Baby bed Ikea

Choice of bed for a child - it's a big event in the life of almost every family. There are many different types of beds are Ikea and popular models. In today's world, manufacturers have invented such models, which are able to "grow" with the child. Also not uncommon are the beds, which can be a living room and a desk. To make it easier to understand all this diversity, it is necessary to know about the most frequently purchased models.

criteria - a single bed, which is ideal for a child under the age of 8 years. They come with decorations in the form of puppies, kittens or lambs at the bedside. This furniture is completely made of real wood. It will not work in the event that you need to buy a baby bed with room for growth.

Minnen - one of the most popular beds in the Ikea store. It's made of metal, it can be in black or white, is easy to use and durable, its length can be changed. The downside is that it is made of metal, and it may be cold.

Sundvik - This model is made of wood with a core of pine trees, the back is made of MDF, covered with foil. Furniture is white and grayish-brown color. At berth universal design - can go to almost any interior. If necessary, you can change its length. Minor flaw is the presence of a film on the back - it may eventually come unstuck and look ugly.

Leksvik - classical model of furniture in Ikea. Made of wood, the length can be changed. Of course, this durable furniture, but it is very solid, which often deters parents. This model bed is perfect to both boys and girls.

Gulliver -. Cot, which is suitable for a child growing up to 165 cm It is made of solid birch. There is a special protective rim, which can be removed in case of uselessness. Such furniture is no problem to go and girls and boys.

SNIGLAR - simple furniture for children of preschool age or a little older. Made of solid beech wood, backrest made of fiberboard. There is a side length of 90 cm, which can be installed with either side of the bed.

Stuva - a bed that has a loft and staircase. It shall be accompanied rack or cabinet. And at the bottom there is a handy table with drawer, which can be folded books or notebooks.

This model can be made in white, beige, blue, pink, green and black colors, there is even a model with lambs. Wardrobe and bedside tables can be supplemented with drawers or doors. A significant drawback of this model - that's what it is made of chipboard and fiberboard.

HEMNES - very famous furniture from a range of beds Ikea, which has three drawers. It is available only in white color. Plus, this bed are: good design, which is suitable for any room, the use in the production of environmentally friendly materials, long-term use. Plus, in addition to sites for storage, there is also an additional withdrawable tier.

This single bed can easily become a double. In addition, if necessary, it is possible to use the furniture as a sofa where you can sit with your friends. The biggest drawback is the relatively high cost of the berth.

This bed is perfect for both boys and for girls up to 3 years. Its advantage lies in the fact that on the "ground floor" you can make a mini-living room or a creative zone for children. This bed is perfect in those apartments, where space is limited.

Suitable not only for children but also for adults. Unconditional advantage is that when assembled it takes up little space and serves as an additional place to sit. A wide variety of styles and colors.

Pull-out bed for two children

This model is suitable for a family in which two small children. It has two beds, low, which allows kids with no problems at her climb. The lower bunk can be completely pull out and used as a separate bed.

These models are made so that they are able to "grow" in length with the child. Because of its ability that they can be called durable. Until bed time to change the child, a new buy is not necessary.

The box can be located anywhere: as a rule, in a wooden bed under the mattress is always a place to store things, manufacturers often make the drawers. The loft bed sometimes provide for a cabinet or table, which also allows you to store a lot of things there.

The length of the bed over 160 cm models can be made of wood or metal, double or single, self-colored or colored, with some specific design - As you wish. Teenager.

Usually this age use furniture with a side or wall to prevent the fall of the baby. These beds can be low, so that the kids could climb on their own.

And, of course, you can select the bed for girls and boys to bed. The differences will be in the colors, decorations and design. As a rule, girls used pink color with different princesses and dolls, and boys blue with cars and superheroes.

size bed for child 5-10 years old is usually 70 cm (width) and 130-160 cm (length). For a child 11 years or more is considered to be the standard size of 90 cm (width) and 180 cm (length). However, many parents purchase bed size 90 cm (width) and 200 (length).

The material from which today makes Ikea children's furniture, can be different. This array of different trees, and iron, often make beds from chipboard and MDF, there are even forged model.

Furniture from MDF and particleboard are always quite short period of time: after a while this bed will no longer be beautiful or even break. It is believed that the furniture is made from these materials are durable and can withstand the weight rather big. Unfortunately, not always the case. The use of low-quality materials for the production of MDF and chipboard lead to unreliability bed.

Such beds or any other furniture beautiful. Furniture MDF may be coated with different colors, while similar to wood, metal or any other material.

There is an erroneous assumption that the construction of particleboard and MDF may have a negative effect on the internal organs. This is not the case, all products are thoroughly tested for environmental friendliness.

Wooden furniture - a real classic. It looks solemnly. This bed looks great in any environment, it becomes its foundation, the rest of the furniture is selected under the bed. These beds will suit both girls and boys as a small child and an adult.

Color bed of the arrays can only be wood.

Wooden beds most comfortable and durable in use. They simply have no equal in this. The only trouble may be a wood beetle, which is able to "eat" the furniture for two years. To avoid this, you need to constantly monitor the status of a berth.

Iron and wrought iron beds - is a rarity. They look cool, in operation, they are very reliable and can serve for a long time.

Now Ikea exists a large variety of colors in which the beds can be painted. Of course, we should not forget that wooden furniture can only be a wood tones. One of the most popular colors among the furniture of particle board is white. Of course, the choice of color will be engaged in the child or his parents himself.

Of course, the selection of children's bed - this is a very serious matter, and refers to it should be with due care. Picking up bed for a child, parents are guided, as a rule, the wishes of his child. However, if the child is still small, the adults are choosing furniture for the following criteria: ease of use, material and price.

The simplicity in the choice of bed and takes the last place. It is very important that the furniture was comfortable for the child and does not hinder its movement. And for this it is necessary to choose correctly. Baby bed Ikea able to adapt to the growth of the child, and it is really like both parents and children.

According to user reviews, most often parents buy wooden beds for their children. This is understandable - the wood furniture is the most reliable to use and versatile. Typically, the entire interior of a room built around a bed. And, of course, a bed made of wood sets its tone.

A positive aspect of the children's parents are sleeping places referred to their price, "breathable" material, ease of use.

Furniture made of metal are also parents are willing to buy for their children. Judging by the reviews, the main advantage of such beds is an easy to assemble, to carry, reasonable price and the ability to withstand the weight of not only children but also, for example, my mother.

If you buy furniture for a small child, the parents take such models, which are always present in the bumpers. They are able to protect the child from falling. And in the case of uselessness, bumpers can be easily removed.

Choosing children's bed - it's not an easy task. But the main thing here, of course, is the convenience and safety of the child. Therefore, parents should a serious approach to the selection of furniture for your child.

An excellent complement to the interior, or even a major part of his child's bed can be a model Sundvik of the Ikea store. This bed made of pine and MDF, and made in white, will make the room light and airy. It does not take up much space, it can be placed near a wall, window or the middle of the room, fenced off with the air tulle, baby to be comfortable.

Children Minnen bed model is most popular in the range of Ikea beds. It attracts by its appearance. In the room in white and light colors, this furniture is very appropriate. Of course, if the bed is purchased for the boy, it is better to choose black.

Critter - a perfect bed for children up to eight years. Being made of pine, it fits perfectly into the interior of a child's room. The white color of the furniture is versatile and suitable for any design of the nursery.

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IKEA children's beds (70 photos cots from IKEA in the interior)

For those who want a child an unusual nursery today a lot of tips and attractive offers. What was once just a dream, now being implemented. The emergence of the most unimaginable ideas and seemingly fabulous for designers and planners only incentive to active creative work.

Bed in the nursery - not an addition. This recreation area, recreation, tradition dreams. Experts of the company Ikea is a dream. That what proposals there are for children as they flow into the interior of the premises, presented in a fresh directory cots from IKEA. We consider in this paper some of them.

Review of popular children's beds IKEA

Possible models is really a lot. Let us consider the most interesting among them Critter model Minnen, Currat, HEMNES, Mead Sverta. In the photo cots from IKEA, you can see examples of described models.

Critter - designed for up to eight years. There are white with sheep at the head; pokrytyya varnish (without pre-painting) with the decor as puppies and kittens at the head.

Advantage - natural wood, a beautiful, but not suitable for an adult child.

  • Universal bed can be bought at different ages, as they can be moved apart to 207 cm.

    Minnen - the most popular in Ikea. It is made of metal, painted in white and black. The side parts are decorated with elements imitating the sun's rays. She is a beautiful, light, length varies, durable, does not create any inconvenience during harvesting.

    Sundvik - wooden models the basis of pine, back of the MDF, which is covered with a film. Sometimes white and gray with brown. It's light, the length varies, but over time the film is damaged.

  • Leksvik - classic wooden bed, the length is adjustable. Of course it is durable, but solid.

    HEMNES - the most demanded versatile option. She is a good length, comfortable, has 3 drawers for clothes. White color. The bed of a natural material, there are separate boxes, further spread apart on one berth. Only cost her much and there is no protection from falling out.

    Flux - 2 bed linen with drawers or with one additional bed. Its cost is reasonable, it is functional, the design is suitable for girls and boys of different age categories. According to the customer model could be supplemented by shelves and headboard. Due to lack of material chipboard and fiberboard, and the lack of protection from falling out.

  • Brimnes - bed with two drawers, with protection against loss, but low. Pros: nice inexpensive couch for eight years of age and older children.

    Freestyle - sided original model. it is

    • single-tiered;
    • bunk;
    • attic.

    you can order such a bed for girls and for boys. Will be different color canopy (pink or blue). The height of the bed can be reduced to 116 cm. This creates a comfort during the change of bed linen. Well, that wooden bed, you can sleep at the top and at the bottom, height adjustable. Too bad that the bumpers of fiberboard, the design is simple-minded, but it gives an opportunity to show their creativity. Children's beds IKEA truly can show itself in the original design decisions.

    Can still be viewed on our website Kitchen Ikea catalog from 2016.

    Sverta - bed of metal. Made in silver and white. It's light, easy to move and does not create difficulties when cleaning. Interesting design allows not sleep the second floor, and the first to equip the table or put a small sofa, arrange a play corner.

    Stuva - loft bed with stairs and to the right. It is supplemented by the cabinet or rack, and on the first floor there is a small table with a bedside table. Such a model can be selected in several colors: beige, blue or pink, black or white, green. Tables and wardrobe doors can be supplemented, drawers, change the location. Lack - material (chipboard and fiberboard).

    Sture - queen-size loft bed, white, wooden. It is wide, 153 cm. Place it under many, it allows you to place as a recreational area and a training area. Of course, this requires a bed space.

    Sverta - a metal bed in white or gray. It is comfortable, will delight the owners for a long time, and an additional advantage - the presence of a third pull-out bed for guests or third child.

    Mead - not expensive wooden bed, covered only with varnish. If desired, it can be easily repaint a desired color. The photo collection is and painted Mead.

    Tuffing - metal version of the bed with a ladder in the middle. It is only the silver. Its height is small - 130 cm, which is useful for rooms with low or sloping ceilings, and for a change of underwear. It has a protective board, but it is lined with cloth, it may be damaged. On the downside, and accommodation ladders, which makes it difficult to place on the ground floor.

    Nordahl - wooden beds, dark brown tone. bunk bed design allows it to decompose into two. Underestimate the assessment of quality of the model side parts, which are made of MDF covered with foil.

    10 tips for choosing the child's Ikea bed

    1. Choose white furniture, which visually conceals the area and is suitable for any gender of the child and at any age.

    2. Metal Beds are good at cleaning and light.

    3. Consider the size of the bed, it is better to choose longer.

    4. Sliding bed - suitable if you have 2 children, as the design will be the same size and each is also adjusted.

    5. For small rooms need a compact and able to accommodate children's clothes. Bunk options, sliding, with shelves - these options will do.

    6. Bed sleeper at the top allows you to roam imagination and equip the space of the first floor on your own.

    7. Remember that sleep on the top floor is dangerous for the child. Keep this in mind if it is small, spinning in a dream or too emotional and can often fall. On the stairs, too, need to descend gently.

    Nightlight in the nursery - irreplaceable thing, especially if the baby is sleeping at the top.

    8. Not only need to choose a good bed, take care of the mattress and that all of their advantages should be thin so as not to shut the safety board.

    9. Do not be afraid to experiment with furniture Ikea. It is easily recolored, modified in tents, cabins, buses, locks. It can be moved without problems. Include a fantasy, because childhood happens once.

    10. A good idea is to store things and create comfort - pockets. They put all the necessary things and not so. Canopies, misigi, canopies - it's not just design elements, but also functional and sometimes protective elements. Containers, boxes - the necessary items for storage of children's details.

    Pick and choose the best option but get together with your baby!

    Children's IKEA bed

    The appearance of the newborn's parents are prepared especially: pick up in the nursery furniture, toys and textiles. The first cot or children's bed has a special role in a child's life, because in them he spends much of the time. The Swedish company IKEA is suitable for the production of the group of goods professionally, taking into account the children's features and offers a wide range of high quality.

    IKEA story began in 1943, when Ingvar Kamprad registered firm. The name was derived from the initials of the founder and the first letters of the villages and farms, where passed his childhood and initial development received from the sale of jewelry and picture frames. In 1945 appeared the first IKEA advertisements in newspapers, on wagons, carrying milk, was also organized delivery to customers, including postage. Three years later came the furniture local production in the IKEA range. The company's first catalog, a well-known today, was released in 1951 and it was the beginning of international trade. To bring the buyer to the functionality and quality of the goods, Ingvar Kamprad in 1953 in Sweden opens a permanent exhibition hall furniture with the possibility of purchasing it, which gave positive results. Develop your own design and user-friendly packaging for transportation, the idea of ​​self-assembly buyers grew into the concept of IKEA. Thanks to such values ​​as love of home life and change it for the better, the IKEA company now has 340 stores in more than 28 countries around the world.

    Features and benefits of products

    House - this is the most comfortable place, the comfort zone for all of us. Proper combination of quality, function, shape, reasonable price, are easy democratic product. IKEA is constantly working on the availability of home improvement for everyone. All products from the company manufactures recyclable or renewable materials, which is indicative of the quality and environmental performance. Fifty percent of the wood used for products - certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures the protection of people's ecosystems, eliminates the use of wood from the forest zones of conflict or obtained illegally.

    Today in the manufacture of many kinds of strong, fast growing, easy care, bamboo. Also used wood-plastic composite composed of wood fibers and polypropylene plastic products which are durable and cheap. For baskets and handmade items taken water hyacinth. Using this material, the IKEA helps cleanse the water resources in Southeast Asia, bringing this benefit nature. Cotton, for industries, grows in the fields of India and Pakistan, is grown using a minimum of water and chemicals.

    Len from regions with a cool climate almost not treated with harmful drugs and grows without irrigation. Thanks to this flax fibers are durable, durable, pleasant to the touch, there are eco-friendly. IKEA is constantly working to improve the standard of living elements, such as the organization of living space, simple and affordable storage system with which is easier to organize the order in the room. Families with children will also find a group of products will be able to organize and make their lives easier, to embody ideas in a fabulous children's bedroom design. The main element of children's furniture for rest and recovery - bed.

    IKEA sets the basic concept of a vector in the development of children's furniture that provides comfort and convenience, safety in use. Since the birth of the child, the house acts as a platform of the world of knowledge, education, perception of himself by the furniture and the surrounding things. IKEA is a large range of beds: 3 years and up to adolescence.

    Sundvik - one of their varieties, made of pine, treated with stain and clear acrylic lacquer, with the back of the MDF with film finish. Such models can be seen in the gray-brown and white tones, with a sliding mechanism to adjust the length.

    Leksvik - classic wooden bed made of solid pine, long life. The bottom is provided layered birch or beech slats line Lura, with the ability to adapt to the weight of the body and improve the elasticity of the mattress. You can find models with a variety of designs in the design. Kritter - bed for children, designed for children up to eight years old, made of wood (pine), in a pretty white or unpainted natural color. The figures at the head, in the form of figurines sheep, cats or dogs, add playfulness and happiness in the interior of a child's room.

    Versatile and popular option at IKEA is a steel Minnen bed with rounded edges, propylene safer legs. Today it is available in an updated design, adjustable in length, can be in black and brown and white. Finishing side walls in the form of sunlight, the room will add beauty and elegance.

    Kura is a double-sided version, with the possibility to sleep on the top or bottom of the rollover bed. Older children enjoy a rest at the top of the attic, which provides low security fence. The whole structure and the bottom rail are made of solid pine and coated with acrylic lacquer. The design is easy to assemble, if you want to have the opportunity to complement the bed canopy. Interior decision on the arrangement at the bottom of the playing area to make room for other hobbies.

    Sniglar bed is made from solid beech wood, it has a protective rim, fastening on either side. Comfortable bottom of multilayer birch slats positive effect on air circulation. In view - is very simple, in natural colors, easy to assemble, the backrest are made of fiberboard, but the quality and strength it is comparable to more expensive and massive model.

    HEMNES - sleeper good length, suitable to different age categories, strong, with drawers for clothes, at the expense of which may turn out withdrawable bed for two. Model Gulliver limiters provided on three sides. Comfortable, convenient height of the legs, the child without the help of adults to easily peel off and climb into bed. Solid birch pleasant to use, with no rough edges processed white stain, easily washed off the inscription pencils and felt-tip pens.

    Today's popular compact IKEA furniture, convertible into bed. Armchair - bed suitable for a child's room. Developed three kinds of chairs with sleeping differing functionality, convenience, aesthetics, reliability mechanisms.

    • Lycksele has a frame made of steel, the model without armrests, with rubber legs polyurethane foam mattress, a decorative cover.

    • Ikea PS - rolls easily, by four wheels, an embodiment without armrests, has a steel base, supplemented under back cushion or soft mattresses

    • Härnösand 1 is made of solid pine, supplemented with polypropylene filler cushions. The subject of children's interior can be quite easy chaise lounge with soft bedding. In use, it is resistant, durable, easy to store.

    When picking an interior room for children should take into account the individual characteristics, preferences, baby character. The older the child, the more attentive to this subject should be treated. The design will be more interesting if you add the original color scheme. Joyful colors and reliable IKEA furniture allows you to change the interior, taking into account his or her age.

    Bright and saturated colors of children's furniture, natural, with lambs, sheep or seals has a recognizable style. For recreation rooms IKEA creates a whole series with pink, white, blue, green frames and facades, backs and other parts. All components of the kit are combined with each other, they are easy and interesting to create in the children's cheerful mood and comfort.

    Produce wooden cots made of birch, pine, oak, teak and other wood species, growing in ecologically clean regions. Articles may be formed from an array and veneer covered with acrylic paints, stains, varnish, wax or oil (for long-term use). Some models of cots available iron, metal, fastened by welding or bolts, robust and reliable, coated with an environmentally friendly coating based on epoxy resins. lightweight construction provides a hollow tube, and forged, at the head of bumpers, will decorate any interior nursery. Children's wooden beds companies comply with the regulations of the European Union on chemicals REACH.

    Living space of the child should be safe and reliable. Help achieve this thoughtful limiters, barriers for beds and couches, protect from falling. Especially in need of such protection bunk and loft options. The elements of the safety and convenience are the wheels. They are attached to the furniture, thanks to their units or sections are easily moved and locked, since they are equipped with automatic lock-up at the time of the stop in place.

    Complete rest is not possible without a comfortable mattress that promotes relaxation. Latex filler relieves strain on the muscles, and the possibility of turning his strength and prolong use. The applied air channels in children's mattresses technology, takes care of the normal circulation of air.

    A nice addition would be the comfort bedding and blankets IKEA soft durable cotton fabric that ensures the child comfort and complete rest.

    The presence in the room or on the wall over the bed canopy or canopy will turn it into a cozy place to sleep, playing games or reading books.

    Child's always characterized by mobility and functionality. IKEA developers create furniture with the age and development of children. Ability to transform allow you to change items in the room according to their needs, growing with the child. Beds for babies - 123h60 see, for kids up to 8 years - see 160-70, for teenagers from 8 to 12 years - 208h97 cm, different styles and colors "grow" with the children.

    By choosing cots we make high demands, since children are very active, jumping, playing, thus testing their strength. Because of this, better to choose quality materials and reliable fastening important is the absence of toxic substances in the products they buy. Structurally, the bed should be adjusted, modified and combined with other proposed elements.

    Cots for babies is better to choose low and always with bumpers, keep from falling. From the color palette for both boys and girls suit white furniture: it will refresh and visually enlarge the space. Model sleeper at the top allows to win space for the playing area. Importantly the right approach to the choice of a mattress and thus ensure complete relaxation and rest child.

    The operating principle of the Swedish company IKEA - assembly of purchased goods and furniture yourself. This makes it possible to reduce prices and facilitate the transport of the different countries. Each product is applied step by step description of the assembly process, with black-and-white illustrations and a minimum of explanation.

    IKEA products are delivered in cardboard boxes, sealed with tape. Once opened, it is better to spread out and labeled in accordance with the recommendations. When you make sure that in the box there was nothing left in the well-lit room, you are ready to assemble. The set offers tools, but his screwdriver did not hurt either. If you follow the instructions carefully to carry out all operations, then the assembly will not have obstacles.

    The concept and business idea of ​​the company are to provide comfortable and beautiful home goods with low prices, available to everyone, in the change of daily life for the better. Baby cots are available in various price categories. The minimum cost of waiting parents in infancy, but with age they can grow as needs will be provided new opportunities furniture.

    The cost of wooden models depends on the material used. The bed may be formed from an array of solid or exotic kinds of wood, and can be made of veneer or fiberboard. Backrest made of solid wood durable and more practical than of laminated, coated film, which may be damaged over time. The universal model of bed rates increase individual boxes for clothes, sometimes representing an extra bed. Various our desires in the form of a headboard, stops, shelves or the original design decisions, carry a price increase.

    Interesting solutions in interior design

    When choosing the interior for the child must take into account the peculiarities of its mentality. It differs from an adult. Children themselves feel better in an environment of bright colors, they focus on different catchy shades and tactile sensations. Kids quickly learn in a bright interior, since it is of interest.

    IKEA company uses scientific achievements and embodies them in interior design children's rooms. Colored furniture, curtains, a green and white sails, green tables, pillows of various shapes, colorful door cabinets send children to fantasy, desire to play, explore. These interior components contribute to children's perception.

    Robust furniture, storage, wall shelves and modules enable the child to be happy to spend time in the room. A series of white cabinets with colorful facades of blue, pink and green colors make the space comfortable and harmonious. The natural colors of the furniture and accessories of rich colors create a children's comfort.

    Consumer reviews best reveal the real quality of the goods. According to most parents bed Gulliver is easy to assemble, fits well into the interior, has a stylish design, low and strong grate under the mattress, removable rim. A good estimate of consumers refers to Sundvik model.

    The sleeping area is transformed, just collected, is of high quality fasteners, which are twisted in the grooves, the body itself bed without sharp corners. The cost of such a product pleases all, it is in the middle segment. An overall positive opinion reviews are undertaken by the precautionary and safety measures: from the lack of protruding parts of furniture, to snakes without tabs on the covers of mattresses and pillows.

    Children's interest in the outside world has no boundaries!

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