Design a small toilet room for great achievements

If the toilet room is small (hello "hruschovki9raquo; and prefabricated houses), it does not mean that it does not require unusual design finds. Quite the contrary - the small size of the bathroom interior design should be pursued in detail, taking into account the rest of the interior of the house or apartment, and, of course, the main functionality of the room. Proper interior small toilets allow visually enlarge the limited space.

separate toilet Interior Ideas

In our view, bathroom and toilet are in one piece, even if they are separated by a wall. That is why the tiny territory toilet should apply the same finishing materials, the same color, the same shape, textures and techniques of decorating the risers water and sanitation, as in the adjacent bathroom. toilet and bath interiors - twins, the separation of which can ruin the overall impression about the house.

Bath and toilet are separate - an example of the photo-rooms, made in the same style:

Bath and toilet are separate in the same style Interior design of a bathroom and toilet in the same style

To create a harmonious interior of toilet room must be:

  • replace old communications to the new PVC pipe;
  • hidden under finishing materials risers sewer and water pipes (for this use simple construction of plasterboard, which can be easily disassembled in case of emergency);
  • install new plumbing (if the toilet is suspended, it can be fixed right away - to walls, floor model mounted on a new floor);
  • lay flooring, tile and then sheathe the walls and ceiling;
  • mount a small-sized lamps (any overall chandelier instantly reduce the already small room).

Small toilet - how to visually enlarge the space?

Having defined the general concept of the toilet (and it should be combined with the style of the house and the bathroom in particular) can begin to repair.

To learn how to create the illusion of space, with close proximity to floors, walls, ceilings and doors, read on.

The color palette of warm and cool pastels I would like to talk about deep blacks, saturated blue, but, in our case, we will say, of course, about the bright shades - for warm and cold pastels.

toilet interior with pastel colors Delicate like a blurry water, pastel shades are especially good in the interiors of the small washrooms.

toilet interior in ultramarine ultramarine, mint, lilac, turquoise and delicate rose visually fill the interior of the toilet cool and accentuate a textured feature of each accessory in the room.

The interior of the toilet with bright accents revive pastel interior can use the color accents, for example, bright graphic panels or intricate shape fixture on one of the walls.

The interior of the toilet with a contrasting design Yet another well-known method - a soft contrast.

The only wish that the interior of the toilet in pastel colors did not give cheap "sovkom9raquo ;, does not fit into a toilet square tiles, and just paint in the color of the walls. Will be elegant and fresh, we promise!

The interior of the toilet with a combination of colors and textures you want to make the interior of the flat and lifeless toilet brighter and more interesting, then in any case do not use in the bathroom tiles of the same color finish.

Remember, the smaller the space - the more courageous to be a combination of colors.

Interior toilets with bright accents Create accent areas. Will be coated with pastel-colored tiles almost the entire surface of the dressing-room, and the wall behind the toilet Trim other, more vivid color.

The interior of the toilet with a focus on one wall or like this ...

toilet interior in the style of pathos regard to new trends in the design of the toilet, but today more than urgent to issue these rooms a few pretentious style, something like Rocco, baroque and renaissance.

Interior of a small closet in eco-style For those who are frightened by the prospect of sitting in the bathroom with gold trim, offer the toilet photo, issued in eco-style - both original and contemporary.

The interior of the small toilet feng shui toilet Interested color of feng shui? Then the walls, plumbing accessories and make better use of soft, blue, white and green shades, perfectly combined with water elements.

Interior of a small closet in dark colors One of the most risky and complex design options for small bathrooms - a black-and-white interior toilet.

Black and white interior of a toilet where you can not be correct, as the line between sadness and luxury, sadness and solemnity, too thin.

Of course, the amount of white in a small dressing room must be greater than the amount of black. In this case it will look great option, in which the lower part of the wall lined with black tiles and the ceiling, the floor and the upper parts of the walls remain bright.

toilet interior with stickers If you decide to paint the walls one color washable paint, do not be lazy and decorate one of these wall decorations: unusual drawings, photographs, paintings or stickers uncomplicated.

The interior of the toilet with a picture or so ...

What materials to use in the design of a tiny closet?

As for the classic materials - ceramic tile, plastic panels and multicolored mosaic, something about them already so much has been said and written ...

Yes, they are easy to clean, to endure chlorinated cleaning products and do not absorb odors.

The design of the toilet interior with decorative 3D panels Unlike wallpaper, too sensitive to moisture, tiles and panels are virtually no contamination and always look clean.

But really in our high-tech age has not appeared any interesting innovations in interior design toilet and bathroom? Do not make out a single tile toilet!

There were, and not one, not two, but hundreds of new ideas, but the ceramic tile (oh, anywhere from it can not hide, even in the bathroom!), As the saying goes, "rulit9raquo ;.

What is there to argue, competent design tiles in the bathroom - a win-win option, with which you can not only maintain perfect cleanliness in the bathroom, but also almost doubled its area.

Do not believe me? Then try to use the toilet in the reception room, which is often used by experienced designers - will be coated with toilet tiles with non-contrast texture imitation material: fabric, sand, natural stone, etc., or use the 3D panel..

What should be the shape and size of the ceramic (ceramic) tiles in the small bathroom?

For tiny toilets preferable to use rectangular tiles of small size. A well-balanced, good option - a combination of wall covered with small square tiles and mosaic floor.

But the tile complex polygonal shapes should not be used - this will reduce the visual design and shattering the already modest area.

How to lay tiles in the interior of a small bathroom?

The method, which is not exactly skradet amount of space - joint to joint.

Tiles in the interior of the toilet

Tight turn a standard toilet into a stylish and comfortable room, you can competently organize lighting. Light in a small closet should not hit in the eye and be too Yarim, much better if the lighting is diffused and soft. An interesting effect is given waterproof point and halogen lamps.

The lighting in the interior of the toilet

Which toilet is better to choose for a small washroom?

According to the method of installation are toilets:

  • suspension (save space in a small bathroom and facilitate cleaning);

Squat toilet in the interior of the toilet

  • embedded (elegance and differ considerably save space);

Built in the interior of the toilet bowl

  • a closed ecological system (set on top of the toilet shell, which is cleaned with water and enters the cistern).

Toilet with a closed eco-system in the interior of the toilet

Optimize the small space in the toilet, the toilet can be supplied for a small locker on high legs. This solution will be stored in a closet intimate things that I would like to keep it here.

Closet behind the toilet in the interior of the toilet

A tank with a sink - the perfect solution

Small toilet, repair is done irresponsibly, it looks usually depressing.

Be a little imagination! Just do not overdo it, as in the photo below)

Extreme design in the interior of the toilet

The interior of the small toilet - photo decoration ideas

Design a small toilet The interior design of a small toilet in the train Toilet small size

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Modern toilet design

A man holds a life in the closet about 6 months. Therefore it is necessary to design the toilet, in addition to the functionality, aesthetic qualities possessed. In the design of the toilet room is important to the ability to correctly match colors with materials, efficient use of the available space.

In 2017, it dominated fashion for the classic, eco-style. It is also not inferior to his modernist position. But, regardless of the current mode, you must follow their own tastes, given the specificity of a particular bathroom.

Preparation for registration toilet design

Before we proceed directly to work, making out the design a little dressing-room with his hands, to be a series of preparatory measures:

  1. The choice of a particular style.
  2. Calculation of repairs.
  3. Purchase of materials for the decoration of the room.
  4. Repair of toilet rooms:
  • leveling and preparation of the walls, floor, ceiling;
  • finishing the door opening;
  • replacement and installation of sanitary ware;
  • finish and design of surfaces;
  • installation of furniture;
  • installation of lighting.
  1. Installation of furniture.

The most common design material is ceramic tile bathrooms. Aside from its obvious practical advantages (moisture resistance, durability, easy care), flooring aesthetically pleasing, it can profitably fit into the interior of the toilet. In stores you can find a large variety of colors ceramic tiles. But the material - is not the only option.

Small bathroom with washing machine

In addition to the tiles in the bathroom design can be used:

  • plastic panels;
  • wallpaper;
  • wallpapers;
  • painting;
  • tree;
  • mosaic.

Boiler in the bathroom, you can hide behind the door Unusual design with red and white toilet

Many of these options can be combined with each other to give a completely new design options for the toilet design.

Decorating the walls of the tree

Not all materials are combined with each other: wood and tile, for example, did not look around.

Interior of toilet room must have an idea - a style that can most successfully emphasize the dignity of the room and the restroom to hide its flaws. In addition to the practical side of the style of choice, there are aesthetic. Toilet in a modern home must conform to the tastes of the owner.

Toilet can be designed in almost any existing style. The most popular at the moment are:

  • Classic. Toilet Classic style implies a discreet color design, the traditional choice plumbers, its placement in the room. Emphasize the classic style will help the use of marble, gold shades.
  • Minimalism. Bright interior of a small toilet with a sink and a mirror without unnecessary decoration - a clear example of minimalism.
  • Eco-style. One of the most fashionable in 2016-2017. The basic idea is the unity of man with nature, environmental friendliness of the materials used: well suited wood, stone. Successfully fit floral theme, you can use live plants.
  • Baroque. The distinctive features is its pomp, a combination of chocolate brown with gold, the performance of the toilet design in dark colors. The final touch of baroque can be antique painting finish plumbing in gold color, flashy about the wealth of the owner.
  • Modern. Modern style characterized by simplicity of straight lines, the abundance of geometric toilet Interior figures. Play an important role good lighting, visually increase the space bathroom properly placed accents.

Choice of color - an important decision. From the color space depends entirely on the nature of the toilet room, create a mood. The same area of ​​a bathroom, decorated in different colors, it looks different.

Narrow toilet with a window

Help visually expand the bathroom light cool shades, diagonal laying of ceramic tiles or a striped vertical pattern. Owners of large room toilet room will allow any variant colors.

round mirror

The main color schemes are toilets:

  • White - the most popular variant of registration of the toilet room. It will be ideal bathrooms small area. It is recommended to combine white with bright furniture and decor.
  • Black - the universal color. Fine combination looks dark and white walls plumbing.

Dark color narrows the space of a small toilet

Dark color must cover at least 50% of the area - the space at risk of becoming too heavy.

  • Blue - room for imagination on a sea theme. You can use the palette from light blue to dark blue with white.
  • Bright colors - provide an opportunity to beat the decor small toilet without ornaments. Well look rich deep colors, emphasizing the sense of ownership of style. Correct use a combination of variegated hues to classic.
  • Gray - can become an original solution in the presence of an additional strong accent in the form of patchwork or bright picture.

Fotoboi in the toilet room lengthen

toilet design depending on the size

Our apartments and houses are so different in size, as the size of bathrooms, and range from tiny to huge windows.

Toilet in the panel house

Design a small toilet room

Create comfort can be the tiniest room. Talking about the design of toilets 1-2 square meters. m and more, there are the following rules:

  1. Say "Yes!" To light tones. Visually enlarge the space to help white, beige, soft shades of blue, pastel colors.
  2. Away unnecessary detail. The presence of open shelves with decorative items or hygiene products add untidiness. If you need somewhere to store stuff, let it be a closed cabinet.
  3. Large mirror small toilet. Having further expand bathroom mirror.
  4. Designed with suspended toilet will save space, it will highlight the interior of the toilet.
  5. The use of corner sinks increase the used area of ​​the room.
  6. In the interior of the toilet it is recommended to enable the use of spotlights.

Built-in wall installation

In modern apartments combined bathroom is not uncommon. Many believe this is inconvenient, some seek to unite the two rooms.

A large area of ​​shared bathrooms gives scope for design ideas and realization of the most daring fantasy owners. In addition to the classics, well suited Rocco pathos, Baroque, Provence.

there are tricks for small spaces. Gives a good account zoning area. Small decorative screen will visually divide the bathroom area with toilet, playing the role of decoration.

Using a shower instead of a bath, and a hanging toilet, instead of outdoor toilets, save a few square meters, bringing to the bathroom interior hi-tech style.

The bathrooms made to place the furniture along the walls, leaving the central part of the most empty.

a large area of ​​the bathroom design

Large dressing room - a luxury. Having a large area of ​​the toilet, you can easily use any version of the design, limited only by your imagination and budget.

The interior of a large area of ​​the toilet can additionally enter a massive shell length, several mirrors and comfortable lockers, cabinets for storage of small things.

Spacious combined toilet

In contrast to the design of small size toilet in the panel house, a large area of ​​the use of premises decor is not only possible, but also, in fact, necessary.

toilet with their hands The decor can be issued high shelves, with ornaments or figurines.

It looks favorably as elements of decor vases, murals, mosaics, paintings.

The large rooms are well looked dark colors contrasting with bright elements, light fixtures. Empty space will help take the built-in furniture.

Lighting large toilet should not be too bright to prevent the expansion of space.

Given the specificity of space, furniture and plumbing should be as compact and convenient.

Most apartments usual squat toilet installed. The modern market has a wide selection. The successful acquisition - hanging or wall, addl model, saving space under the tank and defining a particular style of the room.

The problem is the availability of toilet pipes in prominent places. Convenient to hide the communication of built-in furniture or panel with a little window.

Instead of the usual furniture, has proved itself a variant masking shelves for wall panels. For similar construct hide boiler boiler.

The paintings on the wall

Do not forget about the little things. Complete the creation of a holistic interior of the toilet will help:

  • toilet paper holder;
  • dish soap;
  • ruff;
  • hook for things;
  • Stand for hygiene products.

tiny toilet

It is worth considering, a good choice would be to use the rack, combined with the toilet sideways.

Combination of washbasin and toilet

Shell more convenient to choose a ready-made bottom pedestal. And for a large mirror, you can embed additional shelf for small items that will help avoid the "congestion" interior bottles, jars, etc.

Instead, the cabinet can be used whole shelves of open shelves. Design will look spectacular in the framework of the Art Nouveau style and classic, but will require an extra care for, can "clog" the space toilet.

The final touch is the design of the room lighting. Stage is designed to emphasize the work done, hide flaws, visually adjust the shape of the room. The toilet is common to use a soft diffused light.

Choice of lamps depends on the style of the room. But there are some universal rules regarding the design of any washroom.

Out of fashion long gone lone light bulb swinging on the center of the ceiling. Aesthetic and practical to use spotlights that can successfully be combined with furniture and decorative elements, visually correct shape and size of the room. They can be placed on the ceiling, walls, shelves, floor.

Effectively a combination of several sconces near the mirror will look.

Neon lights instead plinth

In the design of a small toilet is strictly forbidden to use the massive lighting.

Design ideas for small size toilet

Toilet does not claim to be the "face" of the apartment, but still is a place frequently visited, and therefore requires a beautiful design. When you create a design project washroom have to put up with its integral feature - a modest size. WC in an apartment with separate bathroom usually takes quite a small room, and at first glance it may seem that cramped space inevitably limits the flight of design ideas. However, you will be enough to get acquainted with a few ideas, which allow to create interesting and unusual small size toilet design to their own to refute this assertion.

According to the rules snip, Minimal toilet area in a flat of 1.2 sq. m. Unfortunately, many of the inhabitants of the old panel high-rise buildings have to settle for this minimum. Therefore, the key point of all design ideas in the repair of a bathroom is the desire to visually expand the space and the exclusion of any decisions, visually or in fact this space "eat".

Even if your apartment bathroom with toilet occupy separate rooms, ideally they should be decorated in the same style. This does not mean that they should be finished with exactly the same, but the color, texture, decoration in both areas should overlap each other. For example, when choosing a ceramic tile as a finishing material for the toilet and a separate bathroom, it can be from the same collection. When referring to a particular style of its interior elements must be present in both rooms, and decor items may be different, the main thing - compliance with the overall concept.

Let's look at this idea a concrete example. In the photo below you can see the attention to detail the interior of a small bathroom and a separate small toilet in the style of Provence.

  1. Color spectrum.
  2. Beautiful designer sanitary ware from one collection.
  3. Identical accessories - towel holders and towel yourself.
  4. Tile.

Note: despite the fact that the walls of both rooms are lined with tiles of the same, thanks to the different ways of styling, it looks completely different. Bathroom and toilet are in harmony with each other, but not overlapping, with its own unique design that looks fresh and interesting and long time will cause the owners desire to make a new repair.

With the help of well-chosen color schemes can be, even in the smallest space to get rid of the feeling of tightness. Best for toilet modest size suitable light pastel colors.

Bring warmth and comfort to a small dressing room:

Filled the room cool and emphasize the texture of objects:

Also, in a small closet would be appropriate shades of gray, variations on the theme of mother of pearl and marble.

This does not mean that there is no room deep in a small closet, bright or dark shades. They can be used in small quantities as a frame or to create emphasis.

One embodiment of the toilet color accenting is the isolation wall behind the toilet bright, saturated color contrasting with the overall finish in pastel colors.

Ceramic tiles: the shape, size and method of laying

If during repair in a small closet, you chose the classic - practical and spectacular tile, pay great attention to its three dimensions:

When repairing small size toilet optimally choose:

  • tile rectangular average size;
  • small square tiles with invisible seams between the elements.

Be careful with square tiles! When properly chosen colors and size it can evoke the Soviet standard toilet.

the small size of the bathroom design does not permit the use of complex shape tiles with lots of corners, which had been crushed and visually narrow the space.

During repair in a small toilet tiles need to be laid joint to joint, making the seams without contrast, the color of the tile.

  • Expand the dressing room is small in size, you can use the diagonal laying method. In this case, do not forget to stock up with additional material as tile consumption in such packing increases.
  • Toilet, having an elongated shape, it is possible to use a rectangular floor tile, laid long side along the shorter wall.
  • Good reception space expansion of a small toilet is to create a horizontal border at a height just below the middle of the wall. The upper part is made with tiles of lighter shade, the lower - a darker or saturated.
  • To increase the visual height of the ceiling in the bathroom, you can use the vertical insertion of the tiles bright colors.

A big role in the visual transformation of the toilet space plays lighting. Standard ceiling above the door - not the best solution. Small toilet needs a soft, diffused light. Use LED strips and popular point and halogen lamps, the main thing that they have protection from moisture.

If, during the repairs in the toilet you plan to change also its main element - a toilet, - we recommend that you avoid the classic outdoor options. Stop your choice on the suspension or the built-in model - they are not only significantly save space in a small room, but also to facilitate cleaning. In addition, they look very stylish and modern.

You might be interested in the new product in the world of sanitary equipment - toilet bowl with a closed eco-system in the cistern which has a wash basin, the water from which, after purification is used for flushing. This toilet is doubly beneficial: in addition to saving water consumption, it allows you to safely wash their hands even in a very small closet, not adapted for the installation of sinks.

Despite the fact that the tile is in the lead among the materials for finishing the toilet on the practicality and ease of maintenance, it is necessary to consider that option as wallpaper. Modern vinyl washable wallpaper can be cleaned with an unlimited number of times, and the possibility of a variety of artistic design and decor they are much wider than the tiles. Also boring wallpaper easily-stick, but not so on the tile, and even the annual cosmetic repairs will not take much of your time, energy and finances in view of the small size of the room.

Also as a finishing material for toilet designers recommend:

  • wallpaper for painting;
  • liquid wallpaper covered with water-repellent composition;
  • non-woven wallpaper.

Create the illusion of space in a small room, you can use wallpaper with panoramic image, with the prospect of landscapes, 3D-effect.

Plastic panels are popular in the decoration of bathrooms in the apartments because of its resistance to moisture and is much longer than the wallpaper, preserving the original appearance. Wide long panels can visually enlarge space, but due to use at their installation batten actually reduces the area, so still are not the best choice for a small toilet.

the small size of the bathroom design involves not only creating a beautiful appearance, but also a maximum functionality. It is the right choice of accessories, as well as places to store the necessary things in the toilet.

Accessories that may be located in a small size toilet in full view, participating in the creation of the selected style and acting as a decor element:

  • toilet paper holder;
  • brush;
  • Towel holder, soap dish and holder for brushes for toilet with wash basin.

And here it is necessary, but not decorating the toilet kind of little things like cleaning products, sponges, gloves, bottles with fresheners and other attributes, with the eye must be removed. The smaller the space the bathroom, the more it looks cluttered with a large number of things laid out in plain sight. This means that in a small closet to store all the furniture - shelves, cabinets - must be closed as far as possible.

Open shelf is only allowed to be placed on her subjects, playing the role of decorative elements: a beautifully folded towel, shells, books, figurines.

As a small toilet room can not overload an abundance of accessories and decor - after all, they are simply nowhere to place - for its registration to choose one of the styles, which allows you to express yourself in a concise form.

  • Minimalism - is characterized by restraint and almost complete lack of decor. Soft colors with a minimum number of colors - no more than 2-3. Form plumbing is simple, convenient, your goal will be hanging toilet. Lack of ornaments in the toilet can be compensated original mirror and lamp unusual shape.

  • Classic style - elegant and even chic, but not pretentious. Pastel-colored classic is ideal for modest-sized toilet, the toilet can be a simple streamlined form or mimic the old days. In furnish appropriate as tiles and wallpaper borders are often used.

  • Scandinavian design - is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and naturalness. The predominance of shades of white allowed black, brown and juicy bright accent colors. Finish - plain white painted walls, tiles, imitating brick, natural wood. Decor can be paintings and posters in frames, wooden trinkets.

Small space toilet - beautiful golf design experiments. If that fails, you can try again, because with a small toilet repairs can be handled in just a single day. To realize their ideas and do not be afraid to make a mistake!