Colorful appliqué fabric

At any age, you can use the technique of tissue applications. Its meaning lies in the fact that the fabric parts are superimposed on the background of the contour of the planned figure and secured with glue or thread with a needle.

To perform the application of the fabric and to obtain the best results it is important to use a suitable for the glue. The most practical are: silicone adhesive, PVA glue and the most common glue stick. With their help, the work will turn out flavorful, beautiful and high quality, and the creation process will be pleasant and interesting.

Familiarity with appliqué fabric

Application of the fabric can be:

There are various ways to use the resulting artefacts. The original drawings and amazing ornaments can be used for interior decoration, clothing, home textiles.

Fabric application looks great in the hand made cards, gift packages - syurprizah.Izgotovit it can be made from synthetic or natural fabrics most diverse textures:

Taking advantage of smooth, shiny, matte, fleecy shreds, it is possible most novice fan tissue applications come up and make a reality of the idea of ​​his own composition. For the background, it is desirable to use these materials in pastel shades:

The density of the main materials used to be thinner than the density of the entire crafts background.

We do applique fabric with kids

Application of tissue can be performed with children in the classroom for the development of creative abilities: in kindergarten, at home or at school. For children - preschool children in the younger group would be interesting to use simple templates and glue method of securing. Pieces of material for tissue images should be prepared in advance, by cutting them to children in accordance with the conceived pattern.

For clarity, one can prepare a further example of application based on the color of stencil paper. Instead of fabric for the background fit thick sheets of paper, cardboard. In the middle group of kindergarten can complicate the job. If children already own can trace the patterns and cut them out of the slip, dense material that can help them by preparing for creating compositions cardboard neatly pasted pastel cloth background. Subjects can not restrict the ready example, a child may be his version coined, on which he will perform the work. This is a wonderful way to develop creative imagination.

Application can be individual and collective. We come up with the story and the children make individual elements of the picture.

To date technological advances make it possible to print on the fabric any favorite pictures and designs. Inventing background and cut the original template, you can begin to work to create an exciting application of tissue.

Works of felt is usually made on the basis of simple geometric shapes, but you can use more complex circuits. At the initial level, you can try, for example, the heart. It can be used for many scenes.

Cutting out the pattern heart and flowers, be sure to treat them on the edge of a loop seam. If you are using any - any basis, then only one heart. If it is conceived to perform color applique on a volume of a heart, it is necessary to prepare two heart (sintepon laid between them to create volume) which are sewn together by a seam of the stitch. Other details of the composition are attached stitches in layers, as seen in the image, according to the scheme planned pattern. In any case, you can use to decorate beads, satin ribbons or other decorative elements of decoration to needlework.

One of the most effective ways to create images of the tissue, it is the reverse applique.

Its implementation seems very complicated at first glance, but if you follow the steps below, you will be sure to enjoy the work very beautiful.Especially if it matched materials in contrasting shades. This is a very interesting decoration t-shirts, pillowcases, children's garments.

Video Master Class applique pattern with recycle

Flowers in a craft any kind of a special place, because we always look very elegant. Taking a bright patch of fabric and a simple framework, even a child can create a floral fabric pattern.advanced needle women collect the pieces of floral designs and manufactures the most works of art fabric illustration.Wonderful fabric appliqué can be a great gift for the holiday of spring and on March 8. From it you can make a card, pictures, or a picture.

Kinusayga - so called art objects from colored pieces of fabric. It came to us from Japan. Now, thanks to this art, we can make a delightful picture. Yet it is called a patchwork, but you can not use a needle that oplichno for creativity with children.

Applique fabric on cardboard

Make a drawing of the fabric, based on cardboard, quite simple and this method can be successfully practiced in the needlework classes in kindergarten.But, if desired, the fabric image can be taken as a basis for the manufacture of pictures or panels for interior decoration. To paste over a cloth background image of the future, you will need glue. Then, on the basis of half wet well done directly own tissue image. Composition elements fastened by adhesive, in stages, according to the planned composition.With such a method is not convoluted as fabric appliqué on the cardboard, it is possible to make an interior room for a doll from the usual box. The result depends only on the imagination and aspiration to the ideal result.

Effect produced Chic crafts, in the technique of creating an additional volume.To create the impression there are many methods:

  • construction of object-based composition applicative flagellum of twisted piece of fabric;
  • alternately laminating one element of a thin fabric to another (e.g., laminated organza flowers);
  • syntepon laying between the double parts of the tissue.

Video tutorial application panel "Ballerina"

Cloth applique of jeans can be done not only in order to repair worn trousers or skirt. Originally decorate the interior of the picture, the elements of which are made from a piece of unnecessary things denim.Suffice coarse material looks great at such ordinary background as uncoated cork. To create additional elements of denim pattern can take ropes twines or simply to finish their marker.

Video Master Class to create a "denim" roses

Applications colors of fabric: simple and tasteful

Flowers - this is a classic in the selection of the plot in any form of art, whether painting or needlework. And this is not surprising, because the color image always looks elegant and attractive. Embodiments of these many landscapes, they can be very simple and will not be difficult for children and may be such that the force to try and adults. This article will explain how to make the application of colors of fabrics. This is a very unusual type of work, which can be performed in several techniques. Your attention will be presented a few.

Try first is the easiest option and decorate a pillowcase pretty tyulpanchikom. This option is ideal for those who have a few lying around tissue patches, but they throw a pity. And we should not do, because they can be used to make here a charm:

To work required:

  • paperboard sheet;
  • Scissors;
  • thread;
  • Needle;
  • Well tissue.

To begin, prepare templates, then attach them to the fabric, cut out the necessary details. We should get a flower, it is necessary to cut 5 items, do not forget to leave room on the fabric for hemming and edging.

In every detail you need to bend the edges and to iron them. Then, attach the workpiece to the wrong side of the pillowcase and secure with a pin or a light stitches.

Now with the help of the invisible seam sew Circuits with the product.

Likewise we handle other application elements. The photo below shows what you should have:

Below will be presented to other circuits for this kind of applications.

Consider another interesting way of creating applications, the flowers will turn volume.

  • Cloth (recommended to take a thin material, because the dense material will look messy);
  • Scissors;
  • Needle;
  • thread;
  • The fabric for the base;
  • Beads or buttons (for core).

Getting Started:

  1. To start from the fabric you want to cut a long narrow stripes.
  2. One of these strips to sew over the edge of the fabric, it will seredinka flower.
  3. Now we proceed to the most important - in the formation of the bud. Take in the hands sewn stripes and twisting it around its axis, wrapping her in a circle. If you want to make the flower a bit fancier, you can add strips When sewing them invisible stitches.
  4. Hide the ends of the patches to each other. The middle of a flower can be decorated with beads or buttons of neat.

These are lovely flowers we have received:

To carry out such work is best suited guipure materials, fabric mesh or tulle. Flowers will be airy and very unusual.

To work required:

When prepared all the necessary materials, you can safely get to work:

  • Draw a circle on the cardboard this size, what you want to do flower petal.
  • Now we are putting the resulting patterns to the fabric, draw out and cut. The more you make the preparations, the more luxuriant will flower.
  • Now we take a few petals and sew them to the underlying tissue of the inner edges. Fabric pull off, and it will puff up and it is very spoil the look of your products.
  • Now attach the form of flowers, sew the remaining petals to the ground, creating a bud what you want.
  • At the end of the work we do flower core of beads or buttons.

Thus it is possible to create a picture to decorate the interior, curtains, a niche in the photo shows a variant of decoration such colors T-shirt, it came out very interesting.

Applications of the tissue in the form of a flower can be used not only to improve the clothes, but also add flavor to the interior, for example, to diversify it's such an interesting pad.

Unusually, agree. Do you want the same? It's very simple, below your attention will be presented step by step workshop on creating a pillowcase.

To work you will need:

  • Scraps of colored fabrics;
  • buttons of;
  • Needle;
  • thread;
  • Scissors;
  • Unnecessary pillowcase that you have decided to "upgrade".

To make the preform starts: fabric cut circles with a diameter of about 6-7 centimeters. Make them as much as possible, because it is so much and will have flowers.

Next seam "forward needle" sewn on the edges of each circle around the diameter.

Now tighten the thread and fasten. You should have something like a bag, how it should look, look at the picture below.

Now, not cutting off the thread, buttons of vdevaem needle in and sew it to the "pouch." Securely fasten the button.

Thread with a needle again cut off, it must be on the back of the flower. We sew it to the pillow in the place that you have chosen for her. The same principle is doing the rest of the flowers.

As you can see the process very simple, but the result is simply excellent.

Who would have thought that such simple things you can do little masterpieces, the flowers - a timeless element of the decor, because we always want to put in your soul a little bit of summer, but that does not like a beautiful flower best symbolizes this warm season. It is necessary to include fantasy and you will be able to give an unusual type of familiar things.

Perhaps you will be inspired by this set of videos.

Application "Flowers from the fabric": step by step instructions for the production of works in various techniques with his own hands for novice masters and masters

Flowers - the most common theme in the manufacture of various articles. The popularity of this image is due to the variety of options for the complexity of the execution of the work. And preschoolers, and adult will find a suitable way of manufacturing. It's all about colors and appliqué fabric.

For those who want to learn the basics of manufacturing fabric appliques of flowers, a few turn-based master classes with descriptions of various techniques will be given in this article.

Master-class on making color application in the easiest way, which is suitable for school-age children.

3) Several types of fabric;

5) Yarn and needles.

1) On a piece of paper draw or print templates in the form of flower petals. Cut the preform.

2) The resulting patterns are putting on cloth for applications, anchoring needles, and draws the contours neatly cut with a margin to hem the edges.

3) bends the edge in every detail, iron. Then attach the underside to the base, and fasten bulavochkami large stitches tack.

4) The sewn parts to the finished product using invisible seam.

Like you can decorate with applique pillow.

Below are the schemes that will help in making a simple flower appliques.

Interestingly will look at the subject of an interior volume of the application of colors. In this master class, consider the steps of creating colors in the form of a bag with buttons.

1) pieces of colored cotton fabric;

2) colored buttons of two sizes (flat);

1) Draw cardboard round pattern having a diameter of 6 to 10 cm.

2) to stitch a circle completely around the edge of a conventional suture.

3) tightens the thread tightly, forming a pouch.

4) We put a button on the larger diameter thread, sew it. Then similarly attach the button a second smaller size, to be located on each other.

5) Print the thread on the side of the flower, which it will be attached to the base. We sew the resulting bag with the product.

6) Similarly create other colors necessary for decoration.

Another interesting method of manufacturing bulk colors for applications. Better to use the fabric as thin as possible, as too thick braided fabric will not look very neat.

1) Fabric material;

4) optional décor.

1) From the chosen fabric cut off several long narrow strips.

2) Take one of them and sew it firmly on the end of the finished product. This is the middle of the flower.

3) start to form flower. To do this, twist the strip of cloth around its axis at the same time wrapping it around. New layers can immediately fix inconspicuous stitches to work was convenient.

4) End rag hide the previous circle and sew. Core flower decorate as desired bead or a button.

In the manufacture of the bulk of the work in this technique will have to spend a little more time than the ones that were presented in the article above. It is best to use a cloth-mesh, lace or tulle (not hard), so the color will really light and airy.

1) two types of density cloth;

6) Any fine decor at will.

1) On the cardboard draw a circle. The diameter may be any, is dependent on the choice of future petal size.

2) impose patterns on the fabric, draw out and cut. Blanks will need to make a few tens to a flower turned lush.

3) Then we add together several circles, pieces 5 - 6, and sewn to the product of the inner edges. The fabric thus slightly contractible so that it is not strongly bristled.

4) impose a next layer of petals, displacing them relative already sewn. We attach a similar manner. Some rows of petals can be sewn, not pulling, so the flower will look more "zhivym9raquo ;.

5) The upper layers can be formed of circles which are stacked by several times.

6) completes the work by making the midway of buttons or beads.

With the help of applications of colors of fabric, you can create original paintings, draw clothes and decorate the interior. Examples of interesting ideas to help inspire you to create your own creations are presented to your attention in the photo and video selection below.