What toys can be made of pom-poms? (Step by step explanation)?

Of pompons out very cute toys - for kids is a good, in my opinion. Toys of pompons can be done almost any: bunnies, bears, snowmen, chicken, pig, hedgehog, sheep, cats, ladybug, birds, etc. - the main show imagination. Let's see a few of these works:

For example, to make a chicken need yarn yellow basis for pompom, red felt for the beak and feet, eyes.

We make two pompoms of different sizes: for larger trunk and a smaller one for the head. How to make a pompom look here:

We connect the two pompoms with glue or thread, cut out of felt paws and beak - glue on the glue and glue also ready eyes.

Pompons easily make wool, mottled, any thick fluffy nitok.Prisposobleniya for manufacturing pompons (such extensive plastic ring) sold in the stores for crafts, but can easily be done such ring-circles of cardboard This preform to hedgehog

First we make a pompom himself:

Detailed master-classes here

Of pompons can be done with their own hands a lot of beautiful and original toys. Pompon can be used to make any little animals or birds.

To begin to learn how to make himself a pompom. To this end we take a couple of cardboard discs that have a central hole and a slot, through which wool is wound around the cardboard tightly. Wrap the hair tight ball, then on the edge of the perimeter of wool "motok9quot; cut with scissors and two turn portions which are fixed to each other to form a solid thread pompom of two parts:

The yarns can be taken in different colors, then the bob too, from multicolored threads:

Look, what beautiful toys can be made of pom-poms!

Toy of pompons chicken, bird, sheep and others.

Pupa of pompoms:

Charming lamb pompons from:

Favorite rabbit of pompons, and with the ears of felt gradually in the image:

Another masterclass with a rabbit from Pompom:

Lion, panda and koala from Pompom:

Hack dog of pompons with their hands:

Original bee from Pompom:

Hack hedgehog of pompons with his own hands:

Snowman with his own hands from the pompons:

Cactus from Pompom:

Cute dandelion of pompons with their hands in stages:

Vegetables and fruits from pompons (kiwi, strawberry, watermelon slice) - see Master Class in detail step by step in the image:

Ice cream from Pompom:

Of pompons can also make Minions:

Of pompons can be their own hands, and not just troublesome, you can make a variety of crafts for home with his own hands:

Toys of the thread with your hands: the master class

Threads - simple and accessible to all the material from which you can create a lot of amazing things. In addition to clothing and embroidery, have also obtained a beautiful decor. In this article you will learn how to make toys out of the thread with your hands. As the budget to decorate the house for Halloween or New Year, creating a real fairy tale for children. Young students will be able to decorate their office supplies and do mistress guardian of the thread for the home.

Decorating for a pen or pencil from thread

Materials for the work:

To begin to work hard on the hair. On a piece of cardboard to wind the thread. Drag them in the middle and tie. Cut what happened with scissors.

Making the head. The tip of a pen or pencil you need to dip into the PVA glue. Wind the thread on it until you have a semblance of a head. Adhere to her eyes. At the top of the hair stick. You can make the doll hair: braid braids, put them in a ponytail or ruffle.

Take care of lovely detail: of sequins earrings in his ears, a bow in her hair, a butterfly on her neck and all that comes to mind. Do not limit your imagination. So you figured out step by step process of creating toys out of the thread with your hands. Master-class is aimed at students of the middle classes.

Do for your home ward of threads in the form of a horse. It is an ancient symbol of good health and ability to work. No wonder they say: "Plow like a horse." Creating a toy of threads with your own hands can be the subject of the lesson of labor education.

To work, prepare:

  • knitting thread of three different colors;
  • frame size of 21 by 16 cm;
  • ribbon or braid for decoration;
  • Ready eyes for toys or beads.

Place the frame upright. Make her 60 turns of thread. Tie the top. Remove from the mold and cut below. Repeat the process.

Take two yarns of different colors, such as white and yellow. Put them together. The frame is horizontal. Make 20 turns, and tie up and cut. Repeat this with another skein.

The first workpiece zasun'te node under two rigid wire. Stretch throughout their length. Now you need to make the horse's nose: to tie up a bundle of thread at a distance of 1 cm from the beginning. We will create an attractive face: do the same, only at a distance of 3 cm At this point we fix mane.. Just tie it with a thread of the same color as the body.

Bend the horse's neck. At a distance of 5-6 cm once again intercept the base thread. Now you need to divide the bundle of yarn into two parts - it will be legs. Extremities intercept at 1 cm from the bottom of the unit.

Take the second larger workpiece. Stick it in the framework of the two wires. Divide the beam and slip the middle of the horse's neck. Lock thread. 5 see again intercept product. The beam is divided into two parts, each to be a wire. Similarly, the front do the hind legs.

Tie a short tail of the beam, made at the beginning of the master class. The tips of the wire to wrap the legs in the form of loops. Trim thread. Horse ready. We hope you enjoy the process of making toys out of the thread with your hands.

Of the yarn can be colorful and original articles in the form of balls of different sizes. Prepare the skin, Vaseline or any cream (oil), scissors, and balloons. The brighter the colors of yarn are, the more interesting it will look hack.

Thus, we begin the magical process of manufacturing of thread toys. His hands master class for children can hold parents. An extraordinary evening of your family is guaranteed. The following information will be given as it is possible to use such crafts.

Take the yarn and a bottle of PVA glue. Pierce capacity and shove to get the thread. Pull the yarn through all completely bottle. Such a method will help to avoid the mud. When the threads are treated with glue, wrap them in pre-inflated balloon. The process is messy. The number of threads depends on transparent you want to have the ball or vice versa - with a dense web of curly. Ball before reeling yarn, it is necessary to lubricate any cream, butter or Vaseline.

Be prepared to provide a surface on which the balls are dry. Leave them for a day. Field as the workpiece is completely dry, they pierce needle. Balls blown away, and you can easily pull them out. Do this very carefully. If in the process formed a big hole, then seal it with a new yarn. Will have to wait until the ball becomes completely dry.

Ready balls can be pasted with sequins, rhinestones, beautiful buttons. It can be used for manufacturing yarns of different thicknesses, as well as twine.

How to use the balls of yarn?

You can make them different sizes and build a snowman, fixing them on each other. Balls of yarn can make a garland. It's very simple. Necessary to pass a small workpiece to the factory Christmas garlands. Cute decoration for the Christmas holidays or just to decorate the nursery ready. This garland can be used in the garden, just hanged it on the branches of trees or under the gazebo.

Christmas toys of thread with your hands (photo incrementally)

Christmas balls of thread is very easy to do. With this task cope even kindergartners, if you prepare for them the materials and patterns. Cut out cardboard figures. Suit hearts, bears, stars and all that fancy enough. Do not make detailed drawing.

Prepare PVA glue and knitting yarn. Glue tip to cardboard wrap and silhouette. At the end of the thread lock. Of these toys can make a garland, fixing them on the tape, rope or twine.

Do you want interesting decor for Halloween? Make strings of a ghost! Such decoration can be done in 20 minutes and impressed the guests and children will make it indescribable.

Bend thick wire semicircle. Cut the white crochet thread. Bind them to the wire. Mouth and eyes cut out of paper or a black electrical tape glue.

Do you want to surprise your guests with exclusive decor and fast and cheap to prepare the area for Christmas or other thematic photo is not worse than in the studio? Stock up on yarn of different textures and colors and make toys out of the thread with your hands. Photos turn out magic, and you will not spend a lot on training time and costs.

Toys of the thread with your hands

Threads are the most affordable of all possible materials for the manufacture of toys at home with their own hands. After all, they are in almost every household. Master of toy manufacturing technique is quite simple. In addition, the process is very exciting and entertaining.

What toys can be made from a thread?

  • If you know how to knit, you can associate any toy that you like. And to make it soft and voluminous enough, just, natolkat its wool.
  • Very interesting and beautiful toys, lined by a thick thread in the plane. It can be various paintings and panels. In addition, from thick thread, you can create beautiful jewelry boxes.
  • Very beautiful are obtained toys, hand made of macrame. Those who are able to master this technique of weaving (it is no big deal) can perfectly decorate a room in your home or even all housing beautiful toys.
  • The children really enjoy the process of creating toys with their own hands. The process is incredibly carries them, and then it's nice to play with a toy knowing that made it myself! In addition, you can do with your child and Christmas toys. He would be incredibly proud of their attire Christmas trees for the holiday!
  • The most simple toys made of threads with their own hands - those that do not require large amounts of materials - only string, cardboard and glue.
  • Many beautiful toys made with your own hands, you can do it all-just one material - chopped threads.

Make toys out of the thread with your hands

Variants of toys with their own hands a great many! It is impossible to describe the process of making all of them in one article. We have selected for you the most interesting and easy ways to create toys from the thread with your hands.

This is the most simple game that can be drawn from the thread itself. For its production, you will need: a balloon round shape, glue, thread and baby cream.

Inflate the balloon of this size, what you want to get a toy. Now spread a thin layer of cream. After that, start to reel in the line of the ball, promazyvaya carefully glue each layer. When almost all the ball hidden under the thread (it should only be seen in the small spaces between the thread), put a ball on the surface, leave it there until completely dry. When the thread is well dried out, untie the balloon, and start it slowly deflate. When the ball becomes small, it is easy to come out of the thread, and you'll have a beautiful ball of yarn. It can be used as a New Year's toy, and it is possible to apply imagination, to make some of these balls and make toys, little animals.

For detailed instructions, manufacturing balls of yarn are looking for in Article Balls of yarn by hand.

Ostrich from strings with his hands

make two pompoms out of yarn, a smaller one, and the second - a little more. Weave, from the same yarn, two flagella at least 13 cm one, and twice - the second. Short flagellum pompons connect, it will be neck strausenka. Long flagellum fold in half, and casts a large pom-poms, it will strausenka legs. At the ends of the legs attach halves of eggs Kinder - surprises. Next, make a bundle of thread length of 15 cm, fold them in half and sew to the large pompoms - it will be the tail. To sew small pompoms eyes - beads, beak cut out of red cardboard. Ostrich to be able to walk, lift legs and bare rock, you can connect two sticks crosswise tie strings to them and sew them to strausenku. The toy is ready!

Now try to make a keychain with the use of threads. Of leather or imitation leather cut out two identical figures cat. Then, add them together, wrong sides inwards and sew a loop stitch (yarn is best to take the gray or blond shades, so are most similar to the cat). The hinge joint is over the edge. Then sew on bead toys muzzle future - it will be the nose. And bugles - eyes. We perform with an awl hole in the cat's tail, is threaded a chain with a ring for keys. Toy - Keychain ready! Incidentally, the figure may be not only a cat, and absolutely any, that will be enough to your imagination.

For the manufacture of this toy, you will need: any yarn, cloth, scissors, glue, a small piece of cardboard, special eyes and nose for toys and pencil.

Crumpled napkin, then winding the yarn to her until no longer be visible napkin. Fasten everything by tying a knot. From cardboard cut the ears, followed by winding the yarn them, are glued to the first part. Following glue eyes and nose. Ponytail weave from the same yarn, then bind. Optionally, you can make the legs of cotton.

In order to make toys out of the thread with your hands, it does not require great skill and experience. One has only to want, and you will succeed! And every new toy will be all the more beautiful the previous one!

Creative you success!

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