Metal fences and barriers

Metal fences are nothing else but an excellent option durable and reliable enclosure which is not only able to protect private property, but also to give the enclosing area attractive appearance. Many owners of such fences will confirm that high-quality material enables long enough to use the fence, not fearing for the safety of personal property.

Construction of a combined intake of metal sections pillars and brick

Production of metal fences can be made to order. In this case, with the options you want, you should refer to the manufacturer for approval qualities and properties of the future of the fence. What powers vested metal fences, as well as their types and characteristics described below.

Qualitative characteristics of metal fencing

Metal fence, whatever it may be, is first and foremost reliability, which boils down to the quality of the derivative material.

Variant metal fence device

Consider the most basic dignity, encourage use products on a global scale.

  1. Durability and reliability. Metal fences, bearing in mind the forged or welded types, have high strength. Metal is almost not deformed, has a high resistance to impact and other mechanical damage. Forged fence can be absolutely reliable protection of any house, protecting it from penetration of unwanted guests.
  2. Long-term use. Excellent quality and performance make the metal fence durable. Once having established such a fence can be more than 10 years not to think about replacing it.

The fence of forged items, polycarbonate and bricks

A selection of patterns for a fence of metal bars

In addition to the benefits to future owners of metal fencing it is important to understand that the life of the fence depends largely on how you take care of him. Like it or not, and metal - this is the material, which sooner or later begins to rust.

EXAMPLE original fence of metal profile

In addition, minor scratches also can lead to rust, not only spoiling the appearance but also the integrity of the fence. This helps avoid timely processing of metal surface corrosion coatings, and removing portions of rusty. It is recommended to paint the fence at least once every three years, and if necessary more often.

Variety of metal fences and their features

Metal fencing and metal fences can be made in various versions and can have different functional load.

The size and design of the fence of metal pipes and profiles

In this regard, there is a classification that allows divided all metal fences into several groups, thus helping, consumers will determine the choice of a particular type.

Wrought iron fences: features and installation guidelines

Fences made of metal forging truly considered elite and established mainly in places of high importance. Decorating sheet metal elements of forging a fence makes a unique, eye-catching, turning it into a work of art. The main advantage of such a fence is an incredible strength that allows him to use more than one decade.

No mechanical damage and no collision can cause damage and deformation that the intake is extremely important.

EXAMPLE decor forged fence for country house

Installation of forged fences can be made with your own hands, the only thing to consider, so the fact that the structure and its elements may have impressive weight. In this connection, it is recommended to use the lift, which allows to raise all of the elements to the desired height, not while making their own efforts.

So, consider the option of self-assembly.

  1. Take measurements of enclosing territory on which to purchase the material. We must remember that, in addition to the fence sections, you will need supporting columns, which will distribute the load of all fences. To calculate the required number of such poles may be, focusing on the fact that they are usually adjusted every two meters length.

A selection of original designs for the wrought iron fence

Drawing construction fence of metal elements

That's how simple manipulations can give a decorative metal fence, which will be a real support and protection, as well as the pride of any home.

A light version that is ideal for budget protections - is a fence of metal sheets. Metal profile for a fence is a flat sheet of expanded metal, which is coated with a special coating, allowing use of open space on the sheet. Most often, this fence is framed beds and flower beds, but can also be a full fence at the cottage or the garden.

The main advantage of such a fence is its speed and ease of assembly, which is made with their own hands. In addition, the fence so inexpensive and allows you to save the family budget, combining excellent quality with affordability. Price profile is completely dependent on its thickness and the thickness of the protective coating.

To install a fence on your own site, you need to take care only about two things: the concreting of supporting pillars and trim work with worksheets profile. So, by purchasing the right amount of profile and self-tapping screws for metal and horizontal lag, it is necessary to set the supporting pillars. To do this, using a garden drill pits under the posts, which are set poles, and filled with concrete. The lite version of poles can be covered with soil, tamping it firmly. Since the sheet metal is easy enough, no need to do foundation.

When the poles are ready, they are welded joists - beams, which are baits profile sheets. Installed fence of corrugated board fast enough. Sheets with screws baits on the joists at a distance of 10-15 cm. The final step in the installation process is the upper edge of a fence. For these purposes, there are special caps that make sharp edges safe and not traumatic.

In fact, the fence - a parallel metal segments attached to two joists.

Exterior and dressing combination of a metal fence and the fence bricks

Metal picket fences well used in gardening sector arrangement for flower beds and small gardens, but can also be found in an enclosure. A huge variety of fences on the market allows you to choose the most unpredictable and original versions, in the absence thereof, to make order in the factory on his own sketches.

A metal fence for the fence represented in the form of sectional parts, the design of which is fully consistent with the title. Section is welded by welding on the supporting pillars, which in this case may be either part of the foundation, and an independent unit. A small specific gravity allows for support also use conventional tubes.

Self assembly involves the installation of supporting pillars, which are welded to the metal of picket fences. That's basically all the technology to perform the power of any novice builder.

In the event that the installation fails, you can resort to the help of experts, who will decide a similar problem in a jiffy. But the price for such services may be the most unpredictable.

No less popular and demanded everything for suburban areas is a metal mesh for the fence. This is a great and inexpensive way to protect the personal plot, while not depriving it of additional sunlight and heat.

Welded mesh fence is easy to operate, and its installation will have the power of even the most inexperienced. In order for the installation has been made correctly, you must define the parameters of the fence, and it is with his height.

From this figure depends entirely on the extent to which deep-seated to be supporting the pipe.

An inexpensive option decent fencing requires caution when working, as well as compliance with all standards and requirements. If we talk about the installation in a nutshell, it should be noted that the pipe, which will be mounted grid must be recessed deep enough into the ground so that the fence was flat and not warp when exposed to high winds.

Ready fence of welded mesh in the country

Last summer, in the country to install a fence of metal sheets. Installed it quickly, any difficulties during the installation does not arise. We were pleased with the price of the fence: in contrast to other species, our fence was much cheaper. For me, an important advantage is that in the fence there are no cracks and holes, ie. E. At his dacha, I can do anything, knowing that no one sees me!

How to make a metal fence

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Metal fence - a fence, which is comparable in reliability similar structures made of stone or concrete. In this article we'll show you how to make such a fence, consider its types and features.

Construction of metal fencing

Structurally, the metal fences are divided into three main types:

  • deaf fences. They are characterized by a continuous web, securely hides from view outside the territory of the site.

Variety of metal fencing

The most common variant of the fence - a mesh netting, fixed to the support column. The material for such a wire mesh is used, from which by braiding and spot welding is formed square or diamond-shaped cell.

Such a fence is made by joining metal elements electrowelded lattice. Sometimes they are combined with wrought products. Welded between the fence sections are parts often represent a artistic composition. If it is properly adapted to the style of the house, welded fence will take considerable aesthetic pleasure to their owners and their guests.

To create a forged fence required a lot of effort, accuracy and experience, so it is made manually master-professionals. The result of their hard work can become a true work of art. Forged fences are often distinguished personality and austere beauty.

Fence of the corrugated sheet

The popularity of this type of metal fencing due to the reasonable price of the materials used, their light weight and reliability.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal fencing

Durability and reliability of metal fences confirmed long-term use practice. In addition, the installation of such facilities has a number of advantages:

  1. Provides reliable protection for gardening area from prying eyes and intrusion of unwanted visitors.

The problems posed by the construction of the fence, it is much less. These include the following:

  • Significant weight materials, especially welded and wrought iron fences. It creates some inconvenience during transport and installation of fence parts.
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Technology mounting metal fences

Fence of the sheeting

For mounting such protections required profile pipes of rectangular cross section for creating supporting pillars and the frame, the profiled sheets, screws, "Bulgarian" screwdriver, drill, spade, building level, hammer cord and pegs. If you plan to do with brick pillars, an additional need mortar and protective caps.

For mounting the metal fence of the required grid support, "netting", wires, screws, screwdriver, building level, pegs, cord, tape, concrete M400, and a spade drill.

Such a fence can be made by hot or cold forging. The latter method is suitable for self-fulfillment. To implement the required twisting machines for decorative sectional detail wrought fence welding machine, "Bulgarian" bench screw and a set of domestic tool.

  1. With the help of pegs, tape and cord break the perimeter fence of the future, taking into account the location of all his posts.

When using a stone, concrete or brick manufacture racks procedure for installing the metal fence is the same. Steel post in this case will act as a reinforcing rod in the decorative support. Due to the increased weight of the structures under the wrought-iron fence with columns of stone need a strong foundation. Therefore, prior to assembly of metal reinforcing struts for future fence perimeter to dig a trench and place it in a metal frame made of bars d. 12 mm.

Before the production of the metal fence is useful to ask the cost of basic materials. The price of a single sheet of corrugated board - 300 rubles, and the roll of "netting" grid -. 500 rub. Blanks for wrought fence can buy or use the metal which has at the farm site.

metal fence: advantages and features

Fences made of metal are very popular because of their durability and the variety of options. Such fences are created in the factory and on site quickly and easily installed without the involvement of specialists. Stylish exterior design makes the due forged elements, but many prefer the most concise and options.

Protect his country area can be structures of different materials. Fence of the metal are in high demand because of several characteristics. It:

  1. Reliability and durability. Metal fence is difficult to deform or damage by mechanical means, so this option is suitable for installation on any suburban or suburban area.
  2. Durability. Increase the service life of any metal enclosure can be timely processing of surfaces.
  3. Increased safety. Any metal fence has a high level of reliability, of course, if it is not made of the fence or netting. Massive fence from metal rods or a solid fence will not be so easy to overcome.
  4. Ease of care. The timely processing of metal surface will be reliably protected against corrosion and rust.

It is also important that the current from the metal fence is produced of various configurations - welded, sectional, of corrugated board or forged. Therefore it is easy to choose an option that fits onto the exterior features of the cottage.

The most amazing way to build the fence for the site - use a roll-mesh netting. Firstly, it is cheap. Secondly, it has a very simple installation. The material itself - is a steel wire, in which a low carbon content, and due to this flexibility is provided. Mesh coating may be of steel, galvanized or polymer based. The cheapest galvanized netting, so this material is the most popular among buyers. Among the shortcomings of the material for the fence can be identified susceptibility to various influences and openness that is not like every owner of suburban areas.

The durability, safety, aesthetics - the main differences forged fences, which are organically fit into the design of any territory. All designs of this type are divided into three types:

  1. Protective fences - simple and inexpensive. In most cases, these designs are stamped sectional fences, supplied in finished form, which can only collect at the site. If you want to decorate the surface of the fence, it can be done with an additional decoration in the form of ornaments.
  2. Decorative fences based metal forging - it's presentable designs that are characterized by artistic performance based on special sketches. The decorative designs forged elements are connected by clamps and tabs, and at their production uses only individual developments.
  3. Combined fences are based on standard templates are ready, but can be modified in accordance with the creative ideas of the customer.

Prepared from metal fences created using forging of profiled pipes, rods and bars of various sizes. To paint surfaces using different compositions, and in some cases executed their patina. The most important advantage of forged fences in personality - the second of the same design you are unlikely to meet.

Welded fence - a construction that is quickly assembled and fully protects private property from the outside world. The advantages of this type include:

  • a variety of design solutions;
  • excellent security features;
  • ease of use;
  • durability.

It presented several kinds of modern metal fences. Photos show the diversity of designs. Welded fences can be profiled, forged and welded sectional and based on the grid.

Similar fencing demand in the regeneration of the business centers, hospitals, commercial areas. In addition to ease of assembly and of viewing the fenced area, such designs are durable operation and aesthetics.

Forged and welded fences even more aesthetically pleasing due to forged parts, through which the fence becomes an individual look. It is expedient to mount for the protection of children's playgrounds, houses, gardens, house territory. The advantages of this solution include: quick assembly, operation, durability and the possibility of self-assembly. But there are such structures are significantly more expensive.

Welded mesh fences can be placed with any relief at the site. a fence section of similar type metal transmits light well, so these structures are frequently used to delimit areas in gardens and plots. In addition to aesthetics and reasonable cost, they attract the attention of a quick installation and ease of care.

Such fences are ideal in terms of value for money, plus they will meet the requirements of reliability and durability. Profiled sheet well with brick pillars, but it is possible to install a fence and metal poles. The main thing is that the whole design was robust and able to withstand any load. Popularity profiled sheets due to the fact that they completely cover the area from prying eyes. In addition, the designs are available in various colors, and it is a great opportunity for thinking of exterior design.

Decking - modern and practical

Decking, perhaps the most popular and proven material that provides a reliable fencing system for your home or garden. Unique features of the performance properties provided by the material - the steel sheets that are embossed. Profiled created under the full control of the guests, so high quality is different. The advantages of these designs include the cost of an inexpensive and quick installation.

It is also important that the metal profile is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, heights of waves and destination. The most suitable for the erection of the fence metal profile is considered C-8, which has the ease with resistance to various factors. Installation also is simple, it will require the preparation of metal pillars, crossbars, fence pickets and screws.

Such fences are delicate structures on the basis of welded metal pipes. Such a fence of metal provides good light transmission, differing simplicity and durability. The essence of the design is that the fence consists of sections welded together by metal rolling. Popular today are the 3D panel fences, which have a horizontal V-shaped bends on the outer surface. Such fences have panels of galvanized rods, which are further covered with polymeric compositions. Through such Sectional fences provided the aesthetic territory.

Current manufacturers offer any fence erected from a metal (profile), which can pick up a structure which will be most authentic look in a particular conformation. Depending on the kind of goal pursuing you can choose as a simple fence mesh, netting or fence of corrugated and more original designs using forged elements.