are special guides to prevent slipping of the mattress.

The first position is for the direct seats. The second allows you to relax, leaning at an angle of 45 degrees. For a night's sleep, the product is completely decomposed, forming a flat surface. The model has a cover that can be easily removed for washing. Furniture can be purchased with the covers in the following colors:

Its price will pleasantly surprise you and will save the family budget.

On sale are available with drawers for clothes, as well as multispectral mattress on independent springs. These models provide a deep and restful night's sleep. Comfortable seats and padded headboard allows you to fully relax in the daytime. Design sofa beds "Ascona" universal. The appearance of furniture is different rigor and elegance. Upholstery and covers are made of high quality, very durable fabric, which has anti-allergenic properties. Some models are equipped with mobile armrests with built-in shelves.

The compact dimensions of the unit allow to place even a sofa in a room with a small free space, which is very convenient.

Located in the sofa with memory foam mattresses provide good support for the body and at night sleep, and when sitting in the daytime.

The disadvantages of the product include the fact that after some time, in some places a berth there dents in the entire structure appear squeaks. To remove them, have to periodically tighten the nuts. Motives buyers bed sleeping are most often associated with the solution of everyday needs. Most of the standard of the apartments have a small bedroom. Consequently, the convertible furniture is in great demand. Many manufacturers have focused on the production of just such a product.

Sofa quickly and easily expanded.

folding sofa system "accordion"

Today, the company "Ascona" is a leader in the production of bedroom furniture. Unique orthopedic mattress sofa bed is designed for long-term daily use. As a result of extensive testing designers find an optimal solution for high-quality work of the sofa folding system. This design is called "accordion". Currently, she is the most reliable and durable.

Suitable even for daily use.

When the sofa bed "Ascona" is in the unfolded form, its sleeping surface is completely smooth. It is completely absent annoying uneven joints, which can cause damage to the spine over time. Located in the sofa with memory foam mattresses provide good support for the body and at night sleep, and when sitting in the daytime.

Sofa-bed can only be the bottom of the seat.

Convertible product is perfect for a small bedroom. At night it turns into a wonderful bed and in the morning it can be folded into a regular closet. Thanks to this manipulation, the day always in the apartment there is an additional living space. The advantages of the product include:

  • Beautiful design;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • compactness;
  • the therapeutic properties of the mattress.

Permanent night discomfort caused by uncomfortable beds, is the cause of chronic sleep deprivation.

Convertible product is perfect for a small bedroom.

Constantly experimenting in his laboratory, Askona company is actively developing. It has adopted the world's best design, implement into production advanced technology. A huge amount of positive feedback on the company's products makes customers more closely to look closely to the product. A wide range of products relevant for people of different age categories. This takes into account the physiological needs and the old man, and a young child.

Because of this holiday becomes more complete.

Thanks to this manipulation, the day always in the apartment there is an additional living space.

The use of beds by people with orthopedic problems

Company products are often used by those people who for medical reasons have pronounced orthopedic problems. All products before implementation are tested. Without a positive test result item to go on sale may not. Endowed with orthopedic properties of the product allows the owner to sleep comfortably at night, or sit comfortably during the day. Due to its versatility and product organically fit in a large guest room, and in a tiny children's bedroom. The metal frame is responsible for the strength of the structure, provides a comfortable sofa unfolding.

In the morning, a person has a sense of cheerfulness, filling the body's vitality and energy.

Orthopedic curved armor made of solid birch. The interior of the mattress takes into account the load in its different parts. When a person lies down on the couch springs adjust to the contours of the body. Once the owner has left the place of rest, sofa restores the old form. Given the characteristics of modern building design, the designers have developed a new model in the form of angular sofas. Such furniture is a good space-saving, so relished many buyers.

On sale are available with drawers for clothes, as well as multispectral mattress on independent springs.

The product is complemented by soft puff, providing a comfortable night rest after a busy day. For a pleasant sleep pouf with decomposed corner section creates a comfortable sleeper couch. Quality and reliable products, made in an impeccable manner, have long been the hallmark of the company. In traditional direct product usually has a special niche for bedding. Due to the fact that the sofa is easily decomposed, it is quite convenient to use.

Especially popular are the products with independent support units and springless mattresses.

articles of upholstery fabric velvety, pleasant to the touch. In the furniture stores sofa beds are available in different colors. Now the furniture is sold not only in specialty stores, but also in the markets. These orthopedic products are quite expensive. If you are offered an anatomical product at a low cost, do not rush to buy, since it can be forged.

These models provide a deep and restful night's sleep.

advanced technology and luxurious materials used for the production of high-quality furniture. All this costs a lot of money, so a real orthopedic furniture can not be cheap. An interesting development of the company 'Ascona' is transforming Ergomotion base with massage. This sofa bed is functional, the room takes up little space. Product features include:

  • the presence of the remote control;
  • raising the legs and head;
  • body massage;
  • rapid transformation of the horizontal surface to sleep in the sofa on which to sit comfortably.

The appearance of furniture is different rigor and elegance.

When in the evening you could barely stand on his feet from fatigue, the function of raising the legs will provide a good rest for a short time. If the switch massage a few minutes, you feel a huge surge of strength and energy. Remote control is also installed while the massage. After a specified period of the function switches off automatically. Vibration occurs in three modes: weak, medium and strong.

Some models are equipped with mobile armrests with built-in shelves.

Bed frame consists of a metal frame on which are mounted motors. Two motors raise and lower area of ​​the head and legs. individual electric motors are used for massage. Also here is the control unit. Massage motors mounted on the frame rather strictly. This is necessary to minimize the noise. The remaining elements are attached by means of special pins.

Motives buyers bed sleeping are most often associated with the solution of everyday needs.

All products before implementation are tested.

The sofa set includes four legs, remote control, mounting, connection wires. To the frame legs are mounted simply. However, the furniture can do without them. The frame structure is also able to perform a supporting function. After delivery, check all electrical connections. During transport, the contacts can become loose. After their suspenders connected to the product outlet 220 volts.

Convertible furniture is in great demand.

For all the bases are special guides to prevent slipping of the mattress. They are inserted into plastic sleeves and fixed pins. bed construction is made of pine. Wood does not emit harmful substances, it plays the role of an insulator. Velor fabric treated fire coating substance.

As a result of extensive testing designers find an optimal solution for high-quality work of the sofa folding system.

A wide range of products relevant for people of different age categories.

50 photos, design ideas sofa beds from Ascona

Sofas from Ascona, we advised the seller in the store. We never heard of this manufacturer, but when looked at their model, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and choice of different options. We bought a sofa model Perseus. We use more than six months. Excellent comfortable sofa.

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