Sink food chopper

During cooking, usually produces a lot of food waste. Remains have to throw in the trash. Recent developments help in such cases to get rid of any waste by using their crushing and dropping of the drain. The device used for this is called dispouzerom. This shredder food waste basin is treated with cooked and raw vegetables and fruits, small bones, pasta and other food residue.

Varieties of food waste grinders

Shredder waste may be electrical. It should include, as appropriate, it does not have knives, hammers garbage processing involved. Select grinder for kitchen electrical, not mechanical, is better due to the absence of knives. The device is safe to use. waste shredder basin there are still mechanical. Such device operates by water which is supplied under pressure and rotates the blades, grinding debris. Mechanical products thus may be: Batch and continuous-feed. When grinding with continuous-feed:

  • we just have to turn on the water;
  • turn on the instrument;
  • collect all waste from the washing;
  • download cleaning;
  • wait a bit and turn the unit off;
  • After just let the water run to wash away all the remnants recycled through the sewers, and close the valve.

Portion grinder sink garbage works differently: first load of the waste, and then turn on the mechanism. In such models is very important volume of the oven - it is larger than, the more at a time he would be able to recycle residues. For a family of three is perfect shredder for shells with a volume of 0.9 liters.

To understand how the device will help guide. Working kitchen chopper simple:

  1. First you must open the cold water.
  2. Next, turn on the device itself.
  3. After this reset the sink food waste and trash. Start recycling.
  4. dispouzera camera has a centrifugal force that makes objects that have fallen into the device, distributed along the walls.
  5. The grinding chamber, depending on the type of product, equipped with cams or blades, which convert waste into a homogeneous mass.
  6. At the end of the work, let the water drain and rinse the resulting waste residues.
  7. Turn off the appliance and water.

How to choose a shredder for the kitchen sink

It is best to get a chopper in the sink with a high capacity so that it accurately cope with different type of waste. The lower boundary in this figure - 550 watts. This device is ideal for a family of 4 people. Powerful device, for example, 1300 W, grind large bones and nuts. It is an industrial shredder waste food, he has a big cost, so often it is bought for restaurants and cafes. Other highlights:

  • In the apparatus must be high speed. If it is a mechanical device, this parameter will depend on the water pressure. Electrical products may have up to 1,400 revolutions per minute. The higher the speed, the more waste dispouzer recycled.
  • crushing chamber in the device must be large, but in moderation - to be placed under the sink.
  • An ideal variant is not susceptible to corrosion, it is dispouzer stainless steel. There is also a product with a special coating, which are able to operate in even the harshest conditions.
  • It is necessary to have dispouzera had the opportunity to select multiple speeds and increased insulation.
  • The device has to be reverse rotation and automatic overload protection.

Today, shredders produce such well-known firms like Whirlpool and Bosch-Siemens. In addition, it has become very popular dispouzery Bonecrusher. They are designed for residential use. Such devices are perfectly cope with the processing of any waste, freeing up your kitchen from the wet bin and odors. Bone Crusher made of special durable plastic working and internal - of metal. Products equipped with a special button to turn on, which is set on the kitchen table.

In St. Petersburg, you can buy a shredder InSinkErator food waste basin. This model does not require complicated connections, as it works on the hydraulic drive. The unit switches easily, just by clicking a button, and it turns off when it is released. The waste is ground and removed from the sewage flow together with the water. Fine grinding, so any blockages eliminated and you will not have to repair the pipe. In addition, the automatic reversal in the device In Sink Erator, will clean their own jam.

Another popular Franke shredder is ideal for sinks with drain holes with a diameter of 3.5. This device works on a simple socket 220 possesses an induction motor. This kitchen appliance basin runs quietly because it is equipped with noise reduction. Moreover, the device through the pneumatic system is able to operate in an automatic mode - grind scum as they arrive.

Detailed instructions on how to install a food waste grinder for sinks, should be packaged to each model. You must follow the step by step guidelines clearly set out in this document. If you do not have basic electrical and plumbing skills, it is better not to undertake installation of equipment, and to entrust the work of a specialist. If you are fully confident in their abilities, it should be all the operations in the following order (a more detailed video instruction is at the end of the article):

  • you first need to disconnect the drain pipe from the sink drain and clean all the parts;
  • Further it is necessary to put the rubber gasket from the unit under the sink flange;
  • via parts bundled, connect the mounting bracket dispouzera with sink;
  • then connect the device to the mount;
  • to connect the product to the sewer, connect the drain pipe to the exchanger may thus require additional plastic adapters that are set in either the sanitary;
  • the other end of the drain pipe to connect the existing sewage;
  • to connect electricity, perform the installation of a separate switch, and additional wiring.

Always in the use of the chopper, the first and the last turn on the water. Keep this in mind and follow the instructions:

  • Before using, remove the lid-lock or a strainer basket from the drain holes. Open water.
  • Turn yourself dispouzer.
  • Download the garbage or food waste in the sink hole.
  • Leave the appliance running as long as there is no sound of a motor, and the current of the tap water can be heard.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Leave water turned on 20 seconds after crushing closure to flush the chamber.
  • The appliance must work only under strong pressure water jet.
  • You should not grind sinewy products, bone peach, nut shells, husks of onions
  • Do not throw cellophane, twist, polyethylene. It is forbidden to grind paper, hair, textiles. Contraindicated device wood, glass, stone.
  • You can not allow children to send their own waste.
  • It is not recommended during the grinding pour hot water and fat.

Katya, 30 years old: We installer shredder waste two years ago. Previously I thought it was a waste of money. I do not know how to live without it. During this time, the device has never failed us. All waste, and it is the skins of fruits and peels from citrus fruits, grinds it regularly. The unpretentious care - I'm just a little longer open water after grinding.

Lena, 45 years old: I do not like being in the sink accumulated a large number of cleanings of carrots, beets, potatoes, soup or when varish doing vegetable salad. Rake them I also do not like. So we decided with her husband to buy a shredder. We have a family of 4, the device took power at 550 watts. We have enough. All skins are ground, and I do not spend time on the shifting them in the trash.

Maria, 27 years old: it is believed that the chopper to sink - is a luxury, and set him only those who once again did not want to take out the garbage. But after I had children, I became a lot of cooking. Therefore, in the sink began to accumulate a huge amount of waste: cleaning, peel from the fruit, seeds. You should have time to remove it all. Dispouzer had to buy what I am now very happy.

Crushers of food waste basin: an overview of types, connection, repair

Crushers of food waste for sink, though gaining popularity, but still are not indispensable attribute of the kitchen. With this apparatus can reduce the amount of dry debris, sending all food residues in the sink. At the same time there will be no unpleasant odors, crumbs that might attract cockroaches. But is it worth such a device is quite expensive, so the choice dispouzera must be approached responsibly.

Before you make a choice, it is required to determine which device is needed in the kitchen. Everything will depend on the operating principle on which dispouzery divided into electrical and mechanical. Recent work on the water, which affects the pressure of a certain number of knives. They contribute to the refinement of garbage that is sent after the sewer system. Mechanical crushers food waste sink can be called entirely safe, since the blades are at a certain distance from the pouring hole.

With regard to electric chopper, it works on a different principle: it will include where necessary. Inside the device there is no knives, and garbage is ground with special hammers. For the reason that there is no blade, no risk of injury. The only drawback is the rather high noise level. Among other things, such devices are inferior in mechanical efficiency analogues. It is expressed in the fact that not all the food waste can be recycled.

If you are interested in food waste shredders basin, after the acquisition, it makes sense to save, trying to make the installation of the device yourself. These operations are carried out in several stages, it acts as a first water must disconnect and detach the sewage system from the shell. Rubber gasket will need to be positioned on the flange, and then connect the fixing of a new device to the sink, disabling the device itself.

When installed shredders food waste basin, one end of the drain pipe to be connected to dispouzeru, while the second - to a sewage pipe. Electrical cord should hold on to the wall outlet, the latter must necessarily be grounded. It is important to look before working in the equipment passport, as some manufacturers recommend the installation using a separate line. At the final stage of testing devices can be made, including cold water and having involved button "Pusk9raquo ;. By placing the sink food waste, you can make sure that the device is working properly.

Members argue that some models for sale, deprived of a separate switch. They work on the principle of a batch download. Once the tank is filled with the waste would need to turn the filler cap. It is inserted into the drain in the sink, and performs the function of the switch. As pointed out by buyers, if you are not satisfied with this dispouzera design, it is important to pay particular attention to the acquisition on functionality.

If you decide to purchase a shredder the food waste to the sink, which reviews mostly positive, it should be remembered that, whatever it may be, can not be one hundred percent probability to exclude the possibility of breakage. If you still need to remove the device, the repair must begin with a visual inspection, for which the equipment is disconnected from the network. After that, the master recommended to use a flashlight to look inside the process chamber. Rubber petals while folded hand.

If a visual inspection is not possible to obtain results, it is necessary to use a special socket pin to be inserted into the opening of the appropriate form, which is located under the bottom of the engine compartment. Find the item you will be able in the central part of the body. Master should try to turn the shaft, then you can try to include a chopper, while there is a chance that the operation will be restored.

Nuances repairs

Interested Chopper food waste to sink? How to choose a device right? First of all, you need to decide whether you are ready for the fact that electricity bills will increase. If not, it is best to choose a mechanical model.

As if suddenly deteriorated electric dispouzer - its engine does not move when you press the "Pusk9raquo ;, a button - it is important to pay attention to what should be heard buzzing light, which indicates the movement of the current windings. There is no sound indicating that inside there is a protection against overload. We can talk about overheating. The master can check the integrity of the thermal fuse tester. If the disc is jammed, the appliance should be turned off, otherwise the heating coil will be so strong that the equipment has been finally fails.

If broken shredder food waste sink, repair it can, of course, to produce their own, without resorting to a service workshop. For example, checking seals and sealing can be carried out by each user, but this will have to disassemble the cabinet.

In addition, it is worth remembering that operate the equipment without seals is unacceptable. Water can be inside that will cause a short circuit. In that case, experts advise to connect dispouzery with a differential protection device. the leakage current will increase, causing activation of the mechanism. From the negative effects will save the usual traffic jams on the dashboard or Thermal Cutoffs. Among other things, the differential protection device will provide additional assurance that no one will be struck by the current.

Overview of the food chopper brand Hankel FCB 901D

This shredder food waste basin, whose price is $ 190, has a diameter of 159 millimeters. The apparatus is provided with a pressure switch, and as the grinding chamber the material acts stainless steel. The engine is capable of a maximum number of revolutions, which is 3,300 per minute. Power equipment is equivalent to 750 watts. The advantage is the possibility of continuous loading of food waste.

Reviews of dispouzere Weissgauff ISE660

If you decide to choose electric shredder food waste basin, where the connection is carried out according to the principle described above, it may be preferable to the aforementioned model. Buyers say that this product has an average value, which is equal to 219 dollars. All other features are successfully combined with an affordable price. The volume of the crushing chamber is 0.6 liters, and here the diameter of the device is 121 millimeter. Consumers choose the model also for the reason that it enables continuous loading garbage.

How to choose a shredder the food waste: 5 types

Chopper food waste is a practical and useful device for the kitchen today is not food waste grinder is very popular among consumers. But not because he was not effective, but rather because of its high cost. Such a device facilitates the processing of food waste, which ultimately reduces the amount of debris. Leftovers can be thrown into the sink and not have to worry about what it is clogged. All waste is processed finely without leaving behind unpleasant odors.

How does the shredder waste

The greatest advantage of the shredder wastes - the presence of a garbage can in the kitchen becomes completely optional. Such a device is environmentally friendly and allows you to sort the waste properly. With shredder you can forget about the leaking garbage bags, unpleasant and unsightly spots on the floor.

Simply pressing a button grinding device allows a moment to get rid of several problems - the accumulation of rubbish and attracting cockroaches.

Before attempting to operate the shredder waste, should read the instructions

Choppers waste or dispouzery hygienic. With their help, food leftovers are recycled so that bacteria and fungi are just not there. Some will be surprised, because dispouzer can cope with the processing of not only residues from fruit and vegetables, but also help get rid of the fish, meat and bones.

  • To the drain hole in the shell is attached to the disk, which crushes the pre waste.
  • The centrifugal force helps to push the waste reservoir for further grinding.
  • Ring grater recycles wastes, converting them into a mush, which is further washed into the sewer pipe.

Modern dispouzery safe to use. For safety reasons, the developers made it so that if the chopper hits a foreign object, such as a fork, he immediately stops working. Install such a device can be yourself, read the instructions and advice of experts.

How to choose a shredder the food waste to the sink

Of course, the effectiveness of the chopper depends on its quality. Modern manufacturers offer a large number of users attention dispouzerov models. But not all of them have a high capacity. It is the engine power level depends on the quality of waste grinding.

Best of all, if the device for grinding a large size and volume of a tank - at one time he would be able to process large amounts of waste.

The choice of the scope and size of the device depends on how many people live in the apartment and how often they engaged in cooking. When selecting the instrument should pay attention to security - the instrument must stop when exceeding the degree of stress. Dispouzer kitchen can be equipped with additional functions, such as additional coating system to prevent the penetration of odors from the sewer pipes.

Choose a shredder for food waste should be based on the amount of food that you are going to grind daily

  1. Mechanical. Working knives motion causes the water flow. They are carefully processed waste into small pieces that are sent to the drain. Flowing safe to use - the knives are located far enough away from the sink.
  2. Electric. Work begins only the toga, when it is included. Dispouzer works not at odds, but on special hammer that crushed products. The mechanism works quite noisy, and are not able to cope with all types of waste.

When you select the device you should pay attention to such things: power, mechanism, container for garbage collection. It is very important not to stop your choice on the cheap mechanisms, as they can not recycle all the garbage that can lead to clog and foul odor. Product selection will vary depending on the type of the chopper and the power of its mechanism.

What to look for: how to choose a shredder

In the domestic market there are not such a big amount dispouzerov. So they often have to make a choice on their own, without the help of a specialist. Well can understand the varieties dispouzerov sales professionals sinks, plumbing fixtures and sellers of household appliances.

For a family of four people fit dispouzer power of 550 watts, while coping with all kinds of garbage they can not.

Dipouzery kitchen with a capacity of 1300 W and more can process hard bones and nut shells. But such devices are very expensive. Before buying you should pay attention to the type of washing and its size to match her size dispouzera.

When choosing a shredder is worth studying its characteristics and quality of the materials from which it is made

  • Power. The higher the power, the better job the chopper.
  • Rotational speed. Dispouzerov mechanical activity depends on the water pressure.
  • Dimensions of the crushing chamber. Large shredder can be operated at full capacity, but under the sink should be enough space for it.
  • Materials of parts. They should be made of stainless steel. Special anti-corrosion coating will contribute to the work in harsh environments.

Additional features allow you to enjoy the benefits of high-quality dispouzera. Flowing may differ increased sound insulation, with automatic protection against overloads, reverse run, the presence of several speeds, power drain flange. At the time of purchase should also read the instructions for use dispouzera.

Rating dispouzerov: which is better

Choppers - a device for the processing of food waste, which can not operate without water. From choosing dispouzera and its quality depends not only on the degree of processing of products, but also the absence of unpleasant odors from the drain. Normally apparatus grinds the waste within only a few minutes.

The rate of processing waste dispouzera depends on the power and the amount and type of waste.

Use the shredder is very simple. Before use, you need to turn on the water: the water pressure should be quite strong. Waste izmilchitel loaded after the first turn. After processing, you need to remember to turn off the unit. Water was turned off after ten seconds.

When buying dispouzera specific manufacturer should pre-read reviews about it on the Internet

waste shredders Kitchen - devices that allow to process the mountains of rubbish, save time and take care of nature. Dispouzerami can use on a daily basis. Dispouzery can be installed on a kitchen cabinet or in the sink. Modern kitchen should always be equipped with a new generation of devices. It is important to know that they are safe to use.

How does food waste shredder (video)

Mass introduction of devices for processing of food waste in our country began not so long ago, although they were invented in the last century. Today, let use dispouzerami can not all - they are quite expensive. But the purchase of such a device is worth the money paid for it. Devices are compact devices that are mounted to the sink or cabinet. Using the product is completely safe, as foreign objects, dispouzer immediately stops working. Buy better appliances with high power - they can process different types of waste.