Overview of wooden fences

To have spoken, the tree - was, is and remains the best material for the construction of fences suburban areas. It is ideal for home of any material, and even respectable mansions surrounded by a wooden fence acquire new, charming features. There are so many reliable and at the same time, beautiful materials for wood protection, that we often make a choice in favor of light, beautiful, original, practical wooden fences.

Classic picket fence, installed with clearance. Especially for the owners who take pride in their areas and are ready to share our joy with passers-by. Of the merits - not cast a shadow and gives the plants in the garden grow on sunny, uncovered areas. From the "cons" - the site is not protected from the wind and prying eyes. Freedom for the ubiquitous cats and dishonest citizens.

Picket fence high without clearance. Protects the area from prying eyes, dust and unauthorized invasion of another's good lovers. Be sure to handle antiseptic pigment different color - the choice of the construction market is large and diverse. Columns covered with mastic asphalt and treat the underground part TECHNONICOL for waterproofing.

This fence will stay at the site for a long time. Important: mount the fence to prozhiliny galvanized screws, not nails. Avoid many untidy as rust "loosening" the fence through the season after installation.

Wooden fence with gaps in the "wave" style. It refers rather to decorative fence, which does not bear the protection area functions. Made of light sliced ​​the fence fixed to the wooden joists with screws. It seems "the number of sections" fences. It looks great on uneven terrain area. It is recommended to protect such a construction antiseptic pigment with a very light - it underscores openwork fence, its lightness and decorativeness.

Mirror image "wave". Wide planed fence is fixed on a wooden beam, which is supported by massive columns - balusters. The tradition of Russian wooden architecture - the thread elements of the tree at the top of the pillars. Among the advantages we refer fence beauty and decorativeness produvaemost portion due to small clearances between individual elements composing barriers.

We have prepared a unique collection of beautiful fences. Find out what options fences can be made of different materials samyz.

Wooden fence environmentally friendly because it is made from natural material. But how to make any kind of living fence, see the special article here.

So-called "Australian network" creates the impression impregnable fence due to the wide (relative to the fence) interwoven boards. "Monumentality" of such barriers strengthens strip foundations, in which vertically concreted metal poles.

Important: The fence elements are well better treat with antiseptic and pigment prior to weaving to the fence was painted exactly. If this is not taken into account, you can "paint" a ready-made fence by firing special lamp.

This fence has all the advantages so beloved by many a deaf fence, but it looks beautiful and original.

Vertical network (the fence) is equally attractive "face and reverse side '- enough on two sides to make ostrozheks boards and their protective coat composition otkolerovat. Such a fence on strip foundations will stay on your site for years to come. We just have time to update the paint from time to time.

Fence "Tree" (or staircase) - well made structure which will reliably protect the area from prying eyes and intruders. Well-treated with antiseptic and painted boards are joined overlap. The outer appearance of a solid fence - deceptive, plot Buda well purged.

Interesting combination blind bottom and a wonderful insertion of thin strips.

Fortunately perfect balance with wood and concrete. Substitution upper members eurofences on wooden shield completely transform the appearance of the fence.

Fence in the "ranch" style. To add horizontal joists planks crosswise, and columns are decorated with carved tops.

The original fence in combination of cold natural stone with the warmth of wood. Wooden fence "adjusts" the power of the stone top "two-prong". Such a fence, in addition to good protection for your land, says the owner resolute disposition.

Fence of sliced ​​wide picket visually divided into triangular section. The upper part of the horizontal bars - the mirror image of the lower woven triangles - complemented by a smooth wave. A fence protects the land, not creating a deep shadow on it, not closing tightly review of streets for the hosts.

Deliberately rude looks fence slabs and edging board. Do not succumb to the first impression, it is not only cheaper building materials, but also a way to make a practical and original fence.

This palisade is rarely seen in our area. The pillars are decorated with large tiles under the stone and in harmony with the tree. Beautiful, powerful, reliable, but such feelings you experience when you look at a fence.

Options for the construction of wooden fences there are so many. Interesting ways of combining wood "wicker" with massive brick pillars, with a cap made of natural stone, the foundation stone-decorated plastushkoy.

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For me, the wooden fence looks much nicer any other. But its biggest drawback - the fragility of it. And the damage it is much easier than, for example, a stone.

An interesting variant of the wooden fence, not when you have not seen the woven wooden fence under the basket. Very original look directly even unusual.


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    Ways to create a beautiful and original wooden fence

    From time immemorial man has sought to protect its territory fence.

    Fencing is one of the means of defense: protection from attacks of enemies and attacks of wild beasts.

    Over time, the fence has become not only an element of protection areas, but also acquired a decoration function.

    Today, a wooden fence back erstwhile popularity. And bringeth them not only because of the cheap (although this is debatable), but rather as an interesting element of landscape design.

    On the types of wood fences, we have already mentioned in a previous article, but today it will be about more than decorative fences made of wood, about the functionality and aesthetics of the fence.

    Basic protections function

    The most important functions include two fence:

    Purpose and use in the living individual building fences divide into the following types:

    • fencing the entire territory of a dwelling house, summer cottage, etc .;
    • fencing paddocks for the animals;
    • fence garden, flower beds, flower bed.

    To protect the area from unwanted intrusion and prying eyes use the dead of the fence.

    Continuous sampling can be performed in a stockade of round logs, stakes driven into the ground and is usually pointed at the top.

    This type of fence looks great in combination with the buildings (dwelling house, bath) from a round log, and is often used by vacationers for crop protection from the "intruders", especially if the area often are empty waiting for the hosts.

    Deaf fence can be built and the lengths of the boards, slabs, linings.

    For greater stability and decorative fence as bearing supports used stone pillars, brick or metal, by precipitation protect sheets of corrugated board laid on top of the fence.

    Beautiful picture can be achieved stacking boards in a staggered or overlapping, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

    The effect of "braided" fence obtain fixing planks of the supports the outside, from the inside, as it criss-bearing wooden or metal poles.

    Fences with a transparency of 10-50% - a combination of protective and decorative features in the fence. As a material used for making a fence of the above types of lumber, as well as bars, rails, rod and flexible branches of trees.

    Fence easy to manufacture fence, is often used (high or low), both of the boards of wooden posts, in combination with a variety of building materials.

    wattle - a fence made of twigs, sticks, branches, interwoven vertical and horizontal guides. Is particularly decorative, irreplaceable form of fencing for the landscape in the "Russian country" style.

    Fence-lattice made of wooden bars rails. This fence can make your own or purchase ready-made panels.

    Any, even the most simple fence can become a masterpiece, to show enough imagination and ingenuity. A little (or a lot of) free time, desire, and improvised building materials, tools, ripe idea - and your fence will be the most attractive in the area.

    Even an ordinary palisade not be monotonous, dull, and most importantly awesome if the log just like to paint different colors of crayons.

    Simple fence boards can be turned into piano keys. The original decision did not require a lot of time and cost. On the white-painted boards, stuffed black bars with a certain step. And like pleasant music, as work goes.

    Similarly, you can decorate a pre-painted boards, stuffed them carved figurine jigsaw - creativity for all the family - from small to large.

    Wooden house with carved architraves, traditionally decorated fence-fence carved dostochek. The windows were made to arrange flower beds, garden. To sunlight, as well as for a review of floral compositions in hollow insert fence performed carved picket-fence.

    Fence decorated Spila logs, looks very unusual. This fence will be combined perfectly with wooden architecture and incremental path in the garden of the same "kruglyashey".

    Cut from the boards on the pattern elements create unusual undulating surface. Work time-consuming, but the result is worth it.

    Fence-netting of the branches of plants, vines or vines can be made in the form of braids. Over a fence does not have to work hard enough.

    The enclosure of boards laid in various directions, has a certain rhythm and texture.

    Get away from the monotony of conventional solid wood fence can help grille bars, stuffed on a fence with a certain step, and contrasted with the main plane of the color. During warmer months, the bars can be decorated with flower pots.

    On the application of pallets in the home and summer cottage Much has been said. Of them can make not only furniture, but also a nice fence.

    And this ograda- lattice made of conventional cuttings for garden tools. Cap is a concrete foundation.

    And still want to pay attention to the design of wooden fences, fences and more specifically to the flower beds and front gardens. It is no secret that they play an important role in shaping the landscape of the local area.

    Ornate fence light tones profitable emphasize flowerbed.

    With the help of brevnchatogo fence in the form of a palisade can be raised flowerbed. Fencing will serve as a retaining wall to the ground.

    Openwork fence - as a wicker basket, which is nestled floral arrangement.

    fencing options are as numerous as the people living on the planet. Design wooden fence depends not only on your preferences, but also in the whole of the landscape design of the site, if you stick to itself.

    Be creative and create, arrange well territory, sometimes the very nature suggests interesting solutions.

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    Wooden fences, barriers: the original photo krnstruktsy

    Articles about the construction of the fence. Tips for fence construction. , 08.07.2016 JMSI

    Fences made of tree: Photo ogrozhdeny in a modern style

    Those who believe that the fence of wood boring and irrelevant m definitely wrong. If you have to frame the n gardening area, feel free to choose from wood fences: photo showcase and how unusual, stylish and creative district can be fences, etc. this material. An incredible number of e brilliant ideas for wooden fences makes it possible to select a desired option etc. for the construction on his plot with.

    A variety of types of wooden fences

    Proven time properties of wood make it possible to process and l get out of this material a wide variety of products. And u for the construction of the fence can be used on even the raw elements g timber. On the erection of fences and L is the beam board (boards, m unedged, slab), p timber and straps, m trunks and branches of trees. Usually one to the fence is used with several types of lumber.

    Wooden fence with a thin rails in the sections and thorough in racks

    Fence in wood is traditionally support columns, horizontal rails and elements p p filling sections. By appointment they can be divided into fencing, protective and decorative. Depending p of use in the construction of various L elements, and a method of fastening parts n, fences m divided into several groups:

    • fence - classic p type intake lumen, which sections are filled in special narrow planks at equidistant distance t;

    Steady fence checkerboard f perfectly closes the yard from the outside l bustle

    • checkerboard - fencing w of wider planks mounted on both sides of railway span staggered. Boards can be stacked vertically or g m horizontally. This fence is considered to be deaf, so p as small gaps can be seen, and only looking at a certain angle;
    • Ladder - in design of boards located on and overlapped at an angle. If you look in the end section of the structure resembles a ladder. This fence type of blinds so hides review, but has a small d gaps;

    Fence type blinds p represents boards horizontally disposed d at a small angle

    • network - in this fence boards with interwoven in a horizontal or vertical position m. In such a method of laying originates from an old fence or x Týn. By the way, wicker hedges and quite relevant to among truckers;
    • Ranch - fencing etc. of logs or bars, which are fixed to the supports to the horizontal. The spans are to have two, three or more of the longitudinal elements. This hedge brings about essentially enclosing and decorative p function;

    Wooden mesh well with skipping the sun's rays in a cozy courtyard m

    • grille - a kind of decorative fence made of wooden frames, which are packed inside Well grille slats. Often grating elements are used for the decoration of other types of fences making p insertion into the top or bottom structures;
    • stockade - the construction of the railway cylindrical timber, identical to the diameter. Such fencing today is quite rare. L used to recreate the characteristic exterior rustic train or ethno style.

    The stockade can be found in the form of logs reminiscent s sharpened pencil

    On the basis of these and the main types can be created with different variations of fences, including combining wood with other materials. Wood with excellent combined with e metal, brick, stone, concrete l and in more modern materials such as corrugated board or from polycarbonate. It would be logical to use a combination of wood with the material already available m in the finishing of other facilities with in the yard.

    Fences made of tree: Photo of interesting solutions

    That your fence was with elegant and unique - not necessarily seek p designer. Is available with a ready-made solutions, to add something different and unusual and get a version that is unparalleled. Photo of the beautiful fences made of wood, and inspire the creation of its exclusive railway project.

    Low fence with masonry on in conjunction with white picket fence

    Photo of a wooden picket fences

    Wooden fence adapted m lumen carries the decorative rather than a function of enclosing. Otlichnayas bzornost on the territory of the fence suggests content from the yard, garden, flower garden and flower beds etc. in immaculate condition. The design would be appropriate for a frame in small cottages or houses in a suburban towns, where everything is familiar m with each other and there is no need to grant the protective functions of the fence

    Wooden fence painted in yellow color w, a source with a cheerful mood

    Getting acquainted with photos of beautiful wooden fence you can see that the fence has long gone beyond the usual x dull fence. Modern fence runs n strips of cut so that the top line b forms a wave or zigzag swing birds' wings. Nice look fence section with shaped or carved elements. If the front of the house there is a neat lawn, it is possible to frame with a decorative low picket fence.

    Unusual fence with diagonally opposite to the splines

    Helpful advice! Make w of a wooden fence picket much steadier n can attach to the bottom edge with vertical pillars "shoes", making m larger bearing surface.

    Making a fence with air and light can form, with its decorated at the top of the decor of a wooden lattice. If you love to original ideas, try to arrange the strips in diagonally picket river or in the form of a fan. A rather unusual design with. In a special way on the fence looks in train rails which staggered m cut corners and small-eyes.

    Bright paint the fence will help in the special paint in for wooden fences

    Transform the fence can be processed with its paint for wooden fence. If your yard is full of kids with risk cover every bar compositions with different colors. L get unusually bright and defiant with clearance. Do not hesitate to their ideas and fantasies. You can make a fence with a multi-colored sections. A smart fence with white flowers, placed a flower bed, will make a site more cozy.

    Form picket in three versions f

    If n is located on the plot n imposing house, such an area would be better to surround picket fence with pillars of stone or brick m, installing it on a concrete plinth. The reliability of such a structure at times with more than a fence with posts with wood. And the aesthetic appearance with the design idea will fit all p homeownership. Material finishes with a parapet and columns are chosen to match the main structure in.

    Decorative fence of white shtaketin blends nicely with the colorful flowerbed

    Fences made of boards - photo creative ideas

    In recent years, with many prefer to board fence. Due to the unusual and methods for attaching and cp aspolozheniya boards in the fence, the m deserved design with gaining popularity. Photos fences from edging boards to confirm what would such structures can not be framed only with land, but also to become him adequate security and protection. And with unusual design will be a highlight of any from the site.

    Eaves varying width boards united in design from the original sampling

    Effectively area surrounded with a fence of boards, interwoven into the horizontal direction support. Fencing is obtained with a dull, but does not weigh s exterior. M and quite interesting design with braided d by vertically. By weaving on boards to create a large load on the supporting pillars in, so no harm will organize in the ground under the building and concreted in the rack.

    CH original ahodka - fence on the boards "ladder." It looks attractive with a protection fence VP ridomovogo ownership does not give the visibility and at the same time m maximizes n to use the site and along it. Due to the location with the elements at an angle with a small gap with the land purged and plants falls into the sunlight.

    Thorough fence turns n of tightly mounted with edging boards

    Brightly m and extraordinary look fences of edging boards. Photos in such structures show as vertical and horizontal stacking planks. Effectively it looks on board, laid in a staggered in order. Give the finished look of the fence will help with high-quality decorative coating. Is to ask, what and how to paint the fences and beautiful. Photo collection from the most udavshihsya options can serve as an example.

    Helpful advice! Before what to make coloring, derevyannyes e lementy should be thoroughly dried. It should avoid the use of oil and paints, which are under the influence of the sun and in the precipitation of flake and crumble.

    As an interesting element to the board can be used for a drawing

    Wooden fences on metal poles in

    To a wooden fence design was a solid and was used as long as possible, preferably as a strut used in metal posts. For this purpose, a suitable round pipe, square meters, or rectangular cross-section. As well as making wooden fence on metal poles in? Mounting t supports can be made in several ways depending on the type of soil, prevailing with your site. Well allocate such methods:

    • pile in soil on - in this case a hammer strut using a sledgehammer to a depth of approximately 1/3 of the length in the column;

    Diagram with wooden fence assembly with the metal pillars with

    • combined in a way - in this method under the column in the wells drilled half the length of penetration, post ostalnuyuschast s pierce the ground. The upper part of the column portion with an underground location concreted;
    • butovanie - with in this method, and the wells are drilled by the length of penetration, is placed in the hole pillar s, and the space around the column is filled with gravel, is well tamped, and only then concreted;
    • concreting - a process in which metal posts placed in a hole, fully concreted.

    Applying a variety of materials are available in a modern fence on metal base

    Helpful advice!N To avoid exposure to the poles and corrosion, you must carefully handle the metal surface with a primer and then paint.

    To set in the poles are fixed to the horizontal guides. This can be done with the help of so welded to the supports embedded. The number with crossbars is determined individually depending on the height of the fence. What about it is, the more of them. As a rule, a low intake of 1-1.5 m enough in two guides. When a frame is installed - start to fill in the spans.

    Fastening of the metal of the pipe to a horizontal guide

    Ease of installation and compliance with the wood processing allow yourself l manufacture and install a fence. If the building's not enough skills, can be ordered ready to design the installation in n manufacturers. The cost per meter fence w depends on its height fencing type, width slats occupancy in sections (step straps) and a carcass material.

    With average price for wooden picket fence of planed boards 90h20 mm by 1 cm in height when the structure 1 is 610 m 0 Br. 1 lm at a height of 2 m 0 - 1200 rubles. Such a fence is in increments of 2 cm to m will cost at a height of 1 m. - 560 rubles, at a height of 2 m m - 1090 rubles. The price included fencing th turnkey installation. You can order a coating picket antiseptic treatment price will be at 210 rubles. for 1 m² coating m

    Square with metal bases are bright accent due to staining in green and

    Decorative fences wood fences pictures

    Today used more and more attention is paid to landscaping with adjoining and suburban areas. Many aspire to the ideal draw m the surrounding area and provide maximum comfort. Not the least role in harmony with the organization of space so play decorative fence. And considering the environmental friendliness of wood with such material as possible combined with the natural landscape in.

    Decorative fence with white highlights the beauty of the picturesque flower garden m

    Very touchingly it looks with flower garden framed with decorative wooden fence white m or bright yellow with color. This emphasizes thick green decor in plants and luscious colors with flowers. For this approach the fence fence or lattice. The same p edging can be separated from the garden or garden m lock with a small flower bed in front of the house. Interestingly m and defiantly looks low palisade, stylized in a multi-colored pencils. This fence will provide a great baby or a sports field.

    Fence grille blends perfectly with the vegetation in the yard of a private house

    If a section of the base area set aside for a lawn, flower beds, rock gardens and recreation zones s, it is appropriate to use a decorative fence with "grid". Reiki can be crossed with hedges from any angle, creating a variety of patterns. Well it's easy hedge perfectly complement the landscape, giving it w elegance and charm m

    Helpful advice! Collecting a lattice of slats for a wooden fence use and for fixing the nails or screws h with galvanized coating and which are not susceptible to corrosion.

    N high fence of wooden planks

    Great idea - and form a decorative fence of sawn across the trunk of round elements. Especially n naturally looks such construction, if a portion located in the timber in the zone. Support structure in design may laying track n of the same with the round wooden fragments.

    Fencing ranch e n is large span and simplicity of execution E

    N Many prefer decorative fence in the form of Týn. Such a variant of the fence can be met with quite often in the summer with the design sections. Optionally, the entire territory of fence, quite used to make a few small bays and traditionally decorate n their clay pots, jugs or plant along with large flowers. And to a fence does not look lonely to be enclosed in a wicker frame large garden in the trunks of trees.

    S choosing in favor of a wooden fence, you have to get environmental, durable and aesthetically attractive district in the construction, in perfect harmony with any and natural landscape.

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