How to make a brick fence with his hands

Construction of a brick fence - a task extremely difficult. In addition, a fence can cost you quite expensive. But the result is worth it. After completing all the work you get a reliable, durable and highly aesthetic fence that will be able to decorate the land and protect it from any attack.

Modern construction market offers a huge range of brick, many original colors. Also, you can always combine this with other natural material - with floorings and wrought iron, with a natural stone or glass blocks. This will turn a guard portion truly exclusive design.

How to build a brick fence with their hands, without attracting specialists? This is what will be discussed in this article.

First, we need to carefully prepare an area on which an aesthetic fence made of bricks will be placed. The sequence of actions in this step should be as follows:

  • Completely clean the area of ​​all vegetation, uproot the roots, if possible carefully align the surface of the soil and remove debris;
  • Draw a sketch of the future of the fence;
  • on the basis of the drawings were made markings. To do this around the perimeter of the future of the fence trying to drive stakes and stretch the cord between them. Be sure to note the location of the gate and gate, as well as the length of each of the crossings, guided by fences height and thickness.

After all these manipulations, you can start building. The main stage - laying the foundation, the quality of which depends on the strength and reliability of the entire fence.

Brick fence, even in combination with other materials will have a fairly large weight. Therefore it lay under a strip foundation that can withstand high loads. Depth depends on a variety of factors, but in most cases it is 35-50 centimeters.

Construction of the base is carried out by approximately the following scheme:

  • manually or using a prepared trench excavator;
  • the bottom is laid rubble (gravel) and sand. All this is thoroughly compacted to increase strength;
  • mounted shuttering of boards, which is laid steel reinforcement;
  • made of concrete pouring. This procedure is to be performed gradually, in several stages;
  • about a week later when the concrete becomes strong enough, performed waterproofing.

Less popular, but quite reliable a pier foundation for a fence made of brick. Its design uses poles to dig in the ground in those places where there will be fences support.

For fence poles of bricks made from the same material. However, we can recommend pre-concreted into the base steel pipe. It will greatly simplify laying of supporting elements and ensure their increased strength. The space between the inner pipe and a brick wall can be filled with concrete, adding a gravel or small stones.

The posts, which are intended to set the gate or gates, as well as for the installation of spans of other materials, it is necessary to set inserts. They are welded directly to the pipe and increase the strength of the whole structure.

To protect against moisture on poles often wear special caps. They are usually made of metal, but the choice of materials for this purpose depends entirely on your taste preferences.

This procedure is performed using a conventional grout which is able to cope with heavy loads and withstand any corrosive effects of the environment for a long time. Best of all, if the masonry is carried out in compliance with the following rules:

  • Mandatory damp brick before laying to ensure the best of its adhesion to cement mortar;
  • with nails set in the corners of the so-called poryadovkoy that will ensure a perfectly flat surface of the wall of the future;
  • in the process of constantly monitor the level. To do this, you can either pull cords, or use a pre-made wooden frame. More preferred is a second method is, as it avoids the occurrence of irregularities.

After the brick masonry is completed, the joints between them are treated with cement mortar. You can also use a special polymer formulations, which provide additional protection gap and are available in different colors.

Set the gate and the gate

The last phase of construction of the fence - this is the installation of gates and wickets. These fencing elements can be made from a variety of materials - corrugated, forged or welded metal structures, polycarbonate and others. Ideal - to attach the canvas to the frame of the metal parts, which will eliminate the sail, as well as emphasize the spectacular appearance of products.

By fence and wicket gates are secured by those already mentioned above embedded parts. It is to them welded loops for installation.

Returning to the subject of materials for these structures, we can recommend is to use corrugated board. It easily takes all kinds of advanced processing and makes it possible to create products of your application. Moreover, it well be combined with decorative forged elements placed on top of the gate and gate.

Brick fence opens up almost unlimited possibilities for the design of your site design. In this case, it is quite possible to build on their own, guided by our recommendations in this article.

Building a fence from a brick: tips and tricks

A fence made of brick, is one of the most reliable and durable. It protects not only the territory of penetration, but also protects it from the wind, not giving a stranger even to look at the site. That is why the question of how to build a fence from a brick, is very popular with the owners of private houses and novice builders.

The finished brick fence

The whole process of the construction is divided into several stages, each of which is of great importance and correctness of its execution subsequently displayed on the entire structure.

Prepared by mixing concrete trench with fittings, poles and planking

Standard construction of brick fences involves the production of a powerful foundation (Learn also how to make the foundation for a fence). In this case, the depth and width depends not only on the design, which he had to carry, but also on the type of soil.

In this manual, a model project, excluding the mobile formations and sand will be used.

  • First of all, it is necessary to dig a trench, the width of which should be 10 cm larger than the intended thickness of the fence.
  • Its depth is usually done about 100 cm, but in this case it is possible to save money and to reduce it to 60 cm.
  • Next, note the location of the place of pillars. At the same instructions telling us how to build a brick wall with his hands, it is advised not to make the distance between them is more than 300 cm, and the openings for doors and gates on both sides to separate columns.
  • Once the place marked in the trench begin prodelyvat the formations under the pile. For this purpose drill, which deepens to 40 cm.
  • The resulting recess is inserted into the pile or tube of about 60 mm diameter, concreting them flush with the bottom of the trench.
  • Then made a wooden formwork, lifting it by 10-15 cm above the ground. It is at this altitude and will begin sampling of brick masonry.
  • Next, you need to place in the trench metal fittings, creating a framework for concrete pouring. In this case, all the elements of better wiring to shrinkage connection is severed.
  • In the next stage fill with concrete. It must be close to stamp using a stick. It is also possible to arrange discharge openings in the foundation, laying a pipe obliquely solution in the street.
  • Then you need to wait a few days to complete drying of the base.

Tip! Downspouts is best to use plastic. They are less likely to become clogged and do not rot.

Detailed installation of brick fence project with a typical foundation and an indication of the required size

Usually instructions telling us how to make a fence from a brick, do not mention that the moisture adversely affects the masonry. However, this fact should not forget to take steps to protect.

Therefore, before proceeding to laying, must be put on a foundation waterproofing foil or roofing felt.

  • After the moisture protection is made, it is necessary to pull a long string along the whole length of the fence. It will serve as a reference for each row of masonry, as its edge.
  • Next, we build a fence from a brick, placing it in the middle of the foundation. Horizontal while controlling thread, and vertical level. It is worth noting that the top row of bricks should overlap the lower joint.

brick stacking technology

  • If used for the lining material, it is not worth much to smudge the surface with a solution. It is necessary to work very carefully, using a small rubber spatula and a moist sponge.
  • Poles manufactured by arranging around the pipe laying, Moore its inside.
  • If you need to install additional components in the form of forged gratings or other materials, they need to tie in the brickwork at least two rows.

Laying bricks, requiring subsequent cladding

  • Also, a brick fence construction requires little gain. For this 3-4 series muruyut metal wire throughout the length of the structure. It will serve as a kind of binder in the material.

Tip! After 5-6 rows will be erected, it is necessary to pull the rope from one lower corner to an upper edge of a fence angle other. It will show defects in the work, which can be corrected with the help of a hammer with a plastic or rubber tip.

Working with levels and thread to check the quality of masonry

Considering the question of how to make a brick wall, you need to pay attention to the protection of the whole structure from moisture. You can use the special cap that fits over the poles (see also Article Caps on fence posts: the appointment and installation). It is also possible to apply similar protection for the entire structure.

If you do not want to install these items or their price is beyond the scope of the budget, it is possible to produce a kind of self-waterproofing.

Setting caps on the fence to protect from moisture

  • To this end, paving the entire plane of the top of the masonry roofing material, which is fastened with nails.
  • Further into the slurry begin to add sodium silicate, stirring it thoroughly.
  • When sharply in the mixture disappear clearly observable moisture, it is necessary to put it on top of the design, creating the semblance of a gable roof.
  • When they made a tip of your own hands, then to increase the protection from thieves inserted into her broken glass shards, spikes upward. However, this solution significantly degrades appearance.

Options jointing in masonry

  • It is worth noting that you can carry and grouting to the final stage. On photo provided you can see a variety of options for this technique. For this purpose, special spatula with a certain notch, which is carried out on the masonry joints, forming a beautiful protrusion or recess.

Tip! Some master clutch when using a small amount of the solution so that it will not leak out. Then they are added to the cement mixture of dye and use it to close up the seams. So it turns out very beautiful combination of brick and colored jointing.

Colored grouting using special tools

View offers video, it becomes clear that the construction of the fence of brick or stone is quite laborious and responsible process. If his performance is necessary to constantly take measurements in order to avoid the occurrence of defects such as warping, bulges or depressions. However, in strict compliance with the installation instructions, the job can even make the novice builder.

A fence made of bricks with their hands

Sturdy fence of his house or plot the most important task that must be done immediately after the purchase of land. The most rational solution in this case will be the use of a brick fence. The installation with their own hands will not be difficult, and the resulting object will be long and reliably to its owner.

So, how to make a fence from a brick with his own hands? The first thing you will need the owner - is to buy materials. Required cement mixture, bricks, sand, stone and natural valves, which will be the "carrier" component for fencing.

Buying a brick is determined by the parameters of the selected material and the size of the fence is being built brick by hand. Depending on the thickness (in one or two bricks), height (can be more than three meters) and a length of fencing, and the parameters of the material is calculated and the amount thereof.

Instructions for the construction of a fence from a brick

To begin to build a fence from a brick with his own hands, it is necessary to carry out the installation of the foundation and the base reinforcement.

On the marked area, which must be perfectly flat, put a mark under the "pillars". They can be located at a distance of 1.5 meters to 4 meters. The excavated recesses (1.5 meter depth of each) inserted support. It is exposed and the level and tilt relative to the other elements. It is worth remembering that there should be formed perfectly smooth line and a series of completely flat.

After aligning in a slightly extended recess is filled with gravel and sand. These layers were compacted to the maximum structural strength. The first step is the construction of a fence from a brick with his own hands is completed. You can start pouring the foundation.

The most practical option would be the installation of the tape substrate. To do this, dig a trench for installation of formwork. After the sand settles cushion for a more reliable fastening and only after this is done the reinforcement.

Once the armature is put, it is possible to produce concrete and to fill in the resulting basis, ie it is necessary to pour concrete into the wells and cap. Solidification structure is strongly dependent on the materials used and the depth excavated portion. Frequently used parameters - is 50 cm deep and 25 cm wide. This step in the manufacture of a brick fence with their hands, which is a video about the article, can be explored in more detail.

After complete hardening of concrete can proceed to the immediate laying bricks. But between the obtained base and the main body must be positioned qualitative waterproofing. For this task, you can use a roofing or mastic.

The simplest masonry - a single-level execution, offset by half a brick. It has an attractive look. You can use materials of different colors and create patterns at will.

Construction begins with the basic components for lining. It needs four elements in order to impose a "column". On the base and between the bricks should go to concrete. In this drawing must be dense. It is necessary to carry out the tapping for uniform distribution of the mixture and its partial compaction.

The first row is laid from post to post. The next layer above the first by analogy. And so on to get the full enclosure. Do not forget that the top can be both simple and designed as a small ledge. To do this, lay a brick across the previously deposited.

Quite a lot of options and a variety of fences made of bricks with their hands photos, which are presented in this article will help to determine the most suitable type.

Photo of brick fence with his hands

Video construction of a brick fence with his hands

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Yes, well, it alone is done torment! It is better to hire a team and do not spare money than his back and ruin health. Such a fence made of bricks entire holiday season will do. I would do something simpler, such as the fence of corrugated board. For the money, and labor costs a lot less it turns out, those who need Ponte

It was very interesting to read how to make a fence from a brick with his own hands, because now I'm in the country will have the same job. I understand that this is a very time-consuming and requires special care work, so I will follow your instructions and recommendations, which are in the video. Alone, it is unlikely to cope, will agitate the whole family to help me in the self-construction of a fence from a brick. As I understand it is very important to make a strong foundation, but something else is hard to guard and can lead to break eventually. I recognize the price of such a fence in the company, worth about 12-15 meter thousand rubles, which is of course very much! Therefore I decided to build a fence from a brick with his own hands, that you recommend. After completion of the work I will try to put the photo here, if it is possible to be, but for one and he will write as I did!