Fence from slab with his own hands: Photo & Video

The most accessible kind of wooden fence - a fence of slab. Slab called the lateral semicircular edge of the log. Several tedious process of pre-treatment of the material, but the result is not just a cheap and very cheap fence.

In this practical, easy to install and very elegant: a log fence simulates the masonry, it looks comfortable, looks much more expensive than its real price.

Preparation of the material - the most energy-intensive phase of the fence device. Croaker need to trim, polish, antiseptic and cover with varnish.

In general, to make a beautiful fence of slab with his hands in the photo have to do everything as well as with other wooden fences:

1. For the supporting pillars is recommended to use a wooden beam or timber treated with antiseptic. You can take a metal pipe or a profile, but they will spoil the view of "log" construction.

2. Mark the perimeter fence: put the corner pegs, stretch cord between them. Set intermediate pegs in the points of the installation of pillars.

3. The recommended depth of the wells under the posts - at least half a meter. Pits can make a garden drill. The height of the workpiece - 2.3 meters (two feet into the earth and 1.8 to guard itself).

4. Set the fence posts of the slab. Control the level of vertical installation. Metal supports should be concreted and wait for the concrete pour; pits around wooden pillars poured gravel and tamp.

5. To simulate log laying board slabs laid horizontally abutting each other. By the metal poles croaker galvanized screws fastened to wood - nails.

6. Optionally make fence slabs with their hands with vertical boards as fence and at a distance from each other. A time - according to personal preferences.

In this case, before installing itself facing, you must install two horizontal bars at the top and bottom. Each bar is fixed to the support poles by means of nails (for all timber constructions) or screws (if metal pillars).

7. Another embodiment of vertical installation: installing boards overlap.

8. The top of the fence of the slab may be left or right to make a shaped (e.g. wave). In the latter case, to pre-marking.

A fence made of slabs with their hands in the photo

Create your own hands the dream of every owner of a private home. But what to do if your budget is limited? Then he comes to the aid croaker. What is this stuff? How to build a fence?

Slab as a material for the fence

The material is often used for heating private houses, but nothing prevents to create out of it a beautiful fence.

Croaker - popular, finding it not be easy (there are on any sawmill).

Advantages are as follows:

  • massive fences - high reliability;
  • with proper processing, fences have long life (at least 15 years);
  • ease of installation. Create a fence of slab with his hands under the force of each owner of a private house;
  • beautiful view. Enough to dream a little - get a real design solution;
  • ecology. Fences are not toxic, have a positive effect on others of its citizens;
  • fence is not interested in the Vandals - it can not pass on the metal or else to sell.
  • the need for large quantities of material (slab is never the same shape, so you may need for his selection);
  • material after installation several times treated with protective means, or service life will be short-lived (3-5 years);
  • preconditioning strips of slabs made exclusively by hand, a laborious process.

Before we understand how to make the fence of slab with your hands, you need to prepare a list of tools:

  • material in the required amount (depending on the area);
  • supporting pillars. Many experts in the field recommend using only wooden supports, as a homogeneous material is best to fit in with each other. But you can use if you wish, of course: channel, concrete pillars, even lined with stone;
  • wooden logs;
  • sander;
  • a shovel, an ax;
  • consumables: screws, nails.

Fence slabs installed in several stages, namely:

  1. Preparing the necessary material.
  2. Marking the territory where the fence will be installed.
  3. Mounting of the supporting pillars.
  4. Installation of joists and slabs.

Prepare the necessary material

Initially, the slab should be prepared. It is as follows:

  1. Removed from all bark strips.
  2. The treated strips are dried in the sun (depending on the temperature, it may take up to 3 days).
  3. Then sanding (giving beautiful appearance).
  4. The prepared material is processed by an antiseptic various pests.
  5. Finally the material necessary to cover the choice of varnish, lacquer. This will serve as a reliable protection against thermal effects.

Marking the territory for future installation

The marking is carried out by a conventional cord peg. Thanks to them, it should be noted future space for the supporting pillars.

Due to the fact that the fence is of a material quite massive, must adhere to the distance between the posts is approximately 2 meters. Allowed smaller the distance, but in any case no more, because it can simply "fill up."

In places where the supporting columns are mounted, it is recommended to make the hole for installation depth of approximately 70 centimeters.

Depending on what kind of supporting columns are selected, determined by the type of installation:

  • wooden supports. Before installing, it is necessary to pre-process protection mixtures, which are bought in DIY stores (the price of 200 rubles). Part of the support is immersed in the ground, wrapped in the roofing material. Thereafter, the supports are set in a vertical position, and then compacted broken brick, building debris;
  • If we talk about concrete piers, just install in a vertical position, and then compacted debris, rubble, broken bricks. The support must be fixed firmly in the ground. Pour solution (cement + gravel);
  • using a metal U-sections or pipes must be pre-pit covered with the composition of the sand, gravel. Components are mixed, compacted in a hole, is set bearing, is filled with cement mortar in the proportions 1: 3 (cement / sand);
  • the formation of stone pillars, the foundation initially done. For that sees the pit depth of 50 cm, and then filled with cement mortar mixed with gravel. Field of the grout hardens, becomes brickwork.

If the fence will include a vertical arrangement boards - joists are installed in a horizontal position. Before installing the joists must be pretreated with a solution for protection from pests, temperature effects, and then fastened with screws to the supporting pillars.

If the fence will have a horizontal mounting planks form, croaker dozhzhen attached via prepacked it bars.

Despite the fact that the fence of slab refers to the budget fences mind, which is often used owners of private houses, something prevents to make it kind of elegant. It is enough to add a few decorative elements.

One of the easiest ways to improve its views - trite paint.

Not necessarily to use when painting solid colors - dream up a little to get the beautiful pattern.

Covered croaker linseed oil varnish. Paint will not only improve its appearance, but will give ogradku resistance against harmful insects

If there are skills of carving, you can create some interesting shapes or banal to make slabs of the same size, thus there will be a different kind.

You can on the contrary, to emphasize its various forms. With this easy to handle glaze paint.

Many owners of private houses placed over fences gable roof, which copes with the function of decoration, protects the structure from the winter snow, rain - summer.

Fence from slab to roof

You can not only decorate the fence itself, but also the supporting pillars. Enough to paint and appearance will be different.

If you used metal supports, and is decorated with stone -Material overcame expensive, so emphasize personal style to the full.

How much is a fence of slab, the price for the work if hiring people to build a fence

If for any reason there is no possibility of self-built fence of slab, his order.

Prices for the work largely depend on what will be its height. On average, prices are as follows:

  • height of 1.5 meters - 1000 rubles per square meter fences;
  • height of 1.8 meters - 1.1 thousand rubles per square meter fences;
  • height of 2 meters - 1300 rubles per square meter fences.

This price includes:

It should be understood that the rates for the "naked" fence. If you want to paint, lacquering, or add decorative elements, the starting price of 2 - 2.5 thousand rubles per square meter.

Based on these rates, it is easy to calculate how much the fence for specific territory.

Everyone who wants to build a fence of slab may look at first all the options that are popular with the owners of private houses.

Built with his own hands fences can be seen in the photo.

In the presence of the thread of the work skills of the tree is possible to obtain such a beautiful fence. All you need - add small pieces of wrought metal and cut out any shape of the slab.

Option is perfect for those whose land is booming. Using this option fences, you can achieve the effect of a fortress.

Despite his personal style, the fence is perfect for any interior, regardless of whether brick built house or the wood. However, it is better to use in the event that the territory has beautiful greenery.

Option refers to the classical style, although to achieve this type of extremely hard. It is necessary to carefully handle the material, install it, and then open the varnish or paint.

Variant of wooden "fence" can confidently say that if you have imagination, you can get a fence slabs of any design.

Forging in conjunction with carving on wood - nothing more is needed for such a fence with the effect of an old manor. You can sheathe fence other decorative elements, if desired.

Look for high-quality video on the Internet, where experts share secrets on the construction of the fence of slab difficult. But it failed.

This video does not reveal the secrets of the erection of the fence, but it allows us to understand the essence of how this is done.

Beautiful fences from croaker: photo collection

The fence around the site, as a rule, is being built immediately after purchase. Fence, toilet and cabins for builders - these are the essential elements without which does not begin construction of a country house. A temporary or permanent fencing will be - it's a matter of taste and budget future home owners. Will it be a three-meter brick wall or light eco-friendly fencing, also decides to host, depending on the attractiveness of the object for thieves, the presence or lack of protection of the cottage village and their own taste.

The gate of the slab

Wooden fence unjustly considered the most unreliable and short-lived. Perhaps this is true, if it is wrong to choose the wood and wood processing technology to comply. A fence made of rough boards, or treated with violations serve no more than 10 years, it may well arrange those who choose to start a temporary version of the fence (so far is building).

Natural wood - a warm, eco-friendly, rewarding material. From it you can do things of rare beauty, if approached with imagination to the question. Examples of original and inexpensive fence made of wood (eg, slabs) can be seen in the photo. After a beautiful fence of slab can be obtained by carefully sanded and varnished to open, and you can take advantage of special decorative effects (as in the photo):

  • artificial aging;
  • blackout;
  • burning;
  • arrangement with other materials.

Generated the original idea of ​​the fence, having bought a high-quality wood material and building, in the end, a beautiful wooden fence, usually calculated, that it will serve faithfully for many years to come. For this to be true, you must strictly comply with certain rules of working with wood products.

Conditions prolonged service life of wooden structures

Pine boards or slabs are perfect. But for the pillars is better to choose hard wood: larch, aspen, alder, ash. Larch - the best solution for areas with high humidity, as this wood has the unique ability to become even stronger from moisture. Absolutely not suitable for outdoor use, specifically for the construction of the fence, birch wood (it shows itself the worst of all).

The underground part of the support to be indispensable waterproofing. The base is filled with concrete or compacted gravel.

In the photo fences from croaker, when the boards are arranged horizontally, it is evident that there are additional opportunities. In the case of vertically disposed boards can dream with the shape of the upper edge, but then it is necessary to provide a protective shield, such as the photo.

For wood is undesirable as being too dry or too moist air, as in the first case, it may crack and in the second - to swell and covered with fungus. To avoid these troubles tree to be processed by special trains:

Swedish paint can be made independently of ferrous sulfate, minium, sodium chloride, rye flour, linseed (can replace oil from flax seed), water.

Features fences from croaker

As the supports can be either round logs or lumber, e.g., 100x100 mm. For horizontal crossbars use 30x50 mm beam. perfectly suited for the manufacture of sheet material such budget as croaker. It is sold at a price of waste (in fact, it is the waste left after cutting).

First be removed with the bark slab, then it is polished and treated with special compositions. If it is a temporary fence area, you can not get rid of the crust and no handle. Underground part supporting pillars - approximately one fifth of the total length of the column. The service life will be significantly higher if the base of the column will still be processed.

Slab can be packed both horizontally and vertically. You can achieve very beautiful effect, making the fence figure, as in the photo.

If the fence of slab does not paint or lacquering, then it can go bad pretty quickly.

Treated as slabs without bark - the perfect material for the realization of a wide variety of ideas. Looks wonderful its combination with columns of natural stone, or for example with wrought components. Live for deaf stonewalls can be quite uncomfortable, besides, it is cold and do not miss the sunlight. In addition, it is very fashionable and above all fun to live in houses built using only sustainable materials. Wooden house, surrounded by a fence made of fancy shaped slabs, reminiscent of the structure of Russian fairy tales.