Interior design studio apartment: fresh ideas from 30 photo

Everyone who lives in a studio apartment understands that small space to be filled with the mind and to the maximum. Therefore, it is important to finish well thought out interior studio, and make room for the children and for the rest, and for work. Not everyone can do it yourself, and this article will tell you what is the interior design studio, which means the zoning and design in fashion today.

1. Design studio in the style of minimalism

The minimum amount of furniture and decoration items, as well as the overall restraint finishes - this is the best way to get one-room interior look spacious and elegant. For best effect, use mirrored surfaces, which visually increase the room.

Tip: to reduce the number of pieces of furniture, use the "transformery9raquo ;. For example, a case or a sofa bed, folding or sliding tables, a sofa with built-in shelves and countertops and so on. D. Consider the interesting options such furniture you can in our article Multifunctional furniture for small apartments.

2. Zoning interior studio without walls

To divide the interior of the one-room apartment in the functional areas, not necessary to use a wall or plasterboard partitions. The above furniture-transformer will allow the living room at the same time serve as a bedroom.

The kitchen can be combined with the living room, but separated from it by a bar, which is at the same time can serve as a dining area and "ostrova9raquo ;.

Floor shelves and cabinets can come in handy when you need to separate children's area, a home office or a sleeper. However, this role perfectly cope and bedroom curtains.

The one-room studio apartment different finishing materials can be used for visual zoning space. For example:

  • Tiled kitchen;
  • Guest area - laminate \ linoleum;
  • The bedroom - carpet.

Further emphasize the transition to help different wallpaper for the walls and ceiling coverings.

To learn how you can turn one-bedroom apartment in "dvushku9raquo ;, read our article Variants of the interior design apartments of 40 square meters. m.

3. Color design studio in 2017

It is believed that in order to design a small apartment is not suitable for bright or strong dark colors. There is a tradition, according to which the one-room interior is almost always bright, the walls and ceiling. However, in a modern apartment or studio, minimalist design, when the room is not filled up with unnecessary things and decor, it is permitted to experiment with more vivid colors. Most importantly, remember that in a small space is best to avoid small patterns and a large number of parts.

Using the table below, the combination of colors, you can create harmony in your studio apartment.

4. The modern interior design studio - with the idea of ​​13 photos

A few more tips that will be useful to you when you are ready to make repairs and interior design studio:

  1. It is not necessary to clutter the space with unnecessary things different. Buy cabinets, sofas, beds, ottomans and other furniture with built-in storage compartments for bedding and other items.

2. In small spaces on the windows is recommended to hang a transparent tulle or short, for example, Roman and roller blinds.

3. The one-room apartment a little door, and it is a plus. However, in the interior it is important to pay attention to the arrangement of furniture. Get more ideas for this article How to arrange the furniture in the room - the living room with photos before and after the reshuffle.

4. Combining the kitchen with living room, you will be able to allocate space for a separate bedroom or nursery. The easiest way to do this is by cutting the kitchen area and dining area. So, you can use a corner kitchen and replace the sill countertops.

5. If building codes permit, a bathroom in a studio apartment is better to make a combined and instead of a bath set shower.

Finally, we offer you some photos of one-room interior inspiration:

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Interior studio - beautiful design ideas

Someone and little penthouse, and someone completely satisfied "odnushki". And frankly, in a small housing area spent much more rational, so a lot of space may not be necessary. The main thing is to know the secrets of competent plan to increase living space.

Interior ideas for the studio - the unusual layout

Constant demand at all times, the room with a living room are among young couples and singles. But youth - it's time for incarceration themselves in a tiny uncomfortable "dungeon" from the Soviet stroyproma. By applying a little imagination, you can drastically reschedule their square footage and bring them beautiful interior studio.

Depending on personal preferences and requirements for the organization of space, many aspects of redevelopment will vary. For example, someone important to have a dressing room, and someone wants to clearly separate sleeping area for the baby, some people like the idea of ​​"studio", and someone does not accept it. Begin to implement their plans need to meet this requirement.

Interior one-bedroom apartment for a family with a child

If one room should be turned into a full house for the parents and the child, you need to apply some of the secrets zonirovaniya.Konkretnye methods for this will vary depending on the age of the child. For the smallest suitable accommodation crib next to the parent bed. But if the child is a preschooler, he needed his own corner - cozy and functional. And it must be the most light and warm. Isolate it possible by means of the screen and select visually by creating a tiered floor.

It may seem far-fetched, but "odnushke" can be successfully placed, even with two children. Up to a certain age their cradles and toys easily fit on a common parent zone. But as they grow older, they need to build additional space. Interior room apartment with two children can be beat with the help of a bunk bed and the other multi-functional ergonomic furniture, and you can place it in the pre-insulated balcony or in the walled part of the master bedroom.

Interior room apartment with a niche

The presence of a niche provides additional opportunities, and they need to make the most rational. With proper planning, this niche can be very functional space. Choosing one or another interior design studio with a niche, you need to start from the fact that you would like to place it. For example, it may be a folding bed, a small, cozy couch or cot.

In the niche you can build a small office and realize their desire to have a separate work space right at home. It fits a small compact table which is enough to accommodate a laptop. Visually isolate "office" from the rest of the premises may be using a different finish, in color difference of the walls, and you can even put a light screen that you do not distracted while working.

The interior of a one-room studio apartments

Wanting to get a modern interior design studio, we are often faced with offers to turn it into a so-called studio. And I must say that this option very useful. The absence of walls and replacing them with less bulky partitions makes the space visually and actually much more spacious. It is important in this case to use light shades and concise furnishings.

Interior for a studio apartment with bay window

If you happen to have a bay window, your interior a small-sized one-bedroom apartment has all chances to become a stunningly beautiful. One only his presence makes the space much brighter, wider, solemn. you can arrange the dining room in this area to watch the beautiful scenery outside the window during the meal. If necessary, you can turn it into an office, or children's recreation area, than to diversify and complement the interior of a studio apartment.

Interior room apartment with balcony

The presence of the balcony makes it possible to expand at the expense of his useful area. Make zoning interior studio a variety of ways: by removing the wall and attaching the balcony to the total quadrature or issued on its territory, a separate room. The second option is simple and less expensive financially. You have to think in advance what you are missing - the office, gym or playing area for children, and in accordance with this start to the arrangement of the balcony. If you want to demolish part of the wall, at first agree on its project with the architectural team.

Interior design studio

The main feature of this property - in its versatility. The only room is both living room, bedroom, office, nursery, dining room. Because often it provides interior studio with a bed and a sofa, as well as extremely useful furniture. Expansion of usable area is due to the multi-level living space. Zoning is going through partitions, screens, shelves. It is possible embodiment of a wide variety of styles.

Interior studio in loft

Perfect bachelor style - a loft. Spectacular wall with a brick to a minimum of furniture, conditional zoning, modern storage system - and the housing becomes a spacious and comfortable at the same time to live. Open plan in the incarnation in the interior design studio apartment loft allows you to not clutter the space, and the main areas are the kitchen, living room and bar. Sleeping same place discreetly hidden in a niche or a small wall.

Provence style in the interior studio

Gentle contrast to the purely feminine style is romantic Provence. Color solution it is very pleasing to the eye, because it has its own pastel colors. The use of natural materials - wood, stone, clay tile colors, making it a very uyutnym.Priblizit you to the French style of interior room apartment with a corner fireplace. Even artificial, fire envelops you with warmth and give a sense of a real home environment.

Interior room apartment in the style of minimalism

The most compact interior studio - a style of minimalism. Plain surface, lots of mirrors, simple, geometric forms, a minimum of furniture. The hall will be enough of one closet, in the kitchen - a few boxes, including attachments, in the main room - a rectangular sofa bed with drawers. TV is better to hang straight on the wall, so as not to take the place of a pedestal. Instead of textiles can be used shutters and blinds.

Scandinavian interior design studio

For a small room Scandinavian style fits perfectly. He is known for his ability to push the boundaries, to give a lot of light and space. Interior design small one-room apartment in the style of Scandinavian simple and elegant at the same time. He did not need any supplements. Bright finish, a few bright accents, well placed furniture - that's all you need. Particularly interesting is the angular location zhilya- the more natural light from all sides, the better.

Classic interior bedroom apartments

If you aspire to the eternal values ​​of harmony, refinement, interior studio classics - this is what you need. Style is characterized by symmetry, high quality materials, the presence of decorative moldings, statues, paintings, mirrors in gilt frames. The color scheme should be calm, neutral, black and white, with discreet prints or stripes.

Massive furniture in a small space can be replaced with a more compact and lightweight. And in order not to overload the interior studio accessories, it is better to choose 2-3 really antique and strictly Fine object. The central element, as a rule, becomes a luxury chandelier in the center of the ceiling. The role of the partitions can play glass doors, arches and columns.

With a tiny living space, if desired, it is possible to change and adjust each centimeter under itself. The desired interior studio to realize even easier than in a large house. It is important to consider the number of households, their age and the need to properly distribute the available space and keep it empty is cozy.

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Ideas for design studio

One-bedroom apartments - are wildly popular today. The fact that a small area to buy an apartment is much easier because of its relatively low cost. Of course, many dream of, if not of a luxurious mansion or penthouse, then at least for his own corner, which can be based on their decorating taste and design abilities. "Bird in the hand is better than two in the bush" - so say many people who buy one-bedroom apartments. But even with a strong desire from it we can make a real "candy", which will be enjoyed not only you but also your family and guests.

The most important feature of this apartment is the functionality. Often, it is a space and a living room and a bedroom, and the dining room at the same time. It can do very different things: read, watch TV, work, relax and indulge in a dream. many factors must be taken into account that the apartment was most comfortable, cozy and stylish at the same time.

Of course, the main task - is a visual extension of the space for even the largest area of ​​one room significantly loses, for example, two-bedroom apartment. If the house is home to more than one person, and among them there are children, the task becomes much more complicated. After all, you need to properly organize the space, so that there could live fully all the family members. If you realize that you do not manage your own, then seek help and advice from the designer. It is professional of the business to cope with the task mainly due to the fact that the conduct well-designed layout. Designers with experience have a "small bag", which stores the practical ideas, implementation of which will help to make a one-room apartment as convenient. Consider some of them. So, very often near the front door is formed "dead" space, use is possible and even necessary. Most rational to place there a wardrobe or closet. This will save considerable space of residential premises, from which it will be possible to remove, for example, a wardrobe and bedside tables part with things. It is advisable to give your preference for cabinets with mirrors. The fact that the floor space can be expanded with the help of mirrors, visually, of course. The next step is to optimize space - this is the most radical method, which involves the demolition of the wall separating the bathroom and kitchen. In its place, you can set the dining room table, and are allowed to choose the indiscreet enough size option.

The process of registration of your interior is to start with a "hanger", namely, with the correct choice of colors. In fact, color plays a lesser role than the furniture and accessories. Colors not only have their own peculiarities in terms of the psychological impact, but can also be very functional. To visually expand the interior is necessary to use light, soft and unobtrusive colors. Of course, it all depends on your taste, but it is best to choose colors like green, cream and sand. Curtains should be matched precisely to match the walls.

Special attention should be paid to arrangement of furniture in the apartment. Too cumbersome massive furniture can occupy all the space and create inconvenience to owners. While the castle with the "throne" and a huge bedroom with a canopy bed you only in your dreams, you can to limit the built-in or easily transformable furniture. It saves space, and your room will not look cluttered and cluttered. Here are a few examples: the sofa can be stored inside the bedding. A good option - it is a bed, built-in wardrobe.

The apartment must be furniture that really you need. It is not necessary to drag into the house all that is bad. A rocking chair, or a floor lamp will fit quite well in, say, holiday decor. If you work a lot, rarely eat at home and prefer to go to visit than to invite someone to his dinner party, it is possible to buy a small, even a very modest in size, the table that takes up very little space. He, incidentally, can be folding. If you are accustomed to the fact that work with your computer, you can perform only on your favorite couch, then it is not necessary to acquire for themselves a computer desk, a paper, by the way, can be stored in shelves and whatnot.

One should not buy a super bulky pieces of furniture, like a cabinet, in which at least a good half and fit your things, but that will take half of your modest space area.

Pay attention not only to the color of the walls, but also the furniture. However, the desire is still the same: light colors perfect for "odnushki" perfect. It is advisable to combine white with some other gentle colors like blue or beige. Then in your apartment will not prevail depressing hospital atmosphere.

Bright or dark color input through focus. But in no case do not do their background, because then your room will be at all tiny. If a dark background for you - it's idee fixe, it is possible, of course, put it into practice. However, you will need to be sure to buy white furniture. This combination - is not just a classic, but it's a good move, in order to expand the space.

Do not forget about lighting, which should not be just a lot, but a lot. After all, despite its modest size, your apartment should look warm and welcoming. It is advisable not limited to a single lamp, and buy a few lights, which will need to be placed in different functional areas, which are divided into one-room apartment.

Of course, the lack of certain furniture, you can easily compensate for the abundance of accessories. However, in this case, too, need to know when to stop and use them tastefully. Otherwise, they make the interior a bit sloppy and messy. Limit the beautiful landscape or a still life on the wall and a couple of green plants in stylish pots that will not prevent ever. If you have a large window sills, arrange the plants there. If not - you can put them on any free surface in a room.

While working on the interior design studio, you must strive to ensure that it is not only functional, but also stylish, comfortable and beautiful.