Fence of corrugated board: how to install their own hands, the cost of materials

Fence of corrugated board or evroshtaketnik long not new, but, nevertheless, is popular enough: practical, inexpensive, reliable, looks modern and dignified. Such a fence perfectly fit into the urban or rural landscape, it is suitable for fencing garden plot, as well as the area around the office building.

In this case, your possessions will not lose individuality: designed numerous variations of the mounting picket, it is available in different sizes and colors - choose a few. It does not need a lot of efforts and special skills to install a fence with their hands. He will be the subject of your pride and the envy of neighbors.

Fence of corrugated board with his own hands: step by step guide

  1. frame. Made from metal profile parameters pipe 6 by 6 cm, or 8 by 8 cm thickness of the pipe wall -. 2 to 4 mm. Tubes are cut into pieces of desired length, depending on the planned height of the fence plus at least 1.2 m in depth instillation. Then the soil to be drilled holes into which first descend and then driven into the pipe.

The distance between the support tubes determines the height and weight of the sheeting, it varies from 1.5 to 2.5 m. Void backfilled and compacted gravel, concrete is not recommended by experts. In conclusion to the obtained poles

need to weld the horizontal logs of the same shaped tube - can be two or three, if the fence higher than two meters.

  • Ready frame We need to cover special rust inhibitor. It comes in a fairly wide range of colors. This will not only protect your fence from the mechanical effects of external factors and prolong its service life, but also give it an aesthetic appearance. Fence of corrugated will integrate harmoniously into the overall design, not dropping out of the color palette.

    Upper evroshtaketnika intake edge may be flat, rounded, triangular, in the shape of a trident, arrows, etc. For low fences should not choose shtaketiny with acute upper edge, this can lead to injury.

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    How much is a fence of corrugated materials and work

    materials costs will depend not only on the number of linear meters of the fence, but also on the picket parameters. Shtaketiny available in various sizes (length from 0.5 to 3 m and a width of 8 to 11.5 cm). In linear meter fences need of 6 to 8 shtaketin - despite what the width of one track.

    1 linear meter of sheeting picket cost depending on the treatment, elevation, color process 500 to 700 rub. Region also plays a role: if there is not make similar products and are imported, the cost will be slightly higher. Now multiply the cost by the number of linear meters. Add the cost of the supporting frame profiled pipes - about 200 rubles. per square meter. Plus fixing material. And plus additional materials for installation and decoration, if used: brick, stone, wood, as well as a gate or gates. Do not forget about the delivery.

    If not specified, it's free for one kilometer you have to pay an average of 25-30 rubles. - in each region and city are different prices.

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    Evroshtaketnika fence. Reviews

    • "The aesthetic form of the fence will be much better if you put a little imagination in the process of working with Bent - as slyubitsya other building materials. And you will be original and inimitable. After all, corrugated board, you can choose any color, width and height. So decking and your creativity can create such beauty, which will delight your eyes and to faithfully serve more than one decade. "

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    Fence of metallic evroshtaketnika can be set at different gap width. Evroshtaketnik - it's stylish, creative and practical.

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    The metal fence can be installed not on the same level, and create a variety of transitions. For example, wave or herringbone. As it turns out even more impressive and attractive!

    Certainly looks good, it's better than a solid fence, through which nothing is visible, and resembles a prison fence. And lighter and cost him much cheaper than eg brick. In addition, there is a suitable solution to the goal, it is suitable in all respects. Had an excellent barrier suburban area.

    Evroshtaketnika fence with their hands: instructions, photos, prices

    Any owner of a private home or garden prefers durable and modern look for your fence area that will successfully fit into the local nature area. The most important challenges faced in choosing the material: the low price, practicality and reliability.

    The most convenient option that meets all needs - from evroshtaketnika fence with their hands. similar to him wooden fence It has lower strength and storage life, and also requires constant maintenance and staining.

    Evroshtaketnik contrary not only durable, easy to maintain, does not require processing antiseptic paint, but also a long time retains a beautiful, aesthetic appearance. A significant advantage of such a fence is a simple design and the ability to quickly mount the fence with his hands, which significantly reduces the cost and speeds up the whole process.

    galvanized steel fence - a modernized version of a metal picket fence and has a good ventilation, low weight, high fire resistance, long life, optimum performance of stiffness and strength, and resistance to corrosion.

    According to the methods of technological processing and production of several types of evroshtaketnika.

    1. By edging methods have fence (rake):
      • with a crimped edge section; sections seamed edges increase the strength and give a more attractive appearance of the product;
      • with nezavaltsovannym. Product with no seamed edges has a lower price, but not very attractive.
    2. distinguished by the manufacturing method:
      • Processed rack. When cutting each part individually, to improve the quality of manufactured products every single rail subjected to a rolling machine. This treatment removes the burr on the edges and increases the price of the finished product;
      • Raw rack. With mass production slats are cut from a single profiled sheet. The ends of the fence do not pass machining, which reduces their quality and value.
    3. By staining method:
      • unilateral polymer staining;
      • bilateral polymer staining.

    Powder coating provides staining racks on both sides of the same, smooth layer of paint. When unilateral staining the back side is matte, while the value of the product is greatly reduced.

    Embodiments of the fence evroshtaketnika

    Options vary according to the form of rails and are:

    • straight;
    • wave, step 50 mm;
    • wave, step 25 mm;
    • two waves;
    • with single sewing step between rails 40 mm, 18 pieces of lamellas on the span;
    • with double-sided sewing, spacing between slats 70 mm, 29 pieces of the slats on the flight;
    • staggered.

    Variants of evroshtaketnika fences, photo:

    Fence with a one-sided sewing.

    Picket fence with double-sided sewing

    Fence evroshtaketnika staggered.

    Average cost per meter of the fence depends on the processing method of color, height, mounting method (either alone or in the order), the number of meters of the fence, the fence dimensions (length - 50 cm - 3 m, width - 8 - 11 cm).

    Depending on the width and length shtaketin per meter fence them may take from 6 to 8 pieces. Depending on the type of material, the manufacturer's quality finished product varies, the height of strips, coating thickness.

    Considering all the factors, price ranges from 500 to 1000 rubles per linear meter of the fence. For possible delivery to a remote region or city price from 25 to 30 rubles per kilometer.

    Installation of the fence with their hands the responsible thing, so when choosing the material for your fence must take into account all the benefits, advantages, differences and varieties evroshtaketnika.

    The material must be very strong and rigid to withstand heavy loads, the surface pressure, the impact of a variety of adverse conditions, including weather.

    It is worth considering the ease in a self-mount enclosure. Fence, fixed with screws, does not require additional fastening, so any damaged item is easy to replace yourself.

    Value picket manifested in large design capabilities that let you mount your hands on one, and on both sides of the fence, as well as choose whichever color or a combination of several. If necessary, refresh the appearance design it can be repainted in any color.

    Overall, a fairly large structure has a relatively low weight, which greatly simplifies installation, transportation, installation, affects the quality and relatively low price.

    High-quality material used in the production of evroshtaketnika - galvanized cold-rolled steel is highly resistant to adverse weather and has a long service life for about fifty years.

    Large range of sizes in the selection allows to select the height of the fence, the gate almost any taste and needs (from half a meter to three meters of the fence length).

    The most common form of rack n-shaped configuration, however, there are other known varieties: direct n-shaped structure, with an arc shape and bending inwardly arcuate with a bend outwards, triangular and trapezoidal.

    for independent manufacturing instructions

    Evroshtaketnika fence with their hands - it quickly, efficiently and conveniently. But before you begin work on the installation of the fence, it is necessary to clarify the rules and regulations adopted in your area regarding the location and construction of the fence, so that later it was not necessary to dismantle it. It should be clarified, where the gas pipeline and municipal lines, so as not to damage them or to block. To avoid the risk of improper installation should carefully read the instructions developed by the manufacturer.

    Before the start of construction of a new fence is necessary to clear and mark the perimeter of the land plot on which the installation will be performed. From the plot removed all unnecessary items and debris that would interfere. Installation of the fence with their hands is performed in several stages:

    1. At the first stage, do markup portion length using the level pegs rope. The predetermined distance between the columns selected section of 1.5 to 2 meters. Now that you know how much will be sections and columns, it is easy to calculate the required amount of materials for the work. It is worth considering the placement density of rods and the distance of the gap between them. To obtain the required total number of materials required for one section of the total area divided by two and multiplied by the number of sections.
    2. Prepare well for the pillars. With a shovel, a manual or automatic petrol drill in the ground dig holes for poles with a depth of 55 cm. If the fence is a large perimeter or in the cold season frozen ground, such anchor truck is indispensable in the work.
    3. In the prepared pit mounted bearing pillars. Central recess hole pipe is fixed in a perpendicular position and a sledgehammer to drive a depth of 1.1 m. Then, gravel pit is filled and the concrete is poured. To check the exact position of the established pillars are building level. The procedure is repeated for each column.
    4. When installing the lower crossbeams fixed at 30 cm from the ground, and the upper 30 cm from the start of construction. The instructions detailed mounting cross lag. Typically, the installation starts with the bottom joists and the ends are inserted into the retaining ring post. Begin with the first lower unit lags and gradually moving up. Installation of the upper joists produce later.
    5. In a next step with the design on the bottom crossbars fastened fence. Slats secured at an equal distance from each other -. 4-5 cm evroshtaketnika Since panels are mounted on a transverse lag, then start with the bottom rail, sequentially approaching the central lag and then mounted on the upper lag last item.
    6. Using glue and screws, are mounted nakryvnuyu bar. Screws must be complete with fencing. But if you need to buy their own screws, it is best to consult a specialist for the purchase of high-quality tools. Sometimes fixing strips using the adhesive.
    7. Installation of doors - the final stage of installation. Before installing them mounted bearing pillars for the subsequent fixing own gate. Install gates, according to the attached manufacturer's instructions and pay attention to details when installing the brackets, hinges, latches.
    8. After all primed All guards and one day begin to paint.

    In the photo one-sided mounting of the strips of contrasting colors.

    If you decide what the fence is better suited for home or countryside hacienda, then evroshtaketnik not only perfectly fit into the natural landscape, but also for many years will delight with its modern, decent and kind family, and all your neighbors.

    Due to the large variety of options color din, fence design variations can choose to your taste and to change considerably, as well as emphasize the individuality of the appearance of your site. Practicality, reliability, availability, price did evroshtaketnik popular material is sufficient not only for private owners, and owners of office buildings.

    Installation Options fence evroshtaketnika - on video. Material from the channel Fence Pro.

    Fence evroshtaketnika - the price and size. How to install a fence of metal picket fence with his hands

    Any private property, whether it's summer residence, household or garden, must necessarily be fenced. Some owners bought a fence in the brigade of professionals, others opt for elementary metal picket fence with their hands. The idea is good, the more the material is of high quality, long life.

    The main criteria for the choice of finishing material for the fence is a long service life, affordable price, high durability, and reliability. Evroshtaketnik - this is an excellent option for gardeners and horticulturists. Fence of corrugated board fits harmoniously into any panoramic views, and the unpretentious care, is cheap, practical in the construction of the fence with their hands. His appearance suited sites of all sizes, with a relevant for the protection of households and commercial areas.

    If you want to protect the suburban area, making reliable and elegant fence, better material still to be found. In fact, this metal sheets of standard dimensions. Dimensions evroshtaketnika for future sampling width reaches 10 cm, while the length ranges from 1 to 3 meters. the height of an individual choice. Such a building material for very presentable appearance, and has a solid polymeric protection galvanizing. These intrinsic qualities make it the leader in sales of the ratio "durability - cost compromise."

    Evroshtaketnika fence with his hands

    If seriously interested in this finishing material, it is recommended to study the photo, looks like a fence installed in the future. After that examine the soil to determine the color scheme, purchase corrugated metal sheets, according to the linear meter, study the detailed instructions on how to perform the gate of evroshtaketnika own hands. The sequence of actions is as follows:

    1. Of the metal profile pipe diameter of 6 or 8 cm cut carcass identical segments relevant dimensions.
    2. Drill equal depth in the soil hole after which drive them in the profile tube, forming in this way the future base of the column.
    3. Fill gravel pit, ensure high strength in the future design. After completing this step to treat metal pipes rust inhibitor.
    4. After evroshtaketnik can be set for a fence, it is desirable to choose metal sheets seamed edges or cut them independently.
    5. top of the fence design chosen individually, as well as the distance (gap) between adjacent evroshtaketnikami. On this depends the future appearance of the gate.
    6. After installation is complete, the fence can be painted, starting from its base. short dyeing process, but the effect lasts long.
    7. Feedback from metal fences to fence perfectly in tune with the other finishing materials, such as stone, brick, wood elements.

    Installation of the fence evroshtaketnika

    Before installing shtaketnye gates required to prepare the foundation. Newcomer is better not to pursue innovations of modern technology and choose a classic installation evroshtaketnika. To use this scheme, in order to determine which sheets of corrugated board installation. First, dig a pit, install wooden pegs with a guide on a stretched rope.

    It is important to define the same distance between adjacent segments - received a suspended wooden fence on the taste. Instead temporary stake remains only to establish pretreated corrugated cuts of a rust inhibitor, while not excluded its combination with other surfacing materials. If you are experiencing difficulty, it is advisable to choose the instructions with photos.

    A fence made of brick and evroshtaketnika

    Photo neat goal to give overwhelmed expanse of the World Wide Web, but independently reproduce this beauty is very problematic, especially the inexperienced novice. Compromise becomes a fence from a brick and evroshtaketnika, which is suitable for the garden of a private house, backyard. It is a popular combination of two finishing materials, and a variety of colors helps to get a unique design of their private property. Here is useful information if you have to deal with evroshtaketnikom:

    1. Bricks can be laid out in a checkerboard pattern, but are more often used for the construction of the so-called "pillars". These pillars look massively and reliably distract from the flimsy kind evroshtaketnika.
    2. It is a harmonious combination of two materials significantly reduces the value of the future goal, but the reliability and durability of the design will please every customer. If you make a fence with their hands, the minimum financial costs.
    3. The characteristics of this unpretentious material, which upon treatment with an anticorrosive composition is a buyer or a decade. In addition, it is perfectly painted, it does not fade in the sun, so when combined with brickwork provides a coherent composition, the apparent reliability.

    The price of a fence from evroshtaketnika

    If you make a fence with their hands, will be cheaper, as all costs are directed solely to the acquisition of evroshtaketnika and other finishing materials. When ordering a team of builders will additionally pay for their services by erecting gates. If we talk separately about the cost of this material, in one meter of the buyer will have to pay 50-80 rubles. The determining factors are the rates workmanship material manufacturer specifications of the metal sheet.