Air Ionizer - harm and benefits. How to choose an ionizer of air with a humidifier - rating models and prices

State of fatigue by the end of day at the office - a usual phenomenon. Not all realize that the reason lies in the large number of equipment, which, in use releases positive ions. The situation is easily corrected, if you buy a device for air ionization. How it works, why it is good for health - is to discuss these issues.

Increase productivity, improve your health, help use at home or in the office of the special device. Air Ionizer - a device that produces a negatively charged air ions. There is a filling of space, combined with oxygen, neutralization of positive particles. It creates the feeling of fresh air, a comfortable life. Devices with plasma ionization produced a LG, Panosonik. Good reviews are domestic devices:

How does the air ionizer

The device is often complementary humidification functions, purifying. ionizer works by making the field a few meters radius:

  • electrodes for special high voltage is applied;
  • a discharge current under the action;
  • It begins production of air ions;
  • particles fill the space, improving air quality;
  • deposited on the dust, contributing to its sinking.

Why the need for home air ionizer

What is the ionization of air? This enrichment of its air ions, which in breathing get into human blood, increase the gas exchange, oxygen to the cells. Ionizer home air needed to create a comfortable indoor climate, preservation of food in the refrigerator, shoe drying. Through the use of anion generator:

  • a rapid recovery after a hard day;
  • It accelerates the cure of diseases;
  • improving sleep;
  • It strengthens the immune system.

The first ionization device is named after the scientist who invented it - the lamp Chizhevskogo. Externally similar to the chandelier device fills the surrounding space with negative ions. The principle of operation is based on the field of education with high tension. This happens with the help of parallel wires positioned on the hoop, forming a grid, in which the nodes are soldered sharp needles. At voltages above 25 kV occurs with the expiration of their current formation ions.

Under the influence of chandeliers Chizhevskogo sterilized room, a person inhales the ionized air, the charges are transferred to the red blood cells, are spread throughout the body. Dissolving the thrombus, the treatment of many diseases. Preferably use the device in hospitals to simultaneously make the procedure a large number of patients. There is an option for everyday home use:

  • Ionizer Snowflake;
  • Price 2800 p .;
  • Table aggregate duration of 3 hours the concentration - 130,000 ions / cm3;
  • advantages: small size;
  • Cons: obsolete design.

New in the apartment or office comfortable environment with a given humidity will humidifier with air ionizer. Create conditions for work and rest as after rain, useful device:

  • AIC SPS-840;
  • the price of 3500 rubles;
  • floor space for service - 30 square meters. m ozonizer there speed switching mode type of air purification - ultrasound;
  • main advantages: low noise;
  • Cons: uncomfortable pour water.

Improve your health by creating a comfortable microclimate in the apartment to help with a humidifier function ionize sprayed into the air fine particles of water:

  • ATMOS VENT-&40;
  • Price 4500 p .;
  • service area - 41 sq. m, the presence of coal, the HEPA filter, the concentration of - 45 thousand ions / cm3, aromatization, touch control type;.
  • pros: night lights with built-in shutdown, quiet;
  • Cons: high cost of replacement filters.

Not only saturate the room air ions, but also free it from dust, odors will air purifier with ionization. The car - a place where a person has to be a long time in the polluted environment. Will help create a comfortable environment in the cabin a special device:

  • AirTec XJ-600;
  • Price 1200 r .;
  • running from the cigarette lighter, power - 2 W, the concentration of - 10 thousand ions / cm3, the LED status indicator;.
  • pros: working from a single key, quiet;
  • Cons: you have to turn off when windows are open.

In the ranking of devices that help remove dust, odors in the apartment cleaner-ionizer air Super-Plus Turbo. The device produces improvement indoor climate and helps maintain health through blood oxygen saturation. Doctors recommend a buy for the house:

  • Super-Plus Turbo;
  • Price 3700 p .;
  • display of air filter contamination, ozonation technology "ionic wind", the security of Europe standards;
  • pros: very low consumption of electricity, dust deposition inside the unit;
  • Cons: difficult to clean.

Therefore useful to use the device where there is a lot of electronic equipment, generating positive ions. This is due to his work. Bipolar ionizer produces alternately positive and negative ions, creating indoor comfort. Good feedback is the device:

  • Gippokrat "Office" IV-2;
  • Price 4200 p .;
  • Included 5 filters, ultraviolet emitter concentration - to 50 thousand ions / cm3.
  • pros: not allocated ozone ionizer work in 2 modes - unipolar and bipolar;
  • Cons: does not eliminate the odors.

Bipolar air ionizer with regular use increases efficiency, activates the immune system. Reasonable price and good reviews distinguished instrument:

  • Amber 5A 4200;
  • Price 4200 p .;
  • concentrations - up to 50 thousand ions / cm3, power - 3 W, the three modes of operation.;
  • pros: neutralizes the fields of computers, microwave ovens, simple operation;
  • cons: out-of-date design, noisy.

ionizer of air in the car

Drivers who spend many hours behind the wheel, gassy breathe air with dust. Decreased concentration, fatigue sets in quickly. Help cope with the problem of a compact device that creates ionization - ionizer:

  • Super Plus Ion Auto;
  • Price 1900 p .;
  • concentrations - up to 40 thousand ions / cm3, power - 3 watts, power from the cigarette lighter technology "ion wind".;
  • pros: neutralizes exhaust gases, the seasonal effect of allergens, easy to operate;
  • Cons: continuous operation requires disconnection.

It helps to cope with adverse environmental factors, will improve performance, relieve drowsiness air ionizer in the car:

  • AirComfort XJ-803;
  • Price 1100 p .;
  • . Concentration - up to 40 thousand ions / cm3, can be recharged from the mains or a car battery, the technology "ionic wind", the manufacturer's warranty;
  • advantages: maintenance-free, noiseless;
  • Cons: it is impossible to work with the window open.

Understandable desire housewives longer keep the products fresh can be realized with the acquisition of this compact device. Ioniser for refrigerator odor, kill fungi, mold. With this task cope device:

  • NeoTec XJ-100;
  • Price 1300 p .;
  • power consumption 6 W, sterilizes the chamber volume 250 l, 4 cells is enough for four months;
  • advantages: compactness, the presence of signal lamps on the need to recharge;
  • Cons: can not get at work.

Long keeps fresh food a small unit with ionization function. Through his use of broken pesticides found in vegetables, fruits, putrefaction bacteria are destroyed. A handy device for refrigerator:

  • Aic XJ-100;
  • Price 1400 p.
  • power consumption 6 W, selection sterilization mode, operates on battery 4, photocatalytic filter;
  • pros: charge lasts for 120 days, there is an indicator requirements replace the power supply;
  • Cons: appearance of condensation while removing the device from the refrigerator.

ionization of air in the apartment needs to create comfortable living conditions. Before you buy the device, you need to figure out what to focus on when choosing not to have been detrimental to the life. It is important to take into account:

  • Home performance air ionizer should be calculated on the premise of your less;
  • in the children's room is preferable to supply natural ionizer - salt lamp;
  • If indoor smoking, the device should produce ozone destroying tobacco smoke;
  • preferably buy air ionizer with an electrostatic filter, which can be easily cleaned.

Aeroionizers can be ordered from catalogs and buy online store, knowledge of the characteristics of the device of choice will not be disappointed in the purchase. It is important to read the instructions to the concentration of ions was produced by no less than 15 thousand. Units per cm3. It should be noted:

  • noise level emitted;
  • Chizhevskogo chandelier - a medical device for medical institutions, is not suitable for the home.

Choosing a machine for feeling better after a hard day, pay attention:

  • for rooms in which a lot of dust, there are animals, preferably cleaner air ionizer;
  • bipolar instrument suitable for the bedroom, nursery, where there are few electronic engineering;
  • better if the design will be electrostatic or HEPA filter, the dust attracting;
  • in premises where the dry air is required humidifier ionizer.

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Anastasia, 25 years old

Newborn daughter started coughing as soon as they brought her home from the hospital. The pediatrician advised to buy an air purifier with ionization. The store recommended table Ovion firms device - a reliable and inexpensive price. We treat the room, and then drifts to the baby. Coughing stopped, and other ailments not cling.

Vladislav, 38 years old

I can not wean her husband to smoke in the car. I learned that there is a compact purifiers, ionizing the air. Are attached with Velcro to the car dashboard and powered by the cigarette lighter. She gave her husband on New Year's Eve. He first laughed, and then the most pleasant to breathe the air without exhaust. Most of all I'm happy with - lack of tobacco smoke.

Alexander, 45 years old

I was visiting a friend and was surprised that the house is easy to breathe. She explained that the acquired unit for ionization Super-Plus Turbo. Tiredness after work passes quickly, I began to sleep well. I bought myself the same turn in the evening for a few hours. Gone are the headaches, the morning wake up easily. The air in the room, as in nature.

Air Ionizer: useful properties and nature of the impact. Air Ionizer - health benefits with tangible results

Life in the XXI century and the development of the industry alienated man from nature, but does not eliminate the need of the human body in its beneficial effects.

The main advantage of finding in nature - air, saturated with negative ions, which gives people energy and health. In everyday life, the only compensation for the lack of a healthy natural air - air ionizer.

Air Ionizer: what it is and how to apply

To maintain high performance, activity and health breathing person should light negative ions, but because of the influence of electric appliances, an excess of air and exhaust gas emission contaminants plants, natural air ionization strongly weakened.

In nature forming ions occurs due to the influence cosmic rays or lightning electricity: oxygen molecules capture electrons and due to them becoming negatively charged. oxygen air ions with a negative charge enriched air, since they have enhanced biological activity.

Ion concentration indoors fifteen times below the required standards. To make up for the missing ions used air ionizers.

Air ionization - a process of ion formation, respectively ionizer - is the unit responsible for the ionization of the air.

Feature ionizer - exposure to dust in the room. She settles on floors and furniture, so wet cleaning, in which there is an ionizer, held three times more likely.

The clock can not be used Ionizer, instructions to the appliance must indicate the time of use of a particular model.

The smoky and dusty ionizer do not use in the presence of people.

When you use the ionizer it is important to correlate the power unit with the size of the room, in which it is used, since the ionizer is not strong enough in the spacious room will not bring tangible benefits and strong ionizer in a small room will have a negative effect on the concentration of ozone molecules.

It is better to place the ionizer in accordance with the instructions supplied at a specified distance from the walls, appliances and people.

Proper positioning of the device - the first rule on the way to a good result.

The second point - proper care. To ionizer benefited to the body, it is important to regularly clean it from accumulated dust. Also, do not forget to ventilate the room: we recommend airing just before turning the ionizer.

Ionization process is simple: for ionizing electrodes is energized, causing discharge, and "igolok9raquo; operating an ionizer scatter electrons to connect with the oxygen molecules.

Air Ionizer: what is the use for the body?

Penetrating together with air, the ions released into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body: the penetrating ability in conjunction with a beneficial influence ion underlies the useful properties of the air ionizer.

Air ions penetrate into the human body in two ways: through the skin and lungs. Ions generated by an air ionizer, fall on the skin and stimulate its receptors, increasing gas exchange. However, the skin is responsible for 1% gas transfer body, so the main job is given respiratory system.

In this case, the impact of ions on receptors in the skin changes the tactile and pain sensitivity, It accelerates the growth of hair. Due to this air ionizer helps people suffering from hair loss and baldness. Ionization through skin exposure can cure skin diseases: acne, psoriasis, eczema.

By acting on the skin receptors aeroions reflex change tone of the central nervous system and affect metabolism.

These factors are external elektroobmenu.

Internal Energy Exchange occurs in the lungs partially ions are deposited on the walls of the upper airways, in bronchi and trachea, but 80% penetrates. Internal exposure increases the gas exchange lungs, affects the tone of the central nervous system, It cleanses the body, reducing the symptoms of allergy.

Air ionization is applied as an alternative to drugs in the treatment of hypertension, asthma, diseases of the nervous system and poor circulation.

In summary, what brings ionizer health benefits:

1. It activates and enhances the protective functions of the body.

2. Increases appetite.

3. normalizes the cardiovascular system.

4. Eliminates insomnia improves sleep quality.

5. Reduces fatigue.

6. Extends youthfulness skin.

7. Prevention of respiratory diseases.

8. Increases the body's resistance to infections and environmental hazards.

9. Reduces allergic reactions.

10. Prevents the effects of radiation from electrical appliances.

Extremely useful Ionizer for children, elderly and people in poor health, who suffer from problems with the respiratory system.

The ionization of the air is important for all, without exception, in the period of colds and flu, for people sitting at a computer for three to five hours a day or are twelve hours a day in a room with working appliances.

Air Ionizer: what is the harm to health?

If discuss in detail the operation of the ionizer, you can see that it is not useful in all cases.

1. Dust and bacteria.

Negative point operation of the air ionizer - except for oxygen, he charges the dust particles and the microflora in the room. Microorganisms and dust charge, fly on all room surfaces and in particular to the ionizer itself.

After ionization necessarily wet cleaning facilities, since the settled dirt can become a source of disease.

If the premises with dusty air ionization, there are people inside, unwanted dirt will settle on them.

The same principle works while in the premises of viruses environment. If the room there is a person suffering from an infection transmitted by airborne droplets, when the air ionizer risk of infection of others increases three to five times.

If the device does not perform the additional role of the dust container (built-in electrostatic precipitator in some models), It is recommended not to include it in the presence of people, or cause harm to the air ionizer.

2. Cancer.

For people oncology patients, the use of the ionizer Absolutely forbidden. The reason is the principle of work: air ions increase metabolism, which leads to better nutrition tissues. In the presence in the body of malignant tumor cells of their meals will also be accelerated, which will lead to undesirable consequences.

3. The elevated temperature.

Ionizers improves metabolism, which further raises the body temperature.

4. Individual intolerance or sensitivity to ionized air.

For children under the age of one-year, Ionizer do not use due unformed immunity and the risk to catch a viral infection.

6. Bronchial asthma in acute stage.

7. postoperative period.

It is highly undesirable to use an ionizer because of the risk of infection.

8. Acute ischemic attack.

9. Diseases of the central nervous system.

10. The acute phase of pneumonia or pulmonary emphysema.

11. The acute phase of rheumatoid arthritis.

Air ionizers: helpful or harmful

Air ionizers impact on the body can be considered harmful and useful.

When the unit is turned some people have negative points in the form of dizziness, headaches or severe drowsiness. These conditions are natural, if, after a long stay in the city, you go to rest on nature - feeling nothing will be different.

Ion fasting accompanied by residents of cities due to environmental and congestion electrical life. It is felt acutely children and people with reduced immunity.

Headache, malaise, fatigue, and frequent colds - the first signs of acute starvation ion, which allows to deal with air ionizer. He will fill the room a concentration of ions that occurs in forests and mountain areas.

Ionizer is indispensable to improve the quality of everyday life.

Some of the arguments about the dangers of air ionizer - a possible overdose of the body by ionization. Such assumptions are not justified, because the blood's ability to absorb oxygen - not unlimited. Hemoglobin molecule, supplying oxygen to the cells metabolize a fixed amount of oxygen. Ions that are not learned in blood, freely discharged to the outside.

Benefits of the use of air ionizers subject to the rules outweigh the possible negative consequences.

Ionizers study conducted for forty years, during which time the harmful effects could not be found ionizers per person, but positive - obviously.

Benefits organism air ionizer is that ionization accelerates the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, angina, hypertension, rhinitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis, tracheitis.

Air containing air ions, accelerates the healing of burns.

Air ionization reduces the physical and mental fatigue, strengthens the immune system, has a calming effect on the body, normalizing the sleep.

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What is the ionization of air

Air ionization is the result of separation by the incoming atoms in the molecule electron gas substance. As a result, particles are formed two raznozaryazhennye ions. By connecting to each other, they form a positive or negative infected complexes. They are called Aeron and distinguish three categories: heavy, medium, light. The presence of such formations in the air that people breathe, significantly affects its health.

In nature, most air is ionized in pine and spruce forests, mountains and the sea. Hippocrates noticed the beneficial effects of sea and mountain air on human health. He laid the foundation for a new direction in the treatment and prevention of diseases - aerotherapy.

air ionization takes place under the influence of external factors, whether natural or artificial. In the wild Aeron are formed by Chance (atmospheric electricity), cosmic radiation, presence in the environment of radioactive elements such as radon. Ionization exposed primarily nitrogen and oxygen molecules. In nature, in the air always contains positive and negative ions. So one has to breathe ionized air. Free air Aeron for us "mertvyy9raquo ;.

In areas far less ionized oxygen, in addition, it poisoned harmful chemical compounds of the human engineering and aerosol agents. Air conditioning and ventilation systems in buildings air also reduces the amount of Aeron. Therefore, it has become very popular air ionizers. But to use these instruments to be very careful.

Air ionization must take into account all environmental factors. First of all, you need to take into account the composition of the Aeron. If the number of positively charged particles will be more this will lead to an increase in diseases in humans, often located in this room. Positively affect mostly negative oxygen ions. But with their high content of it can cause damage to electrical appliances, since electrostatic charges are produced on the subject. In small wet areas with a lot of people and dust form a heavy Aeron ionizers that collects in the airways.

Consider in more detail what the ionization of the air in the room and how it is implemented. Devices by acting on the gas molecules that increase the concentration of Aeron. Negatively charged particles, acting dust and microorganisms in the air, and also charged. They are moving along the lines of force are deposited on the walls, ceiling, floor and objects in the room. Thus, the air is cleaned.

The first inventor of the ionizer was AL Chizhevsky. His device was tested in 20-ies of the last century. Now developed a number of variants of vehicles, improve the microclimate in the premises. They can decide how one problem - the ionization of the air, and the whole complex.

The most common integrated devices, ionizers and air purifiers. The device is specially dust collectors are installed, they can be used around the clock. humidifier with ionization not only cleans the air, but also moisturizes it. This is especially significant during the winter, when the apartment include heating.

When choosing a device check list of tasks that it will solve. A careful reading of the instruction will extend the use of the machine. In addition, by getting rid of dust in the air, it must be remembered that the ionizer does not destroy it completely. Periodic wet cleaning of the floor and walls need.