How to decorate an apartment or a house on New Year's Eve (50 photos)

When the New Year approaching, many are beginning to think about decorating your home, because the holiday - one of the most beloved and joyful childhood. In addition, traditionally it involves the use of a plurality of decorative elements, special training, making crafts with their hands, and others that are unique to him attributes. Properly made Christmas interior will fully enjoy the celebration, you need to create a joyful mood, make a holiday unforgettable. The article discusses how to decorate the interior of the house before the New Year, and what to use decor to fun and relaxation failed.

Golden New Year's interior

Beautiful decor in the form of a Christmas tree on the wall

Wall decoration in the form of a Christmas tree with paper balls and interior

What New Year's decoration will be particularly fashionable and relevant in this year:

  • Classic is always in fashion, so the traditional red-and-gold decor to decorate the room and the Christmas tree decoration will be alive at this time. It is particularly well combined with classic interiors. This dilutes too catchy and intense range of competent and appropriate use of white. Be careful when using red-gold combination - a necessary sense of proportion, the decor is very active.
  • One of the main trends in the use becomes shiny decoration - a gold and bronze. Only it is important not to overdo it - with such intense decor need to know the measure. Otherwise, the house will march to the palace, not on New Year's interior. Best fit bronze - it looks more noble.
  • "Easy" design is also very popular in white and green décor. In this case, the design is almost never used a brilliant decor. The whole atmosphere gives the impression of lightness and freshness. This New Year's interior echoes the contemporary environmental design direction.
  • Vintage decor is still in vogue. Therefore, if you still have childhood Christmas toys for the Christmas tree, you can use them. Vintage design welcomes simple, simple decor, which is especially popular with children. In this case, you can not pay too much attention to the selection of colors.

A beautiful wreath for decoration at home for the New Year

Wreath, candles and gifts for the New Year

Large wreath on New Year's Eve

Unusual decor apartment in the New Year

A branch with New Year's decor in the living room

Making fire on New Year's Eve

Consider how to decorate an apartment on New Year's Eve with the help of interesting decorative elements.

  • Décor using wreaths. Such decoration is perfectly combined with various interior styles. But the wreaths must be matched by color and style. They look good on the walls, on the doors and even the windows. In addition, part of a small elegant wreaths decorated with a festive table, creating a Christmas mood at the present guests. Wreaths can be made from synthetic material, and of these branches of plants - all conifers, including from ordinary tree.
  • Great design can turn out, if you use store bought Christmas balls. It is important that they are of different sizes, but the combined stylistically. Such decoration is good for flat surfaces: shelves, tables, shelving. Also, these balls can weave into wreaths, making the latter more decorative and "New Year."
  • Do it yourself or purchase a colorful holiday boxes for gifts. These containers are placed beautiful gifts for every member of the family - and all this splendor is spread under the tree beautifully. Against the background of the Christmas tree with gifts, you can spend a great family photo shoot pictures which then will long remind of the glorious and happy holiday.

Beautiful Christmas decoration of a living room with fireplace

Christmas decorations living in the Scandinavian style

Christmas candles and Christmas tree in the window

Interior decoration garlands

How to make the main symbol of New Year celebrations - Christmas tree. A few useful tips:

  • Do not try to hang on the Christmas tree all the toys, which only is in the house. Comply with the measure - not oversaturated decor tree will look much more elegant and give noble chic interior.
  • If the house is small children live, the glass is not desirable to use the toys - they can shatter and injure the baby. It is also important not to have the toys with small parts on the lower branches of the tree - where the child can reach. Frequent cases when the baby ingests small elements.
  • Put under the Christmas tree mat Christmas - they are sold in stores, there are different sizes and colors. This mat will issue the space under the tree, it is possible to arrange nice presents - it will give a festive appearance of completion tree.

Making a big tree on New Year's Eve

White and blue Christmas tree decorations in the apartment

Christmas tree decor in violet tones

A beautiful toy for the Christmas tree

White toy for decorating Christmas tree

White decoration for the Christmas tree and interior

Silver decorations for the Christmas tree and interior

Unusual Christmas toys

  • To decorate "the house Eye" uses traditional bright decorations, often - paper. It could be snowflakes, and stickers, and wreaths. You can also cut paper silhouettes of houses, snowmen, even Santa Claus.
  • Garnish with homemade paper figures and snowflakes wool, glitter applied to it. This "snow" decor is very beautiful and sparkle to decorate the apartment. In addition, the cost is the decoration will not be virtually anything, and will bring a lot of joy.
  • Cornices can be decorated with tinsel or garland. Look beautiful cornices, entwined in a spiral shiny tinsel.
  • Very interesting and decorative look big balls, pick up the tone curtains, hanging in long strands. Use shatterproof balls.
  • If the window to decorate electric garland, evening room turn into a fairyland. And the street is the design of the window looks very festive, cheer up people passing by the house.
  • Partly Christmas "story composition made of twigs, cones and figures looked very decorative on a windowsill. Such decoration can make a child, making a contribution to the decoration of the house for the New Year.
  • Special white spray with glitter will draw on the "frosty" windows patterns, snowflakes and other winter details and drawings of the New Year.

Beautiful Christmas decoration of windows

Options window decoration for the New Year

Branch with balls and snowflakes on the window

window decoration with toys and candles for the New Year

Window decoration with toys and paper decorations for the New Year

The original design of the window

  • It looks nice chandelier, twined with garlands. However, in this case, it is important to carefully follow the rules of fire safety. Better use of LED garlands - they are safer.
  • By the chandelier can be hung on the threads of beads and other decorative elements. This design gives a lamp Christmas charm.
  • Cut from paper graceful silhouettes, hanging from the chandelier on the threads, look magically impart tenderness and charm of the interior, making vintage spirit so beloved by many today.

Christmas chandeliers, decorated with snowflakes

Christmas chandeliers, decorated with balls

Asterisks in the chandelier decorating the New Year

The original chandelier decoration for the New Year

  • Purchase a special Christmas napkins. It is important that in addition to the New Year's plot, they are consistent with the color of the basic design of the room.
  • Use elegant textile tablecloth. Well, if it will also be with a Christmas theme. But the suit and a simple, one-color, chosen to match the main decoration.
  • Arrange beautiful candles in sconces or candelabra. This bright and tasteful décor will need a festive flavor to the interior.

Decorations Christmas table in red and green tones

Decorations Christmas table linen napkins

Decorations for New Year's table of colored cardboard and paper

fruit decoration for New Year's table

Silver decorations for the table in the New Year

Blue and white decor of the table in the New Year

Red and white table decor

Beautiful decoration New Year's table

table decoration with treats for the New Year

Some useful recommendations, with which you will be able to intelligently and easily prepare your home for the New Year:

  • New interior with their own hands - a great idea. You can make wreaths, stars, garland, balls for Christmas trees, lanterns and other crafts. This will give a unique atmosphere of charm and comfort. Attracted to the work of children - they will be only too happy to help. Thus, the New Year will strengthen the family and involve in the communion of all households.
  • Be sure to consider the style of the room, choosing a New Year interior. It is unlikely that the situation will fit minimalist clumsy, too decorative balls with gold and "snow", shiny or bright decorations. Of course, the easiest way to furnish the house, designed in the classical style, and which do not adhere to any style - you can use almost any decor, which only wish.
  • Do not use too many decorations for the Christmas tree. It is important to spruce green branches were visible. Otherwise, the decor will be too intense, oversaturated, causing the eye can tire quickly.
  • Use one color. If the chosen decor in white and red or blue and gold colors, you do not need to mix them. Otherwise, diversity will give the interior tasteless and randomness.
  • If your apartment is small in size, when its design use more light decor. Dark and too bright Christmas tree ornaments, walls and windows can visually make the room even smaller, which is unacceptable in this case. In particular, you can use and completely white interior, dilute a little gold or blue colors. This design creates the necessary sense of airiness, lightness and coolness. In addition, the white design looks very festive.

As we can see, place your hands on the house for the New Year is a snap. The main thing - to find all the amenities, show imagination and ingenuity, take the most appropriate ideas from the Internet and interior magazines - and succeed.

Wreath of Christmas toys for the New Year

Christmas wreath made of twigs and decor

Making your home for the New Year

Making fire on New Year's Eve

Beautiful garlands New Year

Christmas-tree balls and branches to decorate the room

Tree on the wall sections of the tree

Beautiful star of wire, beads and garlands

hall decoration for the New Year

Red and white living room on New Year's Eve

2 Fill in all the fields, and we will call you to clarify all the nuances!

How to decorate a stylish office in the New Year 2018?

Decorate the office for the New Year, or leave it as it is - a private matter of each team and, in particular, his boss. However, with the beginning of December of the street, shop windows, all the rooms where you want to go on personal business or service, start to live in anticipation of the holiday. Small and large Christmas tree, LED mosaic glowing figures of animals, Christmas characters are everywhere and remind - soon a miracle will happen. Come on you favorite work, and here it is mediocrity, routine, routine. Only one conclusion - it is necessary to decorate.

If instructed to decorate the office gave the chief, then everything is fine, you can start. But if you, as a creative and creative personality, this idea came up earlier, then it must be agreed upon. In the first place with management and, last but not least, with the team. This is followed by a brainstorming session. office decoration should be stylish, to create a sense of celebration and not distract from the work.

Entrust office decoration designer or to show imagination

Sufficient security firm can afford to order a designer services. Many agencies organizing events happy to offer their services on a professional level, decorate the office for the New Year without any hassle. There are many in their portfolio:

  • artificial Christmas trees,
  • pine garlands and arches,
  • New floral composition
  • light figures and garlands,
  • helium balloons,
  • Decorative items made of foam,
  • fabric for draperies - polysilk.

If the complex design refinements can not afford it, we can limit ourselves to a single chip, for example - balloons. Balloon arches - a phenomenon familiar. But you can build a Christmas tree, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, snowflakes, symbol year figure, funny snowman, fairy tale characters and even create an original image of the own director (if it has a sense of humor).

The chief gave the nod to the office decoration, but money is not allocated or the budget is too lean, then spend it on balls inappropriate. In this case rescue fantasy and a sense of style. In the meantime, the ideas are in the air and pass the stage of coordination need to do cleaning of rooms and workplaces. New Year - this is the best reason to get rid of old junk, to clear space for new businesses and changes.

It is necessary to expel dust from distant corners to hide away the symbols of the outgoing year, review their deposits and securities of unclaimed part to get rid of. Desktop or notebook computer, a loyal friend and assistant, of course, needs decorating. On the desktop - Christmas Wallpaper on the body - adhesive snowflakes. Have a habit of keeping close cactus - and decorate it, will let the tree.

Personal space is decorated, it's time to do location. Office - the working area. Decorate it with homemade garlands of colored paper in the style of kindergarten or clutter offsuit toys and tinsel are not worth it. Nice element for design - Christmas balls of the same type in a single color or a maximum of 2-3 shades. Originally will look color versions corresponding company logos.

The balls can hang on the long string "rain", combined in a few pieces of the composition, they also decorate the Christmas tree. Without the green beauty New Year some defective. Of course we are talking about an artificial variant, and the color does not have to be green. On the eve of the New Year holiday Christmas trees sold a wide range of color and size.

If the room does not allow even the smallest copy of squeeze can restrict pine wreath on a door or wall to make a version of the Christmas tree. Using a creative approach, it is possible to make out anything. suit:

  • tinsel,
  • LED Strip Light,
  • colored stickers,
  • pens and pencils,
  • disposable cups,
  • cotton pads.

The whole decor is fastened to the wall with adhesive tape and double-sided, if desired, decorated with balloons. With Christmas beads can be suspended embodiment the Christmas tree. They are attached using transparent yarn or the fishing line from the ceiling at different levels so that the composition as a whole forms a right cone.

A nice addition to the office decoration - artificial snow. Sold in bags, with a light fluffy flakes soaking forms which are difficult to distinguish from the real snowflakes. Just do not fill them all around. Best used in small quantities for New Year composition with balls and pine branches.

Festive mood in the office and create all kinds of paper decorations. Do not rush to declare a competition among employees on a cutting snowflakes. All can be bought off the shelf:

This unusual and bright decor, you can subtly decorate the walls, stairs, hang a garland.

New creative from the products or services

Creating Christmas tree of what you produce or sell each day, it requires ingenuity, but carries the added bonus for the company. It is possible that in this way you will attract new customers. But the doubters realize that there really love their work and offer a quality product or service.

Look around and look for the object in the shape of a pyramid. Maybe fit a stepladder. If not, you can make a frame using a solid wire, cardboard, foam, and feel free to decorate it with their products. Herringbone in the dress of mittens, gloves, socks, fluffy Hanks yarn, scraps of fabric - great for a cold winter and a good mood.

Disposable tableware and alcoholic beverages - another reason for joy. Christmas tree made of plastic bottles and wine glasses will be appreciated. Build a New Year's miracle is possible by means of books, magazines, old newspapers circulation. Packing boxes, scraps of lumber, inflated medical gloves (which are particularly popular in the medical institutions.) - all goes to the cause, if you connect the imagination and creativity.

If the office will not be boring and mundane, and the New Year will bring a good mood, joyful lifting and positive changes.

Where to hang the garland? Trivial ideas for the New Year

Tangerines as part of New Year's decor

Cozy New Year's decor in rustic style

New Year in the country style: warm rustic comfort

Bright Christmas decorations in the style of boho-chic

New Year's Eve and nothing more: the decor in the style of minimalism

Every year we decorate the room, the mood becomes at once the New Year! Thank you for the article!

Decorate the house for the New 2017 - the best idea for the gala decorations with your hands (50 photos)

All people, big and small, are looking forward to a magical holiday - New Year. Many people are already starting to prepare for it, decorating the house and planning the necessary purchases. Pre trouble consuming a large amount of time and effort. Have you already started to prepare your home for the holiday? Our tips on decorating rooms will facilitate your task.

Do not forget that the upcoming year - the year of the Fire Rooster. This bird is a symbol of wisdom, so ready for a good year.

We are looking for ideas for New Year decoration

Any work begins with the fact that a carefully worked out plan of action. Home decoration for the New Year is no exception. In order that the output to get the perfect result, it is necessary to consider in detail all the actions.

  • To begin to estimate the parameters of his room. Of course, there is no need to run around with a measuring tape in hand, enough visual assessment.

    If the room enough space, you can come up with something big. If the room is a modest-sized, then stop at a modest version. And do not be upset if you have to stay for the second option. After all, in which case you can arrange the room is original and beautiful. In the process of design will create a feeling that something is missing, and that's fine. Not all design masters with honors. Therefore, look at the internet and there peeped ideas can buy specialized magazines about design, or to consult with a specialist.

  • Develop ideas for decorating the house better than the end of November - beginning of December, so you will not be pressed for time and you can all think carefully about. Decorating the house is better as a family, so that you will fully feel the atmosphere of celebration and at the same time to spend time with his family.

    In this issue you need to adhere to certain rules. So we wait a year Fire Rooster, and the color should match the taste of the bird.

    Feel free to use in the decoration of green, brown and white color - it's not only classic colors, but the most common colors in the color of the Rooster. It is desirable to adhere to these tints for the background, and the inlay withstand more saturated, bright colors.

  • However, this is just a recommendation. Feel free to experiment, but do not go to extremes. Use to design as much wood as possible. It may be bumps, various figurines made of wood, candlesticks and more. Wood products reflect the love to the nature of the Rooster.

    Like all seems simple enough, but do not forget that the holiday decorations should be in harmony with the design of your room. relevant are purple and lilac shades, so try to use them for decoration in 2017.

    Even if your room is small squaring do not forget about the small details of the New Year decoration. After all, the little things that create the most magical atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

    If you are not confident that you can correct accents, use our advice. And the secret's like this, do not need to adhere to any scheme placing trivia, a "scatter" them in a creative mess.

    You can make small boxes, fill them with sweets, tie a festive ribbon, and put it in different places of the room. The same trick can be done with figures, cones and candle holders. As decoration, you can use dumochki, most importantly the right to decorate them. You can use the artificial snow or confetti.

    Of course on little things will go a lot of effort, but believe me, it's worth it!

    Beautiful and festive look snowflakes cut out of paper, pasted on the window. You can cut a variety of paper figures or original cut fruit on the holiday table. Can apply to the table cookies, decorated festively. Decorate your home with spruce branches. Magic flavor create cinnamon sticks, placed around the room.

    Be sure to Apply for the ceiling. Can attach to the chandelier snowflakes of different colors, add candy attached to raindrops or paper figures.

    It is not just the color of the small details of decor, but also their shape. Everything must be ideally combined.

    On the festive table you can put a vase with artificial bouquets made of a variety of Christmas trivia.

    Adhering to all of these tips, you are sure to design your home on the highest level without the involvement of skilled designers.