How is the replacement towel warmer and price work

Quite often redecorated in a private apartment turns into a large-scale reconstruction. This is natural - as you can leave on the background of the new tiles, laid in the bathroom, old and unsightly device for drying towels? It would seem that the subject matter is clear and the case remained for small - to purchase a new site, and install it, or hire a wizard.

However, not all so simple. With the choice of the correct product model can be dealt with by yourself. But questions replacement towel warmer should be solved through the housing office or a commercial company specializing in the performance of such work. Consider some of the subtleties of the subject.

How does the installation or replacement of the device for drying towels?

As previously reported, similar work is doable with his own hands, but in this case, the entire responsibility for the quality of installation will lie to you. Connecting device in the apartments is carried out two methods:

  • a central heating system or battery (SB);
  • to the hot water system (DHW).

At the height of the heating season, the connection to the central CO is extremely difficult, if not - impossible.

how to connect It consists of the following items:

  • dismantling the defective device;
  • Welding or soldering of the pipes;
  • installation of bypass;
  • installation of a new instrument.

But that's not all, is necessary to face the owner of the apartment.

What is the procedure for replacing an old towel warmer through the housing office?

If you decide to entrust all the work to professionals, then you need to seriously think about their choices - trusting the first that fell not worth it. Here, of course, plays a big role service cost and time of delivery.

However, we can not forget about the firm's reputation. Moreover, it must provide documentation that gives them the legal right to perform such work. The main documents are Certificate of admission SRO and the contract. It is evidence of the SRO is important, because the license is canceled since 01.01.2010.

By itself, replacement towel warmer and price for the execution of works in this case would be higher than that of ordinary performers. At the same time, you get the following advantages:

  • qualified execution of the order;
  • high-quality components;
  • responsibility of the contractor;
  • warranty.

All of this you can lose, if the change is made the "left" plumber. Well, when the negative effects can be avoided, for example, elementary leaks, after which it is necessary to alter not only the work, but also do repairs in flooded neighbors. Therefore it is better to consult a company with relevant experience and documentation.

So, the choice made by the master, but it's only the beginning of the process. Now it is not an easy riser disconnection procedure, It is connected to a device for drying towels. Some companies with replacing an old towel warmer through the housing office These efforts take on, however, is demanding for a fee.

However, not everyone is able to pay for this service, so look at the process in more detail. Procedure following:

  • contact the housing department with a statement in which he outlined a request for permission to change the old appliance for drying towels;
  • for obtaining permission to contact the manager and agree on the time period needed;
  • install the unit and check its operation;
  • invite a representative of the housing department to verify the compliance of the executed works permit.

Housing department employees are not entitled to refuse a trip if the company artist available all permits. The reasons for failure are always linked with attempts to impose its services, and at inflated prices. In case of refusal must certainly be given a reason, and when it detects unlawfulness of the actions of the control office should go to court.

What are the approximate prices for his work in replacement towel warmer?

After completion of all bureaucratic problems, you are ready to install the new device for drying towels. there is three ways mounting assembly:

  • with the full coincidence of axle distance and pipe diameter alteration is not necessary (the easiest way);
  • the use of welding in the absence of concentricity and the poor condition of pipes;
  • the use of threaded connections (most common option).

At the moment, the approximate price towel warmer works on replacement is as follows:

  • installation of the finished pipe liner without adjustment - 1500 rubles.;
  • installation of the finished liner to fit - 12000 rubles.;
  • changing unit with the installation of a jumper and two cranes to 3/4 - 15500 rubles.;
  • a transfer device without the bypass pipe liner - 14000 rubles.;
  • the transfer unit with a bypass pipe liner installation - 19000 rubles.

For the rest, we can say that the cost of work depends on the complexity of the assembly.

To conserve its own resources and the preservation of the nerves, as far as possible should use the services of companies that have the testimony of the CPO and take all efforts to obtain the permission of the housing office. You can use another alternative embodiment, avoiding unnecessary problems - electric appliance for drying towels.

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Replacing the towel warmer in the bathroom with their hands

Almost in every apartment used a heated towel rail. Often it is water. The element is not only used for drying towels, but also to heat the bathroom as a whole. When repairs may need to be replaced. The bathroom has a heated towel rail in the Khrushchev is included in the system of centralized water supply. To move it, or replace, you need to turn off the water. But that's not all rules of installation. How to conduct a replacement towel warmer in the bathroom with their hands correctly? This question will be discussed in our article.

Cooking tools and materials

To perform the surgery to replace the towel warmer in the bathroom, we need:

  • Valves with a diameter of 3/4 inch.
  • The rams of the same size.
  • Ljerka (threading tool).
  • File.
  • FUM-tape, silicone.
  • Adjustable wrenches.
  • Bulgarian and tools for soldering pipes (if necessary).

Note: if the task is to move away from a heated towel rail riser, it is required to obtain permission. It writes the housing office. Farther away the towel rail, the worse it works, thereby reducing the water pressure in the house. Also note that the replacement of the element to perform better during the preventive shutdown of hot water (ie summer).

First you need to make sure there is no liquid in the system. To open this valve, pre substituting an empty container beneath it. Remember that even after the overlapping portion of the liquid water will pour out of the hole. Usually it is rusty limestone slurry. Therefore, it is necessary to substitute the container. As further made replacement towel warmer in the bathroom? Getting to the dismantling of the old item. In Soviet apartments heated towel rail was connected to the thread. It is during this period of time can literally become attached, and to dismantle the old towel warmer you will not work. How to be in this case? Only one way out - have to use the grinder. First, cut off the top of the coil, and then - the bottom. When using a grinder, we need the help of a second person. He must hold the coil, so that he fell off prematurely.

In the next step, you can release the coil from the wall mounting. Next, using the chaser need to cut a new thread. There are devices with a pipe wrench. However, experts recommend the use of a rattle-chaser with a long handle. How to cut the thread? Pre-need to clean up the place of burrs and old paint. This can be done with a file. In the next step you need to lubricate Lerke oil and put it on the end of the pipe. Slowly turn ratchet counter-clockwise. If the item is difficult, probably fell into the trash. In this case, the ratchet unscrew several turns, and we clean the surface. thread depth should be such that it was enough for the installation of the fitting.

If replacement is done in the bathroom towel warmer on the coil with polypropylene pipes, the threads do not necessary. In such a case it is necessary to prepare a soldering unit. This tool is shown in the photo below. For jobs need several meters of polypropylene pipes with a diameter of 25 millimeters. Slopes produced in the direction of the coolant. If the pipes are held in the wall, the latter have to Stroebe and bonding polypropylene "amerikankoy9raquo ;. It is a quick coupling of the two fittings. Between them is the union nut with a flat connection and seal.

As further involves the exchange of pipes on a heated towel rail in the bathroom? If the tube is carried out, a new thread (done Lerke) wind the "amerikankoy9raquo ;. Pre her wound FUM tape. Why is it necessary? Such a belt is an analogue of the classical linen underwinding and provide connections for leaks, preventing water leakage. On both ends of the battery are screwed fittings, but a larger diameter.

First you need to heat up the corresponding apparatus. Next, you need to mark the place of the new coil arrangement. When handsaw help cut the excess portion of the polypropylene tube. After that, the heated nozzle apparatus is put on a pipe and coupling. Under the influence of high temperature material is melted and connected to each other. Time of heating device is indicated in the instruction manual. To empty the system, the need to install crane Majewski. It is also used in the fittings "amerikanki9raquo ;. They will in the future replace the towel warmer in the bathroom without cutting pipe grinder.

To the system itself joins a heated towel rail. Note that it should not be welded to the attachments. Heated towel held loosely on the bracket. Ideally, the distance between the coil and the tile is four to six centimeters. At the final stage it is necessary to check the tightness of all connections and reliability towel warmer setting. If everything is OK, you can reopen the water supply.

Rules replace the towel warmer in the bathroom

Fittings "amerikanki9raquo; have a PTFE gasket, which must be changed every two years. If necessary, repair the water supply system will have to re-disable. This is done only through the housing office, and also not free. Is it possible to get around this system? Experts give a positive response. However, it will have to install a bypass. This is a special jumper with ball valve. Bypass allows water to overlap the coil, without changing the pressure in the common system. Installation costs towel warmer with a crane is 4.5 thousand rubles. The bypass is a pipe segment with the coupling elements. It is mounted in the same way as conventional plastic tube. In order to save time, Stroebe better to do before the removal of old serpentine. Also, pre-packed metal threaded connections and space docking chrome extensions with clutch MPH.

When buying a new towel warmer should refrain from brass models. They are not designed under the pressure of eight bar. The maximum threshold for brass products - all three bars. In a pinch, you can use such towel in private homes. For high-rise buildings is better to use products from stainless steel. They steadfastly maintained the pressure in eight or more bar. As for the form, it can be very different. On the performance of the product, this characteristic is not affected. The most popular are the M-shaped model. They have a heat of 500 watts. Suitable for small rooms.

More modernized equipped with heated towel rails mounted shelves in the form of stairs. Heat output of such products - from 600 to 2 thousand watts. These towel warmers are perfect for large areas (eg, private houses, country cottages or bath). Also note that imported coils (in whatever form) should be used only with bypass.

It must be remembered that in case of emergency situations (this may be the failure of the pipe) to block water supply will be difficult. Therefore, at the first system startup you arrange with your neighbors, so they were at home. How many can be done the test? Include water can be thirty minutes after the soldering pipes. You should also check the reliability of the mounting of the coil. If he is inclined or not fastened, the situation is better to fix the first run. If shtrobleniya wall surface should be to seal only after you start the system.

So, we figured out how to replace the towel warmer in the bathroom with their hands. In this operation takes about two to three hours at a time due skill. Before starting work, it is important to prepare a full set of tools and materials. As for the apparatus for soldering pipes, it can be rented. It will come out much cheaper than buying a unit for single use.

How to change a heated towel rail in the bathroom with their hands

When the old plumbing comes in is not suitable, then it makes sense to think about changing it. Replacing the towel warmer in the bathroom for a new, more aesthetic and constructive instance with their own hands - a very real idea. Current manufacturers of sanitary products offer a huge range of heated towel rails in the bathroom as a variety of design and on design features. Typically, they have a high durability and reliability in combination with a graceful appearance.

Before you change a heated towel rail in the bathroom with their hands, you need to carefully review the purchase of completeness, the wiring diagram (according to the enclosed instructions for the new device), and the structure itself.

The basic list of materials for the replacement and milestones

In order to replace the heated towel rail in the bathroom, you will need:

  • the product itself;
  • brackets;
  • PVC pipe;
  • apparatus for welding and soldering PVC pipes;
  • hammer, wrench, building level, measuring tape and a marker;
  • shears for cutting PVC pipe;
  • PVC connection - fittings and couplings;
  • ball valves (2-3 pieces), including the bleed screw.

The very same replacement towel warmer with their hands is, that the following work plan:

  1. Purchase of the design and all the necessary materials.
  2. Preparatory work.
  3. Dismantle your old towel warmer.
  4. Mounting bypass jumpers and ball valves as well as welding of PVC pipe.
  5. Mounting the towel warmer in the bathroom and a connection structure in the system.

Replacing the towel warmer involves, in addition to the acquisition of tools and materials to carry out a number of small preparatory works (before the actual dismantling of the already fulfilled the installation resource in order to then safely and easily mount a new design):

  1. Make or break all needed for the new installation groove (Stroebe) as This process usually takes no small amount of time, and made well in advance - will significantly speed up major installation work later.

Among other things, the replacement towel warmer requires pre decides financial estimates (considering the amount of material and labor), and the clearance in the case of authorizing documents structure away from the transport riser.

Self-carrying structure for drying towels on the remote distance is prohibited, because it entails a reduction in the fluid pressure in the heating system at home, and a heated towel rail will be worse than work, ie heat the room. Get the written permission form can be in ZhEKe after approval of your budget.

Before the start of major works on dismantling and installation of construction it is necessary to drain the water in the riser by means of the notification of a written request, the statement on disabling the hot water supply system in the housing office, which, in turn, will have to send you to perform all lawful actions of the specialist. Typically, the procedure for replacing the towel warmer and paid only after the completion of the heating season.

Elimination old installation for drying

Before you replace a heated towel rail, overage, you need to install the bypass jumper and ball valves. This procedure is necessary to ensure that in the event of an emergency, you can seamlessly turn off the hot water heated towel rail.

After the formation of a sudden leak in the pipe emergency service will come at once, but passed over during this time the liquid can completely destroy not only your repair and equipment in the bathroom, but also an elementary flood the neighbors living below you.

In fact, the bridge - this is a common PVC pipe, which is mounted vertically more often at the connections (I / O) of the heating of the riser to a heated towel rail. In this case at the ends of the towel warmer fixed ball valves (so-called valves), which if necessary block the flow of hot liquid passing through the entire structure without disturbing the circulation of the main riser system.

To output from the system of air pockets in the jumper itself is recommended to install an additional bleed screw. Removing the old Soviet towel warmer - coil - it is carried out by grinder cutting or spin wrench coupling elements from the main riser.

Mounting and installation of a new towel dryer

  1. Selection of the type of installation - of water, electric, or combined.

Note! If you wish to make a more accurate calculation, and find out how to replace a heated towel rail in the bathroom, it is recommended to get acquainted with SNiP 2-01-01-85. Remember that the slightest inaccuracy in the installation can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The event is rather complicated and responsible, so in the case of uncertainty in their ability is better to entrust replace the coil in the bathroom professional plumber. They will perform the installation of high quality, with a guarantee of a lot faster and you have a reasonable amount.