Installation of a metal fence picket

A fence made of metal picket quite relevant in the modern construction of town houses, because this type of fence is different from others in that it does not need to spend large sums on the material. To purchase all of the tools can be expensive. The main advantage of a metal picket fence is considered lightweight. Positive feedback was related to the long service life of the structure.

Classic metal fence picket

Performing protection function has lattice fence elements spaced very close, and each of them is equipped with a sharp tip. To carry out the corresponding calculations prior to installation of the whole structure, you can use a calculator provided on the website on the subject of construction.

Before a picket fence of metal, should provide all the main points to be associated with the enclosure device. The planned construction of a fence requires appropriate calculations from the perimeter enclosing the territory and ending with the appearance of buildings in view of its forms, including the number and cost of necessary construction materials.

Title nodes and elements from the metal fence picket

Tools and materials needed

After reading the instructions on how to properly install a metal picket fence, you can begin to build the fence. This will require to buy a full set of tools:

  1. Screwdriver.
  2. Small auxiliary tool.
  3. The tool for ground works.
  4. welding machine.

Screwing mounting frame made of metal shtaketin. Small auxiliary tool produce additional types of works on the installation of a metal fence picket. As a tool to work with the land and digging pits suitable conventional shovel or auger.

Driving device yam under fence posts

Set transverse joists, which need to mount the metal fence for the fence to be using an apparatus for welding. Welding is the best option for this work. To properly install fences to give of yourself evroshtaketnika should have on hand such kinds of materials, such as:

Attach the metal frame to allow shtaketiny galvanized screws. For structures having low weight, suitable pipe profile cross section 60x60 mm. This will enable it to withstand wind loads. Buy metal fence can be 0.5-2 mm. Metal has a top coating of anti-corrosion layer on which the paint is applied.

The process of fixing the metal to the frame fence shtaketin

Shaped tube with a section of 20x40 mm is required for fixing the longitudinal lag without welding, allowing to perform the installation of metal shtaketin. If the planned installation of a metal fence picket fence with brick pillars need bricks. Horizontal bars of metal can be replaced by a wooden beam, guard will then be combined fence.

Wooden beam passes before applying additional processing antiseptic and after installation it must be painted. Supports should be at a small distance from each other, because it is necessary to take into account the weight of the tree and the fence of metal. The greater the length of the bar, the greater the risk that he will not keep shtaketiny metal.

How to make a calculation of the necessary materials

To ensure the conservation of resources in the implementation of the construction of the fence need to conduct appropriate materials calculations.

To determine the amount of materials required for installation of a metal fence picket needs calculator which allow:

  1. Perform accurate measurements of the perimeter through which must pass the fence.

Set the width of the gap between shtaketin.

  • Calculate the size of the gate and gate.
  • Select method of bonding the fence elements (welding, anchor fastener clip assembly, the corner).
  • To determine the required amount of lag, supports, consumables (screws, paint, primer).
  • Since the length of a lag may be 2-12 m, using a calculator for calculating the cost of the fence material should be remembered that the positioning support for the metal on the fence must be a distance of 2-3 meters from each other. This will ensure a uniform load on the joists. If the cost of materials makes it possible to make a purchase, making selection of screws, do not save.

    To determine the number of profiled strips, you can use the formula:

    W = W * (1000 mm - Ps) / (133 mm + Ps),

    • W - the number of the fence (units);
    • Z - fence length (m);
    • Ps - the gap width (mm).

    If the project is designed for the erection of the fence, "checkerboard" need to carry out installation of the fence deaf staggered. Thus obtained number of picket the formula must be increased by 2 times. "Checkerboard" is:

    Material selection is made depending on the purpose of sampling device. The most eco-friendly version of the fence can be built out of wood, so the feedback was always positive. However, wood is a more cheap material, as opposed to metal. No need to spend a large amount of effort and time in order to install it: a fence will resemble a staircase.

    Possible options for fixing the fence shtaketin

    Construction should be carried out only from a certified product, which corresponds to GOST. If the installation of the fence will be carried out in a checkerboard pattern, then this design provides 2 types:

    Reviews indicate that the more favorable is the first option, since the horizontal fence resembles a ladder, and is very easy to overcome the obstacle.

    How to make the metal fence picket

    Preparation and marking the territory for the construction of the fence

    After collecting the tools and materials you can proceed to the implementation of the installation of the fence. First on paper is necessary to prepare a draft of the future structure to carry out all stages of the work. The resulting structure must be perfectly flat shape. This task is not too difficult to carry out all the work yourself. It is possible to develop a project that will create a combined fence.

    When the construction plan is prepared, it purchased the required number of materials after the calculations, before installing the fence doing land clearing of debris.

    Production of the new design should be started after the dismantling of the old fence. Grass, shrubs and other vegetation are removed, the surface is leveled.

    Scheme for installation of a metal fence picket

    After determining all the corners of the perimeter, they should drive pegs of wood and pull the rope between them. This will make before the start of the installation work appropriate markup to mark the places in which to dispose the supporting pillars.

    To partition each installation point fence posts around the perimeter, which is necessary to protect, the string is removed and the set start frame, for example, from the materials from Leroy Merlin, proven by appropriate quality. For this it is necessary to dig a pit preliminarily marked locations with the depth of soil freezing.

    Prepare holes for fence posts support

    The next stage involves the digging of holes for supports of metal picket fence. For this purpose a conventional spade prepared beforehand. The required number of holes should be determined at the stage of the calculation of materials.

    Handy tool is a drill that can drill a deep hole. The size of the depth should not be more than 50 cm. Since the fence supports must be installed every 2-3 m, the pits should dig namely at such a distance from each other. To ensure the most reliable pillar consolidation, fill the pit with earth will not be enough. There will need to carry out concreting, concrete preparing a solution according to the standard procedure. Mixtures can be either prepared and made of sand, cement and water alone.

    During the installation of the fence is necessary to monitor the vertical position of each pole unit, which involves the use of a spirit level. Determine the distance between the posts is required in view of the length of slats.

    Installed support should be fixed at a certain time, because the wait for the complete drying of concrete will have 2 days.

    Ready mounted skeleton picket fences

    Implement lock the vertical supports with your hands, you can use wooden props.

    How to install the self-support

    If the support is profiled tube whose section 40x40x4 mm, the depth of the well beneath it must be determined climate region. The recess may reach 1-1.5 m. Before concreting pillars must be processed anticorrosive composition. When installing the vertical poles should focus on the device the corner posts, which account for the greatest load.

    In order to firmly secure the poles in the ground, use the gravel, tamping it well. The internal cavity of the support to increase the duration of operation of the facility shall be filled with concrete. At the upper end is installed a plastic cover to keep out moisture. In the corners of the perimeter of the pit for the pillars must be made deeper, since they account for a large load.

    Plugs of different sizes for fence posts

    At the bottom are laid out sand and rubble. The length of the supports must be designed so that after their installation shtaketin size exceeded the crossbars 100-150 mm. The installation should start from the pillars on the corners of the perimeter, and then can start the fill supports cement mortar comprising sand, gravel or a prepared concrete from the mixer.

    When installing the supports previously outlined places that need to be fixed crossbar. For this purpose should be carried out to control the accuracy of marking with a marker, which indicates the entire length of fencing fixation point, wherein the metal fence is installed. It requires patience, attention and accuracy. These actions are carried out after the pit has been prepared using a drill or a bayonet shovels, and mounted bearings. Attach the bar around the perimeter enclosing the territory should be using self-tapping screws.

    How to strengthen the joists with their hands

    If you buy ready-made kits from the manufacturer, produced specifically for the construction of fences, the support they already have the elements for fixing the lag. With self-manufacturing fences to them must be strengthened brackets serving for fixing the longitudinal girders. Installing the bottom bracket is made at a height of 30 cm from the ground, and the top - 50 cm from the top of the column.

    For precision assembly using a builder's level and Beacon cord that stretches between the supports. The brackets can be fastened by welding or using a "crab", which is a set of clamps. Producing their own fence of corrugated will need to make preliminary calculations and determine the cost of the required materials.

    The process of fixing the fence lag

    If the kit is for the construction of a metal fence picket was acquired in Leroy Merlin, you should immediately take advantage of the instruction to it, having familiarized with the construction technology fences. Since complete you can usually buy right frame members with picket fence, then they do not need to paint.

    Fixing lag on the future of the fence support can be carried out using a welding machine, then place the welding poles treated with anticorrosive. If Leroy Merlin or in other stores was separately purchased metal fence of a certain color, the frame can be painted in the appropriate color, which will be combined with the painted surface shtaketin. After installation of the lag is necessary to start doing layout for fixing shtaketin, which is pretty hard work, requiring special attention and accuracy.

    Dimensional drawing for fastening joists and metal picket

    The beams may be shaped tubes with section 20x40x2 mm, they can buy in Leroy Merlin. They are fixed on a bracket powerful screwdriver, which is equipped with a special attachment screws.

    How to mount a metal fence

    Build a fence for the perfect appearance of the house can be only when all the markings on the bar, allowing even strengthen shtaketiny be done. Make a calculation of the distance between them is possible if you use the calculator. Shtaketiny fastened to the bars should be using a power screwdriver.

    Screwed parts must be very careful, otherwise you may damage the polymer coating metal picket. Shtaketin producing unit on the frame can begin with mounting parts to the lower joists fence. The lower edge of each element should align Beacon cord, which must be strictly stretched horizontally between fence supports. Often the width of the gap is in the range 50-100 mm.

    Instructions for attaching the metal picket fence to

    Strengthen shtaketiny can not only screws but bolts or rivets. In this case, you should use an electric drill or rivet. When assembling the fence bilateral sheeting gap between the bars should be equal to 80 mm. Choose the size of the gap between the fence members can be optional. It should be strictly the same all over the perimeter fence.

    An advantage possessed by the fence of corrugated due to the absence of the need to align each strip vertically. For vertical alignment and a uniform distribution of metal shtaketin section should use the strap-stencil. It allows you to avoid distortions and to achieve the standard distance between the parts. Guide to a set of Marlene and fence assembly technology include the gap dimension 50 mm. It can be shortened to 20 mm in increments of 1 cm.

    How to carry out installation of the upper fence strips

    In addition to the fence from the manufacturer, you can buy the eaves. This will make the look more attractive design. Attach it can be as shtaketiny using screws. If there is strictly upper horizontal edges need to carry out the installation on it a protective strip. To strengthen it, use a special glue or welded firmly to the fence bar supports.

    Pulling the cord lighthouse along the entire length of the longitudinal lag, should be welded welder shaped tubes for the entire length of the frame. weld primer. the design followed by paint and move on to the final stage of fencing devices for the home. It needs to take a screwdriver to fasten shtaketiny. Screws should be at the longitudinal lag. The distance can be selected independently, leaving 100-150 mm from the ground.

    Ready-mounted upper limit picket fence

    If you build a fence of metal picket fence does not allow its value, it is possible to install a fence of corrugated board. In any case, to ensure reliable protection of the area from unwanted intrusion of people, animals, hide the house from prying eyes of passers-by, should buy quality materials or kits from the manufacturer. Reviews of technology of erection of fences made of metal picket shown that it is not complicated. To build, you can own.

    Fences made of metal picket: installation, selection, price

    Protections, created from the fence, may be different in shape, color scheme. It is possible to change the distance of the lumen. This allows you to create an attractive appearance of the fence that fits perfectly into the design of the site, making it more interesting.

    Here are a few photos of some options.

    This fencing is popular. There are several main reasons.

    1. Perfectly complements the landscape of any area.
    2. It can be combined with other fun and building materials involved in the creation of fences.
    3. There are variations of organic combination of masonry or stone. It may also be interesting to look, and its combination of a metal or concrete.
    4. installation simplicity It allows you to actively use it in the majority of individual farms. Run the installation easy even has special skills to the user. No need to spend money on additional payment of workers employed in the installation of fences.
    5. Ease of maintenance It can be a major reason for its mass application. Also in this case carried out the removal of existing defects on it, arising from the operation. Such damage can be caused by external environmental factors that change throughout the year.
    6. Reliability. If use high elements, along with the decor it becomes reliable security element portion of the penetration of foreign people.
    7. It is worth noting that the fence allows for the landing of plants directly next to the structural elements. This is especially important for owners of private plots.

    Prices for the metal fence

    The cost depends on the material and size. It is also an important parameter is the thickness of the metal from which it is produced.

    Below are the most common types, prices are in the suburbs, which helps to find out how much the item.

    Installing a fence with his hands

    In order to carry out the installation you must perform a series of consecutive actions.

    1. It is previously prepared poles poles. Usually they are made by metal pipes or boards based on wood of great thickness.
    2. You should also prepare a rather narrow size rack with metal.
    3. It is necessary to pay attention to cross-bars, which are also made of a metal. It is necessary not only from a decorative point of view, but also as an element for the creation of additional stiffness structure.
    4. Next, calculate the length and height.
    5. After that, the distance calculation between the vertical elements that perform support functions. At the same time we carry out calculations on the size.
    6. Pre-make preparations for the future billet fences.
    7. The pillars lower hot resin handle portion. This will eliminate the processes related to decay. Therefore, the period of service is much higher.
    8. Now free from weeds, grass fence line of the future.
    9. Next, stretch the beacons on the territory of the proposed fence, make a mark places where the poles will be located. It should be remembered that spans the length between them can not exceed three meters. Otherwise there will be slack in the sections that quickly lead to failure.
    10. Spending their installation in the ground. recommended them pouring concrete solution for greater reliability. This is especially important for the metal pillars.
    11. Now, after the solution hardens can begin horizontal guides for the installation between posts. You've got to remember that you can pre-fix yourself guide, then mount them on the structural elements. Also there is an option when there is a pre-production of the section, and then mount it to the posts using the same guide.
    12. During his mounting rails must be remembered that the distance should be at the level of the width of the individual elements. Attaching the same it is produced as a by means of bolts, and using nails or screws. In a situation where the pillars are made of metal, are mounted on the guide corners, which are pre-welded to the data structure elements.

    Fences made of brick and metal picket

    This type includes components made of metal thickness of the order of 4.5 millimeter.

    For the construction of necessary set of tools including a drill, screwdriver and welder.

    1. Initially the project is compiled.
    2. Now you need to mount the frame. For this purpose, in designated locations dig holes. They set poles. Further carried out pouring the foundation.
    3. After the foundation is ready carried bricklaying approximately half a meter from the foundation.
    4. Additionally, it is recommended to lining of metal pillars brick. This will create a more interesting look.
    5. During their brick lining must first prepare the corners at the level of the alleged fixing of future guides. To do this, they are welded in such a way that after the projections were not less than ten centimeters.
    6. now done installation of horizontal guides. This can be done both by means of welding or using screws.
    7. Further mounted all vertical components. This work is done by shurpovorta bolts. You can also use the self-tapping screws for metal. It is not recommended to mount by welding, as this will bring inconvenience during the repair work. Now the fence is ready for operation.

    Brief and to the point - how to install and assemble.

    A fence made of metal picket (evroshtaketnika) with his own hands

    The choice of fencing for the site is not an easy task - you need it to be reliable, durable, beautiful. All these requirements are met by a fence of metal picket (evroshtaketnika). Climb it problematic - not the kind of stiffness. Breaking his "boring" - usually, fans hooliganism limited by the fact that a pair of bent slats. Beauty, of course, a subjective criterion, but these fences look better than the same solid fence of corrugated. In addition, they are not as susceptible to wind loads, which saves on the support pillars. An additional advantage - they produvaemost. In general, a good option.

    What is the metal fence

    A metal fence made of galvanized sheet steel. Relief formed on the sheet, after which it is cut into strip-shtaketiny, covered by protective compositions painted. Obtained strips of a certain height. Typically height -. 150 to 180 cm for the fence assembly need more supporting columns (usually 60 * 60 * 2 mm), the bowstring (two or three cross members which run between poles) and fasteners.

    It looks quite solid

    evroshtaketnika metal thickness may be from 0.4 to 1.5 mm. The most common - of steel 0.5 mm thick. Shtaketiny width - from 80 mm to 128 mm, length - 2 meters.

    P and M - shaped metal profiles picket

    Any metallic fence with a different profile: P (rectangular) shaped and M semicircular. M-shaped edges have a larger accordingly have a greater rigidity. But there is a U-shaped, in which in the "back" molded grooves. But in this case, it is hard to say which of them will be tougher. Most likely, the latter, especially if it seamed edges.

    Each firm has its profiles

    Semicircular also have greater rigidity, but more difficult to form and generally have a higher price. For greater strength along the long-side additional grooves may be formed.

    In general, the more grooves, ribs, the better resists bending strip length. But the price gets higher with the increasing complexity of the relief. Since it is in itself rather big, usually you have to look for a compromise. In any case, the bar has to withstand your attempts to bend it.

    What to look for when choosing a

    When you choose a metal fence, it is advisable to look at the proposed game you live. Stated may have the same thickness of metal, and in practice would be that the edge strips from a single batch can be bent finger with another party such focus fails. This is one producer. The case as a metal party, and it is rarely stable.

    Seamed edge, several layers of protective coatings - these are signs of good metal picket

    Still must pay attention to the edges - it is better if they are rolled. Firstly, it is a more attractive appearance, and second, greater rigidity picket, and third, a sharp edge is bent and they can not get hurt. The disadvantage in the fence with a rolling of one - a higher price, because it requires special equipment and additional processing time.

    If we talk about the production of specific firms, the popular evroshtaketnik Grand Line ( «Grand Line"), Barrera Grande, "Nova", "TPK Metallokrovli Center», FinFold, UNIX ( «Unix").

    It is to understand and method for painting. There is an iron fence with double-sided and single-sided painting. For single-sided, the back side is covered with a layer of soil without staining. It has, accordingly, Gray. Picket fence of metal with one side painted gray inside portion. It's not so bad - it is not evident. If you are not satisfied with this option, or buy a double-sided painting, or paint themselves. The paint takes "roof", choosing the right shade. Note that the painted brush metal look ... not so much. If there is a gun, the look is quite good, though not perfect.

    It looks like "the wrong side" painted on one side of a metal fence picket

    You should also bear in mind that there are two types of coloring metal picket:

    The first method is much more reliable, since the application of technology requires special equipment and strict observance of technology. As a result of such a fence can withstand increased mechanical stress. Even if there is a scratch in the coating (although we must try), the metal does not rust, as there are still protective coatings that prevent rust.

    The polymer coating - the best choice for today

    Powder coating, in theory, not worse. But only if it was made according to the rules: on primed metal caused a protective coating, and on top of it - powder coating and baked it in special chambers. But the point is that you can apply the paint in the "garage", and somehow it is possible to burn there. The result will only be completely different. In addition, there are ready-made sheets of Chinese origin. They paint applied in the shop, but often directly to unprimed steel. Externally identify all these nuances can not be, and then there is the slightest scratch rust. So that the polymer coating more "safe".

    What may be of a metal fence picket

    Metal fence may like it or not, it is no accounting for tastes. But in terms of practicality, they will definitely win the wooden counterparts. Once setting, then you do not remember the years of the fence. It is not necessary to paint, to have a decent view as good quality paint lasts for years without visible changes. And it is - one of the important factors that make us think about the installation of the fence.

    Option without foundation

    On strip foundations

    On the foundation and columns of clinker

    There are single and double (double-sided, checkerboard) method of mounting straps metal picket. When the two-row, strips have on both sides of the string, and so that they are at least a centimeter overlap. Therefore, the distance between the strips should be slightly less than the width shtaketiny. In this arrangement, strips per meter fence will require 55-60% more. But the fence is obtained almost neprosmatrivaemye - only at a certain angle, you can see a small part of the area. And this despite the fact that the fence is not solid, and all the "charm" of a solid fence you will not be affected.

    Methods for mounting a metal picket: one and two rows

    Most often strips studs vertically, but there are also horizontal mounting method - it can also be a single-row or double-row. Horizontal fence looks more "exotic". When the two-row (two-sided) mounting brackets is obtained generally opaque.

    The horizontal iron picket fence

    The disadvantage of this method of installation that requires special columns and intermediate columns, which will provide the desired rigidity. Another detail: strap typically produce up to 180 cm, the longer have to order, and it is worth the extra money. So either have increasingly put the poles or to overpay for a custom size.

    When installed in a row, the gaps between the slats can be different. The exact distance is chosen at random, depending on how "transparent" want to make a fence. In most cases, the distance between shtaketinami is 35-50% of the strap width. But it does not usually come with less, and with large gaps.

    When installing the "checkerboard" if you do not want to be seen at an angle of your yard, strips should cover 50% or more shtaketiny width. If "prosmatrivaemost" unimportant, you can put them so that the edges overlap by only 1 cm.

    The height of the fence is selected depending on the wishes of the hosts. If you want to maximize the courtyard was closed from prying eyes, the length of the straps should be of 180 cm. In view of the fact that they are slightly raised above the ground, it is enough to the vast majority of people are not able to look into your territory.

    Choose desired height

    If you do not care, there will be something seen through the fence or not, you can take and 1250 mm and 1500 mm. In the first case, the fence will end up somewhere in the chest passers level, in the second - at eye level or slightly below (approximate alignment, see below), and it is without foundation.

    The width of the passage vertical picket fence of metal -. 200-250 cm It is at such a distance digged poles, and then fixed between two and three cross members. This cross is called "lag" or "string." For the fence height of 150 cm is sufficient two crossmembers for higher preferably three.

    There are several varieties of filling span (the distance between the supporting pillars). The easiest way to install a direct way - this is when all the strips of the same length. Over a fence can be sent U-shaped strip of the same material (sold in the same place where evroshtaketnik). In addition to aesthetic load, it also covers the metal sections, which extends the life of the fence.

    Types of metal picket fences

    All of the "wave" require trimming most bars for a certain distance. A "wave" in the span do in increments of 50 or 25 mm. At step 50 mm height difference between the shortest and the longest bars significant, but the fence looks more filigree. In the case of "waves" in increments of 25 mm or with a "double wave", the difference is smaller. Upper trims immediately put much less common, but they can also be set. Only in place of "waves" the fracture will have to trim the sides and bend.

    When mounting the fence picket metal in central Russia, recommend installing poles of the profiled tube 60 mm * 60 (60 * 40 possible). For crossbars more convenient to take the same profiled pipe, but section 40 * 20 mm. In this case, the fence exactly stand wind and snow loads.

    When installing the installation step pillars - 2 meters. If two crossbars, they attached so that the edge strips before it was 25-35 cm from shtaketiny If the height of 150 cm or more, a distance of 30-35 cm, shorter -. 25 cm, with the height of the fence above 1.5 m. better to make three logs, and not only in areas with strong winds. Just under two joists is too much distance between fasteners, because of which strips is easy to push.

    Approximately the distance necessary to mount the joists at installation of a metal fence picket

    There are two ways of fastening planks: on the screws and rivets. Screws and rivets installed at both ends of strips on each of the arms. That is, if the two cross bars, each bar must be on the 4 screws / rivets, if three, then the fixture should be 6 pieces on shtaketinu. You can, of course, to fix one screw or rivet on the cross and set it in the middle. But in this case, push the hands shtaketiny easier than ever - and climb over the fence is not necessary.

    So mount faster, but it is "purely decorative" fence

    Which of the fixture types to choose? Screws can be easily installed - this is their advantage. But they are also easily unscrewed that, under certain circumstances, may be a disadvantage. Rivets require more time to set up, but also take them much more difficult. What to choose? On the front of the fence or the fence for a long time unattended (seasonal garden visits), definitely worth to put a rivet. Of course, if the attackers ask themselves the purpose, it will cope with rivets, but this would be difficult. When mounting the fence between neighbors in the homes of permanent residence, it is possible to fix a metal fence on the screws.

    As you probably noticed, the metal fence is made almost the same technology as the steel sheet, and the sheet is worth less. Therefore many, the idea appears to make a fence, dismissing the steel sheet into strips. In principle, this can be done, if you are able to cut severely the line without any significant deviations. But should be used for cutting metal Shears - grooved or manual. Grinder to cut in any case it is impossible, as it burns the protective cover. So that the work will not be easy and will take away a lot of time. If you are not afraid, you can try.

    For small fences can be found nekonditsiyu in warehouses or manufacturers

    What is the lack of an improvised picket corrugated steel sheeting? All the obvious edge is rarely smooth, as it is difficult to do manually. In addition, the cut is not protected and can start to rust. You can, of course, miss the mark sections primer / paint, but to all the layers formed normally, completely clean surface. That is, the slice places you first need to remove dust (not so difficult, but takes time), then another, and degrease. Only in this case, the protective coating will be really high quality.

    It is desirable zavaltsevat edge - this will give greater rigidity makeshift fence, because the steel sheet rare form additional reliefs. He "holds" form due to its size and the alternation of the waves.