The interiors of the apartments in modern style photo

To make a modern interior home need to know some of its features. Apartments must be comfortable and cozy - this time, and no less important - functional and savoir-faire - that's two. Then the housing will match the modern style.

The main thing in modern interior - simplicity and minimal decor, as one of the most popular trends in the design world - the style of minimalism. Furniture should be the necessary finish - a simple and decor - originally thought out and not too oversaturated housing.

These rules - the basis of modern interior design style, and even more so, with a limit of square meters. Even if the room is very small in size, it is possible to create more space visually. See the interiors of apartments in a modern style photo.

Before starting repair work, decide on the choice of colors and interior style. Only then should proceed to the selection of furniture and accessories. Prefer practical and durable interior subjects.

For walls usually selected monophonic materials without variegation or some patterns. In this case, single-colored wall will be the perfect backdrop for the original paintings or masterpieces. But there should be a small accessories or knick-knacks. And all the items necessary to select only shapes and colors, with a view to the style of the room in general was quite mellow.

A variety of colors can be used. The basic rule that should be followed - up to three colors only perfectly combined with each other. The main trend among the variety of colors - it is white. It is used in every style, because it is the perfect backdrop. To embody the most interesting ideas.

Also, use natural color gamut:

Brown, beige, milk and the color of melted milk, gray, camel, peach and black.

The main color that you will use as a basis, should not act irritating to the eyes. After all, interior design in soft and not too bright colors will be popular for many years!

Also, use and design of pastel blue colors and shades, pink, light - yellow, lilac. As bright accents - turquoise, emerald, orange or fuchsia.

Making the world and how it affects the free space

One of the main rules in a modern interior is an organization of space that should be reserved style. If in the interior should be at least, if not should not be in the apartment a few square meters, decor. The room should be spacious and lots of light.

Furniture is best to group, not to place around the room. When the island furniture arrangement to distribute the housing in the different zones can be very original, while it is functional enough to distribute.

Lighting plays a very important role in the zoning premises. More rarely nowadays it found only a central room lighting. To date, use spotlights on the ceilings, all kinds of lamps and floor lamps, lighting on the furniture. Consider also what is more diverse and decorated lighting, the more spacious room. Leave the window open as much as possible. Also, do not teach a lot of flower pots on window sills and hang thick curtains multilayer.

To create a contrast, can be painted with bright paint sill or window frame, for example. The main thing is to choose a color combined with the main color scheme. Curtains should be light and transparent.

For a small apartment is appropriate to design a window sill as a table top!

Finishing flooring materials, wall and ceiling should choose simple.

Designers recommend to paint the walls one color paint or glue-colored wallpaper. To create bright accents, a wall can be designed quite differently, in contrast with the basic amenities.

Ceilings use in the present hinged, plasterboard or tension. They draw up 'under the gloss, "one level, as well as with integrated lighting.

Modern decorate floors and smooth, with no carpets. The coating material may be of wood, stone or ceramic. The color scheme of the sexes can be framed with dark as well as light colors. If you prefer to yet to see the carpet from on the floor of his apartment, he must be the correct form and appropriate colors, to match the basic design.

If you choose the style of Hi-tech, must be present chrome elements in the interior. If you started a renovated apartment, photo design - an integral part of the work!

Main features inherent in the present - is smooth and glossy surface and furnishings, the presence of mirrors, chrome fittings, interior and the presence of elements made of plastic or metal.

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The interiors of the apartments in a modern style

Beautiful interiors of apartments in modern style became a separate trend in interior fashion. Do not forget that the apartment can be compared with the canvas, designed for creative and design ideas of its owner.

Modern interior dream of having not only the owners of spacious apartments, but also owners of small Khrushchev. Deal with the problem of limited space experts help modern styles in the interior.

For several decades, we thought through special design techniques by which eliminated "lishnie9raquo; septum and a small apartment takes an entirely different view, it is appropriate modern interior.

In a small room should be equipped with a kitchen, there is a place for work and leisure, as well as provide space for receiving guests.

How to cope with such a daunting task, using the most modern styles in the interior?

The main space of the room is the living room, and for the organization of the sleeping space designers recommend to create a second tier. Kitchen separated from the central part of the room using a bar or a stack with a mirror and glass surfaces.

When thinking through the contemporary design of high-grade apartments, area of ​​which ranges from 40 to 60 square meters, professional designers have a lot more opportunities for realization of interesting creative findings.

Diverse stylistics allows professionals to create beautiful interiors of apartments in a modern style, using in their work quality and safe decorative materials.

Functionality and originality

The specialists consider its functionality as the main criterion when thinking through the contemporary design of the room.

Zoning can spend using the cabinets, shelves, movable partitions. In a country house with a similar task copes wood burning or electric fireplace.

Also divide the space within a room, creating a modern interior in the room helps to use a contrasting color to the walls, floor covering.

To cope with this task can also be a means of lighting, separate room area spotlights, ceiling chandeliers, outdoor lighting fixtures.

Modern interior design of the apartment is shown in the photo. room wallpapered walls decorate light tones, enabling visually expanding space, increasing the amount of sunlight indoors.

As a link between the individual zones of TV stands, located on the wall of the hall. He identifies the room designed for relaxing and entertaining, makes it blend in with the rest of the space.

In the hall to be decorated in a modern style, appropriate original tables, small accessories that can be placed on open shelves, placed on the wall.

The importance of color in modern design

Currently, there are no colors, which can be called inappropriate for decorating residential.

For example, you can not use dark colors, because this has a negative impact on the psyche of the child will be the cause of his nervousness, constant depression.

Experiments with color possible in these interior areas as avant-garde glamor and fusion. These directions are not intended functionality, especially the details are appreciated here, an original combination of different shades.

Modern interior permits the use of a variety of decorative and finishing materials, but the priority is still natural materials.

Despite the fact that the high popularity of laminate, linoleum, vinyl wallpaper, artificial carpet, natural wood, bamboo, cork is becoming more and more fans.

Synthetic materials are attracted by its reasonable cost, but they are not suitable for all interior styles. For example, it is difficult to imagine the use of polymeric materials in Provence, a classic style, but for the high-tech fans, they are the ideal choice.

For example, for an English-style dominant element protrudes natural wood, it can be combined to loft the metal and stone, and for the Scandinavian style as an additional element required natural fabrics.

To all the ideas designers have been implemented, it is necessary to consider lighting option in the decorated living space. The share of lighting in a modern interior accounts for several functions. Apartment dwellers have to feel in the comfort and coziness, daily activities without any problems. In addition, the lighting serves a decorative purpose. For example, using the structure of the backlight LED strip can add to room Romantic and harmony.

For modern design professionals choose functional and simple furniture. Trend of modern furniture are considered simple lines, ergonomic furniture.

Beds, sofas, chairs, designed for recreation, should be not only beautiful, but also easy to use.

Modern image created in the living room should be complete and harmonious, devoid of additional decorative elements and twists.

Minimalism has recently attracted many owners of small apartments, dreaming of creating comfortable conditions for work and leisure. When decorating a bedroom, currently interior experts are increasingly advised customers to use the oval and round shapes.

The living room can be decorated with the help of a coffee table, to supplement family photos or pictures on the wall.

In the selection of decor options for the windows in a modern design have to give up pompous curtains and swags. Window openings should be open, accessible for ingestion room direct sunlight.

Among the many fashion trends, used by modern interior design stylists, of particular interest are high-tech ideas. Before embarking on the practical implementation of interesting ideas, it is important to carefully consider the fine details created in the image of the modern apartment. If we analyze the photos published in design magazines and websites stylists can be traced tendency to intelligent combination of a smooth geometry with strict lines.

To create a simulation of additional space in the interior, a radical transformation of the room layout can equip large mirrors having no additional frames. Modern furniture set along the walls of the room, leaving the central part of the free space. Among the characteristic features of a modern interior style can be mentioned the use of muted palette combination of smooth lines with a strict geometry, selection of high-quality finishing materials.

Str. Most Dorogomilovskaya 10

Dmitrov Shosse. 163 and, building 1, floor -1

Modern interior design of apartments and private homes - from idea to realization

Almost the second story of the creation of the modern interior begins as standard. The couple gets an apartment in a new building, or in the secondary market, where it is supposed to create a comfortable living room with a kitchen, bedroom, nursery, dressing room and a small bathroom.

The owners do not like frills and too old-fashioned details, appreciate minimalism and bright colors. Perfect interior in a modern style seems to them functional, with fashionable furnishings, lighting and decor.

When construction experience is limited only cosmetic repairs apartments, the confusion that arises at the stage of planning of the interior in a modern style, is quite understandable. Decisions on the choice of finishing materials and furniture placement will have to make their own. Himself buy materials, supervise the work of construction crews, spending a lot of money, time, and sometimes the nerves.

In the case of modern style, its creation would cost "a little blood" if the building design without strict adherence to limits. Ie not blindly follow each stylized its characteristics, and to adjust the interior under itself.

The interior in modern style Interior of the apartment in a modern style

For example, modern interior of the apartment, decorated in a minimalist style, involves the complete lack of decor. Frightening thought living almost in a vacuum space? Bright pillows with a pattern in the active living and eclectic chandelier in the kitchen to add space to the most sincere sentiments. Strong visual center in a very sleek interior will be a fireplace (or falshkamin). Around it is possible to organize a cozy sofa area.

Modern interior with fireplace

What is the modern interior design?

Like any other art, modern interior has its own trends. Yes, modern design - a style that is easily subjugates any innovation, loyal to the mixing of different directions, and survives even in the most boring layouts. But! He does not deny the dialogue between past and present, often drawing inspiration from the rethinking of classic interiors and daring to the most daring experiments!

The image of the modern design apartments Popular designers do not doubt that the synthesis of innovation and classic interior design techniques can bear fruit.

Take a look at the photo - a clear example of

In the modern, neutral canvas with minimalist facades of white, high-gloss cabinet introduced a bright accent - Vintage chandelier with lamps shaped candles. Hopelessly out of fashion lamp saves unusual color. In this version, the chandelier becomes a trump card in the deck of stylistic solutions.

Prepared for site

Brickwork in the modern interior of the apartment developing the concept of the modern interior, not to take into account the architecture of the building is very wrong. The inner space of the house should be intertwined with notes of building exterior, without compromising the fashionable modern trends.

So if the main structural elements of the house are wood and stone, the modern filling should include these materials in detail trim. For example, to use for laying parquet floor, laminate or wooden boards. Part of the wall lay out a brick - masonry always effectively combined with designer furniture, home appliances and pieces of art.

If you are lucky, and you lived in the house with stucco, French windows and high ceilings, the perfect design for you - a modern-traditional.

Classics in modern processing (Contemporary) easily adapts to fashion novelties, but requires premium materials. It is both elegant and at the same time practical, comfortable and surprisingly contrasting traditional environments. In concise, but full of designer finds room classic elements keep the overall interior environment in a tone and create a festive mood.

Classic interior in modern style

The photo modern interior of a private house

The idea of ​​the modern interior 2016-2017

Lack of uniform architecture of modern buildings, limited binding to the sewer riser, the location of windows, bearing walls limit the freedom of choice of planning decisions. As "in the picture" has not come out. So we have to improvise. Possible to combine the kitchen-dining room with a living room (which is in the spirit of contemporary interiors), the most of the free area under the basic functions to minimize the communicating zones (corridors) and be sure to carve out a place for functional pantry, walk-in closet.

A benchmark that will determine much of the design of modern space can be a variety of colors. Modern house interior configured to black (gray) and white colors with a combination of wood surfaces - safe option. Dramatic color contrast will set the depth and internal rhythm. A game of geometric surfaces, soft forms and a variety of textures to add space expression.

A good tool for creative imagination and inspiration will be an open plan apartment or house. Designed in a contemporary style not divided by internal partitions is to use the minimum amount of furniture and maximum light shades.

First, build the compositional center of the living space. Most often, it becomes a living. Around the guest area, combined with the dining room and kitchen have all the other rooms - a bedroom, nursery, hallway with dressing room, office and bathroom. Accommodation facilities in a circle makes it possible to completely get rid of the non-functional spaces - lobbies and corridors.

Modern interior in Scandinavian style

The photo modern design apartments - Scandinavian Modernism

It argued that at the designs of modern interiors do not need to look long, to live in them. coziness coats as soon cross the threshold of the house. What's the secret? Special mood creates white color and soft texture of the wood. Located space makes the inclusion of textiles bright colors. Against the background of white brick wall and gray sofa with colorful cushions seem particularly soft.

Modern interior in minimalism

Modern style in the interior of apartments and houses

The complexity of the design living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens in a contemporary style stems from the fact that the repair is conceived in an era of sync completely different civilized, cultural and personal stories in one period of time. Therefore, to the project was not momentary, and individual, relevant at all times, you need to follow the recommendations.

Rules of registration of the modern interior:

  • not to save on finishing;
  • select each item in the house with a sense of identity and purpose. Just "Beauty" furniture is not set;
  • not afraid to combine in one space masonry, glossy plastic, natural wood, stone, leather and mirrors. The combination of different, sometimes unexpected, materials in a modern interior, making it more interesting. Rough and smooth, three-dimensional and flat, soft and hard - to such contrasts and built a modern design and an ideal living space;

    The combination of different textures in an interior

    LED ceiling lights in the interior

    Scandinavian interior in a modern style

    The photo modern Scandinavian style

    Examples of interior in a modern style

    Design options for the different rooms in the apartment, clearly demonstrating the ideas of modern design.

    Modern interior of kitchen in apartment

    kitchen project in modern style

    In the photo the modern kitchen interior with a large window from the architect Stanislav Lukin. Installing a rounded corner sofa at times increased the level of comfort food. In the model of the sofa provides storage in the lower part. The glass surface of the table is expanded as necessary.

    Kitchen design in a modern style - a work area

    The designer is involved in all the corners of the kitchen. Kitchen countertop in the working zone forms a convenient working triangle with the main zones.

    Modern interior of a child's room

    Another great idea architect Stas Lukin - Children in a modern style. The interior received a dynamic and bright and competent zoning allowed to unite the important space in one room.

    The project is a nursery in a modern style - general view Design a child's room in a modern style - a seating area and wardrobe Child's room in modern style - a work area

    To create a textured accent walls in the living area are often used decorative plaster, wood panels, 3D panel or brick. The remaining surface of the left light, neutral color.

    3D panels in the interior of modern living room

    The best option for covering the living room floor in a modern style - flooring made of natural wood or laminate with a spectacular imitation of natural pattern.

    The ceiling in a modern apartment-studio doing mostly white. This color blurs the boundaries between volumes and collects all the "kusochki9raquo; Space integrally.

    If in a country house has not filed joists, it is not necessary to make out space in the style of Provence, or country. As part of the living room of the cottage, exposed beams become part of modern design when they are painted white and used for mounting fixtures. No less spectacular on the bright ceiling modern living room look dark brown or black beams.

    Mid-floor beams in the living room interior

    Modern kitchen interior in the house

    Standard set: sink, stove, kitchen table - no longer satisfies the needs of today's owners. In the planning of trendy modern kitchens professional designers are increasingly refuse to dull solutions, transforming the kitchen footage unrecognizable due to:

    Facades in the interior of smooth facades that do not attract too much attention and appear as background;

    Accents in the interior using unusual visual details: Designer lamps, paintings, beautiful dishes - laconic interior in a modern style is not accepted to do "too smooth";

    Colors in the interior of blotches of bright colors - juicy yellow chairs on a neutral background modern black and white kitchen, work well in contrast.

    So with a minimum of expressive means to create a modern and functional space, should not be afraid to combine natural wood and glossy monochrome surfaces, polished metal and veneer. Do not get carried away too much decoration kitchen - the border of good taste go too easily. It is better to focus on texture and color, and do not do fashion sole criterion when choosing the form of modern kitchen interior.

    Only three colors and three textures to modern bedroom turned out beautiful. Matte white ceiling, glossy black and white furniture, wooden floor - this ternary system always wins. It is difficult to make a mistake.

    Bedroom in modern style Bedroom in modern style

    For a cozy atmosphere will meet fresh flowers, soft linens, fluffy carpet and a few bright pillows on the bed. They dilute the straight lines in the interior.

    The success of the design of the project depends not only on the idea, but also on how well the ceiling height will be taken into account, the shape of the space.

    A bed in a modern bedroom interior

    Neizbity idea for a modern bedroom - floating bed, illuminated by LED lights in the dark.

    The bedroom should not be a casual things. Just what you need for a comfortable life: a large bed, comfortable work area, a couple of bedside tables and possibly a roomy wardrobe.

    Interior design bedroom in contemporary style Interior design of modern spalnis large window

    The modern design of the bedroom effectively blended with bright accents on the headboard - yellow frame framing fixtures in the loft style.

    The range of fashionable palette of modern bath is not limited. But especially gorgeous in bathrooms look all shades of white.

    Modern bathroom lined with ceramic granite

    The photo bathroom walls are lined with concrete granite texture.

    Among the favorites of today and bathrooms with marble surface. Not necessarily "odevat9raquo; the room in natural stone from head to toe. Fashion designers offer a compromise solution - combine marble with stainless steel. EXAMPLE picture.

    Modern bathroom marble

    Curtains - not curtains. Making windows in modern interiors

    When choosing a space for life, most of us are guided by the size, number of windows and views that are open. Freed in the interior of the purely decorative techniques - curtains with lambrequins and jacquard drapes, will pay more attention to its core values ​​- the air, the light. And the person who lives in this space.

    Modern design studio apartment in the most part does not require a magnificent framing. And the shutters in this context - the best option design large windows, when you need to create the perfect shading for watching a movie or sleep.

    Shutters in the modern interior room

    Shutters in the design of the modern interior in pictures

    Anyone who has ever done repair itself in a modern style, knows that finding a good designer, who sought not only to realize their ambitions, but also to co-creation with customers to translate their ideas about the future of the house, it is a great success. But no less difficult to find the main components of success - idea. We hope that our review has helped you to organize a modern space where a good rest, to make friends and just live.

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