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Address: Bryansk, Dyatkovo, at ul.. Ordjonikidze 3a

Phone: +7 (48333) 3. - show

schedule (time): Mon-Fri 8: 00-17: 00

e-mail: [email protected]

Address: Bryansk, Dyatkovo district, Dyatkovo. Str. Tchkalov 4a

Phone: +7 (48333) 3. - show

schedule (hours) hours: Mon-Fri 08: 00-17: 00

e-mail: [email protected]

Address: 241000, Bryansk, Dyatkovo district, Dyatkovo, at ul.. Lenin, 182, mag. Babylon

Phone: +7 (980) 310-. - show

Address: Bryansk, Dyatkovo, at ul.. The station, 29

Phone: +7 (48333) 3. - show

schedule (hours) hours: daily 8: 00-18: 00

Address: Bryansk, Dyatkovo, at ul.. Stantsionnnaya, 29

Dyatkovo Furniture Factory

Furniture, manufacture of furniture

Our furniture is sold successfully in many areas thanks to a good price-quality ratio, a wide range of products and the shortest time of manufacture. In production we use modern European equipment company «HOMAG9raquo ;, only certified, high-quality materials and accessories of leading world manufacturers: Hettich, Blum, Boyard, etc., chipboard of JSC" Ivatsevichdrev9raquo;. Production of the Republic of Belarus.

We are constantly working to create new models of furniture, improving its appearance and functionality.

242600, Bryansk region

Mr. Dyat'kovo Str. The station d. 29

tel. +7 (900) 369-09-29

Every day from 9:00 to 18:00

Sunday from 9-00 to 16-00

Center CSIL Milano Industrial Research offered his outlook for the global furniture market in 2010.

Domestic manufacturers satisfy the market demand for countertops almost 90 percent. The remainder being expensive products, imported from Italy, Germany and other countries.

According to publications Russian media, one of the leading retailers in the furniture market, IKEA, is planning further expansion of its network of stores.

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Dyatkovo Furniture Factory

Joint project dmi Dyat'kovo and Channel continues! August 14 aired another program "Fazenda" in which Anna Vladimirova designer has created an eclectic bedroom interior with furniture from the collections ESTE.

Design accents the interior of the attic where the bedrooms, large decorative elements made of round shape, made of wood by hand, as well as the carved chair of volcanic basalt.

The hosts bedrooms, spouses Sergei and Olga, prefer white color - he was decisive in the color scenarios. That is why the project was a bright wood texture selected ESTE furniture design with white gloss. For the designer of the project used a double bed, a dresser and a spacious closet, equipped with built-in lighting (from his hostess was thrilled).

Reliable, high-quality and stylish furniture ESTE perfectly fit into the interior, where modernity coexists with an organic family tradition, passed on from generation to generation.

Very soon in the branded showrooms dmi Dyat'kovo will be available not only high-quality European design furniture, mattresses and stylish accessories, but also a new collection of modern systems of internal filling cabinets that make storing clothes and other necessary things even more gentle, comfortable and rational.

Just imagine: a roomy closet with a clever internal content is 2.5 times more than the standard model, and the time to find the right thing and bring it up after the storage is minimized!

Pantographs and swiveling holder, attachments for accurate hanging trousers, ties and belts, capacious storage systems shoes and handbags, and even solutions to be placed in the closet, home appliances, - a variety of well-designed internal filling systems allows efficient use of every square centimeter of space.

Experience a new level of convenience and comfort with the new collection systems for internal filling cabinets dmi Dyatkovo!

April 6 at the Moscow International Furniture Salon MIFS solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the prestigious competition in the field of industrial furniture design ARTLIGA. First place in the nomination «NEXT. Kitchen furniture "took a collection of Barolo from the line of kitchen furniture Dyatkovo dmi.

One of the conditions of competition, adopted in order to enhance the international competitiveness of domestic furniture products, is that consideration be taken only realized design projects that have already been put into commercial production. In addition, the product must distinguish between the original design, high quality and innovation.

This year 130 designers Russian furniture factories took part in the competition. ARTLIGI jury, composed of well-known Russian and foreign experts in the field of industrial design, reviewed the work in four categories:

  • NEXT. Furniture for kitchen.
  • HOME DESIGN. Furniture for living room, children's room, bedroom and hallway.
  • INNOVATION. Cushioned furniture.
  • WORK SPACE. Office furniture.

Among the 34 applicants in the first category was recognized as the best brand dmi Dyatkovo, will present at the competition Barolo collection, designed by the Italian design studio Zengiaro Design. Modern production dmi Dyat'kovo allowed exactly embody the idea of ​​the Italians, who are recognized world experts in the field of furniture design. The Barolo collection, which includes interior solutions for kitchens and studio apartments where the kitchen combined with living area used radius facades, matt and glossy enamels and exclusive embossed natural veneer - finishing technology, which in our country has a brand dmi Dyat'kovo.

Commenting on the decision of the jury, head of the "Furniture Design" MGHPA them. Stroganoff Kirill Cheburashkin noted the importance of visiting Russia this level projects. In response, the commercial director of the direction of "Kitchen» dmi Dyat'kovo Gennady Galitsky said: "I am very pleased that the opinion of the jury coincided with the impression of consumers - at the moment a collection of Barolo confidently holds the status of the leader of sales in the line of kitchen furniture. Brand dmi Dyat'kovo will continue to adhere to the policy of import substitution and to please Russian customers with high quality products, which is in no way inferior to foreign developments. "

Brand dmi Dyat'kovo congratulates the winners of other nominations, organizers ARTLIGI thanks for his contribution to the development of the Russian furniture market and is willing to tender the development and prosperity!

On Saturday, February 13, the eve of Valentine's Day, the First Channel aired the program "Perfect repair", the film crew is at the end of last year, I visited the furniture Dyatkovo dmi. Host of the program, the editor in chief of the magazine "Mezzanine" and president of the Association of interior decorators Natasha Barbier, with its vast experience in the design, making sure that our furniture is in no way inferior to the Italian, and decided not to be limited to ordering a coffee table, as originally planned. As a result, the project has grown ... into a stylish and functional kitchen-living room.

Heroes Program, Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev were very pleased with its new interior. We wish the most beautiful pair of Russian television, that their house has always prevailed comfort, love and happiness!

Record program and details of the project can be seen here:

27 September, in the Orthodox feast of Exaltation of the Cross was officially opened bowed crystal cross at the temple, "the Burning Bush". On this day in Dyatkovo arrived Metropolitan Bryansk and Sevsk Alexander, who had consecrated the cross.

Attending the ceremony, Deputy Governor of the Bryansk region Korobko Alexander said: "Today's consecration bowed crystal cross once again emphasizes how in Dyatkovo revered Orthodox tradition. There is a great sense of pride for those artists who create these works of art. We are witnessing the historic event. I am sure that after a few years we will see how much Dyat'kovo transformed and become a center of tourism not only for Russians, but also for visitors from other countries. "

Design 15-meter stele topped with a crystal cross, designed by the Venetian architect Giovanni Zanutelem. Metal arch part of the structure is made by specialists DOZ Dyatkovo, crystal elements of the cross created by artists of the Crystal Factory. Unique facility is part of a social project of the federal scale - the construction of "Crystal City" tourism cluster, the initiator and principal investor which is LLC IC "Katyusha", the leading enterprise dmi-group.

On October 15, during his official visit in Dyatkovo Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of RF President in the Central Federal District Murat Zyazikov and federal inspector in the Bryansk region, Mikhail Kalashnikov visited the furniture factory «Katyusha» dmi-group group, familiar with the production, new collections of furniture, prospects of development of the brand dmi and new projects - plant for the production of laminated boards and opening stores of kitchen furniture.

Murat Zyazikov praised what he saw: "Modern equipment, modern production European level. Design - simply fantastic! "

Great interest aroused envoy social project dmi-group the federal level - the creation of "Crystal City" tourism cluster. The program of the working trip included visits to the Dyatkovo Crystal Factory, where delegation members learned about the project.

Deputy presidential envoy to the Central Federal District visited the temple burning bush and got acquainted with a new city landmark Dyatkovo - Worship cross made of crystal, set in the temple at the end of September. His impressions of what he saw fit in the capacious phrase: "Not everyone believes in the Russian miracle, but it is!"

In Moscow, there was an exhibition I Saloni, which were presented to furniture, decoration, lighting, home textiles and technical accessories for home decor. Many of them can be seen in the spring, at the Milan Furniture Fair. By the way, in 2015 it was visited by 14,500 visitors from Russia.

Mutual interest - in the last year, exports of Italian furniture in Russia amounted to 774 million euros.. In addition to the Italians, who made up the vast majority (280 booths), on I Saloni in Russia exposed the British, Australians, Germans, French, Americans, Dutch, Czechs, Spaniards and Portuguese.

If you try to describe the exposure in one word, it would be the word "contrasts." Gala Empire and fanciful baroque. Geometric interiors in the style of the 70s and conciseness tired of visual noise zero.

The neighborhood suddenly rehabilitated velvet and modest respectable tweed, gold and copper, wood textures and futuristic metallic structures. Eclectic and "layering", created at the expense of textiles, designer lighting and unusual accessories. Received a new interpretation of crystal, bold experiments with a combination of finishing techniques and textures.

But the show at the exhibition and to demonstrate the most concentrated trends and that are used in the interior of his apartment - you decide. As once said a wise Coco Chanel, luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Dear friends! On Saturday, October 17, at 11:55 on NTV channel out program "Housing Problem" with our participation.

Updated interior bedrooms for Heroes program has developed a well-known Russian designer, founder of the architectural bureau SL * project Alexey Nikolashin.

The project was presented ASTI bed in soft textile case with a mattress from BeautyLine Nature series, as well as a wardrobe, storage and wall panels.

Case furniture was made based on sketches by the designer using unique painting techniques. cabinet wall panels and facades are a complex two-dimensional structure and its texture resemble a bar code pattern.

We are very pleased that the heroes of the program were satisfied with their new interior and the entire film crew, which has extensive experience with furniture from different manufacturers, noted the high quality of the products DMI Dyat'kovo and the excellent work of our builders, sending a review with the words: "Guys, take off the hat! You rock. »»

View the transfer can be here.

The word "concept" comes from the Latin conceptus, which means "an innovative idea, containing the creative sense." Furniture collection for bedrooms CONCEPT fully lives up to its name - has for several years, it remains the market leader. The secret is that the concept allows you to create an interior in a modern style, featuring concise and meaningful to every detail. This furniture is able to adapt to the tastes and character of the owners without changing its essence.

Come to the shops TM DMI for new conceptual interior. For more details about the conditions of the promotion can be found in the sales consultants in our online store.

The store presents the latest collection of furniture of European design: living rooms and bedrooms, children and youth rooms, hallways, and Cabinet Group. Stylish and functional DMI TM Dyatkovo furniture designed to ensure that everyone can discover new facets of comfort and convenience.

One of the benefits of TM DMI - is the provision of a full range of services, which makes the interior update in a pleasant creative activity. Is a dream, and everything else we undertake. The attentive and friendly consultants are free to develop a three-dimensional visualization of your future interior and the composition taking into account all your wishes. In addition, the salon provides delivery services and professional furniture assembly.

Come, we are waiting for you!

Opening hours: 10.00-22.00. More information can be obtained by phone: 8-906-738-12-30.

The competition "Summer Marathon", which was attended by sales consultants branded salons TM DMI Dyat'kovo from across the country.

"Entrance ticket" to participate in the competition was the volume of sales, so the prizes got the best of the best - sellers, who were able to brilliantly solve the problem of the maximum number of customers. The TM DMI Dyat'kovo appreciate the professionalism and initiative of employees, and universal recognition in itself is a reward for the winner. No less pleasant bonus became worthy prizes - cash certificates, tablets, and watches.

Winner of the main prize, a certificate for 500 thousand. Rub., Was Elena Popova from FE "Golden Eagle", Khabarovsk. All DMI friendly team congratulates Helen on his victory and wish them further success, interesting interior design projects and as many customers as possible!