Review of liquids for electronic cigarettes: what will you choose?

Electronic cigarettes are very popular today. This is primarily due to health concerns and stringent anti-smoking law. The main difference from the electronic device tobacco product - no burning process. For this reason, together with the steam, the body does not come harmful resin carcinogens harmful organism.

A variety of models of electronic cigarettes, sometimes baffling smoker who has decided to abandon the usual tobacco products. But when the right device is found, there is the question of refueling. What kind of liquid for electronic cigarettes to choose among the variety of flavors and brands?

The main ingredients are the same for all liquids, regardless of manufacturer.

  • propylene glycol;
  • glycerol;
  • distilled water;
  • synthetic nicotine;
  • flavor.

Propylene glycol (PG) - a colorless, slightly viscous liquid with a sweet taste, soluble in water. It used to flavor saturation. PG base made all the cooking liquid flavors.

Glycerin (VG) - oily, colorless liquid which is used for density of steam. He becomes like cigarette smoke.

Distilled water Dilute the mixture with PG and the VG, it gives the necessary fluidity to stabilize evaporation.

synthetic nicotine It is used to make the fortress. In various kinds of liquid nicotine contained in various amounts (from 0 and above)

flavoring - This ester imparting liquid flavoring properties.

All ingredients are cleaned highly effectively used in various fields: pharmacy, cooking, cosmetology.

Any high-quality liquid for electronic cigarettes have a base composed of glycerin and propylene glycol.

Standard ratio of these components is:

Water, flavoring and liquid nicotine (not always used) occupy only 10% of the basic composition. The traditional base is the average: moderate evaporation, a mean punch to the throat and lungs taste.

In addition to the traditional foundations, there is a non-standard ratio of propylene glycol with glycerine. Increase the dose of a component to achieve a particular effect or allergy to one of the substances. Elevated levels of propylene glycol provides a moderate amount of smoke, but a severe blow to the throat. Glycerin, on the contrary, increases the amount of dense steam, but its strength is minimal.

electronic cigarette gives Fortress synthetic nicotine contained in the liquid for filling. Selecting individual filling depends on the strength and taste preferences.

Review of liquids for electronic cigarettes of the fortress:

  • Refilling without nicotine (0mg / ml) suitable for cessation and having a psychological dependence on the smoking process;
  • Super easy filling (6mg / ml) for cessation, as well as those who do not have the need for nicotine (smoking for fun "for the company");
  • Light (11-12mg / ml) for smokers super cigarette lighter;
  • Strong liquid (16-18mg / ml) suitable for fans or light cigarettes;
  • Super strong (24mg / ml) for fans strong cigarettes, dependent on nicotine.

Fortress desired can be determined in a simple manner: the number of nicotine content on the usual cigarettes multiplied by 30, the total value is required fort.

On the additional sense of strength and influence of the device. The more powerful the instrument, the more intense evaporation.

Manufacturers for refills mix a lot. But based on the choice of buyers, it is possible to determine the most popular liquid for electronic cigarettes.

  • Armango - certified by a Russian company for the production of liquids with a variety of flavors, reasonable price and excellent quality. The vials are easy to use, have a dispenser, color-coded nicotine and opening control.
  • SafeLiq - budget line from Russian manufacturers. Different variety of fruit flavors of different saturation, as well as a line with a pure taste of tobacco.
  • Red Smokers Corsar - budget option replete different flavors, but the liquid is very rich, have a high concentration of aromas.

  • Dekang - Chinese manufacturer manufactures products according to the recipes of his country. They have 50 flavors destinations that will satisfy any unusual tastes.
  • Joyetech - a world leader in the sale of premium liquid for electronic cigarettes. Each party has released the continued transfer of flavor, thanks to the multi-stage production of mixtures under strict quality control.
  • Vardex - quality blends is controlled by the company. The range is much narrower than that of the world's producers, but each part is original enough.

  • Flavour Art - Italian fluid presents more than 100 names. The same company produces a kit for self-production of the mixture.
  • Savourea - produces premium liquids for electronic cigarettes. Goods are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories and has a very high quality. Tobacco blends compositions glossed additives. Fluid without tobacco is very unusual and saturation.

To find out what the best fluid for electronic cigarettes for beginners veypera, you must first of all be guided by its taste and nicotine-containing needs.

According to the tastes of the mixture can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Tobacco widely consumed. It is possible to obtain the liquid smoke-like effect from a conventional cigarette;
  • Edible have flavors of berries, fruits, sweets, herbs;
  • Unusual liquid beverages are shades: rum, absinthe, cola, popular cocktails.

Each mixture is typically present bouquet of suitable fragrances. When inhaling a flavor can be felt when another exhalation and any pleasant aftertaste.

When switching from regular cigarettes to electronic person can be difficult to feel and distinguish the flavors, especially tobacco. Therefore, experts recommend starting with "edible" liquids, they will help to learn to "hear" the flavor and choose the best for yourself. After a couple of weeks, you can go to the tobacco mixture.

While everyone is different this term. To find "their" liquid must be something new you can try more often. This process will bring a lot of pleasure.

Beginner veyperu difficult to decide which of the more than 200 existing flavoring blends to choose from. Top liquids for electronic cigarettes taste is divided into categories.

  • Crunch Coil «Qellep» - herbs, rum and sweet notes attached liquid savor.
  • Five Pawns «Sixty-Four» - the taste of the beloved "Mojito". As part of the taste of a fresh cucumber, mint liqueur and lemon peel.
  • TMAX Juice «Snake Oil» - every experienced veyper know this flavor. British absinthe with a light citrus flavor creates an incredible feeling.

  • Crunch Coil «Mishmash» - a mixture of dried fruit and sour grenadine syrup like men and women.
  • Five Pawns «Grandmaster» - combines the flavors of banana and creamy caramel.
  • Cosmic Fog «The Shocker» - strawberry, citrus and tropical fruits succeed each other at a breath.

  • Crunch Coil «Cavendish» - liquid, aged in oak barrels with a sweet taste of tobacco Cavendish and nutty aftertaste.
  • Halo «Captain Jack» - strong tobacco flavor with mellow rum, wherein the nicotine concentration is not high.
  • Halo «Southern Classic» - tobacco leaves combined with flavors of honey, vanilla, citrus and clove.

  • Five Pawns «Bowden's Mate» - a mixture of sweet chocolate with fresh mint ending with vanilla aftertaste.
  • Cosmic Fog «Kryptonite» - a combination of fresh melon with a lollipop.
  • EVO Vapor «Coconut Mojito» - an exotic blend of coconut, lime and mint lend a tropical flavor notes of this difficult.

  • Five Pawns «Absolute Pin» - the most complex composition with the aroma of cinnamon and caramel sweet, the final taste of absinthe.
  • Halo «Malibu Menthol» - pineapple, milk, sweet menthol taste like Pina Colada cocktail.
  • Cosmic Fog «Milk & Honey »- a warm fragrance of milk and honey make it possible to relax and get a good feeling from smoking.

Recommend a specific flavor mixture is very difficult, because it's all individually. If it is difficult to make the first choice, you can focus on the most popular flavors. For information about the popular body fluids can be obtained from the sales counter or ask the "experts".

Premium fluid always made only from the finest quality raw materials, have strict control, in line with international quality standards. Packaging necessarily labeled with lot number, sealed bottle cap, which indicates the absence of impurities. A quality pair of almost 100% simulates smoking a real cigarette.

Watch video reviews of various liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Ranking of the best flavors for electronic cigarettes: Top 3 in all categories

Electronic cigarettes have become popular not so long ago, but at the moment, many smokers have switched to veyping (steaming process). Moreover, even those who have never been nicotine hostages, sat down on the newfangled fun. The pros and cons of this hobby dismantled in many articles, but what specifically to this you can find information about the tastes, flavors and other criteria of good castings. This term denotes Liquid for Electronic Cigarette (ES), which can change the mood in almost all models. Exceptions are evaporators, which are designed for a certain number of links and not disassembled for replacement items or anything else.

What is a liquid for ES?

Fill - this is a special, often flavored liquid that gives a taste of during steaming. Once veyping became popular, even the shelves of conventional tobacco shops filled with different types of devices for smoking electronic cigarettes. To choose among such a range is quite difficult, especially beginners, but here it is worth noting that all of the fill composition similar to each other, and this simplifies the buying process.

Liquid is sold in vials, usually plastic, 10 or 30 ml. Sometimes you can find options "on tap", and then the price on the price tag will mean up to 1 ml.

Important! Veyperam novice is not recommended to buy just fill in large bottles, as a certain taste may quickly get bored or do not like.

All liquids differ in tastes into three types:

Now sold and mixes that combine just two options from this list. So that in addition to the standard flavors, such as mint, nicotine, coffee, chocolate, you can find quite original, such as: cherry ice, strong cappuccino. Specific stamp, which includes the best flavors for electronic cigarettes, does not exist. There are only a list of the most unusual, bright fillers that will not leave indifferent to the smoker, but this will be discussed later.

Store the liquid in a cool and dark place, that they have not deteriorated in a short period of time. After opening the vial the content may be a little unclear, it is a normal phenomenon that occurs due to some peculiarities of the composition.

In fact, the filler for ES - it is a certain flavor, which often contains chemical elements. So first you need to realize that the all-natural fillings does not exist. Their compositions, despite the diversity of the range, not much different from each other.

Required ingredients of any filler, it is:

  • water (12%);
  • propylene glycol (medical substance has no negative impact on the person);
  • glycerin (a popular nutritional supplement is safe in small quantities);
  • flavor.

An optional element of the composition is nicotine. From the moment it became popularized tasty soaring, many people who do not have an addiction to nicotine, ES buying solely for the sake of taste and smoke.

When choosing potting is necessary to pay attention to the content and the amount of nicotine in its composition. Those who want to quit smoking, it is best in the early stages of buying those options, in which a 14 mg / ml, as in a conventional cigarette of 0.7 mg. That is, the amount of nicotine, the tobacco in the pack, you need to multiply by 20 times, and on the basis of this result, select refills.

By the way, if you rely on these numbers, the 1 mL fill Fortress 20 cigarettes, it feels just weaker. Over time, the amount of nicotine should gradually reduce and then will grow out of this harmful components.

Important! Those who did not have an addiction to smoking, it is better not to buy a liquid with the content of harmful substances, and does not deal with the guy because this game also has a negative effect on the body.

The most delicious liquid for electronic cigarettes - those who have taken to heart. There are no specific selection factors, suitable to any veyperu, since the choice of filling even eating habits can be compared. The only thing you need to rely - is the above-mentioned content of nicotine, not to make mistakes in the beginning.

At the well-known manufacturers can find options with the best balance of quality and price, but all liquids differ little in composition, so that this factor is determined solely on the opinions of veyperov "oldies". In addition, there are casting a very variable and interesting flavors that are revealed gradually, and this is like in action on the perfume.

As mentioned earlier, the top of the best tastes for all smokers to make it is impossible, but there are very specific manufacturers, are a priority.

If you distribute them in popularity, it will be released the following rating:

  • 1 place. Tobacco - firm, existing for a long time and had time to win the sympathy of many smokers. The company has a diverse range, which is constantly updated with new flavors. In addition, it has a quality and richness of flavors that particularly like veyperam. To date, the products coming out under this brand is sold in almost all specialized shops, which once again underlines its status.
  • 2nd place. Joyetech - this company has more than 40 kinds of fillings, flavors beginning with classic and end almost gourmet. By the way, it also produces a complete package for electronic cigarettes, thereby deserves a special place in the top. Fill this company have only negative: a thick consistency, due to which steam can be burnt parts. Another disadvantage was observed for the products of the company.
  • 3rd place. VARDEX - quality fillers of this company it is worth to finish a little, but the range of flavors will please anyone looking for something new and original. Lemon sorbet, honey, blueberries and many other options are included in the permanent line fills this company. Viscous liquid, but high-quality, in addition, possess an acceptable price: about 15 rubles per 1 ml.
  • 4th place. RED SMOKERS - Russian brand, which produces almost perfect fillers for electronic cigarettes. This company is especially concerned about the quality, in particular the consistency, so that they fill virtually no drawbacks. The only drawback: the rapid contamination of ES due to some elements of the composition. But little negative impact on the evaporator they do not have a range of RED SMOKERS allows you to roam.
  • 5th place. FLAVOURART - known company that manufactures its products in Italy. A large assortment of different smells, good quality and relative affordability. Fill the firm easiest to find and order on the Internet, but in some cities it is also presented. Minus: nicotine taste of many buyers do not resemble actual tobacco and a little sour.

By the way, the most expensive liquid for e-cigarettes are not necessarily the most delicious, but this rating can be implicitly relied upon, since it is made up of real reviews. At least, these companies produce high-quality products and is constantly replenished with new line of scents.

On the question of what kind of liquid for e-cigarettes the most delicious, no single answer. Regardless of the different tops to choose the filling you need based on your personal preferences. For example, if the smell of watermelon do not like the novice of bathers, he should not buy watermelon fill. This factor is obvious, but many believe unconditionally various ratings and the opinions of others, and then throw the fill newly acquired because of its unpleasant taste.

It is worth to remark: there are options that are popular, if not all, the many. The forums dedicated to guy such liquids occupy separate threads, and the diversity of their taste discussed by most users.

Among the unusual, exotic flavors advise you to pay attention to the following. These flavors, without doubt, will fall under the shower demanding palates.

Top 3 exotic flavors:

  1. Crunch Coil «Qellep» - sharp notes of rum and some sweetness give this pouring identity. Its taste is sharp, but the aftertaste is quite soft and pleasant. The aroma can confidently call the intoxicating, even a little obsessive, but this is the charm of this charge.
  2. Five Pawns «Sixty-Four» - mint liqueur, grapefruit and green cucumber. This pyramid of flavors in itself is unusual, but it feels when smoking Incredible composition. Pouring a refreshing and invigorating and tangy scent of green gives it its flavor.
  3. TMAX Juice «Snake Oil» - this refueling is even a number of awards, so its status is "better" is confirmed at the official level. Not the fact that it will please everyone, but the taste notes of anise in combination with citrus exactly bring the range of new experiences for both novice and professional veyperu.

All of us from childhood love juicy berries and fruit. That is why the fruit flavors for e-cig also enjoy widespread popularity.

Top 3 fruit flavors:

  1. Cosmic Fog «The Shocker» - most tastes like lemonade with tropical notes of strawberries;
  2. Five Pawns «Grandmaster» - a multi-faceted scent of exotic fruit and notes of ripe banana;
  3. Crunch Coil «Mishmash» - the taste is captured grenadine and dried fruits, which gives this filling a special significance in veypera collection.

Invariably remain popular flavors made to simulate classical cigarette and tobacco taste.

Top 3 tobacco flavor:

  • Crunch Coil «Cavendish» - shading aged in oak barrels, has a rich tobacco taste and aftertaste of hazelnut.
  • Halo «Southern Classic» - it's pretty unusual version with the addition of citrus notes, vanilla and honey.
  • Halo «Captain Jack» - strong, masculine option for lovers of nicotine refills.

Many love the freshness, not only in toothpaste and chewing gum, but when a guy. Especially for such veyperov we picked the most interesting liquid refreshing direction.

Top 3 refreshing flavors:

  • Five Pawns «Bowden's Mate» - chocolate, vanilla and mint tart: a combination that is sure will give cheerfulness.
  • Cosmic Fog «Kryptonite» - this gives pouring thick vapor, and its taste is more reminiscent of the cold melon and candies.
  • EVO Vapor «Coconut Mojito» - this option is fully coconut, but despite this, it has the versatility and uniqueness.

Sweet lovers will appreciate the flavors made to simulate all kinds of desserts and delicious cocktails.

Top 3 sweet taste:

  • Halo «Malibu Menthol» - Pina Colada with menthol: non-standard fluid for a sweet tooth.
  • Five Pawns «Absolute Pin» - familiar to many absinthe veyperam smell of tobacco mixed with cinnamon and caramel.
  • Cosmic Fog «Milk & Honey »- this includes filling taste of hot milk, soft zefirok and honey.

It may be noted that in the space provided top all options are divided into groups: This will help determine beginners and even experienced bathers. Rely on the rating with absolute certainty is not necessary, but to get yourself at least one copy of the lists need to fill each veyperu. At a minimum, these fillers have the ES extraordinary, multifaceted tastes.

  • do not skimp on the purchase of liquid, as some expensive options can simply hit their quality and originality;
  • to create your personal top at all times, try as much as possible the various options;
  • after a while boldly try to mix best suited to each other, or their own favorite fillers;
  • adjust the taste by enhancing the capacity and voltage EC.

See an overview of the best flavors for electronic cigarettes from a popular manufacturer.

What kind of liquid selected for the e-cigarette

If you decide to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes, or simply want to upgrade to a more gentle method of smoking, without any special liquid you can not do. And here begins the main problem: a large selection of brands and types is able to force anyone to get lost. It is necessary not only to find a reliable manufacturer, but also to choose the desired fortress.

To better understand the varieties of solutions for electronic cigarettes, for a start you need to know their composition. Any liquid consists of the following components:

In turn, the nicotine base is of several types:

  1. Usual (6 parts propylene glycol and 4 parts of glycerol). Such liquid vapor identifies the average number and has a pleasant taste. it also has a good indicator TX (m. n. "punch in the throat", from which the expression including independent received satisfaction from electronic cigarettes).
  2. Velvet Cloud should choose if you idiosyncrasy of propylene glycol. This light nicotine solution in distilled water and glycerin, which in use releases a lot of steam. He has a weak and poorly TX pronounced flavor.
  3. Ice Blade- liquid for electronic cigarettes on the basis of propylene glycol and distilled water with the strongest TX and sharp taste.

If you are not allergic to propileglikol, better to choose a small bottle of conventional or traditional solution with the desired strength. Even if the most concentrated liquid will seem weak, you can try to go to the Ice Blade.

How to calculate the solution of a fortress

To start, you need to know what a sense of satisfaction from the electronic cigarettes and nicotine saturation is more dependent on the manner and frequency of floating, as well as the battery voltage, than what kind of liquid you choose fortress. In most cases it is chosen on the basis of their own experience. And still need to start somewhere.

Take a simple example. Pay attention to the content of nicotine in tobacco you familiar brand, and then multiply it by the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. For example, if in one piece contains 0.7 mg nicotine, and about you smoke 25 a day, the amount of nicotine to which your body is used, will be equal to:

0,7h25 = 17.5 mg per day.

the necessary fluid fortress for electronic cigarettes can be selected on the basis of this. Typically, the following classification is adopted by manufacturers:

In our example will suit a solution with a concentration of 16-18 mg / ml. Keep in mind that when calculating the best round figure downwards and select weaker liquid. So if you smoke 20 pieces a day, each containing 0.7 mg of nicotine, then your result will be:

Therefore, you must select the solution strength of 11-12 mg / ml. If you feel that he is still weak for you, you can take the concentrated liquid and bring the castle to the right.

Video: how to fill the e-cigarette

As for the taste, then in general all individually. Manufacturers offer a variety that dazzled in the literal sense. In general, all the flavors can be divided into three categories:

  • tobacco;
  • fruits (cherry, apple, peach);
  • everyone else (coffee, chocolate, etc.).

The biggest demand is for tobacco. Fruit selected fans hookah and coffee or chocolate often bought as an experiment. Keep in mind that the liquid with the same name from different companies can vary greatly among themselves, and have similar flavors will be very difficult to tell the difference. You can even experiment If desired, mixing different embodiments with each other.

To choose a good liquid for electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to take into account a number of parameters. If you are not allergic to propylene glycol, and you prefer a mild taste and concentration, buy a solution with a mark of "traditional" or "normal" (60% propylene glycol and 40% glycerol). Fortress is calculated based on the number of cigarettes smoked per day, and the taste was adjusted so that you like it.

And remember that although e-cigarettes are not as harmful as usual, to get involved in them, too, not worth it. It is better to treat them as an intermediate step before the final refusal of a bad habit. Believe me, to be free from any addiction very cool man!