Induction cooker

What is an induction cooker and how it differs from the usual electric? Modern household induction cooker is designed based on technology originally developed for the industry. Heating is not using conventional heaters, like the well-known appliance, and by induced currents that are generated by the magnetic field of high frequency. Eddy currents are not heated hotplate, and once the bottom of the pot (pot, pans and so on). Step heat transfer from the burner to the heating object is omitted, and thereby achieved a considerable energy saving.

What is the induction cooker, what is its structure? Under cover of heat-resistant glass, on which is directly mounted heatable tableware is disposed magnetic induction coil through which electrical current is passed. The magnetic field generates a current which penetrates the bottom of the vessel and begins to circulate, heating it, and through water or food.

Induction cooker, power consuming less than the traditional, can heat food faster, saving time. the efficiency of her is also higher - 90 per cent against the 60-70-year. Not to mention the gas stove, the efficiency of which is 30 to 60 percent.

not all cookware is suitable for induction cooker. The most effective is one in which the iron content as possible. It does not matter, it is covered by a dielectric base of the pan or not. That is, for such plates suitable conventional cast-iron frying pans and enameled pots, but the use of glassware or dishes made of nonferrous metals will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the plate or even make operation impossible. The stores have a large selection of special dishes for induction cookers.

It is interesting to listen to the owner of the apartment, where the induction cooker is installed. Responses are sometimes diametrically opposed, from enthusiastic to perplexed. Enthusiastic one who fully understand the nuances of the use of new products, and are mostly puzzled those who attentively read the instruction manual. Induction cooker has an interesting feature, without the knowledge of which would be difficult to cook food.

The fact that the bottom of the heated vessel must cover the surface of the induction hotplate on half of the area, or three-quarters, depending on the model. Without this plate simply will not work. If you, for example, put on a plate surface of the knife, nothing happens. There will also be nothing, if you spank on the surface of a piece of meat. Heating will not be as in the meat - not iron, and with the help of an inductive current to heat it is impossible, even if it closes the burner completely Thus, burned about an induction furnace can not be, except that the surface will heat up from the set on her pots.

It would seem - a bang, here it is, the perfect kitchen equipment? Long live the induction cooker, which has no flaws? Of course not. Like any machine, is at the plate, except advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the special requirements of the dishes, they include the inability to reach full capacity during simultaneous operation of all the burners. However, in fairness it should be noted that this disadvantage is not inherent in all models of plates. What else? A small noise due to operation of the cooling system (ventilator) and operating costs plate is significantly higher than that of the gas. And ... Here, perhaps, and all.

Chased induction cookers kitchen equipment other types? Under current Today the situation in this segment of the market - is unlikely. Tomorrow - who knows? Scientific and technological progress does not stand still.

Induction cooktops - advantages and disadvantages

Each kitchen is equipped with an oven, used for cooking. Species such plates today a few. This gas, electric cookers and induction hob. On the advantages and disadvantages of these plates each person is his own opinion. We see and analyze how the induction hob, pros cons of such a device, the features of its operation in a conventional kitchen.

To understand the difference in the operation of a conventional electric cookers and induction hob, do a little comparison between them.

The principle of operation of electric cookers

Most modern apartments today are equipped with electric stove, glass-ceramic having a surface. Bulk metallic pancakes are already considered anachronisms as consume a lot of electricity, even though such plates are also still quite common. The principle of operation of this device is based on the action of electric current to the heating elements, which is equipped with a hob plate. The electric current heats the heating element, heat is transferred to the plate standing container. So there is cooking or reheating food.

The metal spirals particular metal used as heating elements, or halogen heaters. electric controlled by mechanical or touch-sensitive switches.

The operating principle of the induction hob

Despite the fact that the built in induction cooktop also refers to the category of electric stoves, it works on a completely different principle. It has no heating elements, and instead built electromagnetic coils are used. The bobbin is supplied from the alternating current network, and it generates a magnetic field around itself. If the cooktop surface to put a metal dish, the bottom of which has certain ferromagnetic properties, the dishes will start to heat up quickly. This happens due to the impact of the dishes on the eddy currents.

How does an induction cooker shown in the picture: it heats only being on it the dishes

itself plate during operation practically not heated. Thus, the entire consumption of energy is expended only stove to heat the dishes.

Comparison of induction and electric hobs

When considering electric and induction cooktops - the advantages and disadvantages of these devices are helping to assess the feasibility of their acquisition. Compare these types of electrical equipment on the basic parameters.

Since no complete induction hob heating elements, power consumption it has less 1.5 times than that of the glass ceramic cooking appliance.

If we calculate the induction hob efficiency, we find that it is equal to 90%. This is the highest among all the plates. For comparison, a conventional appliance efficiency is 30%, electric surface with the ceramic glass - 50%, the gas cookers - 60%.

Considering the pros and cons of induction hob, it should be noted that the speed of cooking or heating food, it is superior electric stove. She does not need to warm up the heating elements, so she immediately begins to heat dishes. To boil a liter of ordinary water, induction hob is necessary to spend no more than 3 minutes. This same work electrical perform for 5-7 minutes.

Electric is included as long as it is not turned off forcibly. But the connection of the induction hob to work takes place only when the dishes installed on the burner, and takes at least 70% of its surface. This increases the level of security. If, for example, put on a plate fork, the plate is not included in the work. Without dishes such panel does not function.

Ispolzoaniya security - one of the important benefits of induction type cooking surfaces

Another important point is the temperature of the working surface. The electric stove is always hot, it will burn on. Induction same panel is not heated, so the risk of burns if touched hob omitted.

Glass-ceramic surface may be scratched crystals abrasives. Especially harmful for her pieces of salt and sugar, which can damage the protective film. Also this plate is afraid chipping at the edges of the surface, which is achieved purchase hob with metal edging. Glass ceramic is not very desirable sticking to her food.

Induction panel of all these deficiencies deprived. Due to the fact that the heating of the panel itself does not happen, even accidentally got her food does not stick and easily cleaned with a damp sponge.

At the induction hob there are more automatic programs than any other type of board. In addition, this stove almost instantly responds to change the program or temperature.

Availability of automatic modes can be of great help in cooking

On an electric stove, you can warm up any dish. Induction same panel requires special cookware having ferromagnetic properties.

Tip: Alternatively, you can use a magnetic stand (adapters) under the usual dishes.

Also for panels only suitable cookware with perfectly flat bottom. Even the curvature of 1 mm would make it impossible cooking.

Electric cookers work silently. In contrast, in the induction hob is audible fan noise, the cooling plate.

In value superior to induction panel cookers. However, the high price of the induction hob is still considering them more efficient operation, will eventually be justified and buying them is considered more profitable.

What to look for when choosing a

The question is how to choose the induction hob is relevant for many housewives. Such devices are relatively new, so there are some difficulties with the issues of their acquisition. With regard to the selection of a particular kitchen implement should simultaneously on several parameters:

  • The dimensions of the plate and its construction. It is important to select your desired number komforok that affects the surface dimensions. The panel may be independent or be the main freestanding stove. Now independent induction hobs are the most common, are simply built into the kitchen furniture;
  • panel form. It can be rectangular, square, polygonal or round. Choose a form that would allow successfully combine it with the rest of the kitchen furniture;

Induction hob with unusual shapes can be an interesting design element of your kitchen

Important: The induction hob must be installed on objects kitchen furniture or kitchen appliances that have metal parts, keeping a certain gap, said in a statement.

  • Pay attention to the power and size of the burner, adjust them to fit your requirements. Power control can be calculated on several provisions, the maximum - 16;
  • breaker function can disable the panel, if the food spill on the burner;
  • The products of some manufacturers allows the burner to adapt to the place of location of the dishes. But such models are more expensive;
  • The function of recording in memory a constant temperature of heating will allow the next time re-set the temperature;
  • Together with the panel recommended that you purchase and the right utensils.

Tip: When buying cookware with magnetic properties for the induction hob, check whether primagnichivaetsya to the bottom of dishes ordinary magnet. If he keeps firmly, such dishes perfectly suits you.

Combined hob Electrolux

And if you can not decide in favor of gas or induction cooker to make your choice, then you can choose a combined version. On sale there are models that have two burners operate on the principle of induction, and two are gas.

Rating induction cooktops help you to decide on their choice. The most popular manufacturers of such products are:

The most popular models - EHH 96340 XK, EHI 96 540 FS, EHI 96,540 FW, EHO 98840 FG, EHH 96240 IK.

In the shop are enough models of the manufacturer. For example, PIB651N17E, PIE651F17E, PIF673FB1E, PIM631B18E.

On sale are such models: IT6SYW, IT 612 AXC, IT614CSC, IS634ST, IT612SY2W.

We list the most famous models of the brand: EH885DN19E, EH975SK11E, EH 651FT17E, EH 685DB19E, EH 679MN27E.

Among the most famous models of the firm we can find: KM 6380, KM 6349, KM 6395, KM 6388, KM 6381.

Some models in this line: NZ 64H37070K, NZ64H37075K, NZ 64H57477K.

We reviewed the particular induction hobs, compared the data with electric devices. Now everyone can decide for themselves what kind of induction cooktop choose either to prefer an electric stove with glass ceramic surface.

Induction Cooker: 5 selection criteria

To make life easier in the kitchen and make the room a modern kitchen, you can use the induction hob Day by day, the built in home appliances, including kitchen, improved. Now it is impossible to surprise anyone in such a device, like a modern induction stove. The electronic control unit comprises a plate and controls the process operation burners in accordance with a special program. Most modern models are equipped with touch-sensitive infrared sensors that monitor the temperature of dishes, and can reduce the heating capacity when it reaches the desired temperature.

Inverter board or panel Induction: The advantages of unit

Their appearance, this kitchen appliance is virtually identical to a simple hotplate on which a ceramic surface and touch control. But the first impression is always deceptive, and the inverter, it is also an induction hob - a high-tech modern device that works through the action of the electromagnetic field.

Inverter plate - a device that allows you to start cooking in the most unusual circumstances. Equipped with the latest technology and sensors, it becomes a great help to man.

As with all new, all the advantages of the product are not yet fully appreciated by users, but most important of them can already be noted.

The advantage of induction cooking lies in the fact that it is safe and easy to maintain

  1. Economy. Stove starts heating only after the installation of the ware correct material and the appropriate diameter onto the surface of the panel.
  2. Security. Inadvertently putting a knife or fork on the plate, you do not burn, taking the device back into the hands. Near the hot burner capacity remains cold.
  3. Touch Control. The board incorporates many modes, cooking which becomes easier.
  4. Quick cooking. Compared with conventional gas and electric, induction analogue spends a lot less time cooking.
  5. Easy care. The surface does not heat, so remove the accidentally spilled on the stove components can be without difficulty.

In addition, some models of inverter boards are not quite large in size, and can be easily transported with you on holiday.

The principle of induction cooker works: the instrument features

Under the panel is an induction coil that generates a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The frequency of the heating takes place directly in the pan, instead of from the glass ceramic surface.

The operating principle of induction cooker is the impact of inductors on objects or liquid, placed in a container. This process is different from cooking on a conventional stove, where the food is prepared with the help of heat transmitted from the plate, through the pan to the products.

The operating principle of the induction hob is that it begins to heat-treated products only after placing it with a dish container. It should be noted that after you remove the dishes with hot plates, this plate is automatically switched off and cools itself. This happens quickly, in just 6 minutes. To make the right choice when buying an induction stove, you need to start, decide what you wish for, and the purpose of its acquisition.

Before you buy a modern induction cooker, better first get acquainted with the principle of its work

It is recommended to choose the induction cooker on the following data:

  1. The size. In some cases, homeowners have to because of the acquisition of a new plate prodelyvat rearrangement in the kitchen, because the new panel should not touch the metal fixtures. If contact can not be avoided, then between the objects laid special protected material.
  2. Quantity per item switching modes. There dishes for cooking which requires a specific temperature. The degree of intermediate positions depends on the desired temperature setting. It is recommended to take the plates with 15-17 different switching modes.
  3. The presence of spherical burners. If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, this option will be an advantage. To prepare oriental cuisine, dishes are often taken a special concave shape.
  4. Ability to use all the burners at the same time with different modes of cooking too much influence on the choice, if the house is a lot of people, and all members of the family preferences. In some models it is possible to install only one of some mode completely for the whole plate.
  5. Comments and reviews on the forums on the Internet in relation to the chosen model. If you have already decided on the choice of a certain brand, you need to ask about what they think about this device users have already bought it and have tried in practice.

Hostess, who are interested in how to choose the inverter hob, must comply with all the above mentioned rules. Do not forget that under this unit can be placed far from any electrical appliances. If you are concerned about this issue, you should consult with a person involved in the installation of such appliances.

Convenient induction hob: Use shortcomings

All the pros and cons of the inverter panel associated with the specifics of the work. This unit is credited with deficiencies, it is not knowing the operating principle.

Induction hob, which disadvantages in that because of the principle of heating such an induction hob can only function correctly with the dishes, the bottom of which is made of ferromagnetic alloy.

Before you start a smart surface automatically tests kitchen equipment, which it put on compatibility, and only if, all the same, goes to heating mode. Determine the suitability of dishes and can be an ordinary magnet. Actually, in order to cook on induction cooker, not necessarily in the house to change all containers. On sale are necessary special steel wheels, made in the form of stands, to solve this problem.

When choosing induction cooker special attention should be paid to its major flaws

Cons induction cookers:

  1. The high degree of electromagnetic radiation strongly influences health. If you are using need to be no closer than 15-20 cm from the product.
  2. During the cooking process, a loud noise is heard. Current models already operate much quieter, and to further reduce the strong sound, we need a tight-fitting crockery.
  3. For slab must have the proper utensils. If you need to buy dishes, then select it with a diameter of more than 12-13 cm, and check that it attracts a magnet.
  4. High price. The cost of these devices is much higher analogues without induction. The difference will be somewhere in the 3-5 thousand. Rubles.

In spite of a sufficient number of disadvantages, positive qualities still a lot more in the invention.

How to turn on the induction cooker: it can interfere with

As already mentioned, the heating cooker selects injector region just under the diameter of the container bottom, which it set. If the selected person utensils not override at least 70% of the cooking zone, the smart cooker will not turn himself heating products in diameter up to 12 cm, it will automatically lock. Lovers of cooking for a quick morning coffee in Turku is unlikely to fit.

How to turn on the induction cooker does not know everything reshivshiesya to make such an acquisition. And it sometimes brings big adjustments to the environment and the life of the household. Before you buy such a product, you need to learn about it as much as possible, and carefully approach the selection.

This stove makes cooking process is safe, so it does not have an open flame on the surface. Hot burners her either. It turns on when it put the dish in a suitable container. If on the stove stands cookware or plate is empty, its device is programmed, it should automatically turn off. In addition, the plate has a timer signal for interrupting the feed at the right moment. This avoids overheating of food, as well as the stick.

To enable the induction cooker, it is necessary to put a special dish for cooking

To you and your new device does not happen any trouble, you need to follow a few rules:

  • Make the right choice. Go to the process intelligently and start by making a rough portrait of your future inverter board according to the requirements that you have.
  • Ask the seller a certificate of quality and warranty on this product.
  • Use the product only in accordance with the instruction manual.
  • Do not experiment with stove.

If a fault is detected, immediately call the master or independently transport the device to a workshop. Use faulty electrical appliances is prohibited.

Induction cooktop: what it is and how to use

Induction hob, electric is the same, only the inductive, which operates on a different principle. To use her a lot easier and safer than conventional electric or gas stove. It does not burn the hands of the mistress of fire, and when it is used in the room is not the smell of burning. Efficiency it is much higher than than the usual stove.

The principal difference between this plate and its conventional counterparts that a new stove interactive. In its integrated touchpad all controls and working induction is started only in strictly conditioned cases.

Please be aware that the work of the heating elements of such plates may cause undesired actions of other devices. Manufacturers may not place this induction hob embedded near instruments with metal casing.

When installing an induction plate, should take into account the safety rules

Devices that can not be placed next to an induction hob:

  • Oven;
  • Microwave;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Gas water heater;
  • Convection system;
  • Inertial surface.

For the same reason it is impossible to put such plates near the objects of magnetic information, such as badge, plastic cards, biometric passports. The magnetic system can simply destroy all data.

If the induction hob has broken: what to do

The main advantages of this plate is that it is very high quality and practical. Induction appliances are not forged, and this is their advantage. If their electronic circuitry can be counterfeited, then to stove to work well, you need special equipment.

Induction hob, an electronic circuit which has failed to be repaired only in specialized workshops. Do not attempt to make repairs.

If does not work convector system, it is also not recommended to make the repairs yourself. The causes of failure can be different, and only a specialist can understand them. If your stove much continuously, or in spurts buzzing, try to find out whether these facts are inherent in the model itself. Perhaps, the panel is so arranged. If the sound appeared suddenly, and it is worth the alert.

If broken induction cooker, then you should seek help from a master

In the event of a fault detection device has to be:

  • Switch off;
  • Allow to cool;
  • Call the master or transport the appliance yourself.

Only a qualified technician will be able to see the real picture of the situation.

How to use the induction hob (video)

It does not matter why you have decided to purchase this device, it is important that you do not stop, taking the first step, and went all the way to the end. Setting in your home a new assistant, you are sure to be pleased with his work.