We think over the design of the interior of a private house: photo ideas

Who does not dream of their own cottage, where there is no annoying neighbors, and where the area is not limited to two rooms and a tiny kitchen? Getting to the creation of a private home you need to carefully think through all the details related to the construction, arrangement, choice of furniture, wallpaper, curtains and other items. Particular attention is, of course, is paid to the interior design. After all, this part of the work is able to transform any home into a small, cozy haven.

Approach to the creation of a private house interior design should take into account the wishes of the whole family. But sometimes it is very difficult to do. After all, everyone sees the interior decoration of the house on his own. There are several key areas that are experts in creating interior design in private homes:

  • Minimalism.
  • High tech.
  • Classic.
  • Gothic direction.

Using techniques of minimalism, designers create style Japanese direction. The atmosphere is kind of a combination of light and shadow. This is used during fabric, wood, paper and stone materials. Initially, the minimalist trend in the interior provided for the lack of furniture. Belongings and clothes were stored in special boxes. At first the Europeans did not take a minimalist style, but over time it has become for the mega popular.

The basic techniques of minimalism:

  • Maximum use of shadows, light and space.
  • Any thing in the interior is functional.

The interior, designed in this style, is spacious, well-lit, the virtual absence of superfluous and unnecessary things. Welcomed the installation of transparent elements. When making a house with his own hands used white and neutral shades.

In our country, this style is not popular, because of the national love of luxurious and bright objects. Plus, the weather conditions did not contribute to the spread of this style. Hardly anyone wants to be in the gray empty room when the yard wet weather. Minimalism deprived uyuta.Odnako this direction preferred by young people. The picture shows the interior design made in minimalism.

Create interior design in the direction of high-tech with their hands, presupposes the existence of the room doors with metal inserts, straightness and glass elements. This technological design. To create it use glass, plastic elements, concrete, metal framework. Furniture necessarily practical, multifunctional and concise in their forms. The main difference - sliding partitions that are changing the layout.

Especially the direction of hi-tech:

  • The presence of various engineering components and structures;
  • Play with light on a variety of materials;
  • Lack of panels, paintings, patterned and knitted items;
  • The overall picture resembles a fantastic ship.

Wires and cables are concealed many of the decoration and furniture. They create a special mood. Hi-tech - the cold, rather reserved area.

Interior design of a private house in this style will suit busy, humble people who are different rationality and calm character. This trend style fits perfectly in a small house, because give the spacious rooms. The picture shows the interior design of private cottage, executed in the style of hi-tech.

Classical trend in home improvement came to us from the 17th century. This style potryasaetshikom, spacious rooms, high ceilings, the use of expensive materials for finishing. This elite during that applies to luxurious mansions.

Furniture for a classic design direction is made of the best types of wood and expensive materials such as satin, silk, brocade, velvet. Models such furniture made to order.

Cottage where the interior design carried out in a classical direction will always hit the luxury and basic features. Among nihnuzhno highlight:

  • Faultless configuration of the room;
  • Nalichieelementovlepniny and painting;
  • Paintings and mirrors within handmade;
  • The situation there are elements with gold;
  • Mandatory requirement - the fireplace;
  • The presence of crystal chandeliers and floor lamps with shades made of natural fabrics.

Particularly interesting, classic style in the interior looks, coupled with fashionable appliances. The polished surface of modern models of televisions, computers and home theater systems, only emphasize the luxury of this style.

Private house, decorated in classic style, will always be relevant and fashionable. Plus, this is a good investment of funds. The photo shows a sample of the interior design of private homes, made in the classic style.

Etaliniya gives the room elegance and refinement. This style is characterized by the development of medieval art, which is reflected in the forms and structures - they are drawn up. In the creation of the style with your hands, use color stained glass, fireplaces, arches. Gothic style - always fashionable and actual direction of interior design.

When creating goticheskogooformleniya used carved furniture with high backs, beds and chests of drawers with long nozhkami.Spalnoe place can be hidden behind the canopy, or built into the wall. Apply metal attributes - chandeliers, frames. Ceiling necessarily lined with wood.

The colors used to create the interior design of a country cottage in the Gothic direction:

  • A natural stone;
  • Wooden elements;
  • Hardware.

This direction in design does not accept plastic elements.

This style is becoming quite common in nashemgosudarstve, due to love of compatriots to European trends. The photo shows a sample of creating an interior in the Gothic area.

In conclusion, it should be noted that whatever the interior design you choose for your home, it should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, functional and convenient for all of your family members.

The design of the space inside a private home: ideas, photos

Design of a private house inside (photo illustrates the different options) has significant differences compared with the design of a city apartment. In many ways, the interior options depend on the size of the house. Naturally, the design inside the private homes of economy-class has little to do with landscaping luxurious mansion: on a given photo can be traced to the fundamental features of the approach.

Design in a private country house in white

The principles of a private house design

What are the features executed with their hands design within a private house, examples of which can be seen in the above photo in the article? First of all, private house - is an isolated structure, in no way connected with a high number of storeys, neighborhood common areas.

Design within the private country house, chalet-style

If the interior of a city apartment is almost independent from the structure of the building, the interior design of a private house in essentially depends on the appearance of the structure and arrangement of the entire site, and photos clearly show this. For example, it will look awkward ultramodern style of home decor in the wooden frame, made in the old Russian style. In other words, the first feature: the need for a harmonious combination of internal and external design of private homes, as well as landscape design.

The interior design of a private house inside

An important feature of the future of the internal arrangement of a private home - the ability to build a house with a view of the planned designs. The owner of the house there is an opportunity not to adhere to a standard layout, and show maximum imagination still at a very early stage. They can be laid non-standard forms, different levels, terrace, attic, etc.

The internal arrangement of a private house

Thus, even a small interior design of a private house, as seen in the photo, can be incorporated at the planning stage of construction, location, shape and size of the room, and thus it becomes possible to implement any ideas.

Closet under the stairs in a private house

Finally, it should be noted the question of unity with nature. Detached house situated on the ground surrounded by natural or converted natural landscape, which increases the need for the use of natural motifs in the design. Significantly increased role in the design of wood and natural stone.

A spacious entrance hall of a private house

The interior design of a private house provides the following ways:

  • the choice of a single design style;
  • To ensure the necessary color palette;
  • selection of advanced materials for the walls, ceiling and floor;
  • selection of appropriate furniture;

A single style of interior decoration in the private home

  • original arrangement of door and window openings, forming niches, columns and other architectural elements;
  • Use decorating elements;
  • creation of a special artificial lighting systems.

Interior design in a private home with the elements of decoration

How to use color and contrast effects

One effective way to design solutions considered selection of colors. By color matching can lift your mood, induce relaxation and calm. Wrong selection of colors can cause irritation and aggression. Of course, each person chooses their favorite color, but there are common approaches and recommendations.

Making private house interior in pastel shades

The interior of a private house it is recommended to use multiple (up to four) the most attractive shades of colors, and, to highlight the various elements of the decor. The predominant color must be one (wall design).

Excellent combination of natural wood and a properly sized lighting

Here the choice is better to stop at neutral pastel shades. Other color is designed to highlight the major elements. Here you can select the most vivid color. Finally, one or two colors are used to highlight the finer details of the interior and accessories: pillows, various ornaments and trinkets.

Making private house interior in black and white

Excessive diversity is not recommended in a small private house.

popular and attractive color combinations can be offered when you make a living: bright pink large components on the background of turquoise; combining gray background, turquoise elements neon yellow and contrast; light blue and grass-green shades.

Interior of a private house made of logs

Sufficiently effective combination of white and black shine adding new shades of blue elements. Pink and cream colors look great on the general light background.

One option is to combine the conversion of the interior smooth and embossed surface texture. In this case, even the monochrome design becomes contrasting and original. One simple combinations - polished tables and fur coverlet on the bed.

Monochrome interior design inside a private house

The Scandinavian-style, for example, can be used to combine light plain curtains and upholstery sofa with chairs, having woven backrest, and ottoman with covers rough mating. Even a single texture element can significantly revitalize the entire interior.

The design of the space inside a private house in the Scandinavian style

Furniture is fundamentally changing the entire design style, but because it must be chosen in accordance with it. Currently welcome lightness and airiness. It is therefore recommended not to clutter room furniture and place a minimum number of items. In smaller rooms, preference should be given multifunctional and folding furniture.

Selection of furniture for the interior in private house

In large rooms look better, on the contrary, large furniture items. In the interior it should be noted that the most attractive looks combination of large items and small items. Install only large items leads to featureless perception, as well as an excessive amount of detail it causes irritation of its diversity.

Most looks attractive combination of large items and small items

A spectacular reception in the design premises - the use of mirrors. This technique is especially important in small rooms, so visually expands the space. Modern fashion involves the formation of the mirror surface, even on the floor that visually increases the height of the room. The wall mirror is especially beautiful reflection decorative chandeliers and lamps. Shaded areas beautifully decorated rooms unusual configuration of the mirror.

The use of mirrors in interior in private house

Artificial lighting provides the necessary charm to any decor. First of all, lamps are selected by their appearance, so that in the daytime fit into the selected design style.

Zoning private home with the help of illumination

Depending on the general background of selected dark, white, golden chandeliers, lamps or sconces. The most important effect is provided when the lighting. Using the directed light beam can be zoned placement.

Lighting in a private house

Play an important role lampshades. It is now proposed a great many different options, both in form and in color. It is necessary to decide in advance what kind of style is preferred: classic or modern. In large halls undeniable advantage of the large chandeliers. Installing spotlights in the ceiling, the walls, the floor, on the dividing lines (even with multicolored lights) can create a real fairy tale in the house.

LED lights are perfect for any interior

The interior design of a private house can be made in different ways, and the specificity of a private home gives you the opportunity to implement any fantasies. It is important to bear in mind that this design should be combined with the external design of the house and all the landscaping.

Design of houses in

If you are a proud owner of your own private home, then surely you have encountered or are about to come up with such a question, as the design of its interior. And this, incidentally, is not so easy. You need to select the overall style, to guess the tastes of all households and at the same time to create a cozy and comfortable place where the whole family will live in joy.

The best styles for private houses are still country, Provence and timeless classics. Each of them has its own color scheme, a set of special materials and the general principles of comfort and harmony. Whichever of them (or their competent combination) you choose, you must first test the waters and explore options. That is why we have picked up a few photos of the best private homes all over the world. Big and small, classic and avant-garde, daring and traditional - in our gallery you will find a wide variety of interiors to suit all tastes and preferences. And remember, the design inside the house should like, first of all, yourself.

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