How to make a fence pallet with his own hands: features, descriptions and

Many transport companies for transportation of various goods, cargo using special wooden pallets. They are called pallets. This material may remain after delivery, such as bricks or coal-fired boiler. The pallets can be used in the regeneration of the wooden fence.

Fence of pallets harmoniously blends in country-style or design folklore portion. The cost of such construction will be minimal. How to do the work, you should find out in detail the owners of suburban real estate.

When considering how to make the fence of the trays to give their own hands, should pay attention to the basic characteristics of this material. Pallets allow you to quickly create a reliable barrier, both on the perimeter and zoning. Pallets do not require special handling. They were originally made according to specific standards. Therefore, to use them for construction purposes is very simple.

To create a fence will not need to purchase a special tool. It suffices to use a hacksaw or jigsaw. Also, it does not need a lot of experience in the construction works. Master may have minimal skills.

Most often, pallets remain in the country after its construction. However, if they are not in truckers economy, such pallets it is possible to buy in the transport company or hardware store. The cost of such pallets is considerably lower than conventional boards.

Pallets are considered to be durable, reliable and durable material. Therefore, to use them for the construction of the fence by more than appropriate.

A fence made of pallets must be erected from a specific type of pallet. Not all materials are suitable for this purpose. Today used extensively for a variety of transportation, metal, plastic and wooden pallets. The last option is the best in the construction of the fence.

Metal pallets are not suitable for the erection of fences at their summer cottage. Plastic varieties can be used for such purposes. However, this material is more suited to summer residents, who are engaged in cultivation of vines. They will look beautiful on the plastic fence.

Wooden pallets are considered to be suitable for creating a fence in the country. They are easily handled by conventional tools, provide long service life. It is also a very durable product. That's why most truckers choose exactly wood pallets to create a fence on the site.

Wooden fence pallet has many advantages. Therefore, many vacationers choose this option for your country site.

Pallets of wood are inexpensive and easy to install material. Create a fence can be just a couple of hours. Such a fence is strong. He will be able to protect the site, or a bed of animals and humans.

If the damage the fence section it will be easy to repair. To acquire this board and remove the broken items.

The wood is not exposed to moisture and temperature changes, if it is properly handled. Therefore, such a fence will last for many years for the benefit of their owners. It can be painted in any color or varnishing. It will underline the individuality of the owners.

There are several approaches how to make the fence of the pallet. The methods that are currently used by masters, no different from ordinary construction works of this type. It is necessary to consider the overall style of the site.

There are two basic ways to create an intake of the pallets. In the first case the single pallets, while the second - their double varieties. Each chooses a variant that harmoniously blends into the overall style.

Double pallet look a little rough. Therefore, this option is well suited for the cottages in the old style. When building a house with a decoration under the ancient Russian hut this option would be more preferable. For other approaches to the design of the exterior garden more suitable option with single pallets. They can easily be divided into 2 halves. To do this, you need to break down the part that penetrated a large nail obliquely.

Studying the question of how to make the fence of wooden pallets, should consider the need for materials and tools. They need to prepare in advance so that the whole process was fast.

The first step is to calculate the number of pallets to be used in the construction. In addition to wooden pallets require supporting pillars. They will be attached trays.

Also need to purchase a concrete mix and rubble. This is to ensure a strong fixation support poles. To perform the job correctly, you must use the level. As required fasteners.

Of the instruments should be prepared garden spade or a drill, screwdriver, pliers. Measurements are made using a tape measure. After careful preparation can begin the process of erecting the fence.

The fence of the trays (pallets) with his own hands to do just enough. For this use the roulette measured perimeter portion. Next, the obtained value is divided by the length of the pallet. This result shows how many pallets required to prepare hosts.

At the same time we must note that the pallets can be of different lengths. Therefore, it is recommended to use in the construction of pallets of the same size. If they are different, you need to sort different types of pallets. By means of measurements set the desired quantity.

The same size trays will look better. In this case, the design will be stronger.

After preparing the required number of pallets is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the supporting pillars. They should be smooth, free of defects. The length of the columns must also be identical. In this case, set all the elements of the design will be easier. Fence get beautiful and stronger.

The correct installation requires supporting pillars fence pallets. How to build such a structure will help to learn the tips experienced builders. The foundation in this case is not required. The construction will not have a lot of weight. Strengthen the soil need only the supporting pillars.

To do this, dig in certain places shovel pits. They must be separated from each other at regular intervals. The distance between pits should be slightly less than the length of the pallet.

In each recess mounted support column. They are sprinkled with gravel and sand. This will give the structure rigidity and stability. With the help of the level necessary to control the position of the poles. They must be the same size and stand perpendicular to the base plane. After the wells is filled with concrete. Mixing water, cement and sand. The solution is poured up to the upper level of holes.

Learn how to make the fence of wooden pallets can be assembled quickly and simply design. After the concrete hardens (need to leave the supporting pillars for 3-5 days), you can install the pallet.

This will require self-tapping screws for wood and screwdriver. Pallets placed on seats provided for them and fix them with the hardware. When the whole fence is assembled, it is necessary to machine the material correctly. It should not be rough. For this fence treated with sandpaper.

In order to avoid rotting the wood, it is covered with special anti-bacterial agent. It will prevent the destruction of fungus and insect material. After drying agent is recommended to paint the fence. This design would give a finished look and further protect it from the environment. can lacquering surface if desired. This will keep the natural look of wood.

Recommendations experienced builders will help to understand how to make the fence of the trays. Masters advice will also help to dismantle the double pallets. This is a fairly complicated process. To do this, you need to prepare an ax, pliers and a shovel.

To prevent damage to the material, you must accurately hit each checker pallets ax. They split after such exposure. In this case, both sides of the pallets remain intact.

With the help of pliers is necessary to get all the nails, fastening the two sides of the pallet. In some cases it is possible to separate them unchanged. However, there are pallets that have to be disassembled into individual boards. In this case, after the dismantling of all the structural elements by means of screws and screwdriver collected fence blocks independently.

Erecting fence pallet with their own hands, should heed the lights experienced builders. They argue that there are ways to reduce the amount of waste during installation fence blocks. To do this, short board attached to the back of the tray. In this case the pallet material will be used more efficiently.

Reveal the wood varnish or paint should be at the end of work. there is a possibility of damage in the coating structure during assembly. Therefore pallets processing performed after the installation process.

If you disassemble the double pallet does not work, you should take a hacksaw. It can be used to cut the nail heads that hold the boards. This approach allows us to maintain the integrity of both parties immediately to mount them on the supporting pillars.

A fence made of pallets can be decorated in various ways. Some people prefer to just paint the board in one color or reveal their varnish. However, in the design of the fence, you can go further. The enclosure can be painted different techniques. Making correlate with the overall design of the site and building.

Many owners like to establish a summer residence on such fences flower pots. This design looks original and stylish. Colors can be selected are different, depending on taste preferences of owners.

Of the pallet can be done and garden furniture. In this case, the exterior elements will be in harmony with same fence. If you paint them the same color, you get a completed composition.

The technology of how to make a fence for the suburban area of ​​the pallet, each owner of the suburban real estate will be able to do the job efficiently and quickly.

How to make the fence of the trays

If you definitely need to put some wooden pallets lying around in the barn, they are in business, turning it into a chic fence. Many transport companies and distribution centers involved in the transportation and sale of goods, have a huge amount of pallets which are used for easy movement of certain products.

Colored small fence of the trays

How to make from waste material fence pallets, described below.

Not every pallet can get a "second life" to become this fence. The fact that there are several types of such auxiliary members based on their derivative material. They can be plastic, wood and metal. If plastic and wood still somehow can be represented as a fence, the metal pan used for any other purpose.

Existing types of pallets

Pallets made of plastic are particularly interesting for the farmers who grow seedlings of greenhouse. We are also for the construction of the fence with their hands longer useful wooden pallets.

They are as follows:

  • a single-layered structure;
  • looking from both sides equally.

We consider in more detail the process of manufacturing of wooden pallets fence based on various construction methods and ideas.

How to build a fence with his hands

So, we explain step by step process of creating a fence with his hands, considering only two options built fences of pallets: sutselny and separate - as well as define the appropriate inventory.

Fence from a two-way pallet

The first phase of work - preparation. You need to stock up on these tools:

  • tape measure;
  • pliers;
  • screwdriver;
  • Nails or screws for wood;
  • Building level;
  • Shovel or garden borer.

Construction fence of bilateral pallets

At the preparatory stage should be carried out all the necessary measurements to calculate the required number of pallets. To do this, use the roulette measure the perimeter of the area where you plan to build a fence. The resulting number to be divided by the length of one pallet. The transportation of goods used pallets of different sizes, so it is important that all the parts are the same. This will provide a beautiful appearance, and reliability of the design.

When the size and the number of pallets issue has been resolved, you need to take care of such an important structural element as supporting pillars. In this case the foundation is not needed, because the light weight timber capable of retaining the two pillars. Perimeter fence with a shovel making recesses at regular intervals, the length of which is slightly smaller than the length of the pallet. The resulting set of deepening the support posts of wood and gradually fall asleep with gravel and sand.

EXAMPLE paddocks for animals from the pallet

At this stage it is very important that all the pillars were of the same height and arranged perfectly perpendicular to the surface of the soil. With constantly monitor the level position of the support pillars on which depends entirely on the appearance of the fence. Once they are exposed perfectly straight, you need to concrete pillars. For this sand, cement and water were well kneaded homogeneously, whereupon the pit is filled up to the upper level. After concrete pillars give the "rest" of 3-5 days until completely dry concrete.

When the base of the fence is ready, you can begin to mount trays themselves. To do this, take the screws on wood, set the tray in the correct position and using the screwdriver to fix the item on the anvil.

The final stage of work - is the processing of wood.

Driving device for a pallet size of construction fence

All the unevenness should be cleaned and to walk on the surface antifungal agent which forms a protective layer against insects and fungi.

After the primer can be painted in any color of the fence and decorate as desired.

  1. To supporting pillars, one of which is submerged in the ground and rot, you can wrap a thick polythene and roofing material. This combination of materials for a long time will keep the wood from rotting, making stable support for a long time.
  2. If there is a need to reduce the installation time can be the supporting pillars are not concrete, but simply well-compacted fill and rubble.

The process of backfilling the wooden post from the pallet for fences

If the fence, everything is clear from the whole pan, then another analog thereof have a little trouble. So, we proceed to create an attractive fence with their hands. For this we need these tools:

The hardest part of this process - it is right to disassemble the pallet components to avoid damaging the wood. Further, the process substantially identical to the first method. This fence will be more accurate and aesthetic than non-separable from the pallet, which would make a reliable guard, pleasing the eye.

As in the above embodiment, the first stage involves counting and calculating the desired amount of material. After that, you must go to an analysis of the pallet. Often, standard pallets are manufactured according to GOST have nine wooden pieces, which are securely fastened to its pallet base boards.

Here is the fence dismantled pallet

In order to accurately make out the tray, you must:

  1. Mark ax and inflict blows to clear each checker; they will crack and will not damage the base and flooring.
  2. After that, with the help of pliers or nail puller to get the rest of the nails that attach the base to the floor.
  3. Disassemble the tray into individual boards, using only the front part.

Once all the individual steel board structure, it is necessary to build a fence section. To do this you need two guides lags and nails. We set the boards on the joists so as to have the same height and secured by means of nails. For one fence section recommended 7-8 planks is approximately 2-2.5 meters wide.

When the sections are ready, it's time to take care of the foundation. If the fence itself must be high, it is best not to neglect the foundation and build it.

Scheme foundation installation apparatus and fence posts

Meter for fencing foundation is not needed, reliably secure the supporting pillars. Supports in the form of metal profile pipes installed in the preformed recess at the perimeter fence at the same distance. To the pillars established exactly, it is recommended to lay on the bottom of shallow gravel and sand, then add a bit of grout.

When the support is fully zastynut can proceed directly to the installation of the fence sections themselves. Each of them is fixed separately, in compliance with the previous level.

The final stage of work on the construction of the fence of the trays with their own hands - this is his painting. It is best to use high-quality multi-layer paint, which will be good to protect the wood from premature deterioration.

Painting and Decorating fence Pallet

Useful tips and tricks

  1. To manufacture the fence to make waste-free, short board, serving tray with a base can be used as fastening lugs, mounted on the back side of the fence.
  2. Open the varnish and paint the fence must be a last resort, because there is always the risk of damage during installation.
  3. If you can not make out the tray, it can be neatly sawed metal saw, cutting off the heads of nails. This does not affect the quality of the fence, but significantly facilitate the work.

If we compare these two fence, naturally, the latter has more successful packaging and solid appearance, rather than the first. But what you need to spend time dismantling pallets makes the first fence more easy and simple in execution.

Advantages of the wooden fence Pallet

Due to the disposal of pallets made of wood, you can make your own hands fence of any complexity, it would wish. It does not matter what type it is, and form, its main features and benefits will remain the same:

  • The minimum cost. Material costs a penny, but if you're lucky, you can get it for free;
  • Easy installation. From ready to do a full pallet fence may be just two hours;
  • ease of disassembly. Fast dismantling, as well as the assembly, allows the temporary fence that can be easily transported from place to place;

EXAMPLE mobile barrier device from the pallet

Like it or not, and make their own hands a masterpiece of waste - is by masters. Be yourself and let the matter that constantly takes up precious space in the garage or shed.

In general, cool invented that even from the pallets obtained not bad fences. While the strength of the pallet is very big. Good for those who work in warehouses and large enterprises. It is necessary to take note. It would be interesting, too, to make fences of plastic waste, in particular, bottles - they are such a variety of large, small and of different colors. Maybe the city streets would become clearer.

Economical and beautiful fencing wall portion of the pallet

Fence greets us from the street, it is a business card of the entire economy. Therefore, it would be desirable that it pleased the eye was bright, interesting, original.

However, not all financial possibilities coincide with the desires and ideas. Then it would be desirable to do so, and that was nice, and not really spend money.

One of the options for creating unique design can be fence of the trays with their own hands.

Traditionally cottage has become a place for us, where we go to escape from the city, enjoy nature, to dig into the ground, barbecue.

Here we breathe the fresh air, sawing, wood glycol, immersed in work - in other words, conducting the most active holiday.

There are three things in the country, which It should be addressed in the first place:

That at first glance thrown it became clear that here live industrious, neat home.

Advantages and disadvantages of the fence from the pallet

Fence, made by hand from the pallet, have number of advantages:

In the manufacture of pallets used high-quality wood. With proper treatment, the fence will last more than one year;

Participating in a constant loading - unloading of goods, pallets are able to withstand considerable loads;

Price b / a pallet from 100 to 200 rubles. At the same time they are almost ready for immediate installation.

The only drawback here is, perhaps, wood deterioration, If pan-hand.

Therefore, when it is treated it is necessary to pay attention.

Wooden pallets can be very different - any design and size. Therefore, we consider the main types of pallets.

flat, which in turn are:

Filar assumes the number of parties with which the loader is able to lift the pallet.

  • quadrifilar one sheathing layer;
  • quadrifilar with two layers of flooring;
  • pan with two layers of flooring with projections.

Rack - are on the corners of the rack, do not allow goods to move out.

pans for boxes, involving removable or foldable bumpers.

Even simple flat pallets may be made the necessary sizes and dimensions, if desired.

For sampling from the pallet arrangement traditionally used conventional flat pallets without additional walls and racks.

Where to get and how to make your own?

According to the standards, trays have the same size and dimensions.

Get b / a pallet in the cellar - in supermarkets, warehouses, distribution centers, wherever there is the movement of goods and products.

However, if the pallet was not possible to get them you can make your own hands. They are made usually of ash, beech, pine and aspen.

So, on board 22 * ​​100 * 800 at the edges and in the middle of the checkered stuffed timber section 100 * 100 length of about 7 cm. Such boards have three.

On top of these checkers board disposed transversely hammered down along the edges of two boards 150 * 1200, and one in the center 100 * 1200. From the board at the center on both sides of stuffed two more board 100 * 1200.

We get of five boards platform. Turn over and parallel to the platform structure on the three stuffing checker board 100 * 1200. The tray is ready! Similarly, you can assemble the structure of all sizes.

Installation and installation of the fence of the trays

Let's see step by step, we need to make a fence with their hands.

Before you start your installation, you need to arm themselves with the minimum set of tools:

To begin make perimeter measurements, to find out how many pallets we need.

Calculate it is not difficult, on the basis of their standard sizes:

tray height standard - 150 mm. Detailed dimensions of pallets are shown in the photo above.

Making the necessary calculations, determine the boundaries and mark up the site.

It should be remembered about the size - it is desirable that the fence was intact, without inserts and pieces, in accordance with the calculated and the location of the supporting pillars, which are often installed and a fence.

You can also make low strip foundation, so the first thing should be to prepare the ground. In a place with high humidity, clayey ground, in a pre-dug trench and the well poured chippings or expanded clay.

The depth of the pits should not be less than 50 cm. Make the support posts of the beam cross section of at least 100 * 100. Timber with a smaller cross-section can not withstand the load, and from careless handling of the whole structure might collapse.

As the supporting pillars tree is not chosen at random - the total design will look like a single entity and look very organic.

Before pour bars made from cement and sand, a solution should be protected from possible decay, which the lower part is treated with antiseptic and wrapped dense film or roofing material.

When betonirovke using a spirit level it is very important to make sure that all columns are straight.

Their position can be strengthened by adding the pits during the pouring grit.

In fact the most important part of the whole assembly of the fence of the trays - it's just preparing the foundation and supporting pillars. Just how exactly made markings, and how exactly they are, seen from afar, and the smallest curvature manifests itself quickly.

Especially if you look at the top of the fence line. More a matter of technology. We do not accidentally as the material for the entire structure chosen tree. so trays it will be easier to mount to poles. Suffice it to stock up with screws.

Nailing construction nails undesirable, since in this case possible loosening and slacking columns, besides screws due to their shape, in this case, better to withstand the load.

In principle, there two versions of the pallet assembly:

  1. in its original form;
  2. disassembled, using only the upper part without lower transverse slats and checkers.

Choose one or the other method more appropriate, depending on whether the height of the fence you are going to achieve.

Thus, when creating a low fence, pallets can be placed not in height and in length and to disassemble them.

Low and massive construction with proper design, It looks very attractive. In the second embodiment, when the fence is planned height of the pallet length their best to make out.

This will help to achieve the aesthetics and elegance and beautiful light decor will make your fence a unique creation.

The moment has come to be proceed to pre-treatment All wooden parts.

Wood, on the other hand, are extremely susceptible to rot, so to prevent it, and apply special antiseptics. They treated all, without exception, the surface, including the smallest cracks and knots.

Because the mold is sufficient to get to any piece of living to eat into the later part of the whole. Antiseptics lot:

Choose one or the other based on the best conditions of living in a certain area, a certain level of humidity.

Finally carefully crafted trays fasten to the posts. We begin to do it from one corner of the view, that in the event of incorrect calculations, partial section is located in a less viewing area.

When mounting of sections should lift 5 - 10 cm from the foundation and at 15 cm from the ground to prevent moisture and constant development of putrefactive processes... After finishing directly from the fence, gate and hang Vorotina.

Perhaps you are interested in an article on how to make inexpensive metal picket fence.

Design and decor - interesting ideas

In principle, the fence, as a functional part of the infield ready. It remained the most crucial part of the work - painting, decoration and creation of unique appearance.

The range of paints for wood wide enough: acrylic, multi-component, paints, glazes. However, the most frequently used enamel. This helps to achieve the brightness and intensity, but also hides the flaws used pallets.

The color you should choose, focusing entirely on your taste and color. Do not forget that fence should be in harmony with the overall landscape and facade of your house. The paint is applied in two layers with complete drying of the previous one.

So it gets its stated connotation.

For a change, the support posts can be painted in a color different from the color of the fence. The gate and the gate can also be made of other colors.

As decoration fence of the trays is traditionally It decided to use the flower pots. They can be made of wood, the use of plastic, the main thing that they are securely fastened.

Creepers, descending to the ground, coupled with upset bottom flowers and ivy create a sense of this hedge.

Another option can be a decoration fence stencils and drawings. They are easy to find in large quantities. Flowers, butterflies, sunflowers, various ornaments, whole pictures painted on the fence. The main thing - the flight of imagination and sense of beauty.

What else can be built from the pallet, see the video below: