54 photos loggia finish. Ideas for inspiration

A small room can be properly equip and increase in this way the usable area of ​​the apartment. Design loggia preceded by a thorough insulation. In this article in the photo is a selection of ideas for decoration.

Coffee table and chair on the balcony braided Q3. m. The light tulle gives comfort and does not weigh down the space. Soft carpet allows undressed, sitting in a chair and not freeze on the tiled floor.

Repair small balcony. The walls are covered gypsum plasterboard topsheet finishes - paintable wallpaper. Everything for selected compact cabinet and a small glass table, which does not take up much space.

Oriental style design. The secret of this style consists of small things: a warm range in finishing, textile furnishings, soft lighting, Moroccan lamps. You can equip the hookah room. The presence of the radiator allows to maintain a place for holidays all year round.

Recommendations for processing a small area:

  • To increase the small room (2, 3 or 4 sq.) Can be done during the removal of an additional insulating glass unit. This method can increase the room of 30 cm;
  • In that case, if the removal is not possible, refer to the visual enlargement methods. To do this, use the
  • Regardless of the method of repair, decoration materials must comply with the chosen style.
  • To be able to transform the space, it is better to buy folding models of furniture;
  • Instead of a bed, which occupies the entire area, for recreation areas, you can use the hammock. If necessary, dismantle the structure, freeing up space.
  • If a small balcony, you should use the compact objects in the interior of the room. For example, the storage used open shelves - these constructions look easy at the same time helping to organize the space correctly.

Recreational area with a hammock and cushions allows using several levels in a single space. In this room can be collected by the company from 4-6 people for a pleasant conversation.

Open shelves have not only a functional role, but also decorative - are color accent in the interior.

Additional light sources enable full use of the space during the day.

It is better to consider several scenarios for lighting, so you will be able to use all instruments at once, or only some of them.

With the help of the lighting system creates a perfect atmosphere to relax in the evening. Also on the balcony there is a more powerful light source. window blinds design allows you to control the flow of light during the day if desired.

Consider the pictures, which show the interior design ideas.

For wall space selected PVC panels. This method applies to the most practical, does not require much time and finances for the installation costs. Texture panels perfectly complement PVC window frames, whose surface imitates wood.

Recreational area on the balcony area Q3. m. As a base used pastel range of shades, adding to the interior of the active color due to decoration items, furniture, light sources. Panel with a view of the city fits into the general idea of ​​the style and creates an atmosphere of streets in Paris.

Wardrobe, specially designed to save space and maintain order - with panoramic glass area can be seen from the street, if there is no tinting. Ironing board does not interfere with the passage of the apartment. Material for furniture - colored elements of chipboard. The walls are lined with black tiles in the form of bricks.

Design of the balcony area Q3. m in black and white. Chairs, coffee table, rug, pillows, tableware and decorative objects - all couched in the same style.

Decorative plaster in registration hookah room (3 sq. M).

2. Loggia - the continuation of the apartment

Two rooms combined into one. In the balcony of the submitted dressing table with pouf and a built-in wardrobe.

Loggia design continues the idea of ​​the living room. Behind the sliding glass system tenants read the book without being distracted by extraneous sounds in the apartment. If you open the partition, it is possible to increase the area of ​​a room thereby.

Country style in the interior of the working area.

Not everyone need a kitchen that takes up a lot of space. The balcony space can be insulated with a compact kitchen garniture, a dining area, a domino cooking surface, a coffee machine or microwave oven.

Headsets on the balcony in the studio apartment with a sink and cooking surface dominoes.

Window-sill part serves as a bar. Finishing materials: ceramic tile, linoleum.

Creative Corner for the child classes.

Loggia combined with the adjoining nursery.

The interior in the style of the country with the workplace.

Decorative stone, paintable wallpaper and moldings are used in the cabinet design. Backlight effectively reveals the texture of the material.

Furniture for decorating the office is better to order in the shop on the individual sizes. Thus, the interior of the room to get the most convenient for the further operation.

Visualization of a home office in a modern style on the balcony with panoramic windows.

A cozy place for the computer.

Despite the small area, lounge allows privacy of the total space of the apartment.

Chair-swing in the design of the room.

Mini-living room with a sofa.

Modern style interior.

A place to relax in a small room. The base is used for storage of various items.

Plants on the balcony will be comfortable here, they will not be lacking in natural light.

Shelves for flowers on the balcony of a greenhouse.

recreation and winter garden area.

For the arrangement of colors are mounted open shelves, create special shelves or racks.

Terrace on the balcony. Wicker furniture, bamboo curtains and potted plants. Parapet lined with wooden paneling. Brick wall of a house painted white.

Natural materials furniture, street lamp and decorative stone in the decoration of the walls - all this creates the atmosphere of the summer terrace even in the winter cold.

This method of storage allows you to make room in the apartment.

Beautiful balcony: 20 cool ideas

Balcony is one of the rooms of your home, which can be converted, if desired, in an office, a workshop for creativity, recreation room or in the conservatory. It all depends on your desires and capabilities. On the balcony you can spend time reading an interesting book or just chat with friends.

This room may be the most important area of ​​your living space, not just a place where rubbish is stored and drying clothes. This article will offer you more than 20 options for the original interior on the balcony or loggia.

Ideas for a beautiful design with their own hands

There are plenty of options with which you can decorate your own balcony. Before beginning work, decide as what you want to use this room and proceed to action. Before the start of any construction activities developed drawings that will help you think through the smallest details and to calculate the number of necessary materials.

Balconies can be of two types: open and closed. For each type has its own characteristics in the decor. On how you place indoors, will depend on how comfortable you will be here in any weather, in contrast to the open options which can get into the snow or water.

Ideas for the design of public space is much smaller than for the glazed version. At the same time, you should not despair, because all the proposed variants differ originality and beauty.

First of all you will need to replace the old with new railings. It is possible to issue the individual order in which to specify all their wishes. At the moment, many blacksmiths use in their work the artistic forging, which gives the opportunity to create unique masterpieces.

In an open balcony there is a high probability of falling into the water. Make a visor in order to ensure the protection of his room from the rain. This is a simple operation which consists in stitching the sidewalls by means of profiled sheets. The canopy is made of similar material.

Inside, the walls can be finished keramoplitkoy, which is characterized by a wide range. It can be painted with special paint products for facades, which is resistant to natural influences.

Furniture placement refers to an important stage in the decoration of the balcony. For example, you can leave here a couple of chairs and a small table where you can enjoy your morning coffee. You can decorate the window colors. Very popular among gardeners petunias that original look and are able to highlight your balcony among others.

If you like plants, but the area of ​​your apartment does not allow them to grow, it can be used for these purposes balcony. This room is perfectly illuminated, so you can deal with colors adorn the room.

With the help of landscaping you can get the beautiful style, not only inside the room, but also outside. Install vertical shelves, which will subsequently be flower pots. They will not take up much space, at the same time will give a welcoming atmosphere and fill the balcony a pleasant aroma.

You can build on its loggia conservatory. Such a decision would be in the interior of your pride, because the mini-garden attracts attention and gives the room a warm, romantic atmosphere and comfort. On the rails can be placed hanging pots, pay attention to the pots, which can be hung from the ceiling. Choose vertical vegetation that will grow on the trellis, or special walls.

With the help of the green wall, positioned vertically, you can not only decorate the room, but also to carry out full-fledged "finishing" with the wall. If you want to equip the plant interior, consider the rights of the design: a colorful flower, or the original pots for them. It is possible to select the original composition.

How can decorate the closed balcony

Before working on the decor, you will need quality training. This process involves several steps:

  • balcony free from all objects which it contains;
  • when planning to get rid of the old finish, you need to dismantle the walls, ceiling and floor;
  • after removal of decorative materials, perform scan surfaces. When detecting fractures, their construction seal the foam or solution;
  • Now you can start warming walls. Use mineral wool, foam and other materials, which are sold in any hardware store;
  • if we talk about the materials for decoration, you can use the block-house, wall panels and parquet, acrylic paint, keramoplitkoy or mosaics and decorative stones.

Now there is a wide choice of shops specialized furniture for all the balconies, even 6 meters. With its help you can give a cozy look of the room and make your stay here more comfortable.

Choose moisture-resistant furniture that can be inside the public and private balcony. Additional protective covers will help you to protect items from moisture.

If your balcony is very narrow, it is advisable to buy furniture or built-in transformer options. Due to such furniture, you can use the space as much as possible, which will contribute to the arrangement of the interior within. You can choose not only the wooden things, but also of plastic and metal furniture.

Small sofa in the room will help you relax after a hard day's work and relax.

In order to make your balcony look original, it must be present decoration details. Many beautiful balconies are items such as:

In addition to the main building is in the decoration of the balcony you can use the original interior. The most spectacular one is considered to be a safe installation of the fireplace. However, this subject is relevant only on the balcony with a large area. Portal can not only carry a decorative function, but also to heat the room.

For textiles in the interior of the assigned role. Especially carefully select curtains. They are required to provide good protection from sunlight, without downloading the design of the room. You can choose simple but functional blinds that will look amazing with the textural image in tune with the web.

These components will give your room a unique character. Do not forget that the balcony can be used not only as a place to store unnecessary things, but also as a recreational area. Here you can take a break from boring affairs and enjoy the peace. It is also worth noting that decorate the balconies need not only inside, but also outside. For this purpose, suitable moisture-proof materials, sold in any hardware store. Using these guidelines, you will be able to come up with 20 cool ideas for your balcony.

Interesting solutions in interior design

To ensure that your balcony has become an attractive, you can use the ideas from the country areas, use the style of Provence, or a Mediterranean interior which will help to transform a small room in a recreation area.

If you are a fan of simplicity and brevity, you will approach such interior styles as: modern, loft and minimalism. They combine modernity with practicality. For fans of clarity in the lines, there is a Japanese line.

Interesting design, along with finishing the loggia, should have a close relationship with the thematic focus of the room. If you plan to arrange on the balcony of a children's playroom, look at the images of ships, doll houses and castles. In order to present your apartment is the most beautiful children's room, choose as a basis for a bright palette and dilute its bright colors.

You can turn a small loggia in a cafe with a combination of wood, stone and wrought products. Choose as a base design of the gazebo and all the guests will spend time alone in the room.

For small balconies have to choose light colors of paint. If you like dark colors, then leave a glossy finish. Mirrors help to change the geometry of the room, but not everyone knows that the narrow vertical strips, which alternate with strips of a different finish, able to expand the wall. If you hang a mirror on the junction of the adjacent walls, you can add a prospect.

Apply when finishing work vertical strips of contrasting colors for the end walls. This decision will help to expand the narrow balcony visually. For this purpose, suitable lining two colors.

First of all, you need to decide on the style of the room:

  • for the eastern interior is characterized by bright colors with colorful textiles. This style is in harmony with the living room;

  • Japanese style implies a general beige color, with dark beams in the contrast;

  • Provence will be well looked bright wallpaper with delicate flowers. Choose curtains similar tones and pastel wooden elements;

  • eco-style involves natural colors that are infused with a panel of bamboo or straw. Such an option will look perfect in a wooden house with a porch;
  • Loft preferred light gray color scheme, which is combined with bright wall colors and brickwork.

  • It can be designed in a nautical style balcony. There are appropriate natural or artificial stones on the corners, wooden walls, along with wrought-iron furniture.

With the help of these styles you will be able to issue any balcony, even a small size, which are present in the Khrushchev.

Original tips from designers

Every landlord wants his room was original and unusual. Balcony should also be given special attention, because this space can give your living space not only flavor, but also the charm.

Designers recommend to use a few rules when creating an interior in a small room:

  • if on the balcony there is a monochrome finish, try adding bright spots;
  • if the primary surface has a colorful design, picks up the remaining items calm and solid colors;
  • If your interior there is a beautiful accent spot, watch, that it was one;
  • built-in wardrobes with original facades can not only decorate the interior, but also will help to relieve the free space in the apartment.

How correct accents

If you want to focus on a certain subject, remember that it should be the main decoration on which is built the rest of the room design. You can use interior moldings or ready bas-relief tiles. Such a solution would help create a unique space. Sustained in this direction the ceiling, the floor or one of the walls will help to recreate the original idea.

Consider the option of decoration of the ceiling, which gradually turns into the finish of the walls. In addition to photo printing and the art of painting, you can use the panel on the wall, lined with mosaics. Variegated pattern to help you recharge positive mood for the whole day.

These guidelines will help you create a cool interior for your balcony, regardless of its size and shape. These rules apply to any premises and you can come up with a unique image, which will only be present in your home. There are no restrictions for the creation of the original interior, it all depends on your imagination and aspirations.

Combining the balcony with the room

In recent years, many apartment owners are resolved to unite the balcony with a kitchen or hall. This event helps to increase the space and transform the interior in the living room. If you are thinking on this issue, you should take into account several nuances:

  • you must obtain permission from the relevant government authorities, giving them your project;
  • This process is accompanied by high costs of repair, because that it is necessary to insulate the walls and re-perform the finishing work.

There is a simplified version, which does not need to obtain a permit, but the sale of apartments will have to return everything to original appearance. It consists in the dismantling of the window unit, without destroying the wall. Thus, you get the bar, behind which you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with her family.

By combining two rooms, you can create an original interior, which can combine the relaxation room, a kitchen area, a work area, or even a library. Only you can decide how you want to dispose of these meters.

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Interior balcony

How to make an original interior balcony of the apartment, having spent a minimum of time and money? This issue is of concern to many property owners, it is especially important for the owners of small apartments. If in the old days, very few people are interested in the interior balcony, here placed skis, bicycles, old things, now people are trying to carefully consider the interior of a bedroom with balcony, space to use it to best advantage.

The picture shows the interior of a small balcony.

Features of arrangement of the city loggia

Interior designers offer a variety of interesting ideas, the implementation of which you can become the owner of a multifunctional and comfortable space in the loggia. Let us analyze a few ideas to help achieve the proper organization of mono interior balcony of the apartment.

Small and cozy sofa, armchairs, a small table for tea - the best set of furniture for the lodge.

Ready interior balcony, photos, modern décor different loggias or balconies, can be found in the form of fragments

How to choose the interior for a small and cozy lodge? This issue is a matter of personal taste preferences of the owner of the premises, as well as what kind of interior style chosen for the decoration of the entire apartment.

Famous interior designers recommend instead of the classic painting of walls, use a variety of modern materials offered by manufacturers for the decoration of premises. For example, an interesting solution design in a city apartment balcony is to use a plastic lining or panels.

To increase the service life of these materials, it is necessary to cover them with a layer of protective varnish or paint.

Thinking interior of the loggia of the apartment, you must pay attention to the floor. For example, if your plans include insulation of the space, use it as an office, a games area, greenhouses, or for any other purpose, you need to think about the arrangement of floor heating.

If the balcony is used only in the warm season, we can restrict the selection of flooring a durable and high quality material. For example, on the balcony would be appropriate flooring made of wood covered with a special antiseptic composition or a layer of lacquer. Balcony door in the interior is also important, it is selected based on the overall styling.

For warming of the flooring and walls, interior professionals recommend to choose modern insulation materials. Depending on their structure, there are some nuances in their fixation on the walls and floor.

Depending on the location of the balcony or loggia with respect to the sun, pick up a variety of design options for window frames. For example, on a sunny balcony, where the planned placement of indoor plants, be sure to install the blinds system. Otherwise, a high risk that the direct sunlight will destroy live plants and flowers planted in the loggia or balcony.

Dark balcony does not require additional protection against UV radiation, so we can set the eaves hang transparent tulle.

Nowadays, balconies and loggias become full living quarters, furnished with all the requirements of interior art. Among the fashion trends of particular interest is the development in this area of ​​the working cabinet. It is important for owners of apartments with a very small size. How to start his arrangement? To begin, professionals recommend to find out the quality of the balcony slab to assess the feasibility and reality of the organization in this space work area, placing additional furniture.

If no obvious defects will not be able to balcony slab identified, you can proceed to the next stage - to think of a design project. Those property owners who do not have the experience of arrangement of premises, it is best to enlist the support of professional interior designers.

This will greatly save your time, get after the completion of all finishing work guaranteed results.

Further, the variants insulation balcony or loggia space, to be able to work not only in the warm season, but winter nights.

If the insulation is done qualitatively, it is possible to remove the traditional window unit with a door to the loggia, to replace it with a small decorative arch.

After closure insulating work can proceed to decorating the ceiling, walls, floor covering selection.

Depending on the material possibilities of the owner of an apartment, decorating the ceiling on a balcony or a loggia, you can pick up the rack mounted design, the use of plastic panels, natural wood slats.

When selecting the hinged structure can immediately think and organization on the ceiling additional light sources in the form of multiple spotlights.

When selecting a material for wall design, it is important to take into account the interior style in which the room itself is decorated. For instance, if inside the apartment reigns "klassika9raquo ;, then for wall coverings on balcony ideal embodiment will natural lining.

Of particular importance in creating the balcony working room must be given the additional lighting. In addition to the application of point ceiling lights, you can also use wall sconces, or set on the balcony floor lamp. Among the interesting solutions offered fashionable interior designers, and we note the use of LED backlighting around the perimeter of the room. Such an option of lighting helps to create a romantic atmosphere on the balcony, and to complete the work of this world would not be enough.

After work weight associated with dressing ceiling and walls, will be completed, you can proceed to the selection of flooring. If you are using a warm floor, it is suitable as facing tiles or granite.

Many modern urban real estate owners are trying to find a rational use of every square meter. Is no exception and the space on the balcony. It has become fashionable to use this space to create a full working office, a separate playroom for children, as well as the organization on the balcony of this flower greenhouses. With the right training, the full cosmetic repair, you can make the loggia in this paradisiacal area, is proud to host the apartment.

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