How to choose a fence from a brick to a country site?

Fences made of bricks are superior for their reliability, durability and beauty of the rest of the fence. The high cost of such designs can be attributed to the "pluses and minuses" - it all depends on your individual assessment and opportunities. The most obvious "plus" brick fence - a harmonious combination with any of the known building materials. The exception, perhaps, are just concrete structures. But such an option on a pilot basis has the right to life. In short - go for it!

Exclusive embodiment of the fence, respectively, is quite expensive.

High fence wall repeats the mansion of red brick finish. Protecting your site from prying eyes and alien invasion, the owner thinking about fencing appeal. He succeeded: "severe" form of brick walls smoothed low wrought-iron elements in the top of the fence. Stylish, reliable, elegant.

You are not able to often come to his country house, worried about the safety of their property? High fence of bricks completely close your home and the area from prying eyes. Protection against unauthorized intrusion - jump over a fence would, perhaps, the Olympic champion in the high jump with a pole.

Fence on a high base as if pulled up behind the walls of the spacious two-story mansion. In the construction of the fence in harmony with natural stone, tile, brick, wrought iron elements.

The original design of the fence to visually reduce the height. This is achieved by masonry arches "vice versa" (specular reflection). As for inserts used semicircular arch elements artistic forging. Through the openwork designs seen violent garden greens. Fencing is decorative. Its originality and beauty will attract a lot of fans.

Commonwealth of dissimilar materials: brick, stone, polycarbonate, forged elements. At the exit - a complete work of art. Finishing cap natural stone is repeated in the form of inserts on brick piers. Wrought iron fence section "wave" shaped polycarbonate closed. Entrance to the site is made in the same style decision with fencing. The design is beautiful, durable and reliable.

Brick in combination with wood - the most common combination in the construction of fences. Options for a variety of solutions in the classic combination of a lot. One of them is deaf fence with wooden sections of "wave" on a massive plinth and brick pillars.

High-quality, robust design. Provided periodic dyeing wood picket stand for many years.

Reliable fence of brick and metal sheets to protect your site from many ills. Significant "plus" - the cheapness of the construction fence.

Combined option - a high base and the massive pillars of red brick "diluted" metal picket fence. Formed therefrom "blind" section, harmonizing with the perfectly flat brickwork.

The original design approach, costly labor-intensive work. But the fence masterpiece worth it. Strip foundation is faced with wild sawing stone. Deliberately rough masonry base flows into a smooth line brick fence base. And it creates a "embrasures" round forged elements.

Openwork fence framed decorative brick masonry - do not often see the fence portion such embodiment. But the original mansion's architecture dictates it is this style decision, when all the elements of the house and the fence are in perfect harmony.

Maybe new ideas prompt photos Fences for dacha.

Do you think it's all the options of the wooden fence that we know? Excellent selection is available here.

Whatever fence of brick in combination with other materials you choose, it is worth remembering that such protections are considered to be the most reliable and durable design.

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    Photo collection of fences made of bricks: options for implementing

    Choose a good material for the fence is very important, because in addition to the protective function, your fence will serve an aesthetic function and status. After the fence - this is what people see first. Fence "meets" all visitors and your guests. Therefore, the impression from the house, the garden, the site will be formed from the beautiful fences.

    Classic brick fence

    Brick veneer always looks dignified and status. It looks impressive castles, houses, fences. Even aged and sometimes flaky brick does not spoil the appearance and gives an unusual charm and chic historical architectural structures. Brick fence inspires trust and respect, but do not think that you can create an interesting design of a fence masonry. Beautiful brick fences are obtained from different types of material.

    Beautiful brick fence

    What are the options most commonly used for the construction of a brick fencing?

    Multiple photos in the catalogs of firms carrying out work on the installation, the following classic version of the fence.

    The construction of the fence is made of a masonry thickness of one, two bricks. Top trim metal fence barerchik, forged elements, Bent. Masonry often get monotonous. Therefore, builders come up with dilute its pillars made of a different pattern of masonry, using a different color pillars or trim them with other relief.

    Most often used for laying the classic pattern of red. This is justified by its versatility but which is not particularly rely. For example, if you arrange the walls of your house facing bricks, tiles, more appropriate to use them as well in the device enclosure. You get a decent architectural ensemble. So you can even emphasize the look of your home, and all the facilities in your area will be carried out in a harmonious style of composition.

    Finishes on a fence today if view photos on the Internet, are different, because you can buy a brick in any color, any size, topography.

    Yellow, white, various shades and even black colors are used throughout. Sometimes you can buy new items, which can be applied to glaze.

    Only the price of such unusual items will be too large, so that their use must be justified by design.

    With a wide range of bricks, you can create a unique, exclusive options. The texture finish is obtained:

    Textured finish on the photo of fences made of bricks looks interesting with the facing product that simulates stone.

    Figural wall can be done using several types of masonry. For example, in the section spread the arch, which is filled with any material, most often it is a stone.

    Masonry material is used not only smooth, but with a rough, like a stone.

    Look great with a simple fence with brick, faced with clinker tiles. Tile is very diverse invoice, so the finished design options appears set for imagination in this case is not limited.

    You do not want your brickwork look monotonous? Diluted with various patterns.

    It will be interesting to look masonry with lumens. In this case, and privacy during your stay, and the fence will be the air.

    Exquisite structure can be made using only two colors in the masonry: brown, beige. Pillars, the upper and lower section made of brown product spans - beige. Dark brown to beige frame lends sophistication and fence looks expensive.

    Sometimes decisive role in the design given the stakes. For example, in the photo of a beautiful brick fence pillars have made a bulge in the upper part of the step-quarter brick row. Additional caps are made of metal bars solid turrets, turning the fence into an impregnable fortress.

    Combined with brick wall

    Interestingly it turns out fotovarianty with combined finish. Often masonry used for the construction of the columns. Variants obtained by different:

    1. Brick fence with wrought. Representatively looks fence when the bars and the lower part of the wall made of brick red, and the fence sections are made of metal forging black color. Such fencing resembles London buildings of the last century.
    2. Brick fence with wood.
    3. Brick wall with a profile.

    The use of wood makes it easy to design. Unusual design looks fence with pillars and a green picket fence. On the one hand, the strong support of red products, on the other - a lightweight, blown fence.

    Modern looks fence, when used in the lining trapezoidal sheet. Imagine: gray columns with brickwork cladding material from under a rock and modern bright, for example, orange trapezoidal sheet. It turns stylish and fashionable.

    Combined samples are almost always mounted on the strip foundation, which, like the bars are made of brick. The height of such a foundation is always different, but try to make the foundation above the surface of the soil, sometimes the base reaches a height of one meter, forming a cap rail. Sections of fences "hammer" of different materials. It can be wood, stone, grating, decking even mesh-netting.

    Following his wishes and their capabilities, browsing a selection of beautiful fences, you can choose the design of brick wall for your site.

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    Decorative bricks hyperpressed brand M200 \ F75

    A fence made of bricks Photo

    Beautiful fences of brick and wrought photo

    Fence is an integral part of the private area of ‚Äč‚Äčlandscape design. It not only restricts and protects the territory from intruders, but also serves as a decorative ornament. Materials to build fences so many, but the most popular is the combination of brick and forging, which looks very impressive.

    Two-colored brick and elegant wrought-iron fence pattern makes a bright and original, giving it a kind of fantasy.

    It is interesting to look fence, which brickwork and wrought-iron inserts are joined by a descending line.

    Forging is not only an ornament, but also additional protection, not allowing attackers to easily climb over the fence.

    The classic version of the fence - brick columns and wrought iron spans. It looks strict, but subtly.

    In this embodiment, like forging "cut through" through the masonry, the effect of reinforcing the decorative insert.

    Forging on the fence does not have to be a lot. Sometimes enough to border on the top to make the construction of the more interesting species.

    Skillfully using a combination of sophisticated forging with brick columns, you can create a work of art.

    A relatively simple embodiment which benefits from the presence of bulky curls making more original fence.

    Another example of the spectacular "plunge" forged inserts in the masonry - always a win-win solution.

    The most popular floral pattern on forging that allows more harmoniously fit fence in landscape design.

    The combination of red brick and black wrought looks contrasting and unusual - a great combination.

    This design of the fence can be safely called a classic - it will look great next to a stout brick house.

    Often brick fence with wrought fence off the garden, opening up a view of the beautiful flowers and not allowing outsiders to the territory.

    If necessary the elements can be forged from the back side to close the sheet polycarbonate portion having protected from view.

    Even forged inserts with simple pattern will look interesting in combination with brick columns.

    Very natural and harmonious looks brick fence with wrought braided plants.

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