The design and the interior is very small kitchen

It's no secret that the most frequently visited place mistress - this is the kitchen. However, not all women are the owners of a large kitchen. And so you want to this room was functional, comfortable, and most importantly, comfortable.

For help in solving this problem will come designers tips that you can use and implement the proposed ideas into reality.

square kitchen

For the square Kitchen corner fit headset. They can be convenient to distinguish between working and dining area. With this solution, refrigerator, washer and a plate can be arranged so that they will form a working triangle. All need to be within walking distance.

On the contrary Headset can put the dining table oval. For such a table can accommodate a large number of people.

If the design of the kitchen very small, such as 2 * 2 m, fit the folding table.

Wide window can be used as a dining area.

For rectangular kitchen furniture is better positioned along the walls. Instead, the dining table is better to give preference to the bar.

For visual expansion on the walls of the room you can hang a large mirror or a mirrored set kitchen apron.

Blinds for this embodiment is preferably selected from a large pattern.

We need to think about additional light as the working area should be well illuminated. If the window is small and located on the same wall, without light can not do.

Door in a small kitchen can be sliding - to save space.

In such areas generally have niches or projections space. In the recesses of the walls looks great built-in wardrobe. It is possible to place utensils, appliances.

Also in the niche it can take the refrigerator or unusual built-in bar. Kitchen set for a kitchen is better to make to order or choose this option, in which the upper cabinet doors will rise vertically.

Rules for the choice of furniture for kitchen small size

  1. Guide should be, first and foremost, a matter of comfort and only then - own taste preferences. For example, you should not buy a favorite bulky buffet in solid wood, which carries a minimum functional load, and thus clutter the already small room.
  2. First we need to consider all existing types of planning. This will greatly help food plan, drawn on paper. One option necessarily suitable for decorating small kitchens.
  3. In small rooms look much better hanging cabinets, shelves and other furniture elements. You should also choose the highest possible shelves, literally abutting the ceiling - they will help to save space in the room.
  4. It is recommended to make rational use of all available angles, setting them of the set, home appliances and other important items.

Choosing furniture for a small kitchen, it should take into account such parameters as volume and ergonomics. Set must be as compact in appearance, but sufficiently capacious. Do not choose the furniture, reminiscent of the structure of the huge boxes. It should be fairly easy and pretty, and occupy all the corners, niches and other useless space.

A huge role also plays a visual perception of the kitchen units. This means that it is extremely important color of the furniture, which will be installed in a small room. Visually enlarge the space will help bright glossy surface.

However, it not recommended to buy the set, the color of which exactly matches the color of wall decoration. It is also very important to arrange the bright accents that enliven the room and give it flavor.

Make the kitchen visually longer help some design tweaks. The mirror surface will give the depth of the room, exactly the same function and execute door glass shelves, chrome metal handles and so on. It is important to respect the harmony of the kitchen to look stylish and attractive.

No less important to arrange the furniture in the kitchen. For small rooms it is recommended to choose a straight or L-shaped layout, abandoning the island, U-shaped and two-line layout. Also, for a very small kitchen is ideal for built-in furniture that helps to save space as much as possible.

Every woman wants to use household appliances, greatly facilitate the process of cooking, these include food processor, blender, microwave, cooker, breadmaker, multivarka. And there's a coffee maker, electric kettle, freezer, toaster. How does all this place in a room that has a very modest size?

Designers are advised to use the highest possible closets with deep niches in which you can easily hide some of these items, bring them out of necessity. Place on a working surface can be an electric coffee maker and, as the most frequently used devices.

For storage of home appliances are also perfect cabinets with narrow Rollets doors, is located between the lower and upper tier headset.

Save space in the bottom row will help narrow dishwashers and ovens. Sami cabinets should be equipped with appropriate mechanisms to ensure quick and easy access to the desired device.

The selection of such mechanisms large - Zapashnye, folding, rotating carousel, folding and so on. Competently organize the space small kitchen is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Here you can give some basic recommendations:

  • fit bright, warm shades for a small room.
  • It is important to take into account a sufficient number of ingress of natural or artificial light the work area.
  • Wall color should also be light shades.
  • More than two colors in the small kitchen it is better not to use, otherwise the stay there can be a psychologically comfortable.
  • "Painted" wall in a small room, too, are not relevant.
  • The color of the furniture should be in harmony with the walls.
  • An excellent solution is a transparent glass or furniture, which seems weightless and increases the space.
  • Transforming tables light tones complement the interior of a small kitchen.
  • A good part of the decor a little kitchen will be Roman blinds or shutters.

How to provide space savings in a small kitchen

Save space in the kitchen of modest size can be a number of ways:

  • Maximize the use of such devices, such as suction cups, hooks and special magnets, with which you can store different kitchen stuff.
  • Set in an extra shelf cabinets, and then their capacity to increase significantly.
  • Properly used every free corner to set the home appliances or corner cabinets.
  • At the top of the headset can be set roomy boxes for storage devices and rarely used items.
  • If the cabinet is not high enough, and above it is recommended to arrange an additional shelf, it is an excellent place to store utensils.
  • All the pans should be placed on a special mechanism reylingovom clasped them together.
  • A special side stand, attached to the door of the headset, you can store baking paper, foil, plastic wrap, garbage bags and other kitchen stuff.
  • Directly under the sink should be positioned a tension rod, placing her used to clean household chemicals.
  • Books and magazines with your favorite recipes recommend that you store on a separate shelf, attached to the free space of one of the walls. This shelf can also be set directly on the refrigerator.
  • To save space on work surfaces and cupboards should use the wall dryer dish.
  • Chopping boards convenient to hide in the side "pockets" that are attached to the inner side of the lower cabinets.
  • By sidebar headset can be attached to the metal ledge for storing utensils.
  • you should use a special tape affixed to the wall in the area of ​​"apron" for storing knives and other small metal objects. The same tape can be used to store small jars with spices.
  • All items with long handles, should be collected and put in one place.
  • Normal office paper holder, which are used in offices, can be adapted to store bottles and thermoses.
  • Help relieve cabinets wall shelves.
  • Additional shelves on high legs can be set on a work surface.
  • Table in a small kitchen can be installed foldable by attaching the table top to a wide windowsill.
  • Above the working area can be placed hanging design, using its storage Kovshikov, ladles, pans and other similar items.
  • Working with cutting board can be simple on the surface, turn off the hotplate.
  • Dry the dishes can be not bulky dryer, and a soft microfiber mat that quickly absorbs moisture and did not take place in the kitchen.

Mistakes are often made when equipping a small kitchen

The owners of small and cramped kitchens often make mistakes in planning, preventing them from using the room to maximize the functionality, while not cluttered with unnecessary his interior. How to equip a small kitchen? Understand this question can be the example of the most common mistakes.

The kitchen does not have enough space to store the necessary utensils. To avoid this, you should learn how to effectively use the free vertical space. Small shelves and cabinets can be installed over the stove, refrigerator, or even directly on the ceiling.

Working surface is too small. This is done in order to save space, but in fact such a decision only helps large kitchen cluttering. Continue the work surface, you can use a folding table tops or bar.

Failure of the hood to save space. Unfortunately, ingrained bad smell completely spoil the impression of even the most elegant cuisine. Without drawing in a small room can not do. Designers are advised to choose compact models. If needed, the hood can be hidden behind the facade of the headset.

As you can see, a small kitchen - it is not a reason to be upset. With a competent and rational approach to the design of the rooms can be as a result get a comfortable and functional kitchen.

Interior design of modern small kitchen

Many owners of "Khrushchev", as well as apartments with layouts of this type are not willing to put up with the oppressive narrowness of kitchen, which they got.

Everybody is trying to find projects, photos, modern, for example, in 2017, the idea of ​​such a small kitchen design, which can make them more comfortable.

We have collected the most interesting and relevant in one place, in this article, will be a lot of pictures!

Minimalism and practicality are an integral part of any interior design small kitchen. Remember that a small area available to you need to place all of the most essential elements that are easy to use.

With such a task is not as easy to handle as it seems at first glance, but it is absolutely real. In fact, all described below tips can be, anyway, be attributed to attempt to follow this concept.

Modern materials and technologies - sounds quite generalized, but it is the key to diversity and finding the ideal solution. In particular this applies to furniture.

Important for you to know and understand that the kitchen furniture is best to order it instead of buying ready-made kitchen units in a furniture store. For small spaces, this rule is especially important, because on account of every square centimeter.

The photo kitchen in a modern style with a bar. This design solution helps to solve the problem of lack of space for a dining table.

To date, manufacturers of furniture can offer you a wide variety of embodiments of the kitchen furniture for a small kitchen both on external parameters and the internal filling.

The most popular material for furniture is the use of MDF. This is the best solution for most consumers in the price range, and on possible color solutions.

Moreover, we should not forget about new technologies and mechanisms: you can order all the possible pull-out system, comfortable and light shelves, gloss or matte surface, installation of lighting in all corners of the headset.

Bright juicy colors and are popular with interior designers in 2017.

Transparent elements allow one fell swoop to get several advantages.

Firstly, it is modern. Such elements as transparent ceiling fittings and fixtures to hinged create marvelous visual tandem.

Secondly, it is transparent, it is virtually invisible. For example, a transparent plastic chairs almost "eat" space and a very nice look.

Pull-out furniture and table-trasformery particularly relevant to the design of modern small kitchen, a photo of which are shown below projects.

More and more people refuse to bulky tables and chairs to furniture that hides in headsets or leans against the wall. The use of these elements allows the correct time for the hostess actually change your kitchen as she comfortably.

Moreover, when "hide" the dining table, there are many areas for both adults and, for example, for children to play.

Maximum use of the useful kitchen area is in this original design of the headset, in which he takes the entire plot allotted to him - from the floor to the top.

Do not hesitate to order a high furniture, because it will be more space for kitchen utensils. With limited space and, as a rule, the budget, such an approach will help accommodate a maximum at minimum cost without creating the effect of a warehouse.

Household equipment is better to buy a built-in, as this will save a lot of space on your small-sized kitchen. There are special models of the narrow dishwashers, hobs, hoods, and even ovens are ideal for tiny rooms.

Tabletop (work surface) is best done from MDF or acrylic. Natural stone or quartz will be too heavy for a small headset that may adversely affect its structure.

Sometimes it makes sense to give up the door to the kitchen and log into it using the arch. Rejection of the standard doorway is due to the arched positive visual and spatial effect.

This solution eliminates the small room of the "compactness" and feelings of tightness in the four walls. On such a miniature kitchen, e.g., of 5 or 6 sq m, or hruschevke, more convenient and more comfortable to be than in the same, but with closed doors.

Continuing the theme of the door, then a good option is the sliding model. Their installation will help save a bit of useful space, plus it looks very modern.

Also, in some cases, you can go for more radical measures and combine the kitchen with your living room.

Such a decision can be increasingly found in modern projects, particularly youth apartments. Such plan called "studio" and allow smooth deficiencies a small area, thus making the kitchen comfortable and functional.

Incidentally, this kind of design small kitchens as pictured below, is one of the most popular modern ideas among young families in 2017.

If you have a small corner kitchen, then you have, in fact, two versions of layout: L-shaped or F-shaped. Each of them has its pros and cons that need to be taken into account before the final decision.

Choosing a style for a small kitchen

The most popular and suitable styles are the following:

  • Modern. This is a broad concept, which includes a variety of style, including those that will be described below. But in general, this involves the use of the style of fashion and modern materials in everything: furniture, decoration of the walls, the floor, the choice of lighting. Most of the photos that we put in this article show the interiors in this style.
  • Minimalism. Even the name of this style tends to suggest that it should be suitable for a small kitchen. And there is. Practicality, functionality, a minimum of decoration and maximum use of the useful area: this is its main features. See more examples of kitchens in minimalism style.
  • Classic does not mean old or outdated. It means giving up the catchy and challenging shapes, colors, contours, which are not to everyone's liking. Such examples are many and design kitchens in the classics is common. Traditional construction sets, floor and tile apron, without suspended ceilings and elaborate chandeliers, good-quality steel sink and flowers on the windowsill. You can look a separate collection of kitchen interiors in the classics.

Coverage should be given special attention. Since the room is small, it is possible to illuminate the central part of the compact chandelier or a pair of hinged lamps.

Desirable to illuminate the working area separately using LED strip or point garniturnaja lamps.

The only window is not worth zashtorivat and it is desirable to maximize the penetration of natural light.

It should be understood that the design of any small kitchen, without the use of modern ideas and approaches, doomed to failure. Especially it concerns the choice of material and pattern for pola.Odin misstep, and you will make an already small room visually less.

Our people are used to in the old lay on the kitchen floor a large tile that is not right in the bud. If the tiles, only small or medium in size. It can be said, the law.

It is also important to take into account a variety of coverage, we are talking about the kitchen. Floor it must be easy to wash off, be resistant to moisture. Ceramic tile, waterproof laminate, linoleum - the most optimal solutions.

For natural wood should be treated with some suspicion, because the material under the influence of moisture may be deformed.

Modern manufacturers today produce the board of the array, which is treated with special water-resistant compositions, but its price is quite impressive. Therefore afford quality wooden floors can not every owner of a small kitchen.

More budget option capable of visually expand a small space is glossy tiles. Look to the monotonous white, cream, beige options.

If desired, it can be combined with the tiles dark color (black, navy blue, maroon, brown), laying in a staggered pattern. Whether to make drawing even a square or a rhombus, each decides for himself.

Do not underestimate the glossy surface of ceramic tiles. It is remarkable and reflects the natural and artificial light, visually increasing the space.

Many designers spread it not only sex, but the walls and even the ceiling of a small room. Presumably, such a move will be very popular in 2017.

Also suitable and waterproof laminate, at its figure resembles a natural wooden floor. Please note that such panels should be laid not across the room, but along.

Effectively will look and installation of laminate flooring on the diagonal. Only you must understand that in this case the material flow is significantly higher than when the longitudinal installation.

Prefer lighter shades, because they are endowed with the ability to visually expand the space.

Linoleum - the cheapest material, resistant to water and amenable to simple cleaning. Deciding to opt for it, prefer bright solid color options, or coating, imitating wooden array.

Getting to repair the walls, most of you are faced with the need of alignment. What to take to properly prepare the surface, but without reducing the size of the room?

If defects are not particularly serious, they will help solve a small layer of putty. Otherwise, you need plasterboard paneling.

Can be pre-puncher remove old plaster layer. As a result, you will come to the same level to arrive at a perfectly flat surface.

Another tip: drywall sheets sadite glue, because the design of the profiles "steal" you have about 3-5 cm of usable area. Do not forget to pre-cleaned and primed the walls.

The prepared surface suitable for painting, wallpapering, application of decorative plaster, tiling.

What color to choose for the walls of a small kitchen?

The main rule here - avoid dark colors, they are visually much reduced space. So feel free to them carefully to such colors as:

Glossy ceramic tile can be used not only for the design of the working apron. Shiny surface of the wall in the dining room area will add visual space.

Wallpapers also choose plain and bright. Possible small unobtrusive picture or decorative panel on the wall, near where the dining table is located.

These rules must be observed and those who chooses a painting or decorative plaster.

Impressive and unusual wallpapers will look. Just make sure to ensure that the selected image does not overload the environment.

Perfectly suited seascapes, images of street cafes. The picture itself should be a continuation of your room, visually expanding it and making it more spacious.

To-date on the walls and a small kitchen will be the mirror. Not necessarily to buy a huge model of the entire wall. Create an original composition of several small mirrors.

Often the ceiling in small kitchens is quite low. You can just paint it with latex paint light or white wallpaper paste over.

But we're talking about modern solutions. We recommend a closer look at the plastic panels, suspended ceilings.

Plastic panel - an inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and the subsequent decision to leave. During installation they practically do not take away the already small kitchen height.

Deciding to opt for them, prefer bright, preferably white shades.

Suspended ceilings are often used in larger premises, but the correct material selection allow you to apply them in small spaces.

Should not be used in the design of the drywall sheets. Choose your SLR or rack design.

Shiny surface material guaranteed to make higher ceiling, visually expand the space, and the bright room and free.

The most stylish and impressive design will look stretched. During installation they will take only 2-3 cm. Of height that will have no critical impact on the visual perception of space.

Just do not give preference to matte, and glossy film. Color solution - anytime, as long as it was in bright colors. Several spotlights will make the picture more complete and spectacular.

Completing the design of a small kitchen, which is used for modern ideas, do not forget to give due attention to the selection of textiles and decorative items.

It is also important to avoid dark and heavy materials, as well as the main decoration. For the design of windows, use light translucent curtains, while heavy curtains better to exclude.

In the small-sized space often used every centimeter of free space. It is no exception and the windowsill, so the curtains on the small kitchen was chosen such length and configuration, so they do not clutter up your access to it.

Remember, a well-lit room always seems visually more spacious and cozy. Warm colors (red, orange, yellow and so forth.) Closer and reduce space, cold, on the contrary, appear to be more distant, thereby creating the visual effect of expansion.

Material choose practical and easy to clean. If you are near a window mounted cooker, the air curtain will be developing is not the best option, because it is a vivid example of a fire situation.

Today is not a problem to choose a fabric that would differ durability and practicality.

One such option - tulle. He does not attract dust, resistant to dirt, but well lets air and sunlight.

It is gaining popularity and photo-tulle. The variety of images allows to find adequate solutions to each customer.

A very popular modern solution for small kitchens are the blinds, fabric roller blinds, roman blinds in the kitchen. They will be concise frame of the window opening.

When choosing décor, you should also adhere to the principle of minimalism, even a little too far with the accessories you overload an already small space.

Do you want to hang on the wall painting, photo or poster? Select more than one, and a couple of small pictures, placed one above and the other slightly below the middle of the wall. This little trick will make the ceiling higher.

Accessories can choose bright colors. Against the background of the general laconic finish, they will look in a particularly effective and attractive.

Transparent and shiny decor - the choice of many of today's designers. It may be small vases, photo frames and paintings, kitchen accessories, Stands for hot and so on.

Fresh flowers now found in almost every kitchen. It is no exception, and a small room.

Lush indoor plants in pots is better to rearrange the volume in the other room. The kitchen is small limit to the exquisite composition.

Bright multi-colored violets, delicate orchids, spring primrose and other flowers fill the room with freshness, naturalness and give naturalness. It is appropriate to look and phase with fruit, standing on the dining table.

Design a small kitchen (75 photos)

  • Small kitchens - common problem of Soviet apartments. However, it applies to all types of budget accommodation, even in European countries and the United States. But the mere existence of the individual areas for cooking and eating - is already a lot, but to be in this kitchen was nice, only requires properly design the interior. For information on how to do this, read the article!

    Common mistakes in the design of a small kitchen

    It argued that at the area of ​​5-6 square meters absolutely nothing fit and comfort like food leaves much to be desired. By leading a number of errors.

    The first reason is cramped - too much overall furniture and appliances, which occupy a lot of space and do not fit in the room architecture.

    The feeling of confusion also arises from the large number of colors and textures when dishes or boxes with products stored on open shelves. Color dissonance between the walls, the ceiling and the suite also disturbs the harmony of space.

    Do not add comfort and left on the mind of the pipe and water pipeline and due to lack of proper ventilation hoods and suffers not only the mistress of health, but also the purity of the surfaces in the cooking area.

    Choosing the right plan

    Comfort kitchen area largely depends on the location of the headset, and so-called "working triangle" - refrigerators, cookers and washing. The triangular geometry was invented specifically for small spaces, in order to simplify the cooking process and make it more ergonomic.

    The main point of the activity should occur in the corners of the figures, between which the hostess will be able to move freely. The very same plan determined by the length of the walls, the location of doors, windows and communications. In close indoors best use constructions resembling the letter U and G. For open studios may well approach a linear, circular or island embodiment. And if you went to the kitchen corridor type (eg, communicating), it is best to use a parallel plan.

    Disposition of the square of a small kitchen

    For kitchens, where all the walls are the same length, ideal for U-shaped design. Thus one of the corners of the triangle is straight. Place the window should be left to sink and the stove and refrigerator are arranged symmetrically, toward the center of the deaf walls. This will provide quick access to the three main subjects.

    L-shaped layout, you can choose if you want to leave a free corner to the dining area. In this case, the sink is installed in a corner, and the rest - on the opposite side of it.

    Planning narrow (rectangular), small kitchen

    If the kitchen is narrow, it is for her the best choice would be a linear or parallel arrangement. In the first embodiment set in conjunction with bearing surfaces placed along one long wall, in the second - on the one hand and better placed sink plate and with the opposite - a refrigerator and cabinets with products.

    Planning a small odd-shaped kitchen

    Open kitchen, typical of the studio apartments, allows you to use any convenient layout system. For example, when the cooking area is separated from the living-resistant worktop with prefabricated hob and sink - will island type; if the partition is in the form of a semicircle - Oval.

    Interesting design options can be done if there are niches, large bay recesses or projections in the architecture of the room. You will need furniture, made by individual sketch.

    Adhering geometry and color of one of the following styles kitchen interior can make the most beautiful and functional.

    Small kitchen in the style of Provence

    The characteristic features of the style of Provence are the pastel shades, graceful flower ornaments and vintage enamel furniture. In general, this design gives the impression of lightness and tenderness.

    Small kitchen in a modern style

    Innovative materials, multi-tasking machines, mirrored surfaces and clear lines be sure to add the missing volume of a small kitchen, as well as making the cooking process is not only fast, but also enjoyable. It is a universal solution for the people who live in the rhythm of the 21st century.

    Features a loft - a brick wall without finishing, open communication, rude furniture and plenty of space. The kitchen, decorated in a style like the freedom-loving creative individuals.

    Small kitchen in country style

    Rustic style reminiscent of the summer vacation, holidays and summer residences. It has a lot of natural materials - used furniture from solid wood, tile under a stone, wooden floor. The oven can be styled in the spirit of real wood-fired oven and hood standing close imitation of the chimney.

    Small kitchen in high-tech style

    The hi-tech kitchen design includes substantially smooth surface, a lot of chrome highlights, mirror inserts and tinted glass. Flower prevails gloss white and gray, also available in black or blue specks.

    Small kitchen in the Scandinavian style

    Fashion on the North European design came together with IKEA stores. Scandinavian style is perfect for small spaces - all thanks to a bright winter colors in combination with the natural texture of granite and bleached wood.

    Small kitchen in classical style

    Balanced lines, soft glow and warm tones with gold accents make the kitchen in classic style model of true harmony. Such a situation would be quite appropriate in a small space to visually enhance and beautify it.

    Small kitchen in the style of minimalism

    minimalist motto - the invisible, the better. Smooth surfaces of kitchen furniture and appliances seemed to merge with the rest of the trim. No vivid detail, the decor or open shelves - only cleanliness and the correct line.

    Color solutions for a small kitchen

    Each shade carries some information that subconsciously perceived by the person. For example, white and pastel colors are reminiscent of clear sunny days; saturated - attract attention; dark - as if hiding the outlines of objects in the dark. Having carefully studied the spectrum, experts have deduced certain rules that should be followed during the design of small spaces. Chief among them - are used mainly light palette and use at the same time no more than 3 colors.

    Completely snow-white kitchen will always look clean and tidy. To make it homely, you can add a wooden textures and gray supplement will help facilitate the cleaning process.

    Neutral tint stone and steel - the ideal solution for cautious small kitchen design. It is easily pick up any modern technology. If desired gray color which is more saturated diluted splashes of rainbow palette.

    Many love the shade of cappuccino for its practicality. It is soft enough and warm color that is almost invisible spots. In the beige look good surrounded by white and brown elements.

    Small kitchen in shades of yellow, has the potential to become the most favorite place in the house. Moderately bright, this color creates a good mood and warm even on cloudy days. Yellow perfectly combined with white, light gray, green, as well as the majority of pastel colors.

    Cheerful colors of spring foliage in the kitchen create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Green is ideally complemented by brown and gray, and especially - the pattern of natural wood.

    The role of finishing in the interior of the kitchen is difficult to overestimate. The quality of the material depends on how durable will repair, and their appearance directly affects the aesthetics and comfort of the room.

    Considering the operation rate, flooring in the cooking zone should be as durable, moisture resistant, easily cleanable and, preferably, not slippery. It is best to meet these criteria linoleum, granite, ceramic tiles, as well as self-leveling floor based on polymer resins.

    In order not to "break" the already cramped space into smaller plots coverage worth doing monotonous, and the elements to choose large and glossy.

    To finish the walls in the kitchen can be used small moisture resistant paint compositions (acrylic latex and water-dispersion paints with the addition of anti-mold agents), stekloholost, washable vinyl wallpaper, plastic panels.

    Zone over a sink, a hob and worktop desirable to protect the ceramic covering (tiles, artificial stone smooth) or tempered tinted glass.

    The optimal variant of the ceiling decoration in a small kitchen - light tension film or just color. Smooth the surface and to avoid micro-cracks in the plaster will help fiberglass.

    The use of gypsum board (even the most damp-proof) and false plastic panels is undesirable - this will reduce the height of the room.

    Curtains in the kitchen should be used sparingly because they are not only quickly become contaminated, absorb odors, but also considered a fire hazard. If the window facing south, to protect themselves from the bright rays help short translucent curtains (tulle), a narrow strip of dense material, hung on the principle of the visor.

    Versatile enough options for small-sized kitchen are blinds and rolling bamboo products. Another convenient solution - folding accordion Roman blinds.

    Instead difficult to care for natural fabrics is better to give preference to the synthetic textile (polyester, nylon, polyester) with water-repellent and impregnating refractory.

    When choosing furniture for your small kitchen, you should pay attention not only on aesthetic design, but also on the build quality, ergonomics, as well as the type of materials used. All this subsequently will affect not only the functionality, but also on the health of inhabitants of the house. Dimensions necessarily need to be adjusted by the standards of the room and work surfaces to raise to a level suitable for the growth of the hostess.

    As the bulky and conspicuous element suite has a huge impact on the interior as a whole. In a small kitchen, he must be careful with closed shelves without noticeable reliefs and cracks. Plain facades without handles create the impression that this is not furniture, but just a wall and thereby facilitate the design of the room. For doors desirable to hide the hood, pipe or an overall technique.

    The simple design of kitchen units can be customized with a number of interesting apron, for example, placing the glass narrow wallpapers with panoramic views or making the color of the pixel mosaic tiles. Being in the recess, this site will not be evident, but it will give your space a highlight.

    A great success if the kitchen have enough space for a full dining area. Alas, the small-sized rooms can not always boast of such a supplement. In this case it is necessary to look for alternatives!

    A good solution for saving space in a small kitchen, may be narrow bar with stools, folding and folding structure. The role of the dining table could easily perform and sill if raise it with the metal brackets to the desired height.

    Equip area for family meals as possible and on the insulated balcony or oriel recess.

    Built-in drawers, racks, hooks and magnets on the door, spinning corner carousel - all this will comfortably accommodate all your cooking utensils.

    Pots, cups, plates and cutlery to put better closer to the sink; pans, trays and forms hide near the oven and dry products desirably stored dry upper cupboards.

    For the most beautiful things you can highlight one or two sections, closing transparent partitions - items left on open shelves, quickly pripadut dust, they will settle condensate and oil droplets.

    To the refrigerator has not occupy much space on your small kitchen should choose a high narrow model with a flat door. Her snow-white surface is ideally fit into the same furniture wall, and chrome, or the color of polished stainless steel - perfectly complement the interior in high-tech style, echoing the other major appliances.

    Also for small rooms is perfect and compact built-in camera. It can be placed under the table, or raise to a comfortable height and hide behind the facade of the kitchen units.

    Even in a small area of ​​the cooking is preferable to use a lot of light sources. It is best suited for this purpose Mortice point diodes - they consume little electricity, are long and held high humidity. Due to the small capacity and fire safety, LED-lights can be integrated in the headset (most importantly - securely isolate the wiring).

    Hanging chandeliers in a small kitchen can interfere, but if you do decide to use them, for example, over the dining area, it is better to dwell on the most simple lampshades, which later will be easy to wipe off the dust. According to the center of the room it is desirable to hang pripotolochny lamp with a smooth surface.

    Combining with other rooms

    The expansion of the small kitchen at the expense of adjacent spaces - a great way to effectively use every centimeter of free space. Completely or partially removing the interior baffle, narrow room can easily be turned into a beautiful and modern studio.

    The combination of a small kitchen, living room

    If the wall between the kitchen and the living room is not a carrier, it should be removed. Thus, you get a very comfortable area for cooking. It is important to install a powerful hood to smell and steam from the stove does not spread throughout the house.

    Visually zoned room will help the high bar, which simultaneously can be used as a table and work table top.

    The combination of a small kitchen with balcony or loggia

    A small kitchen with access to the loggia - a real stroke of luck, because it is at least 2 square meters backup space. It remains only to throw out old things, to analyze a low partition, remove the glass and facing the street side of the warm - and get more free space at least under the dining area, at least for the cabinets or the refrigerator.

    Inspire new ideas for the transformation of their small kitchen will help our photoselection. Here are the most interesting design options, innovative solutions and useful findings. Enjoy watching!