Bedroom design in classic style (70 photos)

  • In spite of the many other options, the classic is always at the peak of popularity. Its harmonious atmosphere conducive to proper rest, gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. This is truly a royal choice for those people who appreciate comfort and stability. We offer you to make sure, as far as it looks luxurious classic style in the interior of the bedroom looking photos!

    Features classic style

    Translated from the Latin «classicus» means exemplary. It is such a classic interior - it is surrounded by the symmetry of golden ratio, ideal proportions and ancient splendor. Impeccably decorated rooms reminiscent of palace rooms with their refined decoration, where every detail is an essential part of the whole ensemble.

    Inspiration for the design of a bedroom in a classic style can be found in the cultural heritage of ancient Greece and Rome, a monument of architecture of the European Renaissance, the residences of noblemen, theaters and galleries. All of these places do not even have to visit - there are pictures and movies from which it is easy to borrow good ideas.

    A characteristic feature of the classics - the aristocratic restraint. In the prevailing soft natural colors, shaded glitter of precious metals, and almost never used contrasts. 4etogo exception to the rule may be except that a dark brown or black, is present in the decoration of furniture, but it is rather the effect of modern fashion.

    White bedroom in classic style

    Pure snow white, though, and is the base, the design of the classic bedroom does not occur too often. More common bright pastel colors of the spectrum of warm vanilla, cream, sweet peach, pink. White without impurities is painted ceiling, framing his plinth, plaster moldings, sometimes - leather upholstery headboard and poufs.

    Beige bedroom in classic style

    Classical bedroom in beige has a special charm: pinkish-beige walls, light furniture and textiles create a homely atmosphere muted, with its solitude and a night of relaxation. In comparison with the bright white, beige color absorbs more light than reflects that eliminates harsh shadows and over-hitters in the eyes of the sun's rays.

    Brown bedroom in a classic style

    The exclusive right to decorate a bedroom in a classic style have fine wood. As a rule, they are varnished in a reddish-brown, chocolate brown and shades of preserving the unique patterns on the cut. The most profitable dark brown wood texture look surrounded by turquoise, beige, cream and gold.

    Classical bedroom in gold color

    Noble gold glow - an essential attribute of classical style. It is the perfect addition to the snow-white decoration and furniture. Gilded furniture, picture frames, all kinds of Monogram and golden patterns on the wallpaper will give the bedroom a truly luxurious feel.

    The basis of the classic design of decoration of walls, ceiling and floor. All this must be perfectly flat and smooth, because the only accurate background can build a truly royal bedroom. It is advisable to choose the most quality materials - their price will pay off long service life and high aesthetic characteristics.

    To create a cozy atmosphere, the walls of the bedroom in a classic style decorate with more grace: it can be a Venetian plaster, precious fabrics, luxurious wallpaper with silk-screen printing. It is often used to combine textures that are similar in material and color. Thus a decorative layer is made in the form of panels, which may be enough (depending on the footage of the room).

    The necessary vertical columns attached to the bedroom or stylized these projections, by which the ceiling seems higher, and the interior gets a stylish flair. Horizontal lines can be thin borders of plaster or wood. Above the head of the bed is very beautiful look arched niches.

    For the flooring in the classical style is commonly used wood. Out of competition - a natural monotonous parquet, although in some cases it can be replaced and the laminate. Very appropriate in the bedroom are a silk Persian carpets with understated pattern. floor color should blend in with the rest of the design without creating a contrast. Dark shades need to be repeated in the furniture and accessories, light is more versatile. The only thing that should be avoided - a wood with a warm midtone (alder, fir, pine).

    The minimum ceiling height for the bedroom in classic style - 2,8 m. In a small room it is well leveled and painted in white color, filling out the perimeter trim baseboards. But in the large - tend to make a two-level design with scalloped edges. Inside can be used light stretched canvas with a monochromatic matte texture or photo print in the form of murals, the outer parts are often decorated with plaster stucco and gold painting.

    Bedroom furniture in classical style

    In the classic bedroom furniture to choose the most preferable, which is characterized by solidity and reliability. Model of this trend may be the elite collection of Italian factories. Unlike other, more democratic forms of design, classic does not allow the fragmentation of objects - here all the furniture to be supplied with an identical set of thoughtful d├ęcor.

    The centerpiece, of course, takes a massive bed with carved headboard, light leather or velvet upholstery. Sometimes it can decorate forged parts, gilding.

    Create a romantic atmosphere and a separate sleeping area from the rest of the canopy sometimes it helps - a thin translucent fabric or light-colored luxury curtains attached to a special ledge. It is best to look at the canopy of large, bright rooms.

    In addition to the bed in the bedroom may need bedside tables, chest of drawers, dressing table, mirror, padded stools with velvet or leather trim. If the cabinet is installed, it must fit into the overall concept. Usually in such cases is selected fashioned hinged structure. Sliding doors can come except from opaque "frosty" glass with an intricate pattern.

    In the bedroom is welcome antiques in classic style, but it should look fresh and shine like a museum piece.

    Inherent classic soft, muted light is suitable for the bedroom as well as possible. There are unacceptable sharp glare from the daylight, fluorescent or neon elements, diodes point. Ideal - energy-saving lamp with a warm white emission spectrum. But the fixtures in which they should be located - is an art.

    Firstly, in the middle of the room stands a large chandelier necessarily in the form of wrought candlesticks, lampshades or multiple symmetric crystal drops. On the walls you can hang sconces in the same style, or else use the bedside lamps.

    Very well, if the soft side light will highlight the elements of decor: beautiful paintings, panels, niches, statues.

    Bedroom in classic style textiles should be chosen very carefully, because in the end it was he who gives the room a complete and lived-in look. Of great importance in the interior play curtains - light tulle on all window and thick sliding curtains of rich fabrics on the sides. The optimal length - from floor to ceiling, with the exception of very high spaces. Welcome decoration, lush drapery, fringe, curly lambrequins, beautiful grabs with brushes.

    No less important is the bedding. For bedspreads Jacquard suit with gold or silver ornaments, the rest is better to stick to natural, pleasant body fabric with a smooth texture, bright colors and free prints.

    If the overall finish bedrooms monotonous, textiles can be chosen with the characteristic patterns. These include monograms and scrolls, heraldic lily, climbing roses, diamonds, Greek pattern, grapes, crown, and the like.

    Design a small bedroom in a classic style

    Although the classic style implies a fairly large room, but nobody forbids to use your favorite techniques and in a small room. It is only necessary to comply with minimum rules as well as to maintain harmony in the interior.

    Unobtrusive white-gold or cream-beige shades in a small bedroom will look much better in a classical style than the dark. Moreover, against the background of delicate finish any blotches of brown, black and other saturated colors will attract a lot of attention, creating an unnecessary contrast and visually reduce the space.

    Major Monogram on the wallpaper, curls, decoration and moldings are designed to fill the void of the royal apartments, but in a small bedroom, they will be completely superfluous. In this case, only a light hint of a classic - elegant corners, thin gilt baguettes, almost invisible silk patterns.

    Efficient use of space

    In order to save space in a small bedroom, and it is convenient to place all of the things necessary to adopt a creative experience of others. A very practical solution - a bed on a podium (elevation), under which are roomy drawers with clothes. In mastering angles help high closets with a corresponding check door (instead of bulky swing).

    Bedroom design in the classical style - Photo

    For all who are interested in already completed projects design in classic style bedrooms, large pictures is collected on this page. Paying attention to the details, you can easily understand what the finish, furniture and decor to choose for your bedroom, so that later it is many years to come exemplary beauty and convenience. Enjoy watching!

    Classic bedroom - make out the design with the mind! (65 photos options)

    What is a classic design space? This, in essence, a combination of types of processing, among them may be present Empire, Rococo et al.

    That is, the classic bedrooms - a synthesis of the many areas of design.

    The symmetry of the arrangement of objects

    All items take part in the interior should be designed in a single composition. Confusion of their placement in unacceptable classics. Just all the bedrooms created image will be destroyed.

    Decorators are able to perform in the bedroom of different styles, mainly it will be:

    • bright classic bedroom;
    • dark classic bedroom.

    Color, dominant in the bedroom

    When decorating the bedroom it makes sense to prefer warm colors. It is advisable to use yellow, peach, or olive shades. Decorator should avoid the use of color contrasts.

  • Material used in the decoration of classical bedrooms

    In the construction of a beautiful classic bedrooms need to be prepared for what will have to use a lot of wood.

    It is used for furniture, as wall and floor coverings, thus, use expensive types of wood - oak, beech, Karelian birch and others. Timber used for decorating or golden bronze coatings are widely used nacre.

  • In addition to wood, commonly used natural stone and metal.

    Without moldings, a bedroom in a classic style a lot to lose. In the photo bedroom in a classic style, you can see a variety of interior. Is used for its manufacturing gypsum or polyurethane.

  • Accessories and architectural elements

    Interior of a bedroom in a classic style is unthinkable without the decorative items. Decorators are trying to use as much as possible of vases, figurines, paintings, prints and others.

    Bedroom design in the classical style involves the use of architectural elements like arches; colonnade. Of course, for their installation, the room must have a large area.

    Of course, one of the main places in the design of classical bedrooms occupy antiques. It can be a mirror, a clock, massive moldings and so on.

    When carrying out work on the decoration appropriate to use such materials as:

    • Venetian stucco coating;
    • ceramic elements;
    • naturalny and artificial stone;
    • paints subdued tones.

    Modern classic bedrooms and trim with traditional wallpaper. For decorating it is advisable to use high-quality materials, for example, including fabric.

    Above all, they should not be too bright. There are cases when instead of wallpaper, some customers use decorative painting. As it is used ornaments made in a simple style.

    Coating the surface of the ceiling and floor

    Classic bedroom interior is unthinkable without the use of floor and ceiling coverings. Flooring often used parquet tiles or boards, which are made of fine wood.

    Ceiling usually operate in light shades. The ideal is considered white ceiling in white classic bedroom. Even in ancient times, the ceilings are used for decorating ceilings.

    You can use paint coatings, but the base will have to bring to the ideal state. On the surface of the ceiling will not and stucco.

    Furniture for bedrooms classic

    At numerous photographs show which elements are used in the design of bedrooms. If it has sufficient space, it makes sense to apply the full set of the headset.

    The center of the bedroom, of course, is the bed. As a rule, it is set in the center of the room. It is permissible to use the design of carved components. Classical bedroom furniture has some kind of heavy, but offers the convenience of use.

    In fact, many decorators are used for simple bed covers, especially for those designs that densely decorated with decorative elements. Besides the bed, the room should be set wardrobe, tables, ottomans, and more.

    When you make a bedroom appropriate widely used tissues. To do this, use velvet, satin, silk and so on.

    Bedroom design in classic style

    Bedroom design in the classical style preferred by those owners of urban housing and suburban mansions, who dream of comfort, true comfort, inner harmony. The photo - a version of the design bedrooms "klassika9raquo style ;.

    Characteristic design classic bedrooms

    These bedrooms are considered in the design of these standards, because they reflected the experience of past centuries. After discharge from the centuries-old experience of the best trends and design bedrooms nuances, there are options classics as Baroque, Gothic, Empire.

    Baroque bedroom is striking in its splendor and richness of decoration, it is selected the true connoisseurs of luxury. In the photo - in the bedroom "barokko9raquo style ;.

    Gothic style in the bedroom discourages its gloom, so it is not often seen in the design of bedrooms.

    Luxury Empire is good for the design of the bedrooms, which can "pohvastatsya9raquo; large-area, high ceilings.

    Features bedroom design in classic style

    In the photo are samples bedrooms, which are selected for design "klassika9raquo ;. Consider the basic design features of the bedrooms.

    1. The presence of a focal point. The design of the bedrooms in the "klassika9raquo style; It requires precise organization of all the items, so for quality design, first determine the focal point and have him begin to think of additional details. When designing a bedroom serves as a focal point the bed and the wall at the head. These two elements are considered "alfoy9raquo; and "omegoy9raquo; to create an environment.
    2. Symmetry is considered a fundamental feature of the classical direction. This design requires the alignment of bedroom furniture, accessories strictly symmetrical.
    3. The use of expensive fabrics and natural materials. Classic allows the use of a significant amount of textiles in the bedroom, not only in the form of curtains, upholstery, curtains, drapes, but also for the decoration of the walls. Wall design in a classic bedroom can also be made using textiles. (In the photo - bedrooms with options for using textiles).

    The picture shows different scenarios bedroom lighting design for a selected style "klassika9raquo ;.

    In ancient times the electricity in homes was not, and therefore as the main light sources used candles. To the room was light, it was divided into separate zones, each used candles. The current situation with the lighting has changed dramatically, but the option of zoning remains relevant. Classical bedroom provides for a basic lamp, as well as several additional fixtures on the walls and floor. All the elements of lighting design should tie invented in one piece. The photo shows an embodiment of such a design bedrooms.

    Classic style involves a division walls on specific areas:

    For the design of each part of the room are subject to different types of finishing. The ceiling can be supplemented with hand-painted, decorate stucco, "razbavit9raquo; original skin having a honeycomb structure. The photo shows a variant of decorating the ceiling.

    In the photo - original wallpaper with an unusual ornament, which are suitable for the classic room for sleep and rest.

    The photo - a variant of the use of pastel colors in the design of the walls.

    The color scheme in the design of bedrooms

    The photo - a version of the classic styled bedrooms, involving the use of a low-key noble colors.

    Option portion of the video with the description of the design nuances of bedrooms in the direction of "klassika9raquo;

    It recommends that professional designers?

    In addition, these rooms can be used pale blue, gray tone, as well as terra cotta color. The standard color palette in "klassike9raquo; 2-3 involves the application directly shades of one color. Thanks to this "hitrosti9raquo ;, you can create a single line, to make room design complete and harmonious.

    Combining rich brown color with gray sand shade with white, pale pink color with a salad, you will surely achieve the desired result.

    How to create a bedroom luxury classic style

    To create an elegant bedroom interior, you can use the rococo, baroque, opt for a design empire. All of these design trends adorn imperial bedrooms in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

    In order to recreate the luxurious decoration of the royal bedchamber in a modern apartment, need some "hitrosti9raquo ;:

    • expensive decoration materials, created from high-quality wood. Select for design can be parquet floors, natural marble, amazing crystal, a beautiful mosaic of bright tapestry;
    • choose life brocades, fine muslin, refined velvet, silk;
    • buy luxury furniture decorated with carvings, various inserts;
    • as a decor to choose original paintings, antiques, antique candlesticks

    Among the interesting design decisions - stylized classics, rather than a complete adherence to the traditional canons. Basic principles with this design remain the same: smooth lines, symmetry, colors.

    Professionals allow deviation from the rules for replacing stucco gypsum ceiling multilevel structures. Instead sculptural frieze, modern moldings are suitable. The traditional mosaic art parquet and came array, ceramic tile, laminate. Fluffy drapery on the windows (for classical simulation) is changed to various embodiments of the blinds. Modern LED lights will be an excellent alternative to the old crystal chandelier.

    Design direction "glamur9raquo;

    This word implies translated from English multiple values: charm, charm, chic. In the classics it allows translation of wealth and luxury of the royal bedrooms with a modern twist, while making color contrasts.

    there are certain features for a glamorous finish:

    • use for decoration rhinestones, feathers, fur, leather skin;
    • selection of garish furniture that can make a real splash in the eyes of others. For example, a circular shape is selected bed, bedside table as royal water lily, armchair as a pink bud;
    • a variety of colors as the pattern of the ornament.

    How to choose furniture for bedrooms classic

    The design of the room, in which all must possess a proper rest, good and quiet sleep, so it is assumed the selection of certain furniture items. All cabinets, tables, chests of drawers, a bed must be made of natural wood. As a decor suited bronze or porcelain lining, gilding, inlay, carving. The main subject of classical bedrooms - wooden bed, its headboard is decorated with a canopy. As additional objects in the design, you can pick up the dressing table, chair, bedside tables.

    For "klassiki9raquo; We need massive mirror. A large number of textile, complete with lace, embroidery, lambrequins, wide pick-up - "calling card" of the classical direction.

    When used in the design of modern technology, it is desirable to "spryatat9raquo; her from prying eyes by preventing violations of harmony. Depending on the direction "klassiki9raquo ;, can be used some additional details recognized distinctive parameters species" klassiki9raquo ;.

    Typical objects of decoration professionals consider vintage vase with exquisite paintings, massive grandfather clock, wall mirrors framed in a very unusual form of bronze candlesticks, sculptural elements and porcelain figurines.

    Bedroom in "klassiki9raquo style; characterized by elegance and tranquility. The formation of his started in 16-18 centuries. In those days bedrooms decorated expensive handmade furniture. Currently still in the design of the bedroom in "klassika9raquo style; use expensive materials: natural stone, metal, wood. Inappropriate in a modern classic bedroom will be the installation of plastic items.

    A good idea is to use a variant of combining walls. In this case, you do not have to buy expensive decoration bedroom design. With self-design of the room for sleep and rest, pick up panels to fill the space. This pictorial decorative artwork may be convex or planar shape.

    Minimalists may be advisable to use a minimum amount of bedroom decor and furniture. To visually expand the space in the bedroom, it is necessary to arrange in bright saturated colors. For this you can choose the classic light columns or pilasters. They, even minimally, but will give the bedroom similarities with the ancient royal bedchamber. Modern building materials market offers not only expensive finishing materials for the bedroom, but the low cost options that mimic the natural cover. Noble saturated colors are only suitable for bedrooms, which "boast" large areas, but also for small spaces. Owners of small urban apartments are suitable for a bedroom design choose beige, cream shades. Classic interior permits the use of two or three colors, which should not be too bright. In such a color scheme must be fulfilled floor, furniture, walls.

    Do not forget that there is a fine line between a beautiful interior and a complete lack of taste in the bedroom. If it go, you simply "throw out the wind" their material resources, wasting your own time. After the completion of design work, instead of a beautiful bedroom in the style of "klassika9raquo ;, the risk of getting a room" questionable content ". Do not forget that it was in the bedroom should be warm, comfortable, beautiful! This is where you need to relax, to rest from the hard day's work, to gain strength for full activity.

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