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To succeed among competitors and recognition among customers, should pay attention not only to food, drinks and service. An important place is also engaged in interior design cafe. You should not neglect it, because for many visitors visit the cafe - it is not just a meal, but much more: a holiday with friends, a romantic date or a business meeting. How to make visitors want to return it in your cafe?

Making intrera cafe:

  • First, define the concept of institution, while guided by the proposed kitchen you. For example, registration of land - a bar and a cafe fast - food will be completely different.
  • When choosing a cafe interior design should also take into account the target group of visitors. Interior design Café, designed for young people, can be brighter and more unusual than a cafe for more mature people.
  • The café should be clearly laid out.
  • Make a cozy café will correctly chosen lighting.
  • Much attention should be paid not only to the hall for the reception of guests, but also a dressing room, wardrobe.

Photo design successful cafe you can see below.

In developing the design of the cafe, try to emphasize the individuality of their institutions, to allocate it among the others. The main thing - to visitors was cozy and comfortable. The goal of any cafe - make visitors want to return again and again. And this can be achieved not only delicious, but also an unforgettable atmosphere. All photos cafe interior design presented in the gallery site.

The design of cafes, bars, restaurants - a separate branch in the design business, because here you need to take into account the preferences.

On cold days, the workers while away from the sea, we often remember the holiday and warm summer.

Theme cafes have always been in vogue. People in search of the exotic and diversity can not always.

The best style for a cafe with a comfort point of view - this is the style of Provence. Pleasant light.

children's cafe interior is actually not so easy to create. At the same.

By design summer cafe should be approached no less serious than the design of the stationary. Many owners.

Design cafés and restaurants play an important role in the prosperity of the institution, because customers are willing to pay is not.

Loft style originated in America in the 40 - ies of the last century. Then premises.

Visit Italy without leaving the native city is possible if a café in Italy.

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design cafe

Suppose you've always wanted to open his own coffee shop, which will serve the best espresso and delicious desserts. If your dream has come true, and you have in your hands all the necessary documents, and the building of the future offspring in front of you, consider that you were born under a lucky star. But now you have to solve one of the most difficult tasks: to issue design cafe so that it does not want to leave. Basically, here the most important thing - imagination and patience (not a word about the money!). First you need to decide on the overall layout, colors and materials used, and only then proceed directly to the interior design. You can talk a lot, but in the end it all depends on your personal preferences and tastes. And remember, the main thing - convenience and comfort of visitors! The following photos will help you decide on some of the details and inspiration, but otherwise rely only on themselves. In the end, who is the boss here?

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65 Cafe interior ideas - a step towards the public recognition

Small cafe with a bright modern design

Not only the delicious food and the freshness of food - is the key to success for the visitors, but need more and pleasant atmosphere, so unique interior cafe - an important task for each establishment owner. Guests frequently stay there, where the situation is pushing for the adoption of food, where you want to spend an evening with family, holiday, or just sit in the lunch break. That is why a well-chosen decoration - it is the key to the heart of any of even the most avid foodie.

Great design of the restaurant in bright colors

The original design of the restaurant in the style of techno

As for styles of apartments, cafes design projects, there is great variety. Just look photos of travelers - each country has its own tradition of eating, many of which are borrowed and food places. Regardless of the facade, inside the room can be made as required by the imagination of the author. With proper design, you can express the main theme and style of the institution, its focus on a particular target audience and even pricing.

Before her work in translating conceived in a café you need:

  • Well-planned arrangement of seats, wardrobe, process area and kitchen. Of particular importance here it gets not only an unusual interior, but its functionality and comfort, both for visitors and staff.

Beautiful interior Art Deco

Eco style in the design of the cafe-restaurant

  • Pay special attention to the furniture: it must support the general background or be in contrast with it. It is also important to usability.
  • Choose the right curtains, mirrors, paintings, photo that will create a cozy atmosphere and emphasize the individuality of a restaurant or cafe.
  • Do not ignore the other rooms, because in addition to the hall Visitors are in the toilet, and there are other rooms and hookah in many cafes, where customers have access.

Cozy hookah room

High-tech interior of toilet room

  • Properly arrange the bar if available. It should stand out and be as similar as possible available to guests seated as close to it as well as at a distance.

Bar in the space style

Not hard enough to issue unusually restaurant as a modern construction market offers a variety of materials with which to implement the most daring ideas. To generate the project attracted professional designers and construction teams work is done, who will do everything on time and at a high level.

Fancy Cafe interior styles

The most creative, perhaps, can be considered a style loft. Often you can see photos cafe, where the main part of the room is a brick wall. The birthplace of this style - New York, and he came, oddly enough, because of the banal lack of money for the resettlement. In our country, the loft appeared recently before a brick wall is not perceived and is considered unfinished. Now, it is popular all over the world and is considered unusual and trendy.

A cozy café-style loft

Loft interiors always stand out for their creativity

Brutal industrial appearance gives the interior a special originality

Positive quality of this style - the savings in finishing materials. Simply locate a cafe in the building of brick, a little oblitsevat wall matt varnish or bright paint to more effectively, and bring to the design of individual components that focus.

The loft interior pleasant to sit with friends, arrange business meetings or even romantic

Also interesting design projects in the style of oriental fusion. There may be present as a folk motifs and industrial ease in combination with topical accents (fabrics, tiles, lights). Lighting here plays a major role - this is no ordinary lamps, and creative sources of light in the Asian style. So you can draw a cafe specializing in Caucasian or Asian food.

Style Fusion is perfect for cafe design

The interior of a cafe-restaurant with industrial design

Another current style can be considered high-tech. The description of his quite simple: Present throughout. This furniture, materials and bold color combinations and lighting.

Stylish high-tech interior of a luxury restaurant

Tip! Special chic give use of a large number of specular and glossy surfaces.

Any project involves the presence of furniture, and it should be not only beautiful and suitable to the interior, but also have functional features. First and foremost, it is important for the convenience of visitors, so that they had a desire to quickly finish the meal and leave, but I wanted to stay longer. Furniture each institution is different, depending on the theme of the restaurant or cafe.

So customers do not hurry to leave, the furniture should be comfortable

The modern coffee shop with a mezzanine

In a small fast food establishment is inappropriate to put an expensive luxury furniture. Here, the situation should be simple, and the chairs and tables sofas usual, without a luxurious finish. People come here just to eat, but it usually takes 15 minutes.

Oriental style combined with modern elements

Tip! The furniture should be easy to clean, to accidentally spilled a drop of juice or ketchup are not left on the upholstery forever.

Bar - restaurant evening orientation. In plain view of the hall is a bar, set beside her comfortable high chairs. Often there are photos of friends sitting on the comfortable sofas in front of a low table with refreshments. That is exactly what should look like seats at the bar so you can sit comfortably, lean back, relax. There is no need too unusual details, a very cozy and relaxing ambiance.

Striking bar

A spacious bar with leather seating area

The interior of the restaurant use different furniture, depending on the design of the project. In the restaurant of Russian cuisine perfect fit with benches and tables made of solid oak or other wood. In the modern interior will look great metal furniture with glass inserts. Where offers Japanese cuisine, you can place unusual tables in oriental style. The interior of children's café assumes increased requirements for non-toxicity, environmental friendliness and safety of the furniture.

Magnificent restaurant in the style of hi-tech

Color - one of the main components of the right design

The color scheme is not as important as the furniture and lighting. Color unusual effect on humans, so we can choose shades that inspire guests not just a mood of joy, happiness, good location, but still and appetite. It is worth remembering that for a small room is better to choose light colors with bright accents, but the project cafe in a large area can be decorated with different colors, including black.

Cell in cafe interior looks very nice

Neutral tones in the design of the cafe

The arrangement of the cafe do not need to hurry, you should all think carefully and make the interior corresponding to that food to be supplied or the subject institution. Professional designers will help bring ideas to life on the ready-made photo, or create something new and unique in its kind. It can be a beautiful interior in the style of oriental fantasy, modern, kids, simple Russian or some other, everything is limited only by the creator of fantasy.