Modern living: photo. living room design in a modern style

Each person tends to make your home attractive and comfortable. On this depends the atmosphere of the home, the psychological state of relatives. Special attention should be paid a living room - a business card of every house. It is in this room, the family gathers in the evening, there is the owners meet their friends. The design of modern living can tell a lot about the owners of the house - their profession, income level, hobbies.

For many years the welfare of the owners associated with an abundance of furniture, the presence of crystal, dusty on the shelves or on the walls and carpets on the floor. Photo living in a modern style that we see in glossy magazines, it demonstrates that today designers recommend refuse to bulky and heavy structures, massive furniture and other items, employees, by and large, to collect dust.

Requirements for modern living

First of all, let us remember that this is a bathroom. This free space, full of light and air. Modern living presuppose only all the necessary to relax. Many design experts are quite sure that there is no need doors, massive and bulky furniture appropriate to replace light shelves and carpets on the walls changed to a modern and high-quality coverage - wallpaper, paneling, plaster, paint.

White lounge - stylish classic

The design of modern living (photo you can see in this article) should not only make the main room a beautiful home, but also to add to her lightness, airiness. With this task perfectly copes white. He is able to visually expand the room and one or two additional colors will help zoned space and - at the request of the owners - have focused on some subjects decor.

If the white combined with any pleasing to your eye shade, you get the perfect version of the interior, but in its pure form is rarely mentioned color allows for comfort in the room. To this combination was harmonious, the selected shade should be repeated in furniture, textiles and accessories. To combine, you can use:

  • Make and not practical tone - chocolate, black, blue, dark green;
  • spectacular and stylish - bronze color, metallic, gold leaf;
  • bright and fresh - pale blue, green, lilac;
  • rich - yellow, red, emerald green.

Create an original design of modern living on the shoulder not to everyone - it requires a certain amount of experience and expertise. Many people try (and quite successfully) to do the job yourself. In this they were helped by various reference books and magazines that publish original photo living. The interior, designed in a contemporary style, there are many subtleties and to know that will help our article.

You can use the following methods to your living room has become a truly exclusive:

  • use pictures or wallpapers. Particularly impressive look black and white panels or cityscapes in 3D style;
  • buy through an aquarium or install window trim, complemented fresco;
  • equip niche for the TV in the recreation area;
  • put a decorative fireplace;
  • make unusual shape and design ceilings.

Special luxury and charm features a contemporary dining room which overlooks the city. This can be achieved by using high-to-ceiling windows. Transparent glass let in the living room all the freshness of the morning, the brightness of a sunny day and the evening twilight mystery, painting interior in new colors.

Undoubtedly, the room will give originality stylish designer furniture, but it is not cheap, and therefore not available to everyone. But do not despair. The main thing that it was functional and comfortable furniture. Living in a modern style requires a large and soft sofa, roomy but not bulky shelving, comfortable seating.

Modern furniture in the living room should not be pretentious, extravagant. It is better to give preference to simple geometric shapes. But at the same time it is desirable to pick up or make to order 1-2 of the original furnishings - an unusual coffee table, cabinet or shelving interesting unconventional shapes. It should be remembered that the modern living room furniture categorically rejects any sends to the old days. Modeling, curlicues, gilt - from all of this is to give. If you fail to create a truly exclusive thing, it is better to focus on the decoration and textiles.

Quite often, in order to save space designers recommend not to use chairs and tables, replacing them with numerous pillows. They can sit, lie down, and if the need arises, they can simply be removed in a sofa.

In addition, commonly used frameless furniture in recent years. Living in a modern style allows for such an option, although many owners of such furniture argue that it is very quickly bored.

If the area of ​​the room allows, you can create a room dining area, which is a great venue for the reception. Modern living - universal premises. They do not have strict limits and borders. If there is a bay, it is appropriate to organize a garden or mini-cabinet in the room.

Photos of modern living that we have placed in our paper show that the lighting of the premises must be multilevel and multifaceted. This means that a ceiling chandelier is not enough. It requires illumination of functional areas.

Creating a design of modern living, we should remember that the once popular scattering of spotlights on the ceiling has gone out of fashion. Much more appropriate interesting pendant chandelier. You can use the lights along the perimeter, especially if you want to emphasize the originality of the suspended ceiling.

The design of modern living allows you to set the room lamp original form - from the interior of your recreation area will benefit.

Photo living in a modern style, which often publish publications on design, demonstrate that these facilities do not need large amounts of textiles.

Strongly recommended for carpets on the walls. Acceptable lay such a coating on the floor. However, if the room is a beautiful laid parquet, it is quite possible to do without carpets. On the walls of the much more appropriate to hang beautiful paintings or photos within a strict framework, without flourishes "antique".

Designers believe that you can not use the traditional decoration of the windows in the form of tyuley and curtains. Look much more spectacular modern living room curtains - roman, vertical blinds fabric or rope, etc...

When making a room do not aspire to strive for originality in everything. Stop your choice on one or two extraordinary things. It does not have to be expensive furniture or art technology. This can become a highlight of the author's collages, stylish watches, interesting lighting and so on. N.

This room is characterized by adaptability, sculptural form, a complex simplicity. The living room is decorated in this style requires a minimum of furniture and accessories. All of the furnishings should be simple in form. The main feature of high-tech style - exquisite simplicity. The central color of this style is considered to be gray, but can be used accents of bright, flashy colors.

This style is characterized by the rejection of perfectly straight lanes and angles in favor of a more fluid, natural lines and shapes. As high-tech modernism favors large and free space. This underlines the exquisite nature and the freedom of style.

Primary colors - pastel (gray and smoky, ash, pale pink, beige). In contrast, you can use the green, red, blue tone.

When making a living in a modern style often prefer regular geometric shape. For example, in such a harmonious interior fit expressive round ceiling on the ceiling, a large oval vase or a small round coffee table.

Modern living room, decorated in this style, distinguished by conciseness, accuracy, simplicity and expressiveness.

The most important thing when creating such interiors is a well-designed space, with plenty of relaxing ambient light. In this room it seems that covered the walls, the ceiling, there are many air.

Furniture and accessories should be a little bit. Do not forget about the importance of lighting - this will help the ceiling lights or floor, glass sliding partitions, translucent fabric. Make the lights were not visible, however, their form still needs to be simple. Photos of modern living in this style we will help you make the right choice.

And one more important detail: the room should be maintained in neutral colors. Welcome white color accentuated with black or gray.

Modern living totally suited to different people - very active and those who most appreciate the comforts of home and comfort. This trend in the design of the room has no age restrictions. The design of modern living room (photo used in this article - another proof) quite easily adapts to the overall style of the apartment. It is for this flexibility it is loved and appreciated designers. In addition, modern living can very subtly emphasize your individuality.

living room interior in modern style: 56 photo good design and comfortable arrangement

The modern way of living rooms, typical of the decoration typical of urban residences, has become common today, that is traditional. This style is very popular when creating a design different rooms, including the living room: the latest trends and new trends in design dictate their demands to the style and methods of implementation.

Decorated in a contemporary living room should be free and at the same time cozy.

living room design should adjust for rest and relaxation, so should be quiet in the room.

General trends of modern design

Interior room: pictures in a contemporary style, 18 square meters. m

The successful design of a living room with modern design includes the canons themselves the following rules:

  • natural play of colors and shades; smooth color can be diluted with an accent on bright spots;

Making living room: pictures in a modern style

In the interior design even a small living room in a modern style should be based on qualities such as convenience and compactness, as the interior in this style looks tasteful, and it is possible to combine even the most incongruous materials.

Tip! Do not get attached to the traditional design: you can safely use your imagination and personal desires.

When making a living in a modern style preferred:

  • the presence of various geometric shapes;
  • separate compositions;
  • maximum unoccupied zones;
  • innovative solutions in color;
  • combining different textures;
  • the use of new methods of design.

Beautiful living in a modern style, photo

For the formation of a unique interior little living room in modern style should pay careful attention to these key points:

  • The basis for the creation of an interior of modern living room is the large amount of space. At present, the trend plan living room, visually zoned, without walls and partitions.

    Living room interior photo modern style (photos)

    Tip! We should not forget about the original accessories that should be placed in unexpected places. They can combine in themselves and shy, and richness, have an unusual texture and bizarre shape (vases, candlesticks, wall panels, mirrors, figurines and others.).

    If your room is small and dark, you should think about how to make it more illuminated. This will help you spot lighting. It can also be used as decoration lamps or floor lamp. Especially the little things are good for maintaining the overall style.

    Interior room: pictures in a modern style

    It is worth noting that most of the chandelier should not hang in the little parlor. You also need to pay attention to the fact that in a contemporary style is better not to use the crystal chandeliers - they are more suitable in the design rooms in a classic style. Prefer unusual and bizarre forms.

    Remember! Especially good look chandelier with metal elements.

    Interior living room 16 sq.m: a photo in a modern style

    Existing techniques of decoration living room in a modern style, as in the photo may have to adhere to such areas as high-tech, techno, modern, art-decor, loft, minimalism, vintage and kitsch.

    Each area has its own focus, mainly, each element must be possible to do their job, it is appropriate and just look at the overall design.

    The interior of the living room in a modern style, photo

    The interior in the Scandinavian style

    When creating this style should take into account that it lacks the richness and splendor, so the living room will look warm and cozy. The interior use simple elements without frills, but with the stored notes present.

    Simple décor is concentrated on the fact that living in comfort without frills was created.

    When making a Scandinavian style using light colors. Walls should be pale pastel colors, selecting furniture should give preference to natural materials, ideally - a tree. Small accents can be done in dark colors.

    Lights used in the interior to be artificial, with a dim matt glass.

    Interior of modern living room in the apartment, photos

    Tip! When making a living in the Scandinavian-style main focus can be done on a wood stove, wicker baskets of twigs, vases of glass with simple patterns.

    Pay attention to the materials used: they must all be natural. This applies not only furniture, but also the upholstery, bedspreads, sex. Everything should look natural, this is the main principle of this style.

    This style of living came from America, where industrial premises steel for residential remodel. Characteristic of this style is the presence of not cluttered spaces that are easy to obtain, even with the creation of the interior living room of 12 square meters in a modern style, and due to redevelopment.

    Interior of modern living room photo

    In this case, the walls in the room are simply absent, split into space area can be through the use of contrasting colors and lighting. You can also use the walls of glass.

    Tip! You can combine the production details with modern elements. Details of chromium and modern appliances combined with rough bricks and the floor of rough boards.

    In the interior light in the loft-style should be a lot of room. It's the perfect visual style for those who have very dark in the apartment. The room does not provide any curtains and the windows are installed almost the entire height of the walls.

    Interior room: pictures in a contemporary style in a private house

    The basic combination in this design style is a combination of simplicity and the use of a minimum number of things.

    Tip! Using the accessories, keep in mind that they must be clear form.

    It is not allowed to decorate the interior of a small living room (with an area not exceeding 16 square meters) in a contemporary style paintings with carved frames, various statues and other fanciful elements: such surroundings will perfectly fit into the classical style, but not modern.

    Interior living room 12 sq.m: a photo in a modern style

    When the arrangement of furniture in the living room is not necessary to make a space in different chairs and wardrobes. Furniture should be at a minimum.

    Chairs can only be the usual form, and should consider the situation so that the furniture can perform several functions, or would have transformernye properties.

    Interior design of a small living room in private homes in the style of minimalism popular as ever: to make out of the room, preferably in a loft style, modern and Scandinavian.

    For registration of the room in the style of kitsch enough just to have any bright idea that it would be desirable to implement in creating the interior living area is medium in size (20 square meters). A variety of solutions are suitable for this style, the living room is a lovely finish and at the same time unusual, as it will conflict with other, more conventional ways.

    Often living rooms, created in this style, look a little rough, but at the same time bright, juicy and unusual.

    The basic rule that needs to be taken into account when using the style kitsch - is a combination of several styles into one. It may be fanciful elements of classic and delicate detail of the Scandinavian style.

    You can safely combine different colors and shapes. Furniture can be a bit angular, but the room can be round poufs.

    Tip! When making a living in a modern style kitsch is hard not to overdo it with the color palette. Be careful!

    All accessories must be original. It may be a picture and design, a bright ceiling to floor lamps with unusual ornaments, vases and other flashy colors. Randomness and artistic mess - this is the principle design of the room in this style.

    All the elements used in the interior, have unusually combined to attract interest to him. It could be pictures and products hand-made.

    Interior design living room is medium in size (18 sq. meters or so) in a modern high-tech style is aimed at creating a unique design using the latest techniques. The basis for high-tech style is the open use of all the details. With a variety of partitions occurs improving the functionality of the various living room areas.

    For this style is characterized by the use of modular furniture, metal elements.

    Tip! For harmony in the interior it is useful to use the elements, a material which can be formed as a metal, and stainless steel. Copper or hrommirovannye details or accessories will be a real highlight of high-tech.

    But in pure high-tech style is not used in residential areas: it is usually combined with a variety of styles, as he does not provide a sense of comfort and is more suitable for the decoration of a home office in a private home or office space.

    A win-win living room design

    If you have a small apartment or a studio, it is necessary not only to think about the interior of the living room, but also do not forget about her room with the kitchen, which also can be designed in a modern style, as in the photo:

    The interior of the kitchen-living room in a modern style

    To date, the most popular are the kitchen-studio. This option looks nice and large and small apartments. Its main advantage is that you can make more space is not visual, but really more. Therefore, if you decide to combine the living room with kitchen, boldly follow them in a contemporary style.

    You can arrange the room in a single color, and divided into zones of different filling out each. Best of all single style looks in small apartments.

    You will save space in the kitchen, if he put the table in the living room. You will be able independently to dinner for him, and set the table when you have guests.

    Interior living room of 20 square meters. m: a photo in a modern style

    In a large apartment no such problems, so it is very easy to be guided by any ideas and experiment with different styles, since, following the main points when creating a modern interior in any design, it is very difficult to narrow down and spoil the space a large living room.

    Interior design of a small living room in a modern style, photo

    Be sure to underline the modern style of living in small accessories. You should not be based on traditional methods, do not be afraid to experiment. Instead of the standard use of curtains or roman roller, pick up the bright fleecy carpet round shape.

    The modern style is important to use all the new design technology. This also applies to the technology itself: for example, you can hang your TV on the wall and not to put on a pedestal, it was made earlier.

    Using even in small things, new ways and methods of design of the room, you get a modern and beautiful interior of the apartment that will delight you and your guests.

    In any case, if you want to create a unique and modern style of living, should take into account the points above, requiring mandatory attention. Offer see photos of beautiful living rooms in a contemporary style that will inspire you to create your own interior design.

    2 Fill in all the fields, and we will call you to clarify all the nuances!

    living room interior in modern style - 30 photo design

    Fond of interior design? Do you want to think about their own interior room in your house? In this article you will find 30 beautiful photos living in a modern style as well as useful ideas and tips for its design!

    We tried to gather here the most interesting examples of contemporary living room design to enhance your understanding of how it can be. So, you will see:

    • Different ways to arrange the furniture for the living room in a modern style;
    • Design Ideas for Living room with fireplace and other features;
    • Modern living dark wall coverings;
    • Interior room in a modern minimalist style;
    • living room design in a modern Scandinavian style and so on. d.

    What should be the living room in a modern style?

    Modern interior design can combine elements from different styles, but the overall look of the room should be simple and functional. Carefully considered in the photo living room interior in modern style, you'll notice that it may be old designs, and classical moldings, and carved wood and gilded decor. However, due to simple lines and bright color schemes and lack of superfluous things, this design looks very modern way. Therein lies the secret of creating a modern style in the interior: identify what things you need, and then get them to contrast with each other!

    Leather sofa and chair mats, chrome table and fluffy carpet, wardrobe and glossy wood floors, patterned curtains and plain cushions ... You probably already know the direction in which should move, when you create a living design in a modern style. The following photos clearly confirm this.

    Modern design living room interior in the photo

    The modern interior design is primarily associated with a minimalist style. Practical and simple, it saves space in the room and makes the living room look larger than it actually is. Light, free and no cluttered living room interior in modern, minimalist style, maybe not so much pleasing to the eye, but a beneficial effect on the psyche and contribute to good rest.

    Photo living room in a modern style of minimalism:

    Another advantage of minimalism is the freedom in the choice of color scheme. Even with the dark walls of this modern living room looks spacious and stylish. And how effectively against the dark walls looks bright decor ...

    I do not like the dark color of the walls? Then let's turn our attention to the Scandinavian style of the interior, where they almost never occur. Scandinavian living in a modern style also features a minimum of used items, but almost always has light-colored walls, through which the room seems bathed in natural light.

    Photo modern living room in a Scandinavian style:

    A bit bored? Then here's a piece of bright photo living room interior in modern style. See more photos living in different color schemes in our article: Choice of color for living room design.

    Photos bright living room in a modern style:

    Finally, our last collection of photos in this article is devoted to the modern living room with tastefully chosen decor. For more inspiration, see our materials: Trends in decorating living rooms in 2015, and Modern styles in interior design (urban, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and so forth.).

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