Fences made evroshtaketnika

When a person decides to build a house, one of the most important issues that have to face, is the choice of material for the fence. Of course, it would be desirable that it was beautiful, functional and desirable low.

Ready fence evroshtaketnika

Evroshtaketnik - a specially trimmed metal sheets, resembling the shape of a wooden fence picket. The width of the sections, usually from 10 to 15 cm and a length of the sheets may be from a half to three meters. The metal surface is covered with a special composition of the polymers, which protects the metal from exposure to environmental factors.

Among the advantages evroshtaketnika can be identified:

  • Reasonable price for the material allows almost anyone to buy it, regardless of the financial situation;
  • Neat and tidy appearance contributes to the fact that the fence is used everywhere. This material is suitable for taking apparatus around the house, with a portion of a private house, office or shop area;

Fence of evroshtaketnika using metal elements

fence embodiment of evroshtaketnika to give

Due to the wide possibilities of application evroshtaketnika its market is growing. This entails the emergence of new shades and ways of coloring (under a tree, under a stone or other materials), as well as forms.

Methods of making the fence may be different. When mass cutting sections of sheet metal is obtained at the output quality is much lower than with individual production of each part. The fact is that in the first case, the edges may appear shtaketin nicks and burrs, on which you can cut yourself. They also spoil the appearance of products. According to user feedback, nicks on the edges of metal sections evroshtaketnika - a very common problem. Do not neglect your rights as a customer: please contact the sellers to the issue of replacing the spoiled material.

staining methods also can be used different. When using the powder painting method details stained on both sides. In other cases shtaketiny borne paint with only one, face, hand, and the back side is matte white. The price of the material is considerably lower.

Stages mounting fence picket

The process of mounting the fence evroshtaketnika little different from the installation process, other kinds of typical fence (made of profiled sheet, wood, mesh netting). Installation is carried out in several stages:

  1. The preliminary stage includes the choice of materials, their calculation, preparation tools.
  2. At the stage of planning the territory is marked plot.
  3. Continuing the process of mounting frame setting step of pillars and cross bars.
  4. The final stage is to consolidate the fence on the frame.

Each of the steps will be discussed in detail.

To install the fence evroshtaketnika, you need the following materials:

  • Metallic round or profiled tube diameter of 6 cm are used as supports. It requires sufficiently strong c pipe metal thickness at least 2 mm. If the frequency of installation of support - every two meters, the required number of tubes, equal to half the length of the entire fence. If the fence is not a ring, that is, it is not confined to the first pipe, then you need to stock one additional pipe as the final support. When choosing the length of the pipe is necessary to consider that the 50 cm it will be under the earth;
  • Metal profiled tube diameter of 1.5 cm or 2 for the manufacture of crossbeams. metal thickness can be less than 2 mm. It will be attached over the entire length of the fence in two rows, so the total length of the material must be twice the length of the fence;

EXAMPLE transverse crossbar from the pipe

Is often the installation that some material may not be enough, though, it would seem, the calculation was accurate. In any case, you should always be added to the calculated values ​​of about 10%, so as not to be in this situation. Better to let the material will be purchased with a margin, than then it is not enough.

Scheme fence assembly evroshtaketnika

When calculating the length of the fence should not forget the hinged gate and a gate. Support for them should be longer (they need to dig in deeper), and the pipe itself is better to buy a larger diameter.

To install the fencing may be needed:

  • Shovels or drill holes for the device under the support;
  • Pegs and string to mark territory;
  • Level measuring tape;
  • Electric Apparatus;
  • Rollers or brushes for painting the chassis;
  • Bulgarian with discs for metal;
  • Screwdriver or drill.

Upon completion of all preparatory work can proceed directly to the installation.

Place under the fence should be marked with wooden pegs. First, at the corners first stakes are set, and the thread is pulled on them. Along the thread once every two meters pegs hammered into the ground, which will be installed bearings. Near pegs dug pit depth of 50 cm and dimensions of 40 * 40 or drill holes are drilled half-meter. supports installation frequency can be different if the circumstances so require. So, if you can not purchase a long cross at least two meters, the gap between the bearings economize the size of the transverse tubes.

The pits are installed vertically on a support level. After this test pits backfilled with gravel and compacted. If possible, it is better to use concrete for pouring of the foundation for support, since this mounting method is much more reliable. In this case, before installing the pipes need to build a sand bed at the bottom of the pits, and then fill up with gravel columns vertically installed and concreted.

Installation and filling columns for the fence

and a third layer may be applied, if necessary, but normally suffice and two.

Thereafter, the upper opening is closed in the pipe support stub. If you find any, do not succeed, simply welded to the posts small metal sheets on top, and the corners are folded in order to avoid injury to the owners and guests of the villa.

At the final stage of the installation of the fence is mounted to the frame fence. As mentioned above, it can be done in two ways.

In the first method shtaketiny mounted on the front side, and the gap is 5.2 cm in width therebetween. In the second case shtaketiny mounted in a staggered manner on both sides.

EXAMPLE bilateral fastening evroshtaketnika

Offering planed timber fence 40 m rubles'

Fence evroshtaketnika - the price and size. How to install a fence of metal picket fence with his hands

Any private property, whether it's summer residence, household or garden, must necessarily be fenced. Some owners bought a fence in the brigade of professionals, others opt for elementary metal picket fence with their hands. The idea is good, the more the material is of high quality, long life.

The main criteria for the choice of finishing material for the fence is a long service life, affordable price, high durability, and reliability. Evroshtaketnik - this is an excellent option for gardeners and horticulturists. Fence of corrugated board fits harmoniously into any panoramic views, and the unpretentious care, is cheap, practical in the construction of the fence with their hands. His appearance suited sites of all sizes, with a relevant for the protection of households and commercial areas.

If you want to protect the suburban area, making reliable and elegant fence, better material still to be found. In fact, this metal sheets of standard dimensions. Dimensions evroshtaketnika for future sampling width reaches 10 cm, while the length ranges from 1 to 3 meters. the height of an individual choice. Such a building material for very presentable appearance, and has a solid polymeric protection galvanizing. These intrinsic qualities make it the leader in sales of the ratio "durability - cost compromise."

Evroshtaketnika fence with his hands

If seriously interested in this finishing material, it is recommended to study the photo, looks like a fence installed in the future. After that examine the soil to determine the color scheme, purchase corrugated metal sheets, according to the linear meter, study the detailed instructions on how to perform the gate of evroshtaketnika own hands. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Of the metal profile pipe diameter of 6 or 8 cm cut carcass identical segments relevant dimensions.
  2. Drill equal depth in the soil hole after which drive them in the profile tube, forming in this way the future base of the column.
  3. Fill gravel pit, ensure high strength in the future design. After completing this step to treat metal pipes rust inhibitor.
  4. After evroshtaketnik can be set for a fence, it is desirable to choose metal sheets seamed edges or cut them independently.
  5. top of the fence design chosen individually, as well as the distance (gap) between adjacent evroshtaketnikami. On this depends the future appearance of the gate.
  6. After installation is complete, the fence can be painted, starting from its base. short dyeing process, but the effect lasts long.
  7. Feedback from metal fences to fence perfectly in tune with the other finishing materials, such as stone, brick, wood elements.

Installation of the fence evroshtaketnika

Before installing shtaketnye gates required to prepare the foundation. Newcomer is better not to pursue innovations of modern technology and choose a classic installation evroshtaketnika. To use this scheme, in order to determine which sheets of corrugated board installation. First, dig a pit, install wooden pegs with a guide on a stretched rope.

It is important to define the same distance between adjacent segments - received a suspended wooden fence on the taste. Instead temporary stake remains only to establish pretreated corrugated cuts of a rust inhibitor, while not excluded its combination with other surfacing materials. If you are experiencing difficulty, it is advisable to choose the instructions with photos.

A fence made of brick and evroshtaketnika

Photo neat goal to give overwhelmed expanse of the World Wide Web, but independently reproduce this beauty is very problematic, especially the inexperienced novice. Compromise becomes a fence from a brick and evroshtaketnika, which is suitable for the garden of a private house, backyard. It is a popular combination of two finishing materials, and a variety of colors helps to get a unique design of their private property. Here is useful information if you have to deal with evroshtaketnikom:

  1. Bricks can be laid out in a checkerboard pattern, but are more often used for the construction of the so-called "pillars". These pillars look massively and reliably distract from the flimsy kind evroshtaketnika.
  2. It is a harmonious combination of two materials significantly reduces the value of the future goal, but the reliability and durability of the design will please every customer. If you make a fence with their hands, the minimum financial costs.
  3. The characteristics of this unpretentious material, which upon treatment with an anticorrosive composition is a buyer or a decade. In addition, it is perfectly painted, it does not fade in the sun, so when combined with brickwork provides a coherent composition, the apparent reliability.

The price of a fence from evroshtaketnika

If you make a fence with their hands, will be cheaper, as all costs are directed solely to the acquisition of evroshtaketnika and other finishing materials. When ordering a team of builders will additionally pay for their services by erecting gates. If we talk separately about the cost of this material, in one meter of the buyer will have to pay 50-80 rubles. The determining factors are the rates workmanship material manufacturer specifications of the metal sheet.

Fence of evroshtaketnika a protective and decorative color coated

Relatively recently, a family of building materials that were used to build fences, replenished with a new original form - picket fence of corrugated sheet metal. In fact, this material represents the same corrugated board only in the factory cut into individual segments.

It is made of galvanized cold-rolled stainless steel produced by steel such major corporations as ArcelorMittal (Belgium) and ThyssenKrupp (Germany). Evroshtaketnik from these manufacturers differ high durability and reliability.

A metal fence, 0.5mm thickness has a zinc plating rate of not less than 275g per 1 m2 of the metal and colored one- or two-sided polymer painting, 25 microns thick. The reliability and durability evroshtaketnik not yield the best brands profiled metal sheet. Its service life is 40-50 years, and the manufacturer's warranty is 10 years.

In this case, you must carefully examine the conditions of the company where to buy evroshtaketnik as if mediators deliberately understate the warranty period, in this case, there is a risk to buy low-quality material imitation of the famous European brand.

Externally metal fence looks the same as usual for us its wooden counterpart, but it is much stronger and more reliable it. Unlike wood, evroshtaketnik of corrugated board does not rot, does not require maintenance costs and keeps its appearance for a lifetime.

Color Palette polymeric painting metal picket as rich as coloring and color the shaped metal sheet. For example, you can easily find evroshtaketnik under the tree, and the grain pattern of adjacent bars will not be repeated.

This enables not only perfectly fit fence evroshtaketnika in the selected area for the landscape design, but also make it a decoration or suburban infield. Moreover, some companies produce ready-made fences in white, fully imitating classic wooden fence.

Thus fence evroshtaketnika successfully combines the traditional advantages of a wooden fence picket fence and sheeting. A fence made of this material is as light and delicate, it does not create a closed space is well ventilated and does not obscure the site. Therefore, for small areas of garden fences evroshtaketnika particularly relevant.

Shtaketny fence of corrugated board is mounted very quickly. You do not need any tools other than ordinary screwdriver. Since the individual elements of such a fence mounted with gaps of 3-4 cm, windage it is much smaller than a conventional fence made of profiled sheet. Therefore, the wind load on the fence much smaller device that eliminates the need for a massive strip foundations.

All this affects the price of evroshtaketnika fence, which is significantly lower than that of a deaf fence of corrugated board. You can order ready-fence fence of corrugated board, the price of which - at a height of 1.80 m - will be approximately only 800 rubles per 1 m2. In this case, the quoted price includes the fence posts, the upper trim strip, horizontal lags, the gate and the gate width of 4.0 m. The fence of evroshtaketnika turnkey comes pre-primed and prepared for painting the frame and pillars.

Fences made of corrugated board-fence can be deaf. Very original look of the fence evroshtaketnika installed on both sides in a staggered manner.

The height of trapezoid profile elements of metal picket is 20mm and the width may be different. Typically, it ranges from 70 to 115 mm. Cutting is performed evroshtaketnika profiles for the order, are considered standard dimensions 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 m.

In this case, it is best to buy evroshtaketnik from the manufacturer, as direct contact with the plant will give more flexibility to choose the configuration of the fence, but also ensures strict adherence to your requirements without any "broken telephone" as intermediaries. In this case, the price evroshtaketnika Unit will be minimal, but if you do, and most of the length of the fence, you can safely rely on the special treatment and discounts for wholesale.

Poles for a fence of corrugated board: what they are, how to install them. Read the article about which option pillars profiled sheet is best to choose and what each of them has advantages.

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