Creative design studio apartments measuring 30 square meters. m: successful variants of transformation of a tiny "odnushki"

Studios called the former one and two bedroom apartments, in which dismantled a wall between rooms, and all rooms except the bathrooms, are a single space. This is a popular variant of transforming a small apartment square footage because of the relative simplicity and cheapness. With the right approach design square. Studio 30 sq. m different weight advantages, the most significant of which are: an increase in area, the high level of functionality, good lighting and wide design possibilities.

Principles of organization of the studio space ↑

The most popular option - combined living room and kitchen facilities. Less often demolished the wall between the residential part and a corridor. But the bathroom always remains isolated.

Plan a typical one-room apartment to redevelopment

The plan of the apartment after the conversion to the studio

Legal aspects of the redevelopment ↑

The only thing standing in the way of the creative transformation of the original apartments are the requirements of the law, in general, very indulgent to the demolition of interior walls, except for the carriers (and no wonder, without home can literally fall apart). Particular importance is attached to the partition between the kitchen stove with a gas / column and living quarters - in this case the wall can not endure. However, there are no rules without exceptions: if you replace the wall doors of any type, including sliding, the redevelopment will not be a violation.

Another important point: in the kitchen must have ventilation and natural light, the source of which, in addition to the windows facing the street can be a glass wall or a window, punched in the other room.

Of interior window is not only light, but also decorates the kitchen

Important: before starting a revolution in the 30 square meters. meters, be sure to align it with the authorities and to get permission to redevelop.

Application for redevelopment

Methods zoning studio space ↑

The new layout of the apartment studio of 30 square meters. m - after the demolition of the "extra" wall - refers to the separation of the resulting large space into separate zones:

Kitchen and living room are close, but do not interfere with each other

4 main receiving zoning:

  1. Color / textured zoning. The walls of the living room and the kitchen are painted in different shades / colors, and / or their design using materials with different texture.

The simplest color zoning

Isolation of kitchen / living room with color and texture walls

The partition on the photo separates the kitchen from the rest area

  1. The use of cabinets and screens, large aquariums and shelving units with books - list of furniture / accessories to zoning area is very broad.

Zoning space by rack

  1. Differences of gender studio. A small podium for the bed - the most common way to allocate the apartment sleep area. It is also possible zoning by differences ceiling.

The design of this apartment with the same purpose using different materials floor, ceiling and desk drops

  1. Play of light. Brightly illuminating a working area or the kitchen and leaving romantic scattered light sleeper and sitting area, designers can easily share in the functional parts of any room.

Isolation of dining with the help of illumination

Isolation of a living room with the help of illumination

Note: a convenient means of testing the comfort and aesthetics of the new layout of the apartment studio 30 sqm is its 3D model created by experts.

3D model studio apartments

Proper organization of lighting ↑

One of the main advantages of the interior of a typical studio 30 square meters. m - an abundance of light which creates an optimistic and lively atmosphere. This abundance can be formed after the demolition of the walls in a natural way, and may be the result of a thoughtful approach to the choice of lighting sources. If, after the redevelopment is found that the light is less than desired, you can resort to one of the three ways to solve the problem:

  1. French (floor to ceiling) in the living room window.

French window is appropriate and in the interior in the Japanese style

  1. Full or partial waiver of the curtains.

Some windows close curtains simply guilty

To place additional light sources is necessary so that the interior of the studio is not turned into a mini-exhibition of contemporary lighting.

If you want as much as possible to fill the interior with light, select a light finish of the walls

Important: kitchen and work area to be covered is best, keep this in mind when designing the wiring project.

Informed choice of finishing materials ↑

A characteristic feature of the interior studio apartments - a variety of materials, performing, in addition to the aesthetic, yet practical function: with the help of the kitchen to create a visual border, the places for sleeping, living room. When choosing materials take into account:

  • The price factor (may be replaced less expensive analogues, such as parquet - simulating its laminate).
  • Interior Design square. Studio 30 sq. m.
  • Durability. Not that in the design studios forbidden to use Carrara marble, stained oak, but because a large proportion of its charms is the possibility of rapid transformation, the use of the "eternal" materials is not advisable too.

Decorating the walls of the simplest materials can create an interesting aesthetic effect

Note: with the help of modern paint and wallpaper can imitate anything - from brick to the birch log.

Wallpaper-imitation from a short distance virtually indistinguishable from the brickwork

While in the studio area of ​​30 sqm kitchen from the living room only visually separated, the specific arrangement of the premises is maintained in full. For it is also added to the solution of specific questions for the studio, such as the removal of odors and accommodation with all necessary furniture.

Regardless of the design studio of 30 square meters, in the regeneration of the living room should be possible alignment / transformation zone. Most often combined with the help of convertible furniture zone:

Folding beds and tables, chairs, beds, tables, transformers allow a few minutes not only change the appearance of a studio apartment, but also save precious space.

The use of the studio bed-transformer

The second key issue of design living room of 30 squares - an allocation of space to store things. Cumbersome traditional cabinets are misplaced, but strongly encouraged closets, mezzanines, racks. By design stratagems can be attributed hollow column and the compartments in the runways.

Podium with a place to sleep and compartments for storage in the loft large studio

Important: if you plan to receive visitors, make sure that in the living room all have enough seats.

Kitchen area: what to look ↑

Even in the studio area of ​​30 sq. m kitchen - a source of fatty spray, clubs and a pair of strong smells. An indispensable element in the kitchen area to become the most powerful extractor fan which intercept unwanted odors before they reach the living room or a place to sleep. It is also necessary to provide:

  • sufficient distance between the sink, a hob and furniture;
  • spacious closets or other devices for crockery and kitchen appliances;
  • a sufficiently large work surface.

Furniture in the kitchen often are arranged around the perimeter

In the kitchen-living room of 30 squares usual appliances often shows a tendency to migrate, for example, the washing machine can coexist with the cupboard and refrigerator will be wedged between the wardrobe and an armchair. Such an arrangement, used to save space, it is often very convenient, especially if you follow the maximum distance between the noisy instruments.

Refrigerator separates one zone from another

Note: if you want to combine the kitchen and living room exclusively for the duration of the meal, it will help solve the problem of the screen or other prefabricated partitions.

Choose your style for the interior decoration ↑

That style makes the studio to complete an aesthetic object, organically combining all the elements. When it is selected usually look at the room, including the height of the walls, the possibility of regular updating of the elements, the price, and of course, comfort. Interesting move - the use of the design studios of different styles in the individual zones.

Important: for an apartment of 30 square meter did not match any baroque or rococo or renaissance - that is, no one style that requires an abundance of decoration and sophisticated furniture.

The style should be as concise and practical

Triumph of white minimalism and Scandinavian style ↑

Being very close to each other, these styles differ in the basic approach to content: Scandinavian they certainly should be natural, and minimalism in this respect is less demanding. Character traits:

  • convenience of priority;
  • a minimum of furniture (popular built-in closets, attics, transformers);
  • maximum light;
  • the expansion of space.

The latter is achieved visually through the use of shades of white and bright colors and furniture arrangement along the perimeter.

As you can see, the design studios of 30 square meters. m or minimalist Scandinavian style - is a celebration of the white and the complete victory of convenience over all other considerations. Since the principle of "nothing more" optimal for the studios, they are likely to make out in these styles.

Minimalism: the minimum necessary furniture and white walls create the effect of a large space

Scandinavian restraint and sustainability in the apartment of 30 square meters. m

This style is just flaunts its sincerity, without hiding any wall material or technical elements. It is easy to find on the brick walls, high ceilings and fly "brutality".

No glitz and glamor - a typical loft

Favorite kitchen-living element in the studio, as seen in the photo - a bar.

Important: The loft is not suitable for apartments with low ceilings.

Bachelor apartment for 35 m² in loft

From Japan to Provence: an appeal to the ethnics ↑

Here the choice is really huge, but the palm design studio apartments owned by such styles:

  • Japanese (thanks to its simplicity of style, sophistication and functionality);
  • cheerful and inexpensive Mediterranean, requiring only an abundance of light;
  • Fashionable and cozy Provence style.

It is important that they make it easy to achieve the desired space zoning.

An example of the use of a Japanese-style

Mediterranean interior design: just a little cramped and very cozy

Lavender flowers, wooden ceilings and lovely old-fashioned details: style of Provence 33 m

Video: An example of minimalist design small studio ↑

Despite the simplicity of the most popular styles of their implementation is fraught with the appearance of sudden difficulties (including the placement of furniture), so creating a design, as well as alterations to the apartment, it is better left to professionals.

To isolate the kitchen in a separate room or, conversely, to combine with other rooms to create a single studio space ?! With such an architecture.

kitchen design studio apartment: how good open plan

Kitchen area of ​​8 square meters - a common option for the typical panel houses. Despite the relatively small size of the room can be made.

How to equip a kitchen area of ​​8 square meters: good ideas to create a stylish and functional interior

Snow-white perfection Swedish style fascinates many people, including professional decorators. I could not resist the charms of the Scandinavian and the group.

Studio 30 m²: planning, design, photo

Modern buildings often offer studio apartments. The layout and design of the space play an important role. This will determine how much will be comfortable studio apartment of 30 square meters, with a photo layout will create your design project. You need to consider the arrangement of furniture and the choice of finishing materials.

How to divide into zones studio apartment

Studio in the design world is represented as a whole room where several conventional zones are connected to the kitchen, sitting and living area. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of large size of their living space, so the studios of 25-30 meters are the perfect solution for young families.

To begin with, you need to decide what it looks like a studio apartment. As already mentioned, this room involves zoning. Interior studio apartments in advance is divided into several zones, that is, carried out the planning of the entire space.

Thus, the zones where there will be a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room, a place to work, and others. This is the main principle of distinguishing such facilities. Type of layout of these apartments is a straight, square and more complex form.

Difficulties in the allocation of conditional zones, as a rule, does not arise. Designers use their specific methods for separating apartments, available for everyone.

In the studio apartment of 30-35 sqm, kitchen and living room with the help differentiate the podium. Picking up the kitchen to the next level, get a stylish look, and becomes clear, where the living room and kitchen where the beginning. Often used to separate the space bar counters.

Besides the above methods, to divide the space area is possible by using different configurations of the cornice. It is also worth taking advantage of, and simple method: create a border through a variety of colors and textures, with the help of design and materials. This method looks boldly and quite original, as long as the sense of measure did not leave the master in the incarnation of this option.

Another classic way division of space and space-saving - an arch that separates one room from another.

Color filling the room is different in that it is designed in the same color, but is diluted by several shades. To create the interior in such a studio you need to choose a color that does not feel discomfort, and from him to combine his dark and light-colored neighbors.

The color of baked milk and milk chocolate interspersed with ocher to make the apartment cozy and filled with joy. Blue and green, lavender, so-called cold colors visually enhance space area.

Furniture design studios can perform two roles: the function directly and act as a separator space into zones. Turning the sofa to the TV, you can select the living room, set the table and chairs against a wall - to separate the work area. In these studios is better to abandon bulky furniture by opting for a folding sofa, armchair. Perfect furniture that can transform.

Design studio apartments of 25-30 sqm

Walls, floors and ceilings, generally okashivayut light colors to impart a visually larger space. By contrast, the presence of bright patterns and rough stripes on the walls is better to abstain. Far out, to make diversity in the interior, it is better to use one wall as a decoration, the other - to create a striped background.

Curtains make the interior comfortable, but in the case of studio apartments, they are best avoided or limited to the embodiments, when one window is covered with curtains, without going to the wall. The best solution - choose the blinds on the window.

When buying textiles is necessary to pay attention to the pattern and texture. Basically, it is important to remember that the premises are separated between conventional boundaries, so the textile elements to be combined in the general mood.

Interior design can be made in any style: from modern to gothic or ethnicity. But will integrate harmoniously with the style of minimalism or hi-tech. Depending on your preferences and pick up decorations. These accessories can act and paintings Decorative frames, and floor vases, and original dishes.

Create interior of the apartment-studio is not difficult. The main thing to think through all the details and have the correct zoning premises. Such planning their housing gives a feeling of space and light, providing an opportunity for creativity and self-expression.

Initially, the idea of ​​creating a studio apartment originated in the United States of America as housing for young creative people. In this role, they have found their place under the sun and in Europe. Modern domestic design trends are reflected in the photo-plan studio apartment of 30 sq.m. Practical materials and innovative ideas have made their decision in the design of such facilities and identified for them is significantly different role.

Selecting the ceiling in the kitchen: the pros and cons

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Excellent and detailed article. he is now doing repairs. the price of building materials increased too. I have just studio apartment of about 28 squares. plan to do is very difficult. although I live alone. indoors large kitchen. but the room is very small. no more than 15 squares. how to fit all the furniture of the mind will not put. apartment parents gave. he would have not chosen this.

Design studio apartment of 30 sq.m.

  • Design studio apartments with an area of ​​30 square meters. m

    If you are looking for a good idea for the interior of the apartment, you have got the right place. On InteriorForMe site contains hundreds of professional design projects that can be used at their discretion. The works are quite a bit, because they can be downloaded any number of times.

    Each project consists of three documents on which the interior can be recreated exactly as in the picture:

    • Gallery of images, in which a room is shown in different angles and very detailed.
    • Drawings of the premises (to them, including, shows the location of furniture).
    • Specification (aka - the list of materials), which will help you to buy what you need for the realization of the interior. Calculated the estimated cost of repairs, and you can pre-plan your budget.

    To find a project like, use the filter or carefully look at the catalog. Wonderful ideas that can be applied in practice, there is in each of his section.

    For example, on this page is collected exclusively designs for studio apartments with an area of ​​about 30 square meters. meters. Do not limit yourself to the meter: smart planning decisions and beautiful interior details are in an apartment with a greater or lesser area.

    Design features studio apartments with an area of ​​30 sq.m.

    30 square meters is enough to make a beautiful, comfortable and functional apartment dreams.

    Aesthetic issues leave at your discretion: you can deal with them, looking at the work directory. Let us recall some important practical rules, which will be useful in the repair of apartments is studio:

    • Not to distribute the smell of food around the house, you need a powerful extractor fan and a good refrigerator.
    • Kitchen floor tiled better: it delineate seating area and cooking area of ​​food.
    • If the apartment is plasterboard partitions, you can use them to the maximum: to build in lighting fixtures, which will replace a large chandelier or lamp.
    • Comfortable furniture - a cabinet-transformer from floor to ceiling. It is possible to "utopit9raquo; sofa or hide the sliding table to operate. The more he takes a seat in height, the smaller the area of ​​stealing from the room.
    • Another option - a makeshift second floor for a bed. Childhood dream.
    • Instead of the kitchen table, you can use the hinged bar. The furniture in the studio apartment is bound to be mobile.

    This is only a small part of the ideas that will make a compact apartment as convenient. To learn more, study in detail in the project directory. They hide a lot of professional tricks.

    To get the documents for the implementation of the interior, you need to buy the project. It requires a short registration on the site, and fast payment by one of a dozen ways.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the studio apartments

    Studio called the apartment in which no classical division into the room. Kitchen, hallway, living area - it all merged into one. Fenced off by walls only suite, in addition, they are often combined in the studio.

    Most of the apartments of this type are small in size, which is why they are left in one piece, not separated by walls. For a small apartment can be difficult to create a convenient layout, because no matter how put the wall, they will still be too much for this room.

    In some cases, the best option - to leave the apartment owners divide into parts. Then have tenants based on their preferences, will equip the apartment as it should, with the help of a good design proekta.V our catalog you will find a lot of interesting ideas for studio apartments of 30 sq.m. Design, designed by a professional can help you make a stylish and comfortable interior that will delight you for years.

    When you enter the studio apartment, remember that it will not be possible to close the room and left alone. This is the main drawback studios - open space. Therefore, the families of three or more persons in such housing can be uncomfortable, because everyone needs personal space, and better look at the standard one-bedroom apartments.

    If you live alone or together, the studio can come to your liking. Despite the lack of enclosed spaces, these apartments also have a lot of pluses:

    • You do not need to zigzag through the corridors, since there are no barriers to movement there;
    • There is an opportunity to make an unusual modern design with the studio;
    • The apartment looks more spacious because of the lack of walls;
    • The light from the windows reaches every corner of the apartment, it becomes lighter, etc.

    Design styles for studio apartments 30 meters

    We can not say that the 30 meters for the studio - it is not enough. The apartment with the area can accommodate a lot of useful things to do functional and beautiful interior, if only to approach the design with the mind. We recommend that you purchase a quality design project studio apartments of 30 square meters, are guaranteed to get a good result.

    For design studios, modern styles are used more often, since the type of premises involves an unconventional approach. Classic cuisine does not imply alignment with the bedroom and the hallway, it is intended still to spacious houses and apartments, where you can build full-fledged residential area in separate rooms.

    If you like the design with a minimum of parts, simple and deliberately primitive, you will approach such as minimalism or constructivism. These styles are easy to form, a small amount of colors used, and a plurality of blank surfaces. Here you will not see the carved wood or crystal chandeliers with podveskami.Tolko flat doors, furniture legs straight, square table tops, and the like. Please note that these interiors are very useful when it comes to cleaning. To restore order in this apartment will be much easier than in laden with minutiae, and hung with decorative trinkets.

    Also, there are a number of bright and unusual style, which is also suitable for the studio. For example, the style of a loft is suitable not just for large rooms without unnecessary barriers. Loft - it's the interior of an abandoned factory floor with a symbolic decoration. Therefore, in apartments, by contrast, are trying to create an atmosphere of non-residential premises, it requires a large area without walls and decorative finish for industrial plant.

    Creating functional areas in the studio

    Design studios 30 sq.m usually implies a clear division into zones apartment. After all, a kitchen, bedroom and hallway can not be mixed in one, and once they are separated in a conventional manner, the division is performed by other means.

    Consider the main zone studios, which are almost always present:

    It can be combined or separate. The apartment-studio Once he separated by walls, partitions rest of the room is not.

    cooking zone is in any particular part of the apartment due to the water binding. Kitchen just move to another part of the apartment can not be, because the "wet zone" in the home must be under each other. Furniture set is usually made along one or more walls, and one of its modules is the boundary between the kitchen and the adjacent area.

    Furniture related to the bedroom - a bed, tables, cabinets, mirrors, etc., can be in a secluded spot, and in the center of the apartment.

    Its position depends on your preferences and your way of relaxing. If you have frequent visitors, with whom you play board games or computer games, it is best to withdraw the central part of the apartment for a seating area. If you live alone, you do not like the guests, and love to sleep, then you can safely do a great sleeping area right in the middle of your studio.

    Here you can see furniture, TV, video game consoles, audio system, etc. This place used for relaxation after work, and for receiving guests.

    Place to eat everywhere you need, in this case, it can be combined with either a kitchen or a living room. If you rarely visit, and breakfast and dinner with you one or two people, it's enough a small table in the kitchen area. If you come to the friends and relatives for the holidays, and just like that, it makes sense to make the dining room into the living room. In a good design studio apartments of 30 sq.m. there is a place for her.

    Buy a good design project apartments

    Our catalog presents quality design projects of studio apartments of different footage and in different styles. We are sure that here you will find exactly what you need. Recommended to select multiple projects and take from them all their favorite parts. Our budget projects, and some have free, so the resulting design will be very beneficial for you in this will be quite unique.

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