Egyptian style in the interior

on June 10, 2011

Egypt in the interior

Egypt ... Fascinating and sometimes repulsive, studied and still not fully known. Egypt attracts tourists from all over the world, and the history of Egypt does not leave anyone indifferent. Many of those who are keen on history and culture of Egypt or just fascinated by this beautiful country, trying to bring to the interior of his home a piece of this African state. And someone just love exotic and therefore draws its interior in the Egyptian style . You will also want to create an interior in the spirit of the Egyptian traditions? Then our article about Egyptian style Egyptian motives in the interior It will be interesting to you.

The site Domfront already published materials on African motifs in the interior. This so-called pan-African style, from which decided to allocate the Moroccan and Egyptian styles as distinctive and original. Egyptian style really unique and original. Let's get acquainted with them closer.

Egyptian style interior: main features

Egyptian style interior It can not be described in a nutshell. As an example, one can not say what lies behind the concept of "Russian style interior," because one can invest in it its meaning: for some it is a style of Russian manor, for another - furniture Russian house, and for the third - features design apartments Khrushchev era. The same applies to Egyptian style - interiors of wealthy Egyptian palaces bear little resemblance to the interiors of homes of Egyptian peasants. What was characteristic of rich Egyptians homes half a century ago, in modern homes of wealthy citizens of Egypt can not meet.

However, some common features can be found by visiting different buildings, both residential and public, including historical,. For Egyptian architecture characteristic internal to the ceiling of the column, arch, pilasters, niches. The walls are often decorated with frescoes and paintings. The decor necessarily have elements which are symbolic for Egyptian culture: for example, pyramids, Sphinx, sun, lotus, etc.

Another feature of the interior in the Egyptian style - carpeted floors and an abundance of textiles. At all, interior in the Egyptian style They have much in common with the Moroccan interiors: the same patterned, flowery, textiles abundance. But Egyptian style interior distinguishes the presence of geometric patterns, not characteristic of Moroccan style, and ancient Egyptian symbols.

The interior in the Egyptian style: color

The colors are bright, but the colors of the interior is very limited. Walls, as a rule, have a neutral color: yellow, beige, sand, ivory. you can often find a lot of different shades of orange in the Egyptian interior.

A lot of gold color, which is combined with dark brown, chocolate, black, and blue, green. The blue color in the Egyptian interior, as well as in areas in the Moroccan style, is often used for finishing the ceiling.

In Egypt, a lot of houses with completely white walls inside, because the white - a cooling and refreshing, which is important for the hot Egyptian climate.

Interior design in the Egyptian style: Finish

The choice of finish, of course, will depend upon the chosen direction: it may be Historical Egyptian style, luxurious Egyptian style with a modern edge or etnokantri Egyptian style. Accordingly, in the first case it is necessary to approximate the interior of an authentic, and therefore using expensive materials. In the second case, you can use any advanced solutions to create a pastiche. Well etnokantri quite simple - less luxury and more simple home textile details. You can not even buy new furniture and simply update an old one.

Luxurious interior in the Egyptian style: historical and contemporary. You must be present columns with capitals and pilasters - even if they are polyurethane. Columns rarely stay in pristine color - white or ivory. As a rule, they are painted in a dark or bright light color and paint floral or geometric patterns. In contemporary styling can do without these columns, and use falshkolonny by hand of the artist on the walls.

Floral ornament can dominate in a luxurious Egyptian interior - they not only decorate the columns, but the walls and even the ceiling. The most common pattern is made up of images of lotus flowers. It may be, however, and grape leaves, wreaths and laurel and branches palms etc.

The walls in the Egyptian authentic luxury interiors - stone. Creating an interior with Egyptian motifs, can be used for walls artificial stone cladding or large format stoneware tiles.

However, in an expensive wall Egyptian interior can be covered with decorative plaster and, on top of which can also be applied to painting: floral pattern, pyramids, Chinese characters, etc. Murals decorate the interior and bring it in luxury features. As for the Moroccan style in the interior for luxurious Egyptian interior is characterized by a mosaic lined walls and floor.

Door and window openings in the Egyptian interior (deluxe or ordinary) is necessary to make an arched or lancet. Some walls in the homes of Egyptian style are patterned carved wooden lattice. In the bedroom, you can put the same patterned screens.

The ceiling wall and the openings can be decorated and painted border with geometric patterns in Egyptian manner. And columns, and openings can be painted in stripes.

For anyone interior in the Egyptian style characterized by an arched wall niches and a lancet shape. Niches can highlight and put in their statues.

The luxury interior in the Egyptian style stucco lot. Suitable and décor for the Polyurethane home, it may be moldings, cornices, corners and so forth. Modeled outlet in the form of a lotus flower decorates the ceiling. Instead, you can hang a chandelier in the center in the shape of a lotus - it will be a very good solution. The joints of the ceiling and walls, ceilings and upper walls are decorated with the other elements of the stucco with floral motifs. In this molding (or home decor for polyurethane) usually is not white, and painted - for example, in the bronze color.

It is in the spirit of the Egyptian-style ceiling, imitating the starry night sky - is especially suitable solution for a bedroom, nursery, living room.

Ethnic Country interior in the Egyptian style. creating a interior in the Egyptian style, you can simply paint the walls and ceilings in one of the appropriate colors. Instead of paint, you can use wallpaper, straw or wallpaper imitating papyrus.

The presence of niches in the walls is very desirable. Some partitions can make the rack. Wooden slatted ceiling and can be.

Minimum decor, lack of columns and moldings. A bit of wall or ceiling murals make the interior brighter and less austere. Ease of finishing offset by a large number of textile rugs, coverlets.

Photo: Catherine / Photobank "Lori"

Floors and luxurious, and in a simple Egyptian interior preferably tile - should give preference to the tile under a stone.

Kitchen in the Egyptian style. Designer: Oksana Khmelevskaya

Egyptian style in the interior: furniture

Furniture is massive, heavy. The bedroom is big bed, which usually has a canopy with two or four columns or wooden ledge.

The legs of chairs and tables can be in the form of animal paws. Upholstered furniture and a part of other furniture (dressers, tables, etc.), Characteristic of the Egyptian interior, covered with leather.

It is appropriate to Wicker, rack and patterned carved furniture. In the bedroom you can put one or more chests.

textiles, decor, accessories

Main fabrics - linen, cotton, fine wool. Many fabrics embroidered with gold thread. Bedspreads and curtains can be printed with an ornamental in the Egyptian style. You can give preference to textiles in a wide strip.

Accessories may be provided in Egyptian category - in the form of a table clock Egyptian pyramids, pots Egyptian ornament ashtray shaped scarab etc. By the way, in the form of an Egyptian pyramid can be made and other interior items - for example, a table, a fireplace, canopy bed, etc. Suitable decoration: souvenirs from Egypt, wall panels under the papyrus, statuettes head sphinx, the scarab, the Pharaohs.

Another important symbol of Egypt - the sun. Wall above the sofa or in bed headboard can be decorated with a mirror in the shape of a sun. And be sure to set some tall palm trees in tubs - they will bring in the "hot" Egyptian interior breath of fresh air.

Egyptian style in the interior - 95 photo design novelties

Formed in the style of ancient Egypt (4000 BC. E.), And then was further developed.

The main differences of the Egyptian style luxury in steel finish and distinctive forms inherent pharaohs.

Distinctive features of the ancient Egyptian style

To create the Egyptian style in the interior requires certain colors: golden and beige shades or color of the sand.

Often a blue color - a symbol of the Nile, it is better to combine with green paint, for total harmony.

Inner chambers were often white because of the hot climate, and entire walls of yellow-orange tones with colorful ornaments and niches.

All shades of orange tones used for registration: from light to terracotta.

Gold good harmony with the blue-black finish, the color of chocolate.

Features of the Egyptian style

  • Wall sand color (or orange) Egyptian content;
  • column (half-columns) with ancient wall paintings;
  • niche with luxurious frescoes and paintings;
  • dark blue tone of the ceiling;
  • pointed, arched doorways;
  • beautiful borders on the ceiling (possible one shade to the ceiling and walls);
  • of polyurethane moldings (corners, cornices);
  • "Golden" heavy furniture with animal paws - one of the attributes of the style;
  • floor carpet in yellow and white stripes (tiger skin and so forth.);
  • the presence of large chests with hieroglyphs and drawings.

Nuances decoration Egyptian style

The walls of the light plaster or marble (granite) plates. Curbs on the ceiling with frescoes or stripes - another style attribute.

Wallpapers and spectacular reliefs, floral designs on the walls (lotus flowers, vine leaves, palm leaves) to decorate a room.

You can draw the walls of stone: granite or artificial stone. Mosaic yellow-blue colors - also attribute Egypt

Ceiling tone can be one of the walls or saturated tone. Shades should be darker than the walls - a style rule.

Ceramics (stone), you can close the floor. For more pomp and glamor added accessories covered with style themed curtains, animal skins and reed mats.

Mandatory furniture of natural wood dark tones, and the surrounding surface gloss. This design adds luxury design in Egyptian style.

Tip! Desired finish of gilt and ivory. Thread must depict animals, birds. Replacement may become wallpapers on this topic.

The room in the Egyptian style need as little as possible of upholstered furniture. The upholstery use zigzags, yellow and black stripes and other patterns.

  • Interior assumes the presence of arches and columns with thematic paintings, small podium. Fit perfectly into the overall composition of statues dedicated to the Egyptian civilization (from tiny to huge sphinxes, lions, cats, birds, pharaonic reliefs of Cleopatra, and so on.).

    Instead of cabinets and pedestals used chests with original paintings.

    Impressive look blue and sand (red-sand) interiors.

    Many options of registration of apartments in the Egyptian style. There are two directions that use so far:

    • simulation chambers of the Pharaohs;
    • the creation of the spirit of Egypt, ancient patina.

    The difference in the color scheme in the first embodiment need saturated colors, the second - "antique". But wallpapers can be perfectly fine in any direction. Everyone chooses what is pleasant.

  • Wallpaper in the Egyptian style - an excellent way to fill the flat ancient Egyptian motifs. Dark blue upholstery of chairs, blue lamp, and (or) the table will make the image complete.

    You should carefully choose decorative ornaments Egyptian style: vases, clocks, pictures, pyramid, lotus and other items Egyptian theme. Advantageously underlined Gods Egyptian style of the time: Amon Ra, Anubis, Inpu, Atum, Isis, Osiris and others.

    Columns (half-columns) is replaced falshkolonnami polyurethane coated sand or dark color with gods decoration, signs, geometric patterns.

    The three main rules of the Egyptian style: luxury, sophistication and wealth.

    How to recreate the Egyptian style in the interior?

    This southern country attracts tourists and scientists, researchers and enthusiasts who want to spend their holidays well. Her study last hundreds of years, but still have not been able to know until the end. This charming Egypt. Egyptian style in the interior appeared for a long time, and still does not get lost among the other styles.

    Strange fact - the elements of Egyptian art did not take root in any other culture. Only in the 19th century there was a revival style, came the fashion for him and Egypt's cultural elements have been widely used in interior design.

    Photos: Children's room in the Egyptian style

    Egyptian style: the main features of

    Across the Egyptian architecture are some common features. Nishi, arches, high column indoor semicolumns. On the walls flaunt frescoes and paintings. Decor necessarily contains those elements that are symbolic to the African country: images of the sun, a scarab beetle, lotus, sphinxes, pyramids.

    Another feature that distinguishes the Egyptian style - is the active use of textiles and carpets, harboring floor. This interior is strict geometric patterns, ancient Egyptian symbols.

    In religious buildings the walls were covered with painted hieroglyphics or ornament. But accommodations were strictly decoration. Most often they organized under the ceiling frieze depicting the palm trees, lotus leaves, reeds, papyrus.

    Photo: Decorating the walls with frescoes

    The color palette of the interior is strict and limited. Use neutral colors: ivory, pale yellow, sand, beige. They are suitable for wall design. Welcome all shades of orange. Luxurious gold favorably combined with black, chocolate, green, and blue. A room in the Egyptian style, the ceiling of which is decorated in blue with simulated stars, will give the impression of presence in the Egyptian temple.

    Because of the hot climate of the country in the Egyptian interior quite often you can find a wall, painted entirely in white. It refreshes and creates a feeling of coolness. Such restrictions in the colors were forced: in this country use only natural dyes, which are applied in pure form, without mixing.

    Photo: Ceiling design in blue with simulated stars will give the impression of presence in the Egyptian temple

    Photo: Decoration canopy bed

    The spirit of the era of ancient kingdoms help recreate the interior elements. Mosaics and paintings, furniture, bas-reliefs, sculptures - all that matters. Textile pattern contains characteristic of the Egyptian style: it is clean lines combined with subtle outlines of lotus and smooth curves.

    The highlight of the style are different items, decorations in the form of a scarab beetle, the head of the Sphinx, a flying hawk. Make the interior complete large floor vases, which are placed in a reed and papyrus, and related fixtures.

    Council: If you decide to recreate the Egyptian style in the interior - it does not mean you have to use all these parts. Select only the items that you see fit, you fit the mood and perception of the world, be it household utensils, stylized dishes, animal figurines and huge vases.

    Photo: Egyptian sculpture in the interior hallway

    The furniture in the Egyptian style is simple, concise and represents a wooden structure in dark wood. It is decorated with mother of pearl and precious stones. The legs of furniture - beds, tables, stools - are carried out in the form of animal paws. For furniture take wood dark wood: cedar, ebony, yew. Depending on the destination, used for decoration and bright colors.

    Photo: furniture legs in the form of animal paws

    The interior, which reflects the life of the ancient Egyptians, this will suit lovers of culture, nature, philosophical people who appreciate the monumentality. This culture, which took thousands of years, nowadays in great demand. Luxury pharaohs, mystical knowledge of the priests, the symmetry of geometric shapes - all this attracts the modern man.

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