How to make a wooden picket fence with their hands? A photo

Wood has long been one of the most popular materials in the construction industry. From it erected log houses make home furnishings and frames for windows. This list is far can not be called complete. The material is environmentally safe, it can be used to create an atmosphere of comfort indoors.

Why choose a fence

Wood can lie in the basis of the picket fence that stands as one of the most common types of fencing that is especially true in the matter of cottage construction. With such a fence can be designated border area without obscuring territory. Building a wooden picket fence with their hands, you can give it any shape and height. The distance between the elements can also be adjusted individually, due to this construction takes the original and attractive appearance complementing suburban area exterior.

The popularity of such protections is due to some parameters, among them:

Producing wooden picket fence with their hands, you can enter the design in any landscape. It is excellently combined with other materials and organic looks, even with products made of brick, stone, metal and concrete. Install a fence is quite simple, such work under the force of any owner of the house and cottagers. Seek the help of professionals do not have.

Caring for such a fence is quite simple. Its surface can be painted, and if necessary - to replace some of the items that were damaged during the season. Producing wooden picket fence with their hands, you can create a fairly high structure which will secure the protection of possessions. As one of the main advantages is the possibility of picket planter at the base.

In order to build a fence, should prepare some materials, including:

The pillars can be made of thick boards or metal pipes. With regard to the fence, then it has the form of individual strips of a width sufficiently small. Shtaketiny can manufacture of planed or edging boards. Transverse strip for a fence be placed horizontally, their length should be between 2 to 2.5 m.

The basis prozhiliny will form the bars, whose cross section is 40 mm. If you decide to perform a wooden picket fence with their hands, the material can be purchased ready-made or done independently. The first approach allows us to save time. The fence can be installed on the day of purchase. However, the disadvantage of poor quality can serve as raw wood, which formed the basis of the fence.

If you have time, make the fence can be yourself, spending a couple of days. The result is you can be guaranteed. To begin to determine the length of the fence, the spacing between the supports, the height of the structure and size of the fence. If you decide to buy timber, preference should be given to well-dried products. When the material is prepared independently, the master usually zapilivajut and treated with sandpaper apex. The supporting pillars of wood treated with hot bottom with pitch. This will prevent rot and significantly prolong the life of the wood.

Picket fences wood with their hands, a photo which you can see in the article, is made on the basis of the supporting pillars. But first, the territory in the direction of the fence should be exempt from the branches of trees, bushes and weeds, which are able to interfere with the construction. On-site and tightened the laces are marked places for installation of pillars. The distance between them should be 3 m or less. If you do too long spans, the cross member may sag under the weight of shtaketina.

The supports are usually installed in the ground, but if you want to make the design more robust, you should use the solution casting technology of cement and sand. Manufacture of wooden picket fence with their hands involves the installation of supports on the gravel bed, which would exclude squeezing pillars at ground freezing. Columns should be fixed vertically and covered layers of soil and concrete.

By fences running line poles should be located as straight as possible. Between them are sometimes installed prozhiliny. Installation of the fence usually conducted by one of two methods, the first crossmember provided between the supports and the fence installation. The second technique involves the assembly spans separately after they are attached to the support assembly. Typically shtaketinami pitch between equal to the width of boards. Cross-bars are fixed on wooden posts with self-tapping screws, nails or screws. Prozhiliny attached to metal post bracket for mounting the beam.

Recommendations for installation of pillars

Before starting work, be sure to read the instructions. Wooden picket fence with their hands going only after the installation of the pillars. At the site of pegs that are driven into the ground at the point marking should dig a pit. Their depth should be 50 cm or more. When installing the poles should not trust the good eye, it is better to use a plumb line or level. The bottom of the pit to be concreted. To post are not looked, it is recommended to make a temporary brace that will hold the product until the mixture hardens.

If you raise the question of how to make a wooden picket fence with his hands, it is important to become better acquainted with the designs of assembly technology. Embarking on this process needed only after the poles will reliably keep the concrete mix. To do this, after pouring the need to wait for about 2 days. Further work will remind the designer collection.

Mounts are installed to the posts. Prozhiliny fixed to mountings with screws. At this stage, it should be noted the places where the fence should be placed on prozhiliny. Used to do this, a marker or pencil. This will allow to monitor compliance with the distances between the elements of the fence. For screwing rods is better to use a screwdriver.

Before starting work, experts recommend to get acquainted with the ideas. Wooden picket fence with their hands may look very original. In many ways, its appearance is determined by a decorative trim. In addition, the application of a protective layer makes it possible to extend the service life of the structure. When it comes to svezhestrogannyh boards, then use a film-forming agent is not necessary, because they go bad, and hold for long. It is necessary to clean up the surface of the wood medium-grained sandpaper. Lacquer will protect the material from moisture. You can use it kind of transparent or stain.

Installation of a wooden picket fence with their hands may involve the use of supports made of various materials, including:

In any event, between the elements must be met the same distance, the section will be ready to be positioned between the supports. For additional rigidity columns can supplement bases in the form of stops which will leave aside. After pouring the concrete and pour the resulting groove can be filled with soil.

Quite often lately used for making fence metal fence. It has a polymer coating, so it does not need painting. But if you want to make the exterior more natural, it is better to use wood, it is at the final stage is covered with stain and special antiseptic. So it will be able to preserve the natural color of the material and avoids exposure to negative factors.

Required tools and materials:

• roulette, building level, strong twine;

• metal tubes or wooden logs for the manufacture of supports;

• transverse joists (prozhiliny) of metal or durable timber softwood 50x100 mm (per 30 m fences need 10 poles and 20 prozhiliny three-meter);

• hacksaw with medium teeth;

• chisel with a wide blade;

• mounting bracket and bolts for attaching crossbars to racks;

• screws or galvanized nails;

• sandpaper for sanding wood;

• linseed oil, paint and brush to paint.

To obtain a clean fence, the ground must be carefully aligned. Before leveling land on which the construction of the fence is planned, cleared, and the trees and bushes uprooted. The roots of many plant (poplar, willow, rose, etc.) Are sufficiently tenacious should therefore remove even small cuttings. Otherwise, after a couple of years, the remaining roots can give abundant growth and damage the fence.

1. On the perimeter at the site of the future pillars, gates and gates clog small tent pegs, between which extends twine. To fence was perfectly flat before you begin installation of support pillars should be several times to fathom their location using a spirit level.

On the perimeter fence stretched bichevka

The device of metal poles

Twine stretched between supports

1. In preparing wooden pillars slots (two per pole) 30 cm deep. Their location vymeryat building level.

Fixing to the wooden support using staples prozhiliny

Boards are fixed with a small gap

fence painting and decorating

To the tree does not absorb too much paint, before painting it is covered with varnish and allow to dry. To paint using any freeze-resistant paint, stain or decorative coatings.

Types of fences picket

Options for decorating fences picket

Installation methods of wooden picket fence with his hands

Wooden fence in a rustic style

Only 50 years ago of a wooden picket fences could be seen around most suburban homes. But it was the same type of vertical structure. Now reliable and durable fence picket can build various configurations and even in combination with another material. Erect fencing is fairly easy with the right calculation and preparation of the material. It will serve as a reliable protection of the site, and decorate it with their appearance.

Everyone wants to make their home beautiful, and the fence - this is the element of suburban area, which draws attention in the first place. Therefore, it is important to give this item a maximum of aesthetics. One of the materials that fall into the category of aesthetic and pliable for unique buildings can be considered a timber. If you have the skills to work with wood and a desire to build their own fence around the site, the question is how to make the fence picket, will be solved by itself.

Picket fences installed their own hands, with the applied imagination and a little skill, it will look great on any terrain, and in the background of any building.

Reliability wooden fence depends on the wood species for its production, as well as from one shtaketiny sizes. If you make the right choice, the fence will last for many years.

Maintain proper care for them is not difficult. All you have to do the master - in a timely manner to put on the surface of protective substances. It is also important that the fence picket almost obscures the station and has excellent air throughput capacity. Near it can be planted any plants that need sunlight.

Types of vertical stacking picket

Traditionally, the manufacture of wooden fence shtaketiny installed vertically. But also possible horizontal installation option. Such a construction made of several boards or zherdin. In another way, this type of fencing is called "ranch". It is well suited for creating a rustic style.

Can and does tilt the slats on one side, and then get even more unusual fence. And considering that the angle of inclination may be different ways to create unusual designs are countless.

Attractive appearance and has a fence "checkerboard". It looks beautiful, not only outside but inside. wooden parts location feature is that shtaketiny installed on both sides, but are shifted relative to each other. The gap on the one hand, the other rack is closed, and vice versa.

Driving device for self classical fence erection

Wooden picket fence is so simple to install that its installation does not even need a lot of tools.

For the manufacture of the fence, in addition to wood, you will need:

  • fasteners - screws or nails;
  • hand hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • protective agent for application to the surface. These tools include the water-repellent and antiseptic impregnation, as well as varnish, wood stain and paint;
  • Shovel for digging pits under the supporting pillars;
  • a hammer if the nails were selected as the fastening members;
  • builder's level, that all elements of the fence be installed smoothly.

You can buy wood and produce from it shtaketiny independently, and can be purchased ready-made fence. In the latter case will have to pay more but the work will be less.

Note! Before you make a fence picket, it is important to perform a correct calculation of the material from the timber. Based on the perimeter areas, and shtakentin widths and gaps between them, calculates the required amount of wood elements. For example, if the width of one shtaketiny 4 cm and 6 cm gap width, and wherein the enclosure is planned to 30 m long, then to calculate the amount of 30 m to be divided by 10 cm, i.e. by the total width of one gap and one shtakentiny.

How long will shtaketin, it depends on the chosen design. For example, if the fence will be erected with gaps, it will take less material to him than to the blind structure of the same length.

It is important to remember to calculate all in the same unit of measurement. Simply express meters in centimeters, and then 3000 will need to be divided by 10. After calculation, it turns out that for such a fence will need 300 pieces shtaketin. In addition to the material for the manufacture of the fence, and will need the boards for the legs. These poles should be long enough and durable. It must be remembered that they are at least half a meter will sink.

Laying the fence in staggered

The process of installation of the first row of the fence in staggered

Install a fence picket can be working in the following order:

  1. Marking. It is necessary to determine in what place will be located supporting pillars. In this case, it can help, stretched on sturdy rope perimeter. The optimal distance between supports - 2-3 meters. Given this, it is necessary on the ground to make a mark in the places where there will be to dig out of the pit.
  2. Digging pits. Their diameter must be larger than the diameter of the support column. pit depth of calculation depends on how much of the future will be the height of the fence. Most often it is more than 1 meter.
  3. Installing the poles into the prepared cavity. If they are wood, you can just do by covering the surface of protective equipment. in this case the possibility of inserting a wooden picket fence and using metal pillars will have to pledge to deepen the concrete mixture.
  4. After the support will be installed, you can begin to attach to them prozhiliny or slug - the thicker the board, which should be parallel with the ground surface that is perpendicular to the supporting pillars. At least two prozhiliny necessary. Their number depends on the total height of the structure.
  5. The calculation of the distance between them may vary, too. It also depends on the height of the mounted guards, and the method of fixing them shtaketin. The main thing is not to approach the lower earth came down to less than 25 cm, and the top should not rise too high, the edges are nailed shtaketin towered over her by at least 25 cm.
  6. When the installation prozhiliny is complete, you are ready to mount the fence itself. When installing the very first shtaketiny better to use builder's level, the entire fence did not get the curve. If not level, you can instead use a plumb line that is easy to make your own, using a heavy load and thread. To attach all other shtaketin will be enough only to determine the width of the gap. It is possible to make it equal to the width shtaketin and measure the desired distance without problems by applying one of the rails. But you can make the required rail width specifically to then use it only in order to make the gaps.
  7. When the entire length of the fence will be nailed rail, we can be satisfied with the work already done, as essentially classical fencing is ready.

To make a "checkerboard", you will need to go to the other side to install another series shtaketin. In order to avoid distortions and inaccuracies must be set correctly first rail. It should be located directly opposite the gap between two adjacent shtaketinami on the other hand. After the installation of the rail will only have to beat all the others, measuring out the length of the gaps with the help of a template.

Paint the finished structure

Paint the picket fence with their hands is not difficult, but still to the details should be treated carefully. From the quality of this work depends on the durability of not only the paint layer, but also the entire structure. For qualitative coating timber must be cleaned from contaminants, and then primed with a substance capable of penetrating deep into the structure.

You can apply multiple layers. Before applying the next must wait until the previous layer has dried. Many manufacturers can assure that before the paint, there is no need to prime the surface. But, nevertheless, it is best not to pay attention to this statement, and to hold the primer. This has a positive effect on the durability of wood and saving the base coat.

Paint is also better in several layers. After application of the first layer after drying produce better grinding with sandpaper. For painting is better to use a brush, roller and not, as it will allow access to hard to reach places. But if you want to speed up the process, you can take and roll, but only when it is necessary to bear in mind that the then still have to brush to paint many places.

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