aquarium with their own hands design - 40 design options

Naturally, the, what else, you say. And wrong.

Today you can order design firms, who now specialize in this.

But, first of all, this service is very expensive, and secondly, the additional equipment required for the successful implementation of the idea.

In particular, CO2 systems, specialized lighting for plants, nutritious soil, stones, driftwood and, finally, the plants themselves.

Note that last stand, at times, much more expensive fish.

It's in the photo well to look at the most incredible aquascape over which bother pros and dream about something like that in your aquarium. When you look at a picture of a great artist, you do not claim in this case that now draw not worse? At least, you do not even paint, brushes, canvas and easel. The same thing happens with the tank design. Not so simple. It needs creativity, artistic taste and knowledge of certain rules of aquascaping.

Design your aquarium is best to try again using a ready-made idea. No you do not accuse of plagiarism. Try to determine what materials (decorative or natural), we need to carry out their dreams.

  • Organic soil (substrate) fraction 3 mm;
  • Nutritional substrate under the ground for the successful growth of plants;
  • Prepared properly snag, how to do it, read here;
  • Natural stones;
  • Aquarium cover with professional lighting plant or firm fitting with the spectrum of the lamp, which is necessary for successful plant growth;
  • CO2 supply systems in the aquarium;
  • Powerful filtering equipment internal or external;
  • Heater;
  • Thermometer;
  • Black film for background.

Let us decide what kind of design touch our souls most.

Aquarium Sea - the most complex and expensive option. Its inhabitants - fish of the sea. They are not bred and caught in the seas. The water in this aquarium, of course, the sea and the rocks and corals are not just natural, but alive. To design a saltwater aquarium requires a special light spectrum with a predominance of blue and equipment for life support marine life. Akvaskeypery argue that marine aquarium equipment is more expensive in 2 times freshwater.

Aquarium of pseudo. This embodiment is more readily available for arrangement in the flat. He only imitates the seabed. The water is normal, our tap water and fish - freshwater. Most often psevdomorskoy aquarium populated with American and African cichlids. As decorations use artificial coral. Plants usually are absent because cichlids are not indifferent to them. If not pogryzut, then be sure to dig. Just be prepared for the fact that the plants they spoil. But there already as lucky. Maybe some plants and survive.

planted aquarium herbalist (not overclocked) occurs most commonly in the amateurs. Characterized by the absence CO2 supply system in an aquarium, the absence of powerful light (most plants there is sufficient 0.5 watts / 1L). Liquid fertilizer into the water is not added, they needed only under the roots of the plants. The variant of the use of enriched soil for aquarium plants.

It should be noted that the plants grow here most unpretentious: Ceratophyllum, Elodea, Vallisneria, cryptocoryne, anubiusy, Thai fern and some others. Light-loving plants, including ground covers, will not grow in this Travnik. For them we need more exalted terms: bright light, herbal lamps, CO2, macro- and micro-fertilizer.

To create an underwater garden (overclocked herbalist) need soil by ADA or Dennerle, specialized lighting, adding to the CO2 and water professional fertilizer designed specifically for manufacturers of aquarium flora. Here we can talk about the aquarium design seriously! If you are able to buy all these components, it is possible to organize Dutch herbalist.

Perhaps the most popular to date version. The idea of ​​creating such a submarine design belongs to the famous Japanese Takashi Amano (photographer and akvaskeyperu). He was the author of an entirely new direction in the design of freshwater aquariums.

natural aquariums Amano certainly - masterpieces, they are unique and are unmatched. He who once faced with the incredible natural beauty of the aquarium, will remember with a smile how nearly coveted artificial grottos and plastic plants in a pet shop. "Net9raquo; - around the artificial and unnatural! "Da9raquo; - Nature Aquarium!

This is an example of my plant aquariums. No shells, corals and other rubbish from the ceramics are not available. Live plants and driftwood.

If you can not afford CO2 installation, try to do without it. In this case, we do not need a powerful light and daily fertilizer. But beneath the roots of fertilizers - are required. In what form to ensure their plants, you decide. It can be prepared enriched soils from ADA, JBL, Dennerle or Aquael. You get a stable system, and will not know the problems about a year. After this, the soil becomes poor, trace it runs out, they will have to dovnosit or change to a new ground.

A story aquariums with wrecks, broken and painted amformai ground let's leave the children. Although, even the kids better instill originally good taste from an early age. What do you think?

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aquarium decoration: photo, video examples, styles and options

aquarium decoration worthy and fertile topic of conversation. This is not surprising, because it is the primary issue, ask themselves people who have bought just an aquarium.

Unfortunately, the Internet this issue, surprisingly, poorly lit, briefly or sporadically. Hopefully, this article will reveal all aspects and nuances of the design of the aquarium, and help you create your aquarium kingdom.

2., TYPES AND EXAMPLES Design of aquariums.

Based on the foregoing, we recommend first, to determine the fish that will live in the aquarium, to study their characteristics and habits, learn the conditions of their detention. And after a start and think about the design of the aquarium.

Speaking of decorative properties of the soil, the soil is recommended to choose darker colors, so vivid and bright colors of the bottom of the aquarium is not overshadowed by the charm and beauty of the "main culprits celebrations" - fish.

Speaking about the aesthetic part of the body of water framed, it should be remembered that the stones, caves, driftwood pick up useful space in the aquarium - living space. The amount of such decor is calculated from the volume of the aquarium and the needs of the fish themselves. In addition, it should be noted that the large decorative elements are installed along the edges of the aquarium or in the background. Should not be put in the middle of a huge castle. This is equivalent to, if people put the refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen, not in a corner. Aquarium - it is an amphitheater of life!

Design of aquariums background. The background of the aquarium to aquarium inhabitants themselves are not so important. In fact, the fish can live without it. The background is more important for a person, we can say - it's "aquarium screen."

On what am aquarium backgrounds, how to make them, and fasten, see HERE.

Design of aquariums with natural and artificial plants.

Continuing to use a metaphor, you can say that if the background of the aquarium - a "shirma9raquo ;, the plant is a" potted plants on the windowsill. " From which they will be, how many of them will depend on what will look like your "aquarium okoshko№ See an excellent article on this topic. - HERE.

biotope - a tank is made under a specific landscape or lake water stream.

Dutch, natural - an aquarium, the main place in which the plants aside. The most famous Dutch aquariums creates mega-aquarist Takashi Amano, is his work:

In the vastness of our country, you'll find most amateur aquarium where the above principles are not respected. In these tanks, you can often find castles, amphoras, the same divers, skulls and stuff, stuff, stuff. In addition, there is an entire industry children's aquarium. Here is an example:

There are other areas in the aquarium decoration.

As they say how many people have so many opinions.

As a rule, chosen in such aquarium fish bright color, which often have cichlid example elou, demanosi, parrots, etc. The aquarium itself is made with corals, polyps and artificial sea shells.

aquarium design - 20 photo examples

In the interior of his apartment plays an important role aquarium design. Since its rented premises, as a rule, can be found rarely. An aquarium with live fish became a symbol of stability and reliability. Thus, he emphasizes the benefit status of the owners who have already decided on a permanent place to live. After carrying ornamental fish from one place hardly anyone will. In addition, the content of the aquarium requires a certain cost, which not every person can decide. Therefore, further consider the particular design of the aquarium in a modern house.

This term refers to the creation of beautiful scenery underwater decorative conditions. Those users who think that places the fish is enough to pour stones in a glass box and fill it with water, profoundly mistaken in one. Namely - in the aesthetic perception of the final result. An experienced designer is still on the interior design stage ask the owners at the expense of an aquarium. It is important to choose not only fish, but also the very style of the tank. It should ideally fit into the interior space to qualitatively carry out their role. Even if the stones in ugly decorated aquarium plants and add a variety of rattles - it does not remedy the situation. Admire the irresponsible creation of a long time will not work.

In addition, many types of aquarium fish require special treatment. To somehow compensate them for their natural habitat, you need to take care of filling standing. Artificial materials will look cheap and unappealing. Thanks to the worldwide network, you can find enough information about each of the fish. Some need frequent changes of water, and the other does not need it, because they clean it. By the choice of plants should also be approached with the utmost responsibility. But the main question remains for owners of aquarium design.

Its aesthetic properties must meet the taste preferences of home owners.

There are plenty of options on how to organize the design of the aquarium with their own hands. The network also has many examples of design projects, which were created by professionals. Regularly held even contests for the best example of aquascaping. First place is often given to those children whose work does require skill and patience. To design the aquarium allowed him to become an integral part of the decor, it should be prepared for the labor-intensive process.

Since the design styles innumerable, select only the main. These examples are most popular with users:

Of pseudo. Characterized by the fact that the design creates a high-quality simulation of the seabed. For this purpose, all the elements that can be found in the vicinity of the same coral reef (the corals themselves, unusual shells, distinctive sand). Freshwater space can be decorated with ceramics, light soil types, pirate accessories. When the tank design is ready, populate fish with bright colors. This can boast decorative cichlids;

Forced herbalist. Original approach to the design style was marked with the telling name. The emphasis in this aquarium is done exclusively on plants. Small fish, or are far away in the background (a vivid example - a family of tetras), or non-existent. Sometimes they are replaced by shrimp. But the composition of the green underwater inhabitants should call the owners delight. To maintain them in a proper state using CO2 and various additives. Additionally, the installation decorate decorative driftwood and stones;

Small desktop version

Unforced herbalist. The difference between this type of registration from the previous in that here there is a large number of fish (tetras from - to carps). In this plant, driftwood and stones can not be less. Such is designed to mimic the style of the natural habitat for aquarium fish. Making this style can be found in the majority of beginners akvaskeyperov;

Scene aquarium. The most curious style, because it assumes unlimited creativity of the owner. The designer can advise him to choose specific topics that really embody. This may be a trivial wreck, and can be a major metropolis under water. Also, there are exotic options with football fields or railroads. Only imagination dictates owners filling accessories in a tank;

"Vanguard" aquarium. Assumes violent combination of colors or focus on any one beautiful color. The latter should attract glances all guests, without exception. You can use all sorts of shapes for more attention. To feel the fish in an environment of course, the owners must competently approach to setting the biological balance;

Biotope aquarium. Approach to the organization of this type of water world is somewhat similar to the style of the story. The only difference is that here is to mimic the natural environment of each biotope. It may be the nature of the clay of the Ganges, Amazon Green, Lake Baikal, etc. All the elements in this aquarium are selected to match the chosen terrain: corresponding to the ground, there is growing plants, aquatic inhabitants. It is beneficial to emphasize the conceptual taste home owners;

Aquarium fish show. Making the aquarium should be sharpened by a big fish, which needs space and volume. Decorations are of secondary importance, since the main focus is on the form of the fish. This may be a fish-knife Arawana etc;

Industrial aquarium. If the hosts are distinguished by their practicality, it is possible at the expense of design to abandon the use of scenery and sand. Since the latter have become contaminated property. Instead, you can organize a competent aeration with a supply of water;

Saltwater aquarium with live corals "Reef". The beauty of these underwater structures due colorful colors marine polyps. It is important to remember that they do not tolerate polluted water. To corals are not killed, you should establish a good biobalance. This will allow adequately simulate the depths of the ocean and the beauty of the coral reef. The contents of this tank interior give respectable.

Key elements of the arrangement

Every painting is made of canvas, brushes and paints. The original combination of the past can give very unpredictable results. Similarly, things and aquascaping. Experts identify several key elements:

  1. Background. If the reservoir is near the walls of the room, it is logical to use the surface for the organization of a decorative background. For this purpose, between the wall and the glass wall give colored film or photo scenery. However, no one bothers to make the owner of a decorative background yourself. You can use different panels, branches, unusual leaves. It would be great if we can place the moss in a narrow space.

  1. Stones. The practical design of the aquarium allows you to perform two functions at once. Since the larger specimens can serve as not only an ornament body of water, but also a reliable shelter for pregnant fish. Used granite, basalt and other rocks. There are some restrictions on the use of sandstone (limestone), because soft water is not suitable for them. At arrangement must first bottom cover sheets of plastic, and then install the stone structures. Only then can be selected to fill the bottom of the soil. This is a precaution against damage glass surfaces and the fragile situation of the stone structures. When installing the latter can adhere to the principle of the golden section, when the construction takes one or two thirds of the space. Small stones are placed at the corners.

  1. Priming. If you plan to use the bottom filters, these technical elements should be set up to backfill. It should also carefully prepare the site for planting the plants. Nutrient substrate significantly strengthen the ground surface, the thickness of which is about 5 cm. To create a high relief need help of special tools. And in order to ensure that the uneven ground accommodation, should take advantage of additional decorations.

Plant roots hold the soil well. Without them, it becomes flat over time.

  1. Snags. They perform the same role as the great stones. Serve as safe havens for ornamental fish. If the owner is engaged in furnishing their own, then found driftwood should be pre-treated. To do this, conducted in boiling salted water for an hour. After the timber should be thoroughly rinsed to get rid of salt residues. After that should decrease the buoyancy of driftwood. Otherwise, place it in the aquarium is difficult. Some users attach the load to the wood material. It will be interesting to look moss or other plants on the surface.

  1. Grottoes. To create grottoes convenient to use old pottery. Suitable conventional flower pots and decorative vases. Their break to make it easier to place in the sand.

  1. Seashells. Apart from the above corals most designers recommend the use of a variety of seashells. An additional advantage of their operation is to increase the hardness of the water due to the release of calcium carbonate.

  1. Plants. Organic aquarium design is hard to imagine living without plants. Their ability to harmoniously adjust the balance is highly valued by professionals. To mitigate power stone structures and impart naturalness artificially created space using high or floating plants. Undersized, conversely, can enhance the effect of rock hardness. Approach to planting should be balanced and patient. Immediately place the representatives of the flora in the water should not be. It is necessary to prepare it gradually to the new environment of periodically sprinkling sprayer same aquarium water. Then successively filled with a liquid reservoir.

Corner aquarium, as a partition in a room

Design your own hands clearance involves the creation of a harmonious composition of the above elements. It is recommended to immediately follow the advice of experts, so as not to have to redo later. Beautiful home aquarium design creates a lasting impression on the guests of the house.

During arrangement of aquarium owners are free to choose the style of its design. Beautiful design to easily create their own hands, following the practical advice of professionals. It is important to pre-acquainted with the conditions of those or other fish, in order to properly prepare the space for life in an artificial reservoir.