Loft style in the interior - bohemian and outrageous

Style loft is amazingly luxurious, outrageous decor. Such a trend in design combines two different images - bohemian and underground. Wealth, poverty joined together, showing attractiveness. Old abandoned industrial space is embodied in apparently excellent.

From English "loft" is translated attic, attic. Later it became known as the old industrial premises. Word loft, gradually became the main symbol of urban style.

Many people like the idea to equip a large warehouse or industrial premises to make them livable. Open space provides food for the imagination, rough finish is perfectly complemented by elegant details.

It is surprising that a loft style originated from poverty, but has become a symbol of wealth later. When in America 40-50 years began to remodel the old warehouses at the apartment, they had no idea that will create a new style of decoration - a loft design.

On the outskirts of the cities of America there was a set of abandoned warehouses and factories. The owners of warehouses decided to give up their possessions for a pittance to get minimal profit. Poor musicians and artists could not live in expensive apartments. They had taken off empty warehouse. Creative people began to make a new design. As a result, there was a great design and a new direction in design. Wealthy businessmen have become widely use it for themselves. Specially built modern and spacious rooms that were left without repair. The walls were bare, the room was a minimum of furniture, to embody this style. After some time, we formed the characteristic features of the industrial interior.

The main features, style trends

Loft style perfectly embodied in the conditions of the apartment, if you use the right materials. Just create shocking chic to premises acquired features of an empty warehouse.

  • Loft style means no walls, rooms are without walls. An exception is made only for the bathroom. Windows must remain on view, not close the curtains.
  • Large panoramic windows modern approach more than anything.
  • The apartment walls are not trying to give a sleek appearance, on the contrary, they look rude. The surface may be a wall of brick or concrete, or it is covered with metal sheets, plywood.
  • Concrete floors complement the image of the warehouse or industrial premises. For flooring, you can use wooden materials.
  • High ceilings, which propped up the beam - this is one of the components of a loft style. The ceilings are decorated with modern lighting equipment.
  • Fireplaces, stoves, stove - Interior attributes that define the room right tone.
  • With high ceilings, you can make the second level and to place there a study or bedroom.
  • loft room is made in 2-3 colors, which are suitable to all the other colors, or, conversely, contrasting. The color scheme of the interior decoration should not consist of very bright colors.
  • Permissible to use as a modern multi-functional pieces of furniture and old furniture with peeling paint, it can be a little bit broken.

To create a loft style in the interior, the most commonly used concrete walls. But as the gray concrete is hardly conducive to comfort, his dyed in different shades - light and dark, gives a different texture. Skillful hands can create incredibly beautiful combination of modern design using concrete. Not necessarily make completely concrete walls, it can be only one. This material is more expressive with classic skirting molding or ceiling.

Masonry walls creates an interesting design. No less texturally look of wood finish. Combining elements of brick and wood is ideal for creating the desired image. Loft style involves the use of metal, but not in large numbers in the style of hi-tech. You can add some metal objects such as pipes, beams, frames. In order to emphasize the interior design, it is better to use a plaster. Modern glass wall or partition used to separate some great room from the kitchen and bathroom.

Allocate 3 directions loft style:

In the bohemian way most apartments resemble large abandoned industrial premises destination. Finishing striking his imagination, which is so characteristic of all creative people. Old furniture with a history dilutes industrial. Decorations for the walls can serve as modern art or photo. In the context of the apartment you can find sculptures, flower arrangements, musical instruments.

Glamorous design is more original, it fits all. It is dominated by pastel colors, but in a rather unusual manner. Gray color of the walls can be combined with a lilac. The variety of lighting elements, such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps create interesting accents. Too rough industrial premises atmosphere diluted with something elegant, such as the Baroque chairs.

Industrial design was more widespread. Normal residential interior filled with the features of the industrial pomescheniya.Kvartira decorated pipes, chains, wire windings. To create an industrial environment selected strict geometric design furniture.

Furniture in the interior in the style of a loft

Furniture, purchased in antique shops, flea markets, found in attics, will give a bohemian atmosphere. Beds of steel forged components, chairs perfectly complement the project.

But if you need to give a glamorous interior shades, the furniture corresponding selected. Classical furniture always gives the atmosphere luxurious decoration. The interior in the style of a loft it will contrast, making the situation more refined. Industrial design is characterized by a more minimalist furniture, geometrically correct shape. Therefore, there is placed a rectangular bed, chairs and a table. Wardrobe will be superfluous, so it is best to put the open clothes hangers.

Furniture helps to divide the space, since there are no walls in the loft. Bed will provide a sleeping area, a large chair with chairs - dining area. But it is possible to create a complete partition to the bathroom.

Particular attention is to create appropriate conditions given to interior lighting. The light source must support the conceptual design ideas. And if he does not meet it, then it simply does not fit.

For spacious rooms surround the light source is selected. A large chandelier-spider, which has several lamps, aimed in different directions, complies with all the principles of this style.

Lighting fixtures can be made of elements such as glass, plastic, wood. Wire lampshades create a kind of industrial lighting fixtures. Bus lamps fit perfectly in the environment of industrial and decorated design.

Usually one lighting device is not enough to illuminate the entire space, because space is most often large. Then, it is better to use wall lights, emphasizing the overall design. It can be multi-point or string lighting system.

Although the project is in the loft and looks pretty sloppy, but in fact it all thought out and there are no superfluous details. It is important to choose the appropriate appliances, it must be up to date. Plasma TV will look good on the background of the stone walls, gas stove and refrigerator in a metal frame for such a situation and makes it more interesting.

Any classical vases, paintings, souvenirs would not be appropriate. You should use something more careless, such as old posters, black-and-white photos. Modern paintings also fit perfectly there. Not necessarily hang them on the wall, you can simply attach to it.

ANSP will look nice, made of different elements, such as leather, glass, wood. metal, and so on. d.

It is difficult to create accent, but still is to provide a central place of the interior, which will attract the eye. This may be a piece of furniture such as an unusual mat or plant area.

Consider the style of a loft in the interior of the different rooms.

Living room - the most comfortable room in the apartment. View of bare concrete walls are unlikely to please everyone and will contribute to comfort.

So you can leave one raw wall and the rest cover the plaster or paint. Concrete beams on the ceiling create an industrial look. They can embellish with white paint. It is not necessary to repair imperfect ceiling, it will only help to create the right atmosphere.

It is important to know. The loft-style any wallpapers will be irrelevant.

Windows also does not need decoration, so the curtains are not needed there. The window can be left not curtained, but if it seems completely out of place, then you can hang the blinds. Floors should also remain open, carpets in such a situation will not look. Posters, old photos, clocks on the walls will create the desired mood of the interior.

Quite often, the kitchen is not separated from the living room, this is especially true for modern houses built. To separate these two areas can be via furniture or by transparent walls.

Smooth or brick walls in the kitchen is a classic of the genre, which is suitable for all rooms. If you can not lay a brick wall of the present, the finish can be used as artificial materials, the design will not be harmed. Wooden or metal beams on the ceiling give an industrial look. The kitchen ceilings may also be covered with plaster.

Kitchen apron coated monochromatic tiles or metal sheets will enhance the image, to give a certain roughness. Simple furniture without any decor creates the desired effect. It can be made of steel, wood, plastic, glass. Main skillfully combine different textures. The kitchen allowed the large number of household appliances, but no furniture. On the loft can accommodate modern kitchen equipped with a plasma TV, a coffee machine.

The interior living space is difficult to achieve the desired goal, but it is possible. Making repairs bedroom, you can make some concessions. Floors made up on rugs, window curtain curtains.

In order to highlight the desired style of the interior, it is necessary to choose the appropriate bed. It should have a simple, uncluttered form, a wooden or metal frame of steel. Near the bed can put tables or boxes where you can put things. Bed decorated with monotonous blanket.

A brick wall will highlight style loft. To finish the remaining walls can use a monochromatic paint. In order to create an appropriate design, you can use special wallpaper that mimic the masonry. On the ceiling can be installed ceiling and chandelier can be made of crystal. The atmosphere fit perfectly rare lamps, lamps.

In the interior of a bedroom loft will look good as a modern plasma TV and old phone. The walls are decorated with black and white photographs, or posters.

Loft apartment should be visible to everyone right from the hallway. If the apartment is new, it has not yet been repaired, then translate that style will be much easier.

Surely, in this apartment were brick or concrete walls, which is needed for this style. They simply leave it as it is. If this option seems to be quite uncomfortable, it can be plastered wall hallway.

Ceilings can also be left as is or paint them white. Floor is lined with laminate or tile light, but it is better to use the board. The hall will look good, old-fashioned furniture and hanger.

Furniture can be composed of wardrobe, but without glass doors. Simple ceiling on the ceiling illuminate the hall, and a few lamps are also superfluous. If the hallway to put a modern wardrobe, then select the style you can use an old table and a floor lamp. When the whole apartment is made in the loft, the bathroom is also necessary to choose the decor, which is the principles of the loft.

Not all people can live in such an environment. Romantic nature is not suitable industrial style. Creative people contrary will feel comfortable in it.

Rich people like to equip their homes in this way. But the style of a loft in the interior can allow people with average incomes. To create a loft in his apartment, do not have much money to spend on repairs, purchase of furniture and expensive finishing materials.

The owners of apartments with free planning. Plenty of space, large windows give the space to bring all their imagination.

Young people who do not want to be like everyone else, can also equip their home with their own hands in this way. This interior is not standard, original and inherent not everyone.

It is important to know. You should not equip your apartment in this style, if the house lives a little child. This style may adversely effect on his psyche, which has not yet been formed. Family people better find a more klassicheskky interior.

Loft style in the interior

Very peculiar, unusual, combining incongruous style loft subtle and blends harmoniously with the modern chaotic world forever hurrying or looking for inspiration to the residents of the metropolis.

Story loft style in the interior

Originally, the word "loft" is the top floor. In the forties of the twentieth century due to the rise in prices for land tax, factories and workshops in New York had to be moved from the center of the big city to the suburbs. Freed of the building, mainly loft in Manhattan, began to settle in the young artists: they are attracted by the low cost facilities for rent, as well as their own functional characteristics (large and high rooms, large windows). Here they can hold exhibitions, equipped for employment in a word - they created.

To the 50-th years of the twentieth century apartments of the upper floors of the former factories have become very much in demand and have risen in price. And then in these apartments the owners have moved the money demanded by the lawyers and financiers, elite began to rent a large room in the historic center of the city. And the apartments turned into luxury housing. Then, for young artists such housing was not Kormann. From this point on dwelling in the "garage" or "attic" has turned into loft style

Features loft style in the interior

The main feature of the loft style in the interior of a large room, do not share a room in the room, creating a just sitting areas or cooking. For this purpose furniture, artificial barriers, the separation of light and other visual zoning methods.

Typically, a loft room, apartment or house - is the presence of a large space. The loft-style room interior uses seemingly incompatible materials, open communication.

The main materials used in the decoration of this style is a brick for the walls, floor concrete, wood for furniture, glass for windows and steel.

Various pipes, ventilation system can be open - it emphasizes industrial past loft style

Recognizable style loft in the interior - is a large room, with brick walls, painted or plastered rough bearing of the walls, floors, natural materials, modern technology and a minimal amount of furniture.

Apartment loft style in the interior

1. The large space.

Large room in the loft without walls (except bathrooms) create a will to work, to be implemented in all kinds of interior housing ideas. The ability to "breathe a full breast" - a manifestation of the breadth of the space without visible obstacles with open floor plan.

2. High ceiling modern style loft.

Unattainable ceiling, rough appearance, overt ventilation pipes - is one of the innovative solutions design loft-style apartments, which requires the fullness of light and chaos of perception in one person.

3. Functional areas of modern style loft.

Lighting solution, contrasting combination of colors and shades correctly zoned parts and corners of the room. Furniture is not standing against the wall in the loft, and in some corners of the room fulfills this role quite easily. Changing the position of the sofa and a couple of cabinets a different location, such as recreational areas.

4. The main studio finishing tool in the loft-style - rough plaster, rough brickwork, concrete.

Notes abandoned building, a separate kind of cozy residential area - a traditional feature of the loft.

5. Ceiling - rough wooden beams. Uncouth, texture and unattainable, they are one of the focus of this style are changing the perception of the traditional notion of property.

6. Gender - ottsiklevannoe tree. This coating, in which nice to walk barefoot in the early morning to watch the light glare playing zazubinkah board.

7. Large windows without curtains.

Zaokonny view sees no obstacles in the form of curtains, blinds and other window elements traditionally decorated.

8. Furniture style loft- semantic center of the room.

Antique furniture looks good along with the modern road, harmoniously combining in any arrangement. Movable cabinets, shelving allows depending on the mood swap. Simple and functional furniture, loft-style flatters the soul and warms the heart as provided owners with a creative nature, and owners with acute financial issue.

9. A large number of unusual items. Of different ages, colors and materials of the interior items are able to bring harmony to the house. New products and technological progress, glass tables and rough metal lamps complement each other perfectly.

10. The general spirit of Urbana. From this design apartment in the loft-style blows a big bustling city, crowded cold metal and rough concrete. But ukratit neukratimoe quite possible, especially competent hands of a creative person.

The kitchen in the loft is usually combined with the interior of the living room or dining room, or rather it is one space divided by visual methods: changes in materials, color schemes, decorative materials. Li Bo is installed rack which visually separates the kitchen from the living room.

Modern kitchen interior in the 20 square meters in the style of Loft

Apron decorated with a brick, emphasizes the presence of the loft style

Stand visually divides the space and performed in the style of a loft

Decorative brick in the modern interior loft style

Kitchen combined with a loggia and is made in the style of a loft

The shape of kitchen furniture is chosen depending on the method of zoning of the room. However, preference is given to simple forms with clean lines and functional component

Loft style kitchen interior asked for introduction of functional zones, which can be isolated using various methods zoning:

The dining room can be separated by means of a light: excellent for this purpose, lamps on a long suspension, hanging from the high ceiling. If the ceilings are low in the kitchen, you can use the built-in spotlights aimed at the ceiling itself.

From the bottom part of the space division can distinguish kitchen and dining room, using various coating. For example: ceramic tile can be used in the kitchen, a laminate or parquet board in the dining room.

Work area in the kitchen, you can highlight by making an apron made of ceramic tile, for comfort at work, or decorative brick, metal or glass.

Loft style bedroom interior

Loft style in the interior bedroom furniture consists of an easy to use and functional.

Bedroom may be separated from furniture or opaque partition the remaining space.

The bed, made in a minimalist style, perfectly suited to the bedroom loft. In addition, it may include a roomy boxes. Remember in the interior of the loft style, you should avoid the cabinets. If you can not do without the cabinet, it is better to use the built-in furniture, which will merge with the general background of the room.

Part of the bedrooms can be called a walk-in closet in the loft. But the wall of the room clearly supports interior

  • Recognizable features loft style -Kirpich. It can be a natural and decorative. In both cases, it looks very realistic

TV stand on the brick wall background,

It makes the interior of the bedroom prefabricated house in the loft

Typical bedroom flats converted into loft-style interior

Interior Bedrooms example of a multistory building in loft

Sex under the tree and a window from floor to ceiling, this loft style

Decorative wooden beams sostarinye, give solidity loft style in the interior

Interior stylish and modern bedroom loft style with a twist

High ceiling - it is always an advantage in loft

Small but with style loft interior

Interior Loft style - a style with minimal furniture. When designing the need to take this into account and provide storage space and more seating. Yet there is also furniture should be placed near the wall. You can use the built-in cabinets or racks with open shelves.

Interior furniture in the loft can be old or new era, but most importantly with the milder forms. Traditionally, in this style furniture made of durable plastic, wood quality, strong steel, coating of leather and aluminum (with the use of tabs of plastic or metal, and chromium in the furnish).

By Loft furniture also fits: comfortable sofa bed, open shelves, metal racks on wheels, folding chairs, comfortable chairs with wheels.

Key points: direct and simple seat corresponding decor furniture. Everything should be functional and concise.

Modern furniture in the interior style minimalism is ideal for studio or loft-style apartment with an interior in the loft style. Volume, large space - this is what you need in our style and it is important to remember to position furniture for the interior in the loft.

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The interior in the style of a loft

Loft - one of the most paradoxical style, that combines bohemian and underground. The interiors in the loft-style embody the conceptual approach to the space, which arose at the intersection of poverty and luxury. They demonstrate how the most unfriendly, unfit for habitation industrial objects are transformed under the influence of art, turning into luxury apartments and shocking.

In English, the Loft (loft) is non-residential premises, usually - attics or unequipped attic. In a wider sense - is abandoned industrial building, typically single-storey under high roof. Later it is the latter value is fixed for the term, denoting the main feature of the new urban style.

Loft with brick wall

Adaptation of warehouse and industrial buildings for housing was the basis of the interiors in the loft style. Free planning and space, contrast of rough finishing and fine, pointed cozy accessories - a riddle appeal of this bold, shocking style does not give rest to the imagination.

Before proceeding to such interesting projects as a loft in his apartment, it is useful to get acquainted not only with the principles and techniques as the original interior decoration, but also with the history of its origin, to understand the logic of the innovative approach to the organization of living space.

Style minimalist loft quartile

Loft is a style of interior decoration, it appeared in the middle of the last century. By the 1950s in the United States rose sharply the price of land in the center of major cities: Chicago, New York, resulting in factory output began outside the city. However, developers do not have time to build up the liberated territory, and buy a new apartment in the center of the industrial capital could allow myself a few. So let industrial facilities began to hastily converted into low-cost housing and for nothing to rent.

It was a shelter for the poor. No walls, even the ceiling above his head was not always - more beams and roof slopes. Minimal improvement was limited by the presence of kitchen and bathroom.

The working area in the loft apartment

Plumbing pipes and inherited from the previous factory ventilation systems and other technological communication completed the harsh spartan appearance of new industrial American style.

These were the first living quarters in the loft style. And they would have remained forgotten milestone in the history of architecture, though spacious and cheap square footage of the former factory premises are not chosen by the artists who began to equip them in their studios.

First of all, they are attracted by the opportunity to shoot for a song a huge area, which began to organize art exhibitions. Often fabric is placed directly on the floor, leaning against the wall. Huge windows let in plenty of light, high ceilings, and the lack of partitions created an incredible feeling of space and clutter beams and metal structures became a magnificent backdrop for a new style of painting, opposing stereotypes.

Contact with the art could not but reflect on the interior: on the background of the rough texture of the walls acquired a special expressiveness is not only the works of modern art, but also the bohemian elements of the situation - and this has been the loft, which is currently undergoing a rise in popularity. The artistic studio, which is located within the walls of an old factory could be seen velvet or leather sofa, antique bath on gilded legs, expensive carpet. At the same time, form a relationship to the environment and as a accessory to something again, special glamor was the desire to do small, do not clutter the space trinkets, use a minimum of functional furniture.

Art Nouveau in a large loft apartment

Young artists, opens at the industrial areas of their galleries, won world fame. The atmosphere uninhibited chic loft acquired connotation of elitism, formed interior style began to be perceived as an elite. Cheap once converted into a loft-style warehouse facilities, shipyards and factories, it has become expensive and prestigious apartments, that in America and Europe to the 60th years of XX century were at the peak of popularity.

Minimalism and concrete walls

Loft in the interior of modern apartment

With what the rise of interest in the loft? First of all, it is a protest against the prevailing bourgeois standards, making the home similar to each other. Finishing techniques, principles of zoning and the selection of furniture are too predictable, no matter how popular styles you choose.

The situation is different loft - it's always unexpected solutions, a revolutionary approach to space and space for the imagination of the artist.

Is it possible to recreate the loft style in the interior of modern apartment, far from the image of colorful factory buildings of the last century?

Wooden banks in the interior two-storey apartment

To answer this question, let's try to start with, highlight the main features of the classic loft:

  1. Large, free partition space from several hundred to a thousand square meters.
  2. High ceilings.
  3. Huge windows.
  4. Rough finish walls, floor and ceiling.
  5. The discovery of large metal structures - pipelines, ventilation and girders.
  6. Furniture for a small amount, but stressed stylish.

If it is not a reconstruction of industrial facilities and the creation on their residential areas, it is obvious that modern loft projects are aimed mainly at creating a special atmosphere in the interior of the flamboyant glamor of this style. Fashion designers successfully cope with this task. By what means? They play up the idea of ​​a large free space, "the factory" texture in the finish, elements industrial surroundings and original furnishings.

Industrial style in the design of the loft

Free planning and zoning

The principles of free zoning - the basis of the loft. Ideally, the room should be viewed in full. For partitions are en-bathroom and utility room, rarely - a bedroom.

Space and light - the main value, so the furniture in the interior is decorated in a loft style, should be a minimum, and it should not razmeschaetsya as usual - close to the walls and in the corners, as well as to space along the walls remains free.

A large chandelier of mirror balls

All things and most of the household appliances "hide" in the spacious utility room, leaving in a residential area just what is needed for relaxation and creativity. Utility room should be given special attention. There may be a few - they should stay in and walk-in closet, and a laundry room and pantry. Their function is very important - free residential area just outside of that detracts from the creativity and disturbs the aesthetics of the space.

With very high ceilings sometimes use vertical zoning, create an "open floor", which is in the style of a loft used as a rule for private areas. For example, it may be a bath, from which it will be opened view of the first floor. Also on the top floor, you can make a bedroom.

Retro style in the design of the loft

Necessary elements of interior decoration in the style of a loft:

For expressive loft characteristic texture of the walls and ceilings - brickwork, concrete, plaster or rough without the masking material building blocks. If the walls in the room are smooth, then use a tile that mimics a brick, and a special decorative plaster. For walls and sections, you can use a different finish, which, incidentally, plays an important role in the zoning premises. For example, three walls cleaned up old brickwork and plaster fourth. Another option - to apply textured plaster on the central portion of the long wall, thus highlighting the dining area or sitting area. When painting walls using cold shades.

Classic style industrial loft

Deliberately rough "unfinished" finish creates the effect of negligence, democracy, unassuming. However, this ascetic background leather sofa even the simplest form or grandmother's shelves are perceived as a luxury item, which gives the interior a special loft-style chic.

heating, water and gas pipes do not hide behind screens or false walls, and "parade" as desired style surroundings. Often standard pipe replaced more massive. Metal elements are not color or color "under the metal."

Walls quite extraordinary. They can be painted with graffiti, decorated with posters, advertising posters, metal signposts. An element of sophistication - large paintings by contemporary artists, which are often carelessly placed directly on the floor, leaning against the wall.

Making kitchen in the loft apartment

Sex usually coated tiles "on a stone" or wooden plank "aged" slats.

The ceiling is painted in a bright color or silver. Sometimes the ceiling paving large, "industrial" shiny metal tubes, in analogy with factory communications, as well as "carrier" metal beams.

For lighting, you can use a rare factory lamps hanging from the ceiling. But the truly powerful beam of light, creating an atmosphere of an industrial plant, provide the LED lighting on the bus systems.

Windows, if they are large (ideally - from the floor) - no curtain. If they are small, or the landscape behind them too different from urban use blinds.

The interior of the loft to the furniture must meet the following requirements:

  • it should be small,
  • it must be stylish,
  • between furniture and walls should be left wide aisles.

When you deliberately simple decoration of the premises any large, bright thing is evident - it is important that it was not a primitive product off the assembly line. Preference is vintage or ultra-modern designer furniture.

The kitchen in the industrial style

By the way, is now actively used materials - plastic, leather, aluminum - were first used in the production of furniture in the loft. It is safe to acquire Wheelchair long sofas, plastic folding chairs, metal shelving and interior metal hangers instead of wardrobes - all those who have become traditional pieces of furniture originated with loft, they naturally complement this interior.

Pieces of furniture in the loft inappropriate. Wooden shelves and racks have no place even in back rooms - instead they set light metal racks. High cabinets disturb visual unity space, moreover, all that is stored in them it may be taken in the back.

Loft for large windows

Furniture can be antique or modern, as long as it was expressive, attracting the attention of the thing: luxurious banquette upholstered with expensive or stylish leather sofa from IKEA - and that, and another can become a center of attraction in the interior of the loft.

Of all the styles of furniture to the loft is not suitable, perhaps, country, ethnic style and cheap furniture, which will decrease the interior only status. Absolute preference for metal, plastic and leather furniture.

A very important point: to avoid the placement of furniture and equipment at the walls. It is necessary to achieve a great sensation, open, empty space, in which islets attend inhabited areas.

Brickwork in the former factory

The kitchen area features a rarity kitchen equipment in the style of the 1950s (or stylized it), or the well-equipped but small kitchen in the spirit of high-tech. Chrome-plated metal surfaces, as well as technological innovations - are welcome. Well, if it will resemble a small kitchen of the restaurant or cafe with professional equipment - table tops, shelves and screen made of stainless steel, coffee maker, breakfast bar and wine glasses. In this case, the kitchen should be very compact and does not focus on the attention.

Small kitchen in the loft

In the dining area allowed any design refinements, but the table will let in a minimalist style or high-tech - made of metal, plastic and glass. As a complement of contrast in the spirit of eclecticism, you can use a collection of antique chairs or low sideboard handmade.

Fireplace in living room

Sofa upholstered, comfortable chair, fluffy carpet will create an oasis of calm and relaxation in the cool space of the industrial environment. Luxury atmosphere in this area is possible to emphasize the artist's canvases.

And another important point - Loft welcomes any technology news, anyway, without the high-end audio and video equipment it is difficult to imagine. Home Theater and powerful audio center will look bold and shocking on the background of an old factory interior.

A small second floor for office

Bedroom may be isolated by partitions, it is withdrawn at the second floor or sleeping area is isolated in the studio. The zoning plays an important role lighting and flooring. It is possible that the role of the conventional partition is a low cabinet or chest of drawers, which will emphasize the privacy of the area.

High metal bed - an absolute favorite in the bedroom loft. Bedside tables also bear the stamp of antiquity. Do not forget about fashionable fixtures in pop art style. Built-in wardrobe make the most inconspicuous, but capacious - in the sleeping area should reign perfect order.

Bedroom in classic loft

Bathroom can be equipped in a radically different styles:

  1. Eclectic, with elements of vintage antiques.
  2. Technogenic ultra-hi-tech

The difference is due, primarily, choice of sanitary equipment.

If you turned up good fortune to buy an old cast-iron bathtub in the "golden" legs-legs, it makes sense to place it in the center of the sanitary units, choose the closest in spirit to the plumbing, use aged (patina) metal shelves and create a unique vintage atmosphere. Dull mirror in the old frame to support the illusion of time travel. Fine, matt mosaic tiles, vintage shower, bidet and old-fashioned open metal - steel or brass - pipe complete interior design of a bathroom in the loft.

If the old equipment is not available, then it makes sense to focus on plumbing updates. Gloss chrome, enamel and mirrors, the most advanced form, halogen spotlights, a jacuzzi and a multifunctional shower will effectively contrast with the old-fashioned gutters and uneven masonry walls.

Podium for delineation of space

Industrial style does not tolerate small trinkets and decor items. It is better to decorate the interior of one or two large, expressive objects: an expensive vase, fine statue, designer armchair or a pair of paintings by young artists - abstract or in the style of pop art, contemporary loft.

Historically loft style presupposes fireplace (or furnace). If it is possible to arrange a vintage wood burning fireplace or a modern, hi-tech, but equipped with the old pipe, it will give the interior a special charm.

If the room is arranged in a high second floor bathroom and bedroom, and more - to do both, by the construction of the ladder should be approached responsibly. It can not only connect the two floors, but also to become memorable décor. It can be styled by helical attic stairs cast iron, wrought iron or cast concrete. And you can create an imitation folding "aged" design.

Designers are three areas in the loft:

The hipster loft (also called "Boho-loft") interior furnishings formed of multi-style things, as if purchased at a flea market. New bright objects are combined with aged, worn, and avant-garde art objects coexist with cheap kitsch.

Glamorous loft filled with luxurious antiques, refurbishing to shine. The mirrors reflect glare tens lamps. Along with baroque furniture easily coexist trendy designer items made of glass and metal. All the glitters. But the main thing - the cold gray scale in the glamorous loft is replaced by warm pastel shades, including pink and purple serene. Against the background of coarse fragments of brick and concrete walls, it looks especially ... naive and glamorous.

Industrial loft is possible where space allows to recreate the industrial design, close to the old days of the Cold factory. In contrast with legacy communications and metal building structures, used provocatively stylish furniture in the spirit of minimalism and high-tech, the latest kitchen and sanitary equipment, plasma screens "in the wall" and advanced acoustic technology.

Photo: Loft in Art Nouveau style

Loft style apartments in the interior of the ordinary - an easy start

Based on the different directions in a loft style, which may not necessarily be used in "pure form", even in the reconstruction of the relatively small (less than 100 square meters) apartment is possible to recreate the original appearance poluindustrialnyh-poluzhilyh spaces and fill them with the spirit of freedom, ease and luxury. More opportunities provides a large detached house, which does not limit the imagination of the designer.

Many typical features loft actively and successfully used in the design of the modern interior - open plan, textured brick walls, a combination of high technology and antiquity. Fashionable furniture in minimalist Scandinavian style, continues its tradition - metal, leather, plastic, glass, bright colors, concise form. Elements of eclecticism, manifested in the art deco style, it has also long been loved. In fact, all the features of a loft style of become accustomed.

Maybe it is due, and a new wave of interest in the seemingly irrational provocative style. When all quite familiar elements are combined, there is a completely new and revolutionary way that pleases novelty, originality and invigorating shocking updated interior in the loft.

The interior in the style of a loft

Style loft surprisingly versatile in terms of registration of premises for different purposes and for different categories of people. It is used for decoration of restaurants, clubs and offices. The interiors of houses and small apartments. Wealthy people and those who intend to save money on repairs. It is appropriate and in the room of a teenager, and in the artist's studio.

Of course, not everyone will dare to design the interior in such an original way. Typically, the loft - a dream of creative people, for which a similar project itself - a holiday, and the subsequent life in the interior is decorated in a vintage style, pushing to new daring challenges.

Photo Gallery - the interior in the style of a loft:

Home Security: what needs child

The interior of the week: The house of Louise Brooks

What else to check?

We also want our future loft in LCD KleynHaus divided into 2 levels, good ceiling height pohvolyaet, and bring the bedroom on the second level. Loy loft better and not come up. Large windows illuminate both floors.

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