Mirror tiles with facet

Of course, everyone wants to live in a nice, modern interior decoration. And today there are all conditions for this. Manufacturers of building materials is constantly offer interesting new and modern materials, which allow every apartment to make its own way unique, fashionable and stylish. Mirror tiles with facet - one of the most beautiful modern materials that are ideal for interior design of any room.

Mirror - a fragile, beautiful material, which for many hundreds of years, used as an element to decorate the human dwellings. The first mirror, according to scientists, appeared in the Bronze Age. For decades we have at the mirror could afford only very wealthy people, because its value commensurate with the price of a small estate.

With the development of mirror technology has become much more accessible subject, and soon it was to be found, and as the interior decoration. One of the first decorated interiors mirror is considered a mirror cabinet of Marie de Medici.

Today, there is a mirror in every house. This purely functional thing, and interior items. Mirror tiles with facet different from the usual tile edge presence.

Mirror - the subject of sharp and dangerous, therefore, to make use of such plates as comfortable as possible, come up to cut off the top edge of the panel at an angle. The width of this edge comes to 40-50 mm. Such a decorative chamfer called facet.

Facets - is not only a kind of safety feature, it is also a very nice decor. The beveled face of the sun begins to shine with all colors of the rainbow. Looks mirror surface is always very nice, stylish and modern. In any environment, in any room.

Make the coating more resonant design will additionally provided illumination. Especially if the panel has a bevel. Narrow Bezel allows you to make the plate more accurate and elegant.

The main advantages of such tiles can be noted:

  1. Durability. Facet plate withstands temperature changes and high humidity.
  2. Resistance to alkalis, acids, aggressive media contained in detergents.
  3. Easy maintenance and practicality.
  4. Aesthetic appeal. Mirror finish always looks more advantageous and impressive than even the most beautiful tiles.

In the interior of a plate is used for walls, ceilings, some pieces of furniture and other surfaces.

The panel may be a mirror or a purely additionally decorated elements from a different material.

One of the advantages of the mirror plate is its real opportunity to visually increase the size of the room. For example, if you draw a plate wall located opposite the window, the room will seem much larger than it actually is. This effect is often used for the lining of small-sized rooms: bathroom, kitchen, corridor.

One of the rules of use of the material is that it is necessary to place the panel at different levels. If this principle is violated, then the room will look disharmonious due to the fact that the elements of one wall or web will be reflected in other elements.

Mirror tiles - universal finishing material, which is absolutely looks harmonious and appropriate in various interiors.

  • Bathroom. Most often, a mirror plate with beveled prefer to use it in an interior bathroom. The room becomes lighter, more spacious, the use of mirror panels allows different experiment with the room decor.

The mirror is not afraid of moisture and heat. It is practical and does not require special care, and interior room will always look fashionable and modern.

  • Kitchen. Most often, this tile is used in combination with other finishing materials. Mirror helps give the interior a finished kitchen, refined look.

  • Living room. Mirror panel is not so often used in the design of the living room, for example, to finish the bathroom or kitchen. More often resorted to the help of a mirror when the design provides a luxurious interior, designed in the style of the Middle Ages, for example. In such cases, mirror inserts adorn the walls, furniture, ceiling of the room and more often complemented by spotlights to create a more powerful effect.
  • Bedroom. Intimate, relaxing atmosphere bedroom is ideal for use in a room gleaming tiles. It should not be too much. Suffice several glittering plitochek in conjunction with other, more traditional finishing material.
  • Meeting rooms. Today, the mirror finish can be found in night clubs, restaurants, cafes, offices, beauty salons and other rooms for different purposes.

Mirror plate with facet is used for interior, aged in a variety of stylistic solutions. For example, classic, modern, minimalist, Victorian, Romanesque, Baroque and Art Nouveau.

Gloss tile with bevel produced in different shapes and sizes. The most popular option - a square. This stove is the most practical, it is easiest to style, it looks great in any environment, and is combined with other finishing materials.

Variety square - rhombus. To the interior looked more interesting tile prefer to lay it on the diagonal.

The rectangular tiles is also very popular. It is laid out like a brick with an offset or staggered.

This is the most popular, but not the only form of mirrored panels. Today, you can find a plate, made in the form of a trapezoid, triangle, oval, circle, irregular polygon.

Today one can find mirror tiles in DIY stores, made in a variety of sizes. The most popular of these have traditionally been considered:. 15x15, 20x20, 25x25 and 30x30 cm this tile is easy and convenient to stack it perfectly looks in any interior and perfectly combined with the wallpaper, wall panels, ceramic tiles and other materials.

In addition to the large tiles, special mention deserves mirror mosaic. Tiny squares with faces all the iridescent colors of the rainbow will be a great addition to the interior of the bathroom or the kitchen, the living room or hallway. In most cases, the mosaic is used in combination with a conventional tile size. From this panel performed or executed zone around the mirror, lamp, cabinet.

Mirror tile made of different materials.

  1. Glass. Tile mirror glass - the most common variant. In addition to the standard provided in the stores, you can always order in special workshops individual panel shapes and sizes, as well as with the original form of the edge. The most common classic transparent mirror tiles. But there are more creative solutions, such as bronze or silver shade panel plitochki. They can be self-colored or decorated with various patterns printing technique.
  2. Polyurethane with a special reflective coating. Option resembles a mirror tiles, but not with such a clear and precise reflection. Such material is used mainly for lining the ceiling. A notable difference from the glass tile is lighter in weight, which greatly simplifies installation.
  3. Plastic. Acrylic glass is much safer analogue traditional tiles. Even if the plate will crack and break, the debris will be completely safe for humans.

Colorless tiles - the most common variant, which is perfect for decoration of any interior. However, this is not the only option. Tile is often found, seasoned in one color to the interior, for example, white, milk, beige, blue, olive, gray. More refined versions mimic the surface of natural marble or executed in color of silver, gold and bronze.

Multicolored plate is used as an independent element or decoration in conjunction with a colorless material.

The entire workflow of facing the mirror surface of the tile can be divided into several stages:

  1. Preparation wall or ceiling (cleaning residue from wallpaper or paint, surface leveling, trimming with subsequent priming).
  2. If necessary, it is possible to treat the surface of the antibacterial and antifungal composition.
  3. For comparing surface mirror tiles and ceramics, you can use the cement-sand mixture.
  4. The tiles are put on the glue, designed specifically for the mirrors.
  5. Upon completion of work tile cleared of traces of glue, and the surface is left to dry completely.

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Mirror panels: creativity in your home

Visual expansion of space - one of the main advantages of using mirrored panels Mirror panels made with your own hands - it's not just a way to pass the time, but also the opportunity to add a fancy home interior decoration element. It is understood that only in this work in any case will not be! However, the result of force and spent in any case worth it.

Even very complex mirror panels is quite possible to do it yourself, giving the issue due share of attention! Suffice it to thoroughly consider the basic aspects of the process, to put on the wall layout and acquire basic components.

As a material for the panels can be used not only tile, but also mirror splinters

First of all it is important to ensure the availability of appropriate materials:

All tiles will be laid on the base of the tree and secured with the help of so-called "liquid nails". In order to frame the resulting mosaic, using thin strips, turning into a kind of frame. And, if you cover the wood with paint saturated colors, it will become a very noble appearance.

Generally, mirrors are placed on a wall chart for 3x3 - three mirrors in length and a similar number in width. Thus, it can get pretty interesting interior solution, among other things, increases the visual space.

Connoisseurs of beauty - the mirror panels in the interior

In the free market, you can find the whole mirror panels or those without work who have to assemble yourself. What to choose - a question of an individual depends on the preferences of the owner at home and especially his home.

Reflective panels instead of conventional mirrors original diversifies bathroom interior

Thus, monolithic mirrors have the following advantages:

  • The ease of installation works;
  • Able to immediately see the result of their work.

The panel, consisting of several parts, also have strengths:

  • Ability to simulate a mirror picture;
  • The picture can be created gradually, not in one day.

What does the above represented mounted on the wall, decided only on an individual basis.

Mirror panels in the bedroom - decor for a restful sleep

When planning space in the bedroom, a lot of people out there trying to recreate the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Not out of place in such an environment will be and mirror panels, the best looking in a bamboo frame.

Wall panels last bedroom also has to meet a number of requirements:

  • Not be too bright, perhaps, with a matte coated;
  • The design should not be monolithic, it is better that it be divided into several parts.

To the room is not lost its comfort, under the panels better take a small space, for example, a third wall

Modern designers frequently use mirrors in their work, so finding the right idea in the cellar. Once the option you want to find, you can carry out its study and further installation.

Mirror panels on the kitchen: if true

Kitchen space is usually loaded to the eyeballs, so even a small panel is sometimes very difficult to squeeze into it. Impossible situations do not happen!

Quite often in the kitchen mirror panels is used instead of an apron. However, this is not always a practical solution

  • A small area of ​​the wall;
  • On the kitchen wall;
  • In the immediate vicinity of the sink.

The main thing that the mirror surface is not in contact with fats, which usually cover the entire kitchen. Accidentally hit it fat droplets will be almost impossible to wash! That is why it would be better to mirror to avoid contact with harmful substances.

Kids mirror panels: decoration for the little ones

Kids mirror panels is seen by many parents as an innovation, treat that with caution. In fact, everything is absolutely not true! Beat the surface may well be in the form of a game, setting a distorting mirror, which will amuse the baby.

The children's room is great to find their place distorting mirrors in the form of modular panels

It is important that the mirror:

  • It was securely anchored;
  • could injure a child.

Children grow up very quickly, and soon will be able to appreciate the design decision of parents.

Mirror panels with bevel: non-standard methods

Beveling - a decoration tile edge, allowing to achieve an unusual reflection of light and ensure the future of panels more fashionable look. Externally, each of plitochek reminds faceted stone, a very pleasant even experienced eyes.

In order to emphasize the strengths of the space, with the bevel panels can be placed in the bathroom. Game highlights, combines with water droplets, will create the room an unusual and very romantic atmosphere, located where it will be pleasant not only for adults but also for children

In addition, thanks to the mirrors with bevel, you can:

  • Hide flaws premises;
  • Buy exclusive and fashionable nowadays clearance;
  • Protect the area from the damp and deterioration of standard coatings.

Achieve uniqueness in the interior is so simple! And what is especially nice, this can be achieved on their own.

Closets with mirrored panels: the original furniture in any home

Traditional wardrobes are today almost every home. However, why not upgrade from? For example, using a panel of mirrors! Of course, under the decor you can give the whole leaf cabinet, but it will be better to go on a little trick.

Wardrobe with mirrored panels performs two important functions

The human growth set the standard mirror (if there is none), but already on top of it, or on the edges at the top, is a mosaic. Thus, be able to save valuable space and to diversify the interior.

In addition, the arms need to take some simple rules:

  • Panels must be installed on the outer flap to avoid friction;
  • Faceted glass, of course, looks nice, but when it is excessive concentration in the eyes will ruffle;
  • Tiles almost always look a winner, but the bedroom is better to choose crystals minimum size.

Over time, the furniture tends to bother, but is it worth it to quickly send scrap? Better, with the help of properly chosen decor, give it a second life!

With no extra effort: a mirror panel with their own hands

Determined to make their own wall mirror panels, it is important to evaluate all the risks that brings this process. Especially it will be difficult for those who work with a smooth surface for the first time.

As the base used for the mirror plywood panels

For a start will have to cut out squares of equal size, carefully confining sharp corners. This should be sharp and precise movement to the surface is not crumbled.

When working with glass and mirrors it is important to:

  • observe safety;
  • wear protective gloves on his hands;
  • protect your eyes from the small crystals.

Getting started for the first time, you should try to cut glass on the large pieces as possible. With them will be much easier to work, and the result will turn out not worse!

Mounting mirrored panels on the wall: the work in stages

Before attempting to install mirrored tiles, it is necessary to prepare the space. Wall cabinet door, etc. must be perfectly smooth, to achieve what is possible by grinding. This process is not recommended to ignore! Otherwise fashionable mosaic risks to fall off after a few days.

Tiles can be glued in different ways, it all depends on interior style and personal preferences

Once the space is prepared, you can begin substantive work:

  • Marking the place where the panels will be mounted;
  • Phased placement elements on the wall with the liquid nails;
  • The final conclusion of decoration and mirrors in a wooden frame.

Panels of mirror tiles with their hands (video)

Nothing difficult or impossible! Maximum attention and soon fashionable panels adorn the once dull wall or furniture and become a full and original element of interior!

Mirror panels in the interior (photo)

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mirror panels

Here are a few examples of the indicative price of manufacturing a panel, the installation is calculated separately.

Mirror panels with bevel and without: the beauty and perfection.

The difference between a good and flawless panels depends on your attention to detail. Therefore, from the mirror tile panels we focus attention will not, it's just a good product. We talk about the really good mirrors, ie, the "Fit to" products.

How we do it:

1. Together with our valued and loved customer determines the size and rassteklovkoy future product. At this stage, you can also get a preliminary calculation of the cost. This can be done without leaving gager, by phone or email. This service is completely free.

2. When an agreement in principle is reached, and the surface prepared for the measurements, it is taken for measurement of our experts (they Millwrights). Competent zamerschik is 20% of the success of the event, because of his work depends directly on the results of the aesthetics and the perfect product to abut the limiting elements. Our gager taken into account even the slightest deviation from the horizontal-vertical to provide a uniform gap between the technological details. .

3. The next stage of signing the contract, the final sketch approval and launch of the product in operation. Shop makes only "panels with adjusting," in which the overall dimensions of the product correspond to the geometry of the installation site and each element has its place and a serial number. Cut such products from sheet mirrors are numbered before cutting and treated 3 times: before bevelling, bevel and after bevelling. During the final processing of products are checked for the presence of chips and scratches that do not pass inspection, rejected. .

4. After a specified period of manufacture (usually 15 days), the master leave the installation. .

5. You get a unique, but its product, which will bring joy to many, many years. .

Mirror panel with a beveled, is a unique design techniques to:

  • expand the space, visually increasing it;
  • change the geometry of the area;
  • expand the narrow room;
  • create the effect of infinity.

The options are many, which makes use of mirrors universal element of any interior design. Mirror panels or finds its ideal location in any room, regardless of its size, ceiling height, and use (office, hallway, living room, nursery, bathroom).

This is a rather complicated calculation, since the value of the mirror panels made up of:

  • mirror sheet value (silver mirror, colored mirror, lighting mirror)
  • rassteklovki embodiment, from simple to complex
  • meters of processing-edge or bevel (cost also depends on the width of the bevel)
  • the number and location of holes and grooves and their configuration
  • simplicity or complexity of installation

This information is a reference and is used for the initial calculation of the budget items of the order. For exact pricing mirrored panels necessary terms of reference or call gager

To calculate the cost of manufacture and installation of necessary terms of reference or call gager

Can I install the mirror panels on their own?

Probably, it is possible, but for this you need experience. We do not recommend experimenting with not cheap products. Our experts will make it much faster and better.