Balconies finishes turnkey

The concept of "balcony turnkey" is a specific set of services for the implementation of works associated with the reconstruction, filling openings, trim balconies of the approved design. All these works are carried out by one organization or the construction company and registered in one contract.

As a result of this interaction, the customer in a timely receives for the use balcony room, which is fully serviceable and does not require additional work.

A huge number of owners are dissatisfied with the state of finishing balconies in this little corner of the apartment and would like to use it more appropriate. Currently, there are many professionals who will help determine the function of the balcony and create a design that creates a cozy corner in the right atmosphere.

  • Balcony used by members of the family as a place for permanent vacation.
  • Created the garden or mini-greenhouse for growing flowers or vegetables and herbs useful.
  • Some arrange on the balcony of room for privacy and work.
  • loggia space allows you to extend the length of the kitchen or a room, and thus, expand the area of ​​the premises.
  • On the balcony or loggia (to resolve the special services) carry the kitchen, thus making room for a full bedroom or children's room.

Developed by designers of the company in accordance with the wishes of the owner, the interior should be harmonious, built on the features of the style, using the latest materials and designs. Some builders offer the selection and installation of furniture complete the work.

How are professional builders

The list of essential services, which the customer can expect

  • Leaving in place, the implementation of the necessary measurements.
  • Working with the designer, specification of finishes, choice of materials.
  • Search, purchase of materials, their delivery to the customer.
  • Dismantling of old constructions balconies, interior trim, removal and disposal of debris formed.
  • Repair of external fences.
  • The construction of the balcony roof (usually on the upper floors).
  • Installing or control devices of modern designs frame the balcony and interior with a window unit.
  • Apparatus floor construction.
  • Implementation of the waterproofing and insulation of the balcony.
  • Interior device.
  • Removal of metal constructions lodge a certain distance (expansion of the balcony).
  • Selection, purchase, installation of furniture.
  • Installation of lighting and electricity connection hoses to the loggia.
  • Transfer of water supply and drainage for the balcony (in the case of transfer of the kitchen).

Compilation of the estimated cost of the works

Compilation of the list of works with established fixed rates for some of their views should be discussed with the customer, and signed on the day of conclusion of the contract. This document, in which are all material calculations and acceptance necessarily complemented by the treaty.

All work must be itemized in detail, including all nuances. Increasing the value change of the list of works, additional complexity arising in the process, be sure to be approved by the customer and are included in the supplementary estimate calculation.

The operating principle of bona fide experts

  • Work is being done at a time that is convenient to the customer.
  • Strictly adhere to the schedule of works and supply of materials.
  • All work is carried out with the use of specified materials, reduction and replacement of lower-quality counterparts is not allowed.
  • Necessary to have security of tenure included as a separate item in the contract (for at least two years), which occurs Troubleshooting: leakage of rain water, blowing cold air, repair of frames and all paved communications.

Non-Glazed balcony or loggia

In this case it carried exterior and interior of the front and side walls. suspended facade materials typically used (plastic siding).

The ceiling is also stitched plastic panels on the frame. The floor in this embodiment, finishing is done with stone, ceramic tiles. The floor surface should be smooth, it is better to choose the rough or textured material for security purposes.

The outer wall of the house, opening onto a balcony, smooth plaster or perform a decorative option, followed by coloring compositions for the exterior.

Glazed embodiment balcony or loggia without insulation

In this case the owner refuses to warming, suggesting not to use this room as a separate warm room. Balcony plays Cold glazed verandas. You can install the balcony frames with single glazing.

The decoration is supposed to use plastic siding and exterior repairs. Interior decoration can be wooden paneling, artificial stone. Ceiling suitable plastic band or artificial MDF panels in balcony fully completed. Photos of options are offered in the catalogs.

Floor made of ceramic tile, linoleum, or do trail wood coated with varnish or stain.

To prevent the ingress of moisture on the inside surface of the walls is necessary to perform the waterproofing of exterior walls penofolom loggias turnkey photo insulation device is on the Internet.

Insulated balconies turnkey options

Balcony floor can be performed with or without heating. If the infrared floor is not done, then in a room balcony air circulates common with an adjacent bathroom.

For finishing such embodiment loge desirable to replace the outer wall made of metal profiles to complete warm the wall of foamed concrete or cinder block. Outside, she gets off using plastic or siding.

Frames of balconies made of insulated plastic profile with a two-chamber or three-chambered glazing to keep warm. It is necessary to carefully insulate the exterior walls by means of extruded polystyrene, penofol, mineral wool.

Recommendations on internal finishes to give difficult, as different materials very large number. For walls use the wet method finishes, decorative filler, papering, use plug and artificial stone.

On the floor can be laid carpet, laminate tiles. The ceiling is done putty or drywall.

If the room is continued on the balcony, the decoration of the latter must be performed in accordance with common interior. Otherwise, the space will look like alien loggia. The key to the choice may be viewing photos in catalogs.

Create a cozy corner for yourself and your home needs only to your liking, it was then that he will give warmth and good mood.

Interior decoration of balconies and loggias: Design your own hands

Even with a substantial area of ​​the house or apartment, do not pay attention to the balconies and loggias will not work too well in this small area to rest. In winter, there you can enjoy the sun, and in summer - and cool breeze. Therefore, balcony finishing inside, design - an important task. The place should be cozy and comfortable, but also funktsionalnym.Sovmestit such different demands on a very small area is not easy. There are several key points that will help cope with these problems alone. On them will be discussed further.

Balconies and loggias, of course, are different structurally. It appears in the features of insulation and the installation of glazing, but the design and decoration of the same, as well as the possible use of the available space. Because the article will discuss about the structure of both species.

Loggia with panoramic windows - there is nothing stopping to enjoy the scenery

Product design balcony or loggia preceded repair. A major repairs on these structures - glazing and, if so decided, insulation. Glazing of balconies and loggias is conventionally divided into two groups: warm and cold. Cold protects against dust and rain, the wind can hold much, but greatly affect the temperature can not. Warm the glazing to the entire specified set of properties adds sound insulation and temperature rise.

Costs for warm glazing is significantly higher, but the functions that after this upgrade can carry much larger room. How can use a cold balcony? To store some things, and even in the summer - sit, relax, in winter you can - just pop out for a couple of minutes. On the balcony or loggia insulated suit and an office and a bedroom, someone moves to a small dining area of ​​the kitchen. The solution, of course, up to you, but to navigate the topic was easier to briefly list the main ways of glass, their advantages and disadvantages.

Any of the methods in this category will cost significantly less than warm, but the level of comfort and functionality of the room is quite low. Methods are:

  • Single wooden swing frame. The cheapest way, but also the most fragile, requiring constant care method. Wood is in difficult conditions: it roasts the sun, the water wets, frost destroys. Because of this, the paint or varnish is constantly shelled. We have to repeatedly renew coverage.

Single swing frame made of wood - the most inexpensive Joinery

A more modern version of the metallic glass baklona

Aluminum profile coated with a polymer of any color

The most aesthetic - well-crafted wooden frames and aluminum glazing. They are still used until now, but the metal can be seen less and less. Tram window is only present in the homes of old buildings: service life is still decent, but "svezhepostavlennyh" very little: a kind of very specific, and the temperature, to say the least, uncomfortable.

Until recently, there were two options: a frame made of PVC profile, or double wooden. In double wooden the same disadvantage as that of the single: for them need a good and regular maintenance: painting. PVC profiles in this sense is much more practical: they only need to be periodically cleaned from dust and dirt. The second concern - adjustable fitting plastic windows, allowing them to transfer in the summer and winter, the situation takes a few minutes and serve mainly to increase the comfort and the extension of maintenance-free service life.

The use of PVC profiles - the most popular kind of warm glazing

Less plastic glazing profiles - their considerable weight. Because of their mounted on the base having a high bearing capacity: brick, concrete, brewed from profiled tubes. In some cases, a disadvantage is the width of the profile: it limits the amount of light entering the room. But high tightness and excellent thermal insulation properties, with good insulation of the floor and ceiling in the balconies and loggias, allow to maintain a stable temperature inside. This enables better use of the area: balconies and loggias combined with the facilities or arrange them in a room, a summer garden.

Panoramic windows can be warm: energy-saving windows allow to keep the temperature effortlessly

The third kind of warm glazing of balconies and loggias - panoramic. This double-glazed windows, created by a special technology, which is used for fixing the minimum material. There is an option at all frameless glass: windows are fastened to one another. Alternatively, interesting, but expensive, and in the design is not the easiest.

How to decorate a balcony or loggia

To finish glazed and insulated balcony can be used the same materials as for the decoration, but the most popular way - finishing balconies lining. It can be wooden or plastic. Finish the balcony inside the wooden paneling creates a cozy atmosphere, and for the plastic is easier to look after and it does not need regular paint. Deciding which of the properties of the more important to you, will be able to choose the appropriate option.

Molded and plastic panels - the balcony finishing technology in one, materials - various

The second most popular material - decorative stone or clinker brick tiling. Finishing balconies within these materials is possible and at the cold and in warm glazing and also generally without it. Material is durable, easy to maintain, cold-resistant, does not collapse under the action of ultraviolet radiation. So a good choice.

Clinker tiles, "under a brick" on the balcony looks decorative, especially if it is skillfully beat design

When heat popular glazing trim lodzhiy inside gipsokatronom. It is particularly relevant when combined with the facilities, but just on the balcony looks great. Only one thing: in any case use moisture-proof GCR: in case of condensation.

Finishing loggias inside plasterboard

The remarkable properties have decorative plaster. They look great, are easy to care for, can be washed many brushes with detergent, have a long service life, there is a pigment that is not harmful sunlight. The disadvantage of this type of material is considered to be a high price. But beautiful and functional.

One of the variants of decorative plaster. Finishing balconies within such material, beautiful and durable

Current trends in the design of premises - a mixture of different finishing materials. When making a loggia or balconies, too, can experiment. Most often combine stone and tile. They are usually used in conjunction with other materials. Any "duets" look good, and even unexpected combinations freshen the interior.

The combination of materials in the decoration of balconies and loggias

Combined finishing options are many, the most interesting photos will attach to the end of the article.

The choice of material for the flooring on the balcony and loggia depends on glazing or its absence. If the balcony is not glazed, perhaps, the best material - concrete or self-leveling floors. Another option - to ceramic tiles, and it is better - natural stone or granite to the frost free adhesive.

Self-leveling floor - look great and are easy to clean

When cold glass selection is almost the same, because all of these materials are subject to the technology can withstand temperature extremes. As a temporary option, you can still consider laying linoleum. But it will not last long: UV and frost - not the conditions in which it will feel good.

Tile - the traditional material for harsh environments

On insulated balcony or loggia usually make the wooden floor, between the joists is convenient to lay the insulation, and in addition, the wood is pleasant underfoot, and she has a good thermal insulation characteristics. That is helping to reduce heating costs.

Floor on joists on a balcony convenient: you can put a heater

Another option on the floor joists: to lay on them the plywood or OSB, and on this basis has any flooring including laminate flooring and even the floorboard. If you want to use the tiles, then under it a very good idea to do a warm floor, or she bude feel the cold even over a good layer of insulation.

The design of balconies and loggias: ideas and photos

First on the balcony of the design, which is used for its intended purpose: for a pleasant stay near the great outdoors. Even the outdoor balcony is suitable for this purpose. Presented at the photo finish inside the balcony is not some super-complicated or expensive, but a great idea. Ceiling, floor and low long drawers around the perimeter made from the lining. Painted, most likely, oil pigment. A few pillows or soft mats will turn this place into a great corner for relaxation.

Design outdoor balcony

With a glazed balcony or loggia everything easier: what you think is necessary, then install. It is important to choose the right shape and size to maximize the area. Most often set a small table and one or two chairs, a small chair. Such a set of easy to fit even in the loggia or a balcony in the 3-meter area, and that table is not prevented, it can be made soft.

Design a small balcony

design style can do anything, but it is desirable that he was in the same vein, with the style of the house. The general idea is to be traced in the design of all rooms. This is logical, and looks more organic.

Seating area, you can draw in any style

If the apartment is small, and things to put nowhere, on a balcony or a loggia mounted cabinets or shelves. They can be placed so that there was still room for a chair, or even to a folding chair.

Storage systems for balcony

On a large loggia or balcony insulation make even the closets. But few can squeeze something more than the near-wall cabinet, which stands in the end. The only piece of advice: if you are going to use the shelves for storage, not for decoration, do they still closed: few people can maintain perfect order in the storage systems.

Kitchen on the balcony: design ideas and finishing

It was a kitchen area on the balcony do not allow any maintenance service or fire department. Bring to a warm balcony dining area. It's possible.

Make a balcony or loggia dining area is simple - a wide window sill under the glazing frames, high chairs, appropriate lighting

When you combine these two areas of the sill can be removed, but the wall is forbidden to touch. Is that ordered the project and the efforts of the remaining parts: fully carry will still fail, otherwise the house could collapse. To having an opening looked like a decoration, it can be rounded, to make poluarku or choose another method of registration (as do read here).

The idea is the same, finishing the balcony inside the other

With this approach, the balcony inside the finish should overlap with the design of the kitchen. It looks good decoration brick combined with smooth plasterboard walls.

For productive work is often necessary to privacy, but the apartment is not easy to find a secluded corner. Organize themselves in the work place can warm the balcony or loggia. after all it is necessary and that a small desk and a comfortable chair or armchair.

Workplace in the loggia - a small office for

To create a working environment as possible, finishing the loggia inside must have insulating properties. This wood, cork or vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing.

The rack on the former site of the window - do not give gulf place

In small apartments is sometimes not only organize the office there is no place - even with separate sleeping problems may arise. If you have a balcony, even 3 square area, it can be converted into a small bedroom. And if an area of ​​6 squares and more, on the other hand, we can also arrange a work area.

The bedroom on the balcony - not a myth. Approach each with its own, but can be done

Even on the very small balcony, you can make a "prone" position.

The main thing - the desire, there is always a solution

An example of "green" arrangement - garden

If none of the above methods design your balcony is what is called "not warm" may you enjoy the idea of ​​turning it into a garden. Well, maybe not in the garden, but a garden. Such an arrangement variant can be implemented on an open balcony, but then you need to plant annuals, quickly giving the green.

Summer garden with an open loggia

You can make the summer flowers in pots. The options here even more. If the place is small, you can make a special shelf or niche on one wall.

Green wall of the balcony or loggia Flower

By the way, not a bad idea in the photo above: on a tiled floor with wooden board and on it to build a place for recreation. Comfortable and easy.

The same ideas can be implemented and on the glazed and insulated design, but the choice is wider than the plants - to maintain the temperature will still, because even tropical plants, you can try to grow.

The design of the balcony and interior trim options: photo ideas

Sometimes tedious idea, some image that will be formed as the final decision by the thoughts that have not yet found concrete expression. This section contains photos that seemed interesting. Maybe you can help some of them develop their project design and the option of finishing the balcony inside.

Balcony at the photo clue

Examples finishing Balcony closing

For finishing of balconies and loggias different materials are used. It all depends on the function to be performed by the room and personal preferences of the individual. The page contains the most popular finishes: wall panels, stone, plastic, wallpaper and plaster.

decoration ideas for balconies and loggias, see below

Giving advice on interior decoration of balconies and loggias, or do the work for you!

On this page you will be able to see examples of interior decoration of balconies and loggias. The information will be of interest to all visitors who are planning to decorate your balcony inside. If you have questions, ask them technologists APC Balcony call +7 (495) 369-32-67 and +7 (495) 369-64-35.

Table of contents: 1 - Review of options for finishing balconies in the photo and video. 2 - Examples finishing Balcony closing the inside. 3 - Variants of arrangement of balconies and loggias, after finishing work

Examples finishing Balcony closing turnkey.

Photo number 2 Photo number 3 Photo number 4 Photo number 5 Photo number 6 Photo number 7 Photo number 8 Photo number 9 Photo number 10 Photo number 11 Photo number 12

You'll learn what to consider when choice of type of finish for the loggias and balconies.

1. It is necessary to find out for yourself what the temperature will be in the balcony or loggia. To warm the room more suitable materials, as they do not have to be resistant to low temperatures and high humidity. For example, in a warm lodge can hang wallpaper, and cold balcony with sliding glazed panels are ideal plastic.

Examples of finishing and improvement of small balconies.

Typically, for an additional room in the room area of ​​4 square meter are not talking. Most often, it is converted into a room for storing things.

- installation of insulation (and without that small area is further reduced)

- wrong selection of materials for finishing (errors are often related pattern or stripes location)

- installation of large pieces of furniture (instead of having to put built-in cabinet or closet)

- large size lighting (instead of several spotlights).

- bright finishing materials make the small room is spacious,

- spotlights do not occupy space on the walls and ceiling,

- compact built-in furniture with success replaces unwieldy sofas and standard stores items.

Winter garden with a semicircular loggia decorated with plasterboard.

The wife of the owner of an apartment in love with houseplants -

and I wanted to settle them in a separate room. The dream of the owners of the apartment - a full winter garden, which can be used all year round. The disposal had the idea and let the loggia. Semicircular loggia - a rather large in size, but its shape gives designers additional efforts. The standard version of the arrangement of the room - cluttered center and free wall around the entire circumference. Our engineers do not like the standard solutions, and the couple who asked for help, was against it.

Finish the balcony in a new building with a built-in furniture and a table.

What would the owners of the apartment: -

balcony, suitable for winter use as an extra room and built-in furniture for things without sacrificing space. Their idea called for discussion and, if necessary - add-ons. In addressing the participation of all: their interior designer, our masters for the production of furniture and technology.

Finishing oriel loggias PVC panels with built-in tables.

What would the owner of the apartment?

They were interested in practical and inexpensive finishing PVC panels and turning the loggia cold to a warm and cozy room.

Examples plating bamboo

Combination with room

Series MSM houses

Racks for balconies and loggias

Tables for balconies and loggias

A series of buildings II-34

Examples sheathing siding


work on the series of houses

Furniture for balcony

  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Stone for the balconies
  • built-in shelves
  • Tables for balconies
  • Custom Countertops
  • bar counters

Small balconies

  • Balconies in stalinkas
  • Balconies in Khrushchev
  • Balconies in brezhnevki

Types balconies finishing

  • finishing plastic
  • finishing siding
  • wooden wall paneling
  • Finishing PVC clapboard
  • Finish MDF panels
  • finishing drywall
  • finishing with stone

Furniture for home

  • Built in kvartiruDvuhmetrovye balconies and loggias

    Series MD-97 houses, PB-01, PB-02

    A series of buildings II-08

    Three-meter balconies and loggias

    Examples of stone cladding

    Series houses II-68 (II-68)

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