Choosing a tool for combating household ants in your apartment

Ants come in the house suddenly, usually in the summer. First, notice the owners of one or more scouts, and soon an army of red insects occupy the kitchen in search of sugary, fatty foods. Control of these guests to be serious, it is sometimes necessary to try a lot of ways to go before an effective remedy for ants to be found. It is necessary to take into account all aspects, so that the insects no chance to survive in your home.

Council: before taking drastic ways to get rid of ants, it is necessary to strengthen measures to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen: Do not leave dirty dishes, crumbs on the tables, pillars and floor, regular wet cleaning.

Prepare for the fight against ants

To means of combating ants acted surely worth to prepare the room before processing. It is necessary to cover all places of possible insect access. Identify them fairly easily by tracing the movement of ants. Often they get into the house through the window and door gaps, joints in floors, walls, ceilings, gaps around the vents, water and sewer pipes. It is necessary to seal the silicone, putty, glue or plaster all the problem areas. Validity and use of petroleum jelly on the areas of insect penetration.

Rating 5 most effective insecticides for combating household ants

First of all, it is necessary to decide what action to get rid of insects is preferable for you: the use of commercial insecticides or folk remedies. Insecticide sprays, gels, traps can help to eliminate the problem quickly, effortlessly, but traditional methods, although it requires more time, but they are safer.

Council: if a family has young children, or people who suffer from allergies, it is better to abandon the use of insecticides.

  1. The simplest and most effective way of getting rid of ants - a special challenge disinfestation teams. Its specialists quickly and professionally process the room, using performance tools.

  • The household chemical goods stores offer a large amount of drugs for the control of ants. The most popular are the Raptor aerosols, Get, Combat, Raid. They are easy to use: just spray in places where insects. The disadvantage of this method is that it only kills worker ants and nests remain intact.

  • It is also used frequently as a gel (Globol, Faz, Raptor, Sturm), but they are even more efficient action than aerosols. The gel helps get rid not only of the worker ants, but destroys the uterus. Belly gel ant does not die immediately, but still infect and their relatives. Already after 2-8 weeks in the house of insects will not.

  • Often insecticidal pencils used in the fight against ants, dust and traps, although they are not very effective. Such funds should be used long term, regularly repeating the processing of possible sites of insect penetration.

  • Emulsions and pastes (DETA) have deterrent effect, so they are best used for preventing insect penetration into your home or apartment.

    Council: before use disinfestation brigade services or apply insecticides, should be removed from animal houses, aquariums cover glass or film, to push the furniture against the walls, clean carpet, tightly close windows and doors. For a few hours it is necessary to leave the room and hold a general wet cleaning afterwards.

    Folk remedies to combat ants: a dozen popular

    For more radical methods for controlling ants may include the use of means which act as a poison:

    1. The list of popular ways of getting rid of ants leading repellent and toxic agents. Boric acid is often used in similar problems, mixing it with sugar and sprinkling in places where ants. Boric acid may be mixed with 5 g of sugar and 50 g of the same amount of hot water, adding half teaspoon jam.

  • Normal starch is harmful for ants, it is often poured near the bait. After tasting this food, the insect dies.
  • Caffeine is able to kill an ant, found coffee grounds, he carries her to the colony to share with other insects which die after eating.
  • You can make a homemade trap: in a glass of water add honey and sugar, leave it in the field of movement of ants, which will creep up to the smell of the bait and drown in the water.
  • Powder "Feverfew" can also be considered a security feature because it is derived from inflorescences of chamomile. It causes muscle paralysis in insects and helps get rid of many pet parasites.

    There are many ways to scare off intruders:

    1. It is enough to handle the garlic juice place ant movement, and they will leave your house.
    2. Leaving trails of insects such flavorful foods and herbs as lemon, parsley, mint, anise, chamomile, cloves, bay leaf, tobacco, we can hope that the ants will disappear soon.
    3. Plain soapy water not only destroys the ant tracks, but also helps get rid of the insects. Spraying a soap solution to the potential places where you can get them to leave the premises. For greater effect should be added to the water oil of anise, peppermint or chamomile.
    4. Conventional yeast is very effective in controlling ants. Enough to dissolve the yeast to a paste, add sugar or honey, and place a saucer in the field of movement of ants. Insects are not only themselves eat the bait, but are treated to their relatives, and die soon.
    5. In places where the movement of ants Construct protective barriers, 5-7 mm, using available products such as cinnamon, turmeric, pepper (black or red), baby powder, powder detergent. Such obstacles will not allow the ants enter the house.

    You can use any means of ants in the apartment, the main thing to observe all precautions in order not to harm their relatives or pets. recommendations must be followed precisely, or to use only traditional remedies, but then the fight will take more time.

    How to get rid of ants in the house forever - proven methods of destruction

    One can come to the kitchen to get some rest for a cup of tea, and to discover there hordes of nimble red ants, scurrying across the floor, furniture and other kitchen utensils. Activating the spring and summer, they violate the comfort and harmony, created with such difficulty. Want to know how to get rid of ants in the house forever, expelling these uninvited guests from home? Use these folk methods and effective means of industrial production. They will help find and neutralize a small but powerful opponent.

    Know your Enemy face - biological features of ants

    Ants - a workaholic world of insects, characterized by a particular persistence and coherence. Though they are not as disgusting as, for example, cockroaches, bedbugs, or, flycatchers and diplura, but have a significant disadvantage in comparison with them. The fact is that getting rid of ants in the house is very difficult, especially if you lose sight of the time of their settlement, Let the process take its course.

    All on our planet, there are more than 12,000 species of ants. They are incredibly hardy, in addition, able to dominate the other insects. Inhabit the forests, deserts, some types even survive frosts Kamchatka over 50 degrees, just falling into a state similar to hibernation.

    The kitchens of apartments and houses usually settles tiny but sharp-witted pharaoh ant, which is also called ginger. Live insects such colonies with a hierarchical structure.

    Acid secreted Pharaoh ants are so concentrated that even destroy living in the same territory of the bedbugs with them. We can assume that this is the nature of a small bonus. In the rest of this settler - a nightmare for homeowners. Even destroying nests found with the uterus, can not be sure that the house ants will not bother you anymore.

    The fact that the cunning build nests dispersed. Each unit of the monastery has one or more permanent breeding females, as well as hundreds of worker ants. Such jacks despite placement distance from each other, are interconnected to form an entire colony. It can take up a total area of ​​an apartment building. Even after the destruction of several ant-hills, they will recover again if left unnoticed at least one link. Also this species is the messenger of a number of serious diseases.

    Chemical weapons against insect red

    Modern and advanced fighters with an ant colony can use the brainchild of the chemical industry. This way of dealing with the ants is considered the most effective and at the same time easy to use. You can call the pest brigade or manage on their own, using different spetspreparaty. Such tools are available in different forms. Their main charm lies in the fact that it is enough to read the attached instructions and perform simple manufacturer's recommendations.

    As a professional exterminator work

    The most effective and easiest way how to bring home ant - help these professionals. Caused by an exterminator team works in several stages:

    1. Carefully inspect the territory in order to detect all possible nests.
    2. It processes the detected nesting sites and the surrounding areas with water, steam, chemicals, Biological means.
    3. It evaluates the result of this action.

    The result of spetsbrigad evaluated after three months. As a rule, it is always positive. The only disadvantage that is associated with this way of dealing with ants - the higher cost compared to the self-treatment.

    Particularly effective insecticidal sprays

    Sprays are sprayed directly on the detected anthill. spray mode can be changed to a fine spray powerful jet. The advantage over other forms of sprays is the possibility of penetration of agents in hidden places with limited access. For example, such as the gap between the tables and cabinets, baseboards, ceilings, niche and other depressions. But this tool will help to get rid of household ants only for a while.

    Choosing spray, pay attention to the presence in the composition of substances such as cypermethrin, tetramethrin. They provide high efficacy. As an auxiliary means leading manufacturers use butoxide. Qualitative insecticide, in addition to basic functions, also takes care of the ozone layer of the earth without destroying it, so it does not contain Freon.

    As insecticidal effect gels

    The use of gels for combating household ants in the house it is advisable, if you can not find the nest dislocation. Insecticide gels are able to act as worker ants, and all of their settlement, including the uterus. The fact that the poison contained in the composition is not working right. Therefore, ants, tasting food, time to go back to the nest where the poison other colonists, including uterine specimen. After months of persistent struggle there is every chance count on success.

    Insecticide gels also relevant if, as a means to combat the ants you choose electrical traps that run from the power outlet, such as "Raptor". Such traps are inefficient, since only affect the working individuals, absolutely no effect on the main nest inhabitants.

    Plus-mentioned forms of insecticides - the rate of destruction of the parasite up to several hours. But it is necessary to bear in mind that aerosols are able to destroy the only worker ants and maybe some nests. At the same time the heart of the colony will remain intact, and quickly returns to its original state number.

    Finished and homemade traps with poison

    Interesting and convenient means of ants in the apartment - a bait poison. How it works is simple. Worker ants, lured treat, sliding into a container and consume the poisoned dinner. Part of the meal they will carry into the slot for the mother animal. Thus, the entire colony dies, from the worker ants and ending with the uterus. In this case, domestic animals and people are absolutely safe as the poison hidden in a trap and low-toxic for them.

    Certain analogue of such traps can be made with their own hands. This will require:

    • slight saucer or plastic cover;
    • boric acid powder or borax;
    • honey or jam.

    It operates such a mechanism is simple:

    1. On saucer poured boric acid, completely covering the bottom.
    2. Middle dripped jam or honey.
    3. Trying to get to sweets, ants dirty acid, raising it later in an anthill.
    4. This has a detrimental effect on its inhabitants.

    Traps with prolonged action - an effective way to get rid of ants in the house, which works on a maximum when properly installed.

    It is best to place these traps, and use any other means of struggle, choosing the following locations:

    • ant tracks - the bait is placed directly on the trail, or very close to it, to the insects well heard coming from her smell the poisoned treats;
    • the joints of the walls and floor, flooring edge - through such holes the ants move from their nest to your abode;
    • rarely removed and gathering dust dwelling place - for furniture, its joints;
    • floors on the loggia, a balcony and a storage room;
    • adjacent to the refuse chute wall;
    • vents.

    Sometimes ants are able to take a fancy to very unusual habitats, such as a jacket pocket or a computer system unit.

    Important! Check placed traps need at least once in two weeks. This will prevent the drying agent or blockage traps the bodies of ants that will limit access to the insecticide of their brethren.

    Dusts and pencils for home use

    dusts are most readily available and pencils. they only have a low toxicity and provide a long and protracted struggle with parasites lodged in the house. Fairly regularly draw in strips along the ant tracks. Usually depict skirting the edge of the kitchen furniture, window sills. Has worked well is shallow, "Masha", non-toxic to humans and devoid of pronounced odor.

    In addition, the line drawn around the room in such a fine or a gel to limit excessive insect migration.

    Microcapsules and drops a prolonged action effect

    An interesting novelty of the Spanish concern Quimicade Mungui - microcapsules "Ksulat". This drug is safe for people and pets, but it is very aggressive against insects. Suffice single treatment to get rid of household ants at least six months. The facility has no odor, does not leave streaks and water stains on the furniture. The "Ksulat" comprises a triple dose lethal substances ants.

    Thus, cypermethrin affects the CNS, tetramethrin causes paralysis and death, but the effect of piperonyl butoxide multiplies the first two improves penetration agent to insects. Applied to the surface of the material dries out, and then carried by ants running through the whole room. Another advantage of such microgranules - they are not addictive, always maintaining its effectiveness.

    From red, black and house ants, settled in an apartment, can help get rid of the drug "Deadly drops." This transparent gel, packed into a polymer tube containing fipronil and zeta-cypermethrin. Agent to be applied to the substrate, which is then decomposed in places where insects and movement. As the substrate is good to use "bait house" that simulates the familiar surroundings of ants.

    Before proceeding to the chemical treatment, it is necessary to hide the dishes, and the things possible to make the balcony. After working with the above and similar drugs cuisine necessarily need to ventilate. This procedure is carried out for at least half an hour. Working with insecticides, always wear protective gloves. Pets during this period should be isolated.

    Traditional methods against ant colonies

    Chemicals are easy, practical, and effective in the fight against uninvited insects. But this remedy for ants in the house is undesirable to use if you have small children or pets are. Despite the declared safety, a list of precautions when using sprays or small makes us think otherwise. In this case, as an alternative to using proven traditional methods for decades.

    Safe insect control with the help of herbs and spices

    Even our ancestors, it was noted that the ants can not tolerate strong odors. All that exists in the house smelling having a pronounced flavor, can be expanded in places where insects, as well as along their paths detected. Such means will operate for long, even up to the moment that erode odor. Therefore, the deterrent will have regularly updated.

    As scents are suitable:

    • cloves of garlic, cut into pieces;
    • Bay leaf;
    • dried clove buds (cloves);
    • peel of citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit);
    • turmeric powder;
    • powder or cinnamon sticks;
    • tansy;
    • sagebrush.

    All of these tools are great preventive, rather than deadly. With their help, to get rid of ants in the house will not work forever.

    An invisible barrier or aromatherapy

    repel ants essential oils as well. High efficiency has the following composition:

    • Ethyl alcohol - 250 ml;
    • peppermint essential oil - 20 drops;
    • lavender essential oil - 10 drops.

    The resulting mixture was diluted with cold water so that the output received 500 ml of the preparation. The composition is poured into a spray bottle and sprayed daily ant track for at least seven consecutive days. Before each use, the sprayer shaken well. Typically, the ants go for the second or third day. It is desirable to repeat the procedure for up to ten days, since even after leaving, ants send their scouts to check out the situation. Pervasive smell tells them that the return is not worth it.

    In addition, ants can not stand the smell:

    How to confuse the traces of soap

    It turns out that soap destroys not only bacteria, but also ants. It has the ability to wash away traces of chemicals that leave these insects when traveling. Watch ants do not just so, and to facilitate the subsequent movements, in particular, to find the way back to the nest. For disorientation insect handle sufficiently left track soap solution. To cook it you need to thoroughly mix:

    • half liter of water;
    • 1 h. L. any soap or detergent.

    This method is good because it is completely safe for humans and animals.

    Recipe poison to boric acid

    Boric acid is sold in pharmacies conventional acts on ant killer. She is able to not only repel these insects, forcing them to seek new nesting sites and destroy them. To get rid of all the inhabitants of the anthill, use the following recipe, taking:

    • 1 sachet of boric acid (10 g);
    • a teaspoon of sugar (can substitute honey);
    • egg yolk, hardboiled.

    All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The resulting mixture is decomposed in portions in places where ants. You also need to smear the plinth and the marching ants. Eating obtained treat, insects die slowly. By this time they manage part of production attributed to their anthill uterus. Thus, for 10-15 days your premises clear of intruders.

    A few more humane and not a way to protect against ants

    1. Detrimental effect has also semolina or corn flour. If they scatter along the ant trails, the insects will certainly be offended, and taste the dish. Once in the stomach, a delicacy greatly swells, causing death. No less efficiently working drill, brewer's yeast and vinegar.
    2. Yeast diluted in a glass of water to obtain a viscous mass mushy. To the resulting substance were added a small amount of sugar. Coated with a mixture of all the places where ants patches have been reported, as well as trails of their movements.
    3. Borax is mixed with sugar in equal proportions. The resulting mixture sprinkled along the ant tracks.
    4. Coffee grounds mixed with sweet syrup, fruit juice or jam. Ants are attracted such a composition, and taste it, they die.
    5. If you want to get rid of red ants in an apartment locally, for example, to protect a jar of honey or jam, stored in a closet, it will help unrefined vegetable oil. Its bright flavor really do not like ants. If grease jar with sweet content on the edge, the insects will not be able to go through a designated threshold. Obstacle should be regularly updated to keep it loses its protective properties.

    How to find and destroy an anthill

    If, despite all the measures taken, the number of ants continues to increase, there is a risk that they are not just looked for a visit. This means that in your house settled a separate ant colony, its principal place of accumulation which is now required to find. For this it is necessary not only to move the furniture, but also to disassemble the construction of plasterboard, for example, the ceiling box. Finding desired, consider that victory is yours.

    Now will produce gasoline or diesel fuel, which is filled and found an anthill. Suffice it to about 50 ml of said fuel per settlement insects. Such a measure locally relieve you of ants for a few years.

    How to prevent the emergence of red ants in the house

    Why ants decided to look for a visit it is to you? Because they are attracted to homelessness scattered food and spilled water. Especially if such a mess - the norm for your home. Crumbs lying around on the floor, sink, covered with water spray from the remnants of food, dirty dishes left on the table - the main reason for the invasion of insects.

    Recommendations for the management of the economy

    No funds, no chemical, no people, no help, if the house is a mess. Conversely, the ants will have nothing to do there, where there is nothing to profit. Equipping your life, try to adhere to the following guidelines:

    • regularly maintain cleanliness in the house, be sure to wet cleaning;
    • Do not leave food in accessible locations, especially meat, and finding ants, bread store only in the refrigerator;
    • cereals and sugar store in sealed containers: for this purpose can be used a tin or glass jar or special container;
    • various sweets including candies and marmalade, keep in a hermetically sealed container;
    • Daily discard food waste;
    • to protect a house from neighboring ants, carefully seal the gap all available;
    • after feeding pets, remove the remaining food in a bowl;
    • the door frame and the ventilation shaft periodically grease pencil on the ants.

    Why ants do not want to leave your home

    If you have followed all of the recommendations in order to get rid of ants in the apartment forever, and they appear again and again, then the situation is somewhat different from the standard. Perhaps not the ants were as unwelcome guests in your house, but on the contrary, your home is located in the path of their natural migration.

    Do not despair and fill the entire floor chemistry. These brisk zinger will still find a loophole under the skirting, through ventilation or plasterboard ceiling. Just stock up patience and carefully watch for cleanliness. If the ants will have nothing to profit, they will cease to be so stubborn. They soon realize that they have nothing to catch. Disappointed with your hospitality, over time, they will find themselves more useful and convenient route.

    And one more thing, which should always be remembered, wanting to destroy the ants. The main thing in this case - to make every effort to locate the mother nest. Otherwise, the process can turn into running in circles, exhausting, and you, and the ants themselves. If the fight befell the residents of an apartment building, then success is possible only if a common solidarity. You will likely have to call for professional help.

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    Household ants. How to get rid of household ants?

    ants - social creatures that live in large colonies, some of which have millions of ants. Each colony consists of a queen who has to lay eggs, and ants-workers who have to take care of the food for the queen and larvae. Often working ants are huge distances in search of food and water to feed their charges. When they find a food source, they leave smelling trail for others. Sometimes you can see how they pave a long way from the nest to the food.

    Ants also form the hive: the winged ants, which leave the nest and recovering build new nests. Sometimes they can be confused with termites, which are a serious threat to homeowners. But ants differ in appearance from termites that they have bent antennae and narrow waist. In termites smooth body from the beginning to the end and straight antennae.

    Although most of the ants build their nests in the street, sometimes they build their house. With this very difficult to deal with and often difficult to control. Some of them may come into the house in search of food, even if their nest is on the street.

    Domestic red ants called - "Pharaoh's ants." This is the name they got by mistake Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, who is considered the birthplace of these insects Egypt. It would be better to call them "Indian ants," or, for that matter, ants rajas. For it is from India about the middle of the XVI century thanks to the development of seafaring began their dispersal throughout the world. Sailing ships that went to the country for spices, sandalwood, carved ivory and rubies in gold, brought home, among other things, and small yellowish insects.

    In Russia, Pharaoh ants have appeared in the late XIX century, but serious attention to them as pests paid only at the end of the 1940s, when the entire European territory of the country was already "zahvachena9raquo ;.

    Discomfort created by the presence in the house of Pharaoh ants, is obvious, but there may be between them any more tangible harm?

    Home ant omnivorous, trash attractive to him as well as the sugar bowl or a bread bin. Traveling back and forth, he unwittingly becomes a messenger of microbes, as well as a fly or cockroach. How great is the danger depends on the state of the bin (it is clear that not only your garbage can, but buckets of all your neighbors, because the ants, unlike us, are completely free to move from one apartment to another!), Apartments a whole and the number of ants. That's all.

    Fighting ants

    Fight with ants is difficult, but possible. The main thing here - to take into account some features of ant life. So the heart of Pharaoh ant colonies is considered the nest, where the females are, or the ant queen, producing more and more working individuals. Females do not leave the nest, and can not produce their own food on their own, they are fed sterile working ants.

    Find Pharaoh ants nest in the apartment is very difficult. Usually it is securely hidden in some small cavity in the wall or in the floor. Even if you're lucky, and you will find an ant hole, do not hurry to sever or remove tile flooring: hidden from the eyes of the corridor leading to the nest can be quite long, and you have to ruin not just one tile or parketinu. However, once the working ants feed the entire colony, you can try through them "ugostit9raquo; females and larvae of some poisonous potion. This is possible if the concentration of poison or that most effectively - boric acid, corrosive chitin, of which the body ant is low (not to exceed 2%). The ant does not die immediately, but will carry it to the heart of the colony.

    A few simple recipes against ants

    - Ants smell repels sunflower oil, elderberry leaves, wild mint and sage. Try lubricate their way garlic around a couple of times a month.

    - If you type in a jar of water, add honey or sugar, they will creep into it and drown.

    - One teaspoon of boric acid (a white powder, available in pharmacies, worth a penny) + teaspoon of sugar (honey can be). Mix and slightly diluted with water. This mixture drops to put on the path where they go. Ants swarmed mixture bit by bit and will refer it to the house of the uterus. So they destroy themselves and her, and himself. As the water evaporates, it is necessary to regularly update the mixture, adding water. If you need a dry mix, the prescription is the same, only without the water. Term - a week.

    - 3 eggs, 3 potatoes, 1 ch.l.sahara, 1 sachet dry boric acid. Eggs with potatoes simmer, covered (the potatoes to become slimy, but not crumbled). Clears all hot. Proteins with shell throw. Yolks with shelled crumples tolkushkoy potato mash before, adding packet boric acid and sugar. All thoroughly mixed. Next, roll down small balls and lay them in places where ants or their paths. This procedure is necessary to do at the beginning of the waning moon. After 10 days repeat (end waning moon). During this break, strictly ensure that the ants had no place to get a drink (keep the sink and dry cloths for the night). The process operates at 100%.

    - Meat bait. 2 tablespoons minced meat and half teaspoon powdered borax (boric acid). All this is mixed and laid out in places where ants.

    Other means of combating household ants

    - tool "Combat" (Original only helps).

    - Raid (dihlofoz). Sprinkle them track the movement of ants, corners, skirting boards / frames (slots), cracks in the tile / tile, and other possible and visible places where ants.

    - Raid (traps). The traps are granules that ants take away to his burrow. Next is infecting the whole anthill and ants are killed, along with the uterus.

    - "Dohloks". Output and ants, and cockroaches.

    - Gel "Raptor" cockroaches and ants prolonged action. gel action effect is based on the fact that the insects eating the bait, become carriers of toxic substances and infect their relatives.

    After treatment, the gel for a long period of time, maintains its consistency, retaining moisture, thus continues to attract insects for at least 8 months. The gel is safe for people and pets, and contains bitter flavorings, preservatives accidental ingestion. Tool can be easily removed from the walls and baseboards, leaving no trace.

    - Spray "Frontlayn9raquo; It helps considerably - enough expensive (.. approximately 40 USD or 190-200 rubles) spray for cockroaches, ants, fleas and ticks. Sold in veterinary pharmacies.

    - tool "Regent9raquo;. Small bag costs about 10 rubles. Dilute with water, put a small syringe with a needle in all holes, slits.

    Experience in dealing with ants from the readers of "Good is!"

    - Tool insecticidal "dichlorvos Neo". (Tamara Ghoulia)

    - "Runbit Zidane." Convenient because as a gel and is inexpensive. (Olga)

    - 1 teaspoon dry yeast mixed with sugar syrup (100-200gr). Treat their taste, but after 10 minutes after taking the yeast start to ferment and inflate their abdomen. Funny picture when they start to flee. The procedure is performed regularly by pouring the mixture into a low capacity. (Victor)

    - Ultrasonic repeller. (Ap)

    Prevention of domestic ants

    The house needs to be perfect cleanliness, no crumbs, if you cook the meat - trimming is necessary to make a right of at home. On the tables must always be clean. Tile on the walls should be washed and not contaminated by various spray and fats. The bin necessary to bear once it is filled and not leave even for a night, or make the next day. If you have pets - cats, dogs - that change their food as soon as it stand for a day, because ants are sometimes dry feed in a bowl for the animal. Also, do not dispose of their pets food on the floor, and if dropped, then after wipe the place where lay the food to the floor had no spot or crumbs. Cans of cereals, sugar, vanilla and other similar substances must be firmly buried.

    If you draw a general conclusion - that is always in your apartment all must be in clean!

    Good luck to you in this difficult struggle!

    P.S. If you still have some experience in dealing with household ants, and it is not specified in this article, share it, and maybe it will bring someone real help! Thank you.

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    52 comments to: ". Home ants Getting rid of household ants?"

    "One teaspoon of boric acid (a white powder, available in pharmacies, worth a penny) + teaspoon of sugar (honey can be). Mix a little water to dilute the "bit is how much? half a spoon?

    Bit, is that boric acid mixed with sugar. In the case of honey, just half a teaspoon. The idea is that the ant was able to touch the mixture, and safely return to your colony, infecting others.

    I am doing a bait (honey and boric acid). She smeared on a piece of paper, put near the place from where they come. First they came to watch, and the next morning, I saw that all my poison covered with earth. They seem to have isolated themselves from danger.

    So buy a canister of gasoline, spill it in places where ants. And throw a match

    You can even buy an anteater, and then rent it out services in disinfection, also is beneficial

    too was this idea: D

    Chamomile they do not carry, it is good that it is now in bloom, and the pharmacy bought a box. go out and clan die immediately. Not immediately succeed, but 1st floor requires, from the basement probably rod, we have there children's creativity center. Another noticed that the street at the junction of asphalt-house entrance, and they have not one, but at almost every window, so it will have to fight for a long time. Yeast jam is good too, was surrounded by pools, ate and left more it is not necessary, although contagion cruise somewhere sometimes appear.

    About the anteater, Give 2 :)))

    27.07.2013 at 20:09

    they can not tolerate a daisy, it is good that it is now in bloom, and the pharmacy bought a box

    More write-pressed one about that that from the pharmacy - like smeared?

    More write-pressed one about that that from the pharmacy - like smeared?

    Most normal article on the fight against the ants, I met!

    He helped me gel Raptor. For 2 weeks, as the ants vanished into the earth!

    Bertran, Thank you for your feedback!

    A year ago in the kitchen of a country house bred ants wife tried to bring them a solution of boric acid, but it did not work. Chemical poisons were not used, because the kitchen nefig) Have ultrasonic repeller and ants for a week gone. I advise to take the model AR-130 Ekosnayper. We bought a shopping center in Moscow in the Capitol, find this particular model is not easy, because it is universal (as of rodents and insect pests)

    And it helped me a special chalk))

    Dmitry, Bertran, follow your experience. Raptor gel helped. Much obliged, not everyone leaves the reviews that really helps.

    He helped us "Clean House" spray, but the effect is temporary, about 1 month. Now we want to try boric acid

    We tried many methods. It helped either temporarily or not at all helped. He escaped via conventional dihlafosa. 2-room apartment bought 4 balonchika. Close all windows. He handled everything in the house (use a protective mask to avoid inhaling). On the day we left home. On the second day we opened all the windows and vents and waited another day. Then we make an important cleaning and change all the dishes. In any case, all inputs and outputs, as well as extracts treated with small "mashenka9raquo ;. It's been half a year. So far, all is quiet. Pah-pah.

    Now the street -18 and I have a house full of these parasites in the colors of your poselilis.posleduyu sovetu.Spasibo

    Another tool for the control of ants - Zidane Chops, is convenient because in the form of a gel, is inexpensive. Ants, some die immediately plastered near the place, and some carry a means of home. I last year a very good help for large ants disappeared for a couple of days). This year, there were small black, bought again, but I think that the gel peremerz stock, as efficiency is lower, so all the insect repellent buy summer, rainy day.

    Thank you very much ha article!

    Anastasia, Thank you for your feedback!

    I am glad that the information was useful!

    I brought white, we have a private house and the room found in the floor and climb from there they are, so I poured white and the next day there is no well I did for three days more for prevention.

    About whiteness confirm. In the past year, the rest of the sea in Cannes. Ants crawled first only in the kitchen, and then to bed. Toddler bitten. What to do?! Rubbed their track chlorine concentrate, such as our whiteness, only stronger. A couple of times made, no longer haunted. Well helps dust and pencil type "Mashenki9raquo;

    well to raptor. All other means in vain. Ants go somewhere for six months. if the food is not - bedrooms - forever. a year ago caused, it was not. And recently I saw a bunch of dead ants. then we got out and ran. still he is acting. in places where animal feed appear more often. but the cat and the dog have to protect. because the dog licked her raptor and vomited. but in any case it means I have not met

    There seems to be written that all helps but I still check if everything is working thanks for the info on all 4 sites sought some kind of garbage came across as everything here is written by a clever thanks again

    Another method is: a teaspoon of dry yeast mixed with sugar syrup (100-200gr). Treat their taste, but after 10 minutes after taking the yeast start to ferment and inflate their abdomen. Funny picture when they start to flee. The procedure is performed regularly by pouring the mixture into a low capacity.

    I think it is better to use this method in conjunction with others. So sure.

    Victor, how much sugar should be 100 ml of water? Mixture should be thick?

    Raptor from the ants. I sprinkled on the site in the evening. the next day ANY ant. we shall see - for how long.

    It appeared ogromennye creatures like cockroaches! Really do not know what to do, horror covers at a meeting, on the other hand I have not noticed anyone was bitten. maybe I poyamala uterus? In this case, it is not only tenacious, but also runs faster. Ant red-black, half a centimeter in length, leg length centimeter, withstand press my finger in a napkin already within half an hour. Abdomen with shaggy gray stripes and issued too shaggy head and antennae gracefully curved sides, who could it be?

    In general, if a lot of these creatures, I find it easier to hang himself, because now we have a capital cleaning. All laid out anywhere and everywhere decomposed.

    Means insecticidal "dichlorvos Neo"

    very helpful vinegar - pour on the baseboards and they leave.

    Garlic still afraid of ants. But not everyone agrees to put up with annoying garlic odor in my house. πŸ™‚

    Chemical means to combat the ants do not even consider for yourself - I have children and animals whose health I care.

    I liked the versatile ultrasonic repeller ekosnayper. The result is not immediate, but it is safe. Besides helping even from mice and moths - who several problems can be solved in one fell swoop. Get much cheaper than at a time to deal with them. I'm in my 31 century bought.

    with the Front Line, which they write here, I would advise to be very careful. firstly it terribly smelly, secondly, even in written instructions that can be used only in well-ventilated area with gloves and then wash your face and hands, from which we conclude that this means the kitchen is not a place. and if you do have pets, then sprayed the poison can not do, maybe it will be bad not only ants, but also your pets.

    We had the house red ants and we have successfully got rid of them by using GET funds. Made baits from egg yolk and add to GET, laid them on the places where ants have been seen more often, and they skid means to his family. Ants are not too many there, so a similar treatment was enough to us. Try it, and you can save))

    Our whole house is infected by these ants. This horror, porches 8 to 9 fl. Calling special services nerealno- there need to go all out of the house to put forward cabinets, and all at the same time otherwise the effect will not be. Tried all of the popular - boric acid and yeast, herbs, vinegar, salt and etc. Boric acid with honey, jam ate, passed it by on honey yeast came running, and probably dead because a week eating is not only adults and hatched offspring eat occurred. But completely still will not disappear (from neighbors resorted may or may have not completely died). Gels traps erunda- generally useless, only a lot of money down the drain. Good spray raid - but only if they find a nest, he had them all in the dirt turns. While help from all conventional insecticidal chalk on the similarity Masha 5 UAH. But I told them all very carefully drawn, except in - baseboards, countertops, sinks, lockers. etc. also the place where they come from sosedey- window frames, doors, balcony (in summer the way they lived there, too), hoods, pipes, recesses, etc. Because if the infection throughout the house in the apartment alone to fight effectively. Corpses were very multi- and uterus 5 pcs. poludohly through time to the sink came. While thu-thu there is little, sometimes it slips 1-2 pieces in the bath, but I sin on the hood still there couples and chalk loses his property. I try in the bath once a week to pass again. So I advise melok- cheaply and efficiently. Even if there are children and animals because you can smear on the top, not necessarily only the plinth. still will be less. A vacation like to walk everywhere.

    The only 100 percent effective way to deal with ants - starve to death. Remove all products, all cereals in bags, I threw out, all that is now kept in tightly closed containers. Bread, tea, sugar. Cleaned in the refrigerator (not tingling to zalezut). I wash the dishes, take out the garbage. The result - no ants))) they actually went to eat somewhere else. I tried to splash poison, enough for 3 days and chills reappear, as they have the queen sits hell knows where their nest is impossible to find. Before poison house, try this simple, no-cost method: *

    I, too, in the new apartment faced with this problem! Discover them in a cup with a cat Whiskas! More mmm no where! Month already. My constantly helps lock from Amway, but again for a couple of days. I have a cat and a small child. What kind of attack ((

    I bred Pharaoh Ants - red-haired such small. I'm afraid if we do nothing, will thrive much. The house has a small child, tell me one thread, ultrasonic repeller ekosnayper can be used?

    Dichlorvos helped ordinary - all flooded, left, and then again 2 weeks later and all the ants disappeared.

    In a syringe with a needle brake fluid and water where they climb, and in the places from which they emerge, preferably without tears shed, tormozuha evaporates slowly and lasts for a long time, even enough legs mess and him are all shy, eventually die in a hole and others can not eat it because of the smell and will run away from the nest or there and all kick the bucket.

    Note: do not pour a lot, and in accessible places pets who lick his paws.

    17 years of waiting until we leave the ants tried everything spent on this 2 bag of sugar, 500kg of boric acid, 3t, chamomile, the results were not ,, took a month ago at Orenda Shoigu, Iskander, Poplar M-5, now live in forest and eat ants ,, good people do not hurt themselves or not ants ,, let them live, do pets.

    Good afternoon suffered from ants. He became a victim of pests. More than two years unsuccessfully struggled with these small harmful villains. All available on the Internet means not allowed to get rid of them all, and made it possible to partially control their numbers. The solution came quite unexpectedly. In the spring of the basement climbed on the ventilation shaft mosquitoes. Had in the apartment include fumigators. One morning, on a windowsill at the working fumigator I noticed a pile of writhing in agony ants. The decision was born immediately. With the windows closed on weekends are included in all rooms fumigators, take away all living creatures, including dogs cats and fish and go to the country. And lo and behold, red bandits die, for use in ripelent fumigators, apparently, the same effect on all the cold-blooded when breathing. The procedure must be repeated several times. So I got rid of the ants. I wish you luck

    SHCHas try method with water and kc jja r

    I then drove to Shaygu

    Ants good displays napalm, even better Mace (Satan). Cockroaches difficult, accustomed to the radiation. Chinese win them for dessert.

    C red ants clear. And what to do if the house swarms of black ants? And in the house of a young child to get rid of anything that attracts ants, just is not realistic. because the house is old and between the floorboards decent gap, in which fall crumbs cookies, zefirok etc. poison for the ants do not deliver, because the child is curious and always tries all tastes. can you tell me how to fight?

    Thank you for the article! a lot of that has been tried, but, if you are in an apartment, it is necessary to work with neighbors and ants at the same time. Personally, I helped only email. repeller, -ushli from all over the floor, but out of the house did not go t. To. All should participate in this.

    Inhabit ants Antcity farm and there are no problems


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