Stockade fence made of logs

It has long been the custom that any housing enclosing our ancestors fences protecting against detractors. And what this palisade was taller and stronger, the longer the preserve confidence in the integrity of the personal property.

It looks like a classic fence made of logs

  • Comfort and maximum protection;
  • The simplicity and speed of installation;
  • Relatively inexpensive cost.

One option is the creation of such fences stockade. The word consists of two stockade derivatives "often" and "number", indicating that the frequent location of stakes in the fence. This type of fence is to install them pointed ends deeply into the ground. This fence will be not only a great decoration for any country house, but also an excellent protection from thieves.

Option stockade of hewn logs

Palisade fence: advantages and disadvantages, and especially

As well as any other type fences, palisade has certain advantages and disadvantages, knowing that can navigate in the construction of such structures.

The following figures can be attributed to the pluses of using palisades:

  • Environmentally friendly. The fence is made of completely natural materials - wood;
  • High strength logs;
  • The originality and uniqueness of the exterior;
  • Excellent protection against the penetration of homes on private land thieves;
  • Resistance to negative factors in the operation: durability and moisture resistance.

Palisade fencing is a good solution garden, infield, as well as a country house, where it is planned to relax away from prying eyes. In addition, this fence will indicate that its owners - serious people who want to live in peace and tranquility.

EXAMPLE combined intake of logs and natural stone

Among the shortcomings should determine the following characteristics:

  • Constant care for the fence: as a natural material, it is inherent in all natural processes, including rotting;
  • Carrying out repairs.

One of the features of the palisades, especially high, is to create more shade. It can be used in the rational order, and cause some discomfort. Also, the wooden fence is a great place for braiding it with ornamental plants, which creates additional design effect.

Features stockade: size, parameters, wood

As for the height, the picket fence can be any size, from fencing flowerbeds with their hands up to guard private homes. Apart from the dominant index height of the fence it is in the selection of its shape, which can be round, rectangular (classical) gear.

Scheme fence of logs with dimensions

Qualitatively, the dried raw materials in accordance with all building regulations, reduces the risk of rot and fungal infections, making durability design. The cost of logs in the construction materials market is acceptable, that allows to build a stockade without any cost.

It is worth noting that the price also depends on the quality of timber, its size and quantity.

To consolidate the palisade and connections between beams using a galvanized nails, intractable corrosion. Save on this very expensive material is not recommended since rust is able to harm the wood, causing it to become worthless.

There are several varieties of creation palisades. The most simple - is the construction of the fence by installing sharpened stakes into the ground. In this way the fence our ancestors, making the stakes are very sharp and strong, protecting, thus, their homes from attacks of enemies.

Today, you can find small palisade enclosing a garden or flowerbed, whose function is not to protect, but rather to give a beautiful appearance section. Flower beds, surrounded by a palisade, look more attractive, and the garden will become a real pride of their owners. Small and low picket fences, stakes diameter which about two to three centimeters, are also attractive.

EXAMPLE palisade of small logs

How to build a picket fence with his hands

Not one cottager, who knows how to handle an ax and hammer, thought about how to make your fence a unique, beautiful and durable. Stockade, as an option, copes with its functions, plus to all its construction is so simple that it can be carried out independently.

Consider the whole process of a standard work in stages.

In the case where there is a desire and the ability to procure raw materials on their own, you need to know some of the features of wood. Log cabin only those trees that have the same cross-section diameter by dry exhibits. If no dead trees can be cut down alive, having further drying.

Drying of logs in a natural way

After the material is well dries, it must be processed: remove unnecessary knots, smooth out irregularities. paling top sharpened if desired, giving him the appearance of "antique". You can do without these frills, leaving the fence ordinary frame.

Also it is aligned along the length of the logs, making them roughly equal. If you wish to get a perfect picket fence, wood is better to use the services of companies that are happy to provide the best specimens of lumber.

Step 2. Preparation portion of its markup

It is necessary to define the area of ​​the fence, as well as its location, taking into account that one flight takes about three meters between power supports.

Existing types of a palisade of logs

The most popular option is to install a metal support, which is more durable and simple to operate. After the treatment, the wood should take care of pouring the foundation of the fence, digging a trench and the bay of its cement mortar.

When the foundation is prepared and processed wood, the boards should be set parallel to each other, driving them into the foundation at a certain planned depth.

Installation logs fence

Every 2-3 m on the inner side pins need to bond together. For this purpose, the boards that are attached with galvanized nails. Depending on the height of palisade such beams may be either in a single row (middle dockable) and parallel double (top and bottom).

After all the dirty work is done, it is necessary to bring beautiful appearance fence. To do this, a wooden fence was treated with lacquer on wood, giving the wood an attractive hue and luster.

Processing mastic timber to protect from moisture

There are many ways to install palisades. The most ancient and primitive limited Never nail stakes into the ground. The most innovative - using decorative foundation and livnevki.

Which option to choose on a particular site, it's up to the owner.

The only thing that should be guided, - a function that must fulfill the stockade.

The lack of skill, but a great desire to do something useful with his own hands for the house, can be offset by reading the informative material for the construction of such structures, as well as viewing video material demonstrates all the nuances and peculiarities of work.

When stranded self-assembly of such extravagant fence to get help construction companies to help in solving such problems. In this case, the palisade grow before your eyes like mushrooms after rain. However, many men want to make this process on their own, doing their infield pride and joy, as well as the subject of admiration among the neighbors.

Palisade of logs and woven fence with his hands

For a long time the stockade was the hallmark of small Russian towns and border guard castles. A protective barrier was sufficient in order to avoid being caught off guard and reflect fleeting fierce onslaught cocky steppe. Stockade protected the place of the future of large populations. Powerful, pointed top of the logs showed unswerving determination to defend the population of the new small home, and at the same time indicates the center of the city pledged.

Genetic memory descendants of people occupying Ancient Rus retained memories of the picket fence, the fence of vertically set of logs, as a strong and reliable protection against external attacks. In addition, the country house, surrounded by the old wall, acquires a special charm.

There are several options to make a fence. Each of these different material used and the amount required investments. The fence may be the exact prototype of the serf palisade (another name for the fence of wood) or represent its "budget" option.

To build a palisade according to the rules of the ancient art of fortification, will have to pay large sum of money. Should immediately discard the fantasy of forest gifts in the form of fallen trees. In order to gather the required number of logs have to either spend on searching the material most of his life, or live in a wooded area, where there is often hurricanes and falling trees. In some cases, the fence of the stakes structure does not lose relevance and worth considering. To learn how to make their own hands a wicker fence, discussed below. In the meantime, focus on the main version.

Building monumental structure requires not only creative, but also purely economic approach with elements of technical and budget calculations.

Traditional embodiment assumes palisade fence device lines of logs, dug or driven into the ground, with a close fit to each other. This method has several advantages:

  • lack of technical difficulties in manufacturing operations;
  • Minimal requirement for extra consumables;
  • speed of installation.

The main drawback - the fragility of the structures. All the tricks related to the organization of sand bags, roasting and processing septic tank immersed in the land of the logs, even if prolong the life of structures made of wood, it is insignificant. And for those who hope that the stockade is to protect and decorate their estate for many years, this option is unacceptable.

Temporary operational characteristics will increase considerably if to prepare for taking the foundation footing.

  1. Along the perimeter of the future construction of a trench dug for monolithic strip foundation depth to "bayonet" shovel.
  2. Formwork exposed with the terrain profile with the forecast of the minimum output of the foundation bed above the surface of the order of 150 mm. This caution is associated with the spring season underflooding.
  3. At low intake spans intermediate supporting pillars can be neglected except logs which are making gate apertures, and each timber in the base angular rotations. These carrier elements have to be longer than the linear meter, provided that the latter have a two meter standard format.
  4. In the field, the supporting pillars are installed before pouring the foundation metal "glasses" material which can serve as a thick-walled pipe with an internal diameter slightly greater than the thickness of the log. The optimal length of the "cup" for the six-foot fence - 1.5 meters. Meter lower part of the mounting member will be in the ground and foundation entirety.
  5. Installation of the stockade begins from any angle or pillars supporting the gate frame.
  6. Each successive timber is sealed by means of a preceding metal dowels, slaughter through prepared holes extending through the timber mountable with zasverlivaniya two thirds the thickness of an already installed.
  7. Fixing it is desirable to produce in three positions - one quarter of the total height from the top and bottom of the timber and closer to the middle.
  8. Corner and gate ligaments necessarily be strengthened construction staples.
  9. Polutorametrovy the lower part of the supporting beams should be treated with hot bitumen.

Such a fence-picket fence design using of a good primary and the guaranteed Consumables It will serve as owner two or three decades.

should be prepared for the erection of the palisade:

  • the required number of "sticks" of a given diameter (optimally from 10 to 15 cm) and a length;
  • metal rods (boring machine), which can be made independently from the reinforcing rods, section 12 mm, length 20-25 cm, depending on the standard beam diameter;
  • Construction staples;
  • pipe-glasses.

Such a structure is a monolith, that eliminates the need for additional apparatus squared webs and retains usefulness aesthetic design.

Notches the top of the log is available to perform their own hands. The tool will only need well-sharpened ax. Fittings cut through "grinders", equipped with a cutting disc. Drill diameter for the passage openings to be a couple of millimeters smaller than that of dowels that provide good holding tightness. Brackets to reinforce the tightening effect is slightly bent at the inner arc.

For those who present embodiment fences seem too expensive, we can offer some alternative to the stockade, actually does not require financial investments.

For the organization of the enclosing structure of this type do not require whole tree trunks. And the palisade in the usual sense of the word wicker fence can be called a stretch. Number of wattle, It may be made of any zherdiny. In most cases, this middle branches of trees are used, more preferably sawmills. For the majority of Russian regions relevant workpiece from pine or birch.

Quantity framework of stakes calculated quite easily. It suffices to measure the length of the perimeter fence future in meters, multiply this number by two, and add a few units in the cull and compacting bundles angular transitions.

Material for knitting fabric fence also harvested independently in all possible places. The floodplains are usually a lot of bushes and willow trees of the family. thin and flexible willow branches - excellent material for woven fence. In the forest, can be found thickets of willow or hazel. The main requirement - that the branches were "live", full of juice. This will help prevent wrinkles at an operating bending vines.

There are several options wicker fence fences. They differ in the way of weaving:

and structural integrity:

  • a single frame;
  • of the individual prefabricated segments.

horizontal weaving It reproduces the traditional village life with a straightforward way of life, but a pretty heart with its simplicity and good nature. Driven into the ground, the bottom sharpened pegs arranged in 50 cm apart. Weaving begins with the lower row, spanning snake possible number of vertical framing members. Each subsequent number is put on the opposite side, forming superimposed on the previous one, infinity sign, and if easier -. The number "8" Protruding "tails" of the branches are cut shears.

often practice Modular forms fence. Separately manufactured polutorametrovy segments subsequently mounted in place protections device.

Wicker fences, where the elements of cloth are arranged vertically, more like his menacing look sentry spotted than a rustic fence. To execute this design Stoev bearing pins are driven much less - about two meters, but have a much larger size and are linked by three bridges. Weaving threads for this type of barrier thickness taken from three to five centimeters. Each subsequent series of starts and exits on the side opposite the previous one. As a result, the top of the fence crowned V-shaped wooden stubble, one kind of discourages intruders to enter the fenced plot.

Any of the options available to perform a wicker fence with their hands without any additional costs for building materials.

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Wooden fences made of logs

Of rounding erected not only residential capital cottages, country houses, baths, but also other objects. Local area may also equip with this material. From it you can make garden furniture and even a fence.

Types of fencing from rounding

  • Combined fence. The combination of wood and stone is very popular. Racks suit of brick or concrete, mounted therebetween palisade or rounding laid like the walls.
  • Figured. Fence Houses made of logs of different heights, forming a smooth semi-circles. Tip and can not do - so the fence will look comfortable and non-threatening.
  • Through. The bottom of the horizontally arranged logs stacked, the top of beautiful mounted boards from timber. Through holes the correct form will create the impression of a figured lattice.
  • Half. Rounding sawn lengthwise and placed between the wood or brick pillars. Mounted on the wood board, mounted in racks or chains extending inside each timber. Such a fence - a true decorative object of landscape design.

Continuous fence - the easiest option for self-assembly. If, however, the desire to protect their own "castle" appropriate fence does not disappear, choose the vending option and proceed as follows:

  1. Prepare the wood. Timber downright soaked in solutions that protect the surface from interaction with external natural manifestations.

  • It is necessary to align and ram each layer. It is necessary to make a flat area to fence made of logs stood erect, without venturing. This is important if the form is designed correctly or semicircular. If possible, the ditch is better to concrete, creating a level platform.
  • Prepared log workpiece treated and sheltered at the ends, mounted in the ditch close to each other, to leave no gaps. It is possible to operate with a rubber or wooden mallet, shoving logs. Achieve strength inside, filling them cross beam, then any type of decorative fence will be neat.
  • The finished fence is important to leave to the shrinkage, the log has it more than any other timber. its time - from three months to six months. Then dub the fence: in the period of shrinkage stockade level may change.

    Of course, no one will use pigment ink: it is important to preserve the flavor. To do this, use all kinds of paints, impregnation stain. An interesting result of the firing, when acting carefully blowtorch, creating a deliberate antiquity.

    We must remember that before painting should be to protect the logs again, subjecting them to chemical treatment. You can use an effective heavy chemistry, do not forget to protect yourself respirators and protective clothing. During the week of harmful components evaporate, and wooden construction fence will no longer anything threatening.

    Varnish, burn or cover any composition of the finished fence is not recommended in hot weather. Ideal choose for this work early autumn with temperatures from +5 ⁰do 10⁰. Without rain is expected, or simply wash away the protective compounds. Palisade fence requires a regular prevention of cracking and biological damage at least once in 3 years.

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    A fence made of logs, beautify and protect the country estate or farm house, but most likely will not work for our gardening with areas of total area of ​​6 acres.

    The longest will last a combined fence of logs and stone, and looks better than a fence.

    He did not so much for protection as for beauty and you can not build it all the way around and just in front of the facade overlooking the road. It is important to pick a good impregnation against rotting.

    One slight drawback of such fences - a high price.

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