Production of postcards with their own hands: technology, workshop. Making Easter cards. Production card to 9 Maya

Card - is the element through which we are trying to convey human feelings, his mood, festive state. Large and small, in the form of hearts and funny animals, strict and elegant, humorous and exciting. Postcards are sometimes much more important than the gift, to which they are attached. And, of course, hand made card will bring even more joy.

Making cards - where to start?

Wrongly think those who believe that the card can only be done using paper and pencils (pens, paints). If you decide to make a real gift, you can not be shy and give flight his own imagination. You can find old houses buttons, beads, beautiful ribbons, feathers, beads and fringe, trim colored fabric, sequins? Then we can be fully confident - production cards will be a real masterpiece process. Collecting material at hand is important to remember what exactly the event will be devoted to hack - if it's New Year's surprise - do not hesitate with shiny accessories, if May 9 - is focused on red, yellow and black colors, if the day of birth - is not afraid to experiment. Thus, we begin to harvest the necessary material.

Production of postcards with their own hands - an interesting and exciting process. After all, while it is possible to not only invest in the right sense congratulatory poem, but also the very issue card, guided by their feelings. In addition to all of these materials, we will also need paper and cardboard, scissors, glue, tape and stapler, clay and wool, plain and colored pencils, an eraser and a ruler and a lot more.

What will help to make out of the ordinary sheet of paper the most unusual and beautiful crafts. So we decide on a size - postcard can be quite small, decorating it with flowers or bows or regular - of a sheet of A4. The basis of any card - it is a folded sheet of paper. It is this preparation and will be a field for further manifestations of fantasy.

cards manufacturing technology at the initial stage is similar - prepared foundation, which then will be decorated according to the triumph, to which she was preparing. For example, the New Year's holidays. That often draw on a Christmas card? Dressed Christmas trees, snowmen good-natured, cheerful beasts, the main characters of the holiday - Santa Claus, a glass beads and more. An interesting solution is to mix several types of decoration.

For example, to draw walking through snowdrifts snowman, boots, gloves and a bucket made from colored paper and glue on the painted silhouette. A broom to make the most authentic - from spichenki or sticks (depending on how big snowman himself), with a fluffy "kronoy9raquo; - its very easy to do from the hard Mochalny threads (synthetic) or a more gentle version - beautifully laid a piece of cotton wool.

Beautiful card can be not only in a standard way - folded sheet of paper in half.

An interesting solution would be cards with folding chain inside - and, believe me, a master class on making cards are not required (although not hurt to familiarize with its stages). All this is easy to do by their own efforts. To do this, a piece of paper folded in half, and then - each half in half again. Drawings on this card may be the most diverse - it is not necessary to repeat the same element. Most importantly - correctly and neatly cut crafts - it is impossible to cut the place of contact patterns. Such garmoshechku can be pasted into the ordinary, a folded sheet (of course, drawn up in accordance with the holiday theme). And then when you open the figurines will line up in a row (similar to a book-cot).

The ideal option for your child will be the production of cards with windows. First, the rectangular pattern is made of cardboard (folded in half), which is cut a few square windows on the front side. The windows can be decorated with lace edging, ribbons, or simply pasted cotton and sequins. Inside, at the level of the windows should be slotted to draw colorful pictures. When the card is folded, painted figures will appear in the window improvised. You can make a little surprise - for example, when the card is closed, in the window will be visible portion of the interior pictures - head of a kitten, flower petals and so on. But if you open the card - there will be the whole picture entirely. Even more excited cause card puzzle. Ready-made crafts you just nicely cut and put in an envelope - hero of the occasion will have some work to do to be able to read a greeting addressed to him.

Postcard can be done in the form of an envelope. Typically, these crafts are made for birthdays and weddings, when embedded into an additional cash gift. Now these cards have become popular options for a romantic rendezvous (embedded inside a leaflet with a declaration of love or a specified meeting place), as well as congratulations on the occasion of the Great Victory.

Consider the example of the master-class devoted to this holiday. Making cards by May 9 looks - at first preparing the foundation. This will be a rectangle of cardboard with rounded upper part of a ratio - the first and second equal-sized, rounded - slightly less. The base flexes at the planned lines, and the edges (first and second parts) and glued-decorated ribbons straps. The same strap (but freely walking on basis) put on a bent rounded portion closing its like pockets. Embedded inside St. George's ribbon, or beautifully decorated from her hack.

Making Easter cards no less entertaining than all the options discussed earlier. Of course, the main characters of the holiday - Easter egg and Easter cake. Cards made in the form of tape can be decorated testicular flowers. Spread them beaded pictures, glue small chicken feathers and put them in a tiny bright yellow chicken.

You can also make a postcard with a surprise - on the front side to cut large egg, and inside the paint basket with Easter accessories. Card in the form of eggs can be done so - to glue on the edges of two identical oval shapes, cut them to bond with curly clove, and put into a letter of wishes. Or a bunch of small feathers. Or even a small piece of candy.

The most important thing to remember, taking up the manufacture of cards - that this process is not compulsory, and creative. Only how you let your imagination run wild, it will be great and the end result. Sometimes made from the heart card becomes much more expensive than the most precious of gifts. Admit it, almost all of us had such a card, which we have always carried a purse, wallet, purse, as long as the paper is not completely erased. And do not think that just amazingly beautiful card like the one to whom you are going to give it.

Even the simplest flower, glued unevenly, with exposed adhesive, with angular edges can be the most expensive for the heart, if you make your child's hands.

Postcards with their own hands. Master Class

To work need: paper for pastels or colored double-sided board, pencil, scrap paper (thin, thick), glue stick, ruler, scissors, corner puncher boundary puncher, glue "Super moment gel", satin ribbons, office color paper, white, brads, double-sided tape, lace, wire, thread, stamps, satin crepe, gelatin, brush, awl, PVA glue, masking tape, glitter, polubusiny, paper daisies and hydrangeas.

2. From peach pastel paper cut out a rectangle, that it covers almost the entire front side of the card.

3. From white office paper using tape edge Punch doing, it should be slightly longer than the width of the rectangle peach.

4. Glue the ribbon on the glue stick.

5. gain back wrap and glue, too.

6. From the wide satin tape (5 cm) cut burgundy 3 square.

7. Treat the cut edges of the matches.

8. We turn off the square diagonally.

9. Putting first on one side of the triangle is obtained.

10. Then, on the other.

11. A tightening and anchoring few stitches.

12. It turns out that's a petal - middle, is our future roses.

13. The second triangle collect as well as the first, but do not fasten.

14. We wrap it around the first lobe and sew it.

15. Then third sew tab.

16. The bottom of the bud wrapped with thread and tightens.

17. Primatyvaem piece of thin wire so that the wire was behind the bud.

18. That it should happen.

19. From prozhelatinennogo crepe satin cut sepals. The fabric thus gelatin: gelatin direct the prescription written on the package, anchoring tissue buttons on the wooden surface and good coat with a brush fabric, after drying it becomes dense and do not fray.

20. Tolstoy needle or awl pierce holes in the middle of the sepals.

21. Dress sepal on the stem and are attracted to the bud.

22. Then, the second dress.

23. promazyvat base bud PVA glue and winding thread bottom sepals.

24. Now is winding stem - do 5-6 turns of thread around the stem.

25. Move the windings close to each other.

26. Thus winding to the end of the stem, the tip folded the wire loop.

27. The drip drops of PVA - otherwise the thread tightened up swathes of the stem to the end. After drying cut the adhesive thread.

28. Here is a rose is obtained.

29. A stitch at the base of the rose bud to sew peach rectangle.

30. Behind tying a knot and cut the thread.

31. Just sew the bottom of the stem.

32. In the middle of the stem is threaded piece satin tape.

33. knotted bow.

34. Below put strain with a suitable inscription. If you do not have stamps, the notice can be pre-printed on a color printer and have to do it from a tape that sticks to peach rectangle.

35. We make place for inscription inside card - cut from white office paper rectangle suitable size.

36. Treat the vertical edge boundary and the punch cards glued to the inside.

37. Behind peach rectangle around the perimeter glue double-sided tape.

38. Glue the rectangle on the card - the card is ready.

39. The second card will not be so extended, as the first - do not for zagotovochku of white construction paper.

40. From the dark burgundy pastel paper cut out a rectangle, that it is positioned as shown in the photo.

41. The vertical edges treat edge punch.

42. White lace glue in the middle of the strip. I stuck so - Cut Lace increments, from the face are not smear glue, and tuck inside out allowances and glued on the masking tape.

43. Cut the pink office paper substrate and corners are processing punch.

44. Glue the support on the glue stick.

45. Glue the ribbon on the double-sided tape.

46. ​​PVA glue a large daisy.

47. On top of a small glue.

48. The focus on "Super moment gel" glue polubusinu.

49. Upper handle angle punch card.

50. Inside the glue in a pink sheet of paper treated with a corner punch.

51. otkrytochku ready.

52. For the following cards do narrow workpiece. And the card will be opened from the bottom up.

53. Because of the texture of paper cut a small rectangle and process the upper edge of the punch. Glue it to the card.

54. Top glue white organza ribbon, as well as the previously glued lace - on masking tape.

55. In the middle of the white tape glue narrow satin ribbon, a suitable color to the rectangle.

56. So it turns inside - all in masking tape.

57. to seal all of the rectangle skrapbumagi.

58. Cut a square of 4 * 4 cm and opposite angles are processing punch.

59. Cut along the scalloped scissors.

60. Glue the corners inside the cards.

61. On the face of glue hydrangea.

62. Center polubusinu glue.

63. The card is ready.

64. But the version of the same card in a different color.

65. For the following cards do the same workpiece, as for the first.

66. To cut the center of the rectangle of blue paper for pastels, paradise and right handle punch

67. On the left side glue silver ribbon.

68. Glue all on the double-sided tape onto the card.

69. Fold a piece of white ribbon organza as shown in the photo.

70. Glue the ribbon to the card, and the top sticking blue hydrangeas.

71. In the center of glue rhinestones.

72. Bottom legalize drops blue glitter.

73. The card is ready.

74. Making a preform of the same size as the previous one, only peach color.

75. To cut a rectangle from the center of the texture of paper.

76. Bottom make out the paper tape.

77. Just as in the first postcard.

78. sticking middle 1 cm wide satin tape.

79. Cut off a piece of the same tape and turn his ring to the ends slightly we found each other.

80. Now crushes the middle ring.

81. The resulting ribbon sticking to the card.

82. Center insert brads.

83. Glue on a card and it's ready.

Master Class has prepared a creative workshop Rostock

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  • Note!

    Kardmeyking - making postcards with their own hands

    The concept of "kardmeyking" in translation from English means the following: card - card, make - do, that is, the production of postcards with their own hands. I want to note that this technique is very similar to scrapbooking.

    Despite the fact that the word "kardmeyking" like with the English language, card making with their hands technique originated in ancient China. In 1400 the first card came to Europe and became very popular. Until the mid-nineteenth century, people in all parts of Europe congratulated each other on holidays is homemade postcards. Then there were various printing devices, but the postcard, hand made, remain the most memorable gift.

    1. The most basic material - this paper. For the manufacture of cards can be used as white and colored cardboard, colored paper and foil. In stores today presented a huge range of special paper and cardboard for kardmeykinga. It can be not only color, but also with a pattern. Also, there is the paper with a glossy and a matte finish. Some elements for card making can be cut from corrugated paper, velvet, neon.

    2. Knife for cutting paper, scissors, shaped scissors. In kardmeykinge used as ordinary scissors, and with curly edges in the form of snakes, wavy lines, cloves, zigzags.

    3. A variety of decorative elements. This includes rhinestones, beads, sequins, sequins, buttons, a blank for the manufacture of colors and more. Today, very often in the natural materials are used as decoration of the postcards: cereals, coffee, sticks, dried flowers and leaves.

    4. Glue. You can use a glue stick, PVA.

    5. Double-sided tape. It is very convenient for the decor. It eliminates the hassles such as traces of glue and spreading the adhesive.

    6. Shaped hole punch. It allows you to make beautiful region, as well as blanks for small flowers, petals, twigs, stars, hearts, and other elements.

    14. Dies of with inscriptions (rubber, glass, silicone) and stamping ink.

    What styles are used in kardmeykinge?

    Production of postcards with their own hands is to use a variety of stylistic trends:

    * Vintage - a kind of retro-style. The word "vintage" is of French origin and means "well-aged wine." Cards made in this style, different shades of faded, and various decorative elements associated with the past, that is decorated with antique postcards.

    * grunge - different creative freedom without any restrictions and limits. Cards made in this style can be worn elements, ragged edges, may be frayed and dirty, the color is usually dominated by dark gray, black, brown. Style "grunge" is well suited in the manufacture of cards for men.

    * Mini-Card . It is characterized by simplicity of execution and is used as a supplement to a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.

    * American modern style - is a classic. It is characterized by the use of a large number of accessories and jewelry. He is the most easy to use. The main difference of this style - the abundance of decorative materials, which are central to the composition.

    * European style . It characterized by restraint, austerity, brevity. It uses a minimum of colors and scenery, crisp lines, a single font, "squareness" of the elements and a simple graphical approach. The postcards European style there is nothing superfluous.

    * composite style . It allows you to mix different trends, styles, techniques, materials, textures and finishes.

    Of course, this is not all the styles that are used in kardmeykinge, but the most popular.

    The following techniques are considered to be the most popular:

    * Quilling - this is the art of making applications from twisted into spiral strips of paper. Using this technique you can make unusual colors, different shaped elements, petals, and more.

    * Origami - a kind of arts and crafts, the ancient art of folding figures from paper.

    * Dudling - drawing by using simple elements, it means - mechanic pattern (used as spirals, stitches, dots, flowers).

    * Embroidery - often used as an additional decoration may be performed in any technique (beads, satin, cross, ribbons).

    * Rop-up - three-dimensional images of the paper for the manufacture of bulk cards.

    * Scrapbooking - this technique makes it possible to dream and use a variety of materials in the production of cards. The only card differs from the album scrapbook page - is that on the cards, as a rule, do not place personal photos, but pictures and clippings - please.

    * Decoupage - the use of different paper-cut motifs: finished postcards, newspapers, magazines, special cards for decoupage.

    * Collage - This application of different in texture and objects, but skomponirovannyh in the same colors and style themes.

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    Kardmeyking-a word hard. Interesting cards manufacturing technology. History also liked.

    manufacturing examples postcards Very unusual and beautiful. Thanks Lena. I am pleased to read the article. Tweet.

    Please, Olga. And you still try to create something. Very beautiful and unusual turns.

    Wow. So much information in one place. I take into service, because what is done with their own hands is priceless!

    How beautiful, especially I liked the vintage. And it is written in detail - thanks for the info.

    Very beautiful cards obtained !! All look at this kind of creativity with a touch of envy, and do not even know how to approach it, as many different things you need to create at least one card.

    And we have in the stores there are special sets that are equipped with everything you need to create a specific card. Well come to the rescue. No need to pre-think over everything for making greeting cards with your own hands is better to buy.

    When you have a minute of free time, I am pleased to be dipped into the world of cardmaking Such cards - a great addition to a memorable gift. And some do may act as an independent gift ...

    Yes, Lyudmila, You are very creative person, and this technique makes it possible to run wild imagination.

    Receive a gift card this is very nice. but will have to work hard and that it turned out so beautiful.

    Great work. I liked the European style, really neat.

    Thank you for the introduction to such a variety of ways of manufacturing cards. Some even had no idea.