Make-up mirror with light

To make a beautiful and neat makeup, you must not only be skilled in its application, but also to have good lighting. Happy with this inconvenience hardly occurs, especially if you get to the window. In the evening light is not enough, or it falls unevenly. Using special mirrors with illumination helps to solve this problem.

Large and small, round, oval and rectangular types of devices are very functional. Make-up mirror with light can have different sizes and shapes. Lighting elements are mounted on the perimeter of the frame. Product cheaply fitted with conventional lamps (bulbs) more expensive - or LED fluorescent lamps. If you always want to do flawless makeup, buy a magnifying mirror with light - it shows all the inaccuracies make-apa.

This mirror can be hung on the wall and put on the table. Standard samples are not too large, which allows them to take with you on trips. The product is attached on the wall by means of magnetic clamps. Features:

  1. If moisture resistant coating (deposition of a titanium or a mixture of silver and copper), the accessory can be safely hung in a bathroom.
  2. Budget models have amalgam (paint) or aluminum plating. Composition poorly withstands moisture.
  3. Universal mirror of this type is placed in the hallway or put on the dressing table.

This mirror with lights on the perimeter of stationary, fixed on the wall without the possibility of frequent travel. If properly secure the product, it will be convenient to use, because you do not have each time to adjust the tilt angle and the installation height. Some models have a mounting "accordion" to zoom out or in the dressing room mirror from the wall, tilting, rotation. Soft light illuminates when the makeup is well a person does not press on the eyes. The backlight is powered by mains or battery (frequent variant wall specimen).

The design can still be attached to a desk or fixed on a mobile stand. Many girls, women, professional makeup artists prefer this model thanks to its compact size and functionality. Current mirror makeup backlit have two reflective sides, and one of them behaves like a lens. The increase may be either two- and ten-fold. The product is small in size, so it is not burdensome to take with you on trips.

How to choose a cosmetic mirror with light

Before ordering accessory answer yourself a few questions and you have in mind, there were more or less clear picture, which product you need. questions:

  • In which room you want to put the mirror?
  • Do you need to frequently move an accessory?
  • Will you take the product to the trip?
  • Will you use a mirror not only for applying makeup? It may be necessary, subject to shaving, skin cleansing, plucking eyebrows, and other tasks.
  • Do you prefer a particular manufacturer?

If the mirror height is 120 cm, you can see your reflection to the knees. At a rate of 60 cm upper body comes into view on the belt at 40 cm - on the chest. Classic -. Square mirror 50x50 cm such parameters is sufficient for professional and home use. The product is great, so it is more likely to fix on the wall. Table mirror with light make-up is smaller -. Standard 34h17 cm, 11x11 cm Small portable design is very convenient for the home.

In addition to the standard reflection makeup mirror with light can have the following functions:

  • Rotation. Some models are rotated 180 or 360.
  • Bilateral reflection. One side shows the real reflection of the second increases.
  • Mobility - a complete or partial. In the first case we are talking about small mirrors that can easily fit in a travel bag. The second case - Wall-mounted samples with an accordion.
  • Combined with a shelf, cabinet. Often installed in small bathrooms, which valued each square centimeter.
  • Mirrors are equipped with the latest generation of concealed monitor communications with the phone via a wireless network, heated (important for bathrooms).

The clearest reflection of the given surface with silver plated. The product is doing well in a moist environment, transports temperature jumps and exposure to direct sunlight. If you stop your choice on the titanium coating, be aware of the fact that the reflection is distorted slightly. Aluminum deposition is unreliable in matters of definition. Remember grades distortion, the most accurate mirror are labeled M0 and M1, M4 mark indicates a slight distortion. All that is higher (up to M10) is not suitable for everyday use.

In specialty stores you can often find products with a five-fold increase, but if you search, you will find the product, increased 10 times. It you want to use for a thorough facial (remove blackheads, monitoring the skin condition and other problems). Cosmetic products have a thickness of 4-6 mm. High-quality sample should not give distortions, but admitted some errors in the edge of the glass.

Manufacturers use these types of lamps:

  • Incandescent. There are cheap in samples do not differ reliability and durability. In recent years become unpopular because they displace more functional mirror.
  • Halogen. Serve at 10-12 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Withstand high humidity.
  • Fluorescent. Give light as close as possible to daylight. However, these lamps flickering, leading to eye fatigue. The service life of the lighting system - 50-100 thousand hours..
  • Mirror with LED illumination (LED). Judging by the reviews, the most common and reliable option. Long serves qualitatively light, it has an attractive appearance.

Review of popular manufacturers

Deserved national love these brands:

  • Beurer. German quality can be traced in all - in functionality, external grace, precision, reflection, and service life. Desktop patterns clearly reflect the traits of the face and skin imperfections show. The lighting system is long and smoothly.
  • Babyliss makeup mirror with light. The manufacturer produces products for every taste - wall, table, pivotable, increase, with professional lighting. Even on photo products Bebilis looks elegant and expensive, but in reality - even better.
  • IKEA. This product at an affordable price attracts buyers. Mirror is convenient to use, provides uniform illumination and a clear reflection of the no curvature.

Where to buy and how much is a magnifying mirror with light

Products are sold in specialized online stores and professional sales points of accessories for face and body. Audited organizations offer fast and reliable delivery, so do not have to worry about the quality of transportation. makeup mirrors have such a run-up in prices:

  • desktop Beurer -. 2000-6000 p, Wall - 2700 p .;
  • Babyliss - 3500-6000 p .;
  • IKEA powered on batteries - 1800 p.

STORYORM mirror, white, 47 cm

Sorry about product availability information is temporarily unavailable

Article number: 703.807.42

Packaging dimensions and weight

Article number: 703.807.42

  • LEDs compared with incandescent lamps consume 85% less energy and last 20 times longer.
  • It provides good ambient lighting. Suitable for lighting large areas in the bathroom.
  • Mirror provided with a protective film on the back side. This reduces the risk of injury if the glass is broken.
  • Tested and approved for use in the bathroom.
  • LED is approved for IP44.
  • A permanent connection to the mains.
  • Contact a qualified electrician to install.
  • Integrated LED.
  • Luminous flux lamp lumens 190 is approximately equal to the luminous flux incandescent 25 watt.
  • The service life of LEDs 20 000 hours.
  • Light color: warm light (2700 K).
  • Wipe tissue and a mild detergent.
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Mirror: Glass
  • The supporting bracket / installation holder: Steel Powder coating
  • Console: Stainless steel
  • Cable box: ABS plastic
  • Optical lens: Acrylic plastic

Available only to the latest version for download.

Dressing room mirror lights: 75 ideas for elegant dressing room, bedroom and bathroom

Small dressing room mirror in the hallway with additional lighting

Dressing room mirror with lights - a necessary thing for every woman. Currently the dressing room mirror - is not only the prerogative of the actors and other creative people acting on stage. It is an indispensable attribute of a bedroom, dressing room or bathroom every woman, without which it is very difficult to put a quality makeup and evaluate your wardrobe.

Light mirror for makeup in the bedroom

Beautiful mirror in a white frame with a dressing table and lighting in the nursery

Bright mirror frame on the makeup makeup

Lights at round the entire circumference of the mirror

But if the dressing room mirror besides also equipped with appropriate lighting, which provides the correct light fall on the person - it is an indispensable option for each lady.

Decoration and additional light for the mirror in all growth via garlands

Now the consumer market is saturated with different variants of make-up mirrors, designed for all tastes and budgets.

Why spend enough to buy expensive instance, if you can use a powder box, sitting at the kitchen table, or apply makeup while standing in the hallway or the bathroom. Dressing room mirror has a number of advantages over him from the normal pattern. First of all, using a large dressing room mirror with lights, you can evaluate your make-up completely, and not in fragments. After all, a small analog thereof, you will see only a few makeup items - lips and eyes that will not let you see the whole image as a whole. As a result, it can get quite harmonious.

Separately installed additional lighting for the mirror

Among other things, if you are a happy owner of the dressing room mirror with a professional lighting, it ensures the correct direction of light. This will allow you to apply makeup correctly. This effect you will not get in the rooms where there is no appropriate lighting. It is therefore advisable to purchase a mirror already with integrated lighting.

Contrasting the makeup mirror frame in the bedroom light

And one more important caveat. Look in the powder box or in the bathroom mirror, you do not get that aesthetic pleasure as preening in front of a real dressing room mirror, an analog which once used Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. Preening in front of a mirror so become a real ritual, mystery and will help to create the appropriate image.

Unusual frame with backlight from the comics created with their own hands

In addition to its basic functionality, the makeup mirror also has an aesthetic component. Indeed, sitting in front of a beautiful large mirror, easy to feel like a film star in the image of the present.

Features of the use of mirrors in interior decoration

Currently on the market of cosmetic products present a wide variety of options for all kinds of shapes and forms. How not to get lost among such abundance? Here is a classification that will help you navigate.

Mirror, made to order in a bright juicy frame

Of course, choosing a mirror, should be guided by the fact that it is well fit into the interior of the room. Therefore, you should carefully approach the selection of frames for your trusty "assistant". The easiest option - without framing. This model is suitable for the room, seasoned in any stylistic direction, but more organically it fit into the room in a minimalist style or high-tech.

Small round mirror with a separately installed lighting and a small dressing table in the style of minimalism

Ideally, if the frame will blend in with any interior detail, for example, with elements that adorn the bed. Pick similar framing and the mirror. So, if your bed is decorated with forged elements, the winning will look mirror with exactly the same frame. However, in this case, you will most likely have to buy a mirror "to order". However, in this scenario, you can also "play" with the frame color. After all, in most cases the demand in the market are limited to black and white, which may not suit your decor.

Luxury mirror on the bulkhead with backlight around the perimeter of a classic interior

First of all, the mirror vary in shape. The most classic of them is square or rectangular. It is in front of such a model preparing to enter such a film star Marilyn Monroe. You can buy the same version and your premises. However, a mirror of round shape still seems to be more appropriate and aesthetically appealing. In addition, this model is suitable for placement in any style.

In terms of size, the standard is considered square mirror 50/50. But keep in mind that the larger the mirror, the better you will be able to see yourself.

A large number of bulbs around the mirror helps you see yourself as clearly as possible and create the perfect makeup

Tip! At the same time, to go to far to the size it is not necessary, otherwise the mirror faces occupy a large part of the wall, and it will look too congested. So, more than a miniature mirror looks much neater.

Dressing room in the home, fitted in wardrobe

Finally, there are full-length mirror, which are placed on the floor and allow to evaluate the entire shape of the whole.

Mirrors differ in method of mounting and installation. That it did not fall, it is expedient to mount on the wall adjacent to the dressing table. Or buy directly or trellis table with mirror. But more professional mirror still sold separately.

A small dressing table, combined with the dressing room mirror, does not take up much space

If the purchase of the dressing room mirror you think a waste, then you can try to do it yourself. In this case, you get a unique copy, which will meet exactly your tastes and needs. The benefit of the dressing room mirror lights can be bought on the Internet.

Elegant mirror on the floor with their hands, backlit in a frame made of natural materials

How to make a dressing room mirror at home - the first two stages

To make the dressing room mirror with lamps with your hands, you will need the following tools:

  • mirror;
  • straight wide bars made of wood - 2 pieces (about the size corresponding to the selected mirror);
  • sandpaper,
  • tape for measurement,
  • copper wire - white and blue colors,
  • nippers,
  • paint,
  • light bulbs (25 watts), cartridges for them and extra fuses,
  • plug for cable,
  • Bolts 2.5 cm in length,
  • drill,
  • duplex (industrial) tape,
  • screwdriver.

One easy option to get a mirror with lamps - decor is large garlands

In the manufacture of home-made illuminated mirrors should follow the precautionary measures. In particular, we recommend that you use a shoe equipped with a rubber sole. It will provide additional security.

Creating a mirror with light work not labor, but requires free time

In the first step the boards cut from the frame, according with the original dimensions of the mirror. Saw the boards so that their ends form a angle of 45 degrees. To do this, use a ruler and pencil. Do not forget to pre-tagging. How to treat the resulting frame parts with sandpaper. They must be perfectly smooth.

Preparing the wood to create a frame to the mirror

At the second stage, measure and make the appropriate mark for the holes at the same distance. They subsequently you insert the cartridges for light bulbs.

How to make a dressing room mirror at home - the final stage

The next step - decorative. Getting one of the most creative work - painting. Pick up the pre-paint that is most suitable to the interior color scheme. Use special paint for wood. Alternatively, you can leave the frame in its original form - in this case it is perfectly fit into the interior in Scandinavian style or country style and Provence. Just be sure to cover it with varnish for wood.

Frame to the dressing room mirror can be varnished or painted in any color

Tip! As practice shows, the most advantageous for the mirror frame looks white.

White plastic frame for the makeup mirror backlit

The mirror is expedient to attach using double-sided industrial tape to the frame. It must reliably hold.

The next stage begins with the separation of the blue wire from white into pieces about the size of 15 cm. Bring them into the holes for the tubes provided in the previous stage. Thus, you will have in each of the openings of a pair of blue and white pair of wires.

A small mirror, which can be installed on a dressing table

Finally, the final stage of work. Here, we need ammo. Twist the bare wires on the appropriate side of the cartridge screws. Attach the cartridges directly to the frame using screw.

So we did the wiring and fixed ammunition. Now is the time to do a fork. For this we need a long strip of wire. One end should be connected to the first lamp holder in the line. The opposite end must be connected to the plug. At the same time it should maintain a proper color match.

The original idea of ​​fixing lights on the mirror

Some safety tips

Tip! For safety reasons, should make sure that the wires do not touch each other. If one of the lamps did not work, be sure to check the wiring.

The black frame with the dressing room mirror looks stylish and seasoned

Use multiple fuses - they will help to significantly extend the work lights. Keep children away from the mirror!

Use LED fluorescent tubes. It is not recommended to buy ordinary incandescent lamps. Indeed, in this case from them it will be too hot.

Perfect specular lighting using LED lamps

If we describe the stages of manufacturing the mirror briefly, the following ones can be distinguished:

  • manufacture of frames,
  • hole drilling,
  • kalovki choice,
  • grinding,
  • painting, coating, varnishing, sanding between coats,
  • installation of cartridges,
  • mirror mount and a rear cover.

An interesting idea of ​​installing separate blocks with lamps near the mirror

Using these guidelines, you can make a dressing room mirror lights with their own hands. If you find this method is too labor-intensive, the dressing room mirror lights can be purchased, for example, in Ikea.

Dressing room mirror lights: the choice of lighting features

Often make-up or make-up mirrors are sold with built-lamps. It is advisable to spend it on a model, because it has significant advantages over the others.

Quality lighting compact mirrors help create the perfect make-up

One of the best lighting options - a lamp, located around the perimeter of the mirror. You can select a lamp dissipating cold and warm light. In this case, it should be noted that in the cold light will be more noticeable wrinkles, age spots, acne and other skin imperfections and irregularities. This is important if you want to be like their disguise.

Mirror in the floor with a metal frame with a creative effect aging

Another variant of lighting - with lamps, be dispersed warm light - is more pleasing to the eye, and your mind will not once again be injured by possible defects of the skin. In any case, the choice - for you.

As for the number of light bulbs, this criterion is strictly individual. However, there is one main rule that should not be forgotten - two lamps must be at face level. In this case, you can create the perfect lighting for makeup.

Proper location of lights on the dressing-room mirror - a pledge beautiful makeup

Tip! When buying a mirror with lamps or individual lights, pay attention that they are not heated. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable to sit in front of this mirror, not to mention the fact that this may not be the best way impact on your makeup.

Mirror and lamp should be positioned so that between them and you have been a small distance.

The narrow closet with good lighting at the mirror

Optimal for creating makeup are LED lamps. It is the lighting used by professional makeup artists and makeup artists. Follow suit. In any case not to waste fluorescent lamps. They distort color and as a result, causing you think the perfect make-up, after the daylight, he will not be so perfect.

Suitcase - cosmetic bag with a small built-in dressing room mirror

For the same reason not to do makeup in the bathroom. Indeed, in this case, the light will fall from above and as a result, your complexion changed.

Bright specular highlights will help to achieve the desired result

Of course, make-up or make-up mirrors are more expensive than usual price tag. But they are worth. After all, every woman wants to appear in the best light. So do not skimp on such accessories. Try to find a place for a dressing table with a mirror, even if you do not have a separate bedroom. Only in this case, you can create the perfect make-up. Such a mirror with a properly chosen lighting allows you to see all the little imperfections and disguise them competently. In addition, such a mirror is indispensable for home beauty treatments. In the end, for it's just nice to sit and comb your hair or apply perfume. That is, this accessory allows you to feel like a real woman.

Ladies area with a small dressing table and a dressing room mirror