Features installation of a wooden fence for the garden with his own hands

Durable fence around the house - it is an important need. High fence, not only protects the property, but it creates a sense of psychological comfort.

Wooden fences have always been considered an ideal option fencing. They are made of environmental-friendly materials and are simple enough in an independent building. Properly constructed and well-maintained fences made of wood can last up to four decades.

Can be all kinds of products divided into two large groups:

  1. fence. It consists of wooden boards, which are attached to the posts. Columns in this situation act as a reliable support. There are different options for decorating the fence: it may be interesting paintings, wood carvings. Boards can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

Fence made of wood

If we consider the wooden fences by design, The following options can be identified:

  1. Fence. This design is the most popular. Undertake vertical boards that are nailed to the cross-beams. As a result, passage formed picket. Its upper part can be of various shapes to give additional decorative fence.

Fence made of bamboo

From what wood to make fence

Experts advise to use conifers. It may larch or spruce, cedar, pine. We must remember that pine does not differ a great strength. In principle, the wooden fence fits any kind of wood, the main thing that it was quality. If you want to save, then you can safely take a spruce or pine. Before using wood should be good to treat with antiseptic olive.

How to mount a wooden picket fence learn from this article.

How to easily construct a braided fence from boards with their own hands can be found here.

What are the advantages of the fence of corrugated board under the tree, you can read in this article.

Preparation tools for mounting

  • Dry shtaketiny from coniferous or broadleaf tree species. They should be high quality polished and specially treated against parasites;
  • galvanized fasteners. Before using it is necessary to pre-lubricate the nails with varnish;
  • cross bars;
  • supporting columns;
  • shovel (can use bit);
  • sand;
  • lacing;
  • pegs;
  • cement.

Step by step construction of a wooden fence with his hands

Taken wooden stakes about 60 cm in length. Each is necessary to sharpen. Then takes the site plan, and hammered pegs around the perimeter.

Then pegs should be looped lacing. It must be well tightened.

Marking the territory under the support

It is necessary to determine the desired height of the fence. It is important that it is not too high (because it can obscure the landing) or too low (so as not to expose area on the display). optimal average height is considered to be 1.5-2.5 meters.

Boards cut designated length. They should be processed in a grinding machine and make a semi-circular or triangular profile. If you want to save time, you can buy ready-made boards.

There comes a time when one of the pegs are removed, and in their place drilled borehole depth of about 50-80 cm a support for the future of the fence. To work went faster, do it better, using a drill. If access to the drill is not, then the pits can make an ordinary shovel.

Drilling holes for pillars

Prefab support can now dig in the ground. Bars may be a section of 50 * 50 * 75 mm or 75 mm. Install the boards should be strictly vertical, for greater accuracy it is recommended to use a plumb line. The wells are covered with earth and tamping firmly. To consolidate the results and make a fence durable, support is necessary to cement the.

On top of each timber the nail is hammered, and they are tightened together along the perimeter tightly stretched lacing. This must be done in order to correct align the height fence.

Prozhiliny (cross section 10 * 2.5 cm) are attached to the joists by nails. They should be placed at the same distance from each other. This is done at a height of about 20-30 cm above the soil level. Nails should be of suitable size to penetrate prozhiliny through and protrude from the back side of a few centimeters. Speakers of the nails must be carefully bend.

The exemplary drawing for the construction of a wooden fence with his hands

On the nails are nailed prepared for the board fence. If you want to make a deaf fence, the boards are nailed back to back. It is also possible to leave between them a small distance from one to five centimeters.

Painting and processing of wood fence

Stages of installation of wooden fences are completed, but there is still a lot of work. It is necessary to protect the wooden fence from weather and insects. For this there are special measures, in particular - treatment and painting.

As a protective material experts recommend the use of conventional varnish. It means it is a common and available on its cost. If finances allow, the hardware store offers a lot of options for a more powerful and expensive wood protection.

After the applied protective layer is dry, it is possible to start painting.

It is important! Painting wooden fence should be repeated once every two, a maximum of three years.

Fences made of wood have many advantages - it's environmentally friendly material and beautiful appearance, reliable protection and long service life. To a tree to fully disclose these qualities, you need to properly mount the fence and on a mandatory basis to protect the wood using linseed oil and paint.

How to prolong the life of wooden fences

For additional protection from rain and snow, many professionals recommend to install a fence on top of the special visor. This will require the installation of special additional brackets to which the visor can be attached.

that protect the lower part of the fence, We must be constantly:

  • Remove excess grass. Lots of vegetation near the fence leads to increased humidity. This can cause early rotting wood.
  • After removing the excess grass along the fence poured thin layer of gravel. This will allow excess moisture does not accumulate in this spot.

Decorative wooden fence, grille

how extend the service life of wood fences even at the stage of construction:

  • Sure to check the installation site anthills and large bushes.
  • Soak the wood with special antiseptics before the start of construction.
  • At the end of the installation to cover the entire design of the primer. This will strengthen the fence and provide excellent protection against adverse weather conditions. Making primer only in warm weather, when the tree is completely dry.
  • Additional priming is done with paint, composed of natural oils are included. This doubles the strength of the material. A layer of oil paint dry for about 24 hours prior to applying the second. Then the material is well saturated.

When the materials are prepared, have the tools, as well as free time, the construction of the wooden fence with their hands - a case that the power of even the beginner in construction. But it is important not only to properly install the fence, but also provide it with constant care and protection. Then the wooden fence will last forty-five years.

Step by step video instructions for the construction of fences made of wood

The video - an independent construction of a wooden fence:

Photo gallery of various fences made of wood

The photo examples of the various decorative and unusual wooden fences installed at their summer cottage. Part of ideas can help you in choosing their own decisions.

Fences made of wood with their hands: how to make, the types of ideas - 49 photos

Wooden fences at all times been known for its popularity. In many ways, this was the cause of its relatively inexpensive price and ease of installation. But today the situation has changed a bit, and now from the tree to create not just fencing, but real masterpieces.

Consider all the details.

Creating a wooden fence in the home. Stepwise procedure

The construction of the wooden fence can be divided into several stages, namely:

  1. Mounting of support pillars;
  2. Installing the crossbars;
  3. Sheathing installed frame.

Each stage in the construction should be carried out in full.

Installing the supporting pillars carried backfill method. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Yard using a drill, a shovel and scrap (if mixed soil and it is necessary to preliminarily loosened) to make a hole to a depth of 1.5 meters with a diameter of 50 centimeters.
  2. At the bottom of the hole puts the sand and carefully compacted. The thickness should be not less than 15 centimeters.
  3. After that you need to install the center support post holes and again compacted sand.
  4. Approximately to the height of 25 cm from the bottom should fall asleep rubble, mixed with sand, and again all compacted.
  5. Then, check for flatness support installation (it should be clear vertical).
  6. Then you need to repeat the process of falling asleep sand with gravel and compacted. These steps must be repeated until such time as the mixture will not get the top of the pit.

Cross-joists, which are made of wood, it is best to install with brackets.

assembly algorithm is as follows:

  1. On each leg will be necessary to use multiple attachments. Logs are prepared according to the segment 2 in length from 10 to 15 centimeters.
  2. At the end of each section should perform a hole for bolting.
  3. At the end of each board should make holes. It should be borne in mind to do the opening coincided with those drilled in the corner.
  4. This is followed by the upper portion of the support column about 40 centimeters to retreat. Noting the distance the first part to be welded corner which is to be deployed downward.
  5. Thereafter, it should be re retreat still about 4.5 centimeters and a welded area is now expanded directly upward.
  6. Further it is necessary to retreat downwardly about 1 meter in this way and to mount the lower bracket.
  7. After that, with the help of screws you need to install rails on the tree.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the distance between the transverse joists can be reduced. However, in this case, the design may reduce its strength. Support itself necessarily must be higher than the plating is not less than 10 centimeters, and the bottom should be at a distance from the ground at a distance of no more than 15 centimeters.

Sheathing established framework

Before you start the installation directly themselves mounting boards, it is necessary to remember that there are several ways.

In one method, fence mounted on the joists before the latter are mounted in the support, namely:

  1. Exhibited transverse joists at a desired distance between them, while maintaining the plane. This may be done using pre-prepared stands of any mother.
  2. There is no need to manufacture the template, which will be applied to the clearance between the boards.
  3. The lower and upper edge of the blade is exposed with a ruler. Instead allowed to use any line of the crosspiece, which has remained, is not involved.
  4. Screws on wood planks are being installed directly on the joists themselves.
  5. After that, the finished fabric and is its fixation to the prepared brackets. It is worth noting that it alone can not do this, so you need an assistant. If the action before that were true, the finished fabric assembly will take place quickly and without any effort.

If we talk about the second method of installation, then it means the direct mounting of each board individually. In this case it is necessary to prepare for a long and laborious process. After each board must be installed to measure the distance between them (if a clearance between the boards) and test clearly vertical.

It should be noted that any of the methods is popular with owners of private homes and country, so to say which one is better is impossible. Each embodiment selects for itself depending on the choice of wooden fence design.

What can be treated and to paint a wooden fence

It should be understood that the installed wooden fence takes on a change of climate in all seasons. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to protect against humidity, fire and pests.

Do not forget that the sun's ultraviolet radiation damage to the wooden fence on the grounds that as a result of their exposure in the inner wood moisture is lost, thus it loses its load-bearing capacity and self appearance.

For this reason, we recommend treating the wood with special UV-curing agents that can be bought at any hardware store.

Such impregnation is necessary to process a few times on the primer with deep penetration. After that, you can use water-resistant paint and varnish for bargain wooden fence attractive appearance.

Calculate the full value of it is simply impossible, because everything depends on the desired amount of material.

If we talk about the cost of the necessary building materials, the average price is listed in the table below:

To date, there is still a material other than wood, which was read in the same supple to implement various design decisions (the tree is very available on the price category).

But in such a way that the fence has an internal view. No one can say that the species has become worse.

In this embodiment, the design solution focused on every detail, you can see how worked themselves contours and corners smoothed in full. In the photo you can see the sliding door from the same yard.

Agree, very few of us know what methods uses one or another designer to realize their fantasies. But they use: calcining create aged effect successfully combined with different wood wrought metal elements, and even trivial tree polished and subjected to painting in different colors.

And how do you feel about the brutal style? Agree, the view is just impressive.

To implement such a design solution, you only need a jigsaw, sander and skills in woodwork. If there are tools and desire, you can achieve the effect of a battered wood.

And who like to treat puzzles? If there is the desire, you can initially draw a drawing on the board, and then cut the pattern. It is worth paying attention to the fact that this work is considered to be a jeweler, because each board has its precise size and curvature.

The most difficult process in the construction of the wooden fence is considered installing it (not to everyone's power to make such an arrangement).

For the construction of the wooden fence of the slab is first necessary to carefully treat the selection board. In any case should not be allowed to in any place of the board has different thickness or width of the same. In this embodiment, the distinguishing feature is its affordable price, but this is offset by the huge work which is necessary for the creation of such a creation.

Despite the fact that the board thickness of up to 1.5 centimeters is not very suitable for the fences, it can help to create an excellent ogradku in a grid pattern. Agree kind did no worse than the previous versions. And if it is still decorate and green spaces, which will be her braid - view is gorgeous.

Over the past few years have not edging board has increased in price by more than 15-20%, but this does not prevent her to be kept in the lower price range. In this case, it is often used in the construction of a wooden fence in a style.

As can be seen, this example illustrates one embodiment of designs when working with non-cut boards. you can achieve any exclusive solutions if desired.

And how do you design solutions in the style of shutters? Agree, just kind of bomb.

Beautiful wood fences

With a little skill to work with wood, you can create a beautiful fence for a short time.

This embodiment is popular with many owners of private homes, since its creation does not take much time and effort. I agree that the form is very attractive.

Standard fencing, which is suitable as a private house, and for suburban areas. It does not require to him any special skills, but at the same time has a nice view.

To create a carved fences with his hands must have the skills of carving wood.

To create such fences may take more than 3 months, because every detail plays a big role. But it's worth it. This kind of fence is suitable for any interior.

And what about such variants cutting? I'm sure many are dreaming of such a fence, because it can not only emphasize the personal style, but also create the illusion of antiquity.

Decorative fences are often used when creating rock gardens or simply in landscape design.

Small fences made of wood, will be able to emphasize the feature of a plant, to complement the interior of the infield.

possible to create any decorative ogradku a particular color, if desired. It does not require any skills.

Many dream to create a small portion of his tale, and immerse themselves in the old days.

This variant effect of antiquity is great for sites on which the wooden houses. In combination with the same m fence you can create for yourself a real fairy tale.

And if you add a little decoration in the form of a thick rope? The views are simply spectacular. For sure the neighbors would come to the holder of such a fence with admiration.

Fences made of corrugated wood

If for any reason there is no desire to work with wood, it can be installed fence of corrugated board. Thus, it is possible not only to increase the service life, but also create the illusion of a wooden fence.

If desired, you can use the profiled light-colored wood, which is perfectly suited to any interior. The service life of such a fence over 25 years.

Another option is to use corrugated darker tones, which allows you to create the illusion of wood covered with lacquer. Great for wood houses or the buildings sheathed in plastic under the tree.

Depending on the wishes of the owner of a private house, the fence itself can be done in any style.

High fences are always popular with the owners of private houses. Thanks to them, you can hide all that is happening on the territory of the site from view, make ogradku beautiful and exclusive.

Another option is to install a fence with small slits. This kind of fences is perfect for any private house, regardless of its size and style.

As a general rule, the installation of this type of fence on its price is available to any citizen of our country. Such fences are perfect for installation in any location, regardless of whether it is a villa is a private house.

In this photo you can see that the steel sheet is to combine a combination of decorative stone and the tree itself. It looks great and has a long service life.

For those who love minimalism perfect option to create a fence of corrugated steel sheeting under the tree. This kind of attitude to the classical style and is perfect for performing duty - to protect the site, as well as a good decoration.

When you create a fence brick and wood combined great. They often try to combine the designers to create interiors in the room and beyond.

Fence in classic style using conventional bricks and boards. Thanks to the successful combination of matched color palette, this fence looks not only rich, but also very attractive.

In this arrangement combines shaped elements with wooden fence brick. Well-chosen color palette allows you to use it in any Mete.

This combination of building materials in most cases used in country houses and cottages.

On their own to recreate such ogradku would be very difficult, and you need to not only be able to deal with this material, but also know the intricacies of mixing a special solution. But you must admit, these fences are able to surprise with its beauty, even the most captious critic.

Wooden fences, combined with decorative stone give the illusion of an ancient fortress. Often used for installation in country cottages or in the territory of private firms.

Now in the world of wooden fences began to show a tendency to use other patterns. They allow of simple fences to create something special and unique in its kind.

As can be seen, such a pattern is very difficult to do with your hands, unless a person is not and has sufficient skills in working with wood carving.

It can be ordered from the thread specialist on wood composition in the Chinese style, as shown in the photo. This option is considered to be quite common in our country.

Surely each owner of your site would like to install the original fence. But what are they?

This original design wooden fences in our country is not common. This is largely due to an expensive pleasure (the initial cost can range from 40-50 thousand rubles).

Such a design solution can not only make your neighbors to look at the fence with envy, but also makes the site very rich and personal.

Fences made of wood, horizontal,

Many of our compatriots when installing fences often wonder - what better vertical or horizontal? In fact, the only difference is in the taste.

Talking about such a vertical fence can say with confidence that it can make everyone in the home, while spending a short period of time and money. The classic style is suitable for the protection of any territory.

The photo shows that the vertical fence, made using sophisticated design feature. Make this very difficult at home, and if you want to have to seek the help of professionals. But it's worth it.

Forged items at all times gave fences strength and attractiveness. However, due to its considerable price is not very popular.

Wooden fence with forged metal wires in the photo makes it an original in its own way. It gives the area of ​​style and beauty. Moreover, wrought iron fence design elements make a very tough, which significantly increases the lifespan.

Such an embodiment combining wood, brick, and in fact, forged items, makes virtually fence life. He was not difficult climatic conditions, it is difficult to damage, and most importantly - it is beautiful and stylish.

The majority of our citizens do picket fences. you can make a very good fence with this material. One needs only to look at these photos.

Of course, if this fence paint, and then lacquered and get very good, but also because it is attractive. What is typical - it can be done in the shortest possible time (the period of its construction is not more than 1 - 2 days).

In the presence of violent fantasies and great desire to the site owner, we can give such a great designer ogradku that never ceases to please the eye of others.

Fence ladder is not rare in the everyday life of the owners of private houses. First - this kind of saves on the board, as small gaps can reduce the amount of material, and secondly - it turns out in the end very well.

In the photo Set the fence ladder, which is still sheathed inside floorings. Due to this it outside SRAs very effectively, while inside the fence portion looks very neat.

This kind of ladder in most cases, is set in suburban private homes. Small gaps between the boards allow you to see the beautiful green spaces, which can be planted behind the fence.

The video below shows you how to make a cheap fence made of wood.

How to make a wooden fence for the private houses with their own hands

Today, the wooden fence is gaining popularity again. Modern counterparts of other materials, of course, no worse, but from time immemorial mankind has valued and values ​​hitherto naturalness. Nothing compares to the natural wooden array. On our site contains several varieties of wooden fences and railings for homes and detailed instructions on how to make their own hands.

The main types of wooden fences

For any owner of a private house fencing, made with their own hands - a special pride. But before we proceed to its construction need to select the type of construction. Types of wooden fences for private houses and photos to them:

Wooden fence network. Description for this most ancient variety - interwoven with each other in a special way and rods driven into the ground knees. Wooden fence antique wicker (in the photo below, you can see more detail) is very unusual to do it with their own hands is a snap, but unfortunately, the life of his small.

Though the name is reminiscent of American movies about cowboys, it should be noted that in our country, such structures were built long ago. They protected the gardens, kitchen gardens, agriculture grazing area. In design - is nailed to the beam of wood a few boards (zherdin).

It is also a kind of old fences that can be done personally. Stakes, top tapered at an angle of 40 degrees. It has an impressive appearance

Attractive appearance, a delicate wooden fence for the garden to make their own hands simply serves most often as an element of decor or the infield for its zoning. Extremely durable decorative wooden fence is no different. Make it possible by crossing straight or diagonal strips or narrow planks.

Traditional look of wood fencing - fencing, fence. The easiest option of manufacturing: the board in a vertical position attached to prozhiliny, and those, in turn, driven into the ground to wood poles. It is the most cost-effective and quick way to elevate to protect your site. Apparently, therefore, it has become so popular. Easy to use, make it your own hands quickly and easily, and with proper care it will last a long time.

Another distinctive feature of this fence is that it clearly delineates the boundaries without obscuring while the section itself.

Separation of wooden fences on Mount Technology

Fences made of wood, in the photo above shows are:

  1. Without the foundation base. In this case, you need only wooden poles or metal supports.
  2. On the foundation. The ground part of the foundation base is produced simultaneously with the wooden beam.

As for the finish, it can be done using any material with your own preference: stone, decking, brick. Wooden fence with a solid foundation of always looks respectable, stylish and thoroughly. To him do you want to spend a lot of money, there is an option to reduce the cost structure - is to make a wooden fence with their hands from the beginning to the end.

Stages of installation of wooden fences

Rustic style (Country) has always been and remains to this day at the height of fashion trends. Wooden fences - its striking element, and the simplicity of the lines even without the decorations always looks modern and elegant. Make your own hands is not difficult. How to make a wooden fence more complicated design? First you need to decide on the materials of manufacture.

Step by step instructions for installing a fence made of wood

If the material you've already decided, select the aspect ratio: the shape, the height of the wooden fenced. Only then can proceed directly to the construction. How to make a wooden fence with their hands, the drawings and detailed instructions, see below.

  • The first step is marking territory.

  • Next you need to calculate the number of pillars of wood, fences and prozhiliny.
  • Earthly part of the rod to be processed sludge.
  • Then, counting is performed by a pre-stretched cord beams (recommended distance - 3 meters).
  • Pulled out of the well. hole depth should be leveled soil depth of occurrence - it is about 1.5 meters. The wells can be dug lignite.
  • Think good one caveat: if your intention is to make a high and heavy wooden fence, in this case, be sure to attach to the base of the metal plate supports. It is necessary for the stability and to guard by gravity is not vomited.
  • Timber supports are mounted vertically on a sand bed 12 cm, after which small portions of ground sand is filled well. Carefully ram. To structure was stronger hole can be filled with concrete.

  • After installing the supports necessary to calculate and determine the site of attachment prozhiliny wood top and bottom.
  • Fence is selected for the selected template in advance, but you can make it even, cut off at the stretched cord.

For ease of use, you can buy a ready-made fence with pictures or without them.

We suggest you review a short video with a selection of beautiful wooden fences:

How to make a checkerboard fence with his hands

The next type: wooden fence with their hands on the checkerboard image can clearly see the difference with the previous.

Compared with the previous, checkerboard looks more decorative made of wood. The main feature of the installation is considered that, to make it, you can in any implementation of: dense or lumens.

Poles are set similarly to the above embodiment. After installation, you must attach the beams. You can cut grooves in the wooden pillars, in metal welding should be welded corners, which will be located beams.

Decide what position you want to make a checkerboard pattern: horizontal or the vertical position the guides. With vertical checkerboard make them horizontal and conversely, when the horizontal, they are made vertical.

Further, after installation can proceed to the guide mounting plates. Put them in a staggered manner as shown above (one on each side). Fix them, you can either nails or screws.

wood fence ladder with their hands

Fence wooden horizontal ladder is also very popular so more detail on it. To make such a structure with his own hands as easily as the previous ones. Install supports, on a similar (described above) principle.

Next, you need to fix on both sides of laths of wood - it will be the guide. Usually used for this purpose a channel, it is easier and easier to insert the board at an angle. In this case, you decide for themselves what angle you want to make a Christmas tree. The position is also selected by preference. The direction can be both vertical and horizontal.

Important ! Do not forget to install the boards along with the gasket The material between them. It is necessary for ventilation and for the preservation of the material from decay.

Wooden fence to give the ladder with his hands. The photo shows some models are already finished works.

Upon completion of works treat with antiseptic and paint the fence structure.

Pawn longevity of solid wood fence

As the material for the manufacture of wooden fences need to choose the type of wood, which are characterized by strength: ash, mulberry, acacia, oak, aspen, Siberian larch.

Incidentally, the last option - it is truly eternal material is not spoiled, but rather grows stronger when exposed to water. It should also restrict the use of pine species to create a wooden blocks. Do not use birch, if you do not want to change it often, it amongst all the other lowest density.

Fenced boards for use in wood and metal, or as an alternative to wood - lining. Wood dismiss is not necessary. Today there are special metal console, thanks to modern technology. Therefore, solid wood support is not necessarily dig in deeper. Concreted console, and then they fastened beams of wood.

The most vulnerable parts of the wood are those where the cut is being built across the fiber. To extend the service life of wood blocks in the fence, put the boards horizontally or make visors. Wood is vulnerable when directly interacts with the air:

  1. When moisture and swells fungal infestation deposits.
  2. If the air is too dry - rassyhaetsya and cracks.

The process wooden fence to reduce the risks of damage and deterioration? This can be done due to the impregnation with antiseptic and paint special materials: Swedish paint, soak the hot linseed oil, yacht varnish.

Swedish paint can cook their own hands at home. To do this you need to mix the following ingredients:

  • Vitriol - 260 grams.
  • Minium iron - 260 grams.
  • Common salt -260 grams.
  • Rye flour will require 580 grams.
  • Linseed oil can be used, and linseed oil - 240 grams.
  • Water about 4.5 liters.

Consumption of this mixture is approximately 200 ÷ 300 ml / m2. Expected color - golden. If you need another color, then replace the red lead on the ocher or manganese peroxide.

A method for preparing the Swedish paint with his hands: flour mixed with 3 liters of water to cook the paste, and then passed through a sieve to the mixture clumps were again put on fire by adding salt and iron sulfate. With constant stirring until cooked until sulphate is completely dissolved, mixing in small portions to a mixture of first varnish, followed by water.

That's the easiest way possible to make his own excellent impregnation and this line-up of treated wood.

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