Bookmarks for books with their own hands: hearts. Origami, scrapbooking, kids style, pigtails - lots of homemade bookmarks (photo)

If you want to remember the page where you stopped reading your favorite book - today masterclass in handy. If children were often asked to make their bookmarks for books - this article will be helpful. Master crafts a very interesting and curious pastime. They will take a little time and it will save the family budget from unnecessary trips to the store.

Bookmarks for books with their hands in the shape of hearts

These bookmarks for books made from old postcards of Soviet times or special decorative paper. Also may be useful page with landscapes from magazines and newspapers.

Materials and tools: old postcards and decorative paper, cardboard, a simple white paper, Clerical glue, scissors and a pencil.

Take a sheet of plain white paper. He bent in half diagonally.

In the corner of the folded leaflet is drawn oval, as in the photo.

Through the oval cut sheet in the shape of a heart. It will be the template for further work.

The resulting heart is placed on the card and is circled with a pencil.

From cardboard cut out a heart shape smaller than the previous one.

All received the items are glued together. If necessary, in the middle between all the sheets pasted heart of cardboard to keep the shape of a bookmark, made with his own hands.

How to make a bookmark for the book with their hands on an elastic band

These bookmarks will be hard to lose. The secret sewn elastic band, which will always be carefully compress the desired pages.

Materials and tools: simple white paper, thin fabric with a pattern (preferably cotton), felt, scissors, pencil, eraser washing, needle, thread, clothes gum, glue, brush to apply glue.

On white paper drawn form a simple summer dress without sleeves.

The resulting pattern is cut out and applied to the fabric. According to the pattern cut out a small fee.

On a piece of felt placed cut dress. Required by an adhesive to glue the first to the second. At the end of the work it is expected for some time, during which the applied adhesive to dry thoroughly. In this case, there is no need to handle the fabric along the edge. She would not crumble.

When the glue dries, the excess felt cut to the shape of the dress.

Using a needle and thread is laid manually by the edge seam. He carries a purely decorative function.

The hand is taken gum segment. Both ends are sewn by hand. Place seam is applied on the reverse side of bookmarks for books.

Of felt is cut rectangular segment length of 4 cm and a width slightly larger width gum. With glue he glued up a place joining two ends of the gum.

Bookmark ready! If desired, the ends of the elastic bands can not be stapled. It is enough to tip sticking to the book cover, and the other - to the craft. Hide spot bonding and better piece of rectangular felt.

Bookmark for books with their hands in the art of origami

Collect a bookmark can be a couple of minutes. She did not mind losing, as do new - simple. And best of all, learn this trick a child - and he will collect it as needed.

Materials and tools: decorative paper cut of a rectangular shape.

Paper rectangular bends horizontally and vertically in half.

The horizontally folded left and right angle turns are bent upwardly as shown.

Paper rolls up into a kind of envelope.

Four upper corner next bookmark, folded his hands, bent inwards.

All unusual and simple laying of paper ready!

Bookmarks for books with their hands in scrapbooking techniques

Tabs in the art such romantic and surprising. They definitely can give as a gift. They will be sure to use, if a family at least someone is reading books or magazines.

Materials and tools: decorative paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, bows, Puncher.

From decorative paper cut out a rectangular shape future favorites.

The right edge of the rectangle can be done for a variety of wavy, permitting texture pattern.

Under the foundation tabs is cut and glued cardboard. It will be many years of use to keep the tight form.

Punch in the upper part of the tab is a hole. Through him put on tape crafts and fastens on the bow.

A bookmark made of paper with your hands, you can decorate a decorative flower, half-beads, sequins.

A bookmark made in this style, as shown below, you can teach a man, for example. She reserved nature of several British subjects. By the way, the buttons on the hand-made article are glued rather than sewn. This is an important moment.

How to make children's favorites of paper with his own hands

All Share this theme are made strictly of cardboard. Only he is able to live any longer than other materials in contact with children.

Materials and tools: colored or decorative cardboard, glue, stationery, scissors, pencil, eraser washing.

This hack is for romantic girls.

assembly technique is simple. From cardboard cut out two forms of heart: a small size and a little more. Fewer heart is stuck for more. However, it is important to apply the adhesive only on the upper part of the roundness crafts. Otherwise the tab will clamp not paper sheet. After drying, the adhesive can be used crafts.

This hack will entertain the kids every time a book is opened.

The essence of the work is simple. From a sheet of colored cardboard cut rectangular shape. They are drawn in pencil long noses and trunks. Scissors through the noses and trunks are cut. The tabs are glued toy eyes and horns. The second layer of the same rectangular paperboard glue must necessarily only from below as the substrate.

This tab is - a real mood enhancer. He always fill a tea cup that it is time to have a drink, reading a volume of Dostoevsky set for reading in school.

Paper cut out shape mugs. From cardboard cut out a copy. They are glued to each other with adhesive. But in the upper part of the pre-inserted rope crafts. On its other tip is attached a piece of paper folded in half. It symbolizes a tea bag, supposedly dropped into the cup. Great idea!

The idea of ​​a bookmark is in the children's cartoon about Carlson. Kids will be pleasant and fun to see her every time.

Made crafts out of paper with his own hands from white cardboard. Drawn cartoon likeness cast with a wide smile and raised handles. Smile cut through. That's it for it somehow and keeps tab on the sheet.

Woven tab for books made of paper with his own hands

The most difficult to make a bookmark made of paper with his hands in the technique of hand-woven. The simplest - braiding pigtails.

Materials and tools: colored paper, double-sided adhesive tape, scissors, ruler, hole punch, cut any rope or tape.

Paper strips are cut 1.5 cm wide two colors.

Strips are taken in an amount of 3 pieces. They are glued with tape as shown.

On top of all the horizontal strips glued one more horizontal.

Weaving process begins immediately. The design unfolds its unique angle upward. On the right side to the left side is bent white stripe.

Next, the mirror - on the other hand.

Bent alternately all other strips: the right side, then - on the left. Pigtail slowly and surely is braided.

At the end of the paper will remain pigtails ends. They are cut with scissors. Bottom strips Bookmark glued double-sided adhesive tape.

Punch at the top of the opening tab is done. After it is inserted into the tip of the rope or tape. Knotted knot or bow.

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The original bookmarks for books made of paper with your hands. Master Class with photo

Author: Derkach Anastasia Sergeevna, teacher of additional education, MBOUDOD CDT "Commonwealth", Creative Union "Peacock", Novosibirsk

I need you to order.

Vain page flipping -

Where tab, there to read!

- Learn to make a bookmark made of paper;

- develop an interest in artistic creation;

- develop fine motor skills of hands, good eye, imagination, aesthetic taste;

- intraoral improve skills;

- nurture independence, accuracy in work

- colored paper for the copier

- black marker

1.Rabotay well adjusted and sharpened scissors

2.Nozhnitsy should be blunt, rounded ends

3.Nozhnitsy luggage rings to itself

4.Sledi for blade movement during cutting

5. Do not leave open scissors

6.Peredavay rings ahead scissors

7.Not play scissors, do not hold-to-face

8.Ispolzuy intended scissors

1. When working with the glue enjoy it with a brush, if necessary

2. Take the amount of glue that is required to perform the work at this stage

3. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of adhesive is evenly

4. Excess adhesive clean paper towel

5. Try to keep the glue did not get on the clothes, especially the face and eyes

6. After work glue close tightly and store

7. Wash your hands and work area with soap and water

consider the example of the manufacture of favorites - chanterelles

We need a square measuring 10 cm by 10 cm

We fold diagonally

Fold the corners at the top

Bends one upper corner downwards

Raise top right corner

Refill it in a pocket

Left corner dressed with just

Overturn. Harvesting is done! You can decorate

Cut the colored paper all the necessary details

Glue to the base of the head piece

Carefully glue pink ears, black nose

Take a black marker and draw the cilia, the pupils

Our tab - fox is ready!

I met a fox

It is hidden behind the stump

And quietly observes:

Who in her forest walks ?!

This can be the heroes of favorite fairy tales, or just little animals.

Fold basis bookmarks

Cut the colored paper details

Black marker draw small parts

Glue the muzzle to the basics - the blank tabs

I have a funny puppy.

All I chewed that he could:

Shoes and a chair leg,

And yet little sofa.

Kitten crying in a corridor

She has a great sorrow:

Evil people poor Kiske

Do not give to steal a sausage!

Cried the little mouse,

Côte his startled awake!

Very sweet dream,

If the cheese eaten a hundred tons!

And yet, and for dessert

Gave a kilo of sweets!

Only he does not eat candy!

Dali would have been better burgers,

Or a bag of sunflower seeds -

This little mouse could eat!

He wanted to go back to sleep,

Only the cat grabbed by the tail!

He almost ate a mouse,

Barely had time to escape!

What a brazen red cat ?!

Sleeping little mouse does not give!

I walked around the fungus:

- That's discovery is not bad!

He brought home a fungus,

It came out nice mushroom soup!

Graze on grass meadow,

Associate mittens boys.

In the marsh frog sat the whole day,

The marsh frog sitting there not laziness.

She likes very swamp native,

Do not replace it on another frog.

Why am I an octopus?

I have the same eight legs!

With them, I swim fast,

I can dine.

In the depths of living friends,

I and my whole family.

all legs grow from the head -

These are the octopus!

Grunting with joy,

In the puddle he runs,

And in the dirt arms

He - pig baby

Yellow ball on the grass

Say, to white light

He was born yesterday.

Glad it is sun and warmth

Like any child,

Midges, crumbs, worms.

After all, the kid - a chicken.

Little bunny in the forest

Very afraid of all:

And hitryuschie fox

He was trembling with fear because,

What bushes stagger.

It is very difficult to live bunny,

So it all scared!

Author: Antonuk Svetlana

Here's how to get the original corner tabs - small animals!

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S. Anastasia, you just umnichka! Go to work very easy, will manage the children of any age, and the result is excellent! Be sure to take advantage of your idea! Thank you!

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We do together with the kids bookmarks for books made of paper his hands

The dispute that win - a classic paper books or e recalls the story from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears": one of the protagonists claimed that very soon there will be nothing but a TV - no theater or cinema. Life has proven that he was wrong. Same thing with the book.

Yes, someone is more convenient electronic. However, the "paper version" - out of competition. What a wealth and diversity of offer bookstores! How to know where to look, examine the contents of the shelves and counters! And if there's a book - means needed for it and tab.

A little history

As soon as people learned how to make a book or something that looked like a book, they came up with the bookmark. For example, the ancient Egyptians celebrated the desired pieces of papyrus scrolls.

Later in the manuscript folios (first parchment and then paper), too It needed some way to note the pages you, not to flipping a bulky volume "and from" in search of some "favorite places".

Precious Pages elementary had to take care that they are not worn out. Later in the book began to paste silk ribbons.

This technique is still used today, but only in expensive, classic editions. For everyone else, we need a bookmark.

but paper are the most common. The main thing that they can do with their hands, employing even small children. What can make bookmarks for books?

Making paper bookmarks with their own hands - this is probably one of the easiest ways to teach the sons and daughters something tinkering.

The kid will develop motor skills of hands, feel the taste of creativity, and most importantly - very quickly see the results.

It is no secret that small children can hardly have the patience to work on some crafts in days or weeks, and creative bookmark for books can be produced in a single evening.

In the process of creation formed handling skills with the tools and materials that are sure to come in handy in the future. That's what you have to prepare to get started:

  • paper (white and colored)
  • paperboard;
  • line;
  • scissors;
  • pencils and markers;
  • glue stick.

Original equipment performance

You can make a bookmark in the form of the usual long strip of paper, and it is possible to show imagination, then both you and the children will be more interesting to work with. To begin, select the technique of making bookmarks. Fit the following options:

  • applique,
  • scrapbooking;
  • origami;
  • weaving;
  • quilling.

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With the technique of application, many are familiar with, it is easy and even doshkolyatam available. They may well be trusted to cut the elements of the "decor" of colored paper, the outlines of which pre-painted adults - fruit, toys, little animals.

Taking as basis the paper strip (exemplary parameters: 20-25 cm in length and 6-8 in width).

Elements "decoration" is glued to the base using glue and brushes. Look at the photo interesting bookmarks for books, hand made paper:

Scrapbooking in a manner reminiscent of the execution of applications, but differs from it "content." The point of this method is to save to memory some trivia from the past, which can cause pleasant associations and memories.

This may be a fragment of children's drawings, newspaper clippings, handwritten text, photos. Selected elements need to be folded in the form of original composition and paste tab-basis.

origami method is usually carved any figures, items. For bookmarks, they also work, if they are not too bulky. Some amusing figure may be, for example, to complete the tab strip.

Watch the video about the production of paper bookmarks for books with their hands in the art of origami:

If you learn with your children a way to weave it will be able to make a very beautiful and durable original bookmark, because the paper is folded them several times. The preferred weave of colored stripes three centimeters wide (They are folded to obtain the width in 0.5 centimeter) length of the strips - an arbitrary, approximately forty centimeters.

If you have smaller size paper, make gluing. Just to lay-platting need five of these strips. Let them be different colors.

Make a bookmark-braid for books, weaving scheme:

quilling technique - it is "aerobatics", activity for parents and kids older. And so, and others, no doubt, will be very interesting.

Their width - from one to fifteen millimeters, length arbitrary (depending on the element that you create).

Excellent will look tab in the form of a flower: Stalk must be done from a wire wound and covered with its green strip of paper and petals - red or yellow paper, twisting them in the form of tight spirals. Such a little thing - a perfect gift. It can be used for its intended purpose (in the book), and put in a vase.

Here you will find practical advice on the choice of pillows for pregnant women - which is better, species, size and shape.

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Unusual and beautiful ideas: how to make them

Originality can be achieved already by the shape. Not necessarily that it was a long strip of paper. Select options: it may be a triangle-pocket, which is easy to "put on" the right page of the book (a bookmark can make from a conventional letterbox or glue of a sheet of paper).

Master class, how to make a bookmark corner for books with their hands out paper technique of origami:

This figure can be of any shape as long as it was convenient to use as a bookmark. Here are a few examples.

Bookmark-palm. Put the colored construction paper or thin cardboard hand baby, trace the contours of her hands. Draw her something funny (like funny faces) and cut. Take a strip of paper and glue it to the back of her hands cut. Bookmark ready. And it, believe me, the price is not that a few years you'll find it in one of his books, and remember what little was your son or daughter what they were tiny fingers.

you can do bookmark in the form of a pencil, use paper of different colors and make one of its ends, triangular as podtochennaya pencil. If your child wants to make gifts to their friends and family, you can make with it a set of "colored pencils".

Generally targeted bookmarks are very good. For the Pope can do tab-mustache, gluing on top of the paper strip in the form of whiskers drawing a la Hercule Poirot.

For grandfather - teacup, with lowered into it brewing sachet on a thread, which tip together with a paper-tag would be looking out of the book.

Gift for sister can be decorated with a picture of a bow or a stick of real pompoms thread.

Grandmother, who "always forgets everything," you can do tab-coil cardboard, completing her some semblance of the coil winding and gently at her beautiful little thread.

By the way, if you want to thread "neaten" tab around its perimeter (it will be very elegant), Proceed as follows: mother stitched tab on the edge of a sewing machine (without threads, just breaking through the needle holes), and the child, using these holes, it is very smooth and beautiful obmetochnym seam will pass on all the edges.

Another important point: Tabs for books will look very organic kind of a quote from favorite authors, motivating inscription or their own desire the person to whom is addressed gift.

Try to do together with their children were not favorites to "dead weight" of the house, like Gogol Manilow two years on the 14th page of the same book. The child must ensure their functionality, to see that his family live on a "day without books." Then he himself is addicted to reading.

At the end of watching a video about how to make a cool bookmark for books made of paper with his own hands:

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